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  1. Suzume Bushi School [Bushi]
  2. Benefit: +1 Willpower
  3. Skills: Calligraphy, Kenjutsu (Katana), Lore: History, Lore: Theology, Perform: Storytelling, 1 Lore, 1 Any
  4. Honor: 6.5
  5. Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, 1 weapon, Traveling Pack, 3 koku
  7. Rank 1: Humility is Virtue
  8. You add a bonus of +1k0 to all Attack, Iaijutsu, Lore and Perform Rolls. You do not lose honor for wielding peasant weaponry.
  10. Rank 2: Virtue is its own Reward
  11. You add your Honor Rank to Armor TN and Etiquette Rolls.
  13. Rank 3: Wisdom is the Greatest Weapon
  14. During your turn you may spend a Void Point to add your Honor Rank to all Attack, Iaijutsu, Lore, and Perform Rolls until the beginning of your next turn.
  16. Rank 4: Quiet Spirit, Steady Blade
  17. You may make attacks as a simple action when wielding weapons with the Samurai or Peasant keyword.
  19. Rank 5: Let Me Tell You The Story of My People
  20.     As a simple action you may make a Contested Roll of your Perform: Storytelling/Awareness against a target's Etiquette (Courtesy)/Willpower. If you win the roll, he cannot spend an Void Points against you for the next hour. Also, during that time he suffers a -3k0 penalty to all bugei and social rolls made against you. A target who successfully resists this technique is immune to it for 24 hours.
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