Dadonequus Discord Part 226

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  1. >the changelings woo at you, sucking in the few seconds of love form Applebloom before...
  2. >She sucker punches you int he face with her hoof and runs the other direction.
  3. >"oooooohhhhhh that must have stung"
  4. >".....I thought for sure that was going to be an embrace sorta thing"
  5. >"!"
  6. >You held on to your muzzle with your hooves as you leaned upwards, that really smarts.
  7. >Worse, You lost sight of Applebloom. But you don't lose the sound. You head a door close behind you, then a thud followed by a scream....she went through the floor door.
  8. >You could hear the changelings in the room laughing at you and at the whole situation.
  9. >The situation...the laughter.....the secret revealed...the fucking with you...the friendship lessons.....your friends...your foes...ALL OF IT!
  12. >You look over towards the changelings, who have since stopped laughing and now stared at you, with stoic faces.
  14. >But they all just start laughing again.
  15. >"Silly Anon..we can't hurt eachother"
  16. >"What a maroon"
  17. >".....they didn't smooch right...darn it"
  18. >You started to smirk quite crazily, your eyes twitching.
  19. "....Who said anything about hurting? I wonder how you all would like to be my furniture after I get my horn back. Because I fucking swear on my life that my horn bypasses the barrier, and guess what...I'm really feeling into Feng Shui right now.."
  20. >You let out an angrily crazed titter
  21. >The changelings stop their laughter, and look at eachother, worried
  22. >"Ca'can he do that? is he bluffing?"
  23. >"Remember the ex-captain? He got changed into a chair!"
  24. >"I don't want to be a toilet!"
  25. >You could tell you now had their attention.
  26. "...Well don't want to be furniture. Then you all better fucking pay attention to me right FUCKING now! Everypony! Line up!"
  28. >Amazingly, it worked. Whether you were bluffing or could actually do it. It didn't seem to matter. Because you convinced them that you were now running the show.
  29. "I know there is more of you little fucks down there right now terrorizing that filly! So I want you all to go down there and calm down the swarm. You have ten seconds, because if I step down there and I hear so much as a cackle.....Well, I hope you like being strung together as a chandelier"
  30. >Noooope! The changelings in your room scrambled for the floor door. You could hear talking, panicked yelling, and hissing downstairs....until finally....quiet.
  31. "...Good...Now for Applebloom"
  32. >You open the floordoor and head down to the living room.
  33. >You look around, all the changelings were lined up in neat little rows. The moment you placed your hooves on the solid ground. They saluted.
  34. "....Good...At ease.."
  35. >They all stopped saluting.
  36. >you started to look around the living room. But no sign of Applebloom. Now that was worrying.
  37. "Applebloom? Applebloom.....come on...Please? Don't hide from me.."
  38. >You start to look around. The kitchen was upside down...but no sign of her. The hall of doors...oh god..the train hoped she didn't step in there...then you realize...the changelings might know.
  39. "Hey...any of you seen Applebloom?"
  40. >they ALL immediately point towards the couch
  41. >you walk over to it, you look under Applebloom.
  42. >But you look at the top. The top of the couch was red and velvety, and inbetween two red pillows was a third shaking pillow...with a bow. That wasn't a was her tail. She was trying to pose as a pillow.
  43. "Applebloom...I know that's you"
  45. >you hear her whimpering
  46. "Applebloom..I'm not going to UMPH!"
  47. >Applebloom wastes no time at spinning around and tossing a pillow at you before hopping on and off of you.
  48. >She then runs towards the front door and opens it as you get up and throw the pillow off of you.
  49. "Applebloom! Don't!"
  50. >You yell at her to stop. But she does on her own. Whatever was out there. That was a big nope. She slams the door and tries running again.
  51. >Or she would....but she trips and falls over. She could barely move her legs. The mat in front of the door was sticky as hell, and has stuck to all four of her convenient.
  52. >You walk over to Applebloom and stand over her
  53. "Applebloom...Please...relax. Let me explai-"
  54. >She does her best to huddle into a ball as her stomach gets stuck onto the mat, She couldn't unwind herself. "P-please! Don't eat me Anon! Ahm all gamey and stuff...p-please let me go" She whined and whimpered. She had never felt so close to death in her life, even the Chimera she faced didn't seem so scary.
  55. >You roll your eyes
  56. "Applebloom. I'm not going to eat you! Geez! This is why I never really "fell in love" with you. This right here, you're stubborn and you act dumb...ALOT!"
  57. >Applebloom's heart..whatever was left. shattered from those words. Even the changelings around you cringed. "P-please..d-don't hurt me..."
  58. >You sigh...stupid girl.
  59. "Applebloom....Look at me...Look at me right now"
  60. >She was frightened, but those words. She very slowly looked up, not even realizing she was too stuck to uncurl. And looked at you with despair.
  61. >.....geez Applebloom...
  62. >You lay down on your belly in front of her and sigh.
  63. "Applebloom...I'm going to explain everything to you right now. I know you're scared...but I need you to listen to all of it...alright? Once you listen, you'll understand why the changelings are here. Will you listen to me?"
  64. >She doesn't move at first, but after a moment. She slowly nods.
  65. "...ok....let me start from the beginning..."
  67. >You explain everything to Applebloom. Nothing human related. You started at when you and Discord went terrorize her to her coming to live with you to the whole "Nymous" thing. During the story, Applebloom stayed absolutely silent. You didn't even know if she was listening or if she was lost in some kind of mental and emotional void.
  68. >you could hear the changelings murmuring among themselves, some even crying.
  69. >"Those poor Changelings! they were just dragged along for the ride since the beginning!"
  70. >" do know WE are those changelings right?"
  71. >"Well, is it? Those changelings sounded a lot more sympathetic"
  72. >"I know right? I already like this story, it makes us sound better...except for our queen"
  73. >"Yeah, she didn't sound nearly as monstrous and evil as usual"
  74. >"Yeah...disappointing actually. I'd have made her sound more vicious, that'd be great"
  75. >But you didn't care for their answers. You cared for Applebloom's.
  76. "And that's everything Applebloom. I'm not a monster or a changeling...I'm just a foal who got wrapped into chaos. Kinda par for the course really.."
  77. >Applebloom was still curled into a ball, but she was in deep thought. So deep she still didn't really notice her predicament. "........."
  78. "Applebloom?"
  79. >"'s alot to think about. And..."
  80. >It shouldn't be THAT much. But, you didn't realize she was also thinking on what you said about her pretty much being a child.
  82. >" just seems...really dangerous. I was there when that queen went all nasty. She even beat Princess Celestia. And that's what ah really don't get. Why would Princess Celestia agree to let her live here?"
  83. >You sigh
  84. "Like I said, I think I can reform her. It's hard...she's....really difficult...but..I think I can. Celestia believes in me...mostly"
  85. >Applebloom then slowly looked upon the changelings "A-and what about them?" She was still frightened by their presence. Hell, she was still having some trouble swallowing the story in general. But she couldn't move, all she could do was listen and talk. And in her kinda made sense.
  86. "They are harmless. They can't even hurt us. Dad's spell kinda made us all immune to eachother..or something like that. It's fine. And..they aren't so bad when they aren't being dumb."
  87. >the changelings started to protest, saying "No we're not!"
  88. >But you just take a quick glance at them and say.
  89. "Dining room set"
  90. >And they all shut up
  91. >You then look to Applebloom, who looked quite confused.
  92. "See? I got it all under control. Chrysalis is just trying to get her way, get under my skin, she was the one who dropped off the map. I already had mine the entire time. I don't really get what she gains by you learning the secret. But that's fine...we'll work it out"
  93. >Applebloom doesn't really listen to that part, she just turns her head with a somber look and says "Yeah...." She sighs, still looking away "Anon...Do you think I'm dumb?"
  95. >Wut?
  96. >All that...and thats what she was worried about the most?
  97. >You sigh heavily, and look into her eyes with reassuring eyes to let her know you weren't angry anymore.
  98. "No...I was just really angry. You're a good friend. But you gotta understand Applebloom. This isn't a game. This is serious..I need to know now, are you scared of me still?"
  99. >Applebloom took a breath, and slowly released "A's always somethin' with you. Either you're a hero, or something shady is going on. And this is pretty darn shady. You lie, but you also got this really big heart. And ah think ah can see why you's just...really confusing. How do ah even know you're actually good? Ya could just be telling me all this so ah don't tell anypony else. You could have some sort of evil plan. But what can ah do really...ahm trapped. Ahm scared...It's too much. Ah never met anypony like you...and it's just......ah dunno what to call it..."
  100. >She was only acting calm because she was tired and her hope was nearly gone. It was like she had given up.
  101. >mnnnn
  102. "Applebloom, I promise it's all the truth. In fact....hold still ok? Please...just close your eyes."
  103. >But she didn't. She didn't want to do it. she was scared of not being able to open them again.
  104. "Applebloom...look, I'm gonna get you unstuck. Then I'm going to let you go home. If you don't believe me. Tell your sister, tell Twilight, you know...just tell them. It'll pretty much end all your fears right there. Now close your eyes, ok? Please?"
  105. >Applebloom hesitates. But she closes her eyes this time.
  106. >You investigate the mat. the goop that kept her together looked like super glue. egh. Maybe you could cut through it. Or maybe..
  107. >You look at a closeby changeling.
  108. "You...right"
  109. >The changeling gulps and comes over. Applebloom flinches, but keeps her eyes shut. She thought something bad was going to happen.
  111. "Use your horn..VERY CAREFULLY,,,and cut through this goop right here, here...and right under her mane. Ok? No tricks...and don't hurt her"
  112. >The changeling nods and does his best. He does a good job actually. just a few strands of the goop hung from her mane. it wasn't too bad. You carefully throw the mat to the side, keeping your hooves away from the sticky side.
  113. " your eyes and stand up"
  114. >Applebloom slowly opens her eyes and realizes she wasn't stuck anymore. She looks at her legs, her hooves, then very carefully stands up. But she still says nothing.
  115. "Follow me..."
  116. >You walk over to the underside of the floordoor, and point at it.
  117. "Applebloom, this might be really hard for you right now. But to get back up, you need to focus on these invisible this"
  118. >You focus, and start to rise up from the ground with every step.
  119. "See? Just don't lose focus and pretend theres a staircase going up."
  120. >Applebloom was slightly astounded just to see you stepping up. She put a hoof forward, but she didn't feel a step. She then looked around, she felt very uncomfortable with all the changelings around. "Anon...they ain't going to try anything, are they?"
  121. >mnnnn
  122. " all. Get back in the basement. We'll talk later. But it's bed time anyway...SO MOVE!"
  123. >The changelings again, start to scramble towards the trap door and rush through it. Stupid nimrods.
  124. "You alright now?"
  125. >"Mhmm..." Applebloom actually wasn't. But, it was some relief. But she still didn't know if she should trust you.
  126. >" this?." She steps forward. But it still doesn't work.
  127. "No have to act like there's stairs. You have to believe they are there. It's the only way"
  128. >She nods, and tries to focus harder. She tried to get determined. And with a few more tries. She managed to do it. But she doesn't get excited. She just steps up silently.
  129. >As she steps up into the room. You go to the dial and set it to the town hall. and open the portal door.
  131. "There you go Applebloom. The way to Ponyville is through that door...."
  132. >You really really didn't want her to say anything to anyone.
  133. "Applebloom...I still want to be your friend. It's just, really, my life is complicated. I'm sorry about Diamond Tiara...but just because that happened. Doesn't mean we can't be friends...same with this. Ok?"
  134. >But she doesn't say anything. She just walks closer towards you and the door.
  135. >she stops right in front of you, and sighs, looking away "Ah just wanna go home Anon..."
  136. "...right..."
  137. >You step aside and let her through.
  138. "Goodnight Applebloom.."
  139. >"....Goodnight..."
  140. >She doesn't say anything more. She just steps through the door.
  141. >You gently close the door after she leaves.
  142. "........."
  143. >You sigh...that didn't go well....that didn't go well at all.
  144. >What were you going to do now? What did Chrysalis gain from this? You didn't know....
  145. >you didn't even feel any rage....just anguish. You climb into bed. and just lay there..thinking of every possibility that can happen tomorrow. Either're life was probably ruined at this point. Mission Accomplished Bugbutt....Mission Accomplished.
  147. >You lay there for the rest of the night. Unable to sleep. You were scheming.
  148. "....Oh she's going to to get it. Does she even care that this fucks up her chances at freedom?...probably not. She says she's my friend. But ever since she got out and into Equestria. She became a major bitch. She may have been duping me the entire time. She may not have even cared about Starship Troopers."
  149. >You roll on your back and look straight up
  150. "She's playing for keeps it seems. So fine, I'll show her how much i can "change". And she won't like it...oohhh no..she won't."
  151. >You wrap yourself in your blanket and slowly roll around.
  152. "As for Applebloom...I'm just going to have to hope she doesn't tell anyone else. And if that's the case, I'm going to have to try to speak to her again. I have to show her I have everything under control...and if I have to have Chrysalis on a leash to show that. So be it. She brought it upon herself."
  153. >You put your face in your pillow
  154. "And then there's Discord....not much I can do about that. Just going to have to deal with whatever he wants me to do. I've done it before, I can do it again. Though that type of shit is what caused this whole changeling thing in the first place."
  155. >You just couldn't sleep.
  156. "....I think I'll just go straight to school in the morning. Let Chrysalis do what she wants at the castle. If I'm lucky, she'll fuck up and get caught on her own. Celestia would get my back......or maybe she'd be upset because things went wrong under my watch"
  157. >You sigh
  158. "...what a bother. No...I'll go straight to the castle"
  160. >And so you wait. Wait until the alarm of your alarm clock rings.
  161. >Your eyes were heavy, but you didn't yawn, you were exhausted, and yet you couldn't sleep a wink. Oh...god...
  162. >You slowly and wearily got up as you walked to your mirror....what a mess. Your mane was scraggly and your eyes were heavy and baggy.
  163. >You take your saddle bag and open the portal door
  164. "agh!"
  165. >You hold your hoof over your eyes...the rising sun was bright. and your eyes needed to readjust.
  166. "mmnnghh.....mnnn"
  167. >You step through the portal and head straight towards Twilight's castle.
  168. "Just go in...check on Chrysalis...Tell Twilight the news that she can live with Discord...yadda bla...that's it. Easy...Hopefully I can get her "settled in" right after telling her. ngh...Need to clear my mind. I don't want to miss anything."
  169. >You arrive at the front doors of the castle and push them open. Shaking your head to try to send a jolt to your brain to keep you more attentive and awake.
  170. >You approach the next set of doors to the Cutie Map room. But your ears perk up. A voice coming from the other side gets your attention. A voice as radiant as the sun.
  171. > way....
  172. >You slowly open the doors.
  173. >Sitting at the map was Twilight,Nymous, and....Princess Celestia.
  174. >they were smiling, laughing, and having a joyous time. It seemed they were having breakfast..Pancakes. But...Why? Why was Celestia here? And....what was them..all of them...being so happy?
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