Anon - Sweet trades

Apr 16th, 2014
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  1. >You are Orange Pop.
  2. >You are currently enjoying a nice, bright, and sunny day on the playground with your two best friends Flower Tart and Dandelion.
  3. >The three of you are playing a game of bounce the ball.
  4. >You weren't sure exactly what the name of the game was, only that you had to keep the ball from hitting the ground.
  5. >Normally this game would be quite easy and enjoyable, if Flower Tart and Dandelion didn’t turn it into an intense competition of agility and strength.
  6. >Each and every single the time you would hit the ball to either of them, they would rush with all their speed and practically tackle each other out of the way.
  7. >You sigh, that’s so typical of them.
  8. >The ball is in the air, floating your way.
  9. >You give it a light tap to send it towards the general direction of the two…
  10. >And like usual, they rush full steam ahead towards the predicted landing zone.
  11. >But this time they leap with all their might to get ahead of each other and intercept the ball first.
  12. >They collide mid-air, both hitting the ball the same time, which sends the poor thing soaring away from all of you.
  13. “Good going guys.”
  14. >You say, but your words fall on deaf ears as Dandelion and Flower Tart are arguing about who’s fault it is.
  15. >You decide to go find the ball yourself.
  16. >And then maybe biff the both of them after.
  17. >Honestly though, not everything had to be an intense competition.
  18. >Let’s see… It landed somewhere over…
  19. >There!
  20. >You spot the ball underneath a large shady oak tree.
  21. >As you go to retrieve it, you notice a fluffy white moth pony next to it.
  22. >You've never seen her before, but she looks friendly.
  23. “Hi Miss! That’s my ball, would you mind passing it?”
  24. >”Oh of course! I think its so cute the way you all play together!” she says over exuberantly.
  25. >Her voice is high and cheerful.
  26. >Her whole body is full of energy and life.
  27. >You swear she’s even radiating happiness.
  28. >She passes you the ball.
  30. “Thank you Miss, my name is Orange Pop by the way. Anyways, thanks again!”
  31. >You start to leave.
  32. >”Hey Orange Pop, wanna see something cool?”
  33. >That startled you.
  34. >Her voice seemed to have dropped an octave.
  35. >She also wasn't as chipper as before.
  36. “Y-yes Miss?”
  37. >”My name’s Powder Puff. I specialize in trade. You know, if you got the bits, I got the stuff,” she says as cool as ice.
  38. “S-stuff Miss Powder Puff?...”
  39. >“Yeah you know, I got that powdered sugar, honey, candy bars, you name it. Normally I don’t do this for a newbie but if you buy a pack of powdered sugar right now I’ll throw in a candy bar your choice,” she says.
  40. >She’s frequently checking around as she’s saying this, then lifts up her wings to reveal a treasure trove of sweets.
  41. >”Whatdya say kid, you interested?” she says, her eyes glinting in the shadows.
  42. “I-I think I need an adult.”
  43. >”Whoa whoa whoa kiddo, no need to go there. But listen, if you or your friends change your mind, you know where to find me.”
  44. >”Here, for no hard feelings,” she tosses you a honey bar and starts to back away.
  45. “T-thanks?”
  46. >”Economy’s tough kid, gotta make ends meet. I didn’t choose this way,” She says before turning around.
  47. >”Okay! Nice to meet ya cutie! Byeee~!” her normal, high pitched, joyous voice returns and she takes off into the air.
  48. >You pick up the honey bar and head back to your friends.
  49. >They’re still wrestling with each other, but then notice you.
  50. >”Hey Orange Pop, what took you so long? Where’d you get the honey bar?”
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