Journey to the Core - Changelog

Feb 3rd, 2015
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  1. Journey to the Core - Changelog
  3. 1.2
  4. *The cave dimension has now been dug out much more to have more open space. This will result in larger caverns and should alter play-styles in this dimension
  5. *WAILA, Epic Siege Mod, Enviromine, and InfiniteInvo, TurkeyUtils, and JABBA have all been updated to their latest versions
  6. *The forge version has been update to
  7. *Our attempts to bring multiplayer much more closer to being stable we have been able to (hopefully) eliminate spawns on top of bedrock. Please let us know on the forums if you still experience this issue
  8. *Some typos and misinformation were fixed in the quest book
  9. *Some users have been experiencing FPS issues, we have been working diligently on discovering its source and eliminating it.
  10. *Various tweaks and bug fixes
  12. 1.1.9
  13. *Fixed some of the quests that were not turning in from the last update
  14. *Added some more side quests and rearranged others to prevent too much "grindiness"
  15. *Updated many mods to their latest versions
  16. *Added Thermal Dynamics
  17. *We are still working on the InfiniteInvo bugs, thank you for your patience
  18. *The quest for an activated division sigil is now repeatable
  19. *Various bug fixes and tweaks
  21. 1.1.8
  22. *Added a few more quests to help in the ProjectE questline
  23. *Looked into issues related to quests not able to be turned in, and fixed those that were broken. Infracells up and the Carrot on a stick quest should be fine.
  24. *Fixed the Template folder not being loaded correctly
  26. 1.1.7
  27. *Major questline redesign and many new side quests added
  28. *Magmatic Dynamo is now removed, since it was never meant to be in the pack
  29. *Thermal Foundation tools have been disabled
  30. *Edited some recipes such as: Bronze and Invar Shears, Glacial Precipitator
  32. 1.1.6
  33. *Updated mods to their latest version (EnderIO, Thermal Expansion, InfiniteInvo, ProjectE, Turkey Utils)
  34. *InfiniteInvo issues with disappearing unlocked slots after you die should be fixed now. Please report this to the minecraft forum post if you experience issues
  35. *Added some more side quests
  36. *Added EMC to soybeans
  37. *Tweaked the Pam's Harvestcraft market to sell seeds for gold ingots instead of iron ingots
  38. *The smart moving swimming issue of taking damage in small areas should be fixed
  39. *The "Infracells Up" quest should be working properly
  40. *Fixed typos in the quest book
  41. *Various other tweaks and bugfixes
  43. 1.1.5
  44. * Updated ESM, Enviromine, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Foundation, COFH Core, Pam's Harvestcraft, Turkey Utility, Ender IO, Smart Moving, and NEI to their latest versions
  45. * Updated the 9,001 smoothie quest to only require 99
  46. * Because of the newest addition of shears to thermal foundation, the difficult invar shear recipe has been updated and is quite easier based on the number of shears available. Check NEI for details
  47. * A new quest was added to help the player along in the progression of moving into the cave dimension
  48. * Some helpful quest descriptions have been added due to players saying they didn't feel like they had enough information to move progress
  49. *Nether Ores has been added
  50. * A few other tweaks and bug fixes
  51. * This is the first update that should get the server files working, thank you to MyasisDragon for his help and please send a message if you are still having issues with server files. Thanks!
  53. 1.1.4
  54. *Added DeadPine logs to the starting area to replace the Dead Logs
  56. 1.1.3
  57. *Updated many mods to their current version
  58. *Epic Siege mod has reduced some lag related to mob attacking
  59. *Blazes are now a bit more rare and their burst attack is reduced from 10 to 5 to help with related lag
  60. *Difficulty scaling has been added: the Deep Dark, Nether, and End all increase mob health and damage to increase with the players abilities and gear
  61. *Many side quests have been added
  62. *The infamous 5.5 billion emc quest has been removed due to player response
  63. *Ender dragon fort spawning has been reduced in the End (no more fighting 4-6 ender dragons at once... hopefully)
  64. *All quests should now be complete-able (they have been tested and I believe I have them finished)
  65. *Lucky block, mysterious ore, and essence bushes have been balanced to generate in the cave dimension at a more manageable rate
  66. *Some Special mobs have been increased (thief skeletons, ghost spiders, etc.)
  67. *Blizzes should now spawn in the cave dimension, still rare
  68. *The blaze powder and bonemeal EMC trick has been balanced so you can't double your EMC by pulverizing them
  69. *Sanity and Air quality multipliers have been increased as you move through the dimensional progression
  70. *Interdiction torches have been nerfed through a higher recipe requirement and now have no EMC value
  71. *Golden and Jeweled apples have been modified: They hold no EMC value, modified recipes, and grant sanity back when eaten
  72. *Poop lowers sanity and air quality when in range of the player and in your hotbar
  73. *Magnum torches lower the player's air quality when in range
  74. *The item to move into the Nether has been altered due to the previous item being available earlier than expected
  75. *Ghast fire range has been increased to 72 blocks
  76. *Unstable ingots and blocks have no EMC value and unstable nuggets have been removed from crafting
  77. *Liquid Pyrotheum has been added to the cave dimension generation at the lowest part of the map
  78. *Nether quests have been modified to require less materials
  79. *DeadPine logs have been added back to the starting room
  80. *The Egg reward bag now gives actual food and not rotten food
  81. *Various other bug fixes and tweaks
  82. ***This update marks the end of the frequent update schedule. Please report any bugs to the FTB forum and they will be added to the list and updated at a now 2 week interval. Thank you for your continued support and for playing the modpack***
  84. 1.1.2
  85. Sorry for the delay, I was a little behind on getting these changelogs out.
  86. *Updated mods to their latest versions as of this release
  87. *Fixed many of the broken HQM quests, every quest should now be complete-able
  88. *Zombies can now build towers to reach you
  89. *Mobs have meelee evasion AI that allows them to run away when being attacked
  90. *Added another food quest in the beginning of the survival quest line
  91. *I am aware of the missing Deadpine logs in the starting room, this was an oversight and is fixed for the next release
  92. *I will be sending out the next update withing the week to continue the refinement of the pack, thanks again!
  94. 10.0.99
  95. *Updated ProjectE to version 1.1.0
  96. *Updated InfiniteInvo to v 1.0.28
  97. *Updated Carpenter's Blocks v 3.3.5
  98. *Updated Chisel 2 v.
  99. *Updated Forge Multipart
  100. *Fixed the "Kill 10 Creeper" quest in the Deep Dark
  101. *Fixed the Crossroads quest
  102. *Other minor bugfixes and tweaks
  105. Version 1.0.98
  106. *Moved to the FTB Launcher(3rd Party Packs Code: JTTC)
  107. *Removed Sync from the modpack due to some mod conflicts
  108. *Reworked some quests and fixed descriptions
  109. *Continued updating recipes to maintain modpack balance
  110. *Updated Enviromine to the latest version
  111. *Updated the modpack tutoral "how not to die" book
  112. *Various other bug fixes and tweaks
  115. Version 1.0.97
  116. *Removed Creeper Species
  117. *Worked on rebalancing quests
  118. *Tweaked some recipes
  119. *Various fixes
  121. Version 1.0.96
  122. *Updated Forge to Version
  123. *Updated the quest book progression
  124. *Modified some recipes
  125. *Removed the Deconstruction Table mod
  126. *Various bug fixes and tweaks
  128. Version 1.0.95
  129. *Removed some quests that I wasn't able to fix
  131. Version 1.0.94
  132. *Fixed some game settings being incorrect in the last update
  134. Version 1.0.93
  135. *Added 2 new mods to the pack: Gany's Surface and Deconstruction Table
  136. *Tweaked and added new quests
  137. *Edited and added to the tutorial book "How Not to Die"
  138. *Tweaked a few recipes
  139. *Updated a significant number of mods to their latest Versions
  140. *Various bug fixes and fixes
  142. Version 1.0.92
  143. *Actually fixed the quest for the Deep Dark Portal
  144. Discuss this update (1)
  145. Version 1.0.91
  146. *Fixed the quest going to the deep dark not registering the correct dimension
  148. Version 1.0.9
  149. *Balanced out EMC values of some items
  150. *Fixed some quests
  151. *Various tweaks and fixes
  153. Version 1.0.89
  154. *Fixed some quest problems and EMC disappearing from certain items
  156. Version 1.0.88
  157. *Added a quest to obtain melons
  159. Version 1.0.87
  160. *Edited and added quests
  161. *Added and edited EMC values
  162. *Added blizz spawning to the cave dimension
  163. *Fixed transfer nodes being affected by gravity
  164. *Various Bug Fixes and Tweaks
  166. Version 1.0.86
  167. *Various bug fixes and changes
  169. Version 1.0.85
  170. *Minor balance tweaks (diamond armor and super fabulous pink diamond armor recipes have been nerfed)
  171. *Tutorial book and quest book have been given more information to help out players
  173. Version 1.0.84
  174. *Fixed the resistance time to 25 seconds when entering a new dimension
  175. *Slightly increased the amount oak wood generation at the top of the map
  177. Version 1.0.83
  178. *Balanced mob spawning
  179. *Added a 30 second resistance to the player when entering a new dimension
  180. *Fixed quests giving rotten food
  181. *Various bug fixes and tweaks
  183. Version 1.0.82
  184. *Updated OreRoulette to the latest Version
  185. *Balanced Lucky Blocks
  186. *Fixed some quests
  187. *Other bug fixes and tweaks
  189. Version 1.0.81
  190. *Added RouletteOres (Small chance to spawn a random effect)
  191. *Balanced out enemies
  192. *Balanced ore generation (less cobalt and more iron and copper)
  193. *Various tweaks and fixes
  195. Version 1.0.8
  196. *Updated Turkey Utils, Epic Siege Mod, Portal Tweaks, and Enviromine to their latest Versions
  197. *Removed Lycanite mobs
  198. *Various Bug fixes and changes
  200. Version 1.0.79
  201. *Added the Enchantable Items mod
  202. *Updated various mods
  203. *Tweaked some quests
  204. *Various bug fixes
  206. Version 1.0.78
  207. *Added some new quests throughout the whole book
  208. *Added descriptions to every quest
  209. *Fixed the Rhea spawn egg issue so you don't get instantly attacked
  210. *Various other bug fixes
  212. Version 1.0.77
  213. *Continued and hopefully have fixed the Nether Sanity issues :)
  215. Version 1.0.76
  216. *Quickfix for not gaining Sanity in the Nether
  218. Version 1.0.75
  219. *Updated Enviromine to correct the issue of Sanity not increasing in the Nether Dimension
  221. Version 1.0.74
  222. *Updated Epic Siege Mod and InfiniteInvo to their latest Versions
  223. *Minor bug fixes and changes
  225. Version 1.0.73
  226. *Balanced mob spawning (especially those pesky silverfish)
  227. *Edited quests
  228. *Updated InfiniteInvo and Turkey Utilities to their latest Versions
  229. *Ate lots of pizza
  230. *Various bug fixes and changes
  232. Version 1.0.72
  233. *More quest fixes to allow completion
  235. Version 1.0.71
  236. *Fixed the Division Sigil quest due to being unable to complete it. It is now a reward when finishing the quest for the Alchemical Tome
  238. Version 1.0.7
  239. *Added InfiniteInvo to lock inventory slots when you begin a map. You can unlock them by spending XP levels
  240. *Fixed some quests that were not turning in when the objectives were completed
  241. *Tweaked and balanced mob spawning
  242. *Added lucky block, essence bushes, and mysterious ore generation to the cave dimension
  243. *Updated many mods to their current Version
  245. Version 1.0.67
  246. *Hotfix to stop creepers from literally spawning on top of dropped items... Including snowballs, and fishing poles... It was actually pretty funny but yet trolly.
  248. Version 1.0.66
  249. *Added a QDS turn-in for the Cobble Cobble quest
  250. *Added the current day to the InGameInfo information
  252. Version 1.0.65
  253. *Fixed the 1 Million Cobblestone quest to accept a Deep Storage Unit with exactly 1 Million Cobble instead
  255. Version 1.0.64
  256. *Added the custom recipe scripts back into the pack, oops!
  258. Version 1.0.63
  259. *Temporarily removed the InfiniteInvo mod due to crashes and incompatabilities
  261. Version 1.0.62
  262. *Temporarily removed the Sound Filters mod to avoid a client crash
  263. *Added the Better Title Screen mod
  264. *Relit the opening spawn area so it's not pitch black anymore
  265. *Added the InfiniteInvo mod. Your inventory slots now cost XP to unlock
  266. *Added a guide book to the opening chest to help out new adventurers!
  267. *Slightly raised the Endermen spawn rate. You should at least see 1 once in a while
  269. Version 1.0.61
  270. *Fixed the high number of Endermen spawns in the Cave Dimension by updating to the latest Version of Enviromine
  271. *Added witches to the spawn table
  273. Version 1.0.6
  274. *Updated Epic Siege Mod and Enviromine to the lastest Versions
  275. *Mineshafts now generate in the cave dimension
  276. *Endermen should spawn at a lower rate now
  277. *Added about 40 more quests to the log to allow the player to move from the cave dimension, to the deep dark, then the nether, and finally the end
  278. *Various bug fixes and changes
  280. Version 1.0.56
  281. *Lowered the spawn rate of endermen significantly
  282. *Lowered the distance that mobs will aggro in the Epic Siege Mod to 32 blocks instead of 44
  283. *Edited the Amulet recipes for ProjectE to be significantly harder
  284. *Edited the map template
  286. Version 1.0.55
  287. *Gertrud now grants exra sanity per tick
  289. Version 1.0.54
  290. *There is now actually gravel, I promise! (Not liable for worlds that don't spawn gravel)
  292. Version 1.0.53
  293. *Fixed a crash from conflicting ID's
  295. Version 1.0.52
  296. *Updated Turkey Utilities to the latest Version
  298. Version 1.0.51
  299. *Reduced the number of endermen slightly
  300. *Added gravel to the world generation
  302. Version 1.0.5
  303. *Updated Turkey Utilities to 2.0 and added Gertrud the Duck back in, unfortunately she is textureless. SORRY!
  304. *Removed the slenderman ability from endermen, a little OP for now
  305. *Replaced the bone tools with flint tools in the opening chest, YOU'RE WELCOME!
  307. Version 1.0.4
  308. *Changes to Enviromine to disable nether access
  309. *Added Epic Siege Mod to take over for mob awareness. Mobs will basically go out of their way to wreck your face. So, good luck with that!!
  311. Version 1.0.32
  312. *Removed the axe in the starting chest... again >:-(
  314. Version 1.0.31
  315. *Added back files that were not uploaded in the previous Version
  317. Version 1.0.3
  318. *Fixed the issue with the cave dimension not generating a new map on each new world
  319. *Edited more recipes and all nether items are obtainable through recipes
  320. *Fixed the "OPness" of ProjectE by increasing the difficulty of certain items
  322. Version 1.0.2
  323. *Removed the hatchet from the starting chest (oops!)
  325. Version 1.0.1
  326. *Hotfix to allow questing to be enabled
  328. Version 1.0
  329. *Huge changes!!
  330. *Completely built from the ground up to fix many bugs and memory leaks
  331. *New Template Map
  332. *All mods are currently to the latest Versions
  333. *Recipes have been tweaked to manage progression
  334. *Quests and Reward bags have been slightly edited
  335. *Low FPS *should* not be an issue
  337. Version 0.9.4
  338. *Adjusted ore generation
  339. *Raised the modifiers for Sanity and Air Quality to be slightly more of a concern
  340. *Updated OpenBlocks (Be careful of the sprinkler, still testing if it will corrupt save files)
  341. *Some other small tweaks and fixes
  343. Version 0.9.3
  344. *Added a recipe for Soul Sand
  345. *Balanced out some of the ore generation
  346. *Increased the difficulty of certain ProjectE recipes
  347. *Added squid spawning
  348. *NEI and other mod updates
  350. Version 0.9.2
  351. *Hotfix for recipes and glowstone
  353. Version 0.9.1
  354. *Added Glowstone to the top of the map (On average 250)
  355. *Added a recipe for necrotic bones
  356. *Fixed the template to stop showing the missing item error
  358. Version 0.9
  359. *Updated all mods with available updates.
  360. *Completely revamped the cave dimension to now use the Enviromine Cave Dimension instead. This allows for a much easier integration with Enviromine status effects and the physics system.
  361. *Physics are now enabled (Don't try and build that platform without supports!)
  362. *Mob awareness and hordes now works much better, be careful! (Mobs can see through walls to find you)
  363. *Tweaked the ore generation levels (Iron and Copper at the top of the map) which forces the player to visit all levels of the cave.
  364. *Tweaked Lycanites mobs a bit to spawn more water mobs, fixed some of the mob group numbers (You shouldn't see 3-5 manticores at once)
  365. *Lucky Blocks are back in and should spawn every so often in the cave dimension
  366. *Check out the new Tinker's Construct tools and weapons!
  367. *It is strongly suggested you add the Fastcraft mod to the pack (It is not not allowed to be distributed so you need to download it manually)
  368. *Many other tweaks and bug fixes that should push the pack closer to being fully released. Thank you for all of your help and support!!!
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