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  1.                                                                     THE BOIS
  2.                                                                    (And gals)
  3. Joey 'Nimrod' Capone - Jeffery ’Cowboy’ Davis - Elizabeth Morris - Cyrus Elwood - Mister Connor Anderson - Wallace Harwood - Masamune 'Nippon' Samada - Manuel Conrad - Astra Sparks - Dominic Powers - Aden Cooper - Avalanche Murray - Kryth Kross - Gunner Finlay -Lauren 'Haystack' Hastings - Ridgewell - Kyleigh Kendall - Gleaves McDonnel - Sofia Racic - Aiko 'Stutters' Amano - Ula 'Ook' Cosmos - Amelia 'Valkyrie' Locke
  5. [Pastebin edition because list too long]
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