Collared revenge (GlimglamxAnon, fluff, lewd) WIP

Jun 7th, 2017
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  1. "W-what?! You can't do this!"
  2. >"Oh but I can, look, it's your signature~"
  3. "I was drunk!"
  4. >She ignores you and turns to your new... owner, grinning.
  5. >"He's all yours for today Starlight."
  6. >The smirk appearing on her face sends a shiver up your spine.
  7. >"Thank you Twilight, I'm sure we're going to have so much fun together." She trots towards you. You mentally prepare yourself for whatever was coming. But nothing happens.
  8. >She even keep going past you, her tail lightly whipping your leg when in range.
  9. >What's her deal--
  10. >"I know I will~"
  11. >Her horn glows and a flash later you feel a collar appearing around your neck.
  12. "W-what?! What's this for Pooch--UGH!"
  13. >You fall to your knees, the electric current passing through your body being enough to make your legs lose all their strength.
  14. >It wasn't painful mind you, but you'd prefer it if it didn't happen again. Ever.
  15. "What was that for?!"
  16. >"Atatata~ You'll have to call me by my name from now on Anon~"
  17. >Her mischievous expression changes to surprise when an idea pops.
  18. >"Nevermind, I've got a better idea!"
  19. >Her horn flashes once more and you feel her magic around your neck, and the collar for a moment.
  20. >She trots in front of your fallen form, smugness nearly dripping from her face.
  21. >"For today, you will refer to me as mistress, is that clear?"
  22. >You stare at her for a second, eyes wide.
  23. >She can't be serious.
  24. >You turn to look at Booksmart, but she's already gone.
  25. >You're alone. With her.
  26. >"So?"
  27. "No way I'm--agh!"
  28. >This time you lose control of your arms too and you end up face first on the cold floor.
  29. >"That's no way to address your mistress Anon~"
  30. >You groan in annoyance. Also a bit in pain.
  31. >You slowly lift yourself up to glare at her, her face less than a foot away from yours.
  32. >She raises an eyebrow, waiting for your response. But you still don't feel like playing her shitty game.
  33. >Then she raises a hoof towards your face. You close your eyes, expecting her to slap you, but you feel her soft frog stroking your cheek instead.
  35. >She's been trying to 'deepen your friendship' for the last month or so now.
  36. >It just started as her trying to pass more time with you, or ask questions. A lot of questions.
  37. >But then it started getting weird, her questions getting more intimate, such as 'What do you like in a mare?' or requests like 'Can I probe your brain with this new spell I invented?'
  38. >And that's when you started calling her names. The same way you treated any other pony getting too nosy, Bookhoers being the first one coming to mind.
  39. >But her... she kept going, she didn't stop when you 'kindly' told her to fuck off.
  40. >And that's what lead you to right now.
  42. >Another shiver runs down your spine. You're unsure if it's from fear of getting another shock or from her doting expression.
  43. >Your mind starts racing. What is she going to do to you? Is she going to use you as some guinea pig? Is she going to ask you all these questions?
  44. >What will she do if you tell her no?
  45. >Twilight isn't here to protect you, why the fuck did she think it was a good idea to let--
  46. >"I'm still waiting. Don't force me to discipline you Anon." She reprimands you, the same way a teacher would.
  47. >You grunt and turn your face away from hers.
  48. "Y-yes..."
  49. >Her extended hoof grabs your chin and turns it back towards her.
  50. >"You need to look at your mistress when she speaks to you, Anon."
  51. >Her pout is fake, as well as her disappointed tone.
  52. >But you can clearly see that spark inside her eyes, the same she has whenever she's playing with her kites. She's having fun.
  53. >"And you need to answer whenever she addresses you."
  54. >You close your eyes, inhaling deeply to find the courage to deal with this shit, then open them back up to find her grin.
  55. "Yes mistress..."
  56. >Oh she's having fun alright.
  57. >She's beaming at this point.
  58. >"Good. Your mistress is proud of you."
  59. >She pats your head.
  60. >Like a fucking dog.
  61. >It feels nice.
  63. >"Now, let's get going, we've got a greeaaat day ahead of us~" She singsong, turning 180 degrees and trotting towards the door.
  64. >Her horn charges up again when she notices you not following, or at least, not close enough for her taste, and a second later, a leash appears from thin air.
  65. >Then a tug on your neck forces you back up.
  66. >She turns her head ever so slightly, the smile cornering her lips telling you that she's pleased with your decision to play along.
  67. >Not that you had a real choice.
  69. >The first couple hours go without much happening.
  70. >She seemed content by simply walking around the castle and pulling you whenever you were trailing too far behind. Which was anything past four feet away.
  71. >She simply asked you to do her part of the chores, tidying up some stuff around the living quarters, sorting out books she just read, simple stuff.
  72. >You were even starting to believe that this day would actually not be so bad after all.
  73. >"Whew, doing all these chores got me hungry, let's go eat something."
  75. >She plopped down on her stool once you got to the kitchen.
  76. >"Prepare me something Anon!"
  77. >As expected.
  78. "What do you want?"
  79. >Your eyes go wide when you see her eyebrow slightly rising, then you feel the current coming out of the collar, nowhere close to the amount from earlier, but more than enough to remind you it is there.
  80. "I-I mean, what would my mistress want?"
  81. >Your revenge will be terrible.
  82. >"What about some pancakes? I love your pancakes~"
  83. >At least she's not too bitchy.
  84. >You nod and get to work.
  85. >She simply hums a song while you're getting everything ready, which doesn't take long.
  86. >"Mmmh~, These look delicious as always Anon!"
  87. >You can't stop the slight grin cornering your lips, you've always been weak to praises.
  88. >Everything on the table, you prepare to sit down but she stops you by clearing her throat.
  89. >"And what do you think you're doing?"
  91. >You blink. Your eyes going left and right for a moment, searching for any ways you might've messed up.
  92. >The pancakes are perfect, the syrup's on the table... Maybe she wants some chant--
  93. >"I believe your mistress deserves the best seat of the house, don't you think?"
  94. >You blink again. It takes you a good ten seconds to understand her meaning.
  95. "Uhm... do yo--" You stop yourself before it's too late, "Does mistress means that she wants to... use my stool?"
  96. >It's her turn to blink. Then she groans.
  97. >"No you dummy, I don't want to sit on your stool, I want to sit in your lap!"
  98. >Oh.
  99. >That made so much more sense.
  100. >Wait, what the fu--
  101. >She doesn't wait for you to make up your mind and tugs on your leash once more.
  102. >Then she gets up from her stool and look up at you expectantly.
  103. >You sigh in defeat and sit down.
  104. >"Good boy~,"
  106. >It takes her two seconds to climb on top of you, then another couple seconds to get comfortable, her back pressed against your chest and front hooves sitting on the edge of the table.
  107. >"I always wanted to sit in your lap."
  108. >She doesn't let you think about that for a second, her tail wraps itself around your side and she uses her magic to pull your hands forward and on top of the table, unceremoniously landing on each side of the dish.
  109. >She turns her head to look at you,
  110. >"Feed me."
  111. >Then she opens her mouth, giving you an "ahhhh~"
  112. >You groan again but comply.
  113. >You use the fork to get the first morsel, making sure to get some syrup on it and slowly bring it to her lips.
  114. >She leans forward when in range and moans contently when the taste hits her.
  115. >"Mmh~! You have outdone yourself Anon, they're great!"
  116. >You could get used to this...
  117. >"You've got to try some!"
  118. >Her magic takes the fork away from your hand before you can react and she proceeds by cutting another portion from the sweet meal, and brings it to your face.
  119. >There's no use fighting it anyway.
  120. >So you take it in your mouth.
  121. >If you were some beta weeb you'd think about the fact that this counts as some sort of indirect kiss.
  122. >G-good thing you were a chad.
  125. >Doing all this did made you hungry, so you enjoy your well deserved breakfast.
  126. >But you want some more, so you reach for the floating fork. But it slips from your grasp.
  127. >Her grin tells you all you need to know.
  128. "Can I have some more... please Mistress?"
  129. >Her nostrils flare a bit at that, then her tail slightly shifts up your side, tightening its embrace when you see a shiver run all the way down her back.
  130. >She wasn't expecting this, if the slight blush appearing on her face is anything to go by.
  131. >You don't think you're faring that much better.
  132. >She opens her mouth and closes it instantly, clearing her throat to get back on track.
  133. >"W-well, your Mistress will give you more but this is her turn now~"
  134. >You can't take your eyes off of her, not even when you feel the fork getting pushed back in your grasp.
  135. >You see the tip of her tongue poking out of her lips for a second to moisten them, then she opens wide once more, giving you another eager "ahhhn~"
  136. >You have to force yourself to look away from the display.
  137. >And you pick up her next bite, a tad larger than the first one.
  138. >She doesn't turn back towards the fork tho, preferring to keep her eyes on your blushing face and giving a light giggle when she sees you staring at her inviting tongue.
  139. >She's playing with you. And you shouldn't like it.
  140. >She makes another sound when the sweetness of this one hits her tastebuds, and chews happily.
  141. >Then her magic takes hold of the fork once more, and you let go of it.
  142. >Her expression changes ever so slightly when she sees you're not stopping her or asking any questions.
  143. >When you're obeying her.
  144. >"Good, Anon, good boy!"
  145. >The next cut coming to your lips is much bigger than hers, but you manage to get it in without too much troubles, just some syrup clinging past your lips.
  146. >"Let me help you with that,"
  147. >You could've done it yourself but she's much too fast, her hoof is already scrubbing it off your skin.
  148. >Then she brings it to her mouth and licks it clean.
  151. >She knows what she's doing, and she perfectly knows that you know it.
  152. >But you can't let her win, not yet.
  154. >The rest of your meal goes as expected, her humming after each bites and you simply looking at her and eating your part in silence.
  155. >"Ahhh, that was great,"
  156. >She says, rubbing her tummy with a hoof and looking up happily.
  157. >"I'm so happy my big human can makes such delicious pancakes~!"
  158. >She adds, wrapping her hooves around your frame and nuzzling your torso.
  159. >And you can't do anything but freeze in panic.
  160. >You're still not used to ponies being so touchy-feely.
  161. >Rather, you can't help but read too much into it.
  162. "T-they weren't that great..."
  163. >You mutter weakly while you awkwardly try to wriggle your way out of her hooves.
  164. >"Of course they were, because you made them~!"
  165. >Your heart catches in your throat.
  166. >What did she mean by this? Why did she say this, why that way?
  167. >Is she just being supportive? Like a friend?
  168. >Fucking ponies man...
  169. >She yawns, it seemed a tad forced, but your mind isn't clear enough to decide.
  170. >"Come on, let's go take a nap!"
  171. >That sounds like a good idea.
  172. >She fidgets on top of you but stops herself before getting down.
  173. >"And you're going to carry me~!"
  174. >Eh, it's better than being dragged around by a leash.
  175. >You look at her for a second, deciding on a comfortable way to pick her up, and do so before getting up.
  176. "Sofa?"
  177. >She grins.
  178. >"No, my chamber."
  179. >You gulp and look at her, thinking you heard her wrong.
  180. >"Come on! You heard me! Yip yip!"
  181. "Yes Mistress..."
  184. >You were silent on the way there, your mind was far too busy wondering what was going on inside her noggin, and she simply hummed another song, happily swaying left and right like a filly riding her first carrousel.
  185. "Uhm..."
  186. >She turns to you, tilting her head quizzically.
  187. >"What is it Anon?"
  188. "Are you, I-I mean, is Mistress sure this is a good idea?"
  189. >She blinks, obviously not catching your drift.
  190. >"What is?"
  191. >You're not sure how to say it, so you think about it for some more.
  192. "Well... you know... me, napping... with you--Mistress, I mean."
  193. >She blinks again.
  194. >Then her evil smirk comes back.
  195. >"With me? I never said you would be napping 'with me', Anon~!"
  196. >You open your eyes wide, then your mouth, but you close it instantly.
  197. "I-I just thought that--"
  198. >A hoof shushes you.
  199. >"Do you want to?"
  200. >You stop walking when her words hit you. You simply stare at her, dumbfounded.
  201. >You scan her expression for a moment, trying to discern if she's joking or if she's serious.
  202. >You have no idea.
  203. "I-I-I don't know, I, sorry, I was just--"
  204. >"Shhh, shhh~ Anon, it's okay, Mistress isn't mad at you."
  205. >She caresses the side of your face as if she was trying to reassure a toddler.
  206. >Then she giggles when you turn your face away, trying to hide your blush.
  207. >"You're so cute when you act all flustered like that,"
  208. >Your breath hitches in your throat when you feel her nuzzling the side of your neck.
  209. >"If only the girls could see your face right now! My big strong stallion blushing like a schoolfilly on her way to her first date~!"
  210. >You're very glad they're not here.
  211. >That way you won't need more than one body bag.
  212. >M-maybe also because you're blushing like a bitch.
  213. >You grunt and get back to walking.
  214. >She doesn't stop her nuzzling though, and your heart react to her affection like the traitor he is.
  215. >But you're finally there. You open the door and step inside, closing it behind you.
  216. >Then the smell hits you, her smell. You've seen her room before but you never came inside.
  218. "We're here M-Mistress."
  219. >"Mmh-mh,"
  220. >She nods.
  221. >But doesn't give you further instructions, she just keeps nuzzling your neck and caressing your chest with a hoof.
  222. >You wonder if she can feel your heartbeat. You hope she doesn't.
  223. >Then her hoof drifts all the way up your shoulders, brushing by your neck and ending its course on your cheek.
  224. >You have to fight the urge to lean into the soft touch.
  225. >You've got to get out of here, before you do something you'll regret. O-or worse. Before you get to the point where you won't regret it.
  226. >You nearly leap towards her bed, making her gasp in surprise, her hooves hugging you tight in fear of falling.
  227. >Tight enough to keep her glued to your form when you lean forward to lay her on her bed.
  228. >But she finally lets go of you when she feels the cushiony mattress giving in under the weight of her rear, and you don't waste any time propping your upper half back up, the bed creaking when your hands sink deeper inside the softness of the bed.
  229. >Her glare tells you how unhappy she is with your outburst, but don't pay it too much attention, not with the view she's giving you.
  230. >On her back, legs spread wide, leaving nothing to the imagination.
  231. >You can even see the bulge of her mound from here, its flesh much darker than the rest of her coat, if you were to back up some more you could even--
  232. >"Anything you like?"
  233. >You gasp.
  234. >Oh shit.
  235. >Your eyes shoot upwards, finding that same grin she had all morning.
  236. "I-huh, I wasn't looking!"
  237. >Her expression turns incredulous, eyes rolling all the way up.
  238. >Then she opens her mouth but you cut her off by completely lifting yourself up and turning away from her defenseless frame.
  239. "S-sorry, I'll just let you nap and, huh, go take a shower."
  240. >"No!"
  241. >The leash tugs you down before you could take the first step, and you land back to the exact position you were in not five seconds before.
  242. >"We'll take a shower when we're finished napping."
  243. >You stare at her with eyes wide again.
  244. "W-wha--"
  245. >"Don't make me repeat myself Anon."
  246. >She threatens you by sending another surge through the collar.
  247. >You nearly forgot about this thing.
  248. >You nod.
  249. >"Good."
  250. >Her horn glows again and you feel it encompassing your whole body this time, energetically pushing you on her side, rolling you and pinning you down on your back.
  251. >You groan in discomfort, but you decide against complaining, you guess it's payback for the stunt you pulled right before.
  252. >And the mischievous glint in her eyes must mean you're right.
  253. >She rolls on her stomach and climbs her way on top of you, finally settling down with her face dangerously close to yours.
  254. >"Is your mistress too heavy for my big stallion?"
  255. >Her tone is playful, the same she had when you ate earlier.
  256. >Is she going to ignore your peeking? Let's hope she does.
  257. "No."
  258. >She frowns and closes even more distance with your face.
  259. >"No 'who'?"
  260. >You inhale when you feel her breath tickling your jaw, her smell sending another shiver down your spine.
  261. "N-no Mistress."
  262. >You do your best to keep your eyes on hers to not piss her off, while trying to push your head as far away from her to keep some of your much needed personal space.
  263. >She smiles at your response.
  264. >Then stays silent for a while. You can't find yourself to keep your eyes on hers tho, so your eyes start wandering around the room, looking at the impressive number of kites she has on the walls, the cupboards filled with books, the framed pictures she has on her bed stand.
  265. >Particularly that one of you. Shirtless.
  266. >She giggles at your embarrassment.
  267. >S-she's the one supposed to be embarrassed about it, what the fuck!
  268. >When your eyes find hers she's back to that bossy grin.
  269. "Why do you have that pic?! When did you even take thaAaA-ht?!"
  270. >This surge was enough to make your arms shoot down to grab at the covers, your back arching slightly from the shock.
  271. >It takes you a couple seconds to stop your ragged breathing.
  272. >You glare furiously at her, your mouth opening to give her a piece of your mind but stopping at "FUCK"
  273. >She lets you calm down for a second before speaking.
  274. >"What did I tell you about addressing your mistress Anon?"
  275. >You grunt in response.
  276. >"It hurts me just as much as it hurts you Anon. You're the one making me do this."
  277. >She can't be fucking serious.
  278. "Yeah right."
  279. >You grumble, having to force yourself really hard not to explode.
  280. >She sighs. Then her hoof finds your right cheek. And her lips find your other one. Giving it just a peck.
  281. >You panic again.
  282. "W-w-what was that for?! What the fuck are you doing?!"
  283. >She's slightly surprised by your outburst, and your choice of words, but doesn't punish you.
  284. >"Well, even if I need to discipline you, I just can't let my pet think he's not loved, I have to give you some attention from time to time."
  285. >She says that as if it was the most normal thing in the world.
  286. >It fucking isn't. What's wrong with her.
  287. >"Did you like it?"
  288. >You stare incredulously at her, mouth agape, heart banging in your chest.
  289. "Y-you can't be serious right now."
  290. >She giggles again, beaming at your grimace.
  291. >"Come on Anon, you can tell me~,"
  292. >She nuzzles your chin, wafting more of her fragrance over your face.
  293. "I ain't going to tell you shit."
  294. >You grumble.
  295. >But her raised eyebrow tells you that was too far.
  296. "I-I mean, I'm not going to tell Mistress shit."
  297. >She snorts. Then she chuckles. Then she laughs.
  298. >And you smile.
  299. >She regains her composure half a minute later, wiping her eyes and clearing her throat.
  300. >"Mmmh~,"
  301. >She nuzzles your neck once more, and once more making your heart jumps in surprise.
  302. >Then the pushes her muzzle upwards right next to your ear and whispers, "It's okay Anon, you'll just have to tell me later, you're mine for the whole day after all~,"
  303. >And give you another peck, this one ever so close to the corner of your smiling lips.
  305. >Your eyes open slowly, the breeze flowing through an open window deciding it was a good time to wake you up.
  306. >You bring your right hand under your pillow and press your face inside of it to rub the sleep away, then you inhale, deeply.
  307. >Your heart skips a beat when the situation hits your brain, her smell rushing past your nostrils being more than enough for it to click.
  308. >You blink, this time opening your eyes wide to look around, and you quickly find out that this isn’t your chamber, even less so your bed.
  309. >And the weight resting on your stomach is indeed a curled up pony.
  310. >You simply watch her sleeping form slightly rising and falling from your own oxygen intake for a minute.
  311. >You try to collect yourself, to calm down, but it doesn’t really work. The more you look at her, the more you start noticing little things giving you knots or throwing your heart aflutter.
  312. >Like how warm she is, you can feel it even through your clothes.
  313. >Or how her left ear twitches whenever the wind blows its way, and how her small muzzle scrunches for a second whenever it does so.
  314. >She’s cute, when she’s not trying to take control of entire towns or transforming her friends into mindless zombies.
  315. >Okay maybe that didn’t happen in a while, but you’re not going to forget everything when someone says 'sorry' like ponies do.
  316. >Your left hand instinctively reaches for the small of her back.
  317. >It’s too late when you realize what you’re doing, and a sleepy sigh escapes her mouth when you make contact.
  318. >It’s not the first time this happened, you always end up touching ponies. The same way you would a dog.
  319. >A dog that can talk.
  320. >And blush, whenever you do so, telling you that you shouldn’t do this with anypony that isn’t your special somepony.
  321. >But you still do it, they generally stop complaining when you reach their ears, and it relaxes you just as much.
  323. >Maybe them being too touchy feely comes from that?
  324. >Maybe you’re some kind of molester to them or something.
  325. >You ponder about it for another minute, your hand now stroking along her back.
  326. >Her coat is just as soft as it looks.
  327. >Her tail flicks at thin air, unconsciously trying to chase your caressing hand away.
  329. >How long has it been?
  330. >You slowly turn your head around, trying to spot any kind of clock but your eyes stops on that picture of you, then shifts to the four others.
  331. >Huh…
  332. >You wouldn’t be so weirded out by it if you weren’t in all of them, save one.
  333. >There’s the one of you half naked taking the most space, then there’s you with the others next to your birthday cake, then you with Twilight… you can’t remember what you were doing that day, and the last one only features you and Starlight, oh and a blue leg, must be Dash’s. The bottle in your hand explains the blushes you’re sharing as well as your proximity to each other. That was on one of her birthday’s, maybe her last one, or maybe the one before that…
  334. >But your mind has more important things to think about.
  335. >Like, is you appearing in nearly all of them a coincidence? Or why was the only picture without you in it taken before you were even here?
  336. >And is it normal that your naked torso is the first thing that greets her when she opens her eyes?
  338. >B-but they’re ponies right, so she shouldn’t care about you being naked in the first place.
  339. >Right?
  340. >Your hand passes through her mane and a soft content sound escapes her lips when your fingertips scratch her coat, soft enough to attract your attention without making you jump.
  341. >And when you look down your eyes instantly find hers.
  342. >Your heart skips another beat.
  343. >And you’re sure she felt it, if the sly grin growing on her lips is anything to go by.
  344. >You instantly stop your hand from moving any further, letting it limply rest on her side in fear of pushing your luck any farther.
  345. >”Mmmh no~, keep going!”
  346. >Your lips part but her horn is faster than your tongue, and she throws your hand up on top of her head and then pushes it down, your fingers slowly flowing through her mane.
  347. >You get the message soon enough and follow her instructions without the help of her magic.
  348. >”Your fingers feel so good…Mmh~”
  349. >She moans when your fingers sends a shiver up a spine, all the way from the small of her back.
  350. >It’s enough to wake junior up.
  351. >And it’s enough to tell you that this is going too far, way out of your comfort zone.
  352. >But she makes up her mind faster than you, once more.
  353. >”Use the other one too,”
  354. >Her magic takes control of your right hand and it finds the side of her face a second later.
  355. >She immediately leans into it, pressing her cheek inside your palm.
  356. >And you follow her instructions.
  358. >She closes her eyes and hums contently under your touch, her left ear twitching whenever your fingers brush too close to it.
  359. >Her smirk turns in a genuine smile.
  360. >”You can’t imagine how good this feels…”
  361. >Well no, you can’t, but the sounds she’s making gives you a clear idea.
  362. >Her tail nervously swats the air once more when your hand gets too close to her dock, and then lands on your crotch.
  363. >You freeze for half a second, wondering if she can feel your shaft growing under your clothes, before resuming your caresses.
  364. >Her tail simply rests there, on top of it.
  365. >shitshitshit
  366. >She doesn’t even open her eyes, so maybe she can’t…
  367. >”I should’ve made you my pet much sooner~,”
  368. >What?
  369. >While you ponder on it, she simply hums and stretches her hooves on top of you, spreading more of her warmth over your upper half.
  370. >Was this some scheme of hers?!
  371. >And was bookhorse in on it too?!
  372. >You’re mad just thinking about it.
  373. >But your heart is still racing, today’s events still too fresh on your mind to ignore.
  374. >You extend your hand upward and strokes her muzzle all the way up her scalp, going around her horn to do so.
  375. >Her horn.
  376. >You blink.
  377. >Her eyes are still closed, humming, basking in your hand’s affections, she’s so defenseless.
  379. >You eye the doom catalyst not a foot away from your face up and down several times. So close to your roaming hand.
  380. >You could simply grab it and she wouldn’t be able to use magic. She wouldn’t have any power left over you.
  381. >You’d be able to do or say anything and she’d be powerless, flailing her weak hooves around trying to kick your strong grip off her weapon of mass destruction and screaming at you to let go of it.
  382. >You could tell her how bad a little pony she is! That you shouldn’t place magical torture devices around people’s necks and then drag them around and force them to partake in your depraved fetishes!
  383. >You could force her to apologize!
  384. >You could make her answer all your questions!
  385. >And if she says no, you could simply tickle her until she can’t take it anymore, reducing her into some gleeful and incomprehensible puddle thrashing in your arm, her cries for help and giggles filling the room as you motorboat her tummy.
  386. >You’d say ‘Talk, or else!’
  387. >She’d shake her head screaming ‘never!’
  388. >Then you’d lean forward and kiss her soft lips, and she couldn’t do anything to stop you.
  389. >…
  390. >O-okay maybe you shouldn’t do that—
  391. >Her open eyes derail your train of thoughts and you even forget how to breathe.
  392. >And the predatory glare she’s giving you reveals that she must know what’s on your mind.
  393. >Should you go for it? Is it too late?
  394. >Is she challenging you? Does she think you’re too chicken to do it?!
  395. >Was this part of her fucking plan too—
  396. >Her expression softens not two seconds later, and she hums again, pushing her face deeper inside your touch, and effectively bringing your hand on her horn.
  397. >”Something on your mind, Anon?”
  398. >You blink again, still wondering about what she’s doing.
  399. >”Isn’t this what you want?”
  400. >”To grab my horn? To stop me from using my magic? Maybe to get back at me, mmh~?”
  401. >She singsongs serenely, obviously not taking your threat seriously. Or maybe she doesn’t even think of you as a threat.
  402. >You really should just—
  404. >“To show your Mistress who’s boss?”
  405. >You feel her tail run all the way up your cock, which responds with an eager throb, as she whispers that.
  406. >You freeze for another couple second, and she giggles when she sees all the conflicting emotions on your face.
  407. >And you turn your face away from hers.
  408. >”Oh, Annooonnnn~!”
  409. >She coos, before lifting herself up and leaping forward, her hooves grabbing each sides of your noggin and turning it back her way.
  410. >And you feel yourself melting when her lips reach yours.
  411. >Your hands try to push her away but she’s so soft and so warm, and she smells so good…
  412. >A happy sigh escapes her throat, draining you from any will to fight back.
  413. >Why is she doing this? Is she just having fun?
  414. >You could’ve dealt with her simply teasing you and pushing you around all day, but this is too much.
  415. >”Sorry Anon, your Mistress couldn’t stop herself you were just too cut—“
  416. “Why?”
  417. >Her satisfied expression turns puzzled when the word leaves your mouth.
  418. >She tilts her head, blinking.
  419. >”What?”
  420. “W-why do you… why did you…”
  421. >You sigh, not feeling strong enough to keep your eyes on hers after all. You lift your left arm and stretch it on top of your face to hide behind it.
  422. “Why are you doing this, Starlight?”
  423. >You feel her leaning back up, taking a sitting position on your chest.
  424. >You open your mouth when she doesn’t respond, but close it, not sure of what to say yourself.
  425. >Maybe you should ask her to stop?
  426. >”Why is your heart beating so fast Anon?”
  427. >As she says that you feel the tip of her hoof starting to trace circles across your chest.
  428. >You grunt.
  430. >”Did you hate me kissing you Anon?”
  431. >What kind of question are these?!
  432. >But you don’t say anything, you can only think about her taste still lingering on your lips.
  433. >”So…?”
  434. >You can’t tell her that. If you do she’ll just…
  435. >You have no idea, but it can’t be good.
  436. >Your heart jumps when you feel her bending forward once more, a hoof on each shoulder.
  437. >You can’t see what she’s doing, but you brace for what’s coming. Or what you hope is coming.
  438. >And sure enough, you feel her lips touch yours. But only for a fraction of a second.
  439. >You groan in annoyance.
  440. >”Your Mistress is going to kiss you until you ask her to stop~,”
  441. >She can’t be serious--
  442. >And she does, this one lasting a second.
  443. >And another.
  444. >And another.
  445. >Each and every contact send your heart fluttering anew.
  446. >You quickly decides that that’s enough, removing your arm from your face and throwing both hands to try and stop her lips from getting any closer, anymore.
  447. “A-alri—mmph!”
  448. >Which doesn’t prove enough.
  449. >You feel her lips part with yours and the tip of her tongue give yours a lick before quickly retreating inside her moist cave.
  450. >Her lips form a smile when her eyes find your uncovered, flustered face.
  452. >She leans back up, just an inch.
  453. >She tries to keep that confident expression, but her eyes betray her. There’s anxiety in there, somewhere.
  454. >You can see that what you said did impact her.
  455. >You both try to regain some composure from the emotional effort, inhaling and exhaling deeply, sharing the same air, her warm breath washing over your face.
  456. >You have to stop yourself from looking away several times, knowing that it would only result in more 'torture'.
  457. “I-I…”
  458. >You sigh, then gulp the lump in your throat, steeling yourself once more.
  459. “Why me? I don’t understand, I-I mean, Starlight—“
  460. >”Mistress.”
  461. >She corrects you. You blink.
  462. >This can’t be real.
  463. >But you groan in defeat, nonetheless.
  464. “Why is Mistress doing this?”
  465. >She keeps her eyes on yours for a couple seconds without saying a word, certainly to adjust this evil scheme of hers accordingly.
  466. >”Your Mistress will answer this when you’ll respond to her own questions~,”
  467. >You open your mouth, planning to try and negotiate, telling her that you asked yours first.
  468. >But you give up before the first sound could escape your throat.
  469. >There’s no point arguing with her, she’ll just… she’ll just do the thing and make you beg for release.
  470. >”Do you hate my kisses?”
  471. >Oh, right, /those/ questions…
  472. >How can she expect you to answer that?!
  473. >You shake your head and grumble a weak ‘no’
  474. >”What’s that? I couldn’t hear you~,”
  475. >She could, she totally did.
  476. >You groan and lift your hand back to your face to try and take shelter from her inquisitive stare.
  477. >”Oh no you don’t!”
  478. >Her right hoof quickly finds your wrist and she throws it against the pillow, right next to your face.
  479. >”No more hiding.”
  480. >You instinctively try to break free from her surprisingly strong grasp, but you stop when you feel her soft frog slide all the way up to the center of your palm, your fingers closing themselves around it.
  481. >T-that’s lewd.
  483. >”Kiss me Anon.”
  484. ”What?!”
  485. >”Kiss me.”
  486. “Wha-why, I can’t just—“
  487. >Her hoof stops you from stammering any further.
  488. >”Of course you can. You always did whatever the hay you wanted, I don’t see what’s stopping you now.”
  489. >She says matter-of-factly.
  490. >You blink.
  491. >Is she implying that you want to do it?
  492. >…
  493. >Do you?
  494. >Your heart rate accelerates when your eyes catch her lips.
  495. >She’s so close, you could just lean forward and do it.
  496. >This is exactly why you didn’t want to come in here…
  497. >You grab the hoof still pressing against your lips to respond,
  498. “This isn’t the…-”
  499. >But your voice becomes a mumble when you feel her inflicting the same treatment to your free hand, seizing control of it and pinning it down next to your head, making her lean forward, her face looming right over yours, holding your hands down with her stretched limbs.
  500. “-same…”
  501. >”Why?”
  502. >Why?
  503. “B-because…”
  504. >Your mouth stays open for a good two seconds.
  505. >”I want you to kiss me Anon.”
  506. >She closes the distance and her muzzle touches your nose, rubbing it left and right.
  507. >”I need it.”
  508. >Your grasp on her hooves tightens.
  509. “I-I don’t know, you’re a… a pony.”
  510. >You finally add.
  512. >She stops the eskimo kiss and frowns at you.
  513. >”And? What about it?”
  514. “And I’m not…”
  515. >”No, I’m aware that you’re not a pony.”
  516. >She deadpans again, obviously not getting your problem.
  517. >”Why do you care about this anyway?”
  518. >Maybe you’re the one blowing it out of proportions.
  519. >”Your body doesn’t seem to mind, at all~,”
  520. >You gasp when you feel her magic cop a feel of your pride.
  521. >She grins when she feels your hips lift up trying to follow her dissipating magic.
  522. >You groan when you don’t find anything.
  523. >”See?”
  524. >She’s got you by the balls, so to speak.
  525. >”And it never stopped you from gawking at us when you thought we weren’t looking.”
  526. >Your eyes go wide, and she chuckles.
  527. >”You really think we never caught you?”
  528. >She raises an eyebrow knowingly.
  529. >”You’re not really stealthy you know, and…”
  530. >Her horn glows again and you feel warmth spreading from the base of your cock all the way to your tip.
  531. >You gasp.
  532. >”And let’s say that your clothes does a poor job of hiding such a big… evidence.”
  533. >The next stroke of her magic sends a shiver all the way up your spine and you stifle a moan from coming out.
  534. >You never expected magic to feel so good.
  535. >Then its warmth disappears, as fast as it came. She leaves your shaft alone, throbbing and needing.
  536. >You groan.
  537. >And she bites her lips when she sees your pouty face.
  538. >”Do you want more?”
  539. >Her tone alone makes your dick throb again.
  540. >This is a trap.
  541. >But you nod, eagerly so.
  542. >”Well, then, kiss me.”
  544. __
  546. >fuck
  547. >You weren’t expecting that. Or maybe you were.
  548. >She makes a show of licking her lips when she sees you staring once more.
  549. >You take a good long breath, her scent filling your nostrils once more.
  550. >Okay, you can do this.
  551. >She grins at your display, before puckering her lips invitingly.
  552. >You close your eyes and lean forward.
  553. >And your lips make contact.
  554. >For a fraction of a second, before you drop back down.
  555. >She blinks leaning back up, unsure of what just happened, then stares at you for a second, eyes narrowing slightly.
  556. >”What was that?!”
  557. “W-what? I kissed yo—“
  558. >”No! I’m not a filly Anon! Did your Mistress asks you to give her a smooch?!”
  559. “W-well no, but you didn’t—“
  560. >”I want you to kiss me for real!”
  561. >You blink, a bit taken aback by her change in tone.
  562. “For real…?”
  563. >”Yes, for real, like an adult would.”
  564. >Her frown softens a bit when the words come out.
  565. >”L-like a lover would.”
  566. >She quickly adds.
  567. >A lover?
  568. >Your eyes open wide, as does your mouth, completely bewildered by that.
  569. >Does that mean she sees you as a lover?
  570. >Is that what you are? Or what she wants you to be? Her lover?
  571. >You stare at her for half a minute, finally closing your mouth somewhere in the middle.
  572. >And her somewhat confident expression turns in bitter exasperation.
  573. >Then she grunts, rolling her eyes at your lack of response.
  574. >”For the love of Celestia, Anon, stop thinking for two seconds and bucking kiss me!”
  575. >You don’t have the time to react, her hooves shoot for your face, wrapping themselves around your neck, then her magic pulls you forward, throwing your now free hands around her frame and tugging your face towards hers using both her hooves and your leash.
  576. >She hums and closes her eyes when your lips crash against hers.
  577. >For half a second you think of getting out of her embrace, eyes wide, still wondering if this was okay.
  578. >Then you realize that maybe she’s right, and maybe you should go with it.
  579. >How could it be wrong if it feels so good?
  580. >If she feels so good. And smell so good.
  582. >So you give up.
  583. >You close your eyes and wrap your arms around her, leaning into the kiss when doing so.
  584. >She quivers and moans happily when she feels your hands aimlessly roam across her back, fingers caressing and groping her sides and shoulders.
  585. >You try to pull out when you feel her tongue probe your lips asking for entrance, but her hooves don’t let you, grabbing and stroking the back of your head to keep you right where you are, squeezing your face against hers.
  586. >Her tongue darts inside the second your lips part and she opens her eyes when her tongue makes contact with yours.
  587. >She brushes it against your own, her tip flicking against yours, as if asking for permission.
  588. >And you give her the green light by slowly parting your lips some more.
  589. >But her broad tongue speeds up the process by shoving itself inside.
  590. >You send your own tongue to meet hers, rolling it around the intruder, searching for some kind of weak point, to try and push it back, but it’s no use.
  591. >She effortlessly pins yours down and starts exploring as she pleases.
  593. >You can’t stifle your own pleasured sounds anymore, syncing with her occasional hums whenever your hands grope at her flesh or whenever her tongue traces over your canines.
  594. >And now that your bodies are pressed together you can finally feel how fast her own pulse is beating<<<<
  595. >You can finally feel what you’ve been missing out on for so long.
  596. >Being so close to another being. This closeness, this intimacy.
  597. >Friendly hugs and pats are nice but this is something else.
  598. >You’ve never felt so alive, so full of… everything. You never felt your heart beat so fast ever before, so fast it might explode.
  599. >You could get used to that.
  600. >You want to get used to it.
  602. >You lose yourself in her embrace for a while.
  603. >It might’ve been minutes, maybe even hours for all you know, for all you care.
  604. >All that you know, and all that you care is that you want more.
  605. >So you whimper in disapproval when you feel her face retreating, forcing her to use her hooves to stop your lips from chasing after hers.
  606. >You’re both left panting, taking in deep inhales to cool your red cheeks and calm your thumping hearts.
  607. >And you find your eyes glued on hers.
  608. >You’ve never realized how beautiful they were.
  609. >”That was something.”
  610. >You nod, leaning into her hoof when you realize how soft it is. It doesn’t come close to her lips but it’s not too bad.
  611. >The semblance of composure you managed to regain only seconds before is shattered by the gentle smile she gives you.
  612. >You’re stuck between wanting more and wanting to hide. Not that you really have a choice, tho.
  613. >”Did you like that?”
  614. >You catch your tongue before you can respond, or rather, before you produced any more effeminate noises.
  615. >”I’ll take that as a yes~,”
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