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AEB Present 1.5 Log 2

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  2. Avara has connected.
  3. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  4. Chloe has connected.
  5. Kaorin Sakura:  And we are short a man.
  6. Kaorin Sakura:  Wo-Man.
  7. DNA:    Close enough.
  8. Avara:  hi
  9. DNA:    My character got given the Cottonee, right? or was it something else?
  10. Avara:  this is ava coming live from reno
  11. Avara:  yeah, you got cottonee
  12. DNA:    I may require its sprite
  13.         Wineberry:      Wineberry loses 0 hit points.
  14. DNA:    Whoa, it's a Spewpa already?
  15.         Wineberry:      She was level 5, I asked if it could evolve
  16. DNA:    Ah, I remember this. It seems the answer was yes!
  17. * Avara uses top spin on the loading time
  18. Avara:  need the shroom stats
  19. Avara:  foongus
  20. Kaorin Sakura:  Didn't I give that last week?
  21. Avara:  sorry, not stats
  22. Avara:  sprite
  23.         Wineberry:      Need a wound rolled too.
  24. Avara:  thing
  25. Kaorin Sakura:  It's in your box.
  26. Avara:  okay
  27. Kaorin Sakura:  It was ont he sprite.
  28. Kaorin Sakura:  What did you do with it?
  29.         Wineberry:      Rolling for wound 3
  30. Avara:  i got the stat. just forgot to check my box
  31. DNA:    I don't even remember what the Cottonee's wounds were, but I don't plan on using it until later. It's too hurt.
  32. Avara:  do we use the stats as they were on the sprite, or do we get to apply a restat as made by us?
  33. Kaorin Sakura:  The injury is attack, Rob.
  34. Kaorin Sakura:  It was on the sprite you deleted.
  35. DNA:    If memory serves, if you catch a Pokemon, you can re-stat it.
  36. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  37.         Wineberry:      I didn't delete one.
  38. DNA:    Well, nature, ability, and background are fixed. But the stat dump may be done freely.
  39.         Wineberry:      It had -1 atk and -1 def, from growl and leer in the fight.
  40. DNA:    *stat poitn
  41.         Wineberry:      the wound itself wasn't marked down.
  42.         Wineberry:      But I changed to attack.
  43. DNA:    Strange question: if you give ownership to someone, and that someone disconnects later, can you give that person ownership to other tokens, even when they're disconnected?
  44. Kaorin Sakura:  No.
  45. DNA:    Didn't think so. All right then.
  46. DNA:    Was asking in case I need to have the Eclipse System take over.
  47. Avara:  alright. shroomy's stats are settled
  48. Avara:  name: mario
  49. DNA:    HA
  50. DNA:    same name as the Foongus I never bothered to EV train
  51. Avara:  need to set a portrait later on
  52. Avara:  so... now we wait for jackie jack jackerson jacksonville.
  53. DNA:    I get the feeling he thinks it's an hour later
  54. Avara:  this is what happened before
  55. Kaorin Sakura:  I'll text him.
  56. DNA:    I remember him saying 11am his time. It is 10.27am his time.
  57. DNA:    We shall have to correct him.
  58. Kaorin Sakura:  In the meantime DNA, what's the link to the Golden Sun maps?
  59. Avara:  so, question. what does roaming mean for cellphones
  60. Kaorin Sakura:  I may steal some for battles.
  61. Wineberry:      Roaming means it costs a lot more to make calls
  62. DNA:    I got them from spriters-resource, or the one that Ava linked...
  63. Avara:  bghq
  64. Avara:  .com
  65. Kaorin Sakura:  Hm?
  66. Avara:  bghq.com is where i linked dna to
  67. DNA:    spritedatabase.net has them.
  68. Avara:  oh, that one
  69. Avara:  yeah
  70. DNA:    spriters-resource.com is still down.
  71. Avara:  wheeeeeeeeeeeee
  72. Avara:  i wonder if sr got hit with a c&d
  73. DNA:    bghq didn't have anything Golden Sun related.
  74. DNA:    Dunno. Before the website you couldn't connect to. Now there's an actual 'Down for Maintenance' message.
  75. Avara:  ahh, ok
  76. Avara:  right, now i remember
  77. Avara:  their server broke
  78. Avara:  what's a good band to listen to for adventuring music?
  79. Kaorin Sakura:  I've been listening to this.
  80. Kaorin Sakura:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym8JjY4fy-M&list=RDYm8JjY4fy-M#t=3232
  81. Kaorin Sakura:  100
  82. Kaorin Sakura:  26
  83. Kaorin Sakura:  36
  84. Kaorin Sakura:  78
  85. Kaorin Sakura:  97
  86. Kaorin Sakura:  2
  87. Kaorin Sakura:  74
  88. Kaorin Sakura:  Sucks to be you gaiz.
  89. DNA:    I'd say that first one is amazing, except I remember it's the exact OPPOSITE of that.
  90.         Chloe:  Extreme rolls on both sides of the d100
  91. DNA:    That sixth one, though...
  92. Avara:  did we really run into a legendary?
  93. DNA:    Apparently yes, though which one it is has yet to be decided.
  94. DNA:    Dibs on Jirachi
  95. Avara:  we'll see what it is and who gets it when we meet it
  96. DNA:    Fair. ...More likely than not I will pass on it. Good luck to us regardless, however.
  97.         Chloe:  I used my pokeball
  98. Kaorin Sakura:  If you have funds, you can craft another.
  99. Kaorin Sakura:  While we wait on either I populate this map or Jack shows up.
  100.         Chloe:  Apricorn doesn't use funds. It converts apricorn into ball
  101. Kaorin Sakura:  No, it can
  102. DNA:    Whichever happens first.
  103. Avara:  i have 3 pokeballs left
  104. Kaorin Sakura:  It's an apricorn or 400.
  105. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh, Rob, a second.
  106.         Chloe:  yes?
  107. Kaorin Sakura:  What edge is that?
  108.         Chloe:  Apricorn Balls
  109. Kaorin Sakura:  Effect: As an Extended Action, you may craft Apricorns into their corresponding Poké Ball or for $400 or corresponding Color Ball or for $150. You may also craft Environment Balls for $150. Use of this Feature requires access to a Poké Ball Tool Box.
  110. DNA:    So, you buffed it.
  111. DNA:    ...Fun.
  112. Avara:  how much cash you got, rob
  113. Kaorin Sakura:  I buffed it by allowing it to make Color and Environment balls.
  114.         Chloe:  150.
  115. Avara:  here, have 300
  116. Kaorin Sakura:  400 for an Apricorn Ball was the original effect.
  117.         Chloe:  I don't need cash.
  118. Kaorin Sakura:  Basic Balls: You may craft Basic Balls for $100, Habitat Balls for $150, Terrain Balls for $150 and Great Balls for $175. Requires access to a Poké Ball Tool Box.
  119. Avara:  if you took the 300, you could make 1 apricorn ball or 3 color balls
  120.         Chloe:  Or I could use my apricorns to make them.
  121. Avara:  ok
  122. Avara:  ... can i buy a ball off ya?
  123.         Chloe:  You can have 1 friend ball.
  124.         Chloe:  I'm not willing to part with more at the moment. Nor am I willing to take any payment.
  125. Avara:  okay
  126. Avara:  i just have the feeling we're going to need more
  127. Avara:  considering freaking legendary
  128.         Chloe:  Perhaps.
  129.         Chloe:  If it's small I still have a net!
  130. Avara:  heh
  131.         Chloe:  -20 to capture rolls
  132. Avara:  well, good luck to the lot of us eh?
  133. Avara:  apparently the titanic is playing right now
  134. Avara:  wearing headphones
  135. Avara:  still no jack attack?
  136. Kaorin Sakura:  No response to my text either.
  137. DNA:    It's possible he may be busy with something, but I think at this point, it's expedient to get going. Let's pretend Blondie is asleep.
  138. Avara:  or something
  139. Kaorin Sakura:  I can detail them later.
  140. Kaorin Sakura:  Full 50 minute wait.
  141. Avara:  mhm
  142. * DNA is glad he volunteered to be the medic this time.
  143. Avara:  what -does- blondelle do? also... just realized i don't have macros on this computer.
  144. DNA:    Going for Hatcher, I think he said?
  145. Kaorin Sakura:  Should I file transfer?
  146. Avara:  sure. might have to walk me through how to install the macros again
  147. Kaorin Sakura:  ...Okay, how?
  148. Avara:  ... email
  149. DNA:    DON'T WORRY
  150. DNA:    I GOT THIS
  151. DNA:    Ava, can you accept files?
  152. Avara:  email
  153. Avara:  chainsawharmony gmail
  154. Kaorin Sakura:  Her Skype is on a seperate device.
  155. DNA:    ssssso close.
  156. DNA:    pot are you sending them, or should I?
  157. Kaorin Sakura:  Sent.
  158. Avara:  bluh. sorry for the hold-up
  159. Kaorin Sakura:  Right click blank spot on Global tab.
  160. Kaorin Sakura:  Click Import, select file.
  161. Kaorin Sakura:  Done.
  162. Avara:  thanks
  163. Last time, our heroes thoroughly handed the butts back to a small band of a random collection of Pokémon on their way to acquire information on void pockets.
  164. Kaorin Sakura: (( Holy smokes I just realized I hadn't selected a date. ))
  165. Kaorin Sakura: (( Lemme grab my calender. ))
  166. Kaorin Sakura: (( You guys pick a date. ))
  167. DNA:    68
  168.         Chloe Blanchett:        (( Same date as the last game ended, just 8 years forward))
  169. DNA:    March 9th
  170.         Rochette:       ((zubat day.))
  171. Kaorin Sakura: (( I honestly don't want to look up that date so I'm fine with March 9th. ))
  172. DNA:    I wouldn't know.
  173.         Rochette:       ((/me is joking! march 9 is fine))
  174. Avara:  testing
  175.         Chloe Blanchett:        gotcha
  176. DNA:    I like dice; they pick no favorites.
  177. Kaorin Sakura:  ...I love this calender.
  178. DNA:    Calendar.
  179. Kaorin Sakura:  It's giving me weather information all over kanto.
  180. Kaorin Sakura:  It's delicious.
  181.         Chloe Blanchett:        Calendarmander
  182. Kaorin Sakura:  Sorry, first time using this thing so I'm not quick with it.
  183. Avara:  and so edi 3.0 is born?
  184. Kaorin Sakura:  I didn't make it.
  185. Avara:  joking to begin with.
  186. Kaorin Sakura:  I'm gonna be dropping numbers on the region map.
  187. DNA:    I am fortunate the seal on J is still in place, or he'd be livid about the mention of an EDI 3.0.
  188.         Chloe Blanchett:        Days are still IG days right, not every session?
  189. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  190.         Chloe Blanchett:        Sounds good
  191. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay, you guys are point...
  192. Kaorin Sakura:  5.
  193. Kaorin Sakura:  Meaning it's...hailing.
  194. Kaorin Sakura:  go figure.
  195. DNA:    Is this going to affect us outside an encounter?
  196. Kaorin Sakura:  And point 10 is in direction line of sight
  197. Kaorin Sakura:  No.
  198. Kaorin Sakura:  And point 10 is southeast of your location and it's...
  199. Kaorin Sakura:  Several tornados.
  200. Avara:  kanto is weather hell
  201. Kaorin Sakura:  But from your point of view, that'd be visible just barely from the horizon.
  202. DNA:    Do these numbers mean anything to us or is it on a map that you personally are looking at?
  203. Kaorin Sakura:  They're on the region map.
  204. Kaorin Sakura:  It's the points of weather areas.
  205. Avara:  we're next to the forest of fate
  206. Avara:  10 is near the great wake
  207. DNA:    You can see numbers?! the hell
  208. Avara:  look at the green squares
  209. Avara:  they're labelled
  210. DNA:    oh
  211. DNA:    so they are, I see the 5
  212. Avara:  10 is down by the green circle between alvender and vermillion
  213. Avara:  *lavender
  214. DNA:    I see 10, 7, and 4 as well. and 3. Don't feel like hunting for the others. In time.
  215. Kaorin Sakura:  Anyone.
  216. Kaorin Sakura:  way*
  217. The battle comes to a close, Blondelle promptly slumps over Saturn and passes right the fuck out, entering a snoozefest.
  218. Kaorin Sakura: (( At that point Chloe may have crafted something if she wanted to. ))
  219.         Rochette:       "Anyone have any idea how we're going to carry her around? I could put her on Roland, but she might be at risk in a fight."
  220. * Saturn Rosewell scoots back a bit, not wanting this strange woman to be leaning on her leg.
  221.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...can't we just find a hiding spot and leave her there for now, until she comes to?"
  222.         Rochette:       "Not fond of the idea of leaving her for wilds. Agreement with the town or not, there's a chance she'd get killed."
  223.         Saturn Rosewell:        "......." The thought of someone dying gave her pause. "Fair enough, but I still think she'd be more of a hindrance..."
  224. Avara is disconnected.
  225. Avara has connected.
  226.         Chloe:  "We are too far from town." Chloe looked longfully back the way they came from. "Shelter is our best plan, what with the weather."
  227.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Yeah. ...Kinda wish I had a larger Pokemon like Roland there to carry her around; it'd be easier that way."
  228.         Rochette:       "Right... give me a moment." She'll first attempt to put blondelle on roland, and then search for shelter.
  229.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe stood under the wing of the large Tropus, shielded from hailfall."
  230. Kaorin Sakura: (( I'm fine with Blondelle tagging along in the background. ))
  231. * Saturn Rosewell tucked her beret over her head, trying to shield herself from the pellets. Natasha hurried over and hid on Saturn's shoulder.
  232.         Roland:         Roland obligingly shelters the group, saying something to Rochette in pokemon (kanto).
  233. Avara:  survival or perception to find a cave or similar shelter?
  234. Kaorin Sakura: (( She can tag along with the 'somehow or another' handwave in the background. ))
  235.         Chloe Blanchett:        14 Perception. Chloe looked around for where they might find shelter, or at least a shielded path, like a ravine.
  236. Kaorin Sakura: (( I'd rather not have to explain or roleplay her catching up to you guys later, or traveling back to the group. ))
  237.         Rochette:       12 if perception, plus 5 if survival
  238.         Saturn Rosewell:        6 Survival. Both checks will be the same roll anyway.
  239.         Saturn Rosewell:        The dice gods hate my skill checks.
  240. Kaorin Sakura: (( If all those rolls are for you guys finding a place to put Blondelle, I've said what it is I'm comfortable doing. ))
  241.         Rochette:       ((shelter vs hail))
  242. Chloe Blanchett:        (( No, they are for seeking shelter from the hail ))
  243.         Rochette:       ((thought we were looking for somewhere to wait out the storm))
  244. Kaorin Sakura: (( Ahhh, sorry. ))
  245. DNA:    I was under this impression also.
  246. Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe lifts up a piece of hail from the ground and looked it over. If it wasn't large they might not be in too much trouble (what size is it?)
  247. Kaorin Sakura whispers: The hail obscures your vision. All you have otherwise, are the tree's.
  248.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Damn, I can only see the trees... I'm not used to the cold...!"
  249.         Chloe:  Chloe pointed in a direction after her quick glance-over. "There are some cliffs over there. If the wind is nice they might shield us."
  250.         Chloe:  Chloe was pointing toward the north.
  251.         Rochette:       "If we're lucky there might be a cave too. Roland said we can ride on his back after the storm's over to make up lost time." Rochette heads northward.
  252.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Ech, I'll trust you...I don't like hail..."
  253.         Rochette:       "Of course, if there -is- a cave we might have to fight whoever's in it."
  254.         Rochette:       "We've shown to be pretty good at that though. Had a good feeling about you guys."
  255.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Uh, thanks?"
  256.         Chloe:  "The big ones look like they might bruse a bit... but it's not dangerous. Not yet." Chloe commented to herself as she thumbed over the piece of ice she'd lifted off the ground.
  257.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe followed Roland, letting his wings shade her from the weather.
  258. Group moving north?
  259.         Chloe Blanchett:        Yes.
  260.         Chloe Blanchett:        "If you can speak to pokemon," Chloe mentioned on the way, "Do you think you could ask your foogus about why they were guarding that bridge?"
  261. As you move north, it's quite a bit of distance but none of the Pokemon in the area are used to the strange weather and are retreating to shelter as well.
  262.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Hail must not be usual around these parts."
  263. Making it to the wooded and rocky area there are several caves to take shelter.
  264.         Natasha:        "Kanto mag niet hagel erg vaak."
  265.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Or maybe it's related to the void pockets, or aura disturbances..." ((What edu check deals with aura?))
  266.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Het lijkt wel zo, Natasha."
  267. DNA:    I think it's Occult.
  268. Kaorin Sakura:  Occult is Magic. Aura is Pokemon.
  269. DNA:    D'oh!
  270.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((Default yes, but Kaorin shuffled Occult until it was solidly *something*))
  271. Kaorin Sakura: (( Yeah, I call all sorts of bullshit on the RAW occult skill. ))
  272.         Chloe Blanchett:        Pokemon Ed 12 To know something about how aura might be related to this.
  273.         Rochette:       Rochette opens her pokeball and kneels down to look at Shroomish. She says some stuff in Pokemon, introducing herself and asking about the guarding and area. (can infodump what i'd get out of the shroomish if you don't want to play it out.)
  274. DNA:    I thought it was a Foongus.
  275. Avara:  sorry, yes
  276. Avara:  i botch the excessively similar mushroom pokemon name. not surprised.
  277. Kaorin Sakura:  I refuse to play out 'after captures'.
  278. Avara:  'kay
  279. DNA:    Learned from PR1, I see...
  280. Avara:  but the shroomish did know SOMETHING. so i am trying to get that info.
  281. Avara:  ... did it again
  282. Avara:  bluh!
  283.         Rochette:       Rochette gives her new pokemon a gentle pat and recalls him to the pokeball, pocketing it. "No luck."
  284.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Hmm... I'm no expert on aura, I might be wrong, but I don't think aura could cause this. It would have to be a pokemon or bad luck. Bad luck is most likely, but this whole job smells of funny." Chloe mused.
  285. Kaorin Sakura: (( Here's something easy. One is mushroom and one is fungus. Foongus is fungus. It helps keep them seperate for you. ))
  286.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It could just be a strange weather pattern. Those aren't uncommon from where I'm from."
  287.         Rochette:       ((I think it's the double o that messes me up))
  289.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe shifts her weight and makes a mental note of it anyway. No clue left out.
  290.         Rochette:       "We could head back and resign the job, if you don't trust it. I'm kind of worried about the whole bridge guarding thing myself."
  291.         Chloe Blanchett:        "No no, it's fun." Chloe smiled sweetly to Rochette.
  292. Kaorin Sakura: (( Did anyone go into a cave? ))
  293. Avara:  didn't see a post showing caves. sorry
  294. Making it to the wooded and rocky area there are several caves to take shelter.
  295. Avara:  had to look away for a bit. didn't get much chance to catch up
  296. Kaorin Sakura: (( re-posted ))
  297.         Rochette:       Rochette takes a moment to look for tracks or claw marks, or things like that.
  298.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Hmm... we should find a bigger one, more likely to be communal."
  299. Kaorin Sakura: (( Give me a perception for that and a focus for doing so while being pelted. ))
  300.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I don't care as long as we get out of the hail. I can only take so many rocks falling on my head..."
  301.         Rochette:       9 per, 7 fo
  302.         Rochette:       Rochette grumbles a bit, and heads into a cave. She takes off her tiara and puts it in her bag.
  303.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe follows behind quickly.
  304.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Something wrong?" Saturn followed suit.
  305.         Rochette:       "Couldn't find anything. Just tired of being hit by ice."
  306.         Roland:         Roland heads in as well.
  307. * Wineberry appears in a flash of light!
  308. You enter a cave. From the light you can see, it is 9-meters tall, 9-meters wide, and 18-meters deep.
  309.         Wineberry:      "Sksks..?" She clicked in confusion.
  310. Avara:  wineberry?
  311. DNA:    The Scatterbug/Spewpa that Chloe caught last session.
  312. You see no immediate threat of other Pokemon.
  313. * Natasha has Glow! This extends the visibility range somewhat.
  314. Kaorin Sakura: (( I believe the plan is to wait out the hail? ))
  315. DNA:    I believe so.
  316. DNA:    And maybe wake up Blondie.
  317.         Chloe:  "H-hello." Chloe waved to the new pokemon. "My name is Chloe Blanchette, and um, I'm your new trainer. I've never had a pokemon before so..." Chloe bowed deeply, "It's nice to meet you! Lets do our best together from now on, okay?"
  318. With Natasha's glow you can see that the cave, at the 18-meter end, dips downward.
  319. DNA:    (So, is the floor level, and then dips downward at the end?)
  320. Kaorin Sakura: (( Yes. ))
  321. DNA:    (All right. Good to know in case it precipitates.)
  322. Kaorin Sakura: (( During this time, feel free to rest, or perform other activities, such as search for stuff, craft, etc. ))
  323.         Chloe:  "Oh? There's more to this cave?
  324.         Rochette:       Rochette nods. "Looks that way. I was about to go out and search for kindling for a fire at the edge of the cave, in case we need the warmth. Might want to check out deeper instead, though."
  325. * Natasha also has Heater.
  326. * Natasha let out a glow of warmth!
  327.         Wineberry:      O_O
  328.         Chloe:  "Are you going to look further?" Chloe peered into the far end of the cave.
  329.         Rochette:       "I'll call out if I need back-up, and I'll leave marks at any forks in the road, if you guys want to stay behind. I just want to make sure we're not going to get attacked while we're resting."
  330.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Natasha, zou u bereid zijn om de grot einde te onderzoeken?" Saturn turned to her Victini.
  331.         Chloe:  "O-okay. Um..." Chloe takes off the whistle she wore around her neck and held it out to Rochette, "I really like this, but you can take it for safety."
  332.         Natasha:        "Tuurlijk, ik kan dat doen!"
  333.         Rochette:       "Maybe you can ask Saturn what language she's speaking while I'm gone."
  334.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...She says she can go investigate the back of the cave. Natasha? Go on."
  335. * Natasha does so, staying within eyesight, moving very slowly towards the cave back. The glow helped her see things.
  336.         Rochette:       "I'll leave you guys Roland. He's pretty reliable." She follows Natasha.
  337.         Chloe:  Chloe giggled softly, "I can do that."
  338. * Saturn Rosewell stayed within earshot of Natasha.
  339.         Chloe:  Chloe, having never trained a pokemon, tries to get to know Wineberry better through a round of Inspirational Training!
  340. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Do I need to make a check to see what's back there, or will the glow help enough so she can see without it?
  341. Kaorin Sakura whispers: There's no signs of tracks or markings along the sidewalls or floors. When you reach the dip, it goes into a perfectly circular hole in the floor. Further investigation may be required.
  342. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: What is the hole's diameter?
  343. Kaorin Sakura whispers: 3x3m
  344.         Natasha:        "Het enige wat hier terug is deze ronde gat, ongeveer 3 meter breed."
  345.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Kun je iets zien in het?"
  346. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Can she see anything in it?
  347.         Rochette:       "Does Natasha speak Kanto Pokemon, Saturn?"
  348.         Saturn Rosewell:        "No, just Hoenn for now."
  349.         Rochette:       "..." Rochette sighs and resumes what she's doing: Trying to climb down a hole.
  350.         Chloe:  "Is that where you're from?" Chloe asked, having Wineberry performing little jumps to the timing of claps.
  351. Kaorin Sakura whispers: You cannot see the bottom even with the illumination.
  352.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Yeah, we're both from Hoenn."
  353.         Rochette:       13
  354.         Natasha:        "Ik kan niet zien helemaal niets! Het is te donker!"
  355.         Rochette:       ((perfect roll))
  356.         Chloe:  Chloe smiled, "Oh? What's it like there? I've never traveled far, but Hoenn was one of the places I've wanted to go. It's got hotsprings, beaches.... hotsprings..."
  357.         Saturn Rosewell:        "It's a really nice place, actually. It has a little bit of everything."
  358.         Rochette:       "... Natasha. Um... Fire Pokemon." She gestures to the burns with a questioning look.
  359.         Saturn Rosewell:        Then, to the group: "Natasha says there's a hole at the back of the cave, 3 meters across and perfectly round. It's too dark to see into at all, so it must be really deep."
  360.         Natasha:        "?"
  361.         Chloe:  "Sounds like a burrow."
  362.         Rochette:       Rochette points at the hole's edge, specifically at some burn marks.
  363. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Can Natasha see these burns that Rochette is mentioning?
  364. * Natasha nods, then gazes at the burn marks, investigating them at length. Particularly to determine when they were left, what kind of species made them, etc.
  365. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Rochette gestures to the edges of the hole. She guides you to faint burn markers within the edges. The edges look to be cut by something.
  366.         Natasha:        "Ik denk Rochette vond een aantal brandplekken!"
  367.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Brandplekken? Wat er van hen?"
  368.         Natasha:        "Ze zijn aan de rand van het gat. Er zijn een aantal sneden in hun buurt ook."
  369.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Burn marks with...cuts in them?"
  370.         Rochette:       "I could go down there to investigate with Roland's help. This wide, it should be big enough to fly up and down. Roland can only carry two. The hole's man-made, cut and/or burned."
  371.         Saturn Rosewell:        "What kind of Fire Pokemon makes cuts?"
  372.         Chloe:  "Heatmor?"
  373.         Rochette:       8 edu poke
  374. Kaorin Sakura: (( What's the education for specifically? ))
  375.         Rochette:       ((edu poke. education pokemon))
  376.         Chloe:  ((What pokemon could have done it))
  377.         Rochette:       (("What kind of fire pokemon cuts?"))
  378. Kaorin Sakura: (( I'm gonna be a dick and go, 'most fire pokemon are capable of cutting' ))
  379.         Rochette:       ((and what ones do it normally?))
  380. * Natasha makes a Gen. Ed check to find out what in general would have made those marks! 14
  381. DNA:    Finally, an average roll.
  382. DNA:    well, perfectly average would be 16 here, but whatever.
  383.         Chloe:  Pokemon education 12 What kind of fire type pokemon are known for tunneling.
  384.         Rochette:       "... Roland, (pokemon kanto)." Roland shuffles towards the hole, letting Blondelle off near the others before Rochette attempts to board.
  385.         Rochette:       ((what language should i use for pokemon kanto in google translate?))
  386.         Chloe:  "Or Heatran.." Chloe thought, but continued her training.
  387. DNA:    I heard it was Maori.
  388. Kaorin Sakura whispers: Something that precise wouldn't be likely organic. Even less likely caused by Fire as the markings wouldn't be perfectly circular. It would have to be laser or controlled electricity.
  389. Kaorin Sakura: (( It's Maori, yes. ))
  390. * Natasha raised an eyebrow, looking confused.
  391.         Natasha:        "Het ziet eruit als een soort van...laser? Of misschien een machine."
  392.         Rochette:       "Kei te haere matou ki raro, engari tatou ki kia tupato."
  393.         Natasha:        "Eventueel gecontroleerd elektriciteit, hoewel een laser te kunnen gebruiken."
  394.         Saturn Rosewell:        "What kind of machine would even be down here?"
  395.         Roland:         "Rangatira pai." Roland flies down with Rochette.
  396.         Natasha:        "Veel succes, Rochette! Niet sterven!"
  397.         Chloe:  "Hup hup~ now weave~" Chloe used her hand net as a training device, working on dance-like defensive maneuvers.
  398.         Rochette:       Rochette puts her tiara back on now that it's not chilled from the hail, hoping it'll help protect her forehead from any surprise attacks.
  399. DNA:    Do nets recover HP, e.g. after an encounter or something?
  400. DNA:    I don't think it says anywhere so probably not, but I'm curious.
  401. Kaorin Sakura: (( Nope. ))
  402.         Chloe:  ((Vague words on repairing, but I have neither skill nor materials to try, methinks))
  403.         Chloe:  ((But it's a 100 pokedollar net, it's more than paid for that.))
  404. DNA:    Hah! That is very fair.
  405. Kaorin Sakura: (( Did anything happen I'm not aware of? >_> ))
  406. Avara:  rochette and roland are flying down the hole
  407.         Chloe:  ((Currently just training))
  408. Kaorin Sakura: (( Cool. That I missed. ))
  409. Rochette and Roland descend into the hole.
  410. DNA:    Natasha is at the hole's edge, watching them.
  411.         Rochette:       "Te wai, ko te reira? He aha e waiho he kaiwhakamahi te ahi i roto i te mārua ki te wai?"
  412.         Rochette:       Rochette looks up. "Natasha, a little lower please!"
  413.         Natasha:        "?"
  414.         Rochette:       "Natasha, Saturn!"
  415.         Natasha:        "Ze wil dat je zweven een beetje zodat ze kan zien."
  416. DNA:    sorry, Saturn said that^
  417.         Natasha:        "OK!"
  418.         Rochette:       ((alright))
  419. * Natasha floated down into the hole, slowly, so that Rochette could see her surroundings.
  420.         Roland:         "E ti'a ia tatou ia haapii i taua tetahi Kanto rawa."
  421.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Chloe, I'm going to go check up on their progress. If anything shows up from outside, let us know, okay?"
  422. Kaorin Sakura: (( Sec, daughter. ))
  423. * Saturn Rosewell scurries off to the back of the cave, kneeling near the hole's edge with Natasha.
  424.         Chloe:  "Alright, eh... should I come with...?"
  425.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Not right now. We need a look-out, just in case."
  426.         Rochette:       "Pono rawa." She looks up. "The cave's got water down here!"
  427. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Can Natasha see the water as well? as well as what kind of body of water it is? a lake, a puddle, a river?
  428.         Natasha:        "Water!"
  429. DNA:    Though that W is probably pronounced like a V.
  430.         Rochette:       ((try putting it in without the capitalization))
  431. DNA:    It's spelt as 'water'. It is pronounced as 'vater', yes.
  432. DNA:    German does that too.
  433. Avara:  ok. it came out Water when i put it in as Water for maori, but as te wai if i put it in as water)
  434. DNA:    Yeah, I found it odd too, so I changed it around. But it shouldn't surprise me, since Waser is German for water.
  435. As Natasha descends you can get a better view of the immediate area. There's several pillars extending from the ceiling and into the black body of water. A few shadowy images move about underneath the water from time to time and there's a small rocky platform to the west.
  436.         Chloe:  ((Carved or natural pillars?)
  437.         Rochette:       "Looks like there are some aquatic pokemon, and some supports. Found a place I can land if you two want to join me down here."
  438. Kaorin Sakura: (( gimme a General or Science check for that knowledge. ))
  439.         Rochette:       10
  440. Kaorin Sakura: (( Which is that? ))
  441.         Rochette:       ((general.))
  442.         Rochette:       ((they're both the same number))
  443.         Natasha:        "Het is alsof er een kamer hier beneden!"
  444.         Natasha:        12 General, just because.
  445. DNA:    ASDF
  446. Kaorin Sakura whispers: They appear to be natural.
  447.         Rochette:       "He aha o te wahi tenei he?"
  448.         Roland:         "Kihai i taea e ahau te mea, engari titiro te reira maori kia tawhiti."
  449.         Natasha:        "Pilaren, dingen in beweging in het water ... het lijkt natuurlijk, dat wel."
  450.         Saturn Rosewell:        "A natural cave?"
  451.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Hoe groot is het? Kun je zien aan de muren?"
  452. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: How large is the room? can they see to the walls?
  453.         Roland:         Roland flies over to the rocky platform, and Rochette disembarks before examining the area.
  454. Kaorin Sakura whispers: You can see no walls. The room is too large for Natasha's light to extend it all.
  455.         Rochette:       "Ko te tino whakamīharo kitea tenei. Ka korerotia e ahau ki a koutou e waiho hei utu ki te haere i runga i te haere."
  456.         Roland:         "Ae, ae. Ko koe tika i tēnei wā."
  457.         Natasha:        "Het is ENORM hier beneden!"
  458.         Rochette:       Rochette walks around the platform, trying to get a good look at the area. "Haere tiki i te ētahi atu."
  459.         Roland:         Roland flies back up and approaches Saturn and Chloe as best he can, lowering his wings.
  460. Kaorin Sakura:  The GM should be SOMEWHAT MEAN!
  461. Kaorin Sakura: (( Continue on. ))
  462.         Rochette:       "Natasha." She gestures for Natasha to come closer.
  463.         Chloe:  "And over again~" Chloe's training continued as Rochette returned.
  464. * Natasha understood the gesture, and floated closer.
  465. Avara:  rochette isn't on roland, chloe
  466.         Chloe:  ((Right))
  467.         Roland:         Roland rustles his wings a bit.
  468. Kaorin Sakura:  The GM should be SOMEWHAT MEAN!
  469.         Rochette:       Rochette waits for Natasha to get close enough for things to be visible.
  470. * Natasha shall float further downward, enough to be near to Roland's head.
  471. Avara:  ...
  472. Avara:  *Rochette
  473. DNA:    I meant Roland, but if you want her by Rochette's head, that is fine too
  474. As Natasha floats closer to to Rochette, the small platform can be seen clearly and appears to be covered in some grayish fine sand. The narrow passageway from the platform extends to the northwest, rising and falling over the deep, black water. There appears to be something wooden along the path a great distance...
  475. Avara:  Roland is upstairs trying to rustle his wings at saturn and chloe
  476.         Rochette:       Rochette starts walking along the path, ready to move fast if she feels something touching her.
  477.         Natasha:        14 Gen Ed check on Grayish fine sand!
  478. Kaorin Sakura: (( Combine that with a perception please. ))
  479. DNA:    Damn. 3
  480. DNA:    OF COURSE.
  481. Kaorin Sakura whispers: The appear to be shattered bits of something larger. Whether it was natural or not, or what the bits are, you are unsure.
  482. Kaorin Sakura: (( So, Natasha and Rochette are heading to the thing, on foot. This'll take a fair bit of time. ))
  483. Kaorin Sakura: (( Those above, I am assuming will be resting unless otherwise stated. ))
  484. DNA:    Saturn isn't resting; she has to watch to translate.
  485.         Chloe:  ((Still training, once a half hour passes resting))
  486.         Roland:         Roland nudges Saturn with his wings.
  487.         Saturn Rosewell:        "?"
  488. Kaorin Sakura: (( Well, they'll be out of Saturn's sight from that hole before long. ))
  489.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh, right..."
  490.         Roland:         Roland rears his head around to gesture to his back.
  491. * Saturn Rosewell hops on Roland's back. She'll have to follow them.
  492.         Roland:         Roland then tuns to look at Chloe.
  493.         Chloe:  "Oh, should I come too?"
  494.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I would."
  495.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Can't very well have us wandering off our separate ways, not here."
  496.         Chloe:  "Come on Wineberry, lets go see what they're up to." Chloe scoops up the bug and climbs nerviously onto Roland's back.
  497.         Roland:         Roland will then fly down, staying in the air and trying to catch up to Rochette and Natasha.
  498.         Chloe:  "W-whoa!" Chloe clung on as best as she could.
  499. * Saturn Rosewell held Chloe onto Roland's back.
  500.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Stay steady. We can't have you falling off."
  501.         Chloe:  "Th-thanks. This is a new feeling to me..." She recalled wineberry for safety.
  502.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Think about riding in a cable car. It's a lot like that."
  503. Kaorin Sakura: (( I'll allow you guys to catch up at about 25m before the wooden structure along the narrow finely coated walkway. ))
  504. * Saturn Rosewell wasn't sure of the best example, so she picked the most contemporary one to her.
  505. DNA:    All right.
  506.         Chloe:  "Okay." Chloe said, trying to focus on that thought. It was a distraction from fear whether it worked or not.
  507. The wooden structure in the in the distance appears to be some sort of hut. Complete with a leafy roof, poorly crafted wooden doors and dim blue flames over the door. Though its far larger than the narrow platform its on.
  508.         Rochette:       "Blue flames, huh...?"
  509.         Chloe:  "That's strange..." Chloe says, slipping off the back of Roland and onto her jelly legs.
  510.         Rochette:       "What sort of stuff burns blue?"
  511.         Natasha:        "Heeft iemand beneden wonen hier?"
  512. * Saturn Rosewell rushes to catch up with Natasha.
  513.         Rochette:       Rochette recalls Roland to give him a rest after all of that people-flying. "Okioki ake hoki i te haerenga hoki mai."
  514.         Chloe:  "Some chemicals, will o wisps..." Chloe said softly, intimidated by her own echo.
  515. Kaorin Sakura: (( I didn't miss anything again, did I? ))
  516. DNA:    I don't think so?
  517. Rochette:       ((just all standing there together))
  518.         Chloe:  Chloe walks to the house, looking it over as she approaches. 10 Perception.
  519. Rochette:       Chloe attempts to open the doors.
  520. Rochette:       *Rochette
  521. Rochette:       bluh. sorry
  522.         Rochette:       Rochette attempts to open the doors.
  523. As the group (or just Rochette) approaches the hut, you can see that the hut's wooden structure descends into the water. Natasha's light can show that the there's a rocky structure just beneath the hut, supporting it but suddenly disappears just beyond it.
  524.         Rochette:       "This place is really weird..."
  525.         Natasha:        "Is dat hut ... drijvende?"
  526. The door doesn't resist Rochette as she opens it.
  527.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'm thinking we should turn back...I'm starting to get the creeps..."
  528.         Chloe:  "The flames are from candles. Candles melt to quick, someone replaces them." Chloe knocks on the door.
  529. Though as she does, her back suddenly bleeds.
  530. Kaorin Sakura:  The injury lowered the Accuracy stat!
  531.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Rochette!" Saturn yelled. "Get back!"
  532.         Rochette:       "Ah!" She stumbles over, falling to one knee.
  533. Kaorin Sakura: (( Dunno how that works, but uhh, yeah. ))
  534. Avara:  i do
  535. DNA:    I can think of 1 way.
  536. Kaorin Sakura: (( Bleeding back = accuracy. ))
  537.         Chloe:  "E-eh?!"
  538. Avara:  she can't move as quickly or accurately due to the pain
  539. DNA:    I was thinking hunched over affects vision.
  540.         Chloe:  Chloe jumped back, about to open the door herself after hearing Rochette talk about leaving.
  541. Kaorin Sakura: (( Saturn ))
  542.         Rochette:       Rochette struggles up to her feet and backs away from the door. She tries to see through the now-opened doorway, though.
  543. * Natasha positions herself behind Rochette, so she'll be able to see.
  544.         Chloe:  (( Right, I got very lost on who was doing what for a bit there ))
  545. DNA:    Rochette opened the door and fell back, and she's now looking in. Natasha is behind her. Chloe and Saturn are standing a small ways back, though not very far.
  546. The hut is almost entirely empty, save for a corpse hunched over in the corner next to another door and a large metal square plate in the center of the hut. The water found its way into the hut, though appears to only be ankle high.
  547.         Chloe:  ((Chloe was at the door as well, I didn't realize anyone had followed her up to the hut))
  548.         Rochette:       "Ow... ow.. what the hell...?"
  549.         Chloe:  "Hello...?" Chloe asked to the open door.
  550.         Roland:         Roland takes a close look at the door from his position in the air. As close as he can anyway.
  551.         Roland:         waitno, nvm.
  552. Avara:  forgot, roland's in ball
  553. Avara:  stupid
  554.         Rochette:       "What's with that door...? If there's nobody down here... Hey, are there any pokemon that make blue fire?"
  555.         Natasha:        "........."
  556.         Natasha:        "Reshiram..."
  557.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Reshiram? No...no way, not here..."
  558.         Chloe:  "Will o Wisp is blue."
  559.         Rochette:       "Will o Wisp wouldn't cause a cut across my back..."
  560.         Natasha:        "Sorry! Het was het eerste wat ik dacht."
  561.         Chloe:  Chloe examined the candles closer, checking to see if they were simple wax or some kind of chemical burn. 13 General Education.
  562. Kaorin Sakura: (( Gimme a perception to go with that check. ))
  563.         Chloe:  "No, but ghosts could. Lantern ghosts." Chloe spoke quietly as she looked over the candle. 15 Perception
  564. As Chloe examines the candles, she suddenly begins bleeding from her forehead, suffering an injury.
  565. Kaorin Sakura:  The injury lowered the Defense stat!
  566.         Chloe:  "Owowowow! That wasn't nice!"
  567.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Ch-Chloe! Not you too..."
  568. The two candles at the entrance suddenly vanish from sight and their illumination with them.
  569.         Chloe:  Chloe huffed. "I'm not here to hurt you, I just want to see what's going on here. Can't we be friends?" Charm 14 against the candle.
  570.         Rochette:       "Ki te mahi tenei a pokemon, koa mai i teie nei!"
  571. Silence befalls the location. You only hear your own voices and the slow waves of the water around you. It all echoes near endlessly.
  572.         Natasha:        "Hey! Stop met het kwetsen van mijn nieuwe vrienden, bedoel je mensen!" Command 14
  573.         Chloe:  "We're looking for information, do you think you can help us?"
  574.         Rochette:       Rochette reaches down and... stops. "Should I try asking one of the aquatic pokemon?"
  575.         Chloe:  "Well...." Chloe turned to the others, "Those candles had faces."
  576.         Rochette:       "... Alright. So we're dealing with candle pokemon."
  577.         Rochette:       "Should we head back up?"
  578.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I think so. I don't want to see either of you get hurt any further."
  579.         Chloe:  "This is a pokemon's nest, angering them more would be a bad idea..."
  580.         Rochette:       "Yeah..." Rochette brings Roland back out. "You two go up first."
  581. Kaorin Sakura:  The GM should be VERY NICE!
  582.         Chloe:  "Be careful.... they didn't leave, they're just hiding."
  583.         Chloe:  Chloe got on the back of Roland again, shaking a little. "Make sure they don't spring out from nowhere..."
  584.         Saturn Rosewell:        "All right. ...Natasha, blijf hier bij Rochette tot Roland terug is."
  585. * Saturn Rosewell joined Chloe on Roland's back.
  586. * Natasha saluted Saturn.
  587.         Roland:         Roland flies up to the hole, leaving Rochette and Natasha together.
  588.         Chloe:  "W-wait!" Chloe slides off.
  589.         Chloe:  She stares blankly into the hut.
  590.         Roland:         Roland swoops back down and moves in front of Chloe.
  591.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Chloe, what are you--!?"
  592.         Chloe:  "That's not a corpse... it's false." She tilted her head as she looked.
  593.         Chloe:  Chloe took a few steps back toward the hut, looking for signs of lurking ghosts. 9 Perception.
  594.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Does that really matter? You guys were getting attacked by doors and candles..."
  595.         Rochette:       "Really..." Rochette steps into the hut. "Oi, Ki te he te kāinga pokemon tenei ka au pouri mo te noho i, heoi e kore koutou e whakahoki kupu."
  596.         Chloe:  "There's another one in there... purple. I can't tell if any others are around."
  597.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Another corpse or another candle?"
  598.         Chloe:  "Oh, no, that's through the hut, on the other side. Inside might be safe then." Chloe walked in, lifting the key dangling from the stone corpse's neck. "Another candle."
  599.         Chloe:  With key in hand Chloe looked around the hut some more, exploring inside. 10 Perception.
  600.         Chloe:  Chloe stands confused in the hut. She glances at the key as if to focus her thoughs. Recklessly she decides to hang it on her neck for safe keeping before she walks up to look over the metal square plate. 9 Perception.
  601. * Rochette paces around a bit, not really sure what she should be doing.
  602.         Saturn Rosewell:        Intuition, to try and discern the motives of the things or w/e inside: 12
  603. * Natasha does the same! 9
  604.         Chloe:  "Can you push this plate Rochette?" Chloe asked, pointing to the heavy plate.
  605. Kaorin Sakura whispers: The Pokemon that may or may not have attacked you guys haven't re-appeared yet for another attack. The corpse inside of the hut isn't a corpse. For Fire Types to be hidden in a place where you've seen nothing except aquatic life underwater where they couldn't reach, this probably isn't their natural habitat so this is unlikely to be a nest or breeding ground. Most likely they're here on orders or for some other purpose.
  606.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I get the feeling they're here on purpose..."
  607.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...and that this probably isn't where they actually live."
  608.         Rochette:       "I'll try, yeah." Rochette tries to move the heavy plate of heavyness.
  609.         Saturn Rosewell:        "They haven't re-appeared yet, though..."
  610.         Rochette:       ((body roll?))
  611. Kaorin Sakura: (( What's your Power? ))
  612.         Rochette:       (5)
  613. Kaorin Sakura: (( Erm, sorry, how much can you push? ))
  614.         Saturn Rosewell:        Push/Drag -> 360 lb.
  615.         Chloe:  "The insides of this hut aren't the same as the outside. Stone all around us, for a wooden walled, sandy floored outside."
  616.         Rochette:       ((360 lbs))
  617. Kaorin Sakura: (( Rochette can push that aside for sure. ))
  618.         Rochette:       Rochette moves the metal out of the way.
  619.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Perhaps to hide something about it? No one just builds two kinds of walls...
  620. Rochette pushes the metal square plate aside, revealing a perfectly circular hole.
  621.         Rochette:       Rochette checks for more burn marks.
  622. Full of water.
  623. DNA:    you very nearly had me there
  624.         Chloe:  "... I... brought my swimsuit..."
  625. Suddenly a pale hand extends from the water and slaps upon the water-covered stone surface.
  626.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Eek!!"
  627. * Natasha jumped! which is weird as she's been floating the whole time
  628.         Rochette:       Rochette stares down at the hole. She was kind of expecting something like that.
  629. The hand grips the surface and pulls up the rest of its body. A beautiful dark haired and pale skinned woman pulls herself out of the water. She coughs up water constantly, almost expelling buckets of water with every breath.
  630.         Chloe:  Chloe jumped as well, "H-hello?" She jumped forward and grabbed the hand, helping the person out.
  631.         Rochette:       Rochette helps the woman out as well, carefully.
  632.         Chloe:  "Are you okay?!" Chloe asked.
  633. * Strange Girl is wearing a drenched sickly green once-frilled dress. She wears no footwear or accessories.
  634. * Strange Girl nods to Chloe as she's helped out and holds her hand up in a 'wait' sort of motion. She continues expelling water constantly from her mouth for a few moments.
  635. DNA:    (is there a sprite/image for Strange Girl somewhere?)
  636. Strange Girl: (( I'll grab one. ))
  637.         Rochette:       ((i can make one later, if this is a recurring character))
  638.         Chloe:  Chloe rubs Strange Girl's back, hoping to help her coax whatever needed to come out.
  639. Unknown command: "me, now over her initial shock, hops over closer so the strange girl will be radiated with heat - though, she's still wary, so she keeps out of arm's reach.". Try /help for a list of commands.
  640. * Natasha , now over her initial shock, hops over closer so the strange girl will be radiated with heat - though, she's still wary, so she keeps out of arm's reach.
  641. * Strange Girl after coughing for a moment she begins making breathing sounds and slumps down onto her knees and looks around at all of you.
  642.         Strange Girl:   "T-Thank you..."
  643.         Chloe:  "You're freezing..." Chloe said to the woman. "Come on... let it all out, we'll get you comfortable." She continues in as calming of a voice she could. 13 Charm
  644. * Strange Girl 's voice is hoarse and high-pitched, like she'd been screaming for hours.
  645.         Rochette:       "We should probably get you out of here. It's not fantastic up top, but at least you'll be away from wild pokemon and whoever did that."
  646.         Natasha:        "Maak je geen zorgen; we zijn vriendelijk!" 31 Charm
  647.         Saturn Rosewell:        "She says don't worry; we're friendly."
  648. DNA:    FINALLY a high roll
  649. * Strange Girl pauses for a moment before looking around.
  650.         Strange Girl:   "You are all...unafraid."
  651.         Chloe:  "Worried is more like it!"
  652.         Strange Girl:   "Tell me, I know not of my time of imprisonment. Who is Queen?"
  653.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I think we got over our initial shock of being afraid. Now we're just concerned. ...I don't know, who IS Queen?"
  654.         Rochette:       "Kanto's seen worse than someone who probably shouldn't be alive by normal laws. There's no queen--Kanto is ruled by a Champion."
  655.         Natasha:        "Hey, Saturn, is ze een tijdreiziger?"
  656.         Rochette:       ".. Normal laws of reality, that is."
  657.         Chloe:  "You're deathly cold, and couldn't have lived down there long the way you were... this place is surrounded by ghosts." Chloe squatted down and hugged her knees, "...are you dead?"
  658.         Natasha:        "Ze houdt niet van iedereen die ik heb gezien spreken."
  659.         Strange Girl:   "You...don't know who I am, then?"
  660.         Chloe:  General education 5
  661.         Strange Girl:   "I must have been imprisoned for quite some time..."
  662.         Rochette:       "No. We uncovered this area while taking shelter from a storm."
  663. * Strange Girl turns to the statue in the room.
  664.         Rochette:       ((gen knowledge, how long ago was the last queendom 12))
  665.         Strange Girl:   "...Finally petrified, have you Benthar...? Guarding me no longer..."
  666.         Chloe:  Chloe shook her head. "No. I don't. ...might you know what this key is?" Chloe lifted the key she found from her neck.
  667.         Rochette:       "... The last queendom was... let me think for a bit."
  668. * Strange Girl examines the key that Chloe holds.
  669.         Strange Girl:   "I believe that may be the key to the Shrine of Niro."
  670.         Rochette:       "It was the time of Sir Aaron."
  671.         Rochette:       "Does that name ring a bell?"
  672.         Strange Girl:   "...Where last I recall, my sisters were being judged."
  673.         Strange Girl:   "Aaron? I don't know of any such strange name."
  674.         Chloe:  "What is your name?"
  675.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I'm going to ask a bit of an odd question, but I'd like you to answer it anyway. ...Before you got locked up down there, what year was it?"
  676.         Rochette:       "The last queendom had a knight by the name of Sir Aaron, in the town of Rota."
  677. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: While I'm at it, what year is it right NOW, so I can do math?
  678. Strange Girl whispers: 33 Years after BW2
  679.         Strange Girl:   "I am Nylora."
  680.         Chloe:  "My name is Chloe. This is Rochette and Saturn."
  681.         Strange Girl:   "What...is a year?"
  682.         Rochette:       "A measure of time. Three hundred sixty-five days long."
  683. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Of course you had to fuck with us.
  684.         Strange Girl:   "Oh, a Cycle."
  685.         Rochette:       "We date how long things have been by years, or... cycles if you prefer."
  686.         Natasha:        "Wow! Een echte leven tijdreiziger!"
  687.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Natasha, wees niet onbeleefd."
  688.         Natasha:        "Maar ik ben niet! Ze is recht uit het verleden! Dit is zo cool!"
  689.         Strange Girl:   "It was was 180 cycles after the fall of the beaucrux empire. Or, the day the moon fell from the sky."
  690. Strange Girl: (( 1 was plz ))
  691.         Rochette:       10 how long was that?
  692.         Rochette:       (gen knowledge)
  693.         Chloe:  "What were you doing down there? You said Benthar was guarding you, were you there on purpose?"
  694.         Strange Girl:   "I was imprisoned."
  695.         Rochette:       "There was a recording of a gigantic rock believed to be from the moon striking upon a mountain to the west. Is that what you mean?"
  696.         Rochette:       "The moon itself remains in the sky."
  697.         Strange Girl:   "Yes. That was the moon falling, and when teh Beaucrux ended."
  698. Strange Girl: (( the plz ))
  699.         Rochette:       ((does my gen know check qualify me to know how many years ago that was?))
  700.         Chloe:  Chloe thinks back to that time as well. 10 General Education.
  701. Strange Girl: (( I'm not even sure that was given a time. But I'd say it would. ))
  702. * Strange Girl turns to Chloe, "You mentioned 'death'...
  703.         Strange Girl:   "There are creatures that you would consider alive despite lacking obvious telltale signs, wouldn't you agree?"
  704.         Chloe:  Chloe blinked, "Ah... aha, sorry." She smiled sheepishly. "M-maybe? Are you saying you're that kind of creature?"
  705.         Strange Girl:   "I am similar."
  706.         Rochette:       "Then the Beaucrux ended ((insert time frame)) ago."
  707.         Strange Girl:   "But I am not dead."
  708.         Chloe:  "No human I've ever heard about could survive that... except maybe a splice or a hybrid with gills."
  709.         Strange Girl:   "I do not know what those are."
  710.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Maybe she's been in suspended animation?"
  711.         Rochette:       "Splices... hybrids... human-pokemon blends, through nature or application of science."
  712.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh...Th-Those..."
  713.         Chloe:  "It's the only thing that looks like human but isn't entirely that I could think of." Chloe said, "N-not that they're not human or anything! I've known some before and I know they're kind of strange but... I mean! ... i'll stop talking..." Chloe said meekly.
  714. * Saturn Rosewell shook a bit at the mention of splices and hybrids.
  715. * Natasha hopped up on Saturn's shoulder and patted her back.
  716.         Natasha:        "Niet huilen, Saturn..."
  717.         Strange Girl:   "You are quite a strange bunch..."
  718.         Strange Girl:   "But I am grateful for your rescue."
  719.         Strange Girl:   "I do not have anything to offer you at the moment. I will need to reclaim my strength first."
  720.         Rochette:       ((rochette gave the time frame since the beaucrux empire's fall))
  721.         Chloe:  "I... sorry..." Chloe blushed. "Maybe we should get you out of here... I just wanted to make sure everything was calm and alright first."
  722. Strange Girl: (( So she did! ))
  723.         Strange Girl:   "It has been...quite some time. My kind's existence may have been wiped out long ago..."
  724.         Strange Girl:   "I am quite alright, now. I am free."
  725.         Chloe:  "Your kind?" Chloe thought. "Do you know the families Joy and Jenny?"
  726.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Yeah, we should probably go back up to our camp. Longer we stay here, longer it might take for her to recover."
  727.         Rochette:       "We were planning to travel throughout the region, doing jobs and investigating strange regions. I don't know if you want to come along, but it might help to reacquaint you with the region."
  728.         Strange Girl:   "I do not know either."
  729.         Rochette:       "Roland, tangohia ia ia a Chloe ake tuatahi."
  730.         Roland:         Roland moves down to the ground near Chloe and Strange Girl, lowering his wings.
  731.         Chloe:  "Ah... they're two families whose children look exactly like them. For countless generations. Rumor has it they're not exactly human either, but its a touchy subject so no one really knows."
  732.         Rochette:       "Roland'll fly you and Chloe up to the surface first."
  733.         Chloe:  Chloe gets on Roland's back carefully.
  734.         Strange Girl:   "It's quite alright. I've been imprisoned for so long I can handle myself just fine. But I will need to - recover my strength. I can do that here."
  735.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Yeah. You two go on ahead. We can wait."
  736.         Strange Girl:   "I-If...it's not a burden on you, after you've done so much for me...I'd like to know how my sisters are doing."
  737.         Chloe:  "Are you sure...? If it's been a long time you might want someone to introduce you to how things are."
  738.         Chloe:  Chloe smiled, "I'd be happy to help!"
  739.         Rochette:       "My name's Rochette Higsby, by the way. We can search for information on your sisters once we've reached a new town."
  740.         Strange Girl:   "And a town is...full of Humans, yes?"
  741.         Chloe:  "Some pokemon villages are out there, some mixed. But mostly yes, mostly human towns."
  742.         Strange Girl:   "I am not sure I would do well in a town location. A place like a forest cave until I recover would be better, if it would not burden you."
  743.         Rochette:       "We won't be reaching town for a long time. We have to wait out the hail storm first."
  744.         Chloe:  "In that case, we can at least get you up the cliff so you can wander around as you please.... do you know the litwik here?" Chloe asked.
  745.         Strange Girl:   "I do not know the hired help that well. Just the guard, my judge and would-be executioner."
  746.         Chloe:  "What did you do, if it's not personal?"
  747.         Strange Girl:   "But up the cliff would be nice. I could rest there."
  748.         Strange Girl:   "I existed."
  749.         Rochette:       "Hired help... interesting. Get on Roland's back and we'll get you up there."
  750.         Chloe:  "... are you a noble?"
  751.         Chloe:  Chloe was sitting on Roland's back, she offers a hand to Nylora.
  752. * Strange Girl climbs onto Roland's back and briefly smiles to Chloe.
  753.         Strange Girl:   "Not in the sense you mean."
  754.         Roland:         Roland says a few words and then flies up again.
  755.         Chloe:  "I would like to say things are more enlightened now days." Chloe clung tight to Roland as she spoke, "... but there are different ways people have invented to prey on each other, even as the old ways fade away."
  756. Strange Girl: (( Do we want to pause here or continue? ))
  757.         Chloe:  ((I'm good for continue, but I will go with common vote))
  758. DNA:    I don't care either wya.
  759.         Roland:         ((also good either way))
  760. Strange Girl: (( Alright, you can leave Nylora above the hole, safe from the hailstorm and continue from there. ))
  761. DNA:    Continue investigating the hut, or are we all going back up to the campsite again?
  762.         Roland:         ((i think we were all going up. unless you want to investigate))
  763. DNA:    I assumed we were all going up as well.
  764. DNA:    The context was just tricky.
  765. DNA:    Will the party be going anywhere else after this?
  766.         Chloe:  "What is the Shrine of Niro?" Chloe asked, after she was safely landed.
  767.         Roland:         Roland will go down and pick up everyone else to bring back to the cave top.
  768. * Strange Girl sits down in the cave and looks up to Chloe.
  769. * DNA is currently looking up rules on injury healing and bandages.
  770.         Strange Girl:   "The Shrine of Niro is the home of the Executioner Niro. Little did the city know, that he wasn't different from those he was paid to slay."
  771. DNA:    24 hours / 1 injury without bandages; that's what I thought.
  772. DNA:    and 6 with a bandage. Welp, I know what I must do.
  773.         Rochette:       Once everyone is upstairs again, Rochette sits down against a cave wall.
  774.         Chloe:  General Education, any of this ring a bell? 12 Spending AP for bonus.
  775.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Hey, Rochette, you took a bit of a bruise when you opened the door, right?"
  776.         Chloe:  "None of that sounds familiar to me, but I'll be sure to remember it."
  777.         Rochette:       "More like a bit of a cut, Saturn."
  778.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I've got some bandages with me; it might help. Especially since we have to keep going."
  779.         Chloe:  "My full name is Chloe Blanchette." Chloe smiled, "I didn't want to... um... say the whole thing before. If I was where you were, I would have been really overwhelmed."
  780.         Saturn Rosewell:        (I don't have the Medical Care feature yet; I'll take it when I reach level 3.)
  781.         Nylora:         "I'm just thankful to no longer be drowning."
  782.         Rochette:       "I have a bandage set too, but I don't want to use up our supplies if I don't have to. We don't know how long it is until the next center.. unless you want to turn back?"
  783.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I know, but...don't push yourself, all right?"
  784.         Saturn Rosewell:        "You too, Chloe."
  785.         Chloe:  Chloe smiled and pulled her knees to her chest, "I'm glad I could help... we almost turned away until I saw something glimmer inside." Chloe burried her face in her knees, continuing in a meek voice, "...maybe this is what being a hero feels like...."
  786.         Nylora:         "Well, I'm no longer drowning for another hundred years so you're my hero."
  787.         Chloe:  Chloe blushed against her knees."
  788. DNA:    (If we have time and we aren't moving anywhere else, I'd like to use one of them training sessions for Natasha. Looking up the rules on it at present.)
  789.         Rochette:       "Yeah... good job, Chloe. You've got really good eyes."
  790.         Chloe:  "I did something good for once..." she whispered to herself.
  791.         Rochette:       "Might be good to explain a bit of Kanto's recent history to you. Particularly why the towns are so small and disjointed compared to nine years ago... I don't know how different it is from your age."
  792.         Nylora:         "There were kingdoms. What's Kanto?"
  793.         Nylora:         "Is that the province?"
  794.         Chloe:  "You sound like you know your history better than me, I'll go practice with Wineberry some more."
  795. DNA:    (Looked 'em up. I'll do it for a half hour at first, maybe more if we have time.)
  796.         Chloe:  (I just want the first half hour, then launch into extended rest)
  797. DNA:    Ah yes, Extended Rest. Forgot about those.
  798.         Chloe:  (Both Chloe and Wineberry have a wound, it would be worth a sit-down for the both of them)
  799.         Rochette:       "Kanto is... sort of like a country and a province all in one. Something like that. There used to be a little over ten major towns with smaller areas mixed in here and there. It's governed by a Champion decided by a sort of managed, legalized battle system called the Pokemon League. The regional champions answer to the world champion, but otherwise have say over what happens in their land. Kind of like a queen."
  800.         Rochette:       "Eight years ago, we were invaded from another reality or... something like that. Beings that needed to convert the entire world and all of its population into mindless abominations to survive tried to take over everywhere, and war broke out across the world. We won in the end, but it devastated everything everywhere. This was eight years ago."
  801. * Nylora pauses for a long moment upon hearing what happened.
  802.         Nylora:         "Were...they Lampir's?"
  803.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I kinda remember that. I was too small to remember what happened, but...everyone was scared."
  804.         Rochette:       "I don't know. I never heard the name of their leaders' kind, and I only heard most of this years after my parents ran off to fight for the world's survival. The creatures people were being turned into were called Husks."
  805.         Chloe:  "I was ten. I remember it well..." Chloe said.
  806.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I was 8..."
  807.         Chloe:  "Wait, eleven." Chloe frowned, "My mistake."
  808.         Saturn Rosewell:        "My parents were deathly afraid. They didn't want me anywhere near what happened. They were afraid I'd turn into a weapon..."
  809.         Saturn Rosewell:        "That's what they told me, anyway..."
  810.         Rochette:       "I was ten. I got sent to a house east of here for shelter while my parents fought. They never returned, they never turned up dead... the officials all say they're dead."
  811.         Natasha:        "Je bent niet een pistool."
  812.         Chloe:  "I wasn't with my parents at the time. I'd moved out, I was in Cerulean when it happened. I got held up in the pokemon center."
  813.         Saturn Rosewell:        "My family all survived, thankfully. Most of my town was all right, but...a fair amount of them died."
  814.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Well...my parents. It was just us three."
  815.         Rochette:       "Neve got back to where I lived before. I barely even remember it, and I doubt it exists anymore... if it does, I doubt they'll remember me. I has to put my all into earning money working where I could."
  816.         Rochette:       ((*had))
  817.         Nylora:         "Sounds like an awful war."
  818.         Chloe:  "Wasn't a war. It was an invasion, a slaughter. An elite group took out their head, caused everything on their side to fall appart."
  819.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I remember Daddy saying it was eating the world..."
  820.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I don't know what he meant by that, but it was very scary..."
  821.         Rochette:       "In the aftermath, there are areas with aura mutations and areas where there just... is no air. Pokemon like Roland here can make air for people to breathe, and planting new plants can help, but we don't know what's been causing it."
  822.         Chloe:  "That's what we're investigating. Pockets of air missing and any aura disturbances in the area."
  823. * Natasha had a quizzical look on her face. She wasn't old enough to be around for the war, but...it sounded very terrible.
  824.         Nylora:         "The Earth must be in pain for there to be no air in place."
  825.         Chloe:  "Maybe.... we're meant to find the cause, and fix it if we can."
  826.         Rochette:       "It would certainly be nice if we could.."
  827. Nylora: (( I think 1 Am is a good place to call it. ))
  828.         Chloe:  ((I think we got what we want, and figured out our plans))
  829. DNA:    Seems like a good turning point to me, yep! LMK how much IG time passes for the training session, for next week.
  830. DNA:    And...find out how Jack is doing, dammit.
  831. Kaorin Sakura:  5 XP can go to a single Pokémon per Trainer.
  832. Kaorin Sakura:  Great discovery! 2 Trainer XP.
  833. Kaorin Sakura:  And I'll give you guys a single hour.
  834.         Chloe:  (( I'd push for 5 hours, 1 for training and 4 for extended rest. But if moving on is important and the hail stops soon we can skip that rest easy))
  835. DNA:    So does that mean each of us gets 5 Pokemon EXP, or each of us gets 15?
  837. * DNA will also take the whole hour.
  838. Kaorin Sakura: (( Looks straight forward to me. 1 Pokemon belonging to each Trainer may gain 5 XP. ))
  839. Avara:  ok
  840. DNA:    That's what I thought, it's just...you know, math.
  841. Kaorin Sakura:  Pokemon not being trained, of course, can still benefit from the rest.
  842. Kaorin Sakura:  Saving campaign and log.
  843. Avara:  *hugs everyone*
  844. Chloe is disconnected.
  845. Avara is disconnected.
  846. You have disconnected.
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