Walnut-CYOA: Random Moth Clop (WIP)

Dec 30th, 2013
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Look to your right, and see Amata.
  3. >Look to your left, and see Caramel.
  4. >Both are holding some wine to you.
  5. >The wine Amata is holding to you is red.
  6. >The Wine Caramel is holding to you is blue.
  7. >They both tell you to choose.
  8. >Amata says if you choose Caramels wine you will simply wake up in your room in a daze, and pretend everything that you dreamt never happened even though it did.
  9. >Caramel says if you choose Amata's wine Amata will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
  10. >Now which one do you choose the Red or Blue?
  11. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. >Taking the red wine from Amata you wanted to find out deep the rabbit hole goes.
  13. >Drinking it you started to feel dizzy before the world just went black with Amata giggling being the last thing you heard.
  14. >Waking up you found yourself laying on top of a round purple bed inside a luxurious hotel room with colorful painted walls, and a single window.
  15. >Several knocks then came from the room door.
  16. >Getting up off the bed you approached the door slowly with the knocks getting more aggressive, and whoever behind it letting out several loud squeaks in anger.
  17. >Telling from how aggresive the pony was behind it you had no choice, but to let them in the first place as eventually they would get in.
  18. >Swinging the door open you were then hit by a strong force who tackled you back onto the purple bed, and started sitting on top you.
  19. >Blinking you then looked up to see...
  20. Make your choice (1 Only)
  21. Options: Hexferry, Cejire, Actias, Cinnamon, or Meisa
  22. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. >Blinking you then looked up to see Meisa sitting on top of you who held an expression of anger across her face. Not saying a word you had no idea what you did wrong.
  24. >Reaching your hand up to knock Meisa off of you she smacked it down using her hoof.
  25. >Letting out little laughs you knew whatever you did to her you knew she wasn't going to forgive you.
  26. >Opening your mouth to try & say something to her Meisa leaned in, & begun kissing you forcing her wet tongue down your throat.
  27. >Trying your hardest to get out of the situation from Meisa you tried to shake her off of you, but was stopped by Meisa using her hooves that pinned you.
  28. >Then Meisa withdrawing from her kiss with you told you to close your eyes, or else. Following order you closed your eyes.
  29. >Meisa then getting off of you, and moving around on the bed then told you that she brought you a surprise.
  30. >Your eyes still closed you asked Meisa why she was doing this to you. But all she said was "This is your punishment for trying to cheat on me with a strumpet on the first floor during our honeymoon sweetie. I'm going to show you what a real mare can do".
  31. >Chocking on the word "Our hooneymoon." You opened your eyes to look at Meisa holding...
  33. >strap On
  34. >Rope
  35. >Honey
  36. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  37. >Opening your eyes to what Meisa said you saw her holding two pair of rope, and honey in her hooves.
  38. >Backing away slowly to get off the bed Meisa ordered you not to go anywhere. But instead of listening to her you tried to bolt to the hotel room door, but was tackled to the ground where she tied your hands, and feet together before dragging you back onto the bed.
  39. >Crying & Begging Meisa to let you go she simply shook her head "No". "What's wrong honey? You weren't acting like this when you were talking to that strumpet." Meisa said to you aggressively before pouring the honey all over your body, and saying in a sultry voice "Honey, honey. You don't like it? It makes you sweet." "
  40. >Then laughing a bit Meisa opened her mouth to say "Now I'm going to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes love." before she started to unzip your pants.
  41. >Taking in the idea of "How deep the rabbit hole goes, and Meisa having put that honey all over your body & her hoof you had a pretty good idea what was going to happen next.
  42. >You had two choices in this situation...
  44. >Just Submit To Meisa
  45. >Continue To Resist Meisa
  46. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. >Continuing to resist Meisa who had you slobbered in honey. You tried furiously to get away from her by kicking her in the face with your tied up feet that sent her back on a few feet & you starting to crawl like a worm to the door.
  48. >Not getting far Meisa grabbed you by your feet, and with unbelievable strength slammed you from the floor down onto the hotel bed.
  49. >Tears streaming down your face you continuously begged Meisa to let you go before she started undoing your pants pulling them all the way down revealing your blue boxers & undoing your jacket, & shirt.
  50. >Struggling to get Meisa off of you she then viciously tore off your boxer revealing your unerect penis with her laughing, and you knowing it was all over at whatever Meisa had planned for you.
  51. >Touching it Meisa hoof felt warm. "Hm..." Meisa said suspiciously which you had no idea why before she openly stated that she was expecting you to be more aroused by her actions.
  52. >Stopping and reaching over the bed one last time Meisa pulled out from the side....
  54. >A Vibrator w/Tape
  55. >A Strap-On
  56. >A Hexferry Plushie
  57. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. >Stopping and reaching over the bed Meisa pulled out from the side a Hexferry Plushie which made you tilt your head as you didn't understand why she had that.
  59. >Coming near you with it she asked you in a sultry voice "Does this turn you on honey? Hexferry?" before she started rubbing it against your dick with it's fluffiness.
  60. >Letting out moans as Meisa continued to stroke it against your dick with you become a little bit aroused about her doing it she then said "Did you know that it actually can squeak like her as well?" before squeezing it and it actually making the squeak sounds Hexferry would make if she was mad.
  61. >Begging her to stop Meisa didn't before she started she reached out one of her hooves where your butt was, and used it to start prodding at it.
  62. >Then with a little pre-cum coming out Meisa then...
  64. >Meisa continued to rub the Hexferry doll against your d.
  65. or
  66. >Meisa inserted her hoof into your rabbit hole.
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