Yome Isokaze no Iru Kurashi [Typeset]

Jan 17th, 2016
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  1. Yome Isokaze no Iru Kurashi Translation
  2. From
  4. >Is there something bothering you, commander?
  5. >Ah, is it about
  6. >the 17thDesDiv's formation within the 2nd Torpedo Squadron?
  7. >Huh, no? | Is it about Hamakaze?
  8. >It's not about Hamakaze...huh.
  9. >
  10. >You're giving that ring to me...?
  12. >Eh...umm....? | Eh, well
  13. >...umm...
  15. >Isokaze--!!
  16. >What is it, Commander?
  17. >Kazagumo's not showing up--
  18. >I'm sick of BB hime and CV Oni already!
  19. > that so
  20. >For them to distress the Commander so, how unforgiveable.
  21. >Right?! More!
  23. >Let me crush 'em.
  24. >I'll go and get ready the torpedos.
  25. >Ah, wait wait wait
  26. >The Cut-in crew's already giving it their all
  27. >Well then I, too, should do my part.
  28. >The others are also already in battle, right?
  29. >Isokaze, please...
  31. >Just wait here...
  32. >Why?
  33. >What is a destroyer supposed to do if she can't be part of a Destroyer DIvision?
  34. >...uhh...
  35. >T-then, | you should help out the support fleet at the boss node!
  36. >Just crush them in a single blow!
  37. >I got it.
  38. >[a little dissatisfied]
  40. >C...
  41. >Congratulations on your marriage!
  42. >I'm not lonely, not at all!
  43. >Admiral, do you want a piece of cake too?!
  44. >Ah,
  45. >Admiral, you might die if you put a foot on each boat.
  47. >Ahhhh | How nice, Admiral, you lil' pervert!
  48. >Another person willing to be your bride.
  49. >Although she's quite a good girl
  50. >But-- | Well, I don't know whether to say she has a few screws loose or that she's just in love with battle
  51. >Well, whatever, either way she's a good girl.
  52. >I'll leave Isokaze to you!
  54. >[Chinese Translator's Note: Your Isokaze can use planes? Fucking reported!]
  55. >I wanted you guys to see my air support
  56. . >Just two of those dive bombers and their Destroyers went up in smoke.
  57. >Good work.
  58. >But really, why does the Commander | not let me go onto the front lines?
  59. >Well, he doesn't want to expose Isokaze to danger.
  60. >Well now, it's not right to put somebody else into the line of fire in my place either.
  61. >That's true...
  63. >Then shall I do something more like a wife? | Like cookin--
  64. >Leave the cooking to me.
  65. >I grilled sanma before!
  66. >I'm really good at grilling!
  67. >But I heard that you grilled your own clothes off.
  68. >That Admiral, I told him to keep it a secret.
  69. >--Ah
  71. >Ah, that's right.
  72. >There's a festival coming up in a few days.
  73. >You should go with the Admiral.
  74. >But I've never gone to a festival before.
  75. >I don't know what we should do or where we should go.
  76. >Then you definitely have to go.
  77. > that so?
  78. >I'm too conspicuous in a yukata.
  80. >Commander, I'm ready.
  81. >...commander...?
  82. >For Isokaze... | To invite me to a festival...
  83. >The Isokaze who normally talks exclusively about battle and actually wearing a yuakta...
  84. >How embarassing.
  86. >[The Admiral will be moved to tears!]
  87. >Urakaze's prediction came true.
  88. >What do you do in the Naval District festival?
  89. >Just have fun and be happy, really.
  90. >There's water balloon fishing, shooting games | and a lot of night vendors.
  91. >There's a lot of places to get food too.
  92. >There's ikayaki and cotton candy
  93. >Commander | Let's hurry up!
  94. >Yes, yes.
  96. >Ikayaki is quite delicious.
  97. >We could make it in our kitchen.
  98. >Ah--maybe.
  99. >We can catch 'em with the nets we use for the Sanma.
  100. >When the time comes we can ask Urakaze about it.
  101. >--Oh?
  102. >What's this about?
  104. >Want to try it out?
  105. >I just need to scoop the goldfish out, right?
  106. >That's child's play!
  107. >There's a trick to this.
  108. >--Commander,
  110. >Help me set up the Type 33 Surface Radar.
  111. >Also the searchlight. The one we used for the Sanma. | I'm going to scoop all the goldfish up.
  112. >Don't break the rules!
  113. >....Hm.
  114. >It's a piece of cake once I get serious!
  116. >[Just from the Goldfish]
  117. >[I've broken the bank...]
  118. >I can use a grill like with the Sanma, right?
  119. >It's so cute, don't gril lit!
  120. >...Is that so.
  121. >There are many things I do not know.
  122. >But | for the commander to allow me to experience this festival
  123. >Thank you, commander.
  124. >Although I was surprised when you invited me,
  125. >...Urakaze wanted me to do it. | She said I should act like a wife.
  127. >Even so | I still do not know what are the things that a wife must do.
  128. >Did the me of today seem like a wife?
  129. >...Commander,
  130. >Do you regret having chosen me?
  132. >I really like Isokaze's serious side. | You might be a few shells sort of a salvo, but I like that a lot too.
  133. >So I have no regrets!
  134. >I am very happy that I can have you as my wife.
  135. > that so.
  136. >Also | seeing this side occasionally is great too.
  138. >ALthough there will always be troubles
  139. >Even so, I
  140. >Will always stand by the Commander's side as his wife.
  142. >Urakaze!
  143. >Isokaze | how was the festival?
  144. >Teach me how to make Ikayaki!
  145. >Ara
  146. >
  147. >All's well as long as she's happy.
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