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  1. <size=10><align="left"><color=white>
  2. <b>Plugins/Custom Content:</b>
  3. -O5 keycard is no longer destroyed by 914 on Fine or Very Fine.
  4. -Flashlights have a chance of becoming radios on Fine, and a pistol on Very Fine.
  5. -Coins can become flashlights or cards on fine, and very fine may yield a zone manager card
  6. -Guards get MTF cadet card (to get commander/lieutenant card from 096's chamber)
  7. -Infinite radio battery
  8. -D-Class are guaranteed to get at least one of the following: janitor card (likely), com15 (rare), flashlight (likely), and a coin (likely)
  9. -All MTF and Chaos get disarmers
  10. -Disarmed D-Class and scientists join the opposite team when they escape
  11. -Zombies--->Human, Guard--->Cadet and so on, Chaos--->MTF
  12. -Scientists spawn with either a scientist, major scientist, or zone manager card, and might spawn with a medkit, radio, or pistol
  13. -Active and nice admins, wowie
  14. -A discord, WOAHWHAOAH:
  17. Joining the discord gives you a say in how the server will be changed, and you can apply for staff!
  19. RULES:
  20. 1. No prejudice or offensive words
  21. 2. Do not earrape, playing music is fine
  22.    -Don't be cringy on the intercom or I will kill you personally
  23. 3. Obviously no exploiting or I will eat your ass until you die
  24. 4. Camping is strongly discouraged, although it is allowed
  25.    -If you are holding up the game by camping, I will annihilate- you will be asked to do something, or be set to spectator
  26. 5. Don't be an asshole, especially to staff, or I will kill everyone you love, and maybe kick/ban you
  27. 6. TRY NOT TO KILL D-CLASS OR SCIENTISTS AS MTF/CHAOS, unless they have weapons out. You can disarm them and make them help you, asshole!
  28. 7. Teamkilling is easily detectable for the owner, and you <i>will</i> be banned, usually for 30 minutes.
  29. </align></size=10></color>
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