Twilight's Journal

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. Twilight's Journal Dedicated to the Tracking and Documentation of a Strange and Fortunate Event, as Documented by Twilight Sparkle:
  3. >Summer Solstice, 28 days post-rainboom: This is Twilight Sparkle. As previously mentioned, a weird spell melded me with this...egg. The swelling has went down and it's almost like it never happened. I touched where it was and it was hard. Really hard. I seem to want to eat everything in sight.
  5. >Twilight packed her saddle bag for Magic Kindergarten, the little filly excited to just get to school! Velvet woke up to the light that was coming from her daughter’s room. She walked over to the little girl’s desk, asking her, “What’s going on, Twilight? School’s not for another three hours.” She asked, nuzzling up against her child.
  7. >Twilight hid the journal that she was creating for the gestation, her mouth curled into an embarrassed smile. “Just writing things, mom. Like….a thank you note to princess Celestia!” She lied, her belly gurgling once more, her face flushed as she felt hunger pangs again. Her mother sighed, kissing the foal on the head. “Go back to sleep dear.” She instructed, going back to sleep with Night Light. Twilight couldn’t just go to sleep. The pain gnawed at her until she went to the ice box, grabbing the alfalfa sprouts and spinach, making a nice, healthy snack. “At least until breakfast.” She reasoned, slathering on the creamy Caesar and munching on it in her own room. But it didn’t stop there. She went back for a peanut butter sandwich, and milk, then some potato chips that Shining Armor left for tomorrow. Her eyes sparkled as she gazed upon the decadent 7-layer cake, being held onto until her parent’s anniversary tomorrow. “I shouldn’t…” She dissuaded herself. “But my parents don’t want me going hungry!” She said, slobbering, her lip trembling, the discussion of will she or won’t she playing about in her head. She finally closed the fridge, a large hunk of the cake in tow.
  9. >Addendum: I ate what would certainly be considered an adult’s daily caloric intake in mere hours, the thing inside of me wanting more and more. I have 10 more months to go if I am to believe that this gestation is anything normal. May Celestia have mercy on me.
  11. >Labor Day, 8 weeks post-rainboom: Twilight again. It seems like other fillies and colts have taken to calling me ‘slowpoke,’ both as a testament to when I finish my exams and this baby is slowing me down on physical exams. I hate it. Princess Celestia did visit me today, so I feel better. I think at this point, I think I should take pictures for documentation, but I need help with that. Don’t let Smarty Pants know, but I ate his peanut butter cracker snacks when he wasn’t looking.
  13. >Twilight grabbed her journal off of her desk and put it in her saddlebag, joining her mother in the common room. It wasn’t very long since the accident, but as Twilight’s behavior changed, it started to become obvious this wasn’t a dream nor something that they could ignore. Twilight’s appetite was more than healthy; it was voracious, with the filly outdoing even her brother in sheer amount of food that she eats regularly. “Twilight, honey. It’s time to see Dr. Smiles.” Violet called out to her daughter, looking over to Shining Armor, whom she was taking for his physical as well. “Don’t do anything to make her cry.” She glared at the young stallion; Shining Armor took a step back, looking away from his mother’s incriminating stare. “I-it’s not my fault that she’s so thin skinned! I was just funning with her!” He tried to defend himself, his mother’s disappointment unrelenting.
  14. >Twilight stood out-of-sight of her mother as she listened in. “Listen. Your sister’s going through a trying time and she’s a strong filly. She doesn’t need potshots about what she does or how she looks.” Velvet reprimanded, explaining a bit about what was happening with his little sister. Twilight smiled, glad that she didn’t lose the love of her mother. She trotted over to the other two, beaming brightly as she jiggled slightly. “Ready, mom!” She chirped, her eyes flashing green in the lighting. Velvet held the little filly close, the three walking over to the doctor’s office.
  16. >Labor Day, continued: I just had my first ‘adult’ checkup. It tickled and mom was there to make me feel less nervous. Shining stayed in the lobby because this was important adult things.
  18. >”To be honest, if you would have told me that I’d be handling a very unique case a couple months ago, I’d laugh in your face.” Dr. Smiles chuckled, looking over her stats and looking over to Velvet, the stripe-haired mare granting permission to the doctor for further examination with a simple nod. Twilight laid back, her hooves supporting her behind her. The doctor checked her breathing with his stethoscope, the life inside taxing on her very lightly, if at all. “Very intriguing…” He muttered to himself, lowering the scope to listen to her digestion. The little filly hid her face in shame as her tummy rumbled and roared hungrily, demanding sustenance from anyone who’d hear its plea. He chuckled. “Have you eaten yet, Ms. Sparkle?”
  19. >She held her face in her hooves, mumbling softly “I had a hayburger…no two…with mayo, ketchup, mustard, cheese, hay bacon strips, and plenty of alfalfa…some wedges…and at least a liter of water.” Twilight rattled off, reading her food diary to double-check. “Er…that’d be…” She counted under her breath. “About 1300 kcal.” He was absolutely blown, both at her accuracy and her nonchalant attitude. “That’s two-thirds of your recommended daily intake!” He recomposed himself, clearing his throat. “I suggest maybe laying off the hayburgers. You won’t need too many calories, Ms. Sparkle.” Twilight nodded, making mental notes about being stringent about her intake.
  21. >Autumnal Equinox, 15 weeks: I was relaxing with a Sudoku puzzle when I felt him move. I’m now probing and prodding to see what this thing will do. If I scratch with my hoof, he flutters a little in my tummy. TOP SECRET: I snuck about when I was in the maternity ward the last time I was there and saw a spell being used to show inside of the womb. It looked simple, but it took me weeks to replicate what they did! It’s really cool, seeing him in there…and at the same time, it’s kind of comforting, knowing that I can see him whenever I want to. I can’t hide behind the guise of getting fat any more. My tummy is starting to round out like a pregnant mare instead of the lumpy shapes that a fuller mare may have. I’ll have to tell Shiny soon.
  23. >Twilight shifted, across the table from her brother. Her dinner, a succulent alfalfa casserole, half eaten with the steamed veggies on the side. She took a glance at her brother, her brother catching her eyes. She casted her eyes down, her hoof next to her tummy, wanting to scratch it. ”Shiny…” She started, but her mom stopped her. She looked down at the floor, the hatchling that she named ‘Spike’ rolling about in her womb. Velvet took a deep breath. “Listen, Shining….Twilight is…pregnant.”
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