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  1. I enjoyed reinadg this article but I will start by saying that I am an SEC homer and a huge Alabama fan. I do respect the Big 10 but the past few years have proven that the SEC is the most competitive conference top to bottom. OSU playing USC two years straight is very admirable. Last year OSU did not even show up against USC and I can't stand USC because the PAC 10 is a weaker conference than the Big 10. The SEC has one major game that the Big 10 dose not and that is the SEC Championship Game. Hopefully Florida will have a re-match against Alabama, but to successfully win all 12 games in the regular season and then play in the SEC Championship is a major accomplishment. I would love to see a Big 10 Championship Game, I am an avid college football fan and respect and admire the proud tradition Ohio State has. I wish OSU was in the SEC and one day I will see one of the most recognized venues in college football "the horse shoe." I wish the OSU nation the best of luck in '09 and enjoyed seeing y'all replicate BAMA by having such a large turnout for your Spring Game. Roll Tide Roll!-SEC Homer
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