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SweetApple-Metronome and the clock maker: Stargazers

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  1. ((you are doctor))
  3. >How I love to go exploring at night.
  4. >And in the Everfree  forest of all places!
  5. >This is going to be the best.
  6. >Who knows what I’ll run into this time.
  7. >Maybe the changlings again?
  8. >Oho, they were fantastic.
  9. >Absolutely MARVELOUS!
  10. >Or maybe I’d fancy a stroll down to the mirror pool.
  11. >That place is always interesting (for better or worse)
  12. >Oh..
  13. >Wait..
  14. >That’s right.
  15. >The new princess closed that off after the pink mare incident.
  16. >Oh well then.
  17. >Couldn’t use it anyway. Hard for a stallion to get doubly mared.
  18. >Plenty of over things to do on such a splendid night in such an extravagant place anyway!
  19. >Maybe I’ll run into something new today.
  20. >Oh wouldn’t that be just wonderful.
  21. >Just..
  22. >Wonderful..
  23. >You get lost in the air of the night.
  24. >It’s so warm outside tonight.
  25. >There’s a full moon out, giving you plenty of light to see by.
  26. >Even in the Everfree forest.
  27. >You can see the poison joke blossoms in such great detail by the moonlight.
  28. >And a white flash in the corner of your eye.
  29. ”what was that?”
  30. >I could swear I just saw something.
  31. >No, I KNOW I just saw something.
  32. >It was a little flash.
  33. >Like a ball of white fuzz scurrying away out of the corner of your vision.
  34. >The white blur is gone now, but it was over there a second ago.
  35. >Over on the other side of the poison joke patch.
  36. >It would take far too long to try and go around it.
  37. >Oh well..
  38. “Let’s go find out what you are.” You mutter to yourself.
  39. >You start to dash through the field of poison joke.
  40. >No time to think about the consequences of that.
  41. >Let’s just make that be a fun surprise, huh?
  42. >Surprises are always interesting.
  43. >And boy do I like interesting.
  44. >There it is again!
  45. >Over there!
  46. >It was flying this time.
  47. >It went into that cave.
  48. >That dark, dark, dangerous cave.
  49. >Excellent choice, white blur!
  50. >Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned cave?
  51. >
  52. “Huff.. Huff.. finally. Ya know you’re a lot farther away then you look, you dark old cave.”
  53. >Stop talking to a cave, doctor, people will think you’re mad.
  54. >I mean, they wouldn’t be wrong.
  55. >But still.
  56. >After going into the cave some, noises start to come up.
  57. >Like high little squeaking noises.
  58. >and, VOICES!
  59. >Yes, those are definitely voices!
  60. >Either that, or I really have gone completely mad.
  61. >You start galloping now towards them, caught up in the excitement of it all.
  63. ((you are metronome))
  64. ((1 minute earlier))
  66. “Guys, I’m telling you, some earth pony was following me through the woods!” you whined at them, trying to get them to believe you.
  67. >“Stop being so paranoid.” Hexferry sneered
  68. “B-but, I saw-“
  69. >“Earth ponies come through here at night all the time.” She went on “Just because you saw one, it doesn’t mean he was following you.”
  70. >There was a trotting in the distance.
  71. >At the opening of the house
  72. >It was pretty quiet at first.
  73. >But it was getting louder
  74. >And closer.
  75. >And faster!
  76. >So much faster!
  77. >The others look like they can hear it too.
  78. “See, I TOLD you guys he was following me!”
  79. >“Then why the bloody hell did you lead him back here!!” Hexferry shouted
  80. >Her face was beat red, and she was squeaking up a storm at you.
  81. “I-I didn’t know he would be so persistent about it.”
  82. >“Well good going metronome. Come on everybody, to the hiding place.”
  83. >You go to start following them, but Hexferry pushes you away.
  84. >“Oh, no you don’t. You brought him here, you have to get rid of him.”
  85. “B-but..”
  86. >Your eyes start to tear up.
  87. >“Nice try, but I don’t fall for your crybaby act anymore. He’s your problem now.”
  88. >And with a huff, she, and the rest of the ponies, were gone.
  89. >And the trotting had come to a stop
  90. >Whoever he was, he was here now
  91. >You turn around to face this new day pony.
  92. “H-h-hello.” Was all you could manage to mutter out.
  93. >“Oh, my..” his voice faded away.
  94. >You couldn’t dare to look at him.
  95. >To afraid.
  96. >I’ve never actually been this close to a day pony before. Kinda scary.
  97. >”This, is, AMAZING!”
  98. >Huh?
  99. >Why aren’t you trying to eat me? Or shoe me away? Or whatever it is day ponies do to mothponies?
  100. >”This place is marvelous!”
  101. >”This entire cave is set up like a gypsy paradise! Curtains and drapes hanging everywhere. Bells and little nick-knacks and candles.”
  102. >”Though why do you have candles if you’re not using them?”
  103. >”Speaking of you, you are just absolutely fascinating! What species are you anyway? What wonderful wings. Some sort of flutter pony I presume? Though you’re definitely not a changling.”
  104. >”Or are you?”
  105. >Oh, now I get why we avoid day ponies,
  106. >They never. Stop. Talking. -_-
  107. >He took out some metal stick from his…
  108. >From his..
  109. >Where the hell did he pull that thing out of?
  110. >Do day ponies have hidden pockets attached to them?
  111. >Suddenly the device started making this irritating buzzing noise, and he started waving it in your face.
  112. SQUEEEEAK!!
  113. “Could you please not do that!”
  114. >”Oh, terribly sorry. But no, you’re not a changling, that’s for sure.”
  115. >”So what are you?”
  116. >He stared at you with inquisitive eyes, as if observing a bug under a microscope.
  117. “You’re the one who broke into our home. Why don’t you say who YOU are.”
  118. >”Our? There are more of you!”
  119. >You could just feel Hexferry giving you the look of death from the shadows.
  120. >”Sorry, anyway. My name is Doctor Whooves. And it’s a pleasure to meet you, miss..?”
  121. “Metronome.”
  122. >”Ooo, metronome! I love that name. Never heard it before, but I like it!”
  123. “Do you have some sort of mental disease I should know about?”
  124. >”Oh no, deary. I’m not completely mad. Just a little broken.”
  125. >Just a little?
  126. >Whatever you say, doctor talks a lot.
  127. >”So please, tell me, What are you? If that’s not being too intrusive, of course.”
  128. >You wanted to kick him out, if anything so that you could get hexferry off of your tail faster, but he just stared at you with such awe and happiness.
  129. >I guess he doesn’t mean any real harm. He’s just annoying is all.
  130. “I’m a mothpony.”
  131. >”A mothpony! Well I have yet to hear of one of those yet. Though I guess even I cant know everything.”
  132. >”What did you say your name was again? Fluffy-knome?”
  133. >I swear to Celestia man..
  134. “Metronome.”
  135. >”Oh, well, excuse my mistake. You are rather fluffy, after all. My my, its rather stuffy in here. Would you like to accompany me outdoors?”
  136. >You say yes just to get him to stop talking for a little bit.
  137. >And because if you didn’t get him out of there soon Hexferry would have come out and killed you both.
  138. >He suddenly became really quiet.
  139. >You looked over, worried he had some sort of stroke from talking too much.
  140. >But he was fine.
  141. >Just looking up at the sky.
  142. >”Isn’t it just beautiful, metronome?”
  143. >He motioned out to the stars and big bright moon in the sky.
  144. >You had to admit, it was pretty beautiful.
  145. “Yeah, the sky is pretty this time of night.”
  146. >You and this doctor had been outside for hours now, it must have been hours.
  147. >Just laying down on the ground, staring out at the beautiful night sky.
  148. >You cuddled up to him, and he would pet the fluff on your chest, making you squeak a little.
  149. >Which scared him.
  150. >God its hilarious to scare this guy.
  151. >You could do it all night.
  152. >Or at least you wish you could.
  153. >It looks like he fell asleep.
  154. >Stupid day pony, falling asleep when its night time.
  155. >So you draped a blanket over him and went about your nightly business.
  156. >Which was basically getting yelled at by Hexferry for softening up to a day pony.
  157. >Finally, when the sun was starting to rise, the doctor woke up.
  158. >”What happened?”
  159. “You feel asleep looking up at the sky.”
  160. >You walked up to him, bringing his annoying metal stick with you.
  161. >I still don’t wanna know where he keeps this thing.
  162. “Here’s you’re noise stick back.”
  163. >”What does that thing even do anyway?” Hexferry came up from behind to ask.
  164. >”Well, no need to get into that now, right? I best be getting back to ponyville. And it looks like the end of the day for you guys, huh?”
  165. “Yeah. I’m tired.”
  166. >”Whatever.” Hexferry hissed as she walked back into the cave.
  167. >”Well free to come in when you get rid of the day pony.”
  168. >
  169. >”Well, I guess goodbye then, metronome.”
  170. “Goodbye, I guess.”
  171. >And with that, the doctor took his leave.
  172. >But not before leaving a note on the cave entrance.
  173. >It looked like somebodies address.
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