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Dec 7th, 2019
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  1. No where in this video do we have people resembling sound, logical humans, but rather, demons. No where in this video, will you find sane, rational, non-psychopaths with non-murderous tendencies, whose advocative facilitation of their behavior patterns and lifestyles has resulted in millions of deaths. These people are depraved sociopaths who put their own sexual pleasure before the health of the 1000 people per year on average that
  2. they lure into a deadly game, where in countries like California, the AIDS is so rampant that they wouldn't have enough prisons to send every LGBT to prison. It's only a misdemeanor to knowingly end someones life by way of sex. To me, that's no different than screwing a kid. You are taking your sexual pleasure over the health of another living being. To hell with you!
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