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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. #OpDDHHChile    #OpDDHHChile    #OpDDHHChile    #OpDDHHChile    #OpDDHHChile    #OpDDHHChile   
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Citizens of Chile, Anonymous salutes you.
  8. During recent times we have followed step by step the social struggles that have been
  9. developing in your country: the natural environment attack that HidroAysen represents,
  10. the struggle for dignity of the Mapuches and the indigenous peoples, the struggle for
  11. free and quality education. For Aysén because your problem is my problem, for Calama
  12. and its mineral wealth for which it doesn't receive any benefits, and many other just
  13. causes without any real joy for its people. And on the contrary, the chilean government
  14. has set itself towards repressing and shutting up its people by abusing, exercising
  15. violence and hurting innocent folk through the Special Forces, invoking the State's
  16. Domestic Security Law and trying to implement the "Hinzpeter Law" (#LeyHinzpeter).
  19. It's becasuse of all this that we have decided to carry out the biggest operation that
  20. has taken place in Chile, #OpDDHHChile, since we have been witnesses to the abuse and
  21. overwhelming repression of the chilean government. The operation cosiders launching an
  22. Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) and other surprises. The attack will be carried
  23. out at 11.00 A.M. chilean time (14:00 GTM) the same day that Saint Daniel's Night,
  24. another symbol of the brutal repression by Governments towards their people, is commemorated.
  26. People of Chile and Anonymous of the world, we are awakening now from the past to
  27. dream up a bigger dream. We are friends and equals, we are different and unique, and we are
  28. united by something more than our differences. Together, let's participate in this
  29. Operation in favor of Chile's social demands and against the brutal repression applied
  30. to its people. And let's make the world remember that justice, equality and freedom are something more than just words: they are achievable goals.
  33. We are Anonymous, we are legion, we don't forget, we don't forgive. Expect us.
  37. In twitter #OpDDHHChile
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