MG Hobos Shutdown Announcement

May 12th, 2020
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  1. changes ahead...
  3. hey all.
  5. tl;dr: bums is shutting down. it's been a fun ride! scroll to the bottom for cleanup and all that type of stuff. shameless plug: im starting a corp, focusing on smaller and more engaging content.
  7. long version:
  8. so basically i (and most/some) of leadership just don't enjoy the game/this alliance anymore.
  10. arson industries/bums started as an alliance focused on small gang stuff out of solitude. over time, we evolved to our present form: a mid-sized alliance doing low sec stuffs.
  12. over this period of time (2015-2020), eve has increasingly become more about whose blob is bigger, and up to the point that 2020 really has turned into us fighting a constant tide of n+1 groups. i don't begrudge them being that way (they need content too), it's just not an interesting way to play the game for me.
  14. we've held on pretty well, and had some really cool fights over the past four months, but there is widespread burnout over 30 man raven fleets + triage. or 30 man shak fleets + triage. couple in that with some resists nerfs that make our comps even weaker and more susceptible to alpha, and it's just not fun.
  16. so... instead of continuing our valiant death by inches for the next four months, i'm calling it quits and throwing in the towel. it's been a blast, but i want to reinvent where i'm at with eve, and i'm going to do that with my own corp, and none of the restrictions of infrastructure and all that jazz.
  18. you've all been an amazing alliance to fly with, and i want to highlight just how cool it has been to fly with you guys. we've accomplished some fantastic stuff:
  19. -won the war versus cavemen in solitude
  20. -caught grease payn's titan
  21. -killed meeko's faction fortizar
  22. -established a moon empire that lasted over a year in the region of solitude
  23. -won a few wars in syndicate
  24. -moved into placid and contested wangs in the time when snuff was on holiday
  26. there have been awesome fights, epic welps, etc... and i'd do it all again. and maybe we will. i will hold the executor corp and the alliance, and if opportunity presents (i.e., lowsec moves away from a blob fest of batphones) we'll go round 2.
  28. as far as clean up goes:
  29. -if you want a particular struc, ask for it. we've downsized heavily already, but there's still some stuff up for grabs.
  30. -ill be kicking corps from the alliance 5/15 (Control Spacebar and Filthy Peasants will be the only remaining ones)
  31. -my corp: Filthier Peasants will accept all apps from present hobos. dm me on discord if u want more details, but basically we're going into cache, flying with nsh, and looking for wh's/small/mid-gang shit
  32. -supers talk to Rhoenin to get safe
  34. up through 5/15, we'll probably run a few fleets. maybe defend some unanchoring stuff? stuff like that. if you have a super you need moved, talk to rhoenin.
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