Queen Succubus

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  1. Lilith just activated Succubus Queen: This character is Lilith, the Succubus Queen and First Lord of Lust. They are an original member of the Starodavni and the chief manager of Asmodeus's brothel in Hell. They possess an enormous presence of Darkness and depravity, constantly perfuming the area with pheromones. Being the Succubus Queen, Lilith is the perfect definition of superficial beauty. Every feature of her body can entice sexual desire within any individual that is not without genetalia, and can be altered to suit the tastes of her targets. Without sufficient mental resistance, all targets around them are constantly in the effect of their body's pheromones. These hormones cause the opponent's body to weaken, stiffening at the thought of combat with this character, with an attraction to them regardless of their gender or sexual orientation (less they lack genitalia). This seems to even transcend Serene State, affecting monks to a degree, unless they've become somewhat of a Eunuch or Bodhisattva.
  3. [All targets cannot deal more damage than their own Mental Resistance Statistic allows them to.]
  4. [If the target's Mental Resistance Stat is above 150, they are allowed to do damage.]
  5. [If the target has not had genitalia for more than six IC months, than the target can no longer be affected by this character's hormones.]
  6. [Ignores pain tolerance with physical attacks by inflicting pleasureable attacks on the opponent.]
  7. [Physical Damage dealt is also dealt as Mental Damage and cannot physically harm an individual beyond Medium damage per hit. Mental Damage is uncapped. Lilith may optionally not use this to strike with pure Physical Damage.]
  8. [Armor and grazes cannot deny Lilith's seductive fist. Deal 70 Mental Damage at minimum through armor or grazes.]
  9. [If the opponent's Mental Damage reaches 100, force them to climax, lowering Reflex, Strength, Speed, and Attack Speed by 25% for three rounds.]
  10. [If an opponent has climaxed approximately 5 times during a single battle against Lilith, they become addicted to her touch and become her slave of their own volition.]
  11. [Lilith possesses a slight healing factor. She can heal up to 15 damage per turn and can even restore lost limbs if given sufficient resting time.] A Tier 4 perk.
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