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Mar 28th, 2017
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  1. >Be slavepony
  2. >It's been so long since you've had a real name
  3. >One that you could keep for more than a month before just being sold again
  4. >And here you were, at the auction for the..
  5. >How many times has it been now?
  6. >You've lost track
  7. >You can hardly even remember what Equestria was like
  8. >You've been through countless abusive owners, and a few nicer ones, but you always ended up back at the auction to repeat the vicious cycle.
  9. >You're tired of this. You just want it all to finally end.
  10. >But the humans won't let you
  11. >You're of no value to them dead.
  12. >Nobody's interested in a worn-out pony like you
  13. >Maybe the humans will finally put you down..
  14. >But just as you think that, a man comes up to you
  15. >He looks you up and down, and he smiles at you
  16. >A.. a genuine smile
  17. >After he does some talking with the Auctioneer, he comes over to you and grabs your chain
  18. >"Come on, now."
  19. >You follow him wordlessly
  20. >He let's you into the backseat of the car, and he clambers into the front seat
  21. >Once he closes the door, he turns back to look at you
  22. >"So what's your name?"
  23. "W-what?"
  24. >He was asking for your name?
  25. >"Yeah, what's your name? You speak English, right?"
  26. "You're supposed to give me a name, master."
  27. >"Oh.."
  28. >There's a short awkward silence
  29. >"C'mon, you've gotta have a name, the one that your mother gave you."
  30. >Was this human serious?
  31. "I.. I don't remember it, master."
  32. >"Jeez.. it's gotten that bad, huh?"
  33. >There's a twinge of sympathy on his face for a moment before he goes back to his cheerful smirk
  34. >"Well, I guess I'll have to give you one after all. Don't worry, I'll make sure it's one you like!"
  35. >With that, he pulled out of the auction parking lot, and starting driving presumably to his house
  36. >Was.. was this human crazy?
  37. >This human was nicer than any you've ever met
  38. >Maybe this time things wouldn't be so bad..
  39. >As if on cue, your new owner tunes his car radio to an older song
  40. [Remove]
  41. >Maybe..
  43. >It's not long before you reach your new owner's house
  44. >It's a humble little place, two stories as far as you can tell
  45. >"Welcome to your new home, buddy!"
  46. >Did.. did he just call you "buddy'?
  47. >There wasn't even a hint of sarcasm in his voice
  48. >You were convinced this human was insane.
  49. >He leads you inside, and begins giving you a tour of the place
  50. >"Here we've got the living room, and uh, the kitchen's over there, bathroom's down the hall, and my bedroom is upstairs. Oh, and yours is up there too."
  51. "I get my own bedroom, master?"
  52. >You were bewildered
  53. >Never before had a master given you your own bedroom
  54. >Usually just a bed of cold hay somewhere out of the way
  55. >"Yeah, why wouldn't you?"
  56. >You were realizing very quickly that this human had absolutely no idea what owning a slave was really like
  57. >"Oh, and uh, cut that 'Master' stuff out, alright? Just call me Anon."
  58. "Y-you don't want me to call you Master?"
  59. >"Nah, I like to keep things simple as far as names go. One name for everything. Hey, speaking of names, what do you want me to call you?"
  60. "You're supposed to give me a name, remember Ma-"
  61. >You catch yourself before you can finish saying that
  62. "Er, Anon?"
  63. >"C'mon, I'm sure you can think of a name for yourself, little pony"
  64. >You adamantly shake your head
  65. >What's the point in thinking of a name you'll have to give up in a month anyways?
  66. >"Alright, if you insist on me giving you a name I guess I will. I'm warning you now though, I'm not very creative."
  67. >Anon looks around his living room for a second before his eyes settle on a can of Bud Light on a coffee table
  68. >"I called you buddy earlier, right? How about we just shorten that to Bud?"
  69. >You're in no position to argue, so you just nod your head
  70. >You've had worse names after all.
  71. >"Now that that's settled, what can you do, Bud?"
  73. >He bought you without even knowing what he wanted you for?
  74. "Whatever you want, Master."
  75. >"Hey, what'd I say about calling me that?"
  76. >You wince
  77. "I-I'm sorry, M.. Anon."
  78. >He doesn't even notice that you're practically terrified of him
  79. >He unchains you, leaving only your collar on
  80. >"Well, uh, I don't think I washed the dishes last night. Could you get that for me?"
  81. >Did he just ask you to do something nicely?
  82. >What game was this human playing?
  83. >He goes to watch some TV, facing away from you
  84. >As you're washing the dishes, you realize he isn't playing any game; he's just ignorant
  85. >You eye the set of kitchen knives not too far away from you
  86. >This could be your chance to finally escape!
  87. >To finally be free from the clutches of slavery!
  88. >You slowly move to grab a knife in your mouth
  89. >You quietly ease one of the bigger ones out of the knife block, and slowly move towards your new master
  90. >You've never killed anything before, but.. what choice did you have?
  91. >All of a sudden, Anon turns around and sees you approaching him menacingly
  92. >His eyes widen
  93. >"Uhh, B-bud? What're you doing with that knife?"
  94. >In a split second decision, you bound over to him and leap over the couch, knocking Anon to the ground
  95. >"AAAh! Oh shit, please don't kill me! Bud, don't do this dude!"
  96. >You're standing over him, ready to plunge the knife into his throat, but..
  97. >The pure look of confused terror on his face..
  98. >You can't do this.. he hasn't even wronged you
  99. >You move off of him with a sigh, and drop the knife onto the floor
  100. >You lay down next to him and rest your head on your hooves in shame
  101. >"Y-you're not gonna kill me?"
  102. >You shake your head
  103. >He sits up to better look at you
  104. >"Bud.. what the fuck, dude? I know being a slave isn't the best deal, but.."
  105. >He pauses for a second and just stares down at you
  106. >"Your previous owners must have been really bad for you to even think about trying this, huh?"
  107. "You have no idea." you grumble under your breath
  109. >Anon whistles a low note, and grabs the TV remote to turn the TV off
  110. >"I gotta know, Bud, is this gonna work? Or should I just return you to the auction?"
  111. >Now it's your turn to beg
  112. "N-no, please! Punish me however you want, master, just anything but tha-"
  113. >"Okay, okay, relax. I need someone to do all my chores anyways, so you know who that job falls to." he says with a smile in your direction
  114. >Even right after you attempted to murder him, this human could still smile at you..
  115. >You bury your face deeper into your hooves in shame
  116. >You can't believe you just tried to kill the only human who's ever been genuinely nice to you..
  117. >You feel Anon's hand on your back
  118. >You flinch
  119. >"I'm not gonna hurt you, Bud."
  120. "B-but I-"
  121. >"No, listen. I really underestimated what owning a slave would be like, but I'm not very fond of going back on a decision. I'm also not very fond of beatings.."
  122. >He stands up to sit back down on the couch, grabbing his beer in the process
  123. >He takes a good sip before continuing his sentence
  124. >"My dad used to beat me. The old fucker could never use his words, not even once. Just beating after beating. I know what it feels like, Bud. But.. you try that again, and I don't think I'm gonna have much of a choice."
  125. >You bury your face as far into your hooves as it'll go
  126. >What have you done?
  127. >First day here and you've already fucked things up..
  128. >"Bud, look at me. Please."
  129. >You slowly look upwards at him
  130. >"Can I trust you? Not to pull this again?"
  131. >You solemnly nod.
  132. >"Alright. I believe you. But I'm warning you Bud, I'm only giving you one more chance."
  134. >Anon grabs the remote and flips the TV back on
  135. >He's just going on as if nothing happened..
  136. >You silently trot back to the kitchen to finish washing the dishes, leaving the knife on the floor
  137. >Anon picks the knife up and sets it on the coffee table next to his beer, and he occasionally looks back at you to make sure you aren't doing anything fishy
  138. >After a little bit you finish with the dishes, and coyly go back to Anon and lay down at his feet
  139. >The two of you watch television together in silence
  140. >Anon doesn't say anything, so you assume he's okay with this
  141. >You never really understood human television.
  142. >It seemed to be more advertisements than actual content
  143. >And even the actual content wasn't that good
  144. >There was some show about people in a desert with hats that remind you of the one a pony you used to know wore, among other things that didn't interest you
  145. >Anon just kept channel surfing until he eventually hit the news
  146. >The human reporter on screen droned on about current political events that Anon seemed mildly interested in, until a "Breaking News" symbol flashed on-screen
  147. >"Another pony riot happening now in downtown Boston, will they ever stop? Debates happening now on how these slaves should be punishe-"
  148. >Anon quickly changes the channel to something else.
  149. >You think a little about the news
  150. >You know Boston isn't too far from where you are..
  151. >Could a revolution finally be happening?
  152. >No, you think to yourself, this is just another attempt that'll get stomped.
  153. >There's some other stuff on TV, but nothing that's interesting
  154. >You and Anon have been watching TV wordlessly now for a few hours, and it's starting to get dark out
  155. >You can already hear Anon snoring behind you
  156. >It's about time you sleep too
  157. >You curl up into a more comfortable position on the floor
  158. >Still guilty about what you tried to do to him earlier, you drift off to sleep at Anon's feet with the TV still on
  159. >Maybe tomorrow you could make up for what you tried to do
  160. >Maybe..
  162. >You're awakened by Anon's foot nudging you
  163. >"Uh, Bud? You awake?"
  164. >Realizing how late you've slept, you immediately spring to your feet
  165. "I'm so sorry I slept in Anon, I'm sorry I'm so-"
  166. >"Hey, woah, chill out. It's fine."
  167. >He's dressed in a suit, and you must admit he looks kinda handsome in it
  168. >Anon reaches into his back pocket, and pulls out a handwritten note
  169. >"Here, this is all the stuff I need you to do today. I don't really care when you do it, so long as it's done by the time I get back from work."
  170. "You're leaving me here by myself?"
  171. >"Yeah. I can trust you with that, right?"
  172. >You nod your head
  173. >You're determined to regain Anon's trust
  174. >"Okay, good. Cya in a bit."
  175. >He hands you the note, and walks out the door
  176. >You can hear his car pull out of the driveway and down the road
  177. >You look at the note Anon handed you
  178. >It's messy handwriting, but still readable:
  179. >"Bud, could you please do the laundry, clean up around the house, and make some dinner for when I get back? Thanks -Anon"
  180. >You've done these things a million times over with other owners, but always half-heartedly
  181. >You owed it to Anon to do it with some effort
  182. >Well, except you've never really made dinner, but you would jump that hurdle when you got to it
  183. >You start by doing the laundry, which doesn't take you long
  184. >Afterwards you move through the quiet house, tidying it up as best you can
  185. >You pick up books lying on the floor, and return them to their shelves
  186. >You find a duster in the closet and use it dust off all the little decorations Anon has lying around
  187. >You try to sweep the floors with a broom you found but using it with your hooves proves a little difficult
  188. >After a few hours, the house is looking cleaner than it did before, so you move on to the task of making dinner
  189. >You're already getting out the pots and pans when you have a sudden realization
  190. >What did humans even eat for dinner?
  192. >None of your past owners have ever allowed you to eat with them, so you have no clue what humans even ate
  193. >Anon probably wouldn't like a hayburger..
  194. >You look at the clock
  195. >Anon would probably be back in a few more hours..
  196. >What were you gonna do?
  197. >An idea pops into your mind
  198. >Maybe one of the books Anon has could teach you something?
  199. >You trot over to the bookshelf you tidied and tilt your head to better read the spines
  200. >"Hitler's Mountain Troops". Nope, hmm.. "Understanding Einstein's Theories of Relativity". You have no clue what that even means.
  201. >Oh, aha! "Dishes to Prepare for Your Partner: A Step-by-Step Guide"
  202. >You flip through the pages, looking for something simple you could make
  203. >You eventually settle on something called "lasagna"
  204. >It seemed simple enough, and after checking you can confirm Anon has all the ingredients
  205. >While the oven is heating, you read some more
  206. >You were trying to impress Anon
  207. >In the book it says candlelight always makes things better
  208. >You always thought candlelight kinda sucked, but you weren't one to argue with a book
  209. >This was the first owner to ever be truly nice to you, and you were dead-set on not messing that up further
  210. >With a determination to not screw up, you begin working on the lasagna..
  212. >You finally finish the lasagna, and not with even a minute to spare
  213. >You can hear Anon pulling his car into the driveway just as you set a piece of lasagna onto a plate
  214. >You quickly trot around and light all the candles you've placed
  215. >As you hear Anon's car door slam, you sit by the door to wait for him patiently
  217. >As you walk towards your door, thoughts of how much work sucked clouded your mind
  218. >But you couldn't help thinking about how oddly happy you were to come back home to someone, even if that someone was a pony who tried to murder you the night before
  219. >You unlock the door to your house, and open it
  220. >Inside is your little pony waiting for you obediently, and as you put take off your shoes you notice that the house is looking cleaner than it has in ages
  221. >And a nice plate of lasagna with a fork next to it waiting for you on the coffee table
  222. >And.. candle light?
  223. >Was Bud trying to be romantic or something?
  224. "Uhh, Bud? What's with all the candlelight?"
  225. >Bud's ears flop down
  226. >"Y-you don't like it?"
  227. >You smile
  228. >You actually thought it was kinda sweet that your pony did this for you
  229. >It was definitely a nice change of heart from the pony who nearly murdered you yesterday
  230. "Of course I like it, Bud, I was just curious is all."
  231. >The little pony's ears perk back up
  232. >You go to grab a beer from the fridge, and sit down on the couch in the living room
  233. >"I was gonna put the lasagna in the dining room, but I couldn't find it.."
  234. "Dining room? I don't even have one."
  235. >Bud raises an eyebrow
  236. >"Doesn't every human have a dining room? It's something all of my previous masters have had-"
  237. "I'm not like your previous masters. Plus, I never had a need for one. I've been living alone 'til now."
  238. >"Oh.."
  239. >You grab the lasagna off of the coffee table, and take a bite
  240. >As you chew, Bud looks up at you expectantly
  241. >You were surprised to see that Bud actually made you something
  242. >You had just thrown in "make dinner" as a test of sorts, since you weren't sure if ponies could cook or not
  244. >Apparently, they can
  245. "Thif if pretty good, Bud." you say through a mouthful of lasagna
  246. >Bud's eyes light up
  247. >"R-really?"
  248. >You nod your head
  249. "It's a lot better than the pizza I usually order, fuck Domino's.."
  250. >Bud does a little questioning head tilt
  251. "Nevermind." you say with a wave of your free hand
  252. >You had forgotten that Bud probably didn't even know what Domino's was.
  253. >Bud bears a proud expression, and you think somewhere in there you can see the ghost of a smile
  254. >You wonder when the last time Bud really smiled was..
  255. >You pat the couch seat next to you, and Bud shoots you a questioning glance
  256. "Come on up, you've earned it."
  257. >Bud tentatively climbs up onto the couch, and lays down next to you
  258. >You rest your arm on Bud's back in a caring way
  259. >Bud flinches at first, but eventually relaxes
  260. >You turn the TV on as you continue eating lasagna and sipping beer with Bud at your side
  261. >The two of you watch TV for a little while, the light eminating from the TV and the dim candlelight delicately surrounded you
  262. >After you've downed a few beers, you begin to complain to Bud about work and life, with the TV serving as useful background noise
  263. >It felt nice to have someone you can actually talk to about this stuff, even if they don't have a choice in the matter
  264. "And my boss is such a fucking dick, y'know? I feel like he always give me the hard assignments, and for what? Just 'cause I'm the new guy?"
  265. >Bud just nods as you go on
  266. >Your voice is starting to slur a little bit
  267. "And work isn't the only thing that sucks. I'm so fucking lonely, Bud. I don't think I'll ever find the right woman for me. I haven't had a date since highschool."
  268. >As you say this, Bud looks up to get a better look at you
  269. >"W-well, you've always got me, Anon.."
  271. "W-what?"
  272. >You look down at the pony laying next to you, and she blushes hard and looks away
  273. >Was she implying what you think she was?
  274. >You weren't so sure about this..
  275. "Bud, uh, I-"
  276. >"N-nevermind, master.."
  277. >You lift your arm off of her back, and there's an awkward silence for a bit as the two of you divert your attention back to the TV
  278. >Eventually you decide to break the silence
  279. "I guess I really shouldn't be complaining, huh? I bet you've had it a lot worse than I ever did."
  280. >"D-don't worry about it, Anon.."
  281. >A sudden sarcasm enters her voice
  282. >"It's not like I became property and was sold and treated like dirt. Nooo, not bad at all."
  283. >You're not sure you like that tone of voice, but you can tell she's already in a bad mood, so you decide to let it go this time
  284. >The pony did have a right to feel like this, after all.
  285. >"I've only been beaten multiple times by various owners over the course of three years, and then always get sold back to the auction because I'm completely worthless. I'm sure that stuff is easy mode compared to what you deal with, Master."
  286. >She adds a certain edge when she says "Master"
  287. "Okay, okay. I get it." you say in an attempt to placate her
  288. >Realizing what she's just said and how she said it, Bud quickly calms herself
  289. >"S-sorry, master..."
  290. >She looks up at you with a frown
  291. >You look back down at her
  292. "Hey, you're not worthless. Not to me, at least."
  293. >She looks away again, blushing a little
  294. >The two of you resume silently watching TV, and you return your arm to it's resting position on Bud's back
  295. >Suddenly, a thought pops into your head
  296. "Bud is a pretty shitty name for a girl, isn't it?"
  297. >She looks up at you with that same ghost of a smile you saw earlier
  298. >"T-trust me Anon, I've had worse."
  299. "Yeah, but I want you to pick something. Something you actually like, not just something that makes you say 'I've had worse'"
  301. >Anon really wanted you to pick a name for yourself..
  302. >And he wasn't lying when he said "Bud is a shitty name for a girl," although you didn't have the heart to tell him that
  303. >You've only been with him a few days and you're already starting to look up to him
  304. >He's been the first master to ever give you a lot of things, and in just the span of two days
  305. >Genuinie kindness for once, and a reluctance to beat you
  306. >And his kindness has caused you to start developing some "other" feelings for him, too..
  307. >You push that thought to the back of your mind
  308. >Even though the creativity has long been stamped out of you by your grueling years as a slave, you didn't want to let your new master down
  309. >And you could tell Anon wouldn't sell you back to the auction, not for a long while at least, so you were okay with thinking up a name
  310. >You rest your head on your hooves to help you think
  311. >Anon seemed content to wait patiently
  312. >What did you want to be called?
  313. >Hmm...
  314. >Maybe..
  316. >You lay thinking for a while, trying to come up with a name, but nothing comes to mind
  317. >Anon is looking down at you expectantly
  318. >You look back up at him with a sad expression
  319. "I'm sorry Anon, I just c-can't think of anything"
  320. >"Hey, it's alright. I guess I'll just keep callin' you Bud until you think of something."
  321. >He pats you on the head, and rubs your mane before his hand rests on your back again
  322. >You have to really try hard not to flinch
  323. >Other masters never touched you unless they meant to beat you..
  324. >The two of you go back to watching television until you both drift off to sleep on the couch
  326. >The rest of the week and the next goes by rather uneventfully
  327. >Anon showed you his human calendar, and showed you that he bought you on a Sunday
  328. >You continued doing smallish tasks for Anon while he was at work, and every night you would continue the tradition of watching TV together until you both fell asleep
  329. >It had occured to you that neither you or Anon have slept in your beds since your he purchased you, but you liked it better that way
  330. >It gave you comfort knowing that your master was right there with you, and not plotting to sell you right back to the auction
  331. >And you think Anon knows that
  332. >It's the next Friday now according to the calendar hanging in Anon's kitchen, and you've just finished up your tasks for the day
  333. >You're waiting patiently for Anon to come home from work
  334. >Soon enough, you can hear his car pulling in, and Anon unlocks the front door and walks in
  335. >You're not sure why, but this daily routine gave you great comfort
  336. >Anon hangs his coat up behind the door like he always does, and moves to greet you
  337. >"Hey there, Bud. What's new?"
  338. >You give him your report like you always do
  339. "I did the dishes, cleaned up a little more like you asked me to, and lasagnas waiting for you in the kitchen."
  340. >"Lasagna every day, huh? Well, I can't really complain."
  341. >Yes he can, but you push that thought to the back of your mind
  342. >And then he smiles like he does every day, and roughs up your mane
  343. >"Good girl."
  344. >You can't help but feel a tiny bit proud when he does that
  345. >No other master had ever given you praise
  346. >As he eats his lasagna on the couch and you eat munch your hay on the floor below him (he wouldn't let you eat on the couch), he suddenly looks down at you
  347. >"Hey, you mind if I ask you a question?"
  349. >You look up at him respectfully
  350. "You can ask me anything you want, Anon. You own me, remember?"
  351. >Anon sighs
  352. >"Well, yeah, but I still want.. nevermind."
  353. >He continues non-chalantly
  354. >"So how come you don't have one of those picture things on your butt?"
  355. >Oh.
  356. "Y-you don't know..?"
  357. >"Well, I just noticed that you don't have one when other ponies typically do. I don't even know what those pictures are for, really."
  358. >How was your master so clueless?
  359. >You didn't really want to explain why to him.. but he was your master, after all.
  360. "T-they're called cutie marks.. and they are used to show a special t-talent that somepony has.."
  361. >Tears start to well up in your eyes as old memories flood your mind
  362. >"A-and.. I don't have one because I'm u-useless!"
  364. >The young red-maroon mare with the shorter white mane in front of you bursts into tears
  365. >She buries her face in her hooves in an attempt to hide her crying, but it doesn't do much
  366. "Woah there, shh, it's alright girl, you're not useless.."
  367. >As much as you try, all your attempts to placate her fail
  368. >She just continues crying on the floor, her collar making a little jingle noise as her body is racked by sobs
  369. >Eventually, you pick her up off the floor and place her on the couch
  370. >"No, no, master I'm s-sorry I'm u-useless! Don't m-make me go back, Master I'm sorry.."
  371. >She curls up into a ball next to you
  372. "What's got into you, girl? I'm not gonna look down on you just because you haven't found your calling yet."
  373. >She lifts her head to look at you, a few tears still streaming down her face
  374. >"Y-you won't?"
  375. "No, why would I?"
  376. >She shakes her head
  377. >"B-because everypony else d-did.. does.."
  378. "Ya keep forgetting that I'm not 'everypony else'."
  379. >She sniffles in response
  381. >Memories of the relentless teasing you endured as a filly and the endless hell previous masters have given you overwhelm you
  382. >All because you were a blank flank..
  383. >You should have had your cutie mark some years ago, but you just couldn't find anything you were good at.
  384. >And the whole slavery thing didn't really make talent-hunting easy
  385. >But Anon's kind words were finally beginning to reach you
  386. >He.. he really wouldn't torment you because of your uselessness?
  387. >You're stuck just staring at him, dumb-struck by his kindness
  388. >When other masters learned you had no special talent, they would beat you for days on end sometimes until they grew tired of you and just returned you to the auction
  389. >But Anon hadn't beat you once yet..
  390. >Not even when you.. when you tried to kill him.
  391. >"Bud, are you even listening?"
  392. >Anon's words snap you back to reality
  393. "W-what?"
  394. >"There you are!"
  395. >You're surprised when Anon suddenly gives you a hug, and pulls away to look you in the eyes
  396. >"Look, I can tell that this whole not-having-a-fancy-picture-on-your-ass thing is really messing you up. It's the weekend now, and I don't have anything important to be doing, so whaddya say we try out a bunch of stuff and see if anything sticks?"
  397. "You.. you would d-do that for me?"
  398. >"Of course. I hate seeing you like this. I'm sure we'll find something that works out, right?"
  399. >It's been so long since you tried..
  400. >Maybe.. maybe it'll work this time.
  401. >You nod your head, and wipe away some of the tears with your hoof
  402. >Maybe..
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