My Name Is Eri- Ch. 4: "Her Villainous Body

Sep 5th, 2014
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  1. (This is where the lewd and tf'ing happens, like, wow)
  3. -
  5. Erica kissed you again. Her eyes closed and mouth opened to let the taste of you in -the taste of your skin, the taste of the air you exhaled. Her well-formed hand pressed you onto your back.
  7. She dipped and glided across you stomach and chest. The autumn-colored curls of her hair dangled over your shirt and chin, then past your face, forming a thick, private veil against that shitty upstairs room and the only thing that mattered was the face less than an inch away from you. Her damp breath warmed the air in that intimate pocket, filling it with her scent. You breathed her in.
  9. There was no need to rush. The city outside had no demands it could make on either of you. The city didn't know about the corner you laid in because it was abandoned long ago, leaving you and Erica to kiss and touch each other freely.
  11. You gathered great handfuls of her twisting hair and sifted the strands, reveling its twirls and bounce. Your fingertips dug into her scalp, traveling along her head until they ran against her horns. You paused and felt a low vibration inside the hard growths.
  13. Erica planted her lips against your skin. “Don't worry,” she whispered in hot sweeps of breath and voice. “Don't worry about me.”
  15. Her body swung upwards. She grabbed your shoulders and pulled you into a sitting position. Her knees bent by your sides. You took an ankle in hand and kissed her there. Bottom to top, your lips and tongue journeyed the length of her well-toned leg, her calf, her knee, the inside and out of her firm thighs. Erica's hips moved underneath you.
  17. God, you wanted to taste her, all of her. You kissed the rich coffee tones of her waist and belly, and only wanted more. You skirted across her shirt, took deep breathes through the nose and explored the firm line of her collar bones and neck. Hands snuck under the back of her shirt and paused at the growth of alien muscle there. The things between her shoulder blades shuddered.
  19. Erica grabbed your wrists. You felt the rough texture of her clawed left palm which sent a buzz across your shoulders. She felt it and took your left arm with her right hand.
  21. She traced a stroke across the tops of your fingers with her hardened claw, long and drawn-out, like a cat would to a captured mouse.
  23. “Don't let it scare you.” Erica touched the back of her scaled hand against your forearm. You felt its warmth and smooth, yet bumpy skin. The base of her burnt-yellow palm touched your wrist. The inhuman fingers crept across your palm and she entwined your fingers with her own in a gentle but certain grip. Black, shining talons prickled your skin. “It's not so bad.” she said, equally to you as to herself. Erica drew your hand to her mouth and kissed your knuckles.
  24. You drew her hand to you and likewise returned the kiss. Erica's eyes fluttered as your lips danced over the alien phalanges. As long as she enjoyed herself. The rough, ringed pattern of her skin tickled your lips.
  26. She nudged you to your back with her human hand, but held on with her talons, arms remaining a tether between the two of you. Erica straddled your waist. She was a tall girl, and her weight was felt, but you couldn't complain when most of it was centered over the bulge in your jeans.
  28. The healthy curve of her hips moved back and forth. You put a free hand over the red strap of her panties, pressed into the firm flesh there and directed the speed and depth of her dives. Her nostrils flared and passed puffs of air. You half expected smoke to blow out.
  30. Her lips drew back with each breath and dive of her hips, revealing the white slivers of her teeth. Erica's body rose and fell, rocking her antlers along with her breasts, which you very much wanted to see. Watery moonlight washed around the gentle but definite curve of her cleavage.
  32. You guided her hand to the base of her tank top and drew the shirt up in eager fits. You saw the line of her ribcage and laughed in your mind when the cup of her bra matched the color of the shirt. Erica was thinking in a more practical manner and realized she wouldn't get the tank top over her horns. She put both hands her shirt collar and ripped it.
  34. “I'm tired of hiding myself,” her voice echoed with an earthy depth as the fabric tore, exposing her chest. “I want you to look at me. All of me,” she husked.
  36. You wanted to see all of her too.
  38. Your hands traveled up her stomach and slipped into the bottom of her cups. Her bra was dislodged by the invasion of your fingers as you brushed them across her stiffening nipples, testing the soft, hidden flesh. She bit down on the shivering bottom of her lip.
  40. She grabbed your wrists in a solid but not un-kind fashion. “Don't freak,” she said.
  42. Erica's head dipped forward. Her horns arced in the air and drew a false, luminescent cut against the damaged ceiling. Her shoulders knotted and the grip on your wrists trembled and grew tighter.
  44. You asked if she was alright, and her response was a low, building groan not from an exclusive place of pain.
  46. The sound of moving flesh grew inside the room and two long, dark things blossomed onto changing scape of her form. The lines of her popped loose and the red cups fell on your stomach, leaving your hands as the only cover for her breasts. She pressed her chin into her chest. Her trembling fingers tightened around your arm.
  48. The things twitched and stretched, sending her body rocking. The left growth, off-blue like her horns, maybe darker, shook like a robe unfurling in the wind. It spread, revealing an arc of plumage that ranged from blue to almost-white. A bird's wing, majestic in curvature and tipped with feathers sharp and grand enough to have been stolen from some legendary eagle.
  50. Erica's head rolled as the wings unspooled from her back.
  52. Her right wing fanned out. Long, skinny, fingers extended from a joint instead of feathers. Thick, translucent webbing stretched between the twisting digits. Purple veins lined the skin and pumped blood across the expanse that wobbled against the air. Erica flexed the sharp fingers like a nightmarish hand, flapping them once, twice, making a noise like a tarp caught in a storm. They glowed in the night as if coated with oil.
  54. The girl's mismatching wings filled the air. Her mouth hung open in a hazy ecstasy. Her hands drifted away from yours as the wings folded around herself. Erica's eyes fluttered as the caress of feathers and hardened skin draped across her hips and shoulders.
  56. Erica withdrew her wings like curtains revealing a stage play. You were frozen and looked across her wings, her yellow eyes, and scaled arm that that teased her dark, quarter-sized aureola with their curving claws. She ran the nails down her stomach and placed them over your unrelenting bulge.
  58. Her eyes flashed in the dark, and it wasn't because of the street lights outside. Her lips moved. “You asked me what I was.” She pressed her palm down on your covered erection hard enough to make it hurt in the best way. “Let's find out.” She gripped the top of your jeans and tore the denim. Your erection bobbed higher in the air, constrained still by your underwear for a maddening moment. She ripped that too.
  60. Your penis bounced up between her thighs and Erica broke a moan like a girl who desperately wanted a cock inside of her.
  62. Her human hand cradled the bottom of your scrotum. A bird-like claw tested the air around your penis. She ran an open palm up your shaft and you shivered when the tip of her ink-black talons traced underneath the lip of your head with the delicacy of a surgeon's scalpel.
  64. Erica bit her lip and wrapped the claw around your length, making sure you felt every bump and ridge in her hand as she moved it up and down, slow as cold honey, making her cruel and wonderful in one repeating motion. A cloudy bead formed at the tip which she dabbed at and spread across your surface. It terrified you. It excited you.
  66. You don't know when Erica took her panties off, but they sure as hell weren't present as she positioned herself over you. A feathery patch of hair was over her smooth, thin lips. You looked at them, smooth and puffy and flushed. Her labia gave off more heat than the rest of her. Would the inferno of her body melt you if she took you inside? Erica looked at you with deep hunger through her spiraling bangs and hooked her nails across the base of your shaft and guided you into her -past those longing outer folds and into her tight, warm depths. Walls made of magma and intimate flesh constricted around you, not wanting to let go.
  68. Erica gasped. You gasped. You jumped inside of her and her shoulder muscles corded.
  70. Her claws spread across the bottom of your stomach and she arched her back. Her eyes shut. You looked and lost yourself in the pleasured scape of her face. Eyebrows were knitted from effort and ecstasy. Open and close went the nostrils on her well-sculpted nose. A tangle of hair hung on her perspiring forehead. The lids of her eyes opened by a slit and she caught you staring. You wanted to kiss those flush lips of hers more than anything else in the world right now. Erica was beautiful. From the moment you saw her on the bus, you knew she was beautiful. How could anyone so pretty hide themselves for so long? It was criminal.
  72. Her arm traveled up your chest and stopped over your heart which beat and beat and beat. She could tear your heart out right now and it wouldn't stop thumping for an hour. For a day. All of time, perhaps. Yellow eyes glowed with an uncanny brightness. Feathered tips and translucent bat wings spread fully and dominated the room. An eery liquid light diffused through and around them. Antlers twisted and curled away from the forest of her hair, glinting with the yellow and orange city lights from the skyline seen through the window behind her. They looked porcelain, even crystalline in the spotted light, and glinted with a crown's majesty.
  74. Was it the half-realized light? Was it the thick, heady air of an old room and sweaty, musky bodies? Her form unraveled at the edges and pulled together like a mirage -a dream born of illusion, magic, and mist, but she was real right now. You could feel her. She was burning you, making your blood pump hard enough to pop your ears. Erica was more real than any bus, or car crash, or knife at your throat, or star a hundred million years away who's light you couldn't see.
  76. Erica smiled down at you and looked like a fallen angel who claimed a soul all for herself.
  78. Your hands glided across her villainous body, not caring for damnation or salvation.
  80. She buoyed over you, breathing and touching herself, touching you. Hands, disfigured and mundane, were everywhere. The weakened bed springs creaked with each motion and the posts thumped and spread hollow echoes against the wall. Her body heated up again, like a forest fire caught an conflagrating wind inside of her stomach.
  82. You clamped her hips. She fell over you and supported herself on two hands. You reached up and kissed her again. Sweat ran down her face, arms, and the fine muscles in her neck, making her musky. Her mouth peppered you. Her saliva was nearly as hot as the steaming water she bathed under. You grimaced, but that wouldn't stop things.
  84. At any rate, it was already too late.
  86. You fingers toyed with her nipples, pinched and twisted at them to her gasping joy. She dove at your neck, bit your shoulders and trap muscles, shocked the neurons and lit your spine with whatever unearthly electricity that ran through her.
  88. You felt the lazy breeze from the window and the gust off Erica's shuddering wings. You felt each cascade of breath that past over her succulent lips and nostrils. Felt her dusky skin, which grew warmer and warmer with each thrust and moan.
  90. Oh, the sounds she made. Deep, hungry, joyful noises she shaped with her vocal chords and tongue. You could listen to her all night.
  92. That's when she growled. Down from her chest it came, bubbling up like a pending eruption. Her lower jaw shook as it rumbled out.
  94. She bared her teeth. White, sharp tips caught the window light. Her eyes widened, her full brows narrowed with a feral and eager anticipation.
  96. Her horns hummed.
  98. Erica's lips slid over her teeth. “Hang on.”
  100. All the muscles in her body coiled and you bit your tongue when she choked your member. Her body quaked and rocketed in temperature.
  102. Sweat glistened off her bare arms and shoulders. She closed her eyes, but a dim light burned behind her lids.
  104. The muscles in her arms twitched like subway trains moving on tracks under her skin. Her abdomen tightened.
  106. But the first thing you noticed was her hair. At first you thought it was a trick of the moonlight, but shock-white streaks unwound from her scalp and dripped across her curls like a broken bottle of whitewash.
  108. She shook her head, spreading the coloration faster. Bangs fell across her face and whitened. The curls became looser, heavier, turning into wide loops and twists that swung across her shoulders like hills of snow. A lock fell over your hand, smooth and silky.
  110. Erica grabbed your arm and held it against her chest. Her heart thumped wildly inside of her. Beneath your palm you felt a sensation of sprouting hairs. Strands of gray fur slipped between you fingers and spread around her chest and swirled across her shoulders.
  112. She gasped as if it tickled. Her teeth looked sharper. The gray fur changed to a browned red as it traveled down both of her arms. The scales on her left arm looped and tightened up to her elbow where it met the fur, looking slender, like an eagle's leg instead of a disfiguring rash. The muscles flexed and she placed it across your chest and left thin, red scratch marks
  114. You expected the same from her right arm, but all expectations were out of town for that night. Wiry, sand-colored hair grew there. The muscles became steely and powerful. Her hand swelled and thickened. She pulled back, grabbed at the wrist and held it close to her. Her fingers flexed. Nails sprouted from the tips, but less cruel than her other talons. Your hands were on her hips.
  116. She bit down on the firm muscles of her forearm as the skin on her palms and fingertips turned rough and black. Her fingers plumped as fur coated them, turning them into a paw belonging to a predatory big cat. She stretched her reformed hand with a dexterity that was beyond normal animals. The claws slipped out and inwards like they were polished with oil.
  118. Erica put both bestial limbs over your stomach and marveled. Your stomach drew in a deep breathe at the criss-crossed sensation of scales and hot paw pads upon you. By now her breasts had disappeared beneath the fur. Her stomach was likewise covered.
  120. She tightened around your member like a vice. You moaned in pain and arched your back. Erica wrapped her lion arm around you and pulled you to her furred body.
  122. “Just take me there,” she rasped into your ear. “Take me there. Take me all the way, please,” she urged in a broken voice. She put a wet, sloppy kiss on the side of your face and flooded your neck with her steamy exhalations. You kissed her back.
  124. Her thighs tightened and seared . Her left leg became rough, much like her left arm. You felt the skin wrinkle into scales beneath your hand. Her right leg donned a coat of course, peppered fur. Her calves twisted, and you felt her feet scrabble and twitch across the sheets. No telling what those would look like.
  126. The bed scraped across the floor as her wings flapped once, twice, three times. You moaned as she loosened and tightened her carnal grip over you. Her hips undulated again. Erica regained enough control over herself and she was going to finish what was started.
  128. Your ears buzzed from the static noise of her horns which ran in circles across the sound band. Lights flickered outside.
  130. Erica ran her nose over your forehead and kissed your brow. You put a hand over her furry hips and found the smooth texture not unenjoyable. Fear was somewhere inside of you, panic, confusion, but it was held at bay by the overpowering urge to fulfill one very critical physical and emotional need.
  132. Your rear bounced against the mattress less and less, but not because Erica pulled back on the effort. You felt a small lurch in your stomach and there was only air beneath you. You and Erica rose in the room by centimeters, leaving the old, stained bed on the ground.
  134. “Don't let go of me,” she mewled, “Don't let go, don't let godon'tletgodon'tdon'tdon't.”
  136. Together you rose higher. You didn't care. You wanted to go higher with her. Break through the roof, above the city, above the clouds and past the Earth, as long as she was with you.
  138. Her powerful limbs explored your back. You shoulders tingled under the rough run of her pads. Your skin cried with perverse pleasure at the scratches she left. Your fingers traveled around the base of her wings. Feathers flowed beneath your fingers and your palm slid over taught, wing-flesh. Erica purred.
  140. Something brushed the back of your calf. A tuft of fur trailed up your leg, across your bare rear and the small of your back. It fell down, and something swung into the air behind Erica -a long, red tail covered in smooth, shiny scales that ended in an off-white swirling brush of fur. You looked down her back and saw muscles pull and loosen to control the swinging extension of her body.
  142. The intensity of her voice grew and shook your body. Her gasps tore themselves into growls, deep and rough, and spread far across the evolutionary line and animal kingdom, like she didn't know what she wanted to be, or maybe she wanted to be everything. The hind part of your brain couldn't decide if it was terrified or aroused, either way, you were fully engaged.
  144. Her antlers sung. Rags and slips of discarded clothing floated into the air. Water from the shower and damp footsteps rained upwards in shaky droplets which shone brightly in the night. The white flood of her mane hung as if suspended underwater.
  146. Tears that couldn't decide to rise or fall were on her face. Your wiped them away and touched your forehead to hers and put your hands on her cheeks.
  148. “Don't be afraid,” Erica shuddered, “Please, please, please don't be afraid of me.” She shook her head.
  150. “Just let me know you're okay,” you said.
  152. “I am,” she smiled and her golden eyes sparkled like tea light candles. “I feel better than I ever have.” Her body rumbled like an engine.
  154. She thrust into you harder than before and howled. You heard the pop and crack of bones. Her ribcage jutted outwards and stretched away from you. Her head thrashed through the air, stretching her neck with each shake.
  156. Erica drove deeper into you, hurting you, but you fought through it, determined to see this to an end no matter what it looked like. You gasped and moaned along with Erica. Her muscles thickened along her craning and increasingly fur-covered neck. Whipping hair obscured her face.
  158. Her shoulders slid around her body, taking up a position more suitable for a four-legged animal. She embraced you with her wings and her hips crashed into you like storm waves. Your head pressed against her chest, and you heard the sound of a dozen beating hearts. Her long, furry stomach rolled beneath you. The whipping tail wrapped itself around your leg.
  160. You looked up and saw her neck wrap in a long curve. The white hair over her face parted.
  162. The tip of a slender, grayed snout extended past the mane's curtain. Erica raised a shaky paw to the tip of her black nose. It quivered at the air, taking in the multi-faceted of everything. Long jaws worked open, revealing a set of sharp, white teeth. Erica's moans came out of those jaws, rough, deep, but Erica's all the same.
  164. Her eagle claw cupped your bottom and pushed you deeper into her. Her neck wrapped behind you. She snarled, yowled, growled, and made every frightful and primal noise imaginable as if an entire menagerie inside of her was fighting to be heard. Your own cries were drowned out from the din.
  166. The muscles in her body threaded and tethered, bones shifted and curved in one final push that shoved you both to to a peak. Whatever you were entwined with was no longer human. Claws, paws, tails, wings, snouts, all touched you and wanted you.
  168. The moment arrived -the moment where your body had enough and your mind was overblown by countless processes both physical and mental. Far too many sounds, too many touches and feelings inside your mind and around your body grappled for dominance.
  170. A piercing flash shot through your shaft and you lower body screamed in release. You both shook at the same time, called out, groped, clutched at each others incredibly dissimilar bodies in midair, and made half-conscious, unintelligible declarations of love. The windows rattled and the city lights outside flashed until the cries subsided like a dying twister.
  172. The tension in the air winded down and you drifted back to the mattress.
  174. Erica's now much larger body uncoiled around you. Her tail slid off the mattress and spooled on the ground. Her wings shook in post-coital fuzziness. She tousled the hair from her face, letting you see just how much she changed.
  176. Her muzzle hung half-open. Long white teeth glistened. Her head was slender with a deer's elegance, and a wolf's pointedness. The fur around her closed eyes were dark and moist with joyful tears. Tall ears poked from the top of her heavy mane.
  178. Lids pulled open. Still wide and vivid, but instead of a brilliant hazel, her irises shifted to a reflective rouge painted on golden eyes. They narrowed into an easy gratefulness
  180. She lifted herself, ran her paws up her body as if in a dream. The ribbon of her tail looped in the air and dangled over her nose. Her long mouth pulled back in animal-bliss. Her wing tips drew lines across the muscles of her stomach and legs in quiet triumph. You kept silent, or tried to as your chest still heaved after the mountainous effort of joining.
  182. Her damp breath settled over you. She dipped her long neck downwards. Her wet nose slid around your chin in lazy circles. She closed her eyes and licked slow lines across your neck and shoulders with a slim tongue. Your breath caught while lying underneath the strange creature bathing you with her affection. Great wings, like two expansive arms, wrapped over you and drew your body into her protective and satiated embrace.
  184. Your eyes jumped between her wings, her neck, and finally to her. Recognition lurked behind her sleepy, gaze.
  186. “Erica?”
  188. Her tongue slid up the side of your right cheek and she pressed her muzzle into your hair. A talon laid across your lips. “Shhhh,” she purred.
  190. Her paw trailed along your body. “Thank you,” she whispered, nosing through your hair. “Thank you.”
  192. “And my name,” she added. “Don't call me Erica. That's not my name. It's Eris. Call me Eris.”
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