Flei tech pro 2041

Jul 19th, 2014
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  1. [19:23] <longbyte1> hello
  2. [19:23] <longbyte1> anyone on?
  3. [19:23] <Fleischy> maybe
  4. [19:24] <longbyte1> I'm trying to make a simple client for educational purposes
  5. [19:24] <longbyte1> I have the ENet stuff down, but I have to send some magic packet to the server when I connect
  6. [19:25] <Fleischy> sounds amazing
  7. [19:25] <longbyte1> Unfortunately, it seems that only server -> client packets are documented, not the other way around
  8. [19:25] <Fleischy> I have absolute faith in your abilities
  9. [19:26] <longbyte1> so I'm looking at how openspades does it
  10. [19:28] <longbyte1> and this line is the most concerning right now: https://github.com/yvt/openspades/blob/master/Sources/Client/NetClient.cpp#L391
  11. [19:28] <DerpyBot> "openspades/Sources/Client/NetClient.cpp at master · yvt/openspades · GitHub" at github.com
  12. [19:29] <longbyte1> that fourth parameter is the data, which means that I'm supposed to send the server's protocol version
  13. [19:29] <longbyte1> so I send 3, still times out
  14. [19:30] <Fleischy> that's troubling news
  15. [19:32] <learn_more> do you poll for events with enet_host_service?
  16. [19:32] <Fleischy> maybe
  17. [19:36] <longbyte1> yes, but I'm not familiar with enet_host_service because I'm using node.js. It has an enet package and it conforms to the documentation. So the equivalent would be peer.on("event", function() {});
  18. [19:36] <Fleischy> that's just the way it's gotta be
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