white boys, spaceghost and tresh twitch shittalk

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  1. M0nkeii: please don't ever use autistic as a actual insult
  2. Swyddog: ^
  3. Vaarq: ^
  4. Spaceghostpurrptf2: <deleted link>
  5. Alannytf: Don't talk about yourself like that vaarq
  6. Vaarq: Why
  7. Gunsbunny: xD b4nny is 21 but look 15
  8.  Peepeebumbums:  = Autism Face (no space)
  9. Spaceghostpurrptf2: h0dor add me on steam
  10. Alannytf: Because you are worse then this chat
  11. Uyscuti: like comment and subscribe
  12. Spaceghostpurrptf2: id/soupyeyeballs
  13. Spaceghostpurrptf2: lets go
  14. Alannytf: Your ego is above the heavens
  15. Spaceghostpurrptf2: ill come fly to you
  16. Tresh9999: space I added you
  17. Vaarq: That's the first thing i've said >.>
  18. H0dor_: ok
  19. Darudeampersandstorm: I'm 7'6, 500 pounds, pretty much 0% body fat; my dick is 2" long, I've been lifting since I was six, I can grow a full beard in a single day
  20. Darudeampersandstorm: fite me
  21. M0nkeii: kids, this is what happens when there is +300 viewers on a stream
  22. Uyscuti: fite me then m8
  23. Harrisondodd: 2 inches.
  24. M0nkeii: *** gets down
  25. Uyscuti: let's go
  26. Tresh9999: u should get that checked
  27. Alannytf: Please no copy potatorino
  28. Darudeampersandstorm: 2" ***
  29. Darudeampersandstorm: feet
  30. Darudeampersandstorm: learn measurement
  31. Testifyx: sgp talks a tough game but really hes a ugc steel pyro main
  32. Spaceghostpurrptf2: @Darudeampersandstorm you can do that
  33. Spaceghostpurrptf2: steroids
  34. Spaceghostpurrptf2: dude Im UGC steel engy
  35. Spaceghostpurrptf2: get it right
  36. Bbop800: Yeah, cuz a couple of bored people saying dumb *** in a chat means *** is getting down.
  37. Uyscuti: *** I cook bacon without a shirt on. Try to beat that
  39. Testifyx: sgp talks a tough game but really hes a ugc steel pyro main
  40. Spaceghostpurrptf2: @Darudeampersandstorm you can do that
  41. Spaceghostpurrptf2: steroids
  42. Spaceghostpurrptf2: dude Im UGC steel engy
  43. Spaceghostpurrptf2: get it right
  44. Bbop800: Yeah, cuz a couple of bored people saying dumb *** in a chat means *** is getting down.
  45. Uyscuti: *** I cook bacon without a shirt on. Try to beat that
  46. Uyscuti: Now do you want to fite me
  47. Spaceghostpurrptf2: i want to lick that bacon grease off ur chest
  48. Tresh9999: testify u can barley get 10 wins in open getting carried
  49. Bbop800: hey guys who likes tf2
  50. Sjoeberg9: i think the 2" dick was refering to steroids
  51. Testifyx: oh I apologize kind sir
  52. Alannytf: Dunked on
  53. Bbop800: i like tf2
  54. Darudeampersandstorm: tf2 is for nerds
  55. Afrobassz: ma3la is so bad
  56. Spaceghostpurrptf2: i agree darud
  57. Alannytf: Although I see where you are coming from Vaarq
  59. Spaceghostpurrptf2: gumby you're still here? Go to bed
  60. Dutchbakery: Fetal beard
  61. Alannytf: Barneylord dunk on sgp real quick
  62. Gumbytf2: Alanny you beta ***
  63. Uyscuti: do you even squat ***?
  64. Darudeampersandstorm: fuuuuUuuUUuUck
  65. Alannytf: Nice twitch censor
  66. Nil4244: b4nny is god
  67. Tresh9999: gummy do you even know how a gym looks like
  69. H0dor_: space come where i live i wanna box ur *** up
  70. Alannytf: How a gym looks like
  71. Spaceghostpurrptf2: h0dor i told you add me on steam
  72. Spaceghostpurrptf2: we can arrange something
  73. H0dor_: i did
  74. Uyscuti: Fite me sgp
  75. Testifyx: oooo
  77. Snowblindtf2: alfa is beyond retarded
  78. M0nkeii: to try it out
  79. M0nkeii: i guess
  80. Spaceghostpurrptf2: testify and tresh literally the worst trash talking exchange i have ever seen
  81. H0dor_: b4ny u better keep using that ***
  82. Spaceghostpurrptf2: what a disgrace
  83. Testifyx:
  84. Gumbytf2: Polo fresh
  85. M0nkeii: space, what do you except
  86. Tresh9999: u taught me
  87. Sahweet: what time is it where you live Snowblind
  88. M0nkeii: it's midnight
  89. Daddydrool: LOL snowblind
  90.  Peepeebumbums: snowblind is that a compliment or insult?
  91. Spaceghostpurrptf2: dont you mean expect you *** moron
  92. Testifyx: im super serious
  93. Daddydrool: theres a reason alfa couldn't get anything more than a backup spot above div4 in Europe. moved to the US and somehow ended up in a top team
  94. Snowblindtf2: 12:32pm
  95. Spaceghostpurrptf2: theres a reason why a US team won i52 u *** retard
  96. Toaoo: b4nny do you use -high in your launch options?
  97. Gewwwt: yeah it can't be that he practiced for like 5 seasons
  98. Darudeampersandstorm: europoors can't handle alfa's swag
  99. Daddydrool: ? yeah, na has by far the best tf2 players
  100. Testifyx: hey now there was a canadian on the team too
  101. H0dor_: europe = ***
  102. Daddydrool: what has that got to do with the price of bacon?
  103. Spaceghostpurrptf2: daddydrool i have a goldfish
  104. Daddydrool: what color is it
  105. H0dor_: why ur rockets got so crisp all of a sudden
  106. Jonahderpy: What kind of headphones does b4nny have?
  107. Spaceghostpurrptf2: its more relevant in tf2 then u ever will be
  108. Testifyx: is his name goldie
  109. Obeliskos: it's the original man
  110. Jarate_koc: europes roamers arent nearly as good as nas
  111. Vaarq: lol, sick burn
  112. Nil4244: Audiotechnica ATH-AD700
  113. Nil4244: headphones
  114. Spaceghostpurrptf2: snowblind how does 4th place feel
  115. Testifyx: being relevant in tf2 is like being relevant in the special olympics
  116. Jonahderpy: Danke
  117. Tresh9999: no Mike is good
  118. Toaoo: maybe european teams didn't recognize alfa's skills
  119. Snowblindtf2: feels fine
  120. Tresh9999: and gear
  121. Nobelharvards: Does anybody have a suggestion for an LCD monitor that is at least 120hz and 1 or 2 ms response time for the cheapest price possible, in Sydney, Australia?
  122.  Peepeebumbums: lol wait why are we talking so much *** in chat
  123. Spaceghostpurrptf2: nah being relevant in the special olympics is a greater accomplishment
  124. Darudeampersandstorm: take the screen out of a 2003 dell laptop
  125. Gumbytf2: My mom told me not to stare into the sun
  126. Vaarq: I dunno peepee
  127. Jarate_koc: gear doesnt play anymore
  128. Vaarq:
  129. Sjoeberg9: benq all day bruh
  130. Pbod: Why does he flick so much
  131. H0dor_: in australia? that *** will cost u 5000 dollars lmao
  132. Tresh9999: what's better then winning the paralympics
  133. Rocketsurge: spaceghost speaking as the voice of mediocrity in ugc
  134. Tresh9999: being normal
  135. Testifyx: whos asdf
  136. Spaceghostpurrptf2: i was UGC champion s12 and s11
  137. Spaceghostpurrptf2: shut the *** up rocketsurge
  138. Sahweet: Clock
  139. Sndrec32: hi sgp
  140. Harrisondodd: clckwrk
  141. Bor3dofyoo: Bread boxes dropped again. Should've sold my 2 while they were at 3 keys...
  142. Harrisondodd: is asdf
  143. Spaceghostpurrptf2: hey bytes
  144. Rocketsurge: worse than the special olympivs
  145. Testifyx: ok
  146. Stapleguntv: ooh purp goin in
  147. Vaarq: sgp you were just arguing that you're better than everyone in this chat at this game, then say that it's less important than the special Olympics
  148. Gumbytf2: Who are these people
  149. Rocketsurge: Olympics
  150. Toaoo: i disagree, there are probably more comp tf2 players than special olympics competitors
  151. Darudeampersandstorm: 4K
  152. Spaceghostpurrptf2: toaoo you are probably too retarded for the special olympics
  153. Toaoo: so mean
  154. Darudeampersandstorm: oh ***
  155. Tresh9999: he's not special enough
  157. Katsy?
  158. Hassassin_: *GE
  159. Corstra: do you use the default scatter gun and rocket launcher
  160. Hassassin_: *Get right
  161. H0dor_: i heard marissa has a 15 incher
  162. H0dor_: (in his anus)
  163. Jms2013: nice
  164. Bane7977: yo waassssup banny
  165. Darudeampersandstorm: stop talking about my dong, that's just lewd
  166. Alannytf: Is carter cw
  167. Gumbytf2: Sgp have much you deadlift
  168. Jdohg1: b4nny i love you
  169. Jarate_koc: bo
  170. Jarate_koc: no
  171. Jarate_koc: cw is matt
  172. Gewwwt: slinvite
  173. Tresh9999: he left idiot
  174. Harvardbb: slinvite
  175. Bor3dofyoo: Katsy is the pyro for mTs
  176. Gumbytf2: Tresh how much u deadlift idiot
  177. Alannytf: His alias is Matt right now
  178. Darudeampersandstorm: lmao keep posting tf2 streamers to /lgbt/, this is hilarious
  179. H0dor_: b4nny do you play on 120hz
  180. Fuzzyfeels: banny you're a big guy
  181. Crtrcoolkid:
  182. Crantez: do people still call you Grant 'B4nny' Vincent?
  183. Alannytf: I'm talking about his alias
  184. Gewwwt: ash is aliasing as "mattlamekid" and cw is aliasing as "cartercoolkid"
  185. Hassassin_: alfa is a vampire
  186. Jms2013: can we get tyrone on cam
  187. Tresh9999: I'm 5 I don't deadlift sorry
  188. Bane7977: u team xts?
  189. Bor3dofyoo: Am I the only one who thinks that b4nny looks like eXtine?
  190. Gumbytf2: *** loser
  191. Hexpocraft: yes
  192. Feistel: banny doesn't have the sideburns
  193. Tresh9999: I'm out too many idiots
  194. Jms2013: k
  195. Trinites: rekt
  196. Gumbytf2: Butthurt?
  197. Jynxtf: wat
  198. Alannytf: Tresh why is your ego always above the heavens
  199. Qyre: what happened
  200. Alannytf: Like ***
  201. Feistel: the extine goes, "yaoooo" what does the banny say?
  202. Jms2013: moooo
  203. H0dor_: coz he is an edgy ***
  204. H0dor_: who the *** names himself tresh
  205. Hexpocraft: meeeoooowwww
  206. Bor3dofyoo: Not sure, he just always sounds sad
  207. Darudeampersandstorm: b4nny says 'get rekt fag'
  208. Vontagicals: Who is clock
  209. Darudeampersandstorm: but seriously he says 'WHAT'
  210. Jms2013: l8r
  211. Crantez: b4nny, are you mad cause you're bad?
  212. Darudeampersandstorm: clock 'work' scout is a competitive tf2 video gamer
  213. Bor3dofyoo: Anyone wanna marathon the 3 boku no picos with me?
  214. Alannytf: I might switch mains going from roamer to scout any tips
  215. Hexpocraft: da faq is that
  216. Fuzzyfeels: *** ma
  217. Hassassin_: change ur interp to 0.033 when u die or 0.034
  218. Hassassin_: do it 4 fuNn
  219. Fuzzyfeels: *** ma3la, always going for the big play
  220. Alannytf: I have class configs on
  221. Alannytf: I'm decent at soldier but I just can't get *** good at it
  222. Alannytf: It's weird
  223. Gumbytf2: Why main scout alanny
  224. Alannytf: Bored
  225. Toaoo: what division alan
  226. Darudeampersandstorm: yes b4nny, I am *** you
  227. Bor3dofyoo: Yes?
  228. Gumbytf2: Play demo
  229. Mrbodymassagemachine: lol
  230. Gumbytf2: Then go back to roamer
  231. Alannytf: I was a open roamer I'm not good though
  232. Bane7977: WHAT HAPPENED TO TAGG
  233. Darudeampersandstorm: he killed himse;f
  234. Gewwwt: who cares
  235. Nobelharvards: He's studyin' in Uni.
  236. Darudeampersandstorm: himself*
  237. Alannytf: I'm taking a break from comp right now idk
  238. Bor3dofyoo: "Are you *** me?" -every blonde ever
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