MagiReco Another Story 8.1

Jul 30th, 2018
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  1. 8.1 How Magius Operates
  2. in a room in Hotel Fendthope
  3. Kyouko: "This is headquarters of the Wings of Magius, huh? Well, let's see if a demon or a snake will show up... Let's find out!"
  5. 8.1.1
  6. [in a room in Hotel Fendthope]
  7. Kyouko: (Hmm... So this is the Wings of Magius's base, huh.)
  8. white feather: "Please don't look around too much."
  9. "I've brought Mifuyu-sama."
  10. Mifuyu: "Good work."
  11. "!?"
  12. Kyouko: (She's...!")
  13. (Dammit, why'd I have to meet her at this time?)
  14. (I should have taken that lame robe...)
  15. white feather: "Umm, what's wrong?"
  16. Mifuyu: "Nothing. Thanks for guiding her. Please leave the rest to me now."
  17. white feather: "Yes. Excuse me."
  18. Kyouko: "..."
  19. Mifuyu: "..."
  20. Kyouko: "Is that alright?"
  21. "You haven't forgotten me, right?"
  22. Mifuyu: "In fact, I'm relieved that you're..."
  23. Mami: "My, Sakura-san?"
  24. Kyouko: "Mami!"
  25. Mami: "Why are you here?"
  26. Mifuyu: "Tomoe-san, she is a new member."
  27. Mami: "I see! I'm so glad that you understand."
  28. Kyouko: "Me? What do you mean? Who are you talking about?"
  29. Mami: "Kaname-san and the others simply didn't get it..."
  30. "How splendid the release of magical girls will be."
  31. "So, I'm truly glad."
  32. "I'm so glad that you've come."
  33. "Together, let's save all of the pious magical girls..."
  34. "Who believe in me and in Magius, Sakura-san."
  35. Kyouko: (What the heck? Is this really Mami?)
  36. (She's not saying anything different from usual, about saving and stuff...)
  37. Mami: "Sakura-san?"
  38. Mifuyu: "By the way, what happened to the Mitakihara magical girls?"
  39. "You didn't leave them there... right?"
  40. Mami: "Yes, of course."
  41. "We trapped them so that they cannot leave Mitakihara."
  42. Kyouko: (No...)
  43. Mifuyu: "Trapped?"
  44. "You mean in one of Alina's barriers?"
  45. Mami: "Yes. If they interfered, then they wouldn't be saved."
  46. "There was no other choice."
  47. Kyouko: (Something's definitely off about her...)
  48. Mami: "After all, they have the qualifications to be saved."
  49. "Once we complete their salvation, I'm sure they will all understand."
  50. "No matter what must be sacrificed, we must accomplish it."
  51. Kyouko: (This is...)
  52. [flashback to an alley]
  53. Mami: "When we're in trouble, isn't it natural to help each other?"
  54. "After all, that's what friends are for."
  55. [back to the room]
  56. Kyouko: "Who are you!? You're not Tomoe Mami!"
  57. Mami: "Huh?"
  58. Kyouko: "You'll sacrifice someone to save something?"
  59. "Don't screw with me."
  60. (That day, the one I aspired to be like, the one I adored...)
  61. "You would fight for anyone, to save everyone!"
  62. "That was your pride, Tomoe Mami's pride!"
  63. Mami: "..."
  64. Kyouko: "Why... Why has it been warped like this!?"
  65. Mami: "It isn't warped! It hasn't changed at all..."
  66. "I'll... I'll save everyone... No matter what must be sacrificed..."
  67. "Wait... sacrifices..."
  68. "But, we need to save everyone..."
  69. Kyouko: "Wake up already, Mami!"
  70. "Your pride is yours alone, right!?"
  71. "Don't let it be used by someone else!!"
  72. Mami: "I... I... I'm... mistaken? Sakura-san..."
  73. ??? (offscreen): "Ehe, what exactly is going on here?"
  75. 8.1.2
  76. [in a room in Hotel Fendthope]
  77. Touka: "Ehe, what exactly is going on here?"
  78. Nemu: "It's certain that this kind of situation is not welcome here."
  79. Kyouko: "Who're you? I have business with..."
  80. Mifuyu: "This is a new Feather."
  81. Kyouko: "Oi!"
  82. Mifuyu: <Someone as strong as you should be able to tell...>
  83. <Whether you'd be able to beat them if it came to a fight.>
  84. <I won't do anything bad, so please just bear with me.>
  85. Kyouko: <...>
  86. <I got it. I'll go along with you.>
  87. Touka: "Feather? A Black Feather?"
  88. Mifuyu: "Yes, she's a magical girl we can trust."
  89. "However, it seems she knows Tomoe-san, and got into an altercation."
  90. "I'll explain about Tomoe-san being the Holy Maiden of Salvation."
  91. Kyouko: "Sorry for the fuss..."
  92. "I was just surprised at how different she seemed."
  93. Touka: "Hmmm? Realllly?"
  94. "Well, as long as you don't get in the way!"
  95. Nemu: "But Mami's a bigger problem. It's more than just a minor issue."
  96. Mami: "I... I'm... not... who... correct... mistaken... correct..."
  97. Mifuyu: "Well then, we'll be off."
  98. Kyouko: "..."
  99. [Mifuyu and Kyouko leave]
  100. Nemu: "Well, she's done it. The rumor is starting to come off."
  101. Touka: "Ehh!? That's so mean!"
  102. "If she knows Mami, does that mean she came to bring her back?"
  103. "Maybe she's our enemy?"
  104. Nemu: "I can't deny the possibility."
  105. "But there's also a chance that she just noticed how different Mami is and simply holds feelings of mistrust."
  106. "Either way, it might end up having been good fortune."
  107. Touka: "Ehe, that's right. I'd like to check out her ability!"
  108. "We could beat the veteran-san!"
  109. Nemu: "More importantly..."
  110. Mami: "Hey, Satomi-san... Hiiragi-san... Am I... mistaken?"
  111. Touka: "Yeah, we need to do something soon."
  112. [Nemu transforms]
  113. Nemu: "Leave it to me."
  114. "Mami, you are not mistaken at all. I will rid you of your misgivings."
  115. [she uses some magic]
  116. Nemu: "You need only think about release."
  117. [another flash of magic]
  118. Mami: "..."
  119. Nemu: "How do you feel?"
  120. Mami: "Hehhehehe"
  121. "I feel like I've just woken up."
  122. "What might I have been worrying about?"
  123. "For the sake of our noble cause, even our sacrifices are precious."
  125. 8.1.3
  126. [flashback to the room at Hotel Fendthope]
  127. Nemu: "Mami, you are not mistaken at all. I will rid you of your misgivings."
  128. [she uses some magic]
  129. Nemu: "You need only think of release."
  130. [another flash of magic]
  131. Mami: "..."
  132. Nemu: "How do you feel?"
  133. Mami: "Hehhehehe"
  134. "I feel like I've just woken up."
  135. "What might I have been worrying about?"
  136. "For the sake of our noble cause, even our sacrifices are precious."
  137. [back to present]
  138. Mifuyu: "They've left. You can come out now."
  139. Kyouko: "What the hell was that!?"
  140. Mifuyu: "That was strengthening of brainwashing via rumor, you could say."
  141. Kyouko: "Strengthening of brainwashing..."
  142. Mifuyu: "I must apologize..."
  143. "It must be hard seeing your friend in such a state."
  144. "But, that is how Magius operates."
  145. Kyouko: "..."
  146. "...We're not friends."
  147. (Dammit! I'm not supposed to get all heated like that!)
  148. Mifuyu: "I see..."
  149. Kyouko: "So, why'd you go out of the way to show me that?"
  150. "Normally people would run away."
  151. Mifuyu: "Because I want you to run away."
  152. "Otherwise, you might become involved even more in Magius's plan..."
  153. "I can't let any more people become involved."
  154. "However, you don't seem like you came here for something to cling to..."
  155. Kyouko: (She doesn't seem like she's trying to get information out of me.)
  156. "Well, sure. I came here to scope you guys out."
  157. Mifuyu: "What do you think?"
  158. Kyouko: "After seeing that..."
  159. "I'd have to be an idiot to want to join you."
  160. "No thank you."
  161. Mifuyu: "In that case, I have one more thing I would like to show you."
  162. "Please come with me."
  163. [in the rumorified chapel]
  164. Kyouko: "Is this... a witch?"
  165. Mifuyu: "Honestly, I do not know either."
  166. "The Magius call this the 'Eve'."
  167. "Their catchphrase is that this is the symbol of release of magical girls."
  168. "And now, in order to hatch the Eve..."
  169. "They are trying to call the Walpurgisnacht to Kamihama."
  170. Kyouko: "Wha!? Are they insane!?"
  171. Mifuyu: "In pursuit of their goals, they have lost something important to their humanity..."
  172. "That's what I think."
  173. Kyouko: "That's never good."
  174. Mifuyu: "..."
  175. Kyouko: "So what are you going to do from here?"
  176. Mifuyu: "Huh?"
  177. Kyouko: "You clearly aren't very devoted to these Magius..."
  178. "If you showed me this Eve thing."
  179. Mifuyu: "..."
  180. Kyouko: "If you want to run away, can you at least come with me until we're outside?"
  181. "I'm not very familiar with this area."
  182. Mifuyu: "I mustn't run away."
  183. "I must atone for all that I have done."
  184. "I will stay here and rectify their methods."
  185. Kyouko: "I got it."
  186. "Cleaning up after what you've done..."
  187. "I like that."
  188. Mifuyu: "I'll take you outside. If you're not used to it, you'll get lost."
  189. [in the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura's field]
  190. Mifuyu: "Once you get out of the forest, you'll come out into Kamihama."
  191. Kyouko: "Thanks for the help."
  192. Mifuyu: "No, this is all I can do."
  193. Kyouko: "See ya."
  194. [she leaves]
  195. Mifuyu: "Farewell."
  196. "...Maybe I should have left her a will..."
  197. "Yacchan... I'm... sorry..."
  198. "But even so..."
  199. [on a hilly street in Hokuyou in the evening]
  200. Kyouko: (Well then, what to do...)
  201. (It'll be trouble if they come looking for me, so for now, I'll leave Kamihama.)
  202. [flashback to the room in Hotel Fendthope]
  203. Mifuyu: "By the way, what happened to the Mitakihara magical girls?"
  204. "You didn't leave them there... right?"
  205. Mami: "Yes, of course."
  206. "We trapped them so that they cannot leave Mitakihara."
  207. [back to the street]
  208. Kyouko: "..."
  209. "Maybe I'll go to Mitakihara."
  210. "I said I'd share information, after all..."
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