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Sep 20th, 2013
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  1. I watch him chew slowly, savoring every bite as the juice runs down his chin. I watch him swallow my fruit, his adam's apple (which is no apple at all) bobbing up and down as he does so. His smile is infectious and I feel lightheaded. If I was a human like him I'd be blushing already, but with the slow, sticky sap in my veins it will be a couple of minutes before it can rise to my cheeks.
  2. What happens next shocks and touches me to my roots. He takes another bite, this one from the core of the fruit, chews briefly and then swallows. He swallows my seed.
  3. Sap runs slowly, but tears are not so considerate, and my vision swims as I struggle to believe what happened.
  4. He swallowed my seeds.
  5. He didn't spit them out.
  7. He wants to have my babies. He's willing to fertilize my seed.
  8. I never thought I could be so happy. I feel like I'm about to break apart like a spring bud. All my life, I thought that love was something only mortals did.
  9. Only now do I understand what it means. That he would so something so wonderful for me, a dryad with no strong branches for him to nest in or knotholes to give him shelter, but he would have my seedlings! I look at his face and I see the most beautiful thing in the world.
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