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  2. Catherine Austin Fitts - The Red Button
  4. In the summer of 2000, I was speaking to a wonderful group of people called Spiritual Frontiers Foundation International.
  5. They have a conference once a year to talk about how they can help evolve our society spiritually
  6. So they are very dedicated and wonderful people
  7. A friend had asked me to give a speech on how the money works and organised crime
  8. In the middle of the speech, I was describing the fact that a reporter I was doing research for, had been told by the Department of Justice that the US economy and financial system launders $500 billion to £1 trillion a year of all dirty money.
  9. So I said to this wonderful group of spiritually evolved people, "What would happen if we stop laundering $500B to $1T a year of dirty money?"
  10. We had a little interaction
  11. "Well, you know the stock market would go down and the money would go to Hong Kong or Singapore or Zurich and we'll have trouble financing the government deficit because we would offend the people who control that money and the accumulated capital from many years thereon.
  12. And so our government checks might stop; our taxes would go up."
  13. I said, "Let's pretend there's a big red button up here on the lectern and if you push that button you can stop all hard narcotics trafficking in your community, your state, your country tomorrow thus offending people who control $500B to $1T of annual dirty money."
  14. I said, "Who here would push the button?"
  15. And out of a 100 people, only one would push the button
  16. I said to the other 99, "Why would you not push the button?"
  17. They said, "We don't want our mutual funds and our IRAs to go down in price. We don't want our government checks to stop and we don't want out taxes to go up."
  18. That's what I call the red button problem
  19. What the Solari mission is, is about how do we turn the red button green?
  20. How do we make money pushing the red button?
  21. If we can make money pushing the red button, then we can push the red button
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