Sep 5th, 2021
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  1. "Virtual Spiritrons [Circumstances]
  2. Once, there had been a miracle on the earth able to materialize the soul.
  3. That, however, was lost in the Great Collapse of the 70s. Since then, accepting their downfall, the magi incorporated the modern science they had once tabooed and gave the “soul” a new definition.
  4. It was “the location of where the conscious was being outputted”, the magical theory of virtual spiritrons.
  5. In the past, the conscious could only be manifested through the body.
  6. But the magi pinpointed the location of the “soul” and succeeded in outputting it to the new frontier, projecting it as an avatar in the cyber world.
  8. With this, the magi transferred themselves to the electronic world and became capable of more advanced information acquisition.
  10. After all, the soul was a higher dimensional energy body and it was quite superior as an information medium.
  11. With the announcement of this theory, networking technology if nothing else made significant strides in the new world.
  12. The military industrial complex in exchange for their real world weapons development being suspended devoted their resources in development of weapons that were in the cyber world."
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