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Yafaray 3.0.2-beta

Osmodivs Aug 3rd, 2016 100 Never
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  1. Load Handler: Convert Yafaray texture "Tex" with texture type: "NONE" to "NONE"
  2. Traceback (most recent call last):
  3.   File "/home/administrador/3D/blender-2.77a-linux-glibc211-x86_64/2.77/scripts/modules/addon_utils.py", line 330, in enable
  4.     mod = __import__(module_name)
  5.   File "/home/administrador/.config/blender/2.77/scripts/addons/yafaray_v3/__init__.py", line 70, in <module>
  6.     from . import io
  7.   File "/home/administrador/.config/blender/2.77/scripts/addons/yafaray_v3/io/__init__.py", line 21, in <module>
  8.     import yafaray_v3_interface
  9.   File "/home/administrador/.config/blender/2.77/scripts/addons/yafaray_v3/bin/yafaray_v3_interface.py", line 28, in <module>
  10.     _yafaray_v3_interface = swig_import_helper()
  11.   File "/home/administrador/.config/blender/2.77/scripts/addons/yafaray_v3/bin/yafaray_v3_interface.py", line 24, in swig_import_helper
  12.     _mod = imp.load_module('_yafaray_v3_interface', fp, pathname, description)
  13.   File "/home/administrador/3D/blender-2.77a-linux-glibc211-x86_64/2.77/python/lib/python3.5/imp.py", line 242, in load_module
  14.     return load_dynamic(name, filename, file)
  15.   File "/home/administrador/3D/blender-2.77a-linux-glibc211-x86_64/2.77/python/lib/python3.5/imp.py", line 342, in load_dynamic
  16.     return _load(spec)
  17. ImportError: /home/administrador/.config/blender/2.77/scripts/addons/yafaray_v3/bin/dependencies/libImath.so.12: file too short
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