Sep 10th, 2014
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  1. [04:50] <+JesseGh0stman> wow flei
  2. [04:50] <+JesseGh0stman> someone wants me to join their clan
  3. [04:50] <+JesseGh0stman> and be their main modder
  4. [04:51] <+JesseGh0stman> u got some sompetition
  5. [04:51] <+JesseGh0stman> fuck
  6. [04:51] <+JesseGh0stman> and competition
  7. [04:51] <+JesseGh0stman> y'knw
  8. [04:51] <@Fleischy> woooooow
  9. [04:51] <@Fleischy> ok
  10. [04:51] <@Fleischy> you want an offer you cant refuse
  11. [04:51] <+JesseGh0stman> Hello man i am LoNeRiDeR Leader of Clan Search And Destroy i was asking about a weird thing. but first i was looking for a good modder for a week and finally i find you :) first i am asking you to join clan to be the main modder in my clan and it will be a new rank in clan modder rank . and second i was asking about making a pack for clan SnD . i don't want to make it a puplic request i want it to be secret so that i
  12. [04:52] <@Fleischy> ah shit
  13. [04:52] <@Fleischy> no no i cant compete with that
  14. [04:52] <@Fleischy> out of my league
  15. [04:52] <@Fleischy> 'so that i' what does he get killed at that point or what
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