Birth of The Deathless

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  1. The academy bells ring out, bearing a message from the speakers.  
  2. GET
  3. The academy bells ring out, bearing a message from the speakers.  
  5. The academy bells ring out, bearing a message from the speakers.  
  6. BOI
  7. The academy bells ring out, bearing a message from the speakers.  
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  18. With a sweep of his mouth, a fierce jet of water erupted around him, scattering the flames as Mayu conjured them and locked both of them within the confines of the barrier. In the next instant, the condensation from the air, the Kirigakure no Jutsu, is honed to a razor's edge...
  20. Mayu had him locked away alright.
  22. "..."
  24. From within the barrier, steam erupts everywhere from the fire he'd put out with his amazing command of water ninjutsu, and, barely visible in the fog and the flame -outside- the barrier she had locked him into, there are hundreds..
  26. No, a thousand water needles.
  28. "Mudada."
  30. Akira begins to merge into the ground in order to escape Mayu's barrier, and were she to continue this path, those thousand water needles formed of the condensation provided by Kirigakure no Jutsu...
  32. Would all head down and onto the partially disabled Mikado, hoping to leave him looking like a scene from a horror movie.
  33. (Akira)
  35. Akira has activated a perk: Expert Suiton Training!
  37. This person is a master at this elemental proficiency.  Their prowess is extraordinary.
  43. Akira has activated a perk: Suiton: Mizurappa (Wild Water Wave)!
  44. The water release: Wild Water Wave is a basic Water Release technique which has many variations.  Water gushes from the user's mouth like a waterfall and washes away the enemy.  One can freely control the power of this technique with the amount of chakra one releases.
  45. Note: Not the B-rank Mizurappa.
  49. Akira has activated a perk: Dual Caster!
  51. Somehow, some way, this adversary has mastered ninjutsu to the degree they are capable of rapidly firing them off, seemingly without pause, even weaving all the handseals required, if any, in one go before firing off multiple jutsu.  This character can cast two jutsu at once, and imbue any jutsu with a secondary element in order to augment it, such as shooting an electrified stream of water.  This opens up a nightmarish new array of possibilities, and makes them something otherworldly.
  53. Note: This character can cast two jutsu per turn and, additionally, can add a second element to any jutsu cast(within reason, that makes sense, such as blowing wind onto their fire or electrifying a jet of water as it shoots from their mouth.)
  57. Akira has activated a perk: Suiton: Sensatsu Suisho!
  59. The user manipulates the water in the surrounding atmosphere into the shape of a large amount of needles made out of nearly solid water.  While the technique is chakra intensive the needles can be formed from a variety of angles before they are directed to their target at a high speed.  This ability can be quite dangerous with a large amount of Senbon.
  62. Akiraba, Harue allows him to use her as support and lends him her strength, holding him up without much of a problem. Unable to see anything in the fog, she quickly grows frustrated with it and momentarily glances over to Yoshiro to check upon his well being. Now that he was conscious again, he seemed to be less forgetful than he had been prior to his sleepy spell. It was honestly the only thing she could find relief in at this time.
  64. And then she catches sight of his tears. She knew he was hanging on as much as he could, yet despair was something that crept up on even the mightiest of men. There were times that she herself succumbed to it which was precisely why she understood the extent of its reach. She didn't want anyone to feel as she did or even close to it for that matter.
  66. "I.. I can't say I know what you're goin' through. It'd be wrong of me to pretend that I do. What I do know is that, whatever it is, I can only imagine how much pain you're in right about now. It ain't much, but I'll do what I can for you while I'm here. If you remember any of what I said at all then you'd know that I tend to mess up a bunch and cause trouble for folks around me which pushes 'em away and makes them resent me. If you're willin' to have my help anyway, I'll do everything in my power to help. I promise you that, Yoshiro," she whispers back.
  68. After everything she had gone through, she was still fighting. No matter how miserable, depressing, or lonely it felt, she had refused to give up. The woman just couldn't bear to let someone give up and lose faith in front of her. Not if she could help it. Even if nobody else did, she was willing to believe in him. With her feelings having been openly expressed, she seeks to draw him into her arms to establish a more solid hold of him and comfort him with her presence. There was nearly nothing she could actually do for him in his current state, but at the very least she'd be there for him in the drawing of his final breath.
  70. Even if he had lived alone, Harue refused to let him die alone.
  72. Mikado's order was ignored for the time being. In Yoshiro's current state, she feared that there'd be no room for her to transport him away in time. It was bound to be a fruitless effort.
  74. ..And the poor guy was getting messed up right about now. Probably.
  75. Uchiha, Seijuro travels here from afar.  There is a palpable sense of foreboding and angst as he blitzes toward his rebuilt(?) clan house.
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  88. Akira has activated a perk: Serpent's Fang!
  89. In combat, this character is a devil given human form.  Unbaringly accurate, with a tap, they can utilize Chakra Scalpels to shred muscle and nerve, neutralizing all ability to resist.
  90. Note: Tier Three Taijutsu style.
  92. Ozu, Yoshiro isn't in much of a state to resist the embrace. He's not in anything resembling a good shape - and it shows. The fact remains that he's about to die - and he's being held not by someone from Konoha, not by one of his childhood friends. It's not right. The people who have been kindest to him aren't the people he's invested in, not the humans he's claimed to love. His body is decaying and he can literally feel his life slipping away as he's clung to.
  94. Still, her words don't console him, they only serve to build the cold rage that's building within him. He didn't want this to be the end. It was ugly. Reduced to what he was now at the age of nineteen, unable to accomplish the things he'd set out to do, undesirable as friend and lover alike. There was nothing he could say he had truly amounted to as a man - and so, as he thought back on the choice he had made to stay as one for the sake of those around him - of those who had immediately lost their faith in him...
  96. He cracked.
  98. "I hate them so much," he says, his voice soft - but clear, "I hate them all. I can't stand them. They've taken so much from me and never given anything back. I loathe them with every fiber of my being."
  100. His body starts to burn, the heat of it becoming more and more as he activates the technique that Blue had once taught him for the final time. In an instant - his youth starts to return, his grey hair remains - but his body and muscles are replenished, at least by a little.
  102. "I'll... make them pay for the rest of their lives."
  104. Yoshiro's eyes are wide - and as he burns what's left of his life away - the yellow in them return to full force, practically glowing amidst the mist that surrounds the area.
  106. Ozu, Yoshiro has activated a perk: Yin Healing Wound Destruction!
  108. This technique is nothing short of a miracle.  Forged in the flames of perpetual injury, this character, as a medic, has transcended their limitations and found in them the ability to heal themselves.  The effectiveness of this technique is astounding, and can be applied in a myriad of ways, the most frequent and most useful being that they are capable of anticipating the spot the enemy will attack and pre-emptively applying medical treatment to it, reducing damage to a minimum.  The user concentrates chakra to that area and begins the cell recreation process even before the targeted area becomes damaged.  Using opponent's facial expression and movements, the technique's speed and power, the user analyses everything in an instant and accurately deduces where the attack will land.  It takes a prodigious skill to learn to utilize this particular medical technique.
  110. Note: Effectiveness scales with the user's medical perk tier.
  114. Ozu, Yoshiro has activated a perk: Genetic Manipulation!
  116. The pinnacle of Yoshiro's studies into medical jutsu has culminated in a complete understanding of the genome and it's inner workings.  Having become capable of manipulating the body and adapting the special abilities of others through rigorous study, the once timid Ozu has attained the ability to control the workings of life itself.
  118. Note: Tier 4 Medic Unique
  120. Akira(x) thinks: The rapid division and repair of his cells has aged him dramatically. To combat chronic illness with that skill...talented, but foolish.
  121. Akira(x) thinks: He'll die within the next few minutes.
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  146. Perhaps her faith in others dwindled quite a bit. After countless betrayals, the Uzumaki had all but confirmed for herself that no one was truly trustworthy, in this life. Everyone had a dark side, and everyone could be pushed over the edge.
  147.      Her eyes slant into a scowl upon noticing the steam surfacing within the confines of the barrier. But that doesn't discourage her -- nor do the thousands of needles that surfaced. She meets them with a challenging gaze, and she crouches down in preparation as they begin to formulate.
  149. "Mikado! Get ready--" And that's about all the time she has to speak, before the needles begin to sail towards her slightly disabled comrade.
  150.      And with it, the Uzumaki lurches forward at an absolutely frightening speed.
  151.      Her barrier is dispersed as soon as she moves; and in the midst of her advancement, those observing would notice a shroud of vibrant blue flames decorating the Uzumaki's form -- leaving a singed trail in her footsteps. It wasn't a move she'd felt compelled to use until now, but considering the circumstances? Holding back wasn't too much of an option. Claws spring to life on both of her hands, and when she comes to a stop in front of him? She swings her left hand at him with incredible force and agility, aiming to cleave right through one of his arms before he can completely disappear.
  153. Games.
  154. This was all a game, to some of these people.
  155. (Uzumaki, Mayu)
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  157. Mikado shrugs his healthy shoulder after a couple of moments of supporting the tree, and it falls to the ground besides the Uchiha clan house. The ground trembles once the tree impacts it, and his gaze immediately focuses upon the barrier that had arisen within the mist. His eyes widen immediately upon noticing the literal thousands of needles that were rushing towards his person, though as soon as he had heard Mayu's warning, his hands rise. Seals are woven slower than usual but not by too much - Thankfully, while that arm's Taijutsu capabilities were crippled, he was still capable of bending it enough to weave seals.
  159. A few of the needles actually strike him, unfortunately, yet they do absolutely nothing. The water bounces harmlessly off his body for a few moments before some of the needles actually embed themselves into him, though in a very shallow manner. It is at this point that a wall of earth suddenly rises right in front of him at a high speed - It's a crude construct, without any ornamentation but it's extremely solid.
  161. " Get Yoshiro out of here! Get Daisuke to the hospital! " He commands, unaware of his friend's words, unfortunately.
  163. Uzumaki, Mayu has activated a perk: Flame Goddess's Approach!
  165. First weaving a singular handseal, Mayu then proceeds to move at blitz-tier speeds in a singular direction- wreathed in a cloak of flame.  The moment she exits her charge, the flame disperses, but the sudden speed at which she moves can easily catch the unprepared off guard.  Can be used as a combo-starter or finisher, an evasive skill or a plethora of other things- it works due to chakra-enhanced movement coupled with Katon chakra rapidly expelled from the tenketsu, something made oh-so-easy by her possession of the Nibi.  It's all just a game of cat and mouse.
  167. Note: +1 Tile Speed, inflicts severe burns on the target with a direct blow, does little with a glancing hit.  Can be used to reposition, to avoid strikes, or a plethora of other things- a free movement enhancement, with little cost or drawback at this level.  Nintaijutsu.
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  181. ALERT: Alex Ovide(name:Uchiha, Sinn)(x): Hey, I still have point from yesterday, can I buy my perks?
  183. T2-Strength
  184. D-Finger Carving Seal
  185. C- Housenka no Jutsu
  186. C-Weapon Seal Method
  187. T2- Katon
  188. Uzumaki, Mayu(x) whispers: (T4 Dex, T3.5 speed
  189. ALERT: GenericNinja(name:Uraki, Amuro)(x): Can I get t3 dura for 700 and t2 perception for 400 pls. 1100 total with 1165 left over
  190. Hellz Raze to GenericNinja(Uraki, Amuro):the db is busted but i might be able to copy+move from my inv hold on
  191. Hellz Raze to Alex Ovide(Uchiha, Sinn):the database is currently bugged right now so we won't be able to hand out perks til later today.
  192. Hellz Raze to GenericNinja:oh...........
  193. GenericNinja to Hellz Raze:oh...
  194. Hellz Raze to GenericNinja:hold on til bonga gets on i think we'll be able to fix the DB later
  195. GenericNinja to Hellz Raze:til <b>BONGA</b> gets on??!!
  196. GenericNinja to Hellz Raze:ok
  197. GenericNinja to Hellz Raze:i'm about to rampage and kill a leaf jounin tho, can i say i have those cores?
  198. "I see. So you too.."
  200. He'd reject her too, would he?
  202. In the end, she couldn't blame him. They were nothing more than acquaintances and she had known from the very beginning that there wasn't much of a chance she'd be able to save him. It was unfortunate, but those who were actually able to save him were the same people who chose to neglect him now. Her words fell upon deaf ears and she was left in a hopeless state that completely disgusted her.
  204. "In that case, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't save you and I'm sorry I was never someone who could stand by your side. Really, I am.."
  206. From the bottom of her heart, she pitied him. She also pitied herself. They both had their own issues to bear with and there nothing she could do to lighten his own burden. In that respect, she felt as if she had failed herself. Her eyes never left his form as he regained his youthful state, returning to the pretty self that he had formerly held. The only question was, what would he do now?
  208. She wondered the same for herself.
  210. In her current position, she couldn't see Seijuro. Heck, she couldn't see much of anything. The entire area was thickly shrouded in mist and she was left vulnerable.
  212. Creeping along the side of the wall, the woman knelt down beside Daisuke. First and foremost, she checked to see if he was alive. How much could she realistically do with her limited knowledge? She intended to give it a shot anyway. From her bag, she unpacked some basic supplies and went to work.
  214. "I'm amazed nobody who actually could've help you immediately helped you."
  216. Maybe Konohagakure had a thing for not helping people supposedly affiliated with them.
  217. (Akiraba, Harue)
  218. Hellz Raze to GenericNinja:yea sure i see no reason why not
  219. Mayu is endlessly quicker than he had anticipated.
  221. This jinchuriki manages to successfully impact him, and his arm snaps backward like a limp noodle, lit aflame by the remnants of her charge. He hisses like a wounded snake, but it's not -torn through-, as she might've willed...
  223. And he's gone again.
  225. "Jugular vein, the subclavian artery, heart, and kidney..."
  227. The same Kirigakure principles that they could've heard a million ways from a million different shinobi are repeated in a time-honored tradition. Akira's voice seems to come from all-around as he delves into the ground, but anyone with a hint of intelligence would've been able to presume where he would strike next.
  229. In the mist, where there is no way to discern his actual position, clone after clone emerge. His true position is obfuscated by an iron curtain of mist that instills despair into their hearts, the calm, murderous intent of Akira the perfect parallel to the indignant fury of Yoshiro.
  231. Two geniuses.
  233. Two medics.
  235. Entirely different.
  237. "...For my next move, Mikado will die."
  239. For now, nothing happens but several Water Clones infiltrating the mist, each possessing the injured, singed arm of Akira himself.
  240. (Akira)
  242. Akira has activated a perk: Suiton: Mizubunshin no Jutsu!
  244. The Water Clone Technique is similar to the Shadow Clone Technique except it creates clones that are made out of water.  Also, unlike shadow clones, water clones hold only one-tenth of the original person's power.  Like other solid clone techniques, the clones can be used to perform tasks.
  246. Note: One-tenth the power of the creator.
  248. Akira yells: Bunshin no Jutsu!
  249. Akira yells: Bunshin no Jutsu!
  250. Akira yells: Bunshin no Jutsu!
  251. You grab Akira.
  252. You release Akira.
  253. You grab Akira.
  254. You release Akira.
  255. You grab Akira.
  256. You release Akira.
  257. You grab Akira.
  258. You release Akira.
  259. You grab Akira.
  260. You release Akira.
  261. Uchiha, Seijuro appears, suddenly, atop the clan house.  He stares down from his vantage point, though even his magical Sharingan eyes were unable to piece together the scenes that were going on within the fog.
  263. He is not concerned by it, having been sent here by Saitou to watch over Akira's antics and cover his escape.  Of course, he didn't expect Akira to need his help - though, admittedly, a certain other Akira had needed somebody's help the last time he was in the compound.
  265. However, the doujutsu hunter was a lot stronger than his namesake, if a little more eccentric.
  267. You grab Akira.
  268. You release Akira.
  269. You grab Akira.
  270. You release Akira.
  271. You grab Akira.
  272. You release Akira.
  273. Ozu, Yoshiro can't do much more now. He, unlike many of those blind within the mist, is more than capable of detecting the presences of those around him. They're all flittering about, fighting, taking part in their personal dramas here and there... and as he listens to the words Harue says, he laughs a cold, shrill laugh that rings out across the small enclosure, echoing through the mist.
  275. "No. Not you. You aren't the cause," he says to her once he's calmed, his youthful features wearing a cruel smile as he follows her to Daisuke shortly after, stretching his hand out to him...
  277. ...and without any contact whatsoever, he heals the other man's wounds from a distance. The shroud of his shosen reaches out across the gap between them - and patches him back together, albeit, not perfectly. He'd leave Daisuke in a position where he couldn't die, but... he couldn't have one of his true friends dying.
  279. "And not you, either. You aren't the cause..."
  281. Yoshiro begins walking through the mist, his eyes shut because they're no longer of any use to him. He can hear them - and he can detect them. Everything around him is clearer now that he isn't relying on his yellow eyes. As the immense pain of his dying body begs him to lay down and die, the medic makes his way ever closer to someone he can't stand.
  283. Akira may have wanted to kill Mikado, but the Ozu meant to do something much worse.
  285. Daisuke(x) thinks: ..Has he realized?
  286. Daisuke spits up a final glob of blood, the boy's life slowly ebbing back into him as Yoshiro, with the most casual of ease, restores his life energy. That which Daisuke had not been able to do for himself, that which Daisuke had not been able to do for Yoshiro, Yoshiro does unto him, as if he were some hero carved from a tablet upon which countless years of mythology lay...
  288. He taps his blood-stained shirt in awe, bringing back a hand slicked with blood. Were he really a civilian, that would've been it- What kind of lifeforce did he have to survive being cut open like that for such an extended time period?
  290. The lack of aid from those around didn't surprise him. Had never suprised him. This was why he had gravitated to Yoshiro through it all. It was why he had tried to frame himself, to protect him.
  292. "...Yoshiro..?"
  294. But how...
  296. How was the man standing? Walking?
  298. He should be dead.
  299. (*Uchiha, Seijuro's irises begin to turn red and they develop three of the wheel swirls in each iris.*)
  300. Akiraba, Harue was just about to get into helping him only for Yoshiro to handle it all for her. In fact, he did it far better than she could even dream of doing it and with minimal effort too.
  302. "Well I'll be.."
  304. As long as the weird guy lived, she didn't really care who handled it. It was a fact she was grateful for anyway.
  306. She stuffed her basic medical supplies away and rose back up to her feet, hopping up onto the roof in an attempt to escape the reach of the fog. Without charging into the mist and practically throwing her life away in the process, there was nothing left that she could do.
  308. Seijuro would probably see her before she saw him since she wasn't exactly looking for anything up on the roof. Instead, she had her eyes down in the pits of foggy nothingness.
  309. Finding his position, and taking a guess as to where he was going to strike next were two different things entirely. There were a few different places that he could've chosen. Towards Harue and the others, or towards Mikado, who was continuously struggling to put that arm of his to any good use at all. It was a tricky situation, needless to say. She's unable to see much of anyone or anything in the mist, and voices echo all around her. But it's a small, compact area that they're all locked in to. Footsteps can be heard, and quite a few of them were taking place to the south. Unfortunately, the fog prevented her from doing much about the clones without friendly fire, too.
  311. And with that, she's on the move once again.
  312. While she wasn't quite sure what he was planning, she'd at least attempt to be ready for it. She makes her way through that never ending fog -- and she comes to a stop a short distance away from the Jounin. Really, it was fairly confusing that so many in the area were standing around instead of helping; or at the very least, retreating while he was distracted.
  314. Lots of chaos, it seemed.
  315. But really, could one expect anything less in a village like theirs?
  316. (Uzumaki, Mayu)
  317. Mikado tries to raise his shoulder again immediately after defending against that particular technique with an earth wall, but he is unable to do it. He glances at it for just an instant, and he soon grunts faintly in frustration. Why wouldn't it rise? He knew the technique that had been utilized, yet he had never been aware of just how -powerful- it could be, in such a subtle manner.
  319. Yet, he is not distracted for long. His hands immediately contort into seals once more, though he does have some difficulty. A step forth is taken so that the Doton wall would shield one of his sides, and he spits out a large quanity of rock in a swift manner. The rock crawls behind him, before it suddenly begins to take Mikado's shape. A rock clone stands at Mikado's back, watching that particular angle.
  321. " Bring it on. I'm not letting you hurt anyone else. " He stubbornly states - In truth, he wasn't thinking in a particularly clear way. There were many, many, many issues that he had been facing as of late, and the sheer guilt of having thought that one of his best friends had been murdering children was fueling his actions. Akira had been the true culprit. Everything was Akira's fault. At least, that is what he had to tell himself.
  323. But regardless, he had established a goal to kill Akira from a long time ago - After all, Akira was the kind of man who gleefully murdered children, jeopardizing the many futures that he had sworn to protect.
  325. " Not one more person! "
  327. He's...completely unaware of Yoshiro's approach as of now, the fog was shielding the medic's movements, and Mikado was completely focused on trying to anticipate Akira's actions. Would he strike from below, like usual?
  328. Uchiha, Seijuro continues to observe the proceedings - best he can - without saying much else.  While the actual fighting was obfuscated, his Sharingan was able to keep track of virtually everything else.  He internally questions how Akira plans on negotiating the threat of two transformed Jinchuuriki fighting him at once, as that was certainly a possibility, here.
  330. He twirls a kunai on the end of his index finger, as he watches on with a keen sense of anticipation.  With Mayu, Mikado and Akira all within the mist, that was three people he was going to have to kill at one point or another probably about to be taken off of his list.
  331. Akiraba, Harue takes note of Seijuro after a couple of minutes, somewhat awed by his presence. A hand went into her pocket and she withdrew a certain object from it, heading over to him. Since things had fallen out of her control, she no longer found any point in lingering around.
  333. Stepping behind Seijuro, she attempts to put the necklace back on him without bothering to ask for permission. It was during this time that she whispered something to him before backing away if she weren't stopped.
  334. Akiraba, Harue(x) whispers faintly.
  335. Akiraba, Harue hands Uchiha, Seijuro a Necklace.
  336. The futility of it all was amusing.
  338. It seemed, somehow, they'd forgotten about something in the heat of the fray. As the several clones fire water, this way and that-
  340. None of them seemed to hit Yoshiro.
  341. Two of them fire jets of water directly at Amuro, aiming to pin him to the wall and then blow him clean through it.
  342. Three, all surrounding Red, each aim to slash at his tendons with chakra scalpels- the neck, knee, and elbow respectively, a momentary distraction.
  343. The remaining four all blast Mayu with Mizurappa, one after the other, so if she avoided one, she has to avoid three more.
  345. And then it happens.
  347. "Checkmate."
  349. What could easily be mistaken as the real Akira emerges from the ground, right infront of Mikado- it swings at him, favoring the side on which his shoulder was disabled and he'd have minimal ability to fight back.
  351. And then two more Akira dive from the tree's foilage behind him and above.
  353. They dash, crossing through Mikado and his clone with hands wreathed in azure chakra, aiming to tear into their flanks. After all of this, the true, the actual Akira finally taps Mikado in the back-
  355. Coming straight out of the tree.
  357. The ground wasn't all he could come through- this was not Hiding Like A Mole, and Akira's position had not been just at Mikado's back, it had been within the tree itself. He moves with such speed, such deciviseness, seeing him, even were he not in this dense of cover, would be -virtually impossible-.
  359. When he screams, over everything, over the chaos he has orchestrated, like a demented maestro executing his masterpiece, the sheer crushing -force- of his will alone could potentially bind Mikado to the spot, even if not for everything else in this hellish onslaught.
  361. "...GOODBYE, MIKADO!"
  363. The Jinchuriki is pelted with a volley of slashes to the chest, to the gut, Akira's hands moving infinitely fast in tandem with the -two other Akira-.
  365. And it's finished with a final flourish, like the conductor demanding the finale.
  367. ..Straight into his kidney.
  369. [T6 Speed, Hiding In Surface, Hiding In Mist, Doublevision, T4 Dexterity, T3 Taijutsu.]
  370. (Akira)
  372. Akira has activated a perk: Killing Intent!
  374. Trial and tribulation breed a familiarity with death that only a shinobi can bare.  This character has tangoed with murder, danced with death, and this has manifested in an aura that simply cripples less experienced shinobi.  With a glance, they can assault you with vivid hallucinations of your own death, emanating 'killing intent,' a will to murder, a fascination, a drive with it that is so powerful, so all-consuming, it can immobilize, or even cause the extreme lesser to perhaps faint.  You may be lead to believe after experiencing this that what you have come across is a creature from hell itself.
  376. Note: Characters a full letter grade below this one are debuffed, experiencing the slightest of hesitation for a few turns which can cause them to fight at less than their best.  Characters 4 partial letter grades below can find themselves unable to even move for a full turn, and those 5 partial letter grades or below are basically frozen, rooted to the spot for the duration of an entire battle, forced to tremble in awe.  Usable only once per fight.
  380. Akira has activated a perk: Serpent's Fang!
  382. In combat, this character is a devil given human form.  Unbelievably accurate, with a tap, they can utilize Chakra Scalpels to shred muscle and nerve, neutralizing all ability to resist.
  384. Note: Tier Three Taijutsu style.
  389. Akira has activated a perk: Speed Demon!
  390. With the Body Flicker technique, this character is an absolute terror to behold.  They move at astronomical speeds, and additionally, do so entirely without handseals.  This opens them up to a terrifying new array of possibilities- which is what makes this so devastatingly rare.  Only a prodigously talented shinobi could attain this level of mastery with Shunshin, and this is the fruit of their labor.
  391. Note: Tier 3 Flicker Fighter.  +6 Tile Speed using Shunshin.  No handseal requirement.  Still draining when used repeatedly.
  395. Akira has activated a perk: Speed Demon!
  397. With the Body Flicker technique, this character is an absolute terror to behold.  They move at astronomical speeds, and additionally, do so entirely without handseals.  This opens them up to a terrifying new array of possibilities- which is what makes this so devastatingly rare.  Only a prodigously talented shinobi could attain this level of mastery with Shunshin, and this is the fruit of their labor.
  399. Note: Tier 3 Flicker Fighter.  +4 Tile Speed using Shunshin.  No handseal requirement.  Still draining when used repeatedly.
  401. Ozu, Yoshiro pushes Mikado away like a ragdoll. His body slides into place gracefully, his shoulder bumping into the other jounin with no particular force behind it - but still... the resultant force of wind, aimed and positioned at the jinchuuriki, is more than potent enough to fling him aside. At the very least, Yoshiro isn't so quick as to negate all damage that his opponent might suffer from. Mikado will very likely get hurt significantly - but the actual finishing blows...?
  403. They rain upon Yoshiro, slashing through him like butter, shredding his insides and forcing blood to rain and splatter through the air as he opts to give his life away for him. As a man, as a human being, the Ozu chose to do this. Once upon a time...
  405. ...he had told Mayu that he would die for them...
  407. ...and it was time to make good on that promise.
  409. As he stood there, the mist briefly parted by his fuuton technique, revealing his condition to all. He stood solitary, the insides of his body savaged and on display, bones and organs shredded and revealed to all who glanced at him. He stood - and glanced between Mikado and Mayu, his yellow eyes aglint with something akin to warmth. Even if he hated them now, even if he couldn't stand them, even if he wanted to reach his hands into their bodies and pluck their tendons like guitar strings until they snapped...
  411. "I promised you, didn't I? Even if I'm not wanted by this world or anyone in it, I was... a shinobi. In all things I endure, be it... my short life... or the things I say I'll do."
  413. He slams his small fist to his now bare chest, the exposed muscle tissue rippling apart as his body started falling to pieces. Literally. The steam, the flames that had been lit to pull his body together - they had spent every last part of his energy. The arm he'd used to strike himself fell first - chunks of flesh began peeling away - and blood dripped down freely. He leaned his head back and laughed aloud as his body collapsed down onto his knees.
  415. "Now that it's done... let me say this..."
  417. Yoshiro falls further forwards and the light in his eyes fade - and the last words he says as the human he chose to be is this, "You're all going to regret ever meeting me."
  419. ...then his eyes shut - and he dies.
  420. Uchiha, Seijuro allows it.  He makes no reply, however, interested in the things going on down below.
  421. Ozu, Yoshiro(x) thinks: The worst thing I can do to Mikado now... is to save his life... goodbye...
  422. Having done all she had desired, she headed off. She was unaware of Yoshiro's fate down below along with a fuller realization that her efforts to save had been in vain.
  424. Little Harue had done enough for one night. The rest was up to them.
  425. (Akiraba, Harue)
  426. Daisuke(x) thinks: No...
  427. Daisuke(x) thinks: No..
  428. It appears to him in his mindscape as it never has before. Upon a precipice, a mountainside, looming far and above all else, looking down on a blazing world, it stands, in all it's majesty, with all four of it's broad tails sweeping about. In an infinite expanse, Mikado would find himself looking all around and seeing nothing but a burning world-
  430. And then a hand rips into him, and it burns.
  432. A spectral hand drags him down and into the abyss, and he feels like he's on fire. He feels chakra swelling into him unlike anything he had ever felt before. His body is growing hotter and hotter, the core temperatures rising to unprecedented levels.
  434. "I do not like you, human."
  436. His molten rage sears into the world a divide that swallows the Jinchuriki whole, the brief foray into his own mindscape over, as quickly as it'd came. Son Goku's head is bowed, it's back to Mikado, the bijuu solemn as he'dve ever seen it. For once, it does not rage.
  438. "But I will give you this chance."
  440. And in Mikado there would be a surge of chakra that marked the beginning of a potential partnership with Son Goku-
  442. At last.
  443. (Son Goku)
  444. And that was it.
  446. As the boy climbs out of a large Amuro-sized hole in the wall, he notices the now-shredded form of the man that had given him his current place in this ninja world. He can hear the sound of blood spurting in every direction. He can feel the aura of sheer hatred that Yoshiro is radiating out to those around him in his final moments.
  448. He knows fully well that his final line was not directed straight to him.
  449. He knows that the proper thing to do would be to walk in the footsteps of this person and try to carry out his legacy.
  451. But none of that seemed to matter as Ozu fell to the ground. The sound of his limp body smacking against the pavement is the perfect frequency to trigger a reaction in the very pit of the boy's soul. It flips a switch in the back of his mind that is more akin to a weak twig snapping in a violent storm.
  453. The kid loses his shit, basically.
  455. The injuries that he had sustained are ignored completely as he crawls out of the hole he had been placed in, not even bothering to lift himself off of the ground. Instead, he crawls across the pavement of the haunted house and aims to arrive before his fallen master's body, massive streams of tears running down both sides of his face and snot coming from his nose.
  457. "No. You.."
  459. His trembling hands actually turn into fists so tight that his nails draw blood from his epidermis. These fists start to repeatedly punch the ground on either side of the fallen man, easily creating craters that get deeper with every blow.
  461. "We let him down. You let him down, The only person that would waste time on a punk like you!" The line between him talking to himself and reciting what the voices in his head were saying is a thin one, but as this goes on -- and the battle with Akira continues, what looks like sweat starts to drip out freely from the pores on his arms and one half of his face. This oddly colored wweat solidifies somewhat and starts to take on a brown color, but it isn't clear what's going on just yet.
  462. (Uraki, Amuro)
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  466. Koichi had only been as wary as his limited perceptions allowed him to be. He had no enhanced senses- no, he relied on his eyes just the same as most people. He wasn't exceptional in that regard, but he tried his hardest. As the battle continued on around him, he could faintly hear the sounds of it. The all too often wind that sheared through the area- it was far too loud to ignore. And, sometimes the sound of what sounds like a weapon entering flesh. Though, it was really just a chakra scalpel, wasn't it?
  468. The prospect scared him in every which way. He feared for his life, but he never cowered. He'd only remain as alert as possible, Koichi's eyes desperately searching for something it wouldn't see until it was far too late. He was already covered in Daisuke's blood- it now dried on his skin. Though, for some reason or another, some of the blood on him wasn't dry.  But why? He had to wonder.
  470. It was at that moment the mist parted, and his eyes finally worked for once. But what young Koichi saw- it's exactly what he wished for least. Yoshiro's body fell to pieces, and there was nothing he could do but watch. Tears began to stream down his face without pause; yet he'd hear. He'd hear to the words Yoshiro spoke, but he wouldn't listen. Not in a hundred years would Koichi believe he'd regret meeting the man. He'd taken in him and Amuro when nobody else would. If it weren't for him, he might not have even had a life in the first place!
  472. "Sensei..." the boy choked. He tried his hardest to say more- what he wanted to say, but he couldn't. He wanted more than anything to give Yoshiro his thanks- but just like everyone else, he just couldn't seem to.
  474. He wished that he had some sort of hidden power to draw on.
  475. Some sort of ability to take out the one who'd killed Yoshiro; but the Koichi you saw was the Koichi you got. He was an average shinobi by all marks. But he'd make do with what he could.
  477. The muscles in his legs would expand greatly, making the trek to Amuro's side all the more quick. "We're sorry..." he'd finally speak.
  479. And that was it. The tears wouldn't stop falling; the boy's stance more apologetic than angry- he didn't seem aggresive in the least. Still, he didn't plan on leaving Amuro to fight his own battles.
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  486. Mikado had been watching intently at the ground, because he believed that it would be Akira's angle of attack. Akira had always resorted to underhanded tactics such as those, and this time, Mikado would be ready. As the first clone gets into position, he immediately leans back to fire a simple side kick, presumably avoiding the blow while simultaneously kicking the clone backwards hard enough to dispel it. Yet...That leaves him in an absolutely vulnerable position, and only then does he spot that -two- more Akira were rushing at him from the trees, from above, while he was still off balance from throwing that kick.
  488. His eyes narrow and his jaw sets, before he finds that the clone behind him is torn through with ease, he's unable to defend himself against the surprise attack. Mikado himself has his flank torn through as well with the chakra scalpels, meaning that delicate muscle fibers are damaged without Akira needing to get past whatever durable defenses Mikado's body possessed.
  490. Yet, not a single sound escapes his lips. He weathers Akira's storm, until he's...suddenly pushed back?! He hadn't even noticed Yoshiro's approach, not until it was far too late for him to do anything about it. His back crashes against the wall of the Uchiha clan house and he slides down until his feet touch the ground. He was in pain. Truthfully, he actually felt pain after weathering some of Akira's onslaught because the man had cut at his chest and gut. No blood escaped the wounds, at least, not visibly, however, despite the massive amounts of damage that he had incurred. Yet not a single cry of pain leaves his lips, and he doesn't seem shocked - He seems determined, still. A fire is present in his gaze, despite the absolute beating that he had taken....Until the mist clears.
  492. His eyes widen immediately upon seeing the state that Akira had left Yoshiro in. His jaw falls slightly agape as the medic speaks, his eyes seem to unfocus a few times, shifting faintly. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Yoshiro...who he had doubted...had died for him anyway...Yet, there is no time to indulge in the feelings of overwhelming guilt and disappointment that he had been displaying a few moments ago.
  494. Because there is no longer any room within his psyche for anything but rage. A rage unlike anything he had -ever- felt  before. The type of rage that ended his train of thought immediately, leaving nothing but a desire to remove Akira from the face of this planet in its wake, no matter what he had to destroy.
  496. How fitting, that before he can move, he's transported into his mindscape, only to stare at a burning world. This was how it was meant to be. Yet, before he can even try to address the tenant that dwelled in that place, his eyes widen as a hand rips into him. The pain that he felt was indescribable, but he does not cry out. He grits his teeth and shuts his eyes as he recalls vividly what Akira had done - He had but one goal in mind. The pain that he felt was horrible.
  498. And he'd make sure that Akira would feel something much, much worse.
  500. His eyes open despite the pain and his gaze locks onto Son Goku, as he's told that he's given a chance. A single -guarantee- leaves his lips.
  502. " He's dead. "
  504. Once the foray into his inner world is over, his eyes open to reveal orange irises with constricted pupils. Crimson chakra explodes from his figure for but an instant before it slowly begins to simmer down, concentrating upon his limbs as it slowly begins to change in color. The sheer intensity of the heat around his limbs warps the air, and it's as if his arms and legs had been dipped in a volcano for a moment. Flames rise from the lava nature that was clearly coating a part of his skin. The walls of the Uchiha clan house actually begin to melt from the intensity of the flames.
  506. Mikado's limbs were burning hot.
  508. He's suddenly gone.
  510. A small crater of partially melted ground is left where his feet had been an instant later as he fearlessly appears right to the side of Akira, in extremely close proximity. His right arm had already been cocked back and it's fired towards the side of Akira's jaw from his flank at speeds that the Jonin simply didn't possess a few moments ago, the air around the two combatants is literally warped by the extreme amounts of heat, the atmosphere around Mikado's limb is illuminated by the manifestation of the unparalleled rage that the Yonbi Jinchuuriki felt over the loss of his friend.
  512. " Burn. "
  513. There's too much going on for her to process all at once. Jets of water propel themselves towards Amuro, Red and herself -- but she obviously can't stop all of them. No, she can only dodge one, and the other three drill cleanly into her from three different angles. Quite a few shamelessly announced curses escape her lips, but she pushes herself forward. Her clan.. they were just a tough crowd to take down, really.
  514.      The Uzumaki skids to a stop in front of Amuro, and a single scroll is removed. A surge of chakra is channeled into it, she aims to absorb one of the incoming jutsu into its depths. The other one, unfortunately, is left to freely drill into hers and the kid's forms. Perhaps it was still powerful enough to send them rocketing back into the wall by itself -- maybe it wasn't. Either way, her tolerance to pain wasn't quite as impressive as her cousin or Mikado's. Blood trickles from her lips, and pools from the wounds she'd tanked by the end of it. Water wasn't exactly 'fun' for her to deal with, considering her elemental expertise. Shooting fire at it really wasn't going to get her anywhere, and it wasn't like she could've done much considering just how obscured her vision was. The hand containing the scroll tilts in the direction of one of the assaulting clones, and that same stream of water is shot back towards it in attempt to take it out.
  516. Heavy breaths are taken, and she wipes a sleeve across her lips.
  517. It's then that she notices Yoshiro.. dying.
  519. She unwillingly freezes in her movements, and her eyes lock onto the medic's form for the brief moment she was permitted from the parting fog. No, she didn't need to be a medical expert to know what those injuries entailed. And with the sight, all of her words are caught in her throat. Her jaw slackens, and she can only stare for a period in time.
  520.      'I'd die for you both.'
  521.      'Let's make the best of the time we have left.'
  522.      'In this life I've spent serving others, the only thing I'd ask for...'
  524. There's nothing to say.
  525. A blink is made, and tears rapidly form in the woman's eyes. Her teeth grind against one another, and she slides her eyes shut for a long period in utter silence. Niether one of her hands tighten into fists, no -- instead, claws slowly but surely begin to grow on both hands. She boldy charges into the mist, and begins thrashing through each one of the cloned bastards without mercy.
  526.      There were a lot of things to regret, in her life. Too many to count.
  527.      The thing Yoshiro was incorrect about, however, was the notion that she'd /ever/ regret meeting him. Not even when she'd thought he'd potentially lost control and killed others -- not even then did she regret the day that she met the Ozu. It wasn't like she was exactly 'innocent' as far as murdering others went, in the village. And even when she had done so, he'd healed her through it. Her trust wavered just as much as his oftentimes had, but even then.. there was no regret. He'd given her a motto that she'd lived by, even to this day. To keep enduring, no matter what.
  529. It didn't look like she was going to get the chance to remind him to do the same thing, anymore.
  530. (Uzumaki, Mayu)
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  539. Himura, Aki had appeared towards the tail end of it - but a quick scan of the scene gave her a basic jist so to speak of what was happening. As attacks flew everywhere, her eyes momentarily fell upon pieces of a body, by Amuro and Koichi and her gaze lingered there momentarily - the face looked familiar. Beyond that, she put a hand to her fan quite ready to engage in any sort of combat should she need to. She wasn't as invested emotionally as the people already there, that was true, but she was at least willing to try.
  541. [Two turns!]
  542. Inuzuka, Raiga appeared from...somewhere. His talk with the Shimura had been quiet insightful and made the young boy question a lot of things. That and had him use his head a lot more than usual for other than fighting and to prevent rain from entering his belly. He froze as his nose picked up a familiar scent- that of copper; blood. And not a small amount either- larger quantities than a mere prin prick or so.
  544. With a swirl in his step he made way towards the direction the scent was coming from.
  546. [3 turns ayy]
  550. Akira has activated a perk: Raiton: Amigumo!
  551. After kneading chakra in the body and converting it to lightning, the user places their hand on the ground which creates a surge of electricity which originates from them and spans out around the user creating a web of electricity around them.  Anyone caught within this web is electrocuted by the lightnings effect.
  552. Note: B-rank Raiton technique.
  554. He hadn't calculated for this.
  556. The Yoshiro he had watched, the Yoshiro he had perceived- he had decided the boy would be someone who would sit idly by and watch them all die after they had turned on him. He's just as in shock as everyone else at the sudden sacrifice of the child he had seen so much of himself in-
  558. __
  560. --A young Akira stands within the confines of a hospital, a girlish boy with a swolen eye and a fat lip.
  562. A nurse dabs his injury, and speaks to him, softly...--
  564. __
  566. His clones disperse across the entire battlefield, collapsing into water- and Akira backpedals. The adept shinobi weaves around the initial series of blows by the narrowest of margins-
  568. And burns appear alongst his exposed flesh.
  570. "Your chakra should light you aflame."
  572. Akira is well-versed in Jinchuriki. He knows of their common abilities and traits. But this? What -was- this? Chakra that burned to the touch, that mere proximity to ignited his body-
  574. So this is what it felt like to be powerless.
  576. "Your hair should melt off- your bodies internal temperature must be so high above what is traditionally possible-"
  578. He's caught dead-on in the gut, and he -screams-. The man is blown clean off of his feet as he grips the arm that'd sunk into him, and it -burns-, scalding his palms as his eyes widen, and he goes tumbling backward into his collapsing clones. As he attempts to rise, he slips on the water he himself has generated. His body begins to work at repairing itself, but there's simply not enough time-
  580. "WHAT ARE YOU!?"
  582. Blood sputters from his mouth as, for the first time in one of his dangerous games, the psychopath seems to have no control over the situation. He seems to have been nearly totaled in a singular blow from Mikado, looking up from the ground and seeing three of the massively powerful Jinchuriki who appeared to have finally come into his own.
  584. ...
  586. And he laughs.
  588. "...Thank you for giving me your other arm."
  590. During Mikado's attack that'd nearly rendered him unconscious, the man'd dug his hands into that same arm and allowed the blow full on- took a hit to give a hit. And resultantly? That arm would be worthless, now, -the exact same as the other one.-
  592. "You couldn't even harm that oaf, Oda," he murmurs, nearly slipping as he stands- but if someone tried to approach, that which remained of his clones would cover him, flanking him protectively, he had his sealless jutsu, Akira was still very much a threat...
  594. And then he raises his arm, and in the other is Yoshiro's cane, which was split clean in two during the fall.
  596. And then Akira is grinning, through blood-stained teeth, clutching the White Snake's Fang that had been the pinnacle of accomplishment for a dead medical -prodigy- the likes of which perhaps wouldn't be seen for another century.
  598. "Against me, in a battle of wits, you were only allowed to come this far by my good graces," he jokes with himself. "I'm only human, afterall."
  600. A sick, sick, human, one who had tortured children, who had framed Yoshiro for murder, who had slain Miyoko and countless innocents to further goals that seemed unexplainable..
  602. And then he stabs himself.
  606. That laughter was only growing more and more sinister.
  610. He stares.
  612. And stares.
  614. And stares.
  616. He most likely looks like a fool, for as he stabs himself with the White Snake's fang, as he had planned to from the start...
  618. Nothing happens.
  620. And Akira is left standing there, wide open, and injured, body slowly melding itself.
  622. Very much human.
  624. And looking very much stupid.
  625. (Akira)
  626. Akira(x) thinks: ....I should be immortal.
  627. Akira(x) thinks: I should have their power..
  628. Akira(x) thinks: What did that boy do../
  629. Akira(x) thinks: Did he..?
  630. Daisuke was dragged away by Harue long ago-
  632. The last he saw was Yoshiro moving in the way.
  634. As he succumbs to darkness, he prays.
  635. The remains of Yoshiro are... inadvertently destroyed. A flame catches - and they light up, turning to cinder and ash in an instant. They're gone all too quickly, as if he had been hollow all along. He'd lost a lot of weight as time had went on - he'd become sickly, fragile... and after his already deteriorated body had been severed to pieces, perhaps Mikado had did him a kindness in his rage by burning away the evidence of his shame. His life had been a harsh one - and in the end, all he'd had to answer for it was a whole lot of...
  637. didn't need said. For all his actions and gestures, Yoshiro had not died a happy man. He had been angry, full of bitterness and rage. At the very least though - the tragedgy that had been the Ozu's life had since come to an end - and perhaps now he would gain some manner of rest.
  639. Only - there atop the roof, just in the line of sight of Akira as he stood there, sat a young man that had never looked so good. Skin as pale as porcelain, his slender figure sculpted artfully, his long white hair and mirthful yellow eyes all a tribute to his new found beauty. He waved at him - and offered the mad man a smile - before pointing to his exposed chest.
  641. On it there was the scar of a wound much akin to the one that Akira had just tried to give himself, albeit - placed over his heart.
  643. "If you changed," said the man once known as Yoshiro in a voice crystal clear, barren of all the sicknesses that had weakened him in life, "Then the people Yoshiro had called friends may very well all have died to you."
  645. "The human had made the decision to change instead, to deny you your opportunity. For them, he rejected his humanity... but also, to punish you for your actions, for hiding his medicine - for making those he considered comrades lose faith in him over the murders of those children..."
  647. Yoshiro held his hand out to Akira, smiling at him as if he were a dear friend, "This punishment is just. To allow you to think you have reached the goal you have dreamed of for so long - and then to deny you it. Goodbye, my Senpai. Goodbye, Akira of the Mist."
  649. "Know that I will live forever as the monster you dreamed of being - and you are now dead, a human to the end."
  651. He existed now as something separate from this world, as a living testament to everything that would not stagnate. His human soul was gone - but in it's place... lay the tenacity of a true monster.
  652. (Ozu, Yoshiro)
  654. Ozu, Yoshiro has activated a perk: The Tale of the Deathless: World Eater!
  656. Death comes for all men.  Young or old, strong or weak, death is a constant, an ailment that no Medic can prevent permanantly.  Having battled with this fate his entire life, having wrestled with the reaper as if it were his mortal foe, Yoshiro is one who has looked death in the eye...and death blinked.  Self-preservation is what guides him, not some fearlessness, as would be expected of a heroic figure, carved from a monument to the greats, woven in a tapestry by the goddesses, dictated to be great by fate.  Yoshiro was born to be great, and he has survived and will continue to survive not because he was the strongest, or the fastest, but because he is the one who always lives.  Despite the plague it has let loose on his psyche, Yoshiro always comes out the survivor, because where others shy from their fear of death, he has wholeheartedly embraced that terror- and seeked to defy dying.  The Tale of The Mighty will be preserved as inspiration for he who will live to the end of days.
  658. Note: When backed into a corner, Yoshiro becomes unbelievably tenacious, able to connive, scheme, and overcome all but the most absolute of deaths.  His fear of death simply makes him able to push the extra mile, and he will stop at nothing to be what stands at the end of forever.
  662. Ozu, Yoshiro has activated a perk: Power of the White Snake!
  664. The Chosen, the one true inheritor of the power of the Ryuichi Caves.  Imbued with the power of the Legendary White Snake Sage, Yoshiro has transcended humanity and gained the powers of his benefactors.  He no longer walks amongst mankind, instead, he walks down his path alone - the path of the Deathless.  Never aging, never changing, the Ozu will defy fate forever.
  666. Note: Help!  The Monster inside has already grown this large!
  668. Akira(x) says: ...
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