MagiReco Amane Tsukasa story translation

Apr 27th, 2018
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  1. Another Me
  3. 1.1
  4. [in the abandoned museum]
  5. Mifuyu: "The nameless AI has disappeared."
  6. "We must be more careful with the other rumors."
  7. Tsukuyo: "I beg you for your forgiveness!"
  8. Tsukasa: "Everything we've done has been worthless!"
  9. Mifuyu: "I thought you did well with the website, though."
  10. "I won't blame you for what happened."
  11. "In fact, I'm glad you've been working so hard."
  12. Tsukuyo: "But I wonder..."
  13. "Why are those people so fixated on rumors?"
  14. Tsukasa: "If they just left well enough alone, they would be eventually be freed."
  15. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  16. Mifuyu: "Iroha, for one, is looking for her younger sister."
  17. "It seems she found a lead in the rumors."
  18. Tsukuyo: "Looking for her younger sister?"
  19. Mifuyu: "Yes."
  20. "Lately, she's become aware of the existence of a younger sister and she has been continually searching for her."
  21. Tsukuyo: "That... reminds me of us."
  22. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  23. Mifuyu: "Indeed, it does."
  24. "It does remind me of how the two of you used to be."
  25. Tsukasa: "How nostalgic, Tsukuyo-chan."
  26. Tsukuyo: "I agree, Tsukasa-chan."
  27. Tsukasa: "Yeah, we didn't know about each other."
  28. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  29. Alina: "What, are we talking about the twins?"
  30. Tsukuyo: "A-Alina-san!"
  31. Alina: "I'm a bit curious, you see."
  32. "I don't know about your past or about your wishes."
  33. Tsukasa: "B-but we can't just tell you so easily..."
  34. Alina: "If you tell me, I'll let you off easy this time."
  35. Tsukasa: "Ueh... Tsukuyo-chan..."
  36. Tsukuyo: "Tsukasa-chan..."
  37. Alina: "All of a sudden, your flutes..."
  38. "Might become my favorite pigment..."
  39. Tsukuyo: "!?"
  40. "A-alright, we understand!"
  41. Tsukasa: "Nothing we can do, Tsukuyo-chan."
  42. Tsukuyo: "Yeah..."
  43. "Then, I will speak about my past."
  44. Tsukasa: "I'll tell my story too..."
  45. [fade to gray]
  46. Tsukasa: *It might be a bit long, but may I start with my life story? If I don't, the story won't come across properly...*
  48. 1.2
  49. [gray screen]
  50. Tsukasa: *This is something that happened quite a while ago.*
  51. *Before I met Tsukuyo-chan for the first time, I was far busier doing errands and chores for the workshop.*
  52. [in a classroom]
  53. Tsukasa: "..."
  54. [gray screen]
  55. Tsukasa: *5... 4... 3... 2...*
  56. *1!*
  57. [back to the classroom]
  58. teacher: "Well then, supplementary lessons are over for today."
  59. Tsukasa: "Alright!"
  60. [she dashes away]
  61. teacher: "Amane!"
  62. "Don't run in the hallways!"
  63. [on a busy street]
  64. Tsukasa: (No matter how much you tell me, I have to handle my family finances.)
  65. (I can't stop just because you tell me not to run!)
  66. "Alright, let's go, Granny Bike No. 10!"
  67. "Today we're aiming for the Mizuna Ward supermarket!"
  68. girl: "Hey, Tsukasa!"
  69. Tsukasa: "Oh!"
  70. "What's up?"
  71. girl: "I waited for your supplementary lessons to be over. Want to come hang out?"
  72. Tsukasa: "Uhh..."
  73. "I'm glad you're always inviting me, but I can't go today either..."
  74. "I have to go pretty far for an errand today..."
  75. girl: "Even today? You really are pretty boring..."
  76. Tsukasa: "I have to take care of all our live-in apprentices, you know..."
  77. "So I live a much tougher home life than normal."
  78. girl: "Is that really something for a kid to be doing? Isn't that wrong?"
  79. Tsukasa: "The guys don't help out at all, so if I don't do it, nobody will."
  80. "If I don't do this, there won't be anywhere for me."
  81. girl: "I don't really get it, but why don't you just run away?"
  82. Tsukasa: "I can't do that."
  83. girl: "This can't be good for you..."
  84. Tsukasa: "I'm fine, don't worry."
  85. "I can overcome anything with just a smile!"
  86. girl: "..."
  87. [fade to gray]
  88. Tsukasa: *In the workshops of the Artisan Ward, the men do the work and in exchange the women must keep house.*
  89. *That's the outdated tradition my family's Amane Bamboo Workshop has always gone by.*
  90. [At a street in Mizuna Ward]
  91. Tsukasa: "pant... pant..."
  92. "Even I want to go hang out too..."
  93. "...Really, what am I doing..."
  95. 1.3
  96. [gray screen]
  97. Tsukasa: *In the workshops of the Artisan Ward, the men do the work and in exchange the women must keep house.*
  98. *That outdated tradition was driven bit by bit into my mind and body.*
  99. [in the kitchen]
  100. Tsukasa: "Alright..."
  101. "For the time being, I won't have to worry about having enough ingredients."
  102. "Next, I have to do the laundry and prepare dinner."
  103. "If I hang it up while dinner is stewing... Yeah, I should be able to do my assignments!"
  104. [insert picture of Tsukasa hanging up laundry with a big smile]
  105. Tsukasa: "Someone left change in their pockets? It's gotta be Take-san..."
  106. "And this has tissues left in it? Probably Ryou-san..."
  107. "Couldn't they be a little more considerate of me..."
  108. "Ahh... it pisses me off..."
  109. "Weather it with a smile, Tsukasa! Alright, last one!"
  110. [back to the kitchen]
  111. Tsukasa: "Alright, everything's going well."
  112. "Now, I have to do my homework before the guys finish their work..."
  113. Tsukasa's father: "We're back!"
  114. apprentice: "Coming through."
  115. Tsukasa: "Huh!? Aren't you early?"
  116. Tsukasa's father: "Everyone was cutting really well today, so I decided to let them eat earlier."
  117. "We'll do the rest later."
  118. Tsukasa: "But... dinner isn't ready yet..."
  119. Tsukasa's father: "sigh..."
  120. "As the daughter of this house, shouldn't you be able to foresee this?"
  121. Tsukasa: "Wha—"
  122. (What!? Nobody told me anything!)
  123. (No way I can meet every one of their whims.)
  124. (I do respect my father, though, of course...)
  125. [fade to gray]
  126. Tsukasa: *Ah, it's no good...*
  127. *snap*
  128. [back to the kitchen]
  129. Tsukasa: "Why don't you help out around the house a little then!?"
  130. Tsukasa's father: "That's a woman's job!"
  131. Tsukasa: "There it is! You always say that!"
  132. "Isn't that why mom left you!?"
  133. Tsukasa's father: "Don't talk about that woman!"
  134. apprentice: "Um, Tsukasa-chan... I'll help out if you need it..."
  135. Tsukasa: "This has nothing to do with you, Take-san!"
  136. [fade to gray]
  137. Tsukasa: *Every day, every day, chores all the time... And a ridiculous amount too, because of how many people there are...*
  138. *Working like this all the time, a smile alone can't keep me going, and I start to lose a sense of myself.*
  139. [insert image of Tsukasa's flute laying across its bag]
  140. Tsukasa: *At times like this, I'm always saved by the bamboo flute that I received when I was little.*
  141. *When I'm sad or feeling down, or feeling angry, I go to play my flute.*
  142. *Since I don't have time to hang out with friends, this is my greatest source of relief.*
  143. [battle]
  144. [gray screen]
  145. Tsukasa: *Somehow, playing the flute would bring me warmth and comfort.*
  146. *I always went to the same place, a shrine a ways off.*
  147. [fade in an image of the shrine]
  148. Tsukasa: *What am I anyway? Am I a maid for the workshop?*
  149. *In order to forget my anger and sadness, when my heart is utterly empty, I go to that shrine, and once more I can recover my sense of self.*
  150. *That shrine is special, because it is the place where I was named...*
  151. *Also, on the way to that shrine is when I met that person.*
  152. *She saved me, and one reason why I reunited with Tsukuyo-chan.*
  153. [nighttime street scene]
  154. Tsukasa: "sigh... I should have ridden my bike..."
  155. ???: "Excuse me, that girl over there."
  156. Tsukasa: "..."
  157. ???: "Um, you over there."
  158. Tsukasa: "Huh... me?"
  159. [A girl with white hair and a black uniform shows up]
  160. ???: "Yes, you."
  161. Tsukasa: "What do you need from me?"
  162. ???: "You're looking pretty down, so you'd better be careful."
  163. Tsukasa: "...?"
  164. ???: "In the twilight hours, when the sky grows dark..."
  165. "If you're too depressed, you'll be eaten by a witch."
  166. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  167. ???: "Basically, cheer up."
  168. [scene change to the shrine]
  169. Tsukasa: (Who was that person?)
  170. (I'll be eaten by a witch?)
  171. "How strange."
  172. [screen wipe]
  173. [We see a girl who looks awfully similar, in a purple and white outfit...]
  174. [screen wipe again]
  175. Tsukasa: "Well, I probably shouldn't worry about it."
  176. "..."
  177. (Mm, what a nice wind.)
  178. (All these dark feelings will flow away with the sound of my flute.)
  179. "...?"
  180. [flashback to the girl in purple and white]
  181. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  182. "Did I... just pass by myself?"
  183. [fade to gray]
  184. Tsukasa: *That was probably the first time I met Tsukuyo-chan.*
  185. *And the beginning of what led to our wishes.*
  186. Tsukasa (aloud): "Who was that? She looked just like me."
  188. That Scary Girl
  190. 2.1
  191. [flashback showing the girl in purple and white]
  192. [fade to gray]
  193. Tsukasa: *At the shrine, I passed by a girl who looked just like me.*
  194. *Before I found out that it was Tsukuyo-chan, I was lost in thought about it.*
  195. [switch to a classroom scene]
  196. Tsukasa: (That girl looked just like me. It was like looking in a mirror...)
  197. "Hm..."
  198. girl: "Tsukkasa~, something's on your mind?"
  199. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  200. girl: "Normally you dash off right after school, so I was surprised to see you still here."
  201. Tsukasa: "Ah, I screwed up..."
  202. girl: "Are you getting sick or something?"
  203. Tsukasa: "I was just thinking about something..."
  204. girl: "About your family?"
  205. Tsukasa: "No, yesterday, something strange happened to me."
  206. girl: "Something strange?"
  207. [screen wipe]
  208. Tsukasa: "And so..."
  209. "I was shocked because she looked entirely too much like me..."
  210. "It was night, so I thought it might be a ghost or just some kind of misunderstanding..."
  211. girl: "A ghost, huh..."
  212. "If so, it might be a doppelgänger."
  213. Tsukasa: "Oh, I've heard of those."
  214. girl: "If you see another copy of yourself, you'll die..."
  215. Tsukasa: "Wha?"
  216. girl: "Well, it's just a joke."
  217. Tsukasa: "'ll die?"
  218. girl: "I-I'm sorry! You don't have to believe it!"
  219. Tsukasa: "..."
  220. "I'm going home..."
  221. girl: "What about supplementary lessons!?"
  222. Tsukasa: "Hmm..."
  224. 2.2
  225. [on the street]
  226. Tsukasa: "..."
  227. [flashback to the girl in purple in white]
  228. Tsukasa: (There's no way there'd be someone else who looks that much like me...)
  229. (It's gotta be a doppelgänger... I might... die...)
  230. "What should I do..."
  231. (Dad and the apprentices can't do any housework...)
  232. (Before I die, I need to tell them where I keep the emergency food...)
  233. "In the first place, I don't wanna die..."
  234. [the white-haired girl shows up]
  235. ???: "You're looking just as down as you were last night, huh."
  236. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  237. "You're the one... from yesterday..."
  238. ???: "Yes, the one from yesterday."
  239. Tsukasa: "Again, what do you need?"
  240. ???: "I don't need anything, I was just concerned about you."
  241. "After all, if you worry too much..."
  242. "When dusk falls, you'll be eaten by a witch."
  243. Tsukasa: "You told me that yesterday... What do you mean by that?"
  244. "Are you recruiting for some kind of cult?"
  245. ???: "Oh, is that what it looks like?"
  246. "Alright, there are no witches, please forget I said it."
  247. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  248. ???: "Whatever the case, it's not good to worry too much."
  249. "The burden on your mind will have an effect on your body as well."
  250. Tsukasa: "...If I could solve my problems that easily, I wouldn't be worrying..."
  251. ???: "Hm."
  252. "Then why don't we go have tea together?"
  253. "I'm sure if we talked it through, we could come up with an answer."
  254. Tsukasa: "Wait!"
  255. "But I don't even know you yet."
  256. ???: "My name is Izumi Kanagi. Now you know me."
  257. Tsukasa: "I don't have any money either!"
  258. Kanagi: "What a coincidence, I don't have any either."
  259. Tsukasa: "Huh!?"
  260. Kanagi: "But I have enough for some juice from a vending machine."
  261. [scene change to a park]
  262. Kanagi: "Ohh, a doppelgänger... What a fascinating experience."
  263. Tsukasa: "It may be impressive, but I might die here..."
  264. Kanagi: "Well then, why don't you go meet her again?"
  265. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  266. Kanagi: "Apparently, in the world there are three people who look just like you."
  267. "She might be one of them, you know."
  268. Tsukasa: "But..."
  269. Kanagi: "If you're going to die anyway, why not go out fighting back?"
  270. Tsukasa: "You might be right."
  271. Kanagi: "Yep."
  272. "If it really is a doppelgänger, then just beat it up!"
  273. "You'll be fine with all the housework you've done."
  274. "You're probably stronger than the average girl."
  275. Tsukasa: "What a strange way of encouraging me."
  276. Kanagi: "You think so?"
  277. "If you say so, maybe it is."
  278. "Well, what will you do?"
  279. Tsukasa: "I'll go to see her once more."
  280. Kanagi: "That's good conviction. It's best for people not to worry."
  281. [fade to gray]
  282. Tsukasa: *And so, while talking with Kanagi-san, I decided to once more go to the shrine.*
  283. *To ascertain its true form...*
  285. 2.3
  286. [gray screen]
  287. Tsukasa: *Although I made up my mind while talking to Kanagi-san, my heart was beating so hard it felt like it would leap out of my throat...*
  288. [at the shrine, with the wind blowing]
  289. Tsukasa: "sigh... Will it be okay?"
  290. (I ended up coming...)
  291. (If we meet again, will I die immediately?)
  292. (Ah, my legs are shaking...)
  293. [the screen darkens, but we still see Tsukasa]
  294. Tsukasa: *That's right, look at your feet and walk. Even if we meet, I don't have to see her face when we talk...*
  295. *...*
  296. [she bumps into someone]
  297. [back to the shrine, with Tsukasa and the girl in purple and white]
  298. Tsukasa: "Ah, sorr—"
  299. ???: "..."
  300. Tsukasa: "..."
  301. both: "It appeared!!!"
  302. both: "I'm so sorry!"
  303. both: "Please don't kill me!"
  304. both: "We're saying the same things!?"
  305. both: "I knew it, it's my doppelgänger!"
  306. both: "sob sob sob"
  307. Tsukasa: (Now I've gotta pull myself together...)
  308. (If we both have the same name, then I'll be in a pinch!)
  309. "Hey, are you also... Amane Tsukasa?"
  310. ???: "Huh?"
  311. "..."
  312. "My name is Akidzuki Tsukuyo..."
  313. Tsukasa: (It's different...)
  314. [screen wipe]
  315. Tsukuyo: "To think that not just our appearances but our names are so similar, it's marvelous!"
  316. Tsukasa: "That's right!"
  317. Tsukuyo: "Amane-san, why do you come here?"
  318. Tsukasa: "I come here often when I'm tired."
  319. Tsukuyo: "The same is true with me!"
  320. Tsukasa: "Really!?"
  321. "Strange things happen in the shrine at night, huh."
  322. Tsukuyo: "Actually, I was named at this shrine."
  323. Tsukasa: "Huh? I was also named here!"
  324. Tsukuyo: "Are you serious!?"
  325. "..."
  326. Tsukasa: (To think we were this similar... this is weird...)
  327. (She's probably my doppelgänger...)
  328. Tsukuyo: "U-um..."
  329. Tsukasa: (Uwah, she's saying something...)
  330. (Tsukasa, make a fist... And then plant your feet...)
  331. (Ueh, but I won't stop shaking... for now I'll just answer...)
  332. "Y-yeah..."
  333. Tsukuyo: "What did you come here to do..."
  334. Tsukasa: "Should we say it on a count of three?"
  335. Tsukuyo: "Sure..."
  336. "Three, two, one..."
  337. both: "To play flute!"
  338. both: "!?"
  339. Tsukasa: (I knew it, she's my doppelgänger!?)
  340. (Now I gotta do this sharply...)
  341. (No, she's definitely gonna kill me...)
  342. (Then I need a way to distract her...)
  343. Tsukasa: "Aah, look, there's a Tasmanian Devil!" [Tsukuyo says something too]
  344. (With the same speed as dashing away after school!)
  345. [they bump into each other]
  346. both: "Ouch! My forehead..."
  347. Tsukuyo: "Ah, I dropped my flute..."
  348. Tsukasa: "Huh? That flute..."
  349. [fade to gray]
  350. Tsukasa: *At that time, we realized it.*
  351. *The flutes we dropped were the same, but with a small difference.*
  352. [insert image of Tsukasa's flute laying across its bag]
  353. Tsukasa: *The design of the flutes was the same, and they both had Dad's inscription on them.*
  354. *But just the half-moon marks painted on the flutes were drawn facing in opposite directions.*
  355. *I had always wondered if it was supposed to be a pickled radish, or a fish paste strip, or something else.*
  356. *But when we lined Tsukuyo-chan's flute up with mine, I finally realized its true form.*
  357. [back to the shrine]
  358. Tsukuyo: "A full moon..."
  359. Tsukasa: "You are Tsukuyo..." [月夜, the first character is moon]
  360. Tsukuyo: "And you are Tsukasa..." [月咲, the first character is moon]
  361. Tsukasa: "Two moons..."
  362. Tsukuyo: "No way... Are we... twins?"
  363. [fade to gray]
  364. Tsukasa: *And finally, my wariness of Tsukuyo-chan was dispelled.*
  365. [battle]
  366. [gray screen]
  367. Tsukasa: *After that, I talked with Tsukuyo-chan and learned that my mother is a Mizuna woman...*
  368. *And that Tsukuyo-chan's grandmother forbid her from coming to the Artisan Ward.*
  369. *We were probably twins hidden from each other.*
  370. *As we talked more, we both ended up exchanging our complaints about our families.*
  371. [back to the shrine]
  372. Tsukasa: "Isn't that crazy!? Coking, laundry, cleaning, managing money."
  373. "It's so old-fashioned!"
  374. "And yet nobody ever wants to help out!!"
  375. "Of course, I respect my father."
  376. "It's important and difficult work, and and I get that he has to support the apprentices."
  377. "But that doesn't have to do with me, does it!?"
  378. "All he ever says is 'That's a woman's job'. There's a limit to how backwards you can be!"
  379. Tsukuyo: "That's right."
  380. Tsukasa: "So even though I get invited to hang out with people, I can never go."
  381. "Even if I discuss with the people around me, nobody understands."
  382. "I do know that I'm the weird circumstances though."
  383. "Do you get it? This empty misery?"
  384. Tsukuyo: "Of course, I understand completely."
  385. "It seems we are even alike in our environments, to the point that we're like twins."
  386. [fade to gray]
  387. Tsukasa: *Unlike the people at school, it really seemed like I was getting across to Tsukuyo-chan.*
  388. *I don't know why, but maybe we somehow thought that we were twins.*
  389. [back to the shrine]
  390. Tsukuyo: "Amane-san..."
  391. "Someday could we meet up again to talk?"
  392. Tsukasa: "You don't need to speak so formally to me."
  393. Tsukuyo: "Huh?"
  394. Tsukasa: "Right, Tsukuyo-chan?"
  395. Tsukuyo: "Ah..."
  396. "Yes, Tsukasa-chan!"
  397. [switch to overlooking view of the nighttime skyline]
  398. Tsukasa: *And so, we became friends in just one day, and exchanged contact information so we could meet again.*
  399. *Of course, I was afraid that my dad would notice if I put her name in, so I used a different name.*
  400. *Just like the flutes, together as one...*
  401. *I saved her as the symbol of a full moon, "●".*
  402. [fade to gray]
  403. Tsukasa: *However, this period of friendliness between us didn't last long...*
  404. *To the point that we made that wish...*
  405. [screen wipe]
  406. Tsukasa (aloud): "Dad, you should have told me..."
  408. And Then We Will Become Blank White
  410. 3.1
  411. [gray screen]
  412. Tsukasa: *After Tsukuyo-chan and I exchanged contact information, we would send each other messages and meet up every once in a while.*
  413. *When we would meet, we would bond over complaining about our families, a happy time in which we could clear our hearts.*
  414. *However, that did not continue for long...*
  415. *The more we met up and hung out, the more I began to notice parts of Tsukuyo-chan that I didn't like...*
  416. [in a restaurant]
  417. Tsukasa: "What's this tea, it's really tasty!!"
  418. Tsukuyo: "Your voice is too loud..."
  419. Tsukasa: "I-I'm sorry. By the way, how much does it cost?"
  420. Tsukuyo: "It's a thousand yen per cup."
  421. Tsukasa: "A thousand!? Just for putting leaves in hot water!?"
  422. Tsukuyo: "Come on, Tsukasa-chan!"
  423. "The employees can hear you, you know?"
  424. [fade to gray]
  425. Tsukasa: *I started to grow tired of Tsukuyo-chan's perfect manners and lack of flaws...*
  426. [On the street in a shopping district]
  427. Tsukuyo: "Shall we head over to that shop?"
  428. Tsukasa: "We're still students, you know? It's really expensive..."
  429. Tsukuyo: "You don't have to worry about that."
  430. Tsukasa: "It'd be like pearls before swine for students like us..."
  431. [fade to gray]
  432. Tsukasa: "*And I started to feel like Tsukuyo-chan's excessive attention to her appearance was like boasting...*
  433. [in the train station]
  434. girl: "Ah, Akidzuki-senpai."
  435. "Is that girl with you perhaps a sibling of yours?"
  436. Tsukuyo: "No, she's a relative that I am close with."
  437. girl: "I see."
  438. "She has a very different feel compared to you, after all."
  439. Tsukuyo: "Yes, that is true."
  440. Tsukasa: (...What does she mean by 'after all'?)
  441. [fade to gray]
  442. Tsukasa: *When I saw Tsukuyo-chan talking with her acquaintances, I felt like I was just being used as a foil...*
  443. [switch to a street scene with small shops]
  444. Tsukasa: *The more we met up, the more noticeable our differences became.*
  445. *In hindsight, I was probably just feeling jealous.*
  446. *Even though the difference in status between our families was obvious, I was just being intolerant when I couldn't accept it.8
  447. *But at the time, I was growing to dislike Tsukuyo-chan, the only person I could tell my true feelings to, more and more.*
  448. *And in step with that, my dissatisfaction and anger kept gradually growing as well.*
  449. [In her kitchen]
  450. Tsukasa: "I'm home..."
  451. Tsukasa's father: "Lately, you've been coming home late. What's going on?"
  452. Tsukasa: "I've made a friend, that's all."
  453. Tsukasa's father: "I see, that's nice."
  454. Tsukasa: "Yeah, she lives somewhat far, so that's why I get back later."
  455. Tsukasa's father: "And even so, you still finish the chores. Not bad!"
  456. Tsukasa: "You think so?"
  457. Tsukasa's father: "However... Is that girl from Mizuna?"
  458. Tsukasa: "!?"
  459. "W-wh-how did you know?"
  460. Tsukasa's father: "If so, you should give up on it... Otherwise, you'll be on the same track I was..."
  461. Tsukasa: "W-wait a minute!"
  462. "This shouldn't have anything to do with you and mom!"
  463. Tsukasa's father: "It does."
  464. "We couldn't so easily bury the decades of differences in our upbringings."
  465. "It's too hard to cover it up with just affection."
  466. Tsukasa: "..."
  467. Tsukasa's father: "If you want to make friends from outside, think it over carefully."
  468. "Once your relationship gets warped, it will break and never be fixed again..."
  469. [fade to gray]
  470. Tsukasa: *When my dad told me that, my dissatisfaction and anger towards Tsukuyo-chan had already warped me.*
  471. *So my dad's words really hit close to home...*
  473. 3.2
  474. [gray screen]
  475. Tsukasa's father: "We couldn't so easily bury the decades of differences in our upbringings."
  476. "It's too hard to cover it up with just affection."
  477. "If you're going to make friends from outside, think it over carefully."
  478. "Once your relationship gets warped, it will break and never be fixed again..."
  479. [screen wipe]
  480. Tsukasa: *By that time, our relationship was already broken.*
  481. *So, my dissatisfaction and anger just built up over time...*
  482. *To the point where even the lightest pull of the trigger could make it all explode...*
  483. [fade in a scene at the base of the radio tower in the evening]
  484. Tsukasa: *So in the end, I wasn't able to hold it back.*
  485. [flashback to the scene with Tsukuyo and the girl]
  486. Tsukasa: *From the beginning, I was just a foil for Tsukuyo-chan. She showed off all these fancy places, just to increase my persecution complex.*
  487. *That led to me being the one to pull the trigger...*
  488. [back to the base of the radio tower]
  489. Tsukasa: "Hey, Tsukuyo-chan, I have something I want to ask you."
  490. Tsukuyo: "I also have something I would like to ask you too, Tsukasa-chan."
  491. [fade to gray]
  492. Tsukasa: *And then once we pulled each other's trigger...*
  493. [back to the street]
  494. Tsukasa: "You've been giving me a strange look."
  495. Tsukuyo: "And you've been awfully mean, Tsukasa-chan."
  496. [fade to gray]
  497. Tsukasa: *Tsukuyo-chan thought I was impolite.*
  498. *She thought I didn't pay enough attention to my appearance, and that I was a rough and violent person.*
  499. *Once our feelings became known, we had an intense argument.*
  500. *Bringing up the feelings that we had bottled up inside, saying everything without thinking of the consequences...*
  501. [back to the street]
  502. Tsukasa: "You're always so prim and proper and concerned with formality!"
  503. "Why don't you take a chill pill and relax once in a while!?"
  504. "It's stifling being around you!"
  505. Tsukuyo: "What you consider relaxed is no more than vulgarity!"
  506. "I've never asked for you to pay for any of this!"
  507. "At the very least, you could stand to reform your manners!"
  508. Tsukasa: "Reform!?"
  509. "If anything, your isolated lifestyle is farther from normal, Tsukuyo-chan."
  510. "Your behavior is the one that's more different from a normal girl!"
  511. "If you're so formal all the time, of course you'll have no friends!"
  512. Tsukuyo: "You say you have friends, Tsukasa-chan..."
  513. "But they're only friends on the surface, yoeu can't even tell them your true feelings!"
  514. Tsukasa: "Obviously, because there's no way they could understand what I've been going through!"
  515. Tsukuyo: "Then you should understand that I feel exactly the same way!"
  516. "I have my grandmother to deal with!"
  517. Tsukasa: "And I have my father and all the apprentices!"
  518. Tsukuyo: "pant... pant..."
  519. Tsukasa: "pant... pant..."
  520. Tsukuyo: "I don't want to see you anymore, Tsukasa-chan..."
  521. Tsukasa: "I've had enough too..."
  522. Tsukuyo: "In the end..."
  523. Tsukasa: "We're probably not twins after all..."
  524. [fade to gray]
  525. Tsukasa: *And thus, my time with Tsukuyo-chan ended, and the sympathy we felt for each other disappeared so quickly that it felt like it had been a lie...*
  526. [her father appears]
  527. Tsukasa's father: "We couldn't so easily bury the decades of differences in our upbringings."
  528. [fade to gray]
  529. Tsukasa: *Just like dad said...*
  531. 3.3
  532. [gray screen]
  533. Tsukasa: *After parting with Tsukuyo-chan, we really did not contact each other or meet up...*
  534. *However, in exchange, my pent-up anger at my family began piling up again...*
  535. [in the kitchen]
  536. Tsukasa's father: "Oi, Tsukasa!"
  537. "This month we're over budget! What are you doing!?"
  538. Tsukasa: "..."
  539. apprentice: "Calm down, Master. Lately, vegetables have been expensive..."
  540. Tsukasa's father: "Then you should have said something beforehand! I can't take you shutting up like this!"
  541. Tsukasa: "..."
  542. apprentice: "See, take a look at the budget log. It's balanced properly."
  543. Tsukasa's father: "You butt out of this!"
  544. Tsukasa: "..."
  545. [fade to gray]
  546. Tsukasa: *snap*
  547. [back to the kitchen]
  548. Tsukasa: "Then, do whatever you want! Jeez!"
  549. [out on the street]
  550. Tsukasa: "..."
  551. (Let's skip the chores and go play flute...)
  552. "If I don't... I won't be able to keep up a smile..."
  553. (Ah, but Tsukuyo-chan might be at the shrine...)
  554. (Where else should I play...)
  555. [in front of a lake with a ferris wheel on the other side]
  556. "~~♪~~♪"
  557. "♪~~♪~~"
  558. "Ueh... It's no good..."
  559. "Why... Why is it!?"
  560. "..."
  561. "sniff..."
  562. "Tsukuyo-chan... I want to talk with you..."
  563. [flashback to her father in the kitchen]
  564. Tsukasa's father: "We couldn't so easily bury the decades of differences in our upbringings."
  565. [back to the lake]
  566. Tsukasa: (Like this, we won't be able to bury our differences...)
  567. (But if this continues, I'm going to die...)
  568. [fade to gray]
  569. Tsukasa: *Even though I was playing my flute, my heart would not be soothed...*
  570. *I knew the reason...*
  571. *It was because Tsukuyo-chan, the only person who ever understood me, was gone...*
  572. *I still yearned for the outlet to my frustrations, which I had already found once...*
  573. *And lost in my melancholy, I heard a voice...*
  574. *"You can't go back anymore."*
  575. *"You mustn't let yourself be killed."*
  576. *"Just take it easy."*
  577. *"You might as well die instead of being a slave."*
  578. [back to the lake]
  579. Tsukasa: "Yeah... That's right..."
  580. [fade to gray]
  581. Tsukasa: *Now that I think about it, that was definitely the voice of a witch...*
  582. *And then I woke up...*
  583. [a witch barrier dispelling]
  584. [We see Kanagi, in a fancy outfit]
  585. Kanagi: "Hmm, are you alright?"
  586. Tsukasa: "Huh? I..."
  587. Kanagi: "I see, you don't remember."
  588. "You were lured in by a witch and tried to throw yourself into the lake."
  589. Tsukasa: "A witch?"
  590. Kanagi: "Hm. Witches were from some religion."
  591. "Then, that wasn't it."
  592. "Yes, it was a monster, yeah."
  593. Tsukasa: "How strange..."
  594. [fade to gray]
  595. Tsukasa: *At the time, I suddenly became lightheaded, and I felt the sensation of falling over.*
  596. *The last thing I heard was Kanagi's voice saying, "I give up."*
  597. *Until I woke up, I was deep in the world of dreams...*
  598. [battle]
  599. [in her kitchen, in her dreams]
  600. Tsukasa's father: "Hey, Tsukasa, hurry up and get the food ready."
  601. Tsukasa: "..."
  602. apprentice: "Tsukasa-chan, sorry, I got my clothes all dirty."
  603. Tsukasa: "Please stop..."
  604. Tsukasa's father: "I know we're barely making it, but please fit this in."
  605. Tsukasa: "There's obviously no way I can do that..."
  606. apprentice: "Huh? Sorry, was that the backup food? I was kinda hungry so I ate it."
  607. Tsukasa: "Don't screw with me..."
  608. Tsukasa's father: "Women in an artisan workshop..."
  609. Tsukasa: "Shut up!"
  610. "I can't take it anymore!"
  611. "Someone save me... save me!"
  612. [Tsukuyo appears]
  613. Tsukuyo: "Tsukasa-chan!"
  614. Tsukasa: "Tsukuyo-chan..."
  615. Tsukuyo: "Here, take my hand!"
  616. Tsukasa: "...Okay."
  617. [the dream world changes to the shrine]
  618. Tsukuyo: "Are you alright, Tsukasa-chan?"
  619. Tsukasa: "..."
  620. Tsukuyo: "Tsukasa-chan?"
  621. "You're fine now. You can let go of my hand."
  622. Tsukasa: "..."
  623. "This is so nostalgic..."
  624. [the background disappears]
  625. Tsukasa: "Huh? A... dream?"
  626. [fade to gray]
  627. someone: *"The first childbirth he was in charge of was you two."*
  628. someone: *"Apparently, when you were first born, you held each other's hands, and that left a big impression on the doctor..."*
  629. [Tsukasa shows up]
  630. Tsukasa: "Huh?"
  631. "Is that... true?"
  632. [fade to gray again]
  633. someone: *"When I was first born... I held Tsukasa-chan's hand..."*
  634. [Tsukasa reappears]
  635. Tsukasa: "This voice... Tsukuyo-chan..."
  636. "That's right..."
  637. "That's gotta be right, Tsukuyo-chan..."
  638. "In my dream, I was holding your hand, Tsukuyo-chan..."
  639. "It was so comfortable..."
  640. (I'm sorry, Tsukuyo-chan...)
  641. (I got angry at such trivial things...)
  642. (Even though back then, we accepted each other...)
  643. (And now, if we don't accept each other, we can't survive...)
  644. "Ah, I..."
  645. "I want to become blank white..."
  646. [in the hospital]
  647. Tsukasa: "..."
  648. "Tsukuyo-chan..."
  649. Tsukuyo: "Tsukasa-chan..."
  650. Tsukasa: "I think I heard..."
  651. "We're actually... twins..."
  652. Tsukuyo: "Yeah..."
  653. Tsukasa: "Hey, Tsukuyo-chan, why don't we just throw everything away..."
  654. Tsukuyo: "Huh?"
  655. Tsukasa: "Our status and our upbringing, get rid of it all."
  656. "Start with a blank white page, and once more, support each other..."
  657. "If we don't, then we'll both be crushed by adults..."
  658. Tsukuyo: "Yeah... I was thinking the same thing."
  659. "Start over from before we received our names at the shrine..."
  660. "From the moment we were born, brand new, when we held each other's hands."
  661. "I want to start over again."
  662. (I've talked with her more than anyone else, and right now my heart is at peace...)
  663. (It must be because she's my only twin in the whole world...)
  664. Tsukasa: "Then, once more, will you be my big sister?"
  665. Tsukuyo: "Yes..."
  666. "Will you once more become my little sister?"
  667. Tsukasa: "Yeah..."
  668. [fade to gray, and her father]
  669. Tsukasa's father: "We couldn't so easily bury the decades of differences in our upbringings."
  670. [back to the hospital]
  671. Tsukuyo: "But, no matter what we pledge..."
  672. "We might come to a point in time where we hate each other again..."
  673. "I don't think my heart..."
  674. Tsukasa: "Could take it anymore..."
  675. [fade to gray]
  676. Tsukasa: *And when my father's words began to make my conviction waver, it appeared.*
  677. [back to hospital]
  678. Kyubey: "Then why not have your pledge granted as a wish?"
  679. [fade to gray]
  680. Tsukasa: *And so, we changed our pledges turned into a wish: "I want us to never hate each other."*
  681. [back to the abandoned museum]
  682. Tsukuyo: "And that's the details of up until we made our wishes."
  683. Tsukasa: "Thinking back makes me feel nostalgic."
  684. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  685. Mifuyu: "Really, I was quite surprised when I came back..."
  686. Alina: "Hmmmm. So that's what happened."
  687. "...I'm leaving."
  688. Tsukuyo: "You didn't like it!?"
  689. Tsukasa: "Forgive us for letting the rumor get beaten!"
  690. Alina: "I'm not going to do anything to you."
  691. "It's just that hearing your story made me want to make some artwork."
  692. "See you."
  693. Tsukasa: "sigh... Thank goodness..."
  694. Tsukuyo: "That's right..."
  695. Mifuyu: "Well then, why don't we leave then?"
  696. Tsukasa: "Alright."
  697. Tsukuyo: "Ah, Tsukasa-chan."
  698. Tsukasa: "What?"
  699. Tsukuyo: "It's been a while, so why don't we go play flute at the shrine on our way back?"
  700. Tsukasa: "Ah, great idea! Let's do it!"
  701. Tsukasa: "..."
  702. [insert image of Tsukasa's flute laying across its bag]
  703. Tsukasa: *I become sad whenever I'm away from you, so you're always by my side.*
  704. *No matter how long I stare at the scenery, you're still just a flute.*
  705. *O flute, what are you?*
  706. *A bridge connecting me to my distant sister.*
  707. [fade to gray]
  708. Tsukasa (aloud): "My only ally is Tsukuyo-chan. We'll always be together."
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