GreentextSavant - More random Sunset/Trixie stuff

Nov 24th, 2016
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  1. More random Sunset/Trixie stuff I wrote for no reason:
  2. >You are Anon.
  3. >Anon Y. Mous. An evil guy, who listens to someone who told him to do mischievous things.
  4. >During the night, you sneak into Sunset's room while she's sleeping.
  5. >Stole her spare key; she just went out and got another one without giving it a second thought.
  6. >You creep up to Sunset's bed side, gently grabbing ahold of her hand.
  7. >She grunts, not being grabbed hard enough to wake up, and she can see everything you're thinking in her dreams.
  8. >She starts to try and twist and turn in her bed, hardly moving in real life anywhere near as much as she is in her dream.
  9. >You're imagining the worst possible things your brain could ever hope to muster, giving her nearly unimaginable nightmares.
  10. >Sunset winces in silent terror as you hold onto her hand. And you just stand there, hardly even smiling, making this continue.
  11. >You can tell she's seeing all of it. She won't be able to run fast in these kinds of dreams.
  12. >This continues on for quite some time, and at the end of each session, you silently let go of her and leave before she can wake up.
  13. >But the dreams still stay in her mind until she does wake up.
  14. >After a few days, the girl has been losing a lot of sleep because of this. She's asking her friends about this; they try and support her and say everything's going to be okay.
  15. >But Sunset is convinced that she had become more evil than before, and she hates herself now.
  16. >You make sure she stays a far enough distance from you so she doesn't accidentally brush by your arm and see that you're the one who did this.
  17. >Three days of camp left.
  18. >You just watched a few really scary, disturbing movies you haven't seen yet before. Getting new ideas.
  19. >Take a rubber clown mask from your drawer and head over to Sunset's cabin after dusk.
  20. >You're watching her wake up this time.
  21. ________
  22. >Sunset takes a stroll outside with the warm summer air brushing past her face, smiling widely.
  23. >She looks around and follows the direction of the smell of flowers.
  24. >She finally finished that letter to Twilight back in Equestria; it was quite a lengthy one.
  25. >Describing the Canterlot High graduation can include a lot of things the girl happened to remember.
  26. >Sunset lies down on the grass, talking in these memories again once a cloud passes in front of the sun and casts a shadow over the front lawn.
  27. >All of those seniors laughing and hugging eachother as they recieved their diplomas, nearly crying with joy.
  28. >Sunset knows that she's going to probably end up like that next year... if she stays here, of course.
  29. >The girl has been thinking long and hard about whether or not she wants to go back. At least after gaining so many friends here.
  30. >It would be great if she could get the best of both worlds; finishing school here and visiting Equestria again.
  31. >She wishes she included something about Princess Celestia in the letter. Maybe Twilight could tell her about all of the great things Sunset has done ever since last fall.
  32. >Building a better reputation would he-
  33. >"Aaah!"
  34. >Sunset spots a wasp swirling around in the air next to the mailbox a few feet away from her. It menacingly starts to approach her.
  35. >The girl backs away, afraid of bees and wasps.
  36. >But the wasp follows her across the front lawn as Sunset eyes the front door, more than ready to race back inside.
  37. >"Stay back!" She warns the wasp as though it actually understands humans.
  38. >It continues, attracted by Sunset's brightly colored hair as though it were a bee.
  39. >It gets within arm's reach of Sunset, and is still in the way of the front door.
  40. >Sunset grows angry just as much as she does scared.
  41. >Without a second thought, she claps her hands together right where the wasp hovers, trapping and smashing it between her palms.
  42. >It falls to the ground. It's dead.
  43. >Sunset wins.
  44. _____________
  45. >Nevertheless, Trixie had welcomed the winter once it had set in.
  46. >She bundled up as much as she could and stayed outside most of the time, frolicking around in the gathering snow. She knew that it was the time of year that no one would be able to find her out here.
  47. >With a few days of the winter already behind her, Trixie wastes no time in what she does; she gathers many sticks and twigs to use.
  48. >It’s only during the morning when it’s cold enough for Trixie’s fingers to be completely numb. She starts sanding down the sticks and twigs with small rocks to make them smoother.
  49. >She is going to create a real magic wand, just like the Harry Potters and stuff.
  50. >All day long she would continue to light up the end of the stick like a candle and point it at passing squirrels and rabbits.
  51. >”Expecto Patronum!” The girl keeps her arms stretched out in front of her with the most determined look in her eyes.
  52. >Nothing happens. The little critters are free to live another day. And trixie is not okay with that.
  54. >The echo of her voice spreads through the forest like a wildfire, foreshadowing something Trixie wants to do with magic.
  55. >She goes back home, unsuccessful.
  56. >But that doesn’t stop her from coming back the next day.
  57. >This time, she had snuck into her grandfather’s basement and stole some of his napalm rounds he used in the great canterlot war that happened decades ago.
  58. >Collecting enough sticks in the morning, Trixie forces her hands to get Hypothermia; it’s the only way this can work without the girl feeling the pain of the fire on her hands.
  59. >Elephant tranquilizer didn’t work last time, and Trixie had woken up in the hospital with her parents shaking their heads.
  60. >She sticks the sharp end of the shredded twig into the hole of the napalm round, and lights the far end up in a campfire.
  61. >It glows like a religious candle.
  62. >The wind quietly howls as Trixie waits for some prey to pass by as the stick meanwhile spreads its flames to her fingers. She can’t feel a thing because hypothermia, remember?
  63. >Out of literally nowhere, a squabbit (combination of a squirrel and a rabbit that Brickelberry created) hops. And it eyes Trixie with an angry challenging glare as it feels threatened by her magic wizard wand.
  64. >Trixie ambitiously points her wand at the squabbit. “WE ARE ANOMALOUS. WE ARE REGION. FORGIVE AND FORGET. E X P E C T O P A T R O N U M !”
  65. >A sudden burst of flames emits from the end of the wand and showers the squabbit in its holiness. Trixie sings in an angelic voice as this happens.
  66. >The bushes around the now dead and roasted critter catch fire MAGICAL FIRE.
  67. >On the ground, the dirt catches fire to because magic dirt. MAGIC DIRT.
  68. >The trees are soon set ablaze, and Trixie evacuates the area as soon as she’s done taking pictures with her phone and posting them on Instagram.
  69. >After getting permanently banned and expelled from Instagram, she goes onto is 4chan. She clicks on /k/.
  70. >[Trixie fucked up bad, /k/.]
  71. >The god damn legend continues.
  72. E N D
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