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MenyooPC [Single-player trainer mod] changelogs

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Jun 22nd, 2017
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  1. MenyooPC [Single-player trainer mod]
  2. Changelogs:
  4. v0.70:
  5. Bug fixes.
  6. Soul-Switch Gun.
  7. Spotlight Creation which doesn't seem to work.
  9. v0.80:
  10. FreeCam mode (Excellent No-Clip alternative).
  11. New menu design features.
  12. Custom coordinate teleport submenu.
  13. Custom animation input submenu.
  14. Vehicle spawner is mildly categorised.
  15. "Menyoo Customs" (mod shop) improved.
  16. New analogue speedometers (Update.rpf provided below required for this).
  17. Rappel from helicopter if in one.
  18. No Ragdoll & Seatbelt separated from invincibility.
  19. Noise level slider.
  20. Component/Accessories changer improved.
  21. Drive on water now calculates water level once on enabling it instead of continuously in the background.
  22. "ALL heist maps" option fixed.
  23. Display Frame-rate on screen option.
  24. Numerous bug fixes and tweaks.
  26. v0.90:
  27. Spooner read/save to file (ALPHA).
  28. Spooner 'Clone into next slot' will clone into the next unused slot.
  29. Superman manual improved.
  30. Cloning a vehicle in the Spooner will clone it's attributes as well.
  31. New fancy startup ram!
  32. Text scrollers.
  33. Coffin, gnome, placement marker, and pee-hose attachments.
  34. Speedometer made smaller and improved accuracy.
  35. Draw rectangle tool (mouse only).
  36. Clear area submenu.
  37. Spooner - ram all peds (in slots) option.
  38. New map mods + map mod structure.
  39. Pressing ESC while the input box is open will not cause crashes.
  40. Animation scenarios.
  41. Animation settings submenu.
  42. JumpAround mode.
  43. EMP mode.
  44. Low gravity mode.
  45. Ignored By Everyone mode.
  46. Access to restricted areas feature.
  47. Unlimited ability loop.
  48. Minute in time scroller.
  49. Freecam improved.
  50. New navigation buttons.
  51. Instructional buttons display.
  52. Forge gun.
  53. Vehicle handling multiplier.
  54. Heat vision on aim option.
  55. MPH speedo option.
  56. New maps.
  57. New Menyoo Customs structure.
  58. Side 'ACTIVE' rectangle fixed.
  59. Hash display in Spooner.
  60. Spooner attachment fixed.
  61. Voice changer.
  62. EZ spoon improvements.
  63. Outfit saver (SUPER-BROKEN).
  64. Blips for 'target into slot'.
  65. Model changer categories.
  66. Vehicle spawner + spooner categories.
  67. Gravity gun shoot/fire fixed.
  68. DLC vehicle(s) + weapon(s) added.
  69. Can set prespawn vehicle attributes in vehicle spawner.
  70. Vehicle spawner previews.
  71. Burn mode fixed.
  72. Fireworks ptfx added in Explosions submenu.
  73. Vehicle engine torque multiplier added in Menyoo Customs.
  74. Speedo ytd included in download.
  76. v0.91:
  77. Fixed SpoonerFiles LoadFromFile.
  78. Improved top down view.
  79. Added IGG2 DLC items (vehicles, weapons, horns).
  80. 3 new extensive map mods.
  81. Soulswitch gun won't be so harsh on memory.
  82. Numpad navigation has been added back.
  83. Pressing the RightMouse button or ESC won't change the current submenu. Only BackSpace and NUM0 will be the menyoo back button.
  84. A useless reloadConfig button.
  86. v0.95a:
  87. Tunable snow works in SP.
  88. Bug fix > Tiny vehicle previews for some people.
  89. Added Xmas weather type.
  90. You can now edit attachment offsets for attached ambient lights/spotlights.
  91. Search feature in the object list.
  92. Trigger special FX on spawned peds/yourself.
  93. Bug fix > Reverse allowed in SuprKar mode now.
  94. FX on teleport. FX in superman auto. FX in SuprKar mode/Horn boost.
  95. Wanted level scroller goes up to 6 (shows as 5).
  96. Tenfold bullets mode - replaces triple bullets.
  97. New vehicle jump mechanism.
  98. Pre-set colours for RGB menus.
  99. Colour previews (similar to vehicle previews).
  100. Startup logo (rockstar_logos.bik) movie bypassed.
  101. Menu features such as vehicle previews/infobox are now adjusted if the menu position is on the right side of the screen.
  102. New scroll mechanism.
  103. Freecam speed improved.
  104. Clear Area submenu improved. Clear Area range increased to 60.
  105. New startup message (hype?)!
  106. Light gun improved and slowed down.
  107. Flare/molotov vehicle weapon speeds increased.
  108. You can now shoot multiple vehicle weapons at once.
  109. Paint-fade scroller in Vehicle Paint submenus.
  110. Pearlescent will be applicable to all paint types now.
  111. PV Ops - Teleport into vehicle seat.
  112. New 4k object list (credit to Sjaak).
  113. Multi platform vehicle neons.
  114. Timecycle intensity scroller in VisionHax submenu.
  115. Spooner-Slots count reduced to 256 slots.
  116. Gravity type scroller (Misc).
  117. Many new map mods (objects)!
  118. "Fireworks Ahoy" in Misc.
  119. "Draw Slot id" in Spooner>Extras.
  120. SpoonerFiles fixed completely.
  121. SpoonerFiles will now display found SP00N files.
  123. v0.99:
  124. MP maps such as the heist carrier will work in sp.
  125. 1k object limit in the spooner.
  126. Added teleport to mission objective option.
  127. Chinese gxt text won't be boxes anymore.
  128. Search bar in AllScenarios submenu.
  129. Jump Around Mode improved. You can even use a non-DRM'd mp3 to play background music in JumpAroundMode (just include JumpAroundMode.mp3 in your GTAV directory).
  130. Clone vehicle improved.
  131. Added crew emblems in mod shop.
  132. Burn mode will now work without having to turn on/off invincibility.
  133. Fixed flare in vehicle weapons not working.
  134. Window tint text scroller.
  135. Plate type text scroller.
  136. Trigger FX submenu in playerOps.
  137. Added anim flags scroller in animation settings.
  138. Decals in component clothing - tattoos and logos.
  139. Sweat level scroller.
  140. Infinite parachutes option.
  141. Vehicle saver (.V3H1CL3 files)!
  142. Ped tracker colour is adjustable now.
  143. Fixed vehicle jump height.
  144. Fixed analogue speedo position.
  145. 2 katanas instead of 1.
  146. Rope gun (alpha rn so pls wait).
  147. Rain puddle multiplier in weather Options.
  148. DriveOnWater level lowered.
  149. Fixed kaboom gun memory issues.
  150. Component changer camera distance decreased.
  151. All vehicles sub added into kaboom gun.
  152. Full weapon editing.
  153. When settings a primary paint, the pearlescent will reset to the applied paint's default pearlescent.
  154. Weed-Wheels Bike funny vehicle.
  155. SuprKar fx will use the titlebox rgb.
  156. New rainbow mode fx.
  157. Removed non looped vehicle invincibility.
  158. New gradients.
  159. New attachable objects added.
  160. Funny vehicles memory issues fixed.
  161. New toggle icons and scrollers' UI.
  162. Added vehicle bone support in the Spooner Attachment submenu.
  163. LSC Troll and a few other new map mods.
  164. Rainbow faders for Vehicle RainbowMode and Titlebox RainbowMode.
  165. BreatheStuff sub. Breathe fire and blood! More to come.
  166. Acceleration multiplier will work much better now on low values.
  167. Loop FX on spawner peds/yourself.
  168. Tunable snow OFF fixed.
  169. Dirt level in MenyooCustoms.
  170. Massacre mode improved and epilepsy removed!
  171. Shoulder rider spawned peds.
  172. Multi Platform Neon Rainbow fixed.
  173. Outfits fixed.
  174. Keyboard box won't show dingbats anymore.
  175. New secret teleport location.
  176. Fixed object list search.
  177. Fixed SetVehicleOnFire.
  178. Super run made more stable.
  179. FX on model change.
  180. FX on car spawn.
  181. FX on forge shoot.
  182. Fixed the vehicle/colour preview images not showing in the 0.95a.
  183. Loading a map mod will unload all other loaded map mods.
  185. v0.992:
  186. The asi will now only work with the latest scripthookv.dll.
  187. Safer cash drop.
  188. Added Misc>manual respawn mode.
  189. Added Vehicle increased mass mode.
  190. Bugfix-digital speedo crashed when going over 1000km/h.
  191. Added Misc>water hack.
  192. More options in vehicle saver.
  193. Bugfix-Setting parachute smoke colour crashed.
  194. Added Delete all in world option in the clear area submenu.
  195. Vehicle cruise control added.
  196. Kaboom gun made long distant.
  197. Pressing menu binds while the menu is open will close the menu and reopening the menu will open it in it's previous state.
  198. Laser sight re-added.
  199. Plane aileron option fixed (code had somehow vanished).
  200. Rapid fire will work with throwable weapons.
  201. Vehicle tow (this is broken as heck atm).
  202. Funny vehicle bikes will turn.
  203. Fire breathe will go straight.
  204. Added fluorescent blue; this was requested.
  205. Massacre mode will affect peds, and not your current vehicle.
  206. Explosions at waypoint text scroller.
  207. Loading saved vehicles will use the autoSit toggle.
  208. Bugfix-The game crashed when attempting to violate/shoulder ride a spawned ped.
  209. Bugfix-Police vehicle sirens could not be turned back on after being turned off.
  210. Bugfix-The button display was blocking other button displays.
  211. Bugfix-Funny vehicles got messed up in v0.99.
  212. Teleport gun screen effect will now end instantly.
  213. Super run will only work on ground.
  214. Jump Around music fixed.
  215. Clear area range increased; objects can now be cleared properly.
  217. v0.994:
  218. 'Hydraulics' now uses WASD/stick movement for directionals.
  219. Light gun lag fixed.
  220. Tow mode mechanism changed. Still broken, dw.
  221. Misc>ManualRespawn fixed.
  222. Vehicle heavy mass fixed (Can't make this a multiplier k).
  223. Misc>Radio sub.
  224. The paint fade scroller can now go down to 0.
  225. Rappel from helicopter fixed? You tell me.
  226. Bugfix-laser sight did not turn off.
  227. The menu can now easily be closed by pressing the binds.
  228. Added preset menu themes.
  229. Component changer front view camera to will be disabled upon exiting the component changer.
  230. Spawn random vehicle option.
  231. Time scale will now go down to 0 (fully stopped time).
  232. Top down view won't sync rotation when the player is in a vehicle anymore.
  233. Rainbow modes made more vivid.
  234. Water hack fixed.
  235. Map mods load/unload buttons have been merged into one.
  236. Vehicle saver fixed. Item menu added.
  237. Cruise control fixed.
  238. Menu Y position now adjustable.
  239. Added missing vehicle - Enus Super Diamond..
  240. Bugfix-the paints menu was not accessible for bikes.
  241. The object spawner's slot limit increased to 2048.
  243. v0.996a:
  244. |Added Misc>Mapless Mode.
  245. |Added WeaponOps>Magnet Gun.
  246. |Added WeaponOps>Gravity Gun (multiple target gravity gun).
  247. |Added Misc>Cutscene Player.
  248. |Cruise control will now also work for aircraft.
  249. |Added vehicle damage multiplier.
  250. |Added speech player for self and spawned peds.
  251. |Added more voices to the voice changer and named them.
  252. |Dying will restore weapons and tints no matter what your player model is (SP).
  253. |The Vehicle saver will now also save attached SPOONER entities (only for the default bone).
  254. |Added Downtown Bobsled map mod (by Nadles)
  255. |Teleport gun range increased.
  256. |Added VehicleOps>Auto Drive.
  257. |Fixed Rope Gun.
  258. |Added Player smash ability.
  259. |Added Bahama Mamas (Interior).
  260. |Improved vehicle fly mode.
  261. |Bugfix - Misc>ManualRespawn didn't work.
  262. |VehicleOps>TowMode improved.
  263. |Bugfix-vehicle weapon Molotovs didn't work in v0.994.
  264. |Bugfix-changing bullet gun bulletType switched the currently held weapon.
  265. |Bugfix- The Spooner slot scroller only went up to 256.
  266. |Added 'Save world entities to SpoonerFile'.
  267. |Forge gun grab distance increased.
  268. |Added Misc>Meteor shower mode.
  269. |Added Misc>Auto-kill enemies.
  270. |Vehicle paints improved.
  271. |Paint index scroller re-added.
  272. |Help text bugs fixed.
  273. |Controller input toggle removed, controller input will now be automatically detected.
  274. |Added RandomPlate option in the vehicle spawner's settings.
  275. |Water hack improved for large radii.
  276. |JumpAroundMode music volume decreased.
  277. |Object/vehicle/ped gun will shoot stuff exactly right out of the gun now.
  279. v0.997 (Uploaded without proper testing):
  280. |Added position lock in animation settings.
  281. |Added lowrider mods submenu.
  282. |Many scroller sensitivities and toggles improved.
  283. |Added DLC vehicles, peds, weapons, vehicleMods, weaponMods, vehPreviews, etc.
  284. |Added CCM palm tree models in the Spooner.
  285. |Fixed 'Save world entities to file'.
  286. |Added flamethrower in WeaponOps (ALPHA).
  287. |Improved fly mode.
  288. |Added multiple bone support in the vehicle saver's attachment saving feature (which still hasn't been properly tested yet haha).
  289. |Added Misc>Disable mini-map roads (Is this even useful?)
  290. |Added ped flag manager for self and spawned peds. This submenu is a WIP.
  291. |Added disco lights to JumpAroundMode (untested).
  292. |Added new CCM funny vehicles.
  293. |Soul switch will now preserve weapons and tints (not attachments yet).
  294. |Added option to push other vehicles out of the way in AutoDrive.
  296. v0.998:
  297. |Added menyooStuff folder for vehicle/outfit/spooner files.
  298. |Added Slam It submenu.
  299. |Added option to trap spooner peds in cages.
  300. |Vehicle heavy mass improved for low speeds.
  301. |Added collision toggles.
  302. |Tried fixing flame thrower direction.
  303. |Fixed Benny's mods' names.
  304. |etc. etc.
  306. v0.998b:
  307. |Fixed SlamIt for lifting values.
  308. |Fixed flamethrower direction.
  309. |Added worn and utility vehicle paints.
  310. |Fixed file save/read issues in v0.998a,
  312. v0.999a:
  313. |Bufgix-FlyMode was inverted.
  314. |Bugfix-Infinite ammo disabled itself after death sometimes.
  315. |Bugfix-SpawnSettings>PlateType types were incorrectly ordered.
  316. |Added more labelled scenario animations.
  317. |Added new map mods (credit to Outslider).
  318. |Added Ghost Rider Mode (Idea by Amit Philanthropist).
  319. |Added funny vehicle - Toy car.
  320. |Added new 13k prop list.
  321. |Added more named ped flags.
  322. |The config will now sync with the menu settings and toggles.
  323. |Added startup ram toggle in Settings.
  324. |Fixed file lists for outfit/vehicle/spoon files.
  325. |Fixed game crashes in the component changer.
  327. v0.999b:
  328. |Vehicle jump changed from hold to press/tap.
  329. |DriveOnWater improved.
  330. |Added vehicle multipliers to config.
  331. |Updated tunable snow for 1.31.
  332. |Added search to Spooner saves/vehicle saves/outfit saves menus.
  333. |Added weapon movement groups in movement groups sub.
  334. |Added new Spooner.
  335. |Added custom teleport locations and new teleports.
  336. |Added new prop models.
  337. |Added new DLC vehicles, peds, weapons, weapon attachments.
  338. |Added new funny vehicles.
  339. |Cruise control improved.
  340. |Bugfix-Changing bus/dump truck wheels crashed the game.
  341. |Bugfix-Changing suspension on the Glendale crashed the game.
  342. |Bugfix-Hydraulics didn't work on the keyboard.
  343. |Added Misc>Animal riding.
  344. |Added Settings>ResetHaxValues.
  345. |Added entity opacity sub menu.
  346. |Added named ped bone text scroller in the Spooner attachment submenu.
  347. |Speedometer now uses PNG images.
  348. |Improved JumpAroundMode.
  349. |Bugfix-Kill nearby enemies didn't work.
  350. |Added triggerFX gun.
  351. |Added ped damage and blood overlay options in the wardrobe submenu.
  352. |Added new special fx to the list.
  353. |Added Misc>DisplayFullHud.
  354. |Named some animation flags.
  355. |Added global cash drop settings submenu.
  356. |Weapons and their tints/attachments are now preserved when changing model, dying in SP, soul switching, etc.
  357. |Bugfix-Fly mode was inverted for controllers.
  359. v0.9991b:
  360. |Bugfix-Spooner attachments didn't load correctly from file.
  361. |Added "added vehicle models" submenu.
  362. |Bugfix-Vehicle jump went too high in v0.999b.
  363. |Bugfix-Wardrobe decal body locations were repeating.
  364. |Improved snow tracks (snow on terrain).
  365. |Bugfix-PedDecals>Torso Dev-Black didn't work.
  366. |Bugfix-Spoonermode left/right movement was swapped (gamepad).
  367. |Added back entity opacity options in the Spooner.
  368. |Bugfix-Flymode didn't go backwards.
  369. |Changed Spooner Mode 'copy entity' to 'copy entity and add to database'.
  370. |Changed Spooner Mode shortcut "copy entity" to "copy entity and add to database".
  372. v0.9992b:
  373. |Added shortcut to Add entity to DB in SpoonerMode.
  374. |Added GiveMaxAmmo (to all weapons) in the WeaponOps menu.
  375. |Merged the weapon attachments and tints menus into one menu.
  376. |You can now scroll by holding up/down/left/right.
  377. |Added option to disable the syncing of Menyoo with it's config file.
  378. |Added a keyword search to the add-on vehicles menu.
  379. |Changed ghost rider mode visuals.
  380. |Added vehicle spawner settings, forge and gravity gun settings, and multiplatform neon settings to the config.
  381. |SpoonerMode now displays the number of entities spawned of each type.
  382. |Added invincibility and fire proofing options in the Spooner.
  383. |Made separate type toggles for dynamic entity spawning in the Spooner.
  384. |Bugfix-Copying a world vehicle in the Spooner would crash the game. Copying a world ped would kill the ped.
  385. |Bugfix-SoulSwitchGun stopped working for peds seated inside vehicles in v0.9991b.
  386. |Copying a ped in the Spooner will copy any known animations/scenarios too (Ped has to be in the database and the anim/scenario has to be applied AFTER adding the ped to the database).
  388. v0.9993b:
  389. |Vehicle jump now has 2 modes (hold and tap/press).
  390. |Bugfix-Having vehicle spawner setting AutoSitIn off would kick you out of your current vehicle.
  391. |Bugfix-SnowOnTerrain started crashing the game in v0.9992b.
  392. |Added temp brake to superman manual.
  393. |Added new fx.
  395. v0.9994b:
  396. |Rapid fire and bullet gun visuals and precision improved.
  397. |Added a favourites menu for Spooner object models.
  398. |Improved vehicle rpm and torque multipliers. Their values save in Spooner/Vehicle save files too now.
  399. |You can now save your current position as a map reference in a Spooner save file.
  400. |Bugfix-Making contact with an entity held by the gravity gun caused your own ped to be dragged with it too. It was pretty funny.
  401. |Improved auto-kill enemies
  402. |Added mutable items in Spooner save files that allow the save file to clear the Spooner database/World.
  403. |Added collision to a few old funny vehicles.
  404. |Bugfix-FunnyVehicles>FIBbuilding broke in v0.9993b.
  405. |Bugfix-InfiniteParachutes did not give your ped a parachute when it was falling to its doom.
  406. |Bugfix-In superman manual, both boost and brake were binded to the same button (in v0.9993b).
  407. |The vehicle saver now uses XML files, Spooner attachments save too now. Let the weird/funny vehicles be made!
  408. |Added vehicle door opening and removal in Spooner save files.
  409. |Added special fx looping in Spooner save files.
  410. |Fixed horn labels in Menyoo customs.
  411. |Added the flatbed to the wheel blacklist.
  412. |Bugfix-Bike wheels were available to cars. This caused crashes.
  413. |Disabled the vehicle jump when the player is in a helicopter/plane.
  415. v0.99946b:
  416. |Added a toggle to Spooner ped options that allow you to change a ped's reaction (fleeing) to gunfire, etc.
  417. |GiveAllWeapons gives all attachments too now.
  418. |Bugfix-Spawning a saved vehicle would break all its doors immediately in v0.9994b.
  420. v0.9995b:
  421. |Added TV Player (Work In Progress).
  422. |Added option in the Spooner that lets you edit your own ped's properties without having to use Spooner Mode.
  423. |Added favourites for animations.
  425. v0.9995b:
  426. |Added TV Player (Work In Progress).
  427. |Added option in the Spooner that lets you edit your own player's ped's properties without having to use Spooner Mode.
  428. |Added favourites for animations.
  429. |Added quick manual placement menu in the Spooner.
  430. |Added fx looping for all types of entities (Saves in vehicle saver and Spooner).
  431. |Added option to make vehicle wheels invisible (saves in vehicle saver and Spooner).
  432. |Changed 0UTF1T files to XML files.
  433. |Applied damage packs/blood damages save in Spooner save files and outfit files.
  434. |Applied tattoo/logo decals save in Spooner save files and outfit files.
  435. |Wardrobe front view cam zooms to face when accessing the Accessories or HeadFeatures menu.
  436. |Added option in Spooner save files for enabling/disabling IPLs (Add an item to the appropriate section: <IPL>bleh</IPL>).
  437. |Changed flamethrower stun gun to flamethrower fire extinguisher.
  438. |Added Player Options>Refill Health When In Cover.
  439. |Added RemoveTyres menu to Menyoo Customs' wheels menu.
  440. |Tyres removed/popped save in vehicle and Spooner files.
  441. |Removed that awful firework sound from Meteor Shower Mode.
  442. |Added head feature adjustment to wardrobe. Help from sjaak123abc. These save in Spooner/outfit files.
  443. |Improved cruise control.
  444. |Auto-kill enemies destroys helicopters too now. It now has 2 modes (Weak and Rad).
  445. |Replaced OneHitKill with weapon damage multiplier.
  446. |Bugfix-The vehicle torque multiplier never really worked like it should've.
  447. |Improved Spooner Mode directional movement (Gamepad).
  449. v0.9996b:
  450. |The vehicle saver will now save and load linked attachments as well (i.e. entities attached indirectly to the vehicle being saved).
  451. |You can now make spawned peds short heighted via Spooner.
  452. |The outfit saver now saves Spooner attachments too, just like the vehicle saver.
  453. |You can now apply saved outfits on other peds too.
  454. |Bugfix-TowMode was so broken.
  455. |Added weapon triggerbot.
  456. |Added option to save a range/radius of entities to file in Spooner.
  457. |Added option in Spooner to attach an an entity to the other whilst keeping the former's position constant instead of shoving it into the latter's insides.
  458. |Bugfix-Animation favourites were limited to 1 anim.
  459. |Added legacy SP00N file loader. You can load the files but you can only save them as xmls.
  460. |Added new special fx to the list.
  461. |Added windows menu in Menyoo Customs.
  462. |Smash ability now uses the entities' heights above ground as a coefficient of the smash force.
  463. |Added support for inverted/differently binded sticks for FreeCam (gamepad).
  464. |Added a removal menu for Spooner database entities.
  465. |Added option to edit multiple Spooner entities simultaneously.
  466. |The object/prop list only contains valid models now.
  467. |The headlight intensity value (set via Menyoo Customs) now saves in vehicle and Spooner files.
  468. |SpoonerMode works with keyboard+mouse now.
  469. |Overwriting Spooner save files keeps the IPLs in them.
  470. |Bugfix-Saved vehicles spawned with faulty engines.
  471. |Forcefield has 2 modes now.
  473. v0.9997b:
  474. |Added a ped revival/resurrection gun.
  475. |Added an entity removal gun.
  476. |Added the infinite ammo setting to the config file.
  477. |Bugfix-Loading an outfit that used the current player model would keep the player's ped's accessories if there weren't any accessories in the outfit.
  478. |Bugfix-Character switching stopped working or something, idek if I fixed it or not.
  479. |Bugfix-Attaching an entity to another in the Spooner would sometimes turn off any lights on the attached entity.
  480. |Added PlayerOps>FreezeWantedLevel.
  481. |Updated vehicle models, mod categories (3 new ones were not named), snow, etc.
  483. v0.9998b:
  484. |Added weather loading in Spooner save files.
  485. |Added a toggle for keeping the engine and lights of your last seated vehicle on.
  486. |Added a siren and lights toggle in Menyoo customs. Siren status saves to Soooner/Vehicle files.
  487. |DriveOnWater height check ignores waves now.
  488. |Added Spooner ped Task Sequence manager [Main v0.9998 feature].
  489. |Visibility saves in the outfit saver now; an essential for making something like Merfish's donut woman.
  490. |Added TimeOps>digital clock.
  491. |Added item in config for changing menu opening binds for the gamepad. Default = RB+Left.
  492. |Vehicle lists are sorted alphabetically now.
  493. |Added new cloning options in Players>*Name*>Player.
  494. |Added WindSpeed scroller to weather options.
  495. |Added delete entity shortcut key when browsing the list of spawned Spooner entities.
  496. |Bugfix-Resetting toggles would change some multiplier values to 0.
  497. |Bugfix-Selling Menyoo's spawned vehicles in mp got blocked in 1.32.
  498. |Updated the cutscene list.
  499. |Added scrollers for changing the analogue speedo's screen position.
  500. |Added simple blackout mode for the people who don't like the emp mode.
  501. |Added short-cuts for things such as deleting Spooner entities, adding animations/props/vehicles to favourites, etc.
  502. |Added none/default paint options in the vehicle spawner settings.
  503. |Added an overwrite button to the Spooner saved files menu that keeps the map reference, ClearWorld/ClearDb items, IPLs, etc. in the file, but replaces the placements in the file with those of the current Spooner Database.
  504. |Various bugfixes.
  506. v0.99983b:
  507. |Added to Spooner ped task sequences:
  508. -PlayAnimation
  509. -FleeFromPosition
  510. -PlaySpeech
  511. -PerformMostAppropriateScenarioAction
  512. -SeekCoverAtPosition
  513. -TeleportToPosition
  514. -FaceDirection
  515. -FaceEntity
  516. -FollowEntity
  517. -ThrowProjectile
  518. -AchieveVelocity
  519. -AchievePushForce
  520. -OscillateToPoint
  521. -ResetVelocity
  522. -Freeze/Unfreeze
  523. -AchieveVehicleSpeed
  524. -WarpIntoVehicle
  525. -EnterVehicle
  526. -ExitVehicle
  527. -EmptyVehicle
  528. -DriveCruise
  529. -DriveToPosition
  530. -DriveFollowEntity
  531. -DriveLandPlane
  532. |All types of Spooner entities can have task sequences now.
  533. |Tasks now have a KeepTaskRunningOvertime toggle; this keeps the tasks running even after their allocated time in the sequence has ended and can allow the mixing of some tasks.
  534. |Added option to start/stop the task sequences of multiple entities at the same time.
  535. |Increased animation loading time-outs in Spooner file loading to aid low end PCs.
  536. |Added 'self' as an option in the target selection menus in some Spooner ped tasks.
  537. |Added movement style saving in Spooner files.
  538. |Added health modifier to Spooner entity properties.
  539. |Added the option to attach multiple entities to a single entity at the same time.
  540. |Copying an attached Spooner entity attaches the copy at the same position as well now.
  541. |Copying a Spooner ped copies its task sequence properly now; previously, the original's task data was shared with the copy.
  542. |Added a search bar to the Spooner ped spawning menu.
  543. |Added shortcut key to the pause menu for teleporting to waypoint (apparently this doesn't work in story mode).
  544. |Slowed down SupermanAuto.
  545. |Bugfix-The FightEnemies task didn't work so well.
  546. |Bugfix-The Wardrobe had component texture issues sometimes. The user had to back out of the component's menu to see the changes made.
  547. |Bugfix-Syncing the in-game clock with the system time made the clouds become spastic.
  548. |The ClearWorld item in Spooner XML files now uses a decimal value instead of a true/false; the value determines the radius to be cleared (with the center at the reference coord).
  550. v0.999836b:
  551. |Low2 update vehicles work in SP now.
  552. |Added weapon handling style saving in Spooner files.
  553. |Added weapon animations to the movement group menu.
  554. |Updated vehicle models, vehicle previews, prop models, weapons, weapon attachments, car mods, dlc apparel stats, Benny's Bespoke wheels, etc. for patch 1.33 or whatever.
  555. |Bugfix-The search bar in the ped spawning menu showed props instead of peds hahaha.
  556. |Bugfix-Task DriveFollowEntity didn't work properly.
  557. |Added toggle in Spooner settings to enable/disable teleporting to reference when loading files.
  559. v0.99984b:
  560. |Added new interior teleport locations.
  561. |Added many new tattoos and badges for the mp freemode character models.
  562. |Added Spooner teleportation markers. Markers save to files.
  563. |Added options to change certain otherwise unnoticeable attributes of Outfit/Vehicle/Spooner files. IPLs, however, still have to be edited manually in Spooner files.
  564. |Added option to save the Spooner Mode camera's targeted position as the map reference in save files.
  565. |Added weapon menu to Spooner ped ops. However, 'Give your current weapon' is still available.
  566. |Bugfix-Soul switch gun didn't work when the player was driving a vehicle.
  567. |Bugfix-The MotherTone didn't load from outfit files.
  569. v0.999842b:
  570. |Bugfix-The Pitch scroller in the AchievePushForce task's settings was a bit broken.
  571. |Bugfix-The scroller for Spooner file attribute WeatherToSet didn't work properly.
  572. |Added a scroller for changing the direction to face after teleporting from a Spooner Marker.
  573. |When spawning certain objects, if they are not loaded, suggested locations are displayed where they may be loaded/valid.
  574. |Added height scroller in PlayerOps.
  575. |Vehicles can now use Spooner Markers (check toggle in the marker properties menu).
  576. |Added input in entity opacity menu.
  578. v0.999844b:
  579. |Bugfix-SpoonerFile>Attributes>WeatherToSet was stuck on 'None'.
  580. |Improved Spooner Marker vehicle teleportation.
  581. |Added a TextureVariation scroller in Spooner entity properties (only for objects/props).
  582. |Improved VehicleIncreasedMass.
  583. |CloneEnemies are persistent now; attackers are still the same.
  584. |Added options in MenyooCustoms for changing vehicle engine sounds.
  586. v0.999845b:
  587. |Added BuildAYacht to TeleportOps>Yachts.
  588. |Added Fleeca Bank Job Heist increased payout toggle in the tunies.
  589. |Added BypassVehicleSellTimer togge in the tunies.
  590. |SaveWorld/SaveRange now saves scenario animations of peds that are not in the database too.
  591. |Added button in outfit file menu to apply both the ped model and the other mass of features.
  592. |Bugfix-SpoonerFile>Attributes>WeatherToChange was (still) stuck at 'None'.
  593. |Bugfix-VehicleOptions>RappelFromHeli didn't always done. This is still kind of weird.
  595. v0.99985b:
  596. |Added BuildAYacht to TeleportOps>Yachts.
  597. |SaveWorld/SaveRange now saves scenario animations of peds that are not in the database too.
  598. |Added button in outfit file menu to apply both the ped model and the other mass of features.
  599. |Bugfix-SpoonerFile>Attributes>WeatherToChange was (still) stuck at 'None'.
  600. |NEWBUG-VehicleOptions>RappelFromHeli crashes now. I cba to fix it.
  602. v0.999852b:
  603. |Added model previews to the Spooner (only available when SpoonerMode is enabled).
  604. |Added some Criminals DLC prop models that weren't in the prop list before.
  605. |Removed the little walk after Spooner marker teleportation.
  606. |Cars now spawn clean (no dirt).
  607. |VehicleOptions>RappelFromHelicopter has been filtered to work only with the maverick and police maverick to prevent crashes.
  609. v0.999855b:
  610. |Added 24 more yacht locations in the yacht building menu (kinda).
  611. |Added a 'Seat' parameter to the WarpIntoVehicle and EnterVehicle tasks.
  612. |Prop models are now read from a mutable text file (PropList.txt).
  614. v0.999856b:
  615. |Improved SuprKar mode braking.
  616. |Bugfix-The Lago Zancudo position index 2 yacht was broken.
  617. |KaboomGun>Money now uses the global cash drop settings.
  619. v0.999857b:
  620. |Bugfix- 2 3rds of the yacht radars were missing.
  621. |Bugfix-Copying a Spooner Marker twice in a row crashed Mayo.
  622. |Flattened waves around Mayo yachts.
  623. |Added WeatherOptions>OceanWaveStrength.
  624. |Added the long awaited suited corpse and Jack Howitzer ped models.
  625. |The prop list is now sorted alphabetically at run-time.
  626. |Added a separate sub menu for bone selection in the Spooner attachment menu.
  627. |Added the following tasks for all types of Spooner Entities:
  628. -ChangeOpacity.
  629. -TriggerFx.
  631. v0.999858b:
  632. |Added Spooner tasks:
  633. -KeepLookingAtPosition,
  634. -KeepLookingAtEntity.
  635. |OpacityLevel now saves in outfit files.
  636. |Added a CanRagdoll toggle in the Spooner ped options menu.
  637. |The prop list file has been filtered and cleaned up (the known pure invalids |have been removed) by @abstractmode.
  638. |Improved the water lowering technique used around Mayo yachts.
  640. v0.999859b:
  641. |Added Spooner tasks:
  642. -ShootAtPosition,
  643. -ShootAtEntity.
  644. |The Spooner ped CanRagdoll toggle now also toggles collisional ragdoll.
  645. |Outfit logo decals now load from the ApplyClothing option instead of the ApplyModel option.
  646. |Added a lot of T-shit logo decals for the mp freemode character models (thanks to sjaak123abc).
  648. v0.99986b:
  649. |Added hair overlay decals.
  650. |Spooner (entity) task duration settings can now be set to the nearest 0.5 second.
  651. |Added a delay/interval setting to the TriggerFX Spooner task.
  652. |Spooner files can now be edited to play audio files (just one).
  653. |WeaponOptions>GiveAllWeapons no longer changes the attachments on the weapons that the player already has.
  654. |Bugfix-Turning off AnimalRiding didn't unmount the player ped if it was riding an animal.
  655. |Bugfix-Copying a prop or a vehicle did not copy its Spooner tasks.
  656. |Bugfix-Applying an outfit with the same model didn't remove the logo decals.
  658. v0.999861b:
  659. |Added ped (facial) moods - these save in Spooner files and Outfit files.
  660. |Clearing previous decal overlays upon loading outfit files has been made optional.
  661. |Bugfix-Task>EnterVehicle was too fast.
  663. v0.999862b:
  664. |Spooner Mode can now be opened using shortcuts. The default key is F9 and gamepad buttons are RB+Right. These can be changed in the config file.
  665. |Added an opacity editing option in the MultipleEntities menu in the Spooner.
  666. |Bugfix-Once mobile radio was enabled, it had to be kept on to listen to the radio even when in a vehicle.
  667. |Bugfix-Pausing the clock and switching characters would sometimes cause the game to crash/
  668. |Bugfix-Nightvision produced weird sound effects while enabled.
  670. v0.999863b:
  671. |Added a ModelIsAFavourite checkbox for vehicles like there is for props in the Spooner entity properties menu.
  672. |Added a 'Current vehicle model' checkbox in the vehicle favourites menu to allow easy addition and removal of the player's current vehicle's model from the favourites file.
  673. |Certain necessary cheeky bugfixes.
  675. v0.999864b:
  676. |Redesigned Menyoo Custom's door menu to allow removal of individual doors.
  677. |Added option to assign custom display names to Favourite vehicles.
  678. |Bugfix-Spooner tasks that had entity target arguments didn't always work with the player ped set as the target.
  679. |Bugfix-The Spooner task duration input box was a bit broken with long decimals appearing when opening it.
  681. v0.999865b:
  682. Updated for the Finance & Felony update.
  683. Added Player Auto-Clean.
  684. Added Weapon Loadouts.
  685. Added a less complex SurfaceEase SpoonerMode mode (enabled by default) that allows entity movement similar to that of the SpoonerMode preview entities.
  686. Added 3 new DLC ped models' info.
  687. Added 14 new DLC vehicle models' info.
  688. Added drum magazine options for 8 existing weapons.
  689. Added new prop models' info.
  690. Added new logo decals for the mp freemode characters including a Securoserv logo, team logos, and prize logos.
  691. Added a MoneySwap gold smoke TriggerFX module.
  692. Added new office and warehouse teleport locations.
  693. Added Note attribute to Spooner files.
  695. v0.999866b:
  696. Bugfix-Face tattoos were missing.
  697. Bugfix-The office interiors were labelled wrong.
  698. Added more FinanceAndFelontlyDLC prop models' info.
  699. Added 3 new TriggerFX modules.
  700. Added Misc>DecreaseWeaponPickups.
  701. MenyooCustom's door menu now allows open/close in the same menu without the need of changing the action setting.
  702. Improved the wardrobe front view camera.
  703. Added StartTaskSequencesOnLoad attribute to outfit and vehicle files.
  704. Added a weapon favourites feature that allows seemless addition of add-on weapons into the IndividualWeapons menus.
  706. v0.999867b:
  707. |HasGravity now saves to Spooner and Vehicle files.
  708. |Added more options to Misc>GravityLevel and moved it to WeatherOptions.
  709. |Added ped model favourites.
  710. |Bugfix->Removing a weapon from the favourites would blank out the weapon label in the IndividualWeapons menu.
  712. v0.999868b:
  713. Improved vehicle jump.
  714. Improved FreeCam.
  715. Added a None option to the Spooner ped weapon menu.
  716. Added a IsFrozenInPlace toggle for Spooner entities for ease with door props.
  717. Looped TriggerFX and ShortHeightFlag now applies to copied entities.
  718. Improved Spooner Mode sensitivities.
  719. Spawning a marker using the shortcut key in Spooner Mode now opens the marker's property menu.
  720. Added option to hide Spooner marker names.
  721. Added option to copy entities along with their attachments in Spooner entity properties menu.
  722. Added a full animation list with search (thanks to Transmet:
  723. Bugfix-Moving right/left in Spooner Mode was messed up.
  724. Bugfix-Setting PED accessories back to -1 in the Wardrobe was only possible via ClearAllAccessories.
  725. Bugfix-Head overlays were not completely removed (255) once applied.
  726. Bugfix-The OFF radio station was missing in the radio menu.
  727. Bugfix-Funny vehicles PooMobile and Wheelchair got a little messed up in one of the previous updates.
  728. Bugfix-TeleportOps>Interiors>MovieTheatre didn't always work.
  729. Bugfix-The favourite ped models list was a little glitchy.
  731. v0.999869b:
  732. |Ped and vehicle hashes are now stored in an XML file. Vehicle hashes are also read from memory (for future updates).
  733. |The FreeCam help box has been replaced with an alternative 6 second help box.
  734. |Added option to freeze radio stations.
  735. |Added CunningStunts DLC vehicles, props, (a lot of) tattoos, etc.
  736. |The X and Z keys on the keyboard can now be used to adjust the height of the SpoonerMode camera and move objects vertically.
  737. |Bugfix->Copying a Spooner Entity would add 2 instances of the copied entity to the database.
  739. v0.99987b:
  740. Bugfix-CopyEntity didn't copy prop texture variation.
  741. Spooner bugfixes.
  743. v0.999871b:
  744. Bugfix-MakeAllWheelsInvisible broke.
  745. Bugfix-The radio wheel popped up in FreeCam when Q was held.
  746. Spooner's ManageEntityDatabase menu now has a very basic type filter and type tag
  747. .Added [prop] Spooner Task 'ChangeTextureVariation'.
  748. Added back Misc>HideHUD.
  749. Note: To use add-on ped models, append to the PedList.xml file.
  751. v0.999872b:
  752. Bugfix-The StoryScenarioMale/Female menus contained the ScenarioMale/Female ped models.
  753. Bugfix-Spooner attachment rotation values are now fixed between -180 and +180 degrees. I thought I fixed this a few updates back but whadaya know...
  754. The teleport gun option has been greatly improved and now only works using the Heavy pistol.
  755. Bugfix-Resetting toggles would freeze the radio to station 0.
  757. v0.999873b:
  758. Added Misc>HudOptions>ComponentColours (Note: Changing component colours also changes the HudColours present in Menyoo).
  759. Bugfix-Pressing the HUDColour option in the RGB paints menu would bring up an input box instead of applying the selected HUDColour. This problem did not exist in the Settings>MenuColours menus.
  761. v0.999874b:
  762. Updated stability for the latest patch.
  763. Added new Bikers DLC vehicles and previews, peds, weapons, weapon attachments, TriggerFX.
  764. Removed Elongation, Walk/Run Speed, & Swim Speed for now.
  766. v0.9998741b (Still 'v0.999874b' in game):
  767. Added back Elongation, Walk/Run Speed, & Swim Speed.
  768. Added Halloween weather and a few new timecycle modifiers.
  769. Added new Bikers DLC props to Spooner.
  770. Added new Bikers DLC tattoo/logo/hair ped overlays.
  772. v0.9998742b (Still 'v0.999874b' in game):
  773. Added a few Bikers DLC interior teleports.
  774. Bugfix-Normal/Chrome rims weren't where they are supposed to be for the BIKE wheel type (due to the Bikers Update).
  776. v0.9998743b:
  777. Spooner bugfixes.
  778. Added 'Lock Status' to MenyooCustoms>Doors. This saves to files.
  779. Added camera shake options in Misc>GameCameraOptions.
  780. Added support for add-on vehicle number plates.
  781. Added a very simple stats editor for SP characters (PlayerOptions>BasicStats).
  782. FreeCam help text only shows once per session now.
  783. Bugfix-Toggling FreeCam off sometimes disabled/enabled the player ped's collision.
  785. v0.9998744b:
  786. Added the remaining bkr prop model names (thanks to @NotCrunchyTaco & @abstractmode).
  787. Added a SetHealth Spooner Task for all entity types.
  788. Animal riding attachment data is now read from an xml file.
  789. Custom vehicle previews may be added by placing png files with correct vehicle model names as filenames in menyooStuff\Graphics\Vehicle Previews (256x128 is the recommended size).
  790. Bugfix-Changing the rims on the Ratrod only changed the front wheels' rims.
  791. Bugfix-The PurpleOnWhite analogue speedometer theme resembled pink way too much.
  793. v0.9998745b:
  794. Updated for the Import Export dlc.
  795. Added DLC items such as vehicles, tattoos&badges, TriggerFx.
  796. Added SetActiveWeapon SpoonerTask.
  797. Added Misc>Enable/Disable In-game cellphone (for whatever reason you may need to).
  798. Fixed a memory leak?
  799. Bugfix-Entering the MiscOptions menu would sometimes disable the player's collision (a FreeCam bug).
  800. Bugfix-In MayoCustoms, 'Side Skirts' somehow became 'Roof'.
  801. Bugfix-Vehicle Weapons worked with both NUMPLUS and RSHIFT (bug).
  802. Bugfix-Spooner companions went their separate ways if you went a little too far from them. The range to which you can extend your friendship has been increased.
  805. v0.9998746b:
  806. Added Import Export DLC props.
  807. Updated player elongation/moveSpeed/swimSpeed.
  808. Bugfixes and minimal additions.
  810. v0.9998748b (and v0.9998747b):
  811. Bugfix-Vehicle GlueToGround stopped working after game patch b944.
  812. Added reset weather option.
  814. v0.9998749b:
  815. Updated vehicle emblem position data.
  816. Improved the rainbow colour fading algorithm.
  817. Added the ability to...crap, I forgot...
  818. Updated vehicle emblem position data.
  819. Improved the rainbow colour fading algorithm.
  820. Added the ability to user Ruiner2000 missiles in single-player.
  821. Pressing LS/NUMPLUS no longer clears bullets around your vehicle if a vehicle weapon is not enabled.
  822. Bugfix-The yacht builders yacht blip was a boat instead of a yacht.
  823. Bugfix-A recent version of Menyoo SP broke the ESC exit of an input box.
  825. v0.999875b:
  826. Bugfix-Stopping animations kicked the player out of his/her current vehicle.
  828. v0.9998751b:
  829. Added unlimited RocketVoltic/Lectro boost (always on).
  831. v0.9998752b:
  832. Fixed a minor navigation bug.
  833. Bugfix-Add-on vehicles stopped showing in the previous update's vehicle list.
  835. v0.9998753b:
  836. Bugfix-BulletGun stopped working in the previous Menyoo update.
  837. Spawning in a new vehicle now restores the old radio station.
  839. v0.9998754b:
  840. Added a few more quick hud component colour options (the full list is still there).
  841. Improved ordering of Spooner Task Names (when creating a new task).
  842. Added folder support to Outfit/Vehicle/Loadout/Spooner file selection.
  844. v0.9998755b:
  845. Bugfix-Outfit/Vehicle/Loadout menus interchanged their default opened folders.
  847. v0.9998756b:
  848. Bugfix-Shoulder ride attachment coords were invalid after a recent update.
  849. Bugfix-Having ghostRiderMode on and loading into the game allegedly crashed the game.
  850. Bugfix-Outfit/Vehicle/Loadout/Spooner file menus detected files with names less than 4 characters wide as xml files.
  851. Added a few interior teleports (and improved some old ones).
  852. Added InteriorsToEnable and InteriorsToCap in Spooner files;
  853. use <Int enable="true/false" X="#" Y="#" Z="#"> when creating nodes for the former and <Int cap = "true/false" X="#" Y="#" Z="#"> when creating nodes for the latter.
  855. v0.999876b:
  856. Added 6 new peds and 7 new timecycle modifiers (thanks to sjaak327).
  857. Added Imp/Exp vehicle warehouse and bunker teleports in 'Company Warehouses'.
  858. Improved interior loading from Spooner files.
  859. Triggerbot doesn't always shoot the head anymore.
  860. Added option to disable unlimited native boost (for the rocket voltic).
  861. Bugfix-Copying a vehicle did not copy its HP/Torque multiplier.
  862. Bugfix-Copying a ped did not copy its (Weapon/)MovementGroup.
  864. v0.9998761b (21 Feb 2017):
  865. Improved teleport gun (longer distance and teleportation on vehicles).
  866. Bugfix-Weapon Damage Multiplier did not work for melee weapons or fists.
  867. Added floor/theme/lighting/numbering, etc. options to office garage, biker warehouse, biker business, and import/export vehicle warehouse/bunker teleports.
  868. Loading a Spooner file will not load a constituent marker if a similar one is already present in the Marker database.
  869. Added VehicleOptions>CargobobMagnet toggle.
  870. 'Interior props' can now be enabled via Spooner files using the following syntax:
  871. <InteriorsToEnable>
  872. <Interior enable ="true" X="#" Y="#" Z="#">
  873. <InteriorProp name="####" enable="true" />
  874. </Interior>
  875. </InteriorsToEnable>
  877. v0.9998762b (6 March 2017):
  878. Removed some code to get the mod approved on
  880. v0.9998763b (18 March 2017):
  881. Updated vehicles list, emblem positions and previews for new patch.
  882. Added new items to the prop/object list.
  883. Bugfix-The 'SetHealth' Spooner Task set to 500 after loading a file.
  884. Bugfix-Loading a Spooner xml file did not load the teleportation markers (after a recent update).
  885. Bugfix-Loading multiple Spooner files (or multiple instances of the same one) would play their Audio files over each other.
  886. Added SetRotation Spooner Task.
  888. v0.9998764b (22 March 2017):
  889. Added Spooner Task OscillateToEntity.
  891. v0.9998765b:
  892. Added back 'Max Speed' to Menyoo Customs.
  894. v0.9998766b (6 April 2017):
  895. Updated for patch 1.0.1032.1.
  897. v0.99987674b (5 May 2017):
  898. Minor bug fixes.
  900. v0.99987677b (15 June 2017):
  901. Just a little update that allows use on the latest gta patch (and only on the latest gta patch). ScriptHookV not needed. This is only temporary. Bugs still present. Make sure you crank your car's maxSpeed back up when you enter MenyooCustoms.
  903. v0.999876772b:
  904. Updated vehicles, vehicle previews, peds, tattoos/badges, weapons, weapon components, etc. for GunRunning update.
  905. Added gunrunning heist yacht teleport. Bunkers not added yet.
  906. Bugfixes.
  908. v0.999876773b:
  909. Added GunRunning bunker (and a bit of MOC) teleports.
  911. v0.999876774b:
  912. Added support for older patches (without ScriptHookV).
  913. Bugfixes.
  915. v0.999876775b:
  916. Added Misc>HudOptions>Reveal Entire Minimap (credit to Unknown Modder).
  917. Dependent on ScriptHookV again. ScriptHookV clone compatible with b1103 included in archive. Other asi mods can be used as well.
  918. SpoonerMarkers do not work at the moment.
  920. v0.999876776b:
  921. Added 32 tints for GunRunning weapons.
  922. Fixed some faulty natives in clonehookv. e.g. markers work now.
  923. UseDxHook is 0 by default now. Set to 1 for drawTexture to work*.
  924. getGameVersion returns proper id for steam versions now.
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