How to propose (glimxAnon, silly smut comedy thingy) WIP?

Jan 5th, 2018
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  1. >"Tell me you love me,"
  2. >she finishes by giving your tip a big sloppy kiss
  3. "W-what?"
  4. >"Tell me how much you love me, please,"
  5. >she pleads, voice and eyes filled with need as she starts peppering the underside of your cock with soft kisses, before making her way down, her soft pecks turning to slow licks here or there
  6. >but hearing her, you could think that she's the one receiving the blowjob
  7. "Why? Something happened?"
  8. >she keeps the tip of her snoot pressed against your cock as she makes her way back up, giving your frenulum an eskimo kiss and her eyes leaving yours only for a second to stop on the bead of pre that just formed on your slit, before they come back up to lock with yours as her lips part and her tongue comes out to instantly lap it up
  9. >fuck, you can't believe how good she is at this
  10. >"N-no, I just want to hear it, I need it, Anon, please, just tell me,"
  11. "I can't say something like that while you're sucking my cock, glimmy, that's cheating!"
  12. >you half tease, half groan as she keeps lovingly tending to your pride, but you still move one of your hands forward, cupping her cheek and stroking it using your thumb
  13. >"Why?"
  14. >you can't really read her expression right now
  15. >is she serious? is this some kind of game?
  16. >is she doubting your feelings for her?
  17. "Because you're sucking my cock! And making a damn fine job at it too,"
  18. >she frowns a bit, but doesn't instantly respond, giving your cock another kiss as she leans further into your touch
  19. >"I don't get it, why is it such a big deal?"
  20. "Well, I don't know, it'd be like... like if I proposed to you as I was eating you out, it wouldn't be... you know?"
  21. >she blinks when your words reach her, and then she freezes completely
  22. >oh shit, did you fuck it up?!
  23. >oh come on, not in the middle of a bj, no, no no no nooo--
  24. >"Y-yes?!"
  25. >yes?
  26. "What?"
  27. >"I want it!"
  28. >wait what
  29. "W-wait, Starlight, wait a second, I was just--"
  30. >"Yes! Let's get married!"
  31. >how the fuck did this happen
  33. "Wait! No, just--just wait a second--"
  34. >"N-no?"
  35. >her expression goes 180 and goes from hopeful to broken in the blink of an eye, ears drooping and mouth forming that pout she always does whenever she thinks she fucked up real bad
  36. "No! No, I didn't mean no, wait, Starlight, let's just calm down for a second--"
  37. >"W-why not? I-I-I'll be a good wife! I-I'll learn how to cook meat for you and I'll give you all the blowjobs you want and--"
  38. "For fucks sake Starlight! You're sucking my cock!"
  39. >she's taken aback by your tone
  40. >you really didn't mean to sound like that--
  41. >"O-Oh! Sorry, you're right! I forgot!"
  42. >and with that she opens her mouth wide and swallows your entire length in one go
  43. "Fuck!"
  44. >you groan again, half because of the, more than welcome, sensation, and half because she still somehow missed the meaning of your words
  45. >"Glk!"
  46. >she gags as you reach her deepest parts, but still stays buried into your crotch, eyes opening and shooting up to look at you, obviously waiting for some kind of praise from you
  47. >but that's not really what's on your mind right now, especially when you notice the tears forming in the corner of her eyes, showing that she's either straining herself, or that your words hurt her
  48. "Starlight, stop, don't,"
  49. >you take hold of her face, hands gently cupping her cheek, and you pull her out
  50. >you feel her insides stroke the entire length of your cock on its way out, and you have to stop your animal urges from reversing the process and forcing it back again
  51. >but the coughs escaping her as your crown reappears is more than what you could've needed
  52. >"W-what? Why? J-just let me try again, I can do it, like a good wife!"
  53. >you groan again and roll your eyes
  54. >she's such a silly pony sometimes
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