Journal Entry Three

Jun 27th, 2013
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  1. >Journal Entry Three
  2. >Woke up early, just as the sun was rising
  3. >Ate quickly and took a bath in the stream
  4. >Had to get there as soon as possible
  5. >Saw a bear on the trail, laid low until it left
  6. >Finally made it to mountains
  7. >Set up my tent and got to surveying
  8. >Found a few locations, marked them on my map
  9. >Went to bed
  10. >Woke up the next morning
  11. >packed up tent
  12. >Ate and headed out
  13. >As I was walking, I saw the bear again
  14. >It looked pretty hungry
  15. >Tried leaving my food
  16. >It took interest in that
  17. >Left while it was eating
  18. >As soon as I was out of sight I ran for my life
  19. >After I ran out of breath I stopped running and waited for a little bit
  20. >Didn't seem like it followed me
  21. >Set up camp and went to bed
  22. > Arrived in FourCannon midday and went back to my plot of land and set back up
  23. >Spent the rest of the day in the pub
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