The Adventures of /r9k/ Twilight

Jul 2nd, 2015
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  24. Prompt: >"Uhhh, mmm... Anon? W-what are you doing after school?"
  26. "Uh, nothing, really?"
  27. >O-Oh... So you're free? Like, to hang out, if you'd want?"
  28. "I suppose so."
  29. >"..."
  30. "..."
  31. >"U-Uh... D-D-D-D—"
  32. "Why are you stuttering so much, are you okay?"
  33. >"S-Sorry..."
  34. "Dude, don't be sorry, lol."
  35. >"OH, DUDE, ANON!"
  36. "BRAD!"
  38. "SICK MAN OBBY I'M GOIN, FAM. Oh, uh, sorry Twilight, I gotta go. Mad pussy and all, you know how it is."
  39. >"B-Bluh."
  42. >"A-Anon..."
  43. >Later at the home of SciLight
  44. >"Fucking normies, I fucking hate all of them. I HATE Chads. I HATE Stacies. They'll never know what it's like to feel anything, all they do is just party and fuck all day! Fuck them! They don't actually care about anyone or anything! "OH JUST B URSELF" FUCK. Can't even post here without seeing fifty fucking normies. GET OFF MY BOARD. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
  45. >Next Day
  46. "Hey, Twi! Sorry about cutting you off yesterday."
  47. >"I-It's okay..."
  48. "Why weren't you at the party? All your friends were there."
  49. >"U-Uh, I-I-I was busy... Doing homework..."
  50. >Great save, Sparkle
  51. "Ha, okay. Was there something you wanted to ask me yesterday?"
  52. >"Y-Yeah, actually. So, I was, you know, wondering if, maybe, you know, that, uh, you'd want to maybe—"
  53. >"EGGHEAD! ANON!"
  54. >"H-Hey Rainbow."
  55. >"Pinkie's throwing another crazy party at her house tonight, you guys comin'?"
  56. "Sweet, of course I am."
  57. >"U-Uh..."
  58. >"Oh come ON Twilight, even Fluttershy's been hanging out with us more often."
  59. >"yeah well she's a total slut, so..."
  60. >"What?"
  61. >"Nothing, nothing. I... I have to take care of Spike, you know how it is."
  62. >"Yeah whatever. I'll see you there then, right Anon?"
  63. "Obby. Hey, Twi, come on. You should totally hang out with us tonight. If it's a Pinkie Pie party, there's probably gonna be a keg there. It'll be awesome."
  64. >Anon grabs Twilight's hand
  65. >"U-Uh, s-s-sure, okay."
  66. "Sick."
  68. -Perspective change to Twilight-
  70. >Wow this party is so loud
  71. >Literally everyone from school is here
  72. >Look at these fucking normies
  73. >I bet they unironically like Interstellar and talk about Schroedinger's Cat
  74. >I have to pee so bad and don't even have a bottle
  75. >Oh my god I hear someone talking about "multiverse theory, it's so sick"
  76. >'what if Zelda was a girl'
  77. >'being a nerd is so cool'
  78. >My feet hurt
  79. >I'm hungry
  80. >"Fucking Pinkie Pie parties..."
  81. >Some fucking normies walk up to me
  82. >Wait, that's Rarity and RD
  83. >Still
  84. >"Twilight darling, I didn't think you'd make it!"
  85. "Y-Yeah. Well, I did."
  86. >"Nice. Oh, did you guy see the new Star Wars trailer. FUCKING SICK."
  87. >"I've never been the biggest fan, been more of a Trekker myself, but yes, it looks nice."
  88. >Just talk to them Twilight, don't be weird
  89. "Did you hear Denis Lawson isn't going to be reprising his role as Wedge Antilles? They wouldn't give him a decent enough part, crazy right? He's the sole survivor of the X-Wing pilots in three films! Aside from Luke, of course."
  90. >"...Yeah."
  91. >"I think I hear Fluttershy calling for me. Nice seeing you here, darling."
  92. "O-Oh, okay."
  93. >Fluttershy is actually calling for Rarity
  94. >She's drunk as fuck and hanging over a bunch of dudes
  95. >Rarity saunters over and laughs it up
  96. >"You really are an egghead, aren't you?"
  97. >Involuntarily make a "ree" sound
  98. >"Ree?"
  99. "It's a meme, you dip."
  100. >"Uh, sure. See ya, Twilight."
  101. >Fuck
  102. >Being alone is fine, this is fine
  103. >Is that... Trixie?
  104. >LITERALLY everyone from school is here, apparently
  105. >She's walking up to people and doing 'magic tricks' for them
  106. >At a fucking party
  107. >At least you aren't that autistic
  108. >'oh i saw a magician when i was 7 an now i dedicate my life to magick :^)'
  109. >What a fucking sperg
  110. >'yfw you're not Trixie Lulamoon'
  111. >She seems to be looking this way
  112. >Look around
  113. >No one nearby
  114. >She's coming with way
  115. >Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
  117. "Trixie, go away."
  119. "I don't have my deck with me. Go away, please."
  120. >"Well, that's okay. Trixie brought two decks, and yours would be very balanced. Trixie would not feel good about dominating someone who didn't have a chance."
  121. >This is what happens when you're an autist's only friend
  122. "Go away."
  123. >See Anon out of corner of your eye
  124. >He's heading to you
  125. >Oh fuck oh fuck, this is going to be embarrassing
  126. >Sip alcohol from your cup trying to look aloof and cool
  127. >"So, Miss Sparkle, Trixie has her cards in jackets. Some are very rare! I bet you'd like them. Here's your deck"
  128. >She shoves a fucking Magic deck in your hand
  129. >"Hey Sparkle, hanging out with Trixie, huh?"
  131. >Put Trixie's cards in your drink
  132. >Splash drink on her
  133. >She starts crying
  134. "I told you I didn't want to play your stupid game."
  135. >"What the fuck, Twilight! Trixie has Aspergers, you can't just do that to her!"
  136. "W-What? For real?"
  137. >She's crying and picking her cards up off the floor
  138. >Music stopped
  139. >People looking
  140. >Just wanted to look like a stone-cold motherfucker
  141. "U-Uh, d-d-did you want to talk about Wedge Antilles?"
  142. >"Twilight, I think you should leave."
  143. "B-But I, this isn't like me, I'm a good person, I just..."
  144. >"Then what the fuck are you like? You're either giving people the cold shoulder, or being a total bitch to your friends."
  145. >Anon bends down and helps Trixie pick up her cards
  146. >People still staring at you
  147. >On guy coughs
  148. >Total silence
  149. >Fuck fuck fuck
  150. >Why did she have to be an actual sperglord
  151. "I-I'm sorry, Trixie."
  152. >"Th-These were all I had to remember my dad by."
  153. >Oh come the fuck on
  154. >You roll your eyes
  155. >People gasp
  156. "Fuck, I'm sorry, it's just, that's, like, cliche, you know. Right, guys? You know what I'm talking about?"
  157. >People just shaking their heads
  158. >"Trixie is sorry for making you mad, Sparkle..."
  159. "She's doing this on purpose! There's no way someone can be this sad. I'm being Punk'd! Right? Ha, good one guys. We all suddenly care about Trixie, and her dad is TOTALLY dead."
  160. >Gasps
  161. "See, I'm kidding, and, uh, nice job Trixie, we totally pranked everyone. They totally think I'm an asshole. Ha ha."
  162. >Oh god how do you stop existing?
  163. "I, uh, I'm totally autistic too, so, it's okay."
  164. >People are actually booing you now
  165. >This literally can't get any worse
  166. >Of course this is what's going to happen the first time you go to a party
  167. >Might as well go for it
  168. "Anon, do you want to hang out."
  169. >"What? No! What are you even? You're making this worse for yourself, man."
  170. >Well, time to leave
  171. >Someone whispers to someone about how you'll be in big trouble
  172. >Literally say "For you" out loud
  173. >Jesus fuck
  174. >Why the fuck are people still looking at you
  175. >Leaving the party is awkward as fuck
  176. >Nothing this spaghetti has ever happened to you, ever
  177. >Parties are for fags
  178. >Normies are dumb, they'll forget about this anyways
  179. >Go back home
  180. >Spike knocked over the jugs in your room
  181. >Spend hours cleaning the room
  182. >Still smells
  183. >Whatever
  184. >Get on computer
  185. >"I went to a party today: AMA"
  187. >"I'm not a normie. It was the worst experience of my life."
  188. >'>enough social life to go to a party' REEEEEEEEEEEEE
  189. >Too normie to go on 4chan now
  191. >A few days later
  192. >Monday now, time to see if people remember the party
  193. >Probably not, normies are fucking retarded
  194. >If no one ever gives shit to Fluttershy for her "Crouching Kitten, Hidden Stacy" act at parties, you'll be fine
  195. >But seriously, what a fucking sloot, acting like she's all shy and shit
  196. >She doesn't know what it's like to be socially anxious for real
  197. >'>not a virgin'
  198. >'>not a normie'
  199. >Pick one
  200. >Anyways, you enter school and things do seem to be fine
  201. >No stares
  202. >20 point to House Sparkle
  203. >Oh shit, Anon!
  204. >Maybe he's forgiven you
  205. >If so, maybe you can finally invite him to hang out
  206. >It's just been so hard to work up the courage
  207. >And he's talking to Rainbow "Rug Destroyer" Dash
  208. "H-Hey guys. S-Sorry about... You know."
  209. >Not actually sorry but whatever
  210. >"It's fine, Twi. Anyways, I'll see you later babe."
  211. >Dash pecks Anon on the lips
  212. >"See ya, babe."
  213. "B-B-B-B-B-B—"
  214. >"You don't need to be so nervous around me, Twilight."
  215. "But I thought... I—Isn't she... I thought Rainbow..."
  216. >"Thought what? You didn't know we were dating?"
  217. "I thought she was a lesbian!"
  218. >"Lol, dude, no. I thought she was one of your best friends or something. I mean, trust me, I know, if you know what I mean."
  219. "R-Right..."
  220. >"Anyways, I gotta go, see ya around Sparkle."
  221. >tfw pure virgin qtboi is actually a disgusting manwhore Chad
  222. >tfw a cuck
  223. >To live is to despair
  224. >The chains of human morality bind us to despair
  225. >The gods have abandoned their children
  226. >left to drift in the endless, cold black of the universe
  227. >Born simply to die, to partake in the suffering that is existence
  228. >To take the reigns of one's own life
  229. >To end one's life
  230. >Is to truly own one's life
  231. >No wonder they call it "taking" your life
  232. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd9OhYroLN0
  233. >Normies could never fathom the pain of being a handholdless, kissless virgin
  234. >Today you saw someone wearing a "rarest Pepe" T-Shirt
  235. >'have you heard about this sick new meme? it's about a frog and then you go REEEEEEEE. the internet is so random!'
  236. >Wanted to fucking REEEEEEEEEEEE in his face
  237. >Not a total sperg, though, so you didn't
  238. >Can't even fucking eat the lunch in front of you
  239. >Disgusting sub-human Mexican food
  240. >HOW do people eat this shit
  241. >Quesadillas... just the smell makes you cringe
  242. >"You're not looking so good today, Twilight. Mind if I sit with you?"
  243. "Pff, whatever. Go ahead, Sunny."
  244. >God look at her
  245. >Absolutely perfect
  246. >Lissome body, perfect skin, amazing hair, fashionable
  247. >Not a total Stacy like Rarity
  248. >You wonder what she looks like naked
  249. >Probably amazing
  250. >Man, what if you had hips like that
  251. >Then all the Chads would be hanging on your every word
  252. >To think, having a perfect body like that is all it takes to be happy
  253. >"Is something on your mind? I've been so busy with work lately, and I'm sorry we've not been able to hang out as much as we used to."
  254. >You frown
  255. "I'm fine, Sunny."
  256. >"You know, I think I saw Trixie eating in the bathroom. I thought she usually sat here with you. Did something happen?"
  257. "Are you making fun of me?"
  258. >"What?"
  259. "You seriously didn't hear about it?"
  260. >"Hear about what?"
  261. "You really didn't? You're not making fun of me?"
  262. >"Twilight, please, you're being weird."
  263. "Eh. I accidentally ruined her dumb deck of cards at a party and then accidentally spilled alcohol all over her."
  264. >Kind of wish you'd accidentally lit a match and dropped it on her
  265. >Bitch gets tons of sympathy from people who don't actually deal with her obnoxious inanity
  266. >"Oh that's terrible! The cards her father collected and gave her before he died in that tragic car accident?"
  267. "What? God, I'm never going to live this down. How do you even know that?!"
  268. >"I've been talking to a lot of the students here at CHS for my Friendship studies."
  269. >You laugh
  270. "Friendship studies? Do you report to Barney or something?"
  271. >"Don't mention that name. That purple dinosaur is... Forget it. Anyways, yeah, I talked to Trixie. She's a very sweet girl, and she talked a lot about how close of a friend she considered you to be."
  272. >You groan
  273. >Trixie is going to ruin your life with her dumb "oh my life is so sad" story
  274. >"You know Twilight, if you're going through something, just know I'm here for you. I've gone through some tough stuff myself."
  275. >You REEEEEEE silently on the inside
  276. >Ms. Basically a Saint totally knows how you feel, mayng
  277. "Thanks for the offer, Sunny, but I don't really think you'd really get it."
  278. >CAN'T WAKE UP
  279. >It might be edgy, but whatever
  280. >"I know it's been hard for you to... fit in, here, and the others might not hang out with you as much as they could, but I know what that's like. It took me a long time to earn people's trust and friendship. All you have to do is—"
  281. >Don't you fucking dare, Sunny
  282. >"Be—"
  284. >"Yourself!"
  285. >Without speaking, you pick up your tray and stand up
  286. >"Where are you going."
  287. >You shake your head and leave the cafeteria
  288. >"Twilight! What did I say? What did I say!"
  289. >Sunny may be good looking, but she certainly ain't smart
  290. >'oh I'm hot and popular, I know just how you feel Twilight'
  291. >'jus b urself LMAO'
  292. >Just a normie like the rest
  293. >Just like Anon...
  294. >You haven't done this since elementary, but
  295. >Time to take lunch to the bathrooms
  296. >There's a soft sobbing and munching
  297. >Oh fuck
  298. >You forgot
  299. >Trixie was in here
  300. >People saw you take your lunch into the bathroom
  301. >Imagine seeing someone walk into the bathroom with their lunch, then walk back out
  302. >That person would have to be beta as fuck to do that
  303. >No, you weren't going to let them think you were beta
  304. >You were going to be alpha, even if that meant eating next to Trixie
  305. >"Trixie is sorry, father..."
  306. >Jesus Christ, speaks in third person AND speaks to herself
  307. >Can she stop with the dad, shit, though?
  308. >It's like she's trying to make you feel bad
  309. >This place is the worst
  310. >You try to find a stall to eat in
  311. >Fuck, they're all in use
  312. >This is gross-ass place to eat food, now that you think about it
  313. >You put your tray on the sink counter
  314. >Seems clean enough
  315. >What do you got?
  316. >Carrots, milk... quesadillas
  317. >You munch on a carrot and think on your life
  318. >Maybe if you got a larger carrot you practice lewd things on it, then boys would like you
  319. >You'd be all hot like Sunset
  320. >You pose in the mirror with the small carrot stick, trying to look hot
  321. >"Twilight, what the fuck are you doing?"
  322. "FUCK!"
  323. >Applejack is looking at you with concern
  324. >At least this isn't super embarrassing, she's too busy on her farm to gossip to people about this
  325. "I'm eating, o-obviously."
  326. >"Right. You know, Twi, truth be told, you been acting real uppity as of late and I don't like it. Heard you were a real bitch at Pinkie's a few days ago."
  327. "Th-That's kind of mean to just, you know, say to someone."
  328. >"Honesty ain't about bein' nice. It's bout bein' honest."
  329. "That's a tautology. You're not really saying anything, you know. Plus, I mean, what is honesty? Essentially? It's arguable, you know, what any abstract concept necessarily entails, taking the Wittgensteinian concept of word games—"
  330. >"This is exactly your problem, sugarcube. Nit pickin' every last thing someone says."
  331. "Well, I'm going after the core of your argument, which relies on a set def—"
  332. >"Everything don't got to be an argument, Twi. N stop blowin' produce in the girl's bathroom. It's nasty. Now I'm gon' wash mah hands an' leave."
  333. >"Can you guys be quiet, I'm trying to take a shit in here."
  334. "Ew."
  335. >"Ew yourself!"
  336. >Sounds like some random background bitch, who gives a fuck about her
  337. >Applejack leaves shaking her head
  338. >Just gotta eat fast enough to leave before Trixie...
  339. >A stall door creaks open
  340. >"Miss Sparkle? Trixie would like to apologize to you..."
  341. >Nuh uh, no
  342. >You're not going to let her force you into feeling guilty
  343. "Trixie, please don't apologize to me."
  344. >"Trixie must, though. Trixie realizes that she may have been... overbearing."
  345. >That's putting it lightly
  346. >"After Trixie's dad... Trixie put too much burden on you, always trying to play and talk with you. Trixie knows she is annoying."
  347. "Trixie, please. Stop."
  348. >Trixie's mouth quivers, her eyes tearing up
  349. >Fucking seriously
  350. >Not making this up
  351. >You ruined her cards
  352. >And if that wasn't bad enough
  353. >She's apologizing to YOU
  354. >This can't NOT be orchestrated
  355. >Now you're the bad guy after years of being the Autism Lightningrod and fighting back
  356. >It was a dick move, in retrospect, but who could've known about the whole dad thing!
  357. >It's hazy, you sort of remember her talking about something like that, but you don't pay attention to her!
  358. >Fuck
  359. >You frown at her 'I can't read facial expressions' face
  360. >"Trixie is sorry for putting her need for a friend above your needs."
  361. >Wow, nice
  362. "You don't have to apologize, Trixie. I'm sorry for what I did."
  363. >Not actually
  364. >Trixie hugs you
  365. >You hug her back
  366. >This is why she was your only friend
  367. >You're too fucking beta to be a constant, stonecold killa
  368. >"After school, would Miss Sparkle like to walk with Trixie to the Game Shop?"
  369. "Walk?! That's so far for a walk!"
  370. >A mile is a long walk
  371. >"Trixie... Doesn't trust wheels."
  372. >You groan
  373. "M-Maybe. I'll think about it."
  374. >Trixie gives you a nod and leaves
  375. >Various methods of suicide rush through your head
  376. "How can I learn to be alpha?"
  377. >"Still trying to take a shit in here. Can you please leave? It's hard to do this when people are talking."
  378. >Whatever
  379. >Maybe you could pawn Trixie off onto Sunny...
  380. >The bell rings to end lunch and you start concocting your plan
  381. >You'll need to find Sunny right after school ends
  382. >Before Trixie finds you
  383. >Then you can be all suave and pretend you have a life
  384. >'oh Trixie, it pains me so, as I am a great friend of yours, but I am busy today'
  386. >'do not shed a single tear on that spergerous face of yours, my friend, for Sunny Bunny, this buxom and sweet lass, will play a children's card game with you instead!'
  387. >'Anything for a friend because I'm perfect and hot and amazing ;)'
  389. >'It's a good thing I'm basically the Pope but a cute girl :3'
  390. >He he he
  391. >It's the perfect plan
  392. >You wonder what Sunny would look like in a nun outfit
  393. >For a bit, you get a bit mad that she looks so hot in your head
  394. >But having the body of a twelve year old boy probably has its advantages you tell yourself
  395. >It's not like taking off your glasses and letting your bun down would turn you into a hot girl
  396. >Fuck movies
  397. >But that's a fight for another day
  398. >Today is all about committing the perfect crime
  399. >You like Sunny
  400. >But you'll ruin her life with a Trixie bomb if you gotta
  401. >You giggle to yourself throughout class
  402. >People look at you when you do and it makes you very self-conscious
  403. >Normies never laugh randomly by themselves
  404. >Fuck 'em
  405. >"Miss Sparkle, would you mind telling the class what's so funny?"
  406. "W-What?"
  407. >"Are you on your phone in class, is that it?"
  408. "N-N-N-N-No, I-I was just thinking of something..."
  409. >People chuckle
  410. >Jokes on them, though, because your life is about to become amazing
  411. >Without Trixie, man, your life...
  412. >'OMG Twilight, we never realized how hot and smart you were until now!'
  413. >He he he
  414. >The last minutes of your last class arrive
  415. >Tick tock, tick tock
  416. >Just gotta run to Sunny's locker, and BAM
  417. >Social life saved
  419. >Hefting your backpack up onto your back (where else would it go?) you dash out the door
  420. >You spot Trixie out of the corner of your eye
  422. >"Miss Sparkle!"
  423. >You dash by her, flying around at the speed of sound
  424. >She will follow you, no doubt about it
  425. >After all this time, you know how the mind of a sperg works
  426. >Trixie can probably sniff you out like a bloodhound
  427. >At least it seems like it
  428. >Anyways, you're running real fast
  429. >Been a while since you've really run, a long while, like elementary school long
  430. >You feel your arms slipping back behind you, as if you were an anime cha—
  431. >NO
  432. >No, you left those days behind you
  433. >Muscle memory is gay
  434. >Finally, you spot Sunny
  435. >And Rainbow Dash
  436. >And Anon
  437. >The image of Rainbow kissing your husbando flashes through your mind
  438. >You lose your balance and careen straight into Sunny, knocking her to the ground
  439. >Next thing you know, your face is buried deep into her...
  440. >Belly
  441. >Eh
  442. >It could've been better
  443. "O-Oh, I-I-I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Sunny."
  444. >"It's okay, Twilight," she says, as RD and Anon help you up
  445. >"You were going awful fast, huh, Egghead? Practicing for the track tryouts?"
  446. >She has her arm around Anon
  447. >Is he a fucking beta or what? His arm should be around her!
  448. >"Yeah, didn't know you were the sporty type, Twilight," Anon says
  449. >RD and Anon chuckle
  450. "N-N-N-N—"
  451. >"We're just fucking with you, Egghead. Anyways, we'll see you guys later."
  452. >"Yeah, we're gonna hang at my house."
  453. >As RD and Anon leave, RD turns around and silently mouths 'and FUCK!' and then makes a lewd gesture with her hands
  454. >B-B-B-B-But
  455. >"Twilight, are you crying? Oh my god, are you hurt?"
  456. >Sunny pouts
  457. "W-What? No... I'm okay."
  458. >"MISS SPARKLE!"
  459. >Fuck
  460. >You gulp
  461. >Time to put the theory to the test
  462. "H-H-Hey Trixie."
  463. >You grab your side and cringe
  464. >Sunny comes to comfort you as expected
  465. >It would be bad if she walked away now
  466. >"Miss Sparkle, so... Did you want to come play with Trixie?"
  467. >Sunny makes an 'aw :3' sound
  468. >Fag
  469. "O-Of course, I'd love t-t—O-Oh, you know, I-I just remembered. I-I promised my parents I would, uh, w-walk Spike today. A-After school. Today."
  470. >Trixie frowns
  471. >Here come the waterworks
  472. >"Okay. Trixie understands."
  473. >What?
  474. "What?"
  475. >"Trixie understands. Miss Sparkle is busy."
  476. "No... Y-You're not going to cry?"
  477. >"Trixie's dad always used to say I had to grow up. Now Trixie has to tell herself that. I'm a big girl now."
  478. "For you."
  479. >You slap your hand over your mouth
  480. >"You know, Trixie, I'd love to play with you since Twilight's busy. I've always wanted to get into Magic the Gathering. Do you play Pathfinder?"
  481. >"Oh, yes! Trixie loves Pathfinder."
  482. >"I've never played a tabletop game before, but it's always been something I've been interested in. I hear lots of fun stories about it!"
  483. >Trixie lights up and takes Sunny by the hands
  484. >"Trixie has many stories of many campaigns she has partaken in! Trixie could arrange something to play tonight at the shop with her new friend!"
  485. >"I'm always up for making new friends."
  486. >"So, Trixie has a very cool character: she is a wizard, she is named The Great and Powerful..."
  487. >They don't look at you
  488. >They talk and you can hear them laughing as they leave
  489. >You take a deep breath and pinch yourself
  490. >Did that just happen?
  491. >What the fuck just happened
  492. >What the FUCK just happened?
  493. >Is Sunny the fucking Sperg Whisperer?!
  494. >You realize that you've been standing here for a few minutes too long
  495. >All the students have already left and you are alone
  496. >This is how it usually is, anyways
  497. >You'll go home
  498. >Go on your computer
  499. >Just like most every night
  500. >The walk home is quiet
  501. >You bet Sunny and Trixie are having a GREAT time, the assholes
  502. >Eight hours of shitposting later, you sleep
  503. ***
  504. >Another day gone, another shitty day at school
  505. >As you wake up, you roll off your bed
  506. >You could shower...
  507. >Eh, whatever, it's not like you smell
  508. >You rummage around your wardrobe for clothes
  509. >Sometimes you wish you had normal, sluttier clothes
  510. >Non-tight pants are just too... Scary to wear in public
  511. >Turtleneck, even though it's hot as fuck outside
  512. >You wonder what it would look like with a boob window
  513. >It would be like a window in a shitty apartment in a shitty part of Detroit
  514. >You wouldn't see anything
  515. >Dumb glasses, because fuck contacts (irritating as fuck)
  516. >Put your nasty hair in a bun, again
  517. >Sniff yourself
  518. >Spray some deodorant on yourself
  519. >Good enough
  520. >Go downstairs and put some Pop-Tarts in the toaster
  521. >Feel something nipping at your pants
  522. "Hey there, little guy."
  523. >Spike pants heavily
  524. >He's gotten so fat, barely moves around these days...
  525. >That's what happens when you have a dog since you were, like, a toddler
  526. >Dad's been telling you to 'get ready' for Spike to...
  527. >Whatever
  528. >You scratch his ear and down your Pop-Tarts after they're done
  529. >You dreamt about Anon last night
  530. >And Rainbow Dash
  531. >You seriously thought she was a lesbian, seriously, who dyes their hair RAINBOW?!
  532. >Maybe they'd be up for the 'polyamory' thing
  533. >You walk to school, headphones over your ears, blasting edgy metal tunes like the autist you are
  534. >At the very least, you're happy knowing Sunny's finally going to know what you've been going through
  535. >And without Trixie, you can focus your social skills elsewhere!
  536. >Yeah, today is gonna be a good day!
  537. >The first couple of classes go by much the same as they always do
  538. >Teacher asks fucking retarded easy question
  539. >People mill about and are silent
  540. >Like, 'who is buried in Grant's Tomb?' tier idiot-proof questions
  541. >Always gotta fucking raise your hand to get things moving
  542. >People laugh at you when you do
  543. >It's almost become just an innate reaction
  544. >You speak in class and self-loathing just washes over you
  545. >BUT
  546. >Today is going to be different
  547. >During lunch, your social butterfly wings will open up
  548. >No more Trixie, no more social leech, means no more ostracization
  549. >Maybe Anon will notice you now that Trixie isn't hanging off of you
  550. >Fucking normies
  551. >They'll learn to look up to you
  552. >To want to hang out with you
  553. >They may have been the same people who bullied you in elementary
  554. >But now you'll be covered in Chads and Stacies
  555. >Hanging off your every word
  556. >'oh Twilight, let us have sex with you!'
  557. >'not right now, there's only so much of me to go around!'
  558. >'oh Twilight, you're so hot, almost as hot as Sunset!'
  559. >'*making out sounds*'
  560. >You cross your legs tightly
  561. >Yes, today will be the day
  562. >Sunny will realize what a piece of shit Trixie is, and help you become popular
  563. >Lunch finally rolls around
  564. >You get your disgusting school lunch and head to the girls' table this time
  565. >You don't usually, but fuck, you're feeling good!
  566. >AJ is there, being her usual hillbilly self, eating an apple
  567. >Rarity is there, wearing fucking glasses she doesn't need, probably talking about science for no good reason
  568. >Sluttershy is there mewling and cowering like a retard
  569. >Pinkie is there being a hyperactive fucktard
  570. >RD is there, with Anon...
  571. >Sunny is there, looking hot, as always, that fucker, and—
  572. >What the fuck
  573. >"Miss Shimmer said I should show you guys the magic trick I showed her yesterday!"
  574. >"Yeah, go ahead Trixie!"
  576. >Trixie pulls out a fucking DECK OF CARDS
  577. >How can they stand this total autism?!
  578. >Trixie goes ahead and does some babby-tier magic trick
  579. >You just stand a few feet from their table, looking awkward
  580. >A bunch of fucking 'oohs' and 'ahs' can be heard
  581. >Wow
  582. >Nice taste guys
  583. >Super sick
  584. >Why do you even want these people to like you, again?
  585. >"Now Sugarcube, I'm gonna hafta be honest with you."
  586. >Ha, yes AJ
  587. >Don't go easy on the sperg
  588. >"You got some real talent, there, Trixie."
  589. >Trixie blushes heavily
  590. >Sunny pulls Trixie in for a fucking HUG
  591. >You swear Sunny's breasts rub against Trixie a bit
  593. >They're fucking CHEERING!
  594. >"M-My dad used to like magic a lot... I've been practicing very hard after he passed."
  595. >Really milking that for all it's worth, huh Trixie?
  596. >Fucking asshole
  597. >Your dad dies and all you do is mention how it affects YOU
  598. >Trixie starts TEARING UP
  599. >AGAIN
  600. >"Oh, Trix—"
  601. >SHE'S TRIX NOW
  602. >What about me, Sunny?
  603. >I only ever get Twilight!
  604. >"—It's okay. We're here for you."
  605. >"Sugarcube, you got some real talent, I tells ya. Not like my good-fer-nothin' sister. She's a lost a cause... You thinkin' 'bout the Talent Show?"
  606. >Trixie blushes again
  607. >"I-I'm not good enough for that..."
  608. >"Oh pish-posh, darling! You should definitely join. We'd all support you!"
  609. >The girls nod in agreement, smiling at that fucking mass of Sperg
  610. >You curl your hands into fists
  611. >Which is bad
  612. >Since you're carrying food on a tray
  613. >And it falls, making a really loud, embarrassing sound
  614. >The girls stop talking and turn to look at you
  615. >"Ha, sick job Egghead. You might need to lift a bit more if you can't manage to handle a tray of food."
  616. "H-H-Ha, y-yeah."
  617. >Rainbow and Anon laugh at you, and you can hear some snickers from the other tables
  618. >Trixie rushes up to you, getting on her knees and picking your food up off the floor
  619. "Trixie, stop!"
  620. >She doesn't listen
  621. >God fucking FUCK
  622. >She must think she's so awesome, stealing your place among your friends!
  623. >You feel it coming
  624. >The anger
  625. >The rage
  626. >You feel yourself shove Trixie to the ground, throwing your lunch that she'd just picked up all over her
  627. >But you stop yourself
  628. >Not again
  629. >You'll just have to suffer this indignity
  630. >Trixie picks up your food, puts it back on the tray
  631. >Mostly packaged stuff, so it's salvageable
  632. "Th-Thanks..."
  633. >"Anything for a friend, Miss Sparkle!"
  634. >Trixie hugs you
  635. >In front of everyone
  636. >You feel your cheeks redden
  637. >"Come on you Egghead, take a seat. And don't spill your shit this time. Lol."
  638. >More snickers
  639. "Ha h-ha. Good one..."
  640. >You take a seat next to Sluttershy
  641. >You bet she smells like cock, whatever that smells like
  642. >For the rest of lunch, the girls talk
  643. >To Rarity about her dumb internship with some stupid fashion company
  644. >To Applejack about, what else? Stupid fucking apples, what a fucking applesperg
  645. >Sluttershy stays quiet most of the time, obviously
  646. >Pinkie about all her stupid parties she has planned
  647. >RD goes on, and on, and ON about her relationship with Anon
  648. >Anon keeps blushing and telling her not to tell the girls 'all that private stuff'
  649. >She calls him a loser and then does something under the table to make him suddenly sit up straight
  650. >Something lewd probably
  651. >Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
  652. >You try to just stay quiet and not cry
  653. >Nothing ever goes your way
  654. >Trixie is all 'cool' now
  655. >You spend your whole life accosted by the freak, but now that she's out of your life you basically have nothing
  656. >Anon, fuck, why did you even like him in the first place?
  657. >Fucking Chad manwhore with that fucking Sta—No, Rainbow is basically a Chad
  658. >You wish you were alpha like that
  659. >She can play the guitar, captain of the guy's football team...
  660. >And of course Sunny can play tons of instruments, gets good grades, is actually smart and not just some grade-grubber
  661. >The only one at the table who even talks to you...
  662. >Probably just pities you
  663. >You must be even lower than Trixie
  664. >You're nothing
  665. >The bell rings and people leave
  666. >Trixie hangs back as the others leave for class
  667. >"Miss Sparkle?"
  668. >Ugh
  669. "Yes?"
  670. >"Would you like to come play with Trixie and Miss Shimmer after school today?"
  671. "W-What?"
  672. >"Trixie would like to invite you along. Miss Shimmer said she is worried you are not 'hanging out' as often as you could."
  673. >You grit your teeth
  674. >Now YOU'RE going to be Trixie's third wheel
  675. >The third wheel to a simpering retard!
  676. >No!
  677. >And Sunny, yeah, she's just worried I'm not 'hanging out enough'
  678. >Whatever the fuck that means
  679. >God, you really are worse than Trixie
  680. >"Well?"
  681. "No, Trixie. I-I'm busy."
  682. >"Okay. Trixie understands. Have a good day!"
  683. >Trixie shoots you a smile and runs off
  684. >You see her catch up to the girls, cozying up with Sunny
  685. >They laugh
  686. >You grit your teeth harder
  687. >Whatever, it doesn't matter anyway
  688. >They'll tire of Trixie soon enough
  689. >The next few classes suck, as usual
  690. >You really wish you didn't always sit in the front
  691. >Today feels like a 'sitting in the back' day, but...
  692. >People would probably make fun of you, or ask for 'their' seat back and you'd end up in the front anyways
  693. >Man, fuck normies
  694. >They don't even like people like Trixie
  695. >They never deal with them, actually
  696. >They just want to feel good about themselves
  697. >'oh I'm such a good person because I posted on FB about homelessness and am nice to retards'
  698. >The final bell rings
  699. >Might as well just head to your locker slowly and hope Anon leaves before you get there
  700. >You shuffle your feet as you head to your locker
  701. >Basically on auto-pilot
  702. >Thinking stupid things to yourself, like
  703. >Maybe Anon will break up with Dash and fall in love with you
  704. >Ugh
  705. >Even in your daydreams it seems retarded
  706. >No, that won't happen
  707. >Hell, Trixie isn't even going to bother you today
  708. >Sunny, well, she has Trixie now!
  709. >Now no one will bother you
  710. >Normies, right? Ree...
  711. >Who needs friends when everyone else is a fucking shithead?
  712. >You approach your locker and...
  713. >Just your luck, Anon is there with Rainbow
  714. >"Egghead!"
  715. "H-Hey, Rainbow Dash. H-Hey, A-A-Anon."
  716. >Rainbow Dash chuckles
  717. >"Have you noticed how much she stutters around you, Anon?"
  718. "W-W-W-What? N-N-No I d-don't..."
  719. >"I think she's in love with you man!"
  720. >You freeze in place
  721. >This can't be happening
  722. "I-I-I-I-I—"
  723. >"I-I-I'm just fucking with you, Twilight. I don't mean nothin'."
  724. "H-Ha, good one."
  725. >Rainbow messes with your hair, trying to be friendly or some shit
  726. >It's more annoying than anything else
  727. >"How could you like this dumb lug?"
  728. >"Hey!"
  729. >"Nah, I can tell by the way you look at me, Egghead. Wanna join us for some hot, kinky action at my place?"
  730. "W-W-W-W—"
  731. >"Never had a threesome before. You'd be up, right?"
  732. >W-What?
  733. >Is she being serious
  734. >You don't say anything
  735. >"Are you actually thinking about it?"
  736. "W-Well, m-maybe—"
  737. >"DUDE, I was just pulling your chain again! Oh my God, Egghead, you're a real freak in the bed, huh?"
  738. >Anon, who had been silent up till now, bursts out laughing
  739. >Rainbow starts laughing too
  740. >You feel yourself tearing up
  741. >You... You have to get out of here
  742. >"Woah, Egghead! I was just playin'! I didn't... Anon, you fucker. You made me laugh too hard."
  743. >"Sorry, RD. That shit was just hilarious is all."
  744. >You can hardly see where you're going
  745. >Just away
  746. >You're such a fucking retard
  747. >Of course she was joking, you—
  748. >You feel yourself crash against another body, bring you both to the ground
  749. >"We really have to stop meeting like this," Sunset says laughing
  750. "S-Sorry..."
  751. >You try not to let your voice crack
  752. >You can't let her see you cry
  753. >You fell in a much more fortuitous position this time
  754. >Like it even matters
  755. >"Oh my God, Twilight, are you okay?"
  756. >Sunset picks herself up the ground and reaches out for you
  757. >You pull away
  758. "W-Where's your new best friend?"
  759. >"What?"
  760. "Just leave me alone, Sunny..."
  761. >"Twilight, what happened? Why are you crying?"
  762. >You hide your face
  763. "I-I'm not."
  764. >Sunset bends down and puts her arm around you
  765. >You don't have the energy to fight her off
  766. >"Twilight, you need to tell me what's going on."
  767. "And why do I have to do that, huh? Just go hang out with Trixie."
  768. >"What? This is about Trix?"
  769. "Yes! No... I don't know." T
  770. >"Twilight, no one can help you if you don't open up. I'm your friend. I WANT to help you!"
  771. >You laugh
  772. >It comes out more like a sob, and Sunny pulls you closer to her
  773. >You ineffectually push at her
  774. >"Twilight—"
  775. "No! Just stop. You're just being nice to me. You only hang out with me BECAUSE I have no one else. You're just such a 'good' fucking person."
  776. >Sunset frowns and is silent
  777. >She puts another arm around you, pulling you into a hug
  778. >"I don't hang out with you because I have to. I do it because I want to. Because I do care, Twilight. I care about you. You worry me sometimes. I know you don't believe me, but I used to be a very lonely, hateful person..."
  779. >Yeah right...
  780. >"But I had someone looking out for me."
  781. >What is this, christfag shit?
  782. >"Even if you don't believe in yourself, know that I believe in you. Things may feel bad now, but you just have to open up. Why don't you come hang out with me and Trixie?"
  783. "..."
  784. >You sniffle and rub at your face
  785. >Maybe she isn't just being nice to you...
  786. >Looking around, you see that some people have gathered around
  787. >Fuck fuck fuck fuck
  788. >No
  789. >You must look so fucking pathetic, being consoled like a fucking child
  790. >You hear a voice
  791. >"Geez Twilight, all this over a fucking joke?"
  792. >"Fuck off, Anon!" Sunny says
  793. >You feel your eyes blur again
  794. >You hear chuckling
  795. >No, you have to get out of here
  796. >You push Sunny away and make a run for it
  797. >She calls after you, but you don't turn back
  798. >You're not going to be her Trixie
  799. >You're not going let her be a fucking tardwrangler
  800. >That's what she must see you as
  801. >Another Trixie
  802. >Some drooling idiot
  803. >'Special Kids Afternoon Out'
  804. >No
  805. >"ASSHOLE!"
  806. >You hear a loud THWACK! sound behind you and then a masculine yell
  807. >You just keep running
  808. >Before you know it, you're home
  809. >You've never run that fast for that long
  810. >You drop your shit as soon as you enter
  811. >Take off your shoes
  812. >"Twily! You're—Is something wrong?"
  813. >You run past Dad and straight to your room
  814. >You slam the door behind you
  815. >Time for internet...
  816. >Woo
  817. >You slump down into your chair, lights off, blinds closed
  818. >The dim hum of the monitor shines on your pathetic self
  819. >"Woof!"
  820. "Hey there little guy..."
  821. >You strain to pick Spike up and place him in your lap
  822. >He licks your face
  823. "Who's my Number One Assistant? Who is it?"
  824. >You rub his back as he snuggles against you
  825. >You feel your heart lower its pace
  826. >Taking a deep breath, you feel as though you can finally stop crying
  827. >God you're retarded
  828. "At least I have you, huh, Spike?"
  829. >"Woof! :3"
  830. >His eyes are cloudy
  831. >He's fat
  832. >But he's yours
  833. "Let's see what's going on today."
  834. >Probably the same shit as every day
  835. >Just like in real life!
  836. >At least now you know Anon thinks you're a joke...
  837. >No, gotta go find random shit to distract yourself
  838. "Maybe you shouldn't be looking at this stuff, Spike..."
  839. >You lower him back to the ground
  840. >You spend hours online, not moving from your chair
  841. >Like most days
  842. >This never would've happened if you just never went to that fucking party
  843. >Parties are for normies
  844. >Are you a normie?
  845. >No
  846. >Then why did you go?
  847. "Anon..."
  848. >Right...
  849. >Some people are made to talk to other people and have friends
  850. >Some aren't
  851. >You're in the 'some aren't' category
  852. >Sometimes, you think about multiple universes
  853. >You used to be a retard and be all
  854. >'oh in some universe I'm a fucking powerful wizard queen who everyone loves'
  855. >but now you set your sights on
  856. >'universe where I have friends'
  857. >Which is gay
  858. >Why do you even care about friends so much if people suck so hard?
  859. >The only people who actually talk to you are literal autists like Trixie
  860. >Or even worse that fucking Moondancer kid when you were REALLY young
  861. >Ugh
  862. >Or people like Sunny who're just disgustingly nice to everyone
  863. >Whatever
  864. >You continue to browse /d/
  865. >God this place fucked you up
  866. >Getting turned on by the absolute most crazy shit
  867. >That's all you can do it to anymore
  868. >This is what happens when you masturbate recreationally, kids
  869. >You slide your pants off and put your legs up on your desk
  870. >Spike's asleep, so, this is okay
  871. >Time to go to your usual sex dreams
  872. >'Oh no, Anon, I've turned into a couch!'
  873. >'I can't move at all and am made of plush cushioning and high quality fabric!'
  874. >'Oh Anon, don't sit on me!'
  875. >'Oh no, you went ahead and did it anyway, oh my goooood~'
  876. >You groan
  877. >Not doing it for you
  878. >Instead you try to imagine if maybe Dash and Anon actually took you with them...
  879. >You image Rainbow's naked body
  880. >What's she have that you don't?
  881. >Her breasts are as not-there as yours
  882. >Just because she's super in-shape and has amazing hips
  883. >You wonder what her body would feel like against yours
  884. >God you're pathetic
  885. >You can't get Anon laughing at you out of your head
  886. >No one cares about you
  887. >Can't even have pretend sex in your head
  888. >Even your imagination laughs at you
  889. >'I care about you'
  890. >'Sunny, when did you—'
  891. >She takes your hand in hers and kisses you
  892. >'Sunny...'
  893. >'It's okay, Twi. I care about you.'
  894. >You feel her tongue work its way into your mouth and—
  895. "Mf~"
  896. >Oh God
  897. >What the fuck
  898. >You pull your pants back up and spin in your chair
  899. >What the fuck
  900. >You can't get her out of your head
  901. >How fucking pathetic are you
  902. >You're not...
  903. >No, it's just because she pretends to like you
  904. >You must be, like, prison gay or something
  905. >Wow, that's totally not pathetic at all
  906. >Fuck
  907. >You throw yourself on your bed
  908. "What the fuck is wrong with me?"
  909. >You feel yourself tearing up again
  910. >Why do you have to be so weird?
  911. >Why were you born this way?
  912. >Why couldn't you be someone else?
  913. >Life sucks
  914. >God, how edgy are you
  915. >Why can't you live in a world where you matter?
  916. >'I care about you'
  917. >You imagine Sunny naked and—
  918. >Stop!
  919. >You toss and turn in your bed
  920. >You hear Spike panting
  921. "I'm sorry to wake you up, boy."
  922. >You rub your arm against your face
  923. >To your surprise, he jumps up onto your bed
  924. >Didn't think he still had it in him
  925. >He settles down next to you
  926. >You run your hand along his fur
  927. >Maybe tomorrow will be better...
  928. >Eventually, you're able to sleep
  929. >You wake up
  930. >Today seems like a shower day
  931. >Afterwards, you put on your clothes, eat, and head out
  932. >What happened yesterday...
  933. >You'll just have to put that out of mind
  934. >Knowing your luck, you'll bump into Rainbow and Anon again...
  935. >You almost hold your breath as you make your way into school
  936. >CHS
  937. >What a dump...
  938. >And wouldn't you know it, there's Rainbow and Anon
  939. >Ugh, you used to like having a locker next to his...
  940. "H-Hey Rainbow, hey A—Jesus!"
  941. >Anon looks like a truck fucking hit him
  942. >A small truck, and just in the face, but still
  943. >Jesus
  944. >A snarl flashes across his face as he looks at you
  945. "W-What happened to you?"
  946. >"Your girlfriend happened."
  947. >"Anon, don't be such a dick or I'M gonna punch you."
  948. >He shrugs a 'whatever' at you
  949. >Who is he talking about?
  950. >S-Sunny?
  951. "I-I'm s-sorry."
  952. >He grunts at you, takes his stuff and leaves
  953. >Rainbow scoffs as he leaves
  954. >"Hey Egghead, I'm really sorry about Douchefuck. I didn't mean to make you cry yesterday, I was just having fun. You know how it is, right? We cool?"
  955. >Nice fake apology
  956. "I-It's okay."
  957. >She pulls you in for a hug and you blush
  958. >"Don't be a stranger, okay? Smell ya later, Egghead."
  959. "See ya..."
  960. >What the fuck?
  961. >Whatever
  962. >Your next few classes pass as they usually do
  963. >Eventually, the lunch bell rings
  964. >You wonder if you should eat in the bathroom today
  965. >As you get your lunch, you hear Trixie calling for you
  966. >"Miss Sparkle! Please sit with Trixie!"
  967. >You sort of crouch down a little, embarrassed
  968. >Only a sperg would call someone out from across a room full of people
  969. >You take your seat
  970. "W-Where's Sunn—Sunset?"
  971. >"She dun got in a fight with Anon yesterday, Sugarcube."
  972. >You notice Anon isn't sitting with Rainbow Dash
  973. >"They suspended her. Sometimes I wonder iff'n that girl'll ever really change. She seems all nice, but you should'a seen her back in the day. Really let the devil out, I tell ya what."
  974. "W-Was it because of me?"
  975. >The girls nod and you're not sure how to feel
  976. >Knowing Sunny did that because of you makes your heart a little warm, but...
  977. >At the same time, she's always so nice
  978. >You don't want her to beat people up because of you
  979. >Even if they are normies
  980. >Rainbow Dash frowns
  981. >"Can we not talk about this?"
  982. >"What, Rainbow? Can't handle knowin' your boyfriend is a dick, but also such a pussy he gets his ass beat by a girl?"
  983. >"Ha ha. That's that Southern wit, huh? I heard your brother was hitting on my boyfriend the other day."
  984. >"I heard he took 'im up on it! I could hear your boyfriend suckin' Mac's dick in the barn!"
  985. >Rainbow Dash scoffs
  986. >"Oh, oh come on! You're gonna give in to my gay joke just to make another gay joke? Low blow, AJ! And gross!"
  987. >"Did you tell yer boyfriend yer a dyke, yet?"
  988. >"That's a lie and you know it!"
  989. >"I can't tell a lie, Rainbow!"
  990. >The two girls rise up from their seats
  991. >"Girls, please! Trixie does not like it when her friends fight..."
  992. >The two grumble and sit back down
  993. >What the fuck?
  994. >Since when can Trixie do that shit?
  995. >Stupid fucking spergerous moe-blob
  996. >'oh i'm so cute and suddenly don't cry 24/7'
  997. >You awkwardly eat your lunch in silence, and eventually things calm down at the table
  998. >"Oh, Miss Sparkle, did you want to hang out with Miss Shimmer and Trixie today? She's suspended, but she said she'll still play with me..."
  999. >Ugh
  1000. >Well, maybe you should take her up on it...
  1001. "O-Okay..."
  1002. >Vomit
  1003. >Trixie's eyes light up
  1004. >"Fantastic! Miss Shimmer was very concerned about you."
  1005. "S-She was?"
  1006. >Trixie nods
  1007. >You go back to eating
  1008. >Maybe this will be okay
  1009. >The girls talk about the usual inane shit, and you keep mostly silent
  1010. >Sometimes you'll chime in
  1011. >Especially when, for no good, reason, they start talking about science
  1012. >'oh I totally watched this documentary on string theory'
  1013. >Motherfucker, shut the fuck up you normie
  1014. >Is nothing sacred?
  1015. >And when you DO chime in with something to educate these plebs, like
  1016. >'Oh, well, M-Theory isn't an actual, mathematical theory, but more an ad hoc mix of various limits of various string theories"
  1017. >Shit just gets quiet
  1018. >Even when you try to tell a joke
  1019. >Be all 'you know who else did nothing wrong?'
  1020. >Well, that didn't go over well
  1021. >The joke is that, you know, the comedy comes from disparity and hyperbole
  1022. >Fucking normies
  1023. >You give up and just shut up the rest of the time
  1024. >"Miss Dash, Trixie came to watch your game on the weekend. You are very impressive!"
  1025. >Dash does the usual 'of course I am!' shtick
  1026. >People laugh
  1027. >What the fuck
  1028. >And then Trixie talks with them about
  1029. >Sports?
  1030. >Rev up that fucking REEEEEEEEEE engine, Twilight...
  1031. >No, today is going to be better than yesterday
  1032. >You decide to wait for the right time to pipe up with something good for the conversation
  1033. >How the fuck do people know when to say shit?
  1034. >The bell rings before you get a chance to talk again
  1035. "Ugh..."
  1036. >"Oh, Miss Sparkle, you should fill this up before we play!"
  1037. >Trixie hands you a character sheet
  1038. >Just go along with it, Twilight
  1039. >Otherwise, how're you supposed to hang out with Sunny?
  1040. >She's the only one you can sort of talk to sometimes
  1041. "Thanks Trixie."
  1042. >She nods, smiles, and scampers off
  1043. >Motherfucker just assumes you have dice on you to fill this shit out
  1044. >So what if you do
  1045. >Whatever
  1046. >You head off to your next class
  1047. >Talking to Trixie, you'd found out she had a wizard
  1048. >Obviously
  1049. >Sunny had a fighter
  1050. >Not a paladin?
  1051. >And what should you be?
  1052. >It's been a long fucking while since you've played any of this sort of shit
  1053. >You don't like to think about it, but you used to be a lot more autistic than you are now
  1054. >With definitely-on-the-spectrum 'friends'
  1055. >You were always the odd one out, since you actually understood social ques
  1056. >Now, you usually just play solo
  1057. >When you get around to it
  1058. >You're glad you got out
  1059. >The Tard Brigade was bringing you down
  1060. >Sort of the same reason you stopped liking anime as much
  1061. >Get to high school, see the anime club, and it's filled with disgusting vermin
  1062. >That's not you
  1063. >But back to this stupid character sheet
  1064. >Playing with Trixie is gonna suck, isn't it?
  1065. >'Trixie's character will do blah blah blah'
  1066. >Sick roleplaying skills, man
  1067. >You decide that, since they have a Fighter and a Wizard, you'll be a Bard
  1068. >Names... It's a good thing you're good with names
  1069. >Could do something generic like 'Bubble Shine' or 'Sing Song' or something
  1070. >Go for the exotic option: 'Frank'
  1071. >And fuck class
  1072. >You're filling out a character sheet
  1073. >And the good thing is you only have to play with Trixie this one time
  1074. >You can just be all slick and ask Sunny to 'hang out' with you
  1075. >She'll have the time, and if she's hanging out with Trixie, obviously she'll hang out with you
  1076. >Then you can cut Trixie out of your life, for real this time
  1077. >Fuck her and fuck her dead dad
  1078. >Wait, that's really edgy
  1079. >Whatever, you're pumped because today is going to go well, you can feel it!
  1080. >Man, rolling around dice is hard to do in silence and without attracting attention
  1081. >Some of the other students shoot weird looks at you
  1082. >Like they've never had to construct a character sheet in public before
  1083. >Oh wait
  1084. >They probably have one of those 'lol tabletop games are ghey!' normie opinions
  1085. >Or worse
  1086. >One of those 'oh it's totally cool, I saw it on Bazinga Theory!'
  1087. >You shudder
  1088. >"Twilight, why are you rolling dice around in my class?"
  1089. >Fuck
  1090. >You look up and try to come up with an answer
  1091. >Fuck, what kind of realistic answer can you give
  1092. >"I think she's playing a dice game by herself or something, lol."
  1093. >Just, just play it cool, Twilight
  1094. "U-Uh, n-no. I'm u-using the dice to m-make a character sh-sheet..."
  1095. >"Like, for D&D?"
  1096. "Ugh, no, I'm not a total loser! It's for Pathfinder!"
  1097. >At that, the class bursts into laughter
  1098. >You shrink down in your chair
  1099. >The teacher gives you a stern look
  1100. >"Settle down, guys. Just, no more rolling dice around while I'm trying to teach, okay?"
  1101. >You nod and try to hold back tears
  1102. >Why would you even cry?
  1103. >People laughed at you all the time when you were younger
  1104. >Stop being such a fucking crybaby about it
  1105. >You take a deep breath
  1106. >Normie laughter should slough off you like the meaningless garbage that it is
  1107. >Plus, you're not a crybaby
  1108. >It's probably just an involuntary, Pavlovian sort of response built in to you from your childhood
  1109. >So, there's that, you know
  1110. >And you're almost done with the sheet!
  1111. >After you have on of your programs replace all instances of 'Dusk Shine' with 'Frank' in your old backstory you keep online...
  1112. >You laugh to yourself
  1113. >He's going to be broken as fuck
  1114. >Eventually, you finish Frank up
  1115. >You got pretty lucky with your rolls, so he's lookin' fine
  1116. >You frown as you think about playing with Trixie
  1117. >At least Sunny will be there
  1118. >Man, she must look out of place as fuck at a tabletop gaming shop
  1119. >Like, tons of spergs, and a random model
  1120. >You'll stick you, too, right?
  1121. >You're not a sperg
  1122. >Yeah, you'll be cool compared to these fucks
  1123. >The end of the day rolls around
  1124. >You head off to your locker
  1125. >Anon's there, as usual
  1126. >No Rainbow Dash this time
  1127. "H-Hey Anon."
  1128. >He shrugs and says nothing
  1129. >Just sort of shakes his head at you
  1130. >Does he hate you now?
  1131. "I-I just wanted to say sorry, again..."
  1132. >"No, no, Sparkle, it's my fault, you know, for finding something Rainbow Dash said funny. I'm sorry for having a sense of humor."
  1133. "O-Oh. S-S-S—"
  1134. >He groans
  1135. >"Look, if you can't handle fuckin' jokes between friends, which I thought we were, then grow the fuck up. Don't have your fuckin' guard bitch beat me up while you cry."
  1136. >He points his finger at you
  1137. >You feel yourself start to tear up again
  1138. >Fuck, not in front of Anon...
  1139. >"Ugh. Whatever, sorry, I don't mean to hurt your feelings or whatever. It was just a fucking joke. I'm mad because of this."
  1140. >He points to his general face area
  1141. "S-Sorry..."
  1142. >Anon leaves and you swear you hear him mutter
  1143. >'Why does Rainbow keep her and that fucking magic girl around...'
  1144. >You grit your teeth
  1145. >You're not a fucking sperg
  1146. >You're not
  1147. >Do people actually think about you and Trixie like you're the fucking same?
  1148. >You feel the energy leave your body, and lean against your locker
  1149. >"Miss Sparkle!"
  1150. >Ugh
  1151. "Not now, Trixie."
  1152. >"Did Miss Sparkle wish to walk with Trixie?"
  1153. "I said not now."
  1154. >She grabs you by the forearm
  1155. >You don't have it in you to push her off
  1156. >Whatever
  1157. >You let Trixie drag you along
  1158. >Jesus fucking Christ
  1159. >How far is this place
  1160. >Or does it just seem far because Trixie
  1161. >Won't
  1162. >Stop
  1163. >Talking
  1164. >"...And this is another character I drew. He can turn into a shadow, and comes from the seventh coil of—"
  1165. "Fascinating, Trixie."
  1166. >She's just been showing you drawings in her notebook
  1167. >For what seems like forever
  1168. >Admittedly, she's actually pretty good
  1169. >Has her own style
  1170. >But this is what happens when you're a no life sperg
  1171. >You chuckle to yourself and wonder if that's irony
  1172. >Anon thinks you're no different from this... thing
  1173. >This blue, magic obsessed, obnoxious ball of autism
  1174. >You're the purple recolor, huh?
  1175. >You sulk
  1176. >Of course, Trixie does not notice
  1177. >She just goes on and on and on and on...
  1178. >Your mind drifts to ways you could get out of this
  1179. >Sometimes a car passes by and you think about jumping in front of one
  1180. >Perhaps you thought about it too hard
  1181. >But you almost give yourself a scare thinking about it
  1182. >Sometimes you tell yourself that's the feeling of another you actually doing it, in some other universe
  1183. >"...and I've actually been working on a comic with my characters, and I put it on the internet, and my mom helps me with the website, and people actually follow it! And—"
  1184. "Wow Trixie, that's super cool."
  1185. >She smiles and pulls you in close to her in a sort of hug
  1186. >You groan
  1187. >Life isn't fair
  1188. >Blue Autist has bigger breasts than you, is actually curvy
  1189. >And she's fucking autistic
  1190. >Maybe her dad used a monkey's paw to have a 'beautiful daughter'
  1191. >And she is, you suppose
  1192. >But she's also a sperg who sometimes wears a fucking cape to school
  1193. >"Oh, Miss Sparkle! We are here!"
  1194. >She's jumping up and down
  1195. "Finally... Is Sunny inside?"
  1196. >"Oh, most probably! Come, let us go!"
  1197. >Trixie yanks on your arm, and you follow
  1198. >The air in the shop hits you the second you enter
  1199. >Colder than outside, which is good
  1200. >You hadn't realized it, but you were pooped from walking
  1201. >Fucking hot outside
  1202. >Fuck the sun
  1203. >But, the shop also had that hint of 'sweaty fat guy' to it
  1204. >You can smell the autism
  1205. >"Oh, hey Twilight! Been a while since I've seen you here."
  1206. "U-Uh, hey Mr. Dancer..."
  1207. >He turns to Trixie
  1208. >"My daughter and your other friend are waiting for you guys. Have fun!"
  1209. >"Thanks!"
  1210. >Trixie pulls you along
  1211. >Oh God
  1212. >Oh God
  1213. >You've stepped into a nightmare
  1214. >You swear you've had this one before
  1215. >The one where you're grown up, but you're playing with Trixie and Moondancer
  1216. >And apparently it was a premonition
  1217. >Your heart starts pounding against your chest
  1218. >This was a bad idea
  1219. >This is a BAD idea
  1220. >Has it come to this?
  1221. >If the rest of your nightmare comes true, the girls will come in and make fun of you
  1222. >No, that's crazy, that's not gonna happen
  1223. >Just calm down, Twilight
  1224. >Just—
  1225. >"Trix, Twilight!"
  1226. >Sunny waves you over, and you give a meek wave back
  1227. "H-Hey, Sunny..."
  1228. >"Hey Twilight! I'm glad you came."
  1229. >She shoots you a smile
  1230. >You cough
  1231. >You sit down next to her, and Trixie sits next to you
  1232. >Moondancer looks to be the DM
  1233. >She's got some gross front-bun thing going on
  1234. >Literal nerd glasses with the tape in the middle and everything
  1235. >Still looks like a pasty, ugly version of you
  1236. >So
  1237. >You can kind of feel good about being the third best looking person at the table
  1238. >She furrows her bushy brow and stares at you from over her screen
  1239. >"Sparkle."
  1240. "Moondancer."
  1241. >She just... keeps staring
  1242. "Yes?"
  1243. >"So you think you can just waltz in here like things are all okay?"
  1244. "Are they not?"
  1245. >Moondancer snorts
  1246. >"Where's Four Eyes?"
  1247. >You snicker, someone's parents hate them
  1248. >"He told Trixie that his mom forced him into doing chores today."
  1249. >Moondancer shrugs and looks at you with disdain
  1250. >"Sharp Shot the Elf suffers a heart attack and dies, then, if he's not going to be here to play."
  1251. >"W-What?! B-But Sharp Shot was a gallant friend to the Great and Powerful—"
  1252. >"He's not here."
  1253. >Sunny looks at Moondancer with concern
  1254. >"From what I know, that's not been the rule before, Moondancer."
  1255. >"Well rules change!"
  1256. >"T-Trixie says it's not fair!"
  1257. >"LIFE ISN'T FAIR! That's what you taught, me right Sparkle?"
  1258. >Moondancer snarls above her screen
  1259. >Her eyes attempt to pierce your soul with their spergerous temperament
  1260. >You just shoot her a very confused, incredulous look
  1261. "No offense, but what are you talking about?"
  1263. >She slams her fist on the table, causing some of the miniatures to fall over
  1264. >"You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, Sparkle. The day you ruined my life, you showed me that life... Life doesn't give a fuck about anyone! The universe is a cruel place!"
  1265. "What the fuck are you talking about? W-W-What, like, what? What?! I... I-I, Sunny, help me out here! I—"
  1266. >Moondancer is getting really worked up now
  1267. >"So you're just going to pretend you don't remember!"
  1268. >"Moondancer, Twilight, what's going on?"
  1269. >"Shut up, skank!"
  1270. "WOAH, don't talk to my friend like that!"
  1271. >You see Sunny bite down on her lip, fist clenched
  1272. >"Please, girls, settle down."
  1274. >Sunny looks at you and sort of nudges her head towards Moondancer
  1275. >Ha, like you're going to give in
  1276. >We don't negotiate with terrorists here
  1277. >Plus, you have no idea what she's talking about
  1278. >"T-Trixie would like you two to stop. We should be happy and pl—"
  1279. >"SHUT IT!"
  1280. >Moondancer literally growls
  1281. >"Twilight, I have awaited this day for YEARS! To show you that I've gotten stronger in your absence! To prove to you, that I don't NEED YOU!"
  1282. "What the fuck is happening here. I... We haven't seen each other in years. Years! What did I do that made you think your life was a fucking revenge anime?"
  1283. >Moondancer lowers her head into her hand, tearing up
  1284. >Real dramatic, dude
  1285. >"It was the first and only party I'd ever thrown—"
  1286. >Wow
  1287. >"—and you, Twilight... You were my best friend. My only friend. We did everything together."
  1288. >This isn't how you remembered it
  1289. >"You were the one who introduced me to my second greatest love. Tabletop gaming. I grew my storytelling abilities, my love of fiction, everything because of you. And I started to branch out. To get new friends! I could... I could finally talk to other people..."
  1290. >You force your eyes open, trying to stay awake
  1291. >Moondancer always had this effect on you
  1292. >Her voice is just so fucking boring
  1293. >Just try to listen to her sob story, Twilight
  1294. >"Hell, I even convinced my dad to buy this shop here so we could play whenever we wanted..."
  1295. >Wow, your dad can just buy places
  1296. >Your life sucked so hard Moondancer
  1297. >You look over to Sunny
  1298. >She's actually listening to this sperg
  1299. >How's she get her skin to look so nice?
  1300. >Do girls actually practice kissing with each other, or is that just an internet joke?
  1301. >Maybe you could ask her to help you practice your kissing...
  1302. >"...and even when I'd opened up, you were still my best friend. My closest friend. Towards the end there, I think we both know we'd become more than friends..."
  1303. >Your ears prick up
  1304. >You think you heard Moondancer say something weird
  1305. >Eh, whatever
  1306. >You continue to pretend to listen while staring at Sunny
  1307. >Why did she get amazing breasts and you got nothing
  1308. >You literally don't even know what boobs feel like
  1309. >Bags of sand?
  1310. >"...and then, finally, I worked up the courage to throw a party. I was confused about myself, about my place in the world... But at the very least, I was finally going to have friends, and you'd be there, by my side! BUT YOU NEVER CAME! You knew it meant the world to me, I told you time and again how much I needed you, and you left me to rot! That's when I realized the world was a sick place, the inhabitants sicker!"
  1311. >'...oh Twilight, I never realized how hot you were, take me...'
  1312. >He he he
  1314. "Sorry. I lost you at the part where your dad bought the store."
  1316. "You know, I'm sorry for whatever it was I did to you, didn't come to a party or something. I mean, it's a party. We were, like, thirteen."
  1317. >"Miss Sparkle," Trixie says sniffling, "Y-You should have listened to her."
  1318. >"Yeah Twilight, she poured her soul out to you."
  1319. >Sunny frowns at you
  1320. >You shrink back into your seat
  1321. "U-Uh, I-I'm sorry, okay. For whatever. Missed your party. Very sad. I'm sad. We're all sad. Very sad."
  1322. >"YOU... You're just making fun of me! Even after all this time, your only purpose is to torment me!"
  1323. "Please, get a hold of yourself. Not everything is about YOU, Moondancer."
  1324. >She huffs
  1325. >And she puffs
  1326. >Which are really weird to do
  1327. >"THAT'S IT!"
  1328. >Moondancer stands from her seat and points an accusatory finger at you
  1330. >Oohs exude from the crowd that had apparently formed around you
  1331. >A crowd of fat and/or ugly boys and girls
  1332. >You were, for once, the cool alpha bitch
  1333. >You lean back in your chair and crack your fingers
  1334. "Moondancer, do you really want to challenge the three time Regional Magic the Gathering Minor League Champion. I may have quit, but I'm still good enough to beat your ass"
  1335. >You smirk
  1336. >"Things have changed, Sparkle. You're looking at the champion of the last four years. Think you can handle me now? Think I'm such a joke?"
  1337. >Fuck
  1338. >"I'll make you WISH you'd never had, uh, not come to my birthday party!"
  1339. >Nevermind, she's still retarded
  1340. >Things will be fine
  1341. >Sunny leans over to you
  1342. >"What does 'winner take all' mean here?"
  1343. "I don't know. I think she thinks that life is an anime."
  1344. >"Like Gurren Lagann or something?"
  1345. >You nod and chuckle
  1346. >Oh Sunny
  1347. >You're pretty
  1348. >But you are still but a pleb
  1349. >Some fat autist brings out a card table
  1351. >The two of you take your seats opposite of each other
  1352. >Moondancer is still trying to glare holes through you
  1353. >Trixie and Sunny are sitting off to the side, looking nervous
  1354. >"Nervous, Sparkle?"
  1355. "Well, we're playing a children's card game, so no."
  1356. >"DON'T INSULT THE GAME. You know you used to be part of this world."
  1357. >Every time I get out
  1358. >They just keep pulling me back in
  1359. >The decks have been shuffled, and Moondancer and I get ready
  1360. >Moondancer, if you remember correctly, is more of a tempo player
  1361. >You'd never been one for set strategy
  1362. >You just, ugh
  1363. >It hurts to remember
  1364. >You liked to call yourself a "Magic Savant"
  1365. >You were so full of yourself
  1366. >You swear you said "heart of the cards" unironically once
  1367. >Not even the proper property
  1368. >You think about killing yourself briefly
  1369. >Anyways, you flew by the seat of your pants
  1370. >You didn't play your deck, you played the game
  1371. >Ugh
  1372. >Plus, you had a little something up your sleeve, anyways
  1373. >"Sparkle, before I destroy you, I just want you to know that I'm not going to enjoy this."
  1374. "Why would you play a game if you don't enjoy it?"
  1375. >"Sh-Shut up! I'm saying it will bring me no pleasure to crush your body and spirit."
  1376. "We're playing a card game."
  1377. >"SHUT UP! I'm the Champ! This is serious!"
  1378. "Whatever. I was the Champ before you were."
  1379. >"Okay guys, ready to go when you are. Keep it clean!"
  1380. >You draw your cards
  1381. >Oh Moondancer, you poor fool
  1382. >You don't know what coming for you
  1383. >You cackle silently to yourself and leer over at her
  1384. >She's sweating
  1385. >Wait, no fuck, don't get into this
  1386. >Be cool, Sunny is watching
  1387. >If you get too into this, people will think you're lame
  1388. >You hear some noise off to the side
  1389. >Some guys are setting up a table and...
  1390. >Are those microphones?
  1391. >"Hey guys, and welcome to Magic, On the Net, your favorite Magic The Gathering podcast! And today, we've got a serendipitous match between the former three time Regional Minor Champ and prodigy, Twilight Sparkle, and the current Regional Champ, and also a former Regional Minor Champ, Moondancer."
  1392. >What the fuck
  1393. >"Hey guys, it's Jugular Follicles, as always, and my friend—"
  1394. >"It's Cheeto Dust!"
  1395. >"—and we're here witnessing what will probably be, one of the, if not the, greatest matches to go down in the Canterlot County area."
  1396. >You start to sweat
  1397. >Why are people commentating this
  1398. >What have you gotten yourself into?
  1399. >No, be cool
  1400. >Be cool
  1401. >Yeah, be cool while playing Magic the Gathering
  1402. >Doable
  1403. >Fuck fuck fuck
  1404. >It's Moondancer's turn first
  1405. >Just hope she has nothing but shit
  1406. >"It looks like Moondancer is bringing out a Gladecover Scout. Now, that has hexproof, which means it can't be targeted by Twilight's spells or abilities."
  1407. >"That's ride Juggo. If by hexproof, though, you mean girlproof, and spells and abilities, you mean the touch of another human body and the love of another soul, then you've just described my life!"
  1408. >"Nice one, Dusty."
  1409. >Jesus Christ
  1410. >Whatever, just ignore them
  1411. >Typical opening
  1412. >Just cause she's, you know, the actual Regional Champion, for adults, you know, doesn't mean anything
  1413. >She's still going down
  1414. >But aloofly and all cool
  1415. >You take your turn
  1416. >God you're so out of practice
  1417. >Do you remember exactly every card in your deck?
  1418. >...
  1419. >Okay, okay, good, just be cool...
  1420. >"We've got safe starts on both sides right now, possibly setting up some big plays ahead!"
  1421. >Shut up! This isn't a sport!
  1422. >Moondancer snickers at you
  1423. >"Have you even kept your deck up-to-date, Sparkle?"
  1424. "U-Uh, duh. Even if I don't play anymore I still get the new cards and keep my deck as strong as possible."
  1425. >"You don't even play but you still deck build?"
  1426. "Yup."
  1427. >The wipe the sweat from your brow as the game continues
  1428. >Fuck, the commentators are making this a lot more nerve wracking than it should be
  1429. >Who the fuck commentates a card game for fuck's sake?
  1430. >Sure, you used to be big into the scene
  1431. >But you can tell it's dumb now
  1432. >You feel like you're drowning
  1433. >Moondancer's control of the field is fucking intense
  1434. >It's like being up to your neck in water right now
  1435. >When did this shit become popular?
  1436. >Aggro decks are so fucking annoying
  1437. >Fucking meta, you were sure you were on the up-n-up
  1438. >You guess you're more a white/blue control deck, but you've got some tricks
  1439. >Yes you do
  1440. >God you're fucking retarded
  1441. >"Former Regional Minor Champ, Twilight Sparkle, is starting to look nervous, isn't she?"
  1442. >"That's right. She's starting to look like me, if I were going to try and talk to her!"
  1443. >"Except not as fat."
  1444. >"H-Ha. Yeah. Yeah... Anyways, we've got an exciting match so far, with Moondancer seemingly dominating the game!"
  1445. >You continue to wipe sweat from your brow
  1446. >You want to look cool, but it's hard
  1447. >"Nervous now, Sparkle? You can quit if you can't handle it."
  1448. "Pff, I'm fine."
  1449. >You've been playing the cards you've been dealt perfectly
  1450. >But you're not exactly getting the luckiest draws here
  1451. >Even with the right plays, it's not enough...
  1452. >Moondancer laughs and bites her lip
  1453. >"I'm afraid we're coming along to the end of the road, Sparkle."
  1454. >Playing the villain in her own story
  1455. >What a fucking autist
  1456. >You look over to Sunny and...
  1457. >She doesn't seem to know what's going on at all
  1458. >Trixie is constantly at her ear
  1459. >Probably whispering the gist of what's going on
  1460. >You wonder if she's rooting for you...
  1461. >Moondancer looks at her hand, at you, at the cards in play, at her hand...
  1462. "Are you going to do something?"
  1463. >"I'm just savoring the moment is all."
  1464. >God
  1465. >"It looks like Twilight's in real trouble. You know, I'm not sure she can bring this one back."
  1466. >You look at your hand, think to your deck, and try to formulate a plan
  1467. >Despite your deck being chock-full of 'em, the first portion of play was rough with land cards
  1468. >Though, you've been getting more lands in play...
  1469. >What exactly can you do from here, though?
  1470. >Maybe... Sphinx's Revelation to stabilize you
  1471. >Supreme Verdict would even things out...
  1472. >You're sure your deck can beat Moondancer's
  1473. >The early game was hers, but you've survived this long
  1474. >She's becoming less effective as your hand grows
  1475. >Just gotta...
  1476. >Yes!
  1477. >"What an exciting match so far, Dusty. The Reigning Champ has been in the lead, but Twilight's still holding on!"
  1478. >"Yeah, you know, it's always fascinating to see pros at work. It's Twilight's turn now and... Oh, it looks like Twilight's played Supreme Verdict, wiping all creatures from the field!"
  1479. >Moondancer snarls, causing you to laugh
  1480. >"I'm still winning..."
  1481. "For now."
  1482. >You exhale slowly, your mouth slowly forming a small grin
  1483. >The student isn't going to become the master
  1484. >Not today, Moondancer
  1485. >Urgh
  1486. >Stop being autistic, it's just a card game
  1487. >You wipe your brow again and look to Sunny
  1488. >She's nodding as Trixie whispers in her ear
  1489. >You smile shakily at her
  1490. >She smiles back
  1492. >"You're going to pay for missing my party."
  1493. "Shut up about the party, sheesh."
  1495. >You try not to laugh
  1496. >Moondancer's face goes red
  1497. >You've taken a lot of damage, but you can win this!
  1498. >Judging by your cards, you think you can win in two turns
  1499. >Moondancer, prepare to taste defeat
  1500. >The ugly, raging autist begins her turn
  1501. >Your eyes widen as she puts cards down
  1502. >Why is this shit in an aggro deck?
  1503. >That shit's a little heavy for this, fuck
  1504. >"I'LL SHOW YOU."
  1505. >You look at your hand
  1506. >Fuck
  1507. >She keeps going
  1508. >You look over the field
  1509. >Does she have lethal?
  1510. >You think she has lethal
  1511. >Well, this is it...
  1512. >Moondancer crosses her arms as she ends her turn
  1513. >You hear the commentators behind you
  1514. >"Did... Did she not see that she had lethal?"
  1515. >"I think she's become blinded with rage, Juggo."
  1516. >Moondancer looks confused
  1517. >She looks at the cards in play
  1518. >"Oh my God."
  1519. >The fucker even begins shaking
  1520. >"Oh my GOD. I-I-I can still win next turn!"
  1521. >You draw a card and...
  1522. >Begin to laugh
  1523. >Holy fuck
  1524. "Holy fuck."
  1525. >A shit-eating grin forms on your face
  1526. >Moondancer, for the first time, looks fearful
  1527. >"N-No."
  1528. "Just let it happen, baby."
  1529. >You begin the play that ends the world
  1531. >You watch as the life drains from Moondancer's eyes, and her life total
  1532. >"No, no, no, no... Not like this!"
  1533. "YES LIKE THIS."
  1534. >You tap your cards like it's a fucking Shonen anime
  1535. >You slam cards into the table
  1536. >You're on your feet now
  1539. >"NO."
  1540. >You're almost hyper-ventilating
  1541. >It's almost like your heart's gonna beat out of your chest
  1542. >You let out a laugh, jump, and fist pump in the air
  1544. >You begin pelvic thrusting at Moondancer
  1545. >Cheering is heard all around you
  1546. >People are going out of their minds
  1547. >Moondancer has her head down against the table
  1548. >She turns to you, sobbing
  1549. >Ha ha, fucker, cry motherfucker
  1551. >You spot Sunny out of the corner of your eye
  1552. >She's frowning and looking away
  1553. >Ugh
  1554. >"Twilight, why? Why do you hate me so much?"
  1555. >Wow you assumptuous little fag
  1556. >"Why wouldn't you just come to my party..."
  1557. "Y-You're being a real bummer, here. Just... Just let me have this."
  1558. >She turns away from you, sobbing into the tablecloth
  1559. >You turn to Sunny and see that she's getting up to leave
  1560. >But you won!
  1561. >Why would she...
  1562. >You know why, but still
  1563. >You look down at Moondancer and frown
  1564. "Look, I'm sorry, okay?"
  1565. >Moondancer shakes her head
  1566. >"No you're not. You never cared about me"
  1567. "Like you wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if you won! Like you wouldn't rub it in my face!"
  1568. >She sniffs
  1569. >Fag
  1570. >"I thought that, maybe if I b-beat you, you'd feel how I felt..."
  1571. "Why... Why would my 'life get ruined' over a card game?"
  1572. >"B-Because it was all you cared about! It was your life! I spent the last five years of my life becoming the best, to beat you!"
  1573. >Geez
  1574. >What kind of autist logic is that?
  1575. >'Oh I beat you at a game, now I have my vengeance!'
  1576. >Absolutely retarded
  1577. >You spot Sunny standing, looking at you
  1578. >Trixie is holding onto her, trying to stop her from leaving
  1579. >Probably because Trixie thinks we're gonna play some fucking games after this
  1580. >Surrounded by fucking autists...
  1581. "Is this really about a fucking party?"
  1582. >Moondancer stands up, poling her finger into your chest
  1583. >"Maybe you don't know what it's like, having no friends, having people mock you. You were always the smartest one. The one everybody liked!"
  1584. >Revisionist history if you ever heard it
  1585. >"I wanted to be like you! I... And you just threw it all in my face. Don't you know what it feels like to be thrown away? It sucks..."
  1586. "W-What about Trixie?"
  1588. >Moondancer begins crying
  1589. >Again...
  1590. >You look around
  1591. >Even the awkward inhabitants of the shop are being weirded out
  1592. "Shouldn't have started a fight you couldn't finish. I don't need to apologize to you. You lost the apology when you lost the game."
  1593. >You hear Sunny scoff and begin walking out of the shop
  1594. >Fuck
  1595. >"I get it. I'm pathetic. I'll never be YOU. Go on and live your fucking perfect life!"
  1596. >It's really quiet now
  1597. "Come on, you guys were with me before, right? Suck it!... Nothing?"
  1598. >People shake their heads at you
  1599. >"Have a little grace, man."
  1600. "O-Oh shut up, you fucking dork. Go back to making out with your fat friend over there."
  1601. >Moondancer looks... absolutely pathetic
  1602. >This isn't your fault
  1603. >She might think it is, but it's HER fault for focusing on YOU
  1604. >Who holds a grudge for this long over nonsense?
  1605. >"Please just leave me alone."
  1606. >You shrug
  1607. "Look, I don't know. Want to play again? I'll apologize if you win?"
  1608. >Seems fair
  1609. >Instead, Moondancer throws her cards to the ground
  1610. >They scatter along the floor of the shop
  1611. >"NO, I'M QUITTING!"
  1612. >"But you're the Regional Champ, you can't quit!"
  1613. >Moondancer rubs at her eyes and runs off
  1614. >People just stare at you silently
  1615. >Judging you
  1616. "Oh come on! You know, this... This is just what I get for being associated with this fucking game."
  1617. >First Trixie
  1618. >Now this
  1619. >Magic the Gathering is ruining your life
  1620. >THIS is exactly why you swore it off
  1621. >THIS kind of situation just fucking crops up
  1622. >You never should've started playing this fucking game
  1623. >At the very least, you know one thing
  1625. >Rusty as fuck and you can beat a Regional Champ
  1626. >If Moondancer is the kind of garbage that can win tournies now, it's good you got out when you did
  1627. >You decide to leave, the crowd jeering
  1628. >As you approach the exit, you can hear Moondancer sobbing, running out the door
  1629. >"What's wrong? What happened? Twilight?"
  1630. "She lost a card game."
  1631. >"Oh that girl, every time..."
  1632. >You quickly power walk out the door
  1633. >Fresh air, thank fuck
  1634. >You spot Trixie and Sunny on the sidewalk, walking home presumably
  1635. >You chase after them
  1636. "Guys!"
  1637. >They probably can't hear you
  1638. "Guys!"
  1639. >Man, running sucks
  1640. >You're out of breath, but you finally catch up to them
  1641. "What the... heck... guys... I was calling out for you!"
  1642. >Sunny turns to you and—
  1643. >"You know Twilight, I got suspended for you. I'm lucky I wasn't EXPELLED! Do you know what my school record looks like? Do you know how hard I've been trying to keep my record clean?"
  1644. "Hey, S-Sunny, c'mon..."
  1645. >"Don't Sunny me! Do you know what Anon said about you when you left? I... I'm not going to repeat it here, you know, I don't like that kind of language. But assholes get what's coming to them."
  1646. "Look, I'm really glad you did what you did, but I didn't force you to—"
  1647. >Sunny stomps her foot on the ground
  1648. >"Of course you didn't force me to! I did it because I wanted to! Because you were my FRIEND. Because I don't believe people should f... should bully people! Because I thought you were different!"
  1649. >Sunset walks towards you, and you take steps back
  1650. >Your legs begin to feel wobbly
  1651. >"And you know, I gave you the benefit of the doubt when I heard what you did to Trixie. Ever since I've hung out with her, she's only had good things to say about you! You know why? Because she considers you a FRIEND!"
  1652. "Y-You don't have to yell... W-What d-did I do?"
  1653. >"What did you—"
  1654. >Sunset pulls at her hair
  1655. >"Do you seriously think what you did in there was okay?"
  1656. "Okay, geez... Maybe I got a little overzealous with the victory celebrations. But it's not my fault Moondancer is a fucking crybaby."
  1657. >You flinch as Sunny raises a fist
  1658. >"Calm down... Calm down..."
  1659. >You can barely move
  1660. >You'd never really considered her intimidating
  1661. >But she is
  1662. >Sunny takes a deep breath and then smiles at you
  1663. >It feels... Eerie
  1664. >"Twilight, I care about you. But I don't think you care about anyone but yourself. Of all people, I'd have thought you would understand what Moondancer was going through."
  1665. "I-I do care about other people..."
  1666. >"The Twilight that I saw back there? She doesn't care about other people. She's the Twilight who talks behind people's backs, who ruins their mementos, who laughs in their faces, but can't handle it coming the other way."
  1667. >You gulp
  1668. "S-Sunny, I-I'm not really like that. I-I'm a good person. A-After you left, I-I apologized."
  1669. >She snarls
  1670. >"You did?"
  1671. >She leans in, her face inches from yours, staring you in the eyes
  1672. >You both incredibly scared and also turned on
  1673. "O-Okay, n-no..."
  1674. >"Wow. Well, now I can put liar on the list of things that you are, but I didn't think you were. What is it that you actually think of me, Twilight? Do you hate me too?"
  1675. "N-No!"
  1676. >"How can I possibly believe th—"
  1677. >You lean in for the kiss
  1678. >You see Sunset's eyes flare up
  1679. >Your faces are touching
  1680. >You've never felt anything like this before
  1681. >Her hot breath on your face
  1682. >Her soft, supple lips on yours
  1683. >The death stare doesn't bode well, though
  1684. >You pull away
  1685. >Sunset's face is still frozen in some weird mix of anger and confusion
  1686. >You sort of stand around and kick at the ground
  1687. >"What exactly..."
  1688. >This was the most amazing you've ever felt in your life
  1689. >And judging by Sunny's face
  1690. >It's also the last thing you'll have ever done
  1691. >"What exactly do you think you're doing... What the fuck was that?"
  1692. >Sunset seems completely frozen
  1693. "I-I don't know... But, I don't hate you."
  1694. >"God Twilight... God... I don't... You don't just..."
  1695. >It's like she's a machine confronting a paradox or some shit
  1696. "Also, Moondancer's dad said she cries whenever she loses, so—"
  1697. >"TWILIGHT, SHUT UP."
  1698. >You cower before Sunset
  1699. >You don't know why, but you're tearing up
  1700. >Fuck, this isn't how you thought this was going to go
  1701. >You won the game
  1702. >You get the girl, or whatever
  1703. >That's how that's supposed to go...
  1704. >Sunset grits her teeth
  1705. >"If I were you, this would be the part where I rub shit in your face, wouldn't it? But I'm not going to do that."
  1706. >You nod
  1707. >"And stop crying."
  1708. >She mutters to herself and starts to calm down
  1709. >"I think you should go on ahead, because I'm not sure how calm I can be while you're still here."
  1710. "O-Okay..."
  1711. >"And if you want to even dream about being friends again... You're going to have to apologize to Moondancer."
  1712. "O-Okay."
  1713. >"And we're never going to talk about this again, okay?"
  1714. "O-Okay. D-Does that mean you didn't li—"
  1715. >"TWILIGHT!"
  1716. >She clenches her fist
  1717. >You run away from Sunset in the direction of the game shop
  1718. >And away from your house
  1719. >You'll just... have to take the long way around
  1720. >Your list of friends is now zero
  1721. >And Sunset was going to punch you...
  1722. >All because of that fucking Moondancer
  1723. >Autists ruin everything...
  1724. >It's night by the time you return home
  1725. >You stopped crying a long time ago
  1726. >Though, your eyes still burn
  1727. >You burst through the door and drop your things to the ground
  1728. >"Twilight? Where in the world were you?! I—"
  1729. >Dad shrugs as you run past him
  1730. >Dashing into your room, you lock the door behind you and collapse on your bed
  1731. >Fuck everything
  1732. >Fuck Moondancer
  1733. >Fuck Trixie
  1734. >Fuck Sunset...
  1735. >No, fuck yourself
  1736. >God you're retarded
  1737. >You're the cringiest motherfucker ever born
  1738. >Why the FUCK did you kiss her
  1739. >It was awesome, to, you know, not be a kissless virgin
  1740. >But still
  1741. >Fuck, does this mean you can't be a wizard?
  1742. >FUCK, does that even matter, get a hold of yourself
  1743. >Couldn't you just humor Moondancer?
  1744. >Her fucking shit life wasn't your fault
  1745. >She shouldn't have gotten so attached to someone...
  1746. >You bury your face in your pillow
  1747. >Maybe you ARE an asshole...
  1748. "Spike?"
  1749. >God your lungs hurt from crying
  1750. "S-Spike?"
  1751. >You roll over to the edge of your bed and spot Spike on the floor below you
  1752. "C'mon Spike, I need you buddy..."
  1753. >You prod him in the sides
  1754. >He shakes himself, yipping in confusion
  1755. >Spike turns to look at you
  1756. "C'mon boy."
  1757. >You pick him up and set him down in the bed next to you
  1758. "I'm the worst, aren't I, Spike?"
  1759. >Spike licks at your face
  1760. >You're not sure if that's a yes or no
  1761. >Moondancer... You have to apologize to her before Sunny's suspension is up
  1762. >Ugh
  1763. >You decide that you'll accompany Trixie back to the game shop at some point
  1764. >Hopefully you can stomach the pain of saying sorry to that sore loser
  1765. >Sure, you did a sort-of-shitty thing to her, but...
  1766. >It's not like her situation is your fault, though
  1767. >Maybe... Maybe you can try hanging out with the girls in the mean time
  1768. >Maybe Sunny will like you if you learn ho to talk to people
  1769. >You set your sights lower than usual
  1770. >'Oh Twilight, we enjoy talking to you and don't think you're stupid and ugly!'
  1771. >You pull Spike closer to your body
  1772. >'We're sorry for making fun of you all the time!'
  1773. >Tomorrow...
  1774. >You don't dream that night
  1775. "Ugh..."
  1776. >Time for another great day, huh?
  1777. >Today, you will be normal
  1778. >Normal-er
  1779. >But not a fucking normie
  1780. >You won't sink that low
  1781. >You look through your wardrobe
  1782. >Maybe if you didn't dress like a professor you'd fit in with people
  1783. >Not a lot to work with...
  1784. >For once you wish you had Rarity with you
  1785. >'You need a Winter look, darling. Something that says "I am above you, yet no better than you"'
  1786. >Or whatever fashion garbage she spouts
  1787. >Dedicating your life to clothes...
  1788. >Is that worse than being Trixie?
  1789. >Eh, no, just get dressed, Twilight
  1790. >You pick out something that you think looks cool
  1791. >Graphic T, your sole pair of skinny jeans (a gift from Rarity that you've never worn), open hoodie on top...
  1792. >It's hot outside, but fuck, you'll look cool, right?
  1793. >Your subdued shoe-style actually seems to look good with this
  1794. >You think
  1795. >And your hair...
  1796. >Fuck, just do something crazy
  1797. >That's cool, right?
  1798. >After you're done, you look in the mirror
  1799. >Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
  1800. >This is going to be terrible, isn't it?
  1801. >You'll be a fucking laughing stock
  1802. >You look at the time
  1803. >Fuck fuck fuck
  1804. >You hurriedly throw your clothes off and put on your typical shit
  1805. >Close call, Twilight
  1806. >You run down the stairs, grab a pop-tart, toss it in your mouth and run
  1807. >You feel a bit like a sailor scout!
  1808. >Urk... Don't think things like that
  1809. >You get to school and calm yourself the fuck down
  1810. >Throughout the first few periods, people keep giving you weird looks
  1811. >Eventually, lunch time
  1812. >Do or Die Time
  1813. >"Woah. Nice hair, Egghead" Rainbow Dash says as you sit down
  1814. "What?"
  1815. >She points at your head
  1816. >Wait
  1817. >Your hair isn't in a bun, is it?
  1818. "Fuck... I-I didn't mean to—"
  1819. >"Nah man, it looks cool. Just, a little weird with the whole 'homely secretary' thing you've got goin' on. I like it."
  1820. >Anon scratches his chin
  1821. >"Looks a bit dyke-ish"
  1822. >Rainbow elbows him
  1823. >"Hey, I'm just kiddin'."
  1824. >The girls at the table chuckle
  1825. >You laugh too
  1827. >NO
  1829. >WHY IS SHE SO LOUD?!
  1830. >DO YOU KILL HER?
  1832. >WHAT DO YOU DO?
  1833. >KEEP COOL
  1834. >Keep...
  1835. >Cool...
  1836. >You put your hand on Trixie's shoulder and laugh uneasily
  1837. "H-Ha ha, n-nice..."
  1838. >Just... Just laugh it off
  1839. >It's a joke!
  1840. >Anon leans in a bit and cracks a smile
  1841. >"Beggars can't be choosers, amiright? OW! Babe, you know I'm still bruised there..."
  1842. >Trixie opens her mouth
  1843. >You use your free hand to cover it
  1844. "Ha ha, o-o-okay, that's enough of that..."
  1845. >The girls look at you with slowly widening eyes
  1846. >Fuck
  1847. >Trixie turns to you with her usual confused smile
  1848. >"Egghead, if you're—"
  1849. "I'M NOT."
  1850. >Fuck
  1851. >Your life is ruined
  1852. >SPERGS!
  1853. >You hide your face in your hands
  1854. >"Miss Sparkle kissed—"
  1855. >TRIXIE
  1856. "STOP."
  1857. >Trixie turns to you once more
  1858. >You shake your head, pleading with her
  1859. >Please realize shaking head and scared face means NO
  1860. >"Trixie is sorry... Trixie just didn't like people laughing at you..."
  1861. >Ugh
  1862. >The table is super awkward
  1863. >Anon's eyes dart to his sides, and he leans into the table
  1864. >"Well, hey, you kissed someone. I didn't think you had it in you!—FUCK. Dash, that's really startin' to—"
  1865. >"Then shut up?"
  1866. >You push your tray out from in front you and let your head rest on the table
  1867. >You wish you could wake up
  1868. >"Twilight, darling, it's okay. What happens at the table, stays at the table, right girls? Gossip is unbecoming of any proper lady."
  1869. >You lift your head up slightly and frown
  1870. "R-Really?"
  1871. >"Of course, Egghead. We're friends!"
  1872. "B-But I thought you g-guys... I thought you hated me?"
  1873. >"To be honest, Sugarcube, I don't like you. Ain't gon gossip 'bout you, though. Too busy on the farm."
  1874. >Rainbow glares at AJ
  1875. >"Look, Egghead, if we hated you, why would you be here?"
  1876. >Fluttershy looks at you, smiles, then looks back at her lap
  1877. >Pinkie doesn't seem to be paying attention to what's going
  1878. >"Oh, I totally won't tell anyone about this," Anon says with a smile
  1879. >Huh...
  1880. >The rest of lunch goes on much as usual
  1881. >Normie talk
  1882. >You really don't get it
  1883. >Why do people like to just... talk about their lives?
  1884. >Who they're hanging out with?
  1885. >The most basic of shit
  1886. >You don't really find a time to chime in
  1887. >You've settled down, though
  1888. >Things went a lot better than you thought
  1889. >Still want to kill Trixie, but whatever
  1890. >She apparently gets a free pass for fucking everything
  1891. >You think back to your plans for the week
  1892. >Become friends with your "friends"
  1893. >Moondancer...
  1894. >Maybe the first item is possible
  1895. >Sunny has "friendship reports" apparently
  1896. >Probably to do with her anger issues or whatever
  1897. >Maybe you can do something like that
  1898. >Just, try to make friends...
  1899. >It sounds really stupid now that you think about it
  1900. >If you were the type to really have real friends
  1901. >You'd have 'em
  1902. >But, maybe the normies consider you a friend
  1903. >They see you and talk to you sometimes, which makes you "friends" in the eyes of a normie
  1904. >Does this mean you already have, like, seven friends?
  1905. >You steel yourself for conversation...
  1906. >The bell rings
  1907. >Sick
  1908. >You stand up to leave and feel a tapping on your shoulder
  1909. "F-Fluttershy?"
  1910. >"H-Hey T-Twilight..."
  1911. >What's this pretend-NotNormie doing?
  1912. >"S-So, um, you're into the whole free love thing?"
  1913. "Uh... Sure?"
  1914. >"Because, I, uh, h-have a friend who s-says I can bring friends with m-me if they're cool. You're cool, right?"
  1915. >What?
  1916. "O-Of course."
  1917. >"O-Okay. I-I'm sorry if this is, uh, random... I just got in trouble last time I brought someone, a-and I just want someone c-cool this time... Meet after school?"
  1918. "S-Sure, F-Fluttershy..."
  1919. >"Okay..."
  1920. "Okay..."
  1921. >Fluttershy waves goodbye and walks off to class
  1922. >SUCCESS
  1923. >Sort of
  1924. >As much as hanging out with Fluttershy and her stuttering normie friends is success
  1925. >Just gotta be 'cool'
  1926. >Easy to be cool around Fluttershy
  1927. >Whatever that means
  1928. >If Fluttershy thinks you're cool, who're you to stop her from being retarded?
  1929. >Fuck, she's cooler than you...
  1930. >Now you can rise up the ladder!
  1931. >You let the rest of the school day pass by you quickly
  1932. >People give you weird looks
  1933. >Probably the hair
  1934. >But whatever!
  1935. >Unlike all the other days, today REALLY IS the day!
  1936. >You'll become cool!
  1937. >'Oh Twilight, you're so cool! It makes us want to kill ourselves because we're not you!'
  1938. >'You have my permission to die, ants. Begin the mass sui—'
  1939. >The final bell rings
  1940. >"Twilight Sparkle? Can you come over here?"
  1941. >Fuck, what does the teacher want with you?
  1942. "U-Uh, w-what?"
  1943. >"You told me you'd have your essay in today. Well?"
  1944. "O-Oh, s-s-sorry... I f-forgot."
  1945. >He shrugs
  1946. >"Twilight, I can't keep giving you extensions. What you turn in is quality, but you never turn anything in!"
  1947. "S-Sorry..."
  1948. >"Look, I don't want to fail you again. You're the only kid I know who's been held back as many grades as they skipped. You have a lot of potential, Twilight! You just have to do the work."
  1949. "O-Okay..."
  1950. >You bow your head
  1951. >"I want that paper turned in online by class tomorrow, okay?"
  1952. >You nod
  1953. >Well, fuck
  1954. >That ruined your mood
  1955. >You don't want to think about school
  1956. >Dad and Shining are always on your case about your future
  1957. >Whatever
  1958. >Shitposting is your future
  1959. >You don't really like doing anything else...
  1960. >Can't imagine yourself with a job
  1961. >'Hey, do this for forty to fifty years, then retire and die'
  1962. >Ugh
  1963. >You head over to Fluttershy's locker
  1964. "Hey Fluttershy..."
  1965. >"Oh dear, you don't look good."
  1966. "Eh, it's okay."
  1967. >"Don't worry, my friend has stuff that'll make you feel better! Please be cool."
  1968. >You nod
  1969. >Of course you'll be cool
  1970. >And this stuff better not be 'cat hugs' or some gay ass shit
  1971. >You follow Fluttershy, walking to what seems to be the shitty part of town...
  1972. "W-Why are we coming here?"
  1973. >"Don't worry Twilight. You said you were going to be cool, right?"
  1974. "Yeah... So, who's your friend."
  1975. >"Her name is Treehugger. She's in college!"
  1976. "Woah."
  1977. >That is cool
  1978. >Okay, you better not fuck this up, Twilight
  1979. >Eventually, the two of you approach a shitty apartment
  1980. >You make your way up a dank staircase
  1981. >Fluttershy knocks on one of the doors in the hall
  1982. >This place creeps you out
  1983. >You've never really been out of your small part of the suburbs
  1984. >The door eventually opens up
  1985. >Dreadlocks, bandanna, tattoos...
  1986. >And she's friends with Fluttershy?
  1987. >Weird
  1988. >She smells weird, too
  1989. >"Ah, Fluttershy! Your aura is looking righteous today. Oh, and who's your friend? This isn't like that last guy, is it?"
  1990. >"That's Twilight Sparkle. She's cool."
  1991. "H-Hi..."
  1992. >"Namaste, my little spark bug. Nice hair."
  1993. "Th-Thanks. Y-You too..."
  1994. >"Come in, come in. Me casa, es su casa, man."
  1995. >Fluttershy walks in, and you follow behind her
  1996. >Treehugger's apartment is pretty cramped
  1997. >Messy and disorganized, too
  1998. >Lots of stuff all over the place
  1999. >Treehugger and Fluttershy sit down on a couch next to each other
  2000. >You take a seat on a chair near them
  2001. >There's a table in front of you
  2002. >There's rubber tubing for some reason
  2003. >And... cupcakes
  2004. >"So, I baked you guys up some snacks, want some?"
  2005. >Fluttershy nods
  2006. >You nod too
  2007. >"Treehugger's special recipe."
  2008. >She hands you one
  2009. >You sort of watch as Fluttershy and Treehugger eat theirs
  2010. >Fluttershy gives you a glare
  2011. >"Be cool, man."
  2012. >What's so fucking cool about eating pastries or whatever?
  2013. >You take a bite
  2014. >Hm, tastes weird
  2015. >"So, spark bug, how do you know this little thing?"
  2016. >She puts her arm around Fluttershy and kind of shakes her
  2017. "Uh, w-we're friends... At school..."
  2018. >"Don't worry, she told me she's cool."
  2019. >"Hey Flutters, cool ain't everythin'. Spark bug will be, who she is. You know?"
  2020. >You take another cupcake
  2021. "These things are pretty good."
  2022. >"Be careful. They're pretty strong, spark bug. Or eat as many as you like. You make your own destiny, man."
  2023. >Strong cupcakes?
  2024. >Whatever
  2025. >Eventually, you eat like half of what she'd baked
  2026. >Treehugger grins at you
  2027. >"Damn. You're adventurous, aren't you? I mean, I put a lot in there."
  2028. "A lot of what?"
  2029. >"Weed, man."
  2030. "What?"
  2031. >"Weed!"
  2032. >Your eyes widen and your heart starts to race
  2033. "A-Am I high right now?!"
  2034. >You don't feel different
  2035. >"You've got, like, twenty minutes to go. You're fine, spark bug. It's just pot cupcakes, you know? Just don't fight it."
  2036. >FUCK
  2037. >You look over to Fluttershy, snuggling against Treehugger
  2038. >Treehugger's hand is on her thigh
  2041. >"Twilight, please!"
  2042. >You're freaking the fuck out, man!
  2043. >Game over, man!
  2044. >Treehugger sits down next to you and puts her arm around you
  2045. >"If you're a little green, that's fine. Just don't be so nervous."
  2046. >You're not sure you're okay with the way she's rubbing your shoulder
  2047. "D-Do you have something to drink?"
  2048. >"Got some punch in the kitchen, but—"
  2049. >You quickly get up and bolt for the kitchen
  2050. >Need to wash this down
  2051. >Fuck, what is this going to be like?
  2052. >Fuck, you're so fucked
  2053. >What the fuck
  2054. >Fluttershy
  2055. >Of all the ones who'd be doing drugs...
  2056. >Okay, well, she makes sense, but still!
  2057. >You thought you were going to be going to a petting zoo or something
  2058. >Not a heavy petting zoo! (heyo)
  2059. >You spot the punch in a pitcher
  2060. >There are plastic cups, so you poor some in and glug that shit down
  2061. >Tastes pretty good
  2062. >"H-Hey, Twiight! Can you get me some too?"
  2063. "Okay."
  2064. >You pour yourself another cup, and one for Fluttershy
  2065. "Here."
  2066. >Just calm the fuck down
  2067. >"Hey, spark bug, sit down with us. Don't be such a stranger, man."
  2068. >You freeze
  2069. "U-Uh..."
  2070. >Treehugger pulls on your arm and brings you down onto the couch, her arms around you and Fluttershy
  2071. >You awkwardly sip from your cup
  2072. >"Can I have some?"
  2073. >You decide to let her drink
  2074. >"Mm. Can't wait till this stuff hits in."
  2075. "W-What?"
  2076. >She doesn't say anything
  2077. >Fluttershy and Treehugger just giggle
  2078. >Don't freak out
  2079. >Maybe...
  2080. >Maybe it's just more weed or something
  2081. >Like that's so great
  2082. >Oh god, oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck
  2083. >You're shaking
  2084. >You're fucking shaking
  2085. >You're going to die
  2086. >Oh fuck
  2087. >"Spark bug, settle down man. You're gonna fuck with your high. Cleanse your aura, man."
  2088. >You place your cup on the table
  2089. "W-What's in the punch."
  2090. >"Punch, man."
  2091. "Just punch?"
  2092. >"And some E. OH, and put some of that left over stuff from your friend in it too, Fluttershy."
  2093. >Fluttershy laughs
  2094. >E?
  2095. "W-What's gonna happen?"
  2096. >Treehugger laughs and rubs your back
  2097. >"We're gonna get so totally fucked, man."
  2098. >You gulp
  2099. >Treehugger starts rubbing your back
  2100. >She pulls you close against her, and you feel your chest flutter
  2101. >Throat's dry as fuck despite all the punch...
  2102. >You feel your heart racing in your chest
  2103. >Oh no
  2105. >You're going to die
  2107. >You KNOW you're going to die
  2108. >You start making a low whine
  2109. >Fluttershy leans over
  2111. >"Twilight, please."
  2112. >"The high's taken her, little one. Spark bug is on her own, now."
  2114. >You stand up from the couch and begin pacing
  2115. >You can feel your heart beating in your skull
  2116. >And you itch
  2117. >You rub at your face, wiping away tears
  2118. >You're crying?
  2119. "I... I have to get out of here!"
  2120. >Treehugger tries to stop you
  2121. >You feel her grab onto your arm
  2122. >"Spark bug! You're way too fucked up to leave!"
  2124. >You know that if you don't get out of here you WILL die
  2125. >"Twilight! Treehugger, I'm so sorry, I thought she was cool! I'M SORRY DON'T HATE ME!"
  2126. >"Guys, settle down!"
  2127. >You start biting at your arm
  2128. >Need to get out
  2129. >"Spark bug, stop flailing! Just let it happen, man!"
  2131. >You turn back to face Treehugger and—
  2133. >You touch her face with your hands all over
  2134. >Why is she a horse
  2135. >Are you a horse?
  2136. >You look at your hands
  2137. >They are hands
  2138. >You're on the floor now
  2139. >Don't move
  2140. >The horses circle you in the sky
  2141. >Don't move and they can't see you
  2142. >Can't move if you don't move so you're safe
  2143. "I'm a pretty princess~"
  2144. >"I think spark bug's calmed down... Phew."
  2145. >You roll around
  2146. >You're so turned on right now
  2147. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_OC-PGdpUk
  2148. >You roll over forever
  2149. >There's a yellow horse
  2150. >It's like looking at the sun
  2151. >It giggles and you watch the giggle come out of its mouth
  2152. >You spread your wings and move to pet the horse
  2153. >The world seems to move around you
  2154. >You didn't know it before, but you've always known you'd needed to make out with a horse
  2155. >Somehow, you find yourself on top of the yellow thing
  2156. >You close your eyes
  2157. >Shit's too bright for you
  2158. >And it was trying to crawl in your pupils
  2159. >Your whole body tingles
  2160. >Feeling your skin against more skin is, like, crazy
  2161. >Wait...
  2162. >Skin?
  2163. >You dare to open your eyes
  2165. >You and Fluttershy are on the floor which smells of chocolate
  2166. >Turning your head, you see Treehugger drinking more punch
  2167. >You stare really hard at the punch, trying to get it to you
  2168. >"Want more, spark bug?"
  2169. "My magic isn't working."
  2170. >Her laughter rings in your ears
  2171. >You cover your ears but you still hear it
  2172. >You turn back to Fluttershy
  2173. >She's a horse now
  2174. >Good
  2175. >You also spot your clothes off to the side
  2176. >Okay
  2177. "Hold me."
  2178. >Another body presses itself against the two of you
  2179. >It feels like you're floating in space
  2180. "This is amazing..."
  2181. >"—Spark bug—"
  2182. >You take a deep breath
  2183. >You can breath in space
  2184. >That's amazing
  2185. >You hear a lot of moaning
  2186. >Oh fuck it's your own voice
  2187. >Holy shit where are you
  2188. >You can't move, but you see yourself moving
  2189. >It feels like you should be melting right now
  2190. >Like an extreme case of spaghetti legs
  2191. >But all of you
  2192. >Treehugger still smells weird
  2193. >Her mouth tastes weird
  2194. "Mfmphfm whehweow."
  2195. >Forever passes by really, really fast
  2196. >You eventually come to on the floor
  2197. >Your head hurts and you feel jittery
  2198. >Treehugger and Fluttershy are naked
  2199. >Gross
  2200. >You're naked
  2201. "Oh my God."
  2202. >Treehugger puts her arm around you and pecks you on the lips
  2203. >"Have a good trip, spark bug?"
  2204. "I-I didn't go anywhere..."
  2205. >She laughs and you blush
  2206. >You jaw is quivering and there's a weird taste on your tongue that isn't punch
  2207. >You look at Fluttershy and back to Treehugger
  2208. >It makes you feel self-conscious
  2209. "A-Am I still a virgin?"
  2210. >"You were a virgin?"
  2211. >You stare at the ceiling
  2212. >What the fuck
  2213. >Well, this was the scariest day of your life
  2214. >And it was also pretty awesome
  2215. >You liked the horse
  2216. >Does this mean you're a normie now?
  2217. >"You know spark bug, you gotta let you be you. You gotta a lotta love in your heart."
  2218. >She pokes your chest
  2219. "Th-The heart is actually a little closer to the center of the chest, near the st-sternum—"
  2220. >"Don't harsh the aura, spark bug."
  2221. >Well, now what?
  2222. >Do you just...
  2223. >Leave?
  2224. >You can barely move
  2225. >How can you be so exhausted?
  2226. >You just had sex with people you hardly know at all
  2227. >Not a virgin anymore?
  2228. >Maybe you can be cool, now
  2229. >But you're still you, virgin or not
  2230. >So, even if you're not a handholdless, kissless virgin anymore
  2231. >It doesn't feel like this will solve all your problems
  2232. >Man, it doesn't even feel like what happened, happened
  2233. >You were expecting, like, a walk in the park
  2234. >Dogs and shit
  2235. >Treehugger stands up and stretches
  2236. >She walks out of sight, into the kitchen, you assume
  2237. >Fluttershy twirls her finger in your hair
  2238. >"So what happened on your trip?"
  2239. "Well, you were a horse... and I felt like I was floating around the whole time..."
  2240. >You recount what you remember, which is more than you thought you would
  2241. >Just had to think about it a little harder
  2242. >"Flutters, spark bug, thinkin' of hangin' again next week?"
  2243. "I-I don't know..."
  2244. >You're not sure you want this to be a regular thing
  2245. >Treehugger walks back into view, naked as the day she was born
  2246. >"Want to bring something for the road?"
  2247. >You pick yourself up off the floor and begin getting dressed
  2248. "N-No... It's okay..."
  2249. >"Whatever floats your boat. I'm proud of you for conquering that high, spark bug. Really righteous stuff. I was almost afraid you were gonna overdose on the juice, y'know?"
  2250. "W-What?"
  2251. >You start freaking out again
  2252. >Fluttershy stands and gets dressed next to you
  2253. >"Be careful on the way home, little ones. Namaste."
  2254. >"Bye, Treehugger."
  2255. "B-Bye..."
  2256. >"Keep that aura clean, spark bug."
  2257. >Still feel jittery as fuck
  2258. >You follow Fluttershy, the two of you leaving the building
  2259. >It's pretty late
  2260. >Moon looks nice
  2261. >God, you're so lost in this place
  2262. >You wish the walk wasn't so long
  2263. >"Hey, uh, Twilight. I'm gonna go hang out with, uh, another friend of mine... Do you think you could make it home by yourself?"
  2264. "U-Uh, I-I don't know..."
  2265. >"You have a smart phone, don't you?"
  2266. >You nod
  2267. >"So you'll be okay, right?"
  2268. "I-I guess..."
  2269. >"Oh, thank you so much Twilight. This is really important to me."
  2270. >She hugs you and kisses you on the lips
  2271. >"Thanks for being cool."
  2272. "U-Uh, o-okay..."
  2273. >You watch as she leaves
  2274. >If you have sex with a Stacy, are you a Stacy?
  2275. >Are you dating?
  2276. >Or do weirdo hippies just do it with whoever?
  2277. >Fuck, don't think too hard about it, Twilight
  2278. >You'll just bum yourself out
  2279. >You pull your phone out of your pocket
  2280. >Dead
  2282. >Fuck, where did she go
  2283. >Fuck fuck fuck
  2284. >Now you're actually going to die
  2285. >You're going to die
  2287. >You're going to be homeless now, fuck
  2288. >D-Do you try to find Fluttershy?
  2289. >Or try to find your way home?
  2290. >Maybe you can remember where Treehugger lives
  2291. >Fuck
  2292. >Why did you have to be so bad at directions!
  2293. >Your dad could be here, not know where he is, and still be all 'well these roads go north and south, so I know BLAH BLAH BLAH'
  2294. >FUCK
  2295. >You've never liked cities at night
  2296. >Scary as fuck
  2297. >Your whole body is shaking
  2298. >Still have some sort of residual buzz
  2299. >Just breath, Twilight
  2300. >Stay calm...
  2301. >Everything looks like a dark alley here, even the streets
  2302. >Why would anyone live here?
  2303. >Maybe you could try and contact the police somehow...
  2304. >Like that would go well
  2305. >You probably reek of drugs
  2306. >Maybe a taxi?
  2307. >Don't even know your fucking address
  2308. >Should've memorized that shit
  2309. >But you put it in your phone, so you didn't have to...
  2310. >You could find your way home from places you know, but...
  2311. >You jump at the sound of some nearby rustling
  2312. "Just a stray cat. Get a hold of yourself, Twilight."
  2313. >Looking for Fluttershy would be suicide
  2314. >The road she went down looks even scarier than where you'd come from
  2315. >Could you remember your way back to Treehugger's?
  2316. >There weren't that many turns
  2317. >Maybe she could give you a ride...
  2318. >You head back the way you came, eyes darting about your surroundings
  2319. >Once you reach a familiar building, you turn
  2320. >Okay, this makes sense
  2321. >You spot a cop car on patrol and shirk away from it
  2322. >Yeah, like that doesn't look suspicious
  2323. >Just be cool
  2324. >It passes by and you breath a sigh of relief
  2325. >After thinking you were lost, you finally stumble upon the apartment again
  2326. >You're sure this is the right place
  2327. >You run inside, up the stairs, and knock hurriedly on Treehugger's door
  2328. >It opens
  2329. >"Woah, spark bug, what're you doin' here?"
  2330. "F-Fluttershy left me and I got lost..."
  2331. >"Bummer. C'mon in, man. You can crash here if you want."
  2332. >You nod and enter her apartment
  2333. >You're glad to see a familiar face, even if it's one you hardly know
  2334. >To your surprise, you don't notice much "drug smell"
  2335. >Probably bad
  2336. "I-I was actually hoping y-you could give me a ride home..."
  2337. >Treehugger exhales deeply and rubs her chin
  2338. >"Sure. Sure, I guess. Like, right now?"
  2339. >You nod and she sighs
  2340. >"Okay spark bug, I'll drive you home."
  2341. >She walks over to the table and plucks a cupcake off of it
  2342. >"Sure you don't want this?"
  2343. >Well, maybe it would hurt too much
  2344. >You reach out for the cupcake and put it in your backpack
  2345. >You'll probably just end up throwing it away anyways
  2346. "Th-Thanks..."
  2347. >"No problemo, spark bug. So, where is that you live?"
  2348. "Uh, I live near Canterlot High School... I-I don't know my address..."
  2349. >Treehugger pats you on the back
  2350. >"It's okay, man. Sometimes I forget where I live, too. C'mon."
  2351. >You nod, hanging your head
  2352. >At least Treehugger is weird enough where this isn't too embarrassing
  2353. >You feel yourself being jerked into another hug
  2354. >"Don't look so gloomy, spark bug. Treehugger's got you covered. I'm great at driving high."
  2355. >Oh
  2356. >You weren't really worried about that but you are now
  2357. >Treehugger takes you down back onto the street
  2358. >"Ta da! Ain't she a beaut?"
  2359. >You didn't know cars could get this rusty
  2360. >Looks really old
  2361. >You don't know what make or model it is because cars are dumb
  2362. "It's, uh, it's cool."
  2363. >You wonder if this rust bucket is even street legal
  2364. >"Hop in!"
  2365. >You jump in the passenger side
  2366. >Wow
  2367. >It reeks of drugs in here
  2368. >This thing's probably seen a lot of use, you guess
  2369. >"So I'll just head over to the school, and you point me along from there. Sound good?"
  2370. "Yup. I-I just wanted to say thanks again..."
  2371. >"Don't needa thank me, spark bug. We're friends!"
  2372. >She pats you on shoulder
  2373. >Treehugger starts the car and heads off
  2374. >Not more than three minutes later you hear the telltale "WEE WOO" of a cop car
  2375. >Fuck
  2376. >Amazing
  2377. >"Don't worry. I don't keep shit in the car," Treehugger says as she pulls over
  2378. >Good
  2379. >Oh wait, fuck
  2380. "The cupcake..."
  2381. >"OH FUCK, SPARK BUG."
  2382. >Can cops search your bag if your car smells like every drug known to man?
  2383. >Oh fuck, you don't know
  2384. >Without thinking, you scurry into your backpack and pull out the cupcake
  2385. >You shove the whole thing in your mouth and scarf it down
  2386. >"BE COOL."
  2387. >You watch as the officer approaches
  2388. >Treehugger rolls her window down
  2389. >"Your real tail light is—fuck, not you again."
  2390. >"Am I being detained?"
  2391. >Oh fuck no
  2392. >Just... Just don't do anything, Twilight
  2393. >Treehugger has this, right?
  2394. >You're not super confident, but...
  2395. >Be cool
  2396. >Put on your cool face
  2397. >"Look, I just need to see your license and registration. Promise you'll change the light. Don't give me reason to do anything more."
  2398. >"People don't need a license to live, man. Not in a free country."
  2399. >The officer shrugs
  2400. >"Well, they do need one to drive. Do you want me to bring you in? God, it's so late. I hate dealing with you kids... And you, with the red eyes, let me guess, allergies?"
  2401. >You point to yourself and he nods
  2402. "I-I-I'm just trying to get home..."
  2403. >He shrugs
  2404. >"I don't want to be the bad guy here. Just show me your license and registration. I know you have one. I'm sick and tired of you—"
  2405. >"Am I being detained? I would like you to call for backup. Am I being detained?"
  2406. >He throws his hands up in the air
  2407. >"Fuck it. Fuck this. Get out of here. Next time you get pulled over, and you don't get lucky enough to have it be me, you're probably going to jail. Just so you know."
  2408. >Treehugger rolls up her window and pulls away
  2409. >You turn around and spot the officer shaking head
  2410. >Skeleton shift probably sucks, you guess
  2411. >"Pigs, man. This place is a fascist police state, spark bug. Cops are bad news. All got that same grey aura about them."
  2412. "M-My brother's an officer..."
  2413. >Treehugger looks at you quizzically
  2414. >"Well I'm glad it didn't rub off on you, spark bug. You're cool. I get chill vibes from you."
  2415. >You're cool?
  2416. >You're also kind of starving
  2417. >You haven't eaten anything but these cupcakes since lunch...
  2418. >Fuck, you didn't even need to eat that cupcake
  2419. >Whatever
  2420. >Just don't worry about it
  2421. >Otherwise you'll go crazy again
  2422. >You don't say much on the car ride home
  2423. >Treehugger just sort of talks about stuff to you and you nod
  2424. >She's apparently an environmentalist, like Fluttershy
  2425. >Doesn't surprise you
  2426. >Hates cops
  2427. >A lot
  2428. >You can feel the cupcakes kick in
  2429. >Oh fuck
  2430. >It's really starting to hit you by the time Treehugger pulls up to your house
  2431. >"Well little spark bug, here you are. Home sweet home."
  2432. "Thanks."
  2433. >You feel...
  2434. >Really relaxed
  2435. >You unbuckle yourself and just sit there in Treehugger's car
  2436. >She leans over and cocks her head at you
  2437. >"This is your house, right?"
  2438. "Yep."
  2439. >You feel your heart beating in your chest
  2440. >Looking at your house, realize you've never really taken a good look at it before
  2441. >It's nice
  2442. >"Spark bug, it's not my place to tell other what to do with their lives. But I kinda want to go home."
  2443. "Okay."
  2444. >She pecks her lips on your forehead
  2445. >"Sayonara, my little friend. Fluttershy can probably give you my number if you wanna hang again."
  2446. >You hop out of the car and wave goodbye
  2447. >It's really late
  2448. >Maybe your dad is asleep
  2449. >If not, just be cool
  2450. >You open the door and put your stuff on the ground
  2451. >Take off your shoes
  2452. >"TWILIGHT!"
  2453. >Your dad rushes up to you
  2454. >Be cool
  2455. "Hey dad."
  2456. >"Where the HELL were you? I was—What's that smell?"
  2457. "What smell?"
  2458. >Good one
  2459. >"Twilight. Where the hell were you?"
  2460. "Hanging out with some friends, that's all."
  2461. >"Jesus, Twilight. You've been staying out a lot more often. And at first I was happy that you were finally leaving the house, but for this? Are you doing drugs?"
  2462. >You scoff
  2463. "Pffffff nahhhhhhhh. Does that seem like me?"
  2464. >"Is this why your grades keep slipping? Have you been doing this stuff behind my back?"
  2465. "Dad, I'm fine. It's nothing, okay?"
  2466. >He shrugs
  2467. >"What am I going to do with you... We'll talk about this in the morning, okay?"
  2468. "K."
  2469. >Nailed it
  2470. >Time for sleep
  2471. >Oh wait, the paper
  2472. >Time for sleep
  2473. >You wake up in the morning feeling pretty decent
  2474. >Then you remember last night
  2475. >You're not sure how to feel about it
  2476. >Good?
  2477. >Bad?
  2478. >You've entered into normiehood
  2479. >Fluttershy left you to die
  2480. >Fuck her that selfish bitch
  2481. >But you also got to fly through space and have sex
  2482. >Does this mean people will like you now?
  2483. >How do normies even know other normies aren't virgins?
  2484. >Do they talk about that shit?
  2485. >Hm...
  2486. >Not looking forward to talking with your dad
  2487. >Could probably run out the door pretty fast
  2488. >Should you actually try wearing something different today?
  2489. >Nah
  2490. >One step at a time
  2491. >You do your hair in the bun
  2492. >Sweater
  2493. >Pants
  2494. >You give Spike a good-luck rub and head out
  2495. >Oh wait
  2496. >You were forgetting something
  2497. >Backpack
  2498. >You run down the stairs, grab a pop-tart, and run out the door
  2499. >"TWILIGHT, YOU—"
  2500. >You're going to put dealing with that off as long as possible
  2501. >Once you get to school, you brim with new energy
  2502. >Things are going your way, right?
  2503. >People give you weird looks
  2504. >Is it because of your confidence?
  2505. >Probably
  2506. >Fucking normies
  2507. >You'll show them
  2508. >You can be cool
  2509. >You were cool all day yesterday
  2510. >Except for the part where you thought you were going to die
  2511. >But still
  2512. >Anon is by your locker once you get there
  2513. >"Hey, Sparkle. Lesbian hair cut not doing it for you?"
  2514. "N-No..."
  2515. >"Ha, just kiddin' man. Have a good day."
  2516. >As you walk the halls to your first class, you see people whispering as you pass
  2517. >You're not sure you like this
  2518. >The first class passes uneasily
  2519. >During passing time, someone shoots you a weird grin as they walk by
  2520. >As the next class begins, someone leans in your direction
  2521. >"So, are you actually doing it with Trixie?"
  2522. "W-What?!"
  2523. >"Isn't she, like, retarded?"
  2524. "I-I-I'm n-not 'doing it' with her! Th-That's a lie! Trixie is disgusting!"
  2525. >People near you snicker
  2526. "It—It's not true!"
  2527. >"Dude, everyone's heard already," someone whispers
  2528. >The teacher is at the front of the class, writing on the board
  2529. >Maybe you should tell on them...
  2530. >Who are you fucking kidding
  2531. >No
  2532. >You grit your teeth
  2533. >You're a grown adult
  2534. >You're not going to cry just because people are teasing you
  2535. >"Isn't that like rape or something with someone like that? That's pretty sick, Twilight."
  2536. "IT'S NOT TRUE."
  2537. >The teacher turns around
  2538. >"Miss Sparkle, I would be happy if you refrained from outbursts in my classroom."
  2539. "S-S-Sorry..."
  2540. >"Was there something you wanted to tell the class?"
  2541. >The kids near you laugh
  2542. >You clench your fist, trying to keep yourself calm
  2543. "N-N-No... I-I'm sorry."
  2544. >The teacher shrugs and turns back around
  2545. >"So you like preying on the special ed kids, huh?"
  2546. >Don't respond
  2547. >"Dotted Line, shut up. You know that rumor can't be true."
  2548. >Oh, that's nice of—
  2549. >"She's never going to have sex as long as she lives. Not even with Trixie."
  2550. >They chuckle
  2551. "I-I'm not a virgin..."
  2552. >The people around you laugh a lot harder at that
  2553. >"Okay, you're not convincing anyone, Spergle."
  2554. >Don't tear up
  2555. >Don't tear up
  2556. >Don't you fucking do it
  2557. "I'm not, though, I swear! I'm cool!"
  2558. >People laugh even harder
  2559. >You don't notice the teacher turn around again, a much angrier scowl on her face
  2560. >"Miss Sparkle, what is it that you—"
  2561. "I'M NOT A VIRGIN!"
  2562. >Silence
  2563. >All eyes are on you
  2564. >The teacher is just shaking his head
  2565. >People are stifling laughter around you
  2566. >Some are on their phones, probably texting this out to people...
  2567. >"Twilight, if you're going to be disruptive, then get out of my class."
  2568. >You nod
  2569. >You sullenly pick up your things and try to leave without crying
  2570. >You fail
  2571. >What's the point?
  2572. >No matter how hard you try, nothing ever goes your way
  2573. >You lost your virginity, and normies still hate you...
  2574. >What's the point?
  2575. >Fucking Trixie...
  2576. >Why the FUCK do you have to be associated with her?
  2577. >Why can't you stop crying?
  2578. >At least no one is around
  2579. >You have a good ten minutes before passing time
  2580. >Hopefully you can stop by then...
  2581. >How are you supposed to deal with this shit?
  2582. >You don't have any real friends...
  2583. >Sunny hates you
  2584. >Treehugger was probably so high she's forgotten you existed
  2585. >You've made no progress
  2586. >There's no point to you
  2587. >You're just broken
  2588. >Consumed by your idiocy, you barely notice the bell ringing for the next class
  2589. >Wipe away the tears, Twilight...
  2590. >"Woah, Twilight, what's wrong?"
  2591. "A-Anon?"
  2592. >You rub your face
  2593. "It's terrible... Everyone's saying Trixie and I..."
  2594. >"Ouch. I can't believe a rumor like that would catch on. Everyone knows you're a virgin!"
  2595. >You wince
  2596. "I-I'm not..."
  2597. >Anon furrows his brow
  2598. >"Really?"
  2599. >You nod
  2600. >M-Maybe he'll think you're cool now?
  2601. >"Did you lose it with a guy or a girl? I don't care, I'm just curious."
  2602. "A g-girl—"
  2603. >"HA! I KNEW IT!"
  2604. >He jumps in the air
  2605. >Anon then shakes your hand
  2606. >"I just won a bet, thank you."
  2607. "W-W—But..."
  2608. >"Maybe we can go chick hunting some time. But I'm not into special ed kids, just so you know."
  2609. >Your head droops
  2610. >He laughs at his joke
  2611. >"You know I'm just kidding. Oh wow, c'mon, don't get worked up over this kind of shit. Toughen up, sheesh. It's just a joke. Anyways, see ya at lunch. OH HEY BRAD, GUESS WHO WON THE BET."
  2612. >As he leaves, you hear him call you 'Dykelight Dykle'
  2613. >Which isn't very creative
  2614. >But it still makes you want to kill yourself
  2615. >You're just...
  2616. >You're just going to walk home
  2617. >Oh wait, your dad is waiting there with a fucking intervention
  2618. >What the fuck are you supposed to do?
  2619. >Does it even matter?
  2620. >This is the universe's way of telling you you shouldn't have even tried
  2621. >Not everyone was born to be happy
  2622. >You decide you'll go hide in the nook behind the stairwell until school's over
  2623. >Been a while since you've done that
  2624. >Good memories, huh?
  2625. >The halls are quiet
  2626. >You drag your feet as you walk
  2627. >Not enough energy to really do anything
  2628. >Just make it to the stairwell and collapse for a few hours
  2629. >Cry where people won't see you
  2630. >You hope
  2631. >Anon...
  2632. >What a fucking asshole
  2633. >King Chad
  2634. >Why did you even like him...
  2635. >All he ever did was shit on you
  2636. >Tell you it was just a joke
  2637. >It wasn't so funny to you
  2638. >That's what everyone tells you
  2639. >'just lighten up'
  2640. >'it's just a joke'
  2641. >'oh my god she's crying'
  2642. >This is why you retreated onto your computer
  2643. >This is why you stopped... trying
  2644. >Your dad says you were really outgoing when you young
  2645. >You hardly remember anything from back then
  2646. >It's hard to remember a time before you gave up
  2647. >And you started to try again, for what?
  2648. >For Anon?
  2649. >For Sunset?
  2650. >To be popular?
  2651. >Everyone sucks
  2652. >Fucking normies
  2653. >Ree—oh fuck it
  2654. >All you wanted were some friends
  2655. >All you wanted was for people to just not give you shit
  2656. >Why is that too much to ask?
  2657. >Whatever
  2658. >Not like it matters
  2659. >As you approach the stairwell, you hear sobbing
  2660. >And it's not you
  2661. >You peek around the corner and spot Trixie huddled on the floor
  2662. >Immediately, anger floods your body
  2663. >Years of this
  2664. >Years of being linked to this mentally impaired piece of shit
  2665. >Just clinging onto you
  2666. >Sucking the life out of you like a fucking parasite
  2667. >A black hole whose event horizon you passed through long ago
  2668. >She's fucking crying now?
  2669. >You'll fucking give her something to cry about
  2670. >She ruined your fucking LIFE
  2671. "Trixie..."
  2672. >She turns to look at you, her face wet with tears
  2673. >Trixie doesn't say anything, and looks back down into her lap
  2674. >She's holding something
  2675. "What the fuck is that?"
  2676. >You try to put some anger in your voice through the hiccups
  2677. >"Th-They ruined Trixie's cape... Dad said this was supposed to be the one Trixie used when she became famous..."
  2678. >God, fuck your dad!
  2679. >Fuck...
  2680. >Despite your better judgement, you sit down next to her
  2681. >"Trixie is sorry... Trixie only ever wants to help... Something is wrong with her..."
  2682. >You wipe away your tears
  2683. >She wipes away hers
  2684. >You look at her stupid fucking face
  2685. >The face that has haunted you your whole fucking life
  2686. >All the hate, the years of torment and embarrassment...
  2687. >Trixie always playing the fucking fool
  2688. >And you!
  2689. >You've been beat up because of her
  2690. >Teased, constantly
  2691. >Constantly...
  2692. "Trixie. I hate you."
  2693. >You clench your teeth
  2694. >You can hardly see through your tears
  2695. >Trixie nods
  2696. >"Trixie hates Trixie, too, Miss Sparkle."
  2697. "Stop apologizing to me!"
  2698. >"T-Trixie is sorry..."
  2699. "STOP!"
  2700. >You think about hitting her
  2701. >Why the fuck is she apologizing
  2702. >No one is around to make you look like the villain this time
  2703. >"Trixie is very sorry for all the things people do to you because of me... Trixie has been selfish. Miss Sparkle was the only one who ever... Who ever talked to me."
  2704. >You lean against the wall behind you
  2705. >"Trixie sometimes... Sometimes she wishes she went where dad went... Sometimes she wonders why she was okay but he wasn't..."
  2706. "You were there?"
  2707. >She nods tearfully
  2708. >You're startled as she wraps her arms around you
  2709. >"Miss Sparkle. Trixie is sorry for everything."
  2710. "Stop apologizing... What have I ever done for you?"
  2711. >"You were there for Trixie..."
  2712. >Not because you wanted to be
  2713. >Just because you had to
  2714. >Because you're a fucking beta
  2715. >Because you're a fucking loser
  2716. >It wasn't even pity
  2717. >You did the bare minimum
  2718. >You fucking made fun of her
  2719. >You fucked around with her
  2720. >She never let go of you no matter what
  2721. >She fucking liked you
  2722. >Everyone else...
  2723. >They must've been shittier to her than you ever were
  2724. >You don't even know how that would be possible
  2725. >You reach down and pick up her tattered cape
  2726. "Why would anyone do this?"
  2727. >"T-Trixie was trying to make people stop joking about you... And they took dad's hat..."
  2728. "You know what Trixie? Fuck those people. Fuck people who give you shit. Fuck me."
  2729. >You sigh
  2730. "I've been a shitty friend to you."
  2731. >Tears stream down your face as you give Trixie a smile
  2732. >You pull her into a hug for the first time in all the years you've known her
  2733. >"Trixie is sorry..."
  2734. "It's okay, Trixie. You don't have to be sorry."
  2735. >You breath a sigh of relief
  2736. >It feels as though a lot of weight has been lifted off your chest
  2737. >Fuck people if they're going to make fun of you over Trixie
  2738. >Is that what you want to do?
  2739. >Just try to ignore it?
  2740. >You used to be sort-of happy back when you were a sperg...
  2741. >Playing Magic
  2742. >Playing tabletop games
  2743. >Playing video games
  2744. >Enjoying things and not just shitting over everything on the internet
  2745. >Not to say you're suddenly going to start enjoying Trixie's company, but...
  2746. >Just fuck normies
  2747. >This is what 'fuck normies' should mean, isn't it?
  2748. >Fuck their opinions
  2749. >Fuck their stupid rumors
  2750. >Fuck their hierarchy
  2751. >People like that can go fuck themselves
  2754. >Yeah!
  2755. >People who actually like you, that's what you should care about
  2756. >Not just being cool
  2757. >'oh Twilight, don't you want to be like us? All you have to do is be yourself!'
  2758. >'*BLAP* *BLAP* *BLAP*'
  2759. >Not that you would ever actually do that
  2760. "I think Lunch is probably going on right now. Want to go see our friends?"
  2761. >Trixie nods
  2762. >You rub your shirt against your face and take a deep breath
  2763. >If people are going to make fun of you, fuck it
  2764. >Just try not to care...
  2765. >If you can
  2766. >Maybe you won't be popular
  2767. >But you can still try and have a life, right?
  2768. >Yeah, you can do this, Twilight!
  2769. >Trixie might drag you down a bit, but it's not all her fault she's a total sperg
  2770. >Heck, maybe if you stop trying...
  2771. >You'll actually find yourself popular
  2772. >Who knows
  2773. >You smile as you head to the cafeteria
  2774. >As you get to the cafeteria, you see lunch has only been going on for a few minutes now
  2775. >There are a few snickers to be heard around you
  2776. >People whispering shit like 'look at the love birds!' while you wait in line
  2777. >Whatever
  2778. >Normies being normies doesn't matter
  2779. >You can handle this now
  2780. >Trixie starts to sniffle
  2781. "It's fine. Chin up, Trixie."
  2782. >You pull her into a one-armed hug and pat her on the back
  2783. >Some retards laugh
  2784. >You pick up your food and head to the girls' table
  2785. >All the usual people are there, except Sunny of course
  2786. >Once Dash spots you, she gives you a look of disappointment
  2787. >"What happened to the hair, Egghead?"
  2788. >You take your seat along with Trixie
  2789. "I-I decided against it today..."
  2790. >It must look like you've been crying
  2791. >The girls are looking at you and Trixie with varying degrees of concern
  2792. >Anon rolls his eyes
  2793. "S-So, you guys heard about..."
  2794. >They all nod
  2795. >"It's terrible, darling! Why anyone would stoop to such lows... Rumors are the currency of the lower class. Not that I have anything against the poor, mind you. I mean, um, morally."
  2796. >"I-It really s-sucks, Twilight... I know w-what it's like to have people spread rumors about you..."
  2797. >Woah, that's like, the first time Fluttershy's said anything at the table
  2798. >You'd expected that it would coincide with hell freezing over when she opened her Stacy mouth
  2799. >But you find yourself giving her a small smile and a nod instead
  2800. >Even if the rumors about her doing older dudes was probably true anyways
  2801. >"Egghead, if I find out who did this, I swear..."
  2802. >"C'mon babe, violence ain't the answer. You're all getting so worked up over a fucking joke. People spread rumors about everyone. It's part of the high school experience."
  2803. "It's weird that rumor started right after some... stuff... came to light at the table, isn't it?"
  2804. >Anon crosses his arms
  2805. >"What exactly are you saying, Sparkle? I didn't do this. Why would I waste my time talking to people about you? No offense."
  2806. "I-I don't know, but then who else was it! Did one of you tell people about what Trixie said?"
  2807. >Various sorts of 'of course not!'s and 'cross my heart, hope to fly's rang out
  2808. >Everyone at the table turns to Anon
  2809. >He scoffs
  2810. >"I'm offended you think of me like this. Me, someone who's been completely nice to you since I'd met you! You just don't know how to take a joke is all."
  2811. >Nice to you?!
  2812. >Fucking...
  2813. >Fucking Man-Stacy
  2814. >Can't just play everything off as a fucking joke
  2815. "W-W-Well who did it then?"
  2816. >Applejack leans across the table to look at Anon
  2817. >"Boy, you're gon hafta be a lot more convincin' than that."
  2818. >"The truth is the truth. The lesbian rumors have been floating around for a while."
  2819. >Now, you scoff
  2820. "That's as evasive a non-answer as you can get! The truth could be that you started the rumor!"
  2821. >"This is why people don't like you, Sparkle. They say shit and then you just tear into them. You know, you're a real dick sometimes."
  2822. "M-M-ME?! Y-Y-You're the o-one who m-made a bet with Brad a-about it!"
  2823. >Anon grunts as Rainbow elbows him in the side
  2824. >"Babe, please... My body still hurts... And yeah, so what? It was a fun bet between me and a friend. It had nothing to do with your fucking girlfriend."
  2825. >You feel your eyes begin to water but push them back
  2826. "SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND. I s-s-swear..."
  2827. >"You s-s-swear?"
  2828. >The girls gasp
  2829. >"Oh give me a fucking break. I've been nothing but nice to this purple dyke, but accusing me of spreading a rumor? About HER? I'm too busy!"
  2830. >"Pff, I know what yer busy with..."
  2831. >The time for 'fuck what normies say' is over
  2832. "D-Do you know h-how much all the sh-shit you've given me has hurt?!"
  2833. >Trixie has been awfully quiet
  2834. "C'mon Trixie, tell 'em what they did to you! Because of Anon!"
  2835. >Trixie looks up at you
  2836. >"It might be Trixie's fault, Miss Sparkle..."
  2837. "What?"
  2838. >Anon laughs
  2839. >You think back
  2841. >Would she... Would she be autistic enough to have said this in her classes?
  2842. >"Trixie heard people saying mean things about you..."
  2843. >No
  2844. >"Trixie thought she should defend you..."
  2845. >NO
  2846. >"Trixie is sorry, Miss Sparkle..."
  2849. >Anon bursts out laughing
  2850. >"Th-This shit is amazing. Oh my god, I'm actually... Actually going to die laughing! OW, BABE, OW, STOP"
  2851. "Trixie... What did you say to people?"
  2852. >"I-I'm sorry, Miss Sparkle. But don't worry—"
  2853. >Oh yeah
  2854. >Don't worry
  2856. >FUC—calm down, Twilight
  2857. >"Trixie didn't tell anyone about Miss Shimmer."
  2858. >At that, the girls gasped, staring at you with saucer-sized eyes
  2859. "TRIXIE."
  2860. >Anon bangs on the table, still laughing
  2861. >"I KNEW IT! HA! OH MY GOD, I'M AMAZING AT THIS—OW, OW, STOP! Brad owes me... owes me like a hundred bucks now! HA!"
  2862. >"Oh... Trixie made a mistake again... Sorry, Miss Sparkle."
  2863. >You stare at her
  2864. >The old hatred
  2865. >It begins flooding back into you
  2866. >Trixie is the reason you're uncool
  2867. >You could've been popular
  2868. >Things were going your fucking way
  2870. >"C'mon, Egghead... You can't be too mad at her over—"
  2871. "Can't be mad? Can't be mad?! Why, because she has fucking Asperger's?"
  2872. >You slam your fist on the table
  2873. >Trixie begins the waterworks beside you
  2874. >Fuck her
  2875. >"T-Trixie is sorry she was born the way she was..."
  2876. >Ugh
  2877. >UGH
  2878. >She's crying now
  2879. >You should feel good about her suffering!
  2880. >But... For some reason you don't
  2881. "Trixie... It's fine. Whatever. What you did is retarded, but, ugh, fuck the normies. You didn't make fun of me. Normies are the ones who ruined your dad's cape and shit..."
  2882. >"Normies?"
  2883. "It's an internet thing, Rainbow..."
  2884. >Trixie hugs you
  2885. >You don't hug back
  2886. >But you don't, like, kill her or anything, so, there's that
  2887. >Anon coughs
  2888. >"Ahem?"
  2889. >What's the fucker want now?
  2890. >You stare at him
  2891. >"Ahem!"
  2892. "What?"
  2893. >"Don't you think you owe someone an apology, 'Miss Sparkle'?"
  2894. "No."
  2895. >Anon places his hand on his chest
  2896. >"I'm taken aback, Twilight. You accuse me of being a huge asshole, won't forgive me, but you WILL forgive Trixie?"
  2897. >Ugh
  2898. "You're still a huge asshole... You always make fun of me and—"
  2899. >"Twilight! They're called jokes! Can you just admit that you got me beaten up over a joke, one Rainbow tol—OW—, and that you are sorry for accusing me of starting a rumor about you?"
  2900. >The girls turn their eyes to you
  2901. "Do you want me to just 's-s-say' sorry? B-Because I'm not sorry, but I can lie."
  2902. >"I think someone needs to do some growing up."
  2903. >You grunt
  2904. "Why do you even date this guy?!"
  2905. >"I'm not sure, Egghead..."
  2906. >"It's the huge penis."
  2907. >Rainbow blushes and elbows him
  2908. >"Okay, it's the amazing sense of humor, great bod, AND huge peni—AGH, ow, Rainbow, I've told you that's bruised."
  2909. >You cross your arms
  2910. >He should apologize to YOU
  2911. >But whatever
  2912. >He wouldn't, anyways
  2913. >Things quiet down
  2914. >"So... Twilight, darling... Are you and Sunset, you know..."
  2915. "N-N-No."
  2916. >"You can be honest with us—"
  2917. "It's... We're not on friendly terms right now... I got her real mad at me..."
  2918. >"And she didn't beat you up? You're lucky."
  2919. >Oh shut up
  2920. >"So, Sugarcube, what happened, then? We haven't seen much 'o her since she was suspended."
  2921. "Well, I was playing a high-stakes game of Magic the Gathering—"
  2922. >Anon and the girls burst out laughing
  2923. >"S-Sorry, Egghead. That's just... G-Go o-on... ha... HA, I'm sorry, please..."
  2924. "I-I-I was playing Magic the Gathering, a-and it was, you know, r-really intense—"
  2925. >More giggling
  2926. "—and this girl though I ruined her life, so she challenged me to the game, and I destroyed her and maybe took my victory celebration a little far.. Sunny got mad. Then when she was yelling at me, I kissed her for some reason."
  2927. >"Wait, so, you kissed her while she was yellin' at you? Sugarcube, that don't make a lick 'o sense."
  2928. "W-Well, I-I-I was scared and didn't know what to do..."
  2929. >Anon snorts
  2930. >"I'm scared of spiders. They put me into a fucking kissing frenzy—OW, worth it."
  2931. >"Do you, um, like her?"
  2932. "I-I-I... I'm not comfortable talking about this."
  2933. >Rarity reaches out across the table and takes your hand
  2934. >"We're okay with whoever you are, darling. Don't feel bad."
  2935. >You sink
  2936. >Attention is bad, regardless of intention
  2937. >And telling you not to feel bad about it just makes you feel more self-conscious
  2938. >Sighing, you nod at Rarity
  2939. >Anon rubs his chin
  2940. >"Wait... So you only kissed her?"
  2941. >You frown
  2942. "What's it matter?"
  2943. >"Well, I just assumed... That was part of my bet with Brad."
  2944. >Ugh
  2945. >"I thought you said you lost your virginity. It wasn't to Sunset?"
  2946. >"Whaaaaat?! Egghead, you... what?! No way!"
  2947. "I-Is it really so crazy?"
  2948. >"Hey, I'm not making fun of you, that's awesome!"
  2949. >Rarity scoffs
  2950. >"Losing one's virginity is not 'awesome'."
  2951. >AJ chuckles and rolls her eyes
  2952. >"Yeh, well, havin' a 6-month trial period for boyfriends is silly, and somethin' only you could come up with, 'darlin''"
  2953. >"I'M SAVING MYSELF."
  2954. >B-But...
  2955. >She can't be a virgin
  2956. >Sh-She's a slut, right?
  2957. >A Stacy?
  2958. >Are...
  2959. >Are you a Stacy?
  2960. >How does normieness even fucking work
  2961. >You're pretty sure Rarity's still a million times more normie than you
  2962. >Anon puts his head in his hands
  2963. >"Brad's actually going to make money off of me. I can't believe you'd lie about losing your virginity, Twilight."
  2964. "I-I-I'm not l-lying..."
  2965. >"Who'd you lose it to? Someone from Canada?"
  2966. >He yelps as Rainbow elbows him
  2967. >"But seriously, Egghead, what happened? I mean, you don't have to talk about it, buuuuut it would be cool."
  2968. >Fuck, what do you do?
  2969. >Rainbow said it would be cool
  2970. >Will you be cool?
  2971. >You look to Fluttershy
  2972. >She doesn't seem to really care
  2973. >Probably doesn't matter to her if another name is added to the list of people she's slept with
  2974. "C-Can I just s-say I l-lost it?"
  2975. >Rainbow Dash frowns
  2976. >"Awwwwwwww, come on! Can you just give us a few deats, man? Not everything, but, come on!"
  2977. >You blush thinking back on it
  2978. >The girls look at you with attention
  2979. >Jesus, your heart is racing
  2980. "W-Well..."
  2981. >You don't have to tell them everything...
  2982. "I w-was hanging out with this college girl... And her friend..."
  2983. >Rainbow Dash leans forward
  2984. >"Yeah?"
  2985. "We all, um... W-We all did a, um, a bunch of stuff..."
  2986. >"Woah, sex stuff?"
  2987. "U-Uh, yeah... But I meant, like, she had pot cupcakes and—"
  2988. >"WOAH NO WAY!"
  2989. >You nod
  2990. >Rarity places a finger on her lip, looking uneasy
  2991. >"You... Did drugs?"
  2992. >You nod
  2993. >"I... I wouldn't expect that from you, Twilight. You know drugs are bad for you, right?"
  2994. "I-It was my first time..."
  2995. >Rainbow Dash waves her hands in the air
  2996. >"Wait wait wait. So, did you have sex with TWO girls? At the same time?"
  2997. "Y-Yeah."
  2998. >"NO WAY. That's so cool."
  2999. >Applejack rolls her eyes
  3000. >"'Course YOU think that's amazin', Rainbow."
  3001. >"Hey, anyone who has a threesome with two college girls is cool."
  3002. >Well, they weren't both college girls...
  3003. >Whatever, doesn't matter
  3004. >Bringing up Fluttershy would just make things super awkward
  3005. >"Egghead, that's sick. Super cool. Didn't know you had it in you."
  3006. "P-Please don't tell anyone about it, though..."
  3007. >You look at Trixie
  3008. "Please."
  3009. >She nods
  3010. >You look at Anon
  3011. >"Hey, I won't tell people if you don't want me to. But that's impressive, Sparkle."
  3012. >"So, what was it like being high and stuff?! Egghead, it must've been so cool! Was it like those trippy music videos?"
  3013. >You laugh and nod
  3014. >"Sick!"
  3015. "Y-Yeah. I-I didn't know there was stuff in the food at first, or the drinks, but—"
  3016. >"Woah woah woah, you didn't know?"
  3017. "N-Not at the time, but—"
  3018. >"So they gave you drugged food?"
  3019. "I-I guess? W-Why does it matter?"
  3020. >Rainbow's excitement turned to distress
  3021. >"Dude, what do you mean 'why does it matter'? So some college aged kid drugged you and... and... Dude!"
  3022. "W-What's wrong?"
  3023. >"Ye dun got raped," Applejack says matter-of-factly
  3024. "W-What, n-no..."
  3025. >You turn to look back at Fluttershy
  3026. >She's giving you the most intense glare you've ever seen
  3027. >Immediately, you avert your gaze
  3028. >"Egghead, you've gotta tell the police!"
  3029. "B-But... I didn't think it was r-rape... W-We were just having fun..."
  3030. >"Dude! It's not okay, man!"
  3031. >Fuck
  3032. >You don't want to get Treehugger in trouble
  3033. >Fuck fuck fuck
  3034. >"M-Miss Sparkle, a-are you okay?"
  3035. "Yes! I'm fine! I-I want to go back to bragging!"
  3036. >"No, dude, you have to tell the police. 'Underage girl drugged and fucked by college students'. That doesn't sound like a good thing, does it? Dude, c'mon!"
  3037. >You pull at your hair
  3038. >FUCK
  3039. >"Or maybe she shouldn't tell the police, I don't know."
  3040. >"Fluttershy, darling, how could you say that?"
  3041. >Fluttershy crosses her arms
  3042. >"Maybe the college girl was really nice and cool. I don't know. Maybe Twilight is remembering it wrong."
  3043. >The girls gasp
  3044. >"Dude, Shy, that's fucked up."
  3045. "N-No, I think she's right..."
  3046. >"See? So let's not talk about bringing the police into this. It wasn't rape."
  3047. >"How would you know?! Were you there? Because it sounds like it was rape."
  3048. >"I don't have to have been there. You heard what Twilight said."
  3049. >You're hyperventilating
  3050. >Rainbow and Fluttershy begin to argue
  3051. >Oh God what have you done
  3052. >Fuck
  3053. >You should've just never said anything about this
  3054. >Fuck
  3055. "I-It wasn't rape..."
  3056. >"Dude, it's okay. You just have to tell someone about this. Dude!"
  3057. >Anon looks at you with a frown
  3058. >"Look, Twi, I'm sorry for maybe being a bit of an ass... I didn't realize—"
  3059. "It wasn't rape! Maybe I didn't know I was getting drugged... B-But that doesn't mean..."
  3060. >When it's put like that...
  3061. >No, but you enjoyed it
  3062. >Treehugger was really nice to you
  3063. >"Dude, if you're not going to tell someone, I am. This situation is fucked."
  3064. >"Rainbow—"
  3065. >"Shy, we can't just sit around! That's fucked up! That's, like, rape culture or something!"
  3066. >"Oh you wit yer fuckin' rape culture mumbo-jumbo. She dun got raped, but it weren't some cabal 'o rapists snatched her up. Jus' some junkies."
  3067. >Rainbow Dash stands up from her seat
  3068. >You look around
  3069. >Oh God, people are looking
  3070. "S-Settle down..."
  3071. >"Dude, settle down! You settle up!"
  3072. >You're not sure that makes sense
  3073. >"Twilight, darling, I don't mean to be rude, but how did... How did this come to pass? You rarely seem to have time to hang out..."
  3074. "I-I-I... I don't know..."
  3075. >She looks at you oddly
  3076. >"You... Don't know?"
  3077. >You look back at Fluttershy
  3078. >She stares at you with an insane intensity
  3079. >It seems like a 'shut the fuck up' look
  3080. >"Why do y'all keep lookin' at Flutters?"
  3081. >Fluttershy's stare heightens in its fervor
  3082. >You turn your head
  3083. >Fuck
  3084. >"Flutters, y'all know more than yer lettin' on?"
  3085. >She snarls
  3086. >"It wasn't rape."
  3087. >You can see the cogs turning in Rainbow's head
  3088. >"Wait a second..."
  3089. >Utter confusion crosses her face
  3090. >"Were... Shy, were you there?"
  3091. >Fluttershy crosses her arms
  3092. >Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
  3093. >"You two... You two had... Jesus. Shy, helped rape Tw—"
  3094. >"That didn't happen! Twilight said she was cool! She knew what she was getting into! She asked for it!"
  3095. >The table gasps
  3096. >Too much gasping going on
  3097. >Jesus
  3098. >"Shy, that is FUCKED up."
  3099. >"It's the truth!"
  3100. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck..."
  3101. >Fluttershy looks at you with complete contempt
  3102. "I-I'm sorry... I don't want to get anyone in trouble... Please, Rainbow, don't tell anyone. She was a really nice girl. She helped me get home after Fluttershy left me in the city to see her friend and—"
  3103. >"Shy did what?!"
  3104. >"TWILIGHT!"
  3105. >Rainbow stands up from the table
  3106. >"You know, this is just fucked. I wanna help you, Dude, but fuck. Fuck, I just..."
  3107. >She shakes her head and walks away
  3108. >Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
  3109. >You don't want Treehugger to go to prison
  3110. >Registered sex offender...
  3111. >Tons of possession charges...
  3112. >She could go away for life because of you
  3113. >For, like, five seconds, you were super cool...
  3114. >The bell rings
  3115. >Fuck
  3116. >The girls, except for Fluttershy, give their condolences as they leave
  3117. >Fluttershy stays behind
  3118. >You try to start a conversation with her, but she simply scowls
  3119. >Fuck
  3120. >Better not be late for class
  3121. >The cafeteria's already empty, as are the halls
  3122. >As you get up to leave, she stands as well and follows you
  3123. >"Twilight, you said you were fucking cool. I-I trusted you to be cool."
  3124. "I-I'm s-sorry!"
  3125. >"Sorry isn't going to cut it!"
  3126. >She grabs you by your top and pulls you to her
  3127. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkOJ9uNj9EY [Embed]
  3128. "Y-You're scaring m-me..."
  3129. >Fluttershy snarls
  3130. >What the fuck what the fuck
  3131. >She was supposed to be a fucking kitten or some shit
  3132. >You didn't think she'd ever get like this
  3133. >"You're going to make this right."
  3134. "H-How... Please, I don't w-want Treehugger to go to jail e-either!"
  3135. >Fluttershy's eyes dart around
  3136. >"I have a friend, okay? He can deal with something like this."
  3137. "Y-You do? Wh-Why can't you just ask h-him, then?"
  3138. >She shrugs violently
  3139. >"Because! I pissed him off... I'm trying to get back on his good side. But you can make a deal with him. You're new."
  3140. >You gulp
  3141. >You don't like the sound of this
  3142. >"You just have to be cool. Okay? Treehugger helps me relieve my stress. If she's gone, I might have to find ways to do that you might not like."
  3143. "I-I-I'm not partial to it, but I hear yoga hel—"
  3144. >"I DON'T MEAN LIKE THAT."
  3145. >She rubs at her temples
  3146. >"Look, I'll need to tell him I want him to meet a friend of mine. Tomorrow after school, you're coming with me, okay?"
  3147. >You nod
  3148. >"Good. And remember. Be fucking cool this time."
  3149. >You nod again
  3150. >Fuck
  3151. >Fuck fuck fuck
  3152. >What are you getting yourself into?
  3153. >You hurry off to class
  3154. >Fuck
  3155. >People are already in their seats
  3156. >You're late
  3157. >Whatever
  3158. >You hop into your seat and try to ignore the looks people give you
  3159. >"So, I heard about you and Tri—"
  3160. "I don't care."
  3161. >They laugh
  3162. >Fuck normies
  3163. >You have bigger things to worry about than normie gossip
  3164. >Like how tomorrow, everyone in school will probably know you were 'raped'
  3165. >God, you need to help Treehugger somehow
  3166. >This 'Fluttershy's friend' thing seems really, really shady, though
  3167. >But just be cool
  3168. >You can be cool
  3169. >With Treehugger, you weren't, but you came around
  3170. >You were cool
  3171. >Just be cool around Fluttershy's friend, and things will be fine
  3172. >Not sure what kind of dealio you'll be making
  3173. >Maybe you can just challenge him to a game of Magic and win Treehugger's freedom...
  3174. >If only the autistic anime that Moondancer lived in were real
  3175. >Class passes by uneventfully, then the next
  3176. >Normies try to get to you, but whatever
  3177. >Though, as the day goes by, fewer people are teasing you, and more are looking concerned
  3178. >Rumors spread too fast...
  3179. >Eventually, the final bell rings
  3180. >"Miss Sparkle? A minute?"
  3181. >For what?
  3182. >OH FUCK
  3183. >THE PAPER
  3186. >THAT PAPER
  3187. "I-I'm s-sorry—"
  3188. >"Twilight, no need to apologize... I heard about... My God, Twilight, are you okay?"
  3189. >You nod meekly
  3190. >"Just... Get the paper in when you can, but, more importantly, please, just... I hope you're okay, is all. We have counselors here at the school if you need to talk to anyone..."
  3191. >You nod
  3192. >Well... One good-ish thing has come of this...
  3193. >You don't really want people's pity
  3194. >On the way home, you can't stop thinking about Treehugger
  3195. >You're going to ruin her life
  3196. >You're a fucking retard
  3197. >You open the door to your house and—
  3198. "R-Rainbow Dash?"
  3199. >"I know you didn't want me to tell the police, so I told your—"
  3200. >"TWILIGHT! Oh my God, Twilight, I'm so sorry for getting mad at you last night. I didn't know, Twily, oh my God. Oh my God, my baby. Are you okay? Oh my God."
  3201. "Dad, I'm fine!"
  3202. >God DAMN Rainbow Dash
  3203. >FUCK
  3204. >Your dad pulls you into a tight hug, crying
  3205. >Damn it damn it DAMN IT
  3206. >You were happier thinking your dad was going to give you shit tonight
  3207. "Dad, please! I wasn't raped!"
  3208. >"What? Rainbow told me what happened, Twilight. They drugged you..."
  3209. "Y-Yeah, but... Dad, I'm fine."
  3210. >He pulls you in closer
  3211. >"It's okay. You're scared, I get it. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Don't worry, I already called Shining."
  3212. >WHAT
  3214. "I-I'm not going to co-operate."
  3215. >"You don't have to be scared. If they threatened you, it's okay. The police can keep you safe."
  3216. "It's not that!"
  3217. >You pull yourself out of your father's arms
  3218. >"Dude, Twi, it's okay."
  3220. >You push Dash out of your way, crying out of anger
  3221. >God fucking DAMN
  3222. >This isn't how you wanted things to go at all
  3223. >Nothing ever goes your way!
  3224. >You run to your room and lock yourself in
  3225. >"Twilight, please!" you hear, as your father knocks on you door
  3226. "NO!"
  3227. >Ugh, what is this fucking bizzaro world you're in?
  3228. >You jump on your bed with Spike
  3229. "Oh Spike... Nothing good ever happens, does it?"
  3230. >He licks your face
  3231. >You pull him in closer
  3232. >Your father eventually gives up on banging the door down
  3233. >"Shining's going to be over soon, Twilight... I know you're scared, but you have to talk to him."
  3234. >The blood drains from your face
  3235. >God please no
  3236. >What the fuck should you fucking do?
  3237. >Maybe you could...
  3238. >Jump out your window
  3239. >Run off somewhere
  3240. >Fuck
  3241. >That, or get interrogated by your brother
  3242. >And probably scolded about throwing your life away
  3243. >Fuck...
  3244. >Fucking Rainbow Dash
  3245. >That fucking SJW normie
  3246. >It couldn't have been rape if you enjoyed it, right?
  3247. >Losing your virginity in a rape?
  3248. >Ugh...
  3249. >Just, fuck everything
  3250. >The doorbell goes off
  3251. >Fuck fuck fuck
  3252. >"Twily?!"
  3253. >You sit up on the bed
  3254. >Fuck, what do you do?
  3255. >Shining Armor begins knocking on your door
  3256. >"Twily, please... Dad told me about—"
  3257. "It's not what you think! Please, just go away!"
  3258. >You hear him sigh through the door
  3259. >"Twily... If someone out there hurt you, I'm not just going to stand by and do nothing. Come out and talk to me."
  3260. >God no
  3261. >Fuck
  3262. >If you tell him what happened...
  3263. >He's not going to just let it go
  3264. >"Twily, open up."
  3265. >F-Fuck
  3266. >What would Treehugger do?
  3268. >Shining groans
  3269. >"Twily, what are you even... Look, what you went through was hard, but if you're going to cover for a criminal... No matter what you're going through, I can't stand by that."
  3270. >God, why are people so up in arms just because they think you were raped...
  3271. >Oh
  3272. "Shining, please! She didn't do anything wrong!"
  3273. >"She? ...Twily, just talk to me! Let me get to the bottom of this. As your brother, and not an officer."
  3274. >He knocks on the door
  3275. "I-I don't want to press charges!"
  3276. >"If you don't, the State will. It's best if you give your side. Maybe... Maybe you're scared and confused right now, but we can put her away! I can help you!"
  3277. >You remember what Treehugger told you
  3278. >'Spark bug, remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets'
  3279. >Wait, no, the other thing
  3281. "J-Just... Give me a minute to clean up, then."
  3282. >"Whatever you want, Twily. I'll be waiting downstairs."
  3283. >Okay, fuck, gotta do this quick
  3284. >You put up the blinds and open the window
  3285. >How do you get the screening out?
  3286. >D-Do you just break it?
  3287. >You kick a hole through the mesh
  3288. >You turn to Spike
  3289. "Be good, boy. I'll be back."
  3290. >After giving him a goodbye rub, you hop out your window and onto the roof
  3291. "Woah..."
  3292. >Jumping down from up here looks a bit scary, but...
  3293. >Here goes nothing
  3294. "FUCK!"
  3295. >You tumble as you hit the ground
  3296. >Wasn't as bad as you thought
  3297. >You scamper off, away from the house
  3298. >Not exactly sure where you're going, but fuck
  3299. >Maybe you can try and find Treehugger
  3300. >Warn her about all the shit you've gotten her in
  3301. >Or at the least, apologize
  3302. >You wonder how she'll react...
  3303. >You don't care if she'll hate you
  3304. >Getting someone into huge shit and leaving them in it?
  3305. >It's not right
  3306. >Wish you'd gotten her number from Fluttershy before you fucked everything up
  3307. >You begin running in the general direction of Treehugger's apartment
  3308. >At least, as far as you can remember
  3309. >Fuck, why are you so bad with street names?
  3310. >Or directions in general?
  3311. >Fuck...
  3312. >You'll go past the baseball field...
  3313. >Past the Game Shop...
  3314. >Past the Cakes' bakery...
  3315. >Follow the big road...
  3316. >Probably start to notice things get really shitty and run down eventually...
  3317. >Fuck, you wish you had your driver's license
  3318. >And a car
  3319. >Whatever
  3320. >Running is really tiring you out
  3321. >You begin to slow down as the Game Shop comes into view
  3322. >Still a lot further to go...
  3323. >Is that—
  3324. >You notice Sunset Shimmer and Trixie leaving the Game Shop
  3325. >Maybe you should try talking to them
  3326. >It's been a while since you've talked to Sunny...
  3327. >Still haven't apologized to Moondancer
  3328. >Not sure you really have to
  3329. >Maybe you can convince Sunny on that...
  3330. >Sunny has life experience, though, and that might be helpful right now
  3331. >She used to be all 'hardcore' apparently
  3332. >Sunny gives you a moderate glare as she nears
  3333. >You wave
  3334. >Trixie waves back
  3335. >Sunny doesn't
  3336. >"Twilight."
  3337. "Sunny, I... I'm in trouble. I really screwed up."
  3338. >She shrugs, stonefaced
  3339. >"Trixie told me you'd gotten into some sort of trouble."
  3340. >"BUT, Trixie did not specify, as Miss Sparkle requested."
  3341. "Sunny, I—"
  3342. >"I'm not sure I'm willing to hear you out just yet, Twilight. Apologize to Moondancer yet?"
  3343. "N-No, but..."
  3344. >She crosses her arms
  3345. >Fuck
  3346. >This is one of those times where Trixie not being a total sperg might not have been in your best interests
  3347. >Or, really, the only time you can think of
  3348. "Look, it's... It's really bad. You're hardcore, right?"
  3349. >Sunny looks at you strangely
  3350. >"What?"
  3351. "I think I just ruined someone's life."
  3352. >"Since when were you concerned with that sort of thing?"
  3353. >You clasp your hands and plead with her
  3354. "But, like, for real ruin, Sunny! Not 'no-show-at-a-birthday-party' ruined, but 'jail forever' ruined!"
  3355. >"What? What have you gotten yourself into?!"
  3356. "You went, to, like, juvie or something, right?"
  3357. >She snarls
  3358. >"I'm a different person now, Twilight."
  3359. "But it's true, though, right?!"
  3360. >"So what!"
  3361. "Well, I was hanging out with Fluttershy, and—"
  3362. >Sunny puts her head in hands
  3363. >"You shouldn't be hanging out with that girl. She's got bad habits... What did you do, Twilight?"
  3364. "I DIDN'T KNOW! I thought, like, all she did was pet cats and stuff!"
  3365. >"Well spit it out! What happened?! I'm losing my patience with you, Twilight."
  3366. >Ack, she's giving you that stern look
  3367. >You weren't thinking when you started this conversation, but
  3368. >You're sort of embarrassed
  3369. >Telling Sunny about Fluttershy and Treehugger...
  3370. >You blush
  3371. >"Twilight, speak up for god's sake! What's wrong with you?"
  3372. "W-Well... I... I wanted to, you know, become a better friend to the girls while you were suspended, because, I don't know... I wanted to prove that I could be a good person, and..."
  3373. >You go on and tell her about Fluttershy and Treehugger
  3374. >About how you were trying to 'be cool'
  3375. >About the drugs and the sex stuff
  3376. >About the girls' reactions
  3377. >About your brother...
  3378. >You wish you could've told the story without the lewder bits, but they were sort of important
  3379. >Sunny just kept a stoic face the whole time
  3380. >"So what're your plans, then? How exactly do you think you can help this 'Treehugger'?"
  3381. "Y-You're on my side on this?"
  3382. >"I suppose I am... How exactly am I supposed to help?"
  3383. >You shake your head
  3384. "I just need some advice, I guess... From someone hardcore."
  3385. >"Stop calling me that. Anyways, what's your plan?"
  3386. "Okay, well... Fluttershy said she had a friend who could help, I don't know, pull some strings I guess. I just had to 'make a deal' with him..."
  3387. >"What friend?"
  3388. "I don't know. A friend."
  3389. >Trixie's eyes dart between you and Sunny
  3390. >"Um, Trixie is concerned..."
  3391. >"Go home Trixie. I'll try and catch with you. I just need to talk to Twilight quick, okay?"
  3392. >She skips away from the two of you
  3393. >Sunny puts her hands on your shoulders
  3394. >"Look, Twilight, does a guy who can pull strings in the legal system sound like someone you want to fuck with, Twilight?"
  3395. >You shake your head
  3396. "N-Not really... But what choice do I have?"
  3397. >"Maybe just cut your losses..."
  3398. "B-B-But... I can't just let a friend go to jail!"
  3399. >She shrugs
  3400. >"Maybe Treehugger takes a plea deal and gets out early for good behavior or something..."
  3401. >That wouldn't happen
  3402. >Knowing her, she'd be as belligerent as possible
  3403. >Rant about government overreach
  3404. >Which would be sort of her fault, but you don't want to put her in that situation
  3405. >The current situation isn't her fault, though
  3406. >Maybe, like, Fluttershy's or something
  3407. >Or no one's!
  3408. >Stuff just happened, you weren't under duress or anything
  3409. >If she didn't keep you in the apartment that night...
  3410. >Could've ended up roaming the streets naked, yelling about unicorns
  3411. >Wouldn't that have been worse?
  3412. "Aren't... Aren't you the one who was supposed to be all about helping friends no matter what?!"
  3413. >"Yeah, when it's just dumb high school shit! Stuff that doesn't really matter! Do you know who this guy is? Fluttershy's 'friend'? You don't want to go there, Twilight! He's bad news."
  3414. "D-Do you know her friend?"
  3415. >Sunny shrugs
  3416. >"I knew of him. Fluttershy... She hangs with a very, very bad crowd, Twilight. You could be putting your life in jeopardy. It's not worth it!"
  3417. >You gulp
  3418. "Th-That bad?"
  3419. >She nods
  3420. >"Canterlot has its darker elements... I don't know how Fluttershy got involved with him, but please. Please, don't see this guy."
  3421. "I-I don't know, Sunny... I need to help Treehugger..."
  3422. >Sunny exhales
  3423. >"I don't think you understand. If you get involved in this stuff... It's hard to get out. Trust someone 'hardcore'"
  3424. >You sigh
  3425. "Just who is this guy?"
  3426. >Sunny looks around before turning back to you
  3427. >"People call him Discord. He's the kind of guy hardened criminals look for under their beds at night."
  3428. >Ah, so one of those 'urban legend' types of criminals
  3429. >Yeah, that does sound pretty...
  3430. >Pretty not good to be involved with
  3431. >Fuck
  3432. >Things were easier when you were spending the whole day doing nothing but shitposting
  3433. >If you'd never gone to that party...
  3434. >Gah, what kind of logic is that?
  3435. >If you'd never done a lot of things...
  3436. "I just... I just don't know, Sunny."
  3437. >Sunny holds your forearm in her hand
  3438. >"Twilight, don't do this. I know she's your friend and all, but sometimes, shit happens and we have to deal with it."
  3439. >You could be getting into really, really crazy shit
  3440. >Shit you don't even know how crazy it is
  3441. >Can't understand
  3442. >But...
  3443. >Fuck, why did you have to start caring about people and shit
  3444. >Just a few weeks ago, you would've hated Treehugger and all she stood for
  3445. >Normies reeeeee and shit
  3446. "I just... I can't not do something."
  3447. >"I wish I was wrong about you, and that you really were just a selfish dick..."
  3448. "W-Will you help me?"
  3449. >She shrugs
  3450. >"I'm Miss 'Help Your Friends No Matter What', so, I guess so. I mean, I'm not sure how, but I'll try."
  3451. "Th-Thanks... So, we're friends still?"
  3452. >"You still have to apologize to Moondancer, but, yeah."
  3453. >Nice
  3454. >You fixed your relationship with Sunset Shimmer
  3455. >And you didn't even have to apologize to Moondancer!
  3456. >Woo...
  3457. >You hug it out and part ways
  3458. >Wouldn't need Sunny for this next part, but she'd come in hand later, probably
  3459. >And you had a fully charged phone, so if you get lost, it won't be so bad
  3460. >Tomorrow you're going to see this Discord guy...
  3461. >You're fucking retarded
  3462. >Oh my God, how fucking retarded are you
  3463. >Just be cool
  3464. >The sun is lowering in the sky
  3465. >You wonder what time it is
  3466. >Looking at your phone, you see you have an asston of texts and missed calls
  3467. >Fug
  3468. >After a lot of walking, you make it to the east side of town
  3469. >This place isn't as scary when there's still light
  3470. >Just... Looks like a shitty place is all
  3471. >You eventually find some familiar buildings
  3472. >A small feeling of accomplishment washes over you as you find the apartment
  3473. >Take that, lack of directional skills
  3474. >You make your way inside and knock on Treehugger's door, hoping she's inside
  3475. >She's a pothead, so she probably is, right?
  3476. >You wait
  3477. >No response
  3478. >Knock again
  3479. >"Woah, who's there?"
  3480. >The door creaks open
  3481. >That distinctive 'tons of drugs' smell pours out from the door
  3482. >"Spark Bug! What're you doin' here, little one?"
  3483. "C-Can I come in?"
  3484. >"Of course!"
  3485. >She waves you in
  3486. >The apartment is much the same as it was before
  3487. >"You know, I wasn't sure I was gonna see you again. Fluttershy's other friend I didn't like, but you? Pretty cool, Spark Bug."
  3488. >You take a seat down on the couch next to her
  3489. >"So what's up? Your vibes are really neggin' me out right now, man."
  3490. "I-I came because... I got you in trouble..."
  3491. >Treehugger scratches her head
  3492. >"With who?"
  3493. "I... I didn't mean to. I was just telling people about, you know, last night, and... Well, the cops are involved now..."
  3494. >She pauses
  3495. >Oh fuck
  3496. >She's probably going to throw you out
  3497. >Twilight, you fuck
  3498. >"Well, that sucks. Doesn't feel like you narc'd on me, so what happened?"
  3499. >You tell her about your lunch earlier today
  3500. >Trying to brag, but instead, well...
  3501. >"Oh my God, Spark Bug..."
  3502. "I-I-I'm sorry..."
  3503. >Treehugger pulls you in for a hug
  3504. >"Flutters didn't... I thought... Spark Bug, man, I'm so sorry."
  3505. "You don't have to be sorry... But now the police are on this, and—"
  3506. >She lies back on the couch
  3507. >"It's okay, Spark Bug... Maybe I'll just, I don't know... Skip town, or something."
  3508. "B-But... That's not right! Right?"
  3509. >She shrugs
  3510. >"I dunno. It's, like, some sort of moral grey area I guess. I don't want to go to prison, and I like living here, but... I mean, what else is there to do?"
  3511. >You really don't want her to flee the city...
  3512. >Or country...
  3513. >And going to prison.. It could be a while
  3514. >Unlike Fluttershy, you're pretty certain she ACTUALLY does all that 'save the world' charity shit
  3515. >Whether or not it actually does anything
  3516. "Look, I-I... I think I know a way to get you out of this..."
  3517. >"How's that, Spark Bug?"
  3518. "W-Well, there's this guy, named Discord, and—"
  3519. >"You can stop right there, little one. You'd never be able to meet the guy, and if you did... I wouldn't want you to do that. He's, like, the boogeyman or something."
  3520. >You frown
  3521. "W-Well, Fluttershy is going to bring me to him tomorrow... I can fix this!"
  3522. >"Woah, hold up. Flutters knows Discord?"
  3523. >What?
  3524. >You were pretty sure she knew that...
  3525. "Wasn't he Fluttershy's, you know, friend she brought over here on time or whatever? I remember you talking about him..."
  3526. >Treehugger laughs
  3527. >"Spark Bug, I think I woulda known if Discord were here. That was just Fluttershy's crazy boyfriend or whatever. Harsh harsh harsh aura on that guy."
  3528. "A-Are you sure that it wasn't Discord? Because I know that Fluttershy knows him..."
  3529. >Treehugger squints at you
  3530. >"..."
  3531. "Treehugger?"
  3532. >"So... That guy was Discord?"
  3533. "I-I don't know. I just sort of assumed..."
  3534. >She starts shaking her head
  3535. >Her face seems to go pale in an instant
  3536. >"Spark Bug, if you think that he'll help you... Nah, no way, that's crazy, man. Do not do that."
  3537. "B-But I have to! To set things right!"
  3538. >She waves her arms in front of herself
  3539. >"N. O. Bro."
  3540. >Treehugger puts her hands on your shoulders
  3541. >"Dude, no."
  3542. >Getting this reaction twice isn't helping your confidence
  3543. "W-Well... I don't know, Fluttershy said she was setting up a meeting with him and—"
  3544. >"Oh fuck, Spark Bug, what have you gotten yourself into! I'm not worth dyin' over, man!"
  3545. "W-Well, I don't know what else to do! Fluttershy kind of forced me into it with threats of violence and stuff, but still!"
  3546. >"Man, Flutters... She always had such good vibes! I can't... Shit, man."
  3547. >Treehugger pulls you back into another hug
  3548. >"I knew you had an awesome heart, Spark Bug. You're too good for this place... Fuck..."
  3549. "Th-Thanks..."
  3550. >She stands up and begins to pace
  3551. >"Still... Flutters got you a meeting with him? That's what you said? Please say it's not, man..."
  3552. >You scratch the back of your head
  3553. "I mean, yeah, that's what she said..."
  3554. >She swears and shakes her head
  3555. >"Do you think you could, I dunno, move all your friends and family out of the country, then?"
  3556. "W-What kind of question is that? Of course not!"
  3557. >Seeing Treehugger become more and more distressed isn't doing great for you disposition
  3558. >You didn't think she had an anxious bone in her body...
  3559. >"You don't just, you know, stand up Discord. You hear stories, man. Can't just blow him off. Fucker's insane! He'd kill you for less! I-I-I... I don't even know how I'm alive if that fucker was here..."
  3560. "S-So... What do I do?"
  3561. >Treehugger throws her hands in the air
  3562. >"Fuck if I know! My God, Spark Bug, this is bad."
  3563. >Well, fuck
  3564. "Th-The police can help us, maybe..."
  3565. >She laughs
  3566. >"Yeah, just walk into the police station, tell 'em you got this guy angry, and they just walk you into the backroom and do you in themselves. Pigs are corrupt, man!"
  3567. "M-My brother is a cop... We can trust him, maybe..."
  3568. >"Spark Bug, you can't trust cops, man! Even if your bro ain't crooked, I mean, if Discord is expecting you and you don't show up... Flutters, your family, your friends, BAM, gone!"
  3569. >She stops her pacing and just...
  3570. >Lays down on the floor
  3571. >"That guy was in my house. That dude HATED me. Cherish life, Spark Bug. I don't know how I still have mine..."
  3572. "I-I guess it's because Fluttershy likes hanging out with you."
  3573. >Treehugger laughs
  3574. >"Well, fuck."
  3575. >You can say that again
  3576. >Fuck
  3577. >You sit on the couch
  3578. >Treehugger lies on the floor
  3579. >And you're both just silent for a good while
  3580. >You try to check the time on your phone
  3581. >Dead
  3582. >This is what you get for keeping it charging all the time...
  3583. >"Well, Spark Bug, how'ya wanna spend what might be your last day on god's green earth?"
  3584. >You shrug
  3585. "I-I dunno. Got more cupcakes?"
  3586. >She nods and heads out of the room
  3587. >Fuck it, might as well, right?
  3588. >Weird last meal, but whatever
  3589. >For some reason, you don't feel as scared as you should
  3590. >Talking to normies scares the fuck out of you
  3591. >This doesn't?
  3592. >What the fuck's wrong with you?
  3593. >Maybe it's just too much
  3594. >Best case scenario: You talk to this Discord guy and stuff goes well
  3595. >Treehugger gets out free
  3596. >Nothing bad happens to anyone
  3597. >Heck
  3598. >Fluttershy's alive and shit
  3599. >Also a crazy, super-hardcore person
  3600. >But still, coming in contact with him and not dying is a possibility
  3601. >Right?
  3602. >Whatever happens after you meet him...
  3603. >You can't not meet him
  3604. >Fuck, your family...
  3605. >Your friends...
  3606. >Sunny, Trixie, the girls, Treehugger...
  3607. >Who knows who could get hurt
  3608. >You're not going to let that happen
  3609. >You've watched a lot of anime, right?
  3610. >It can't be 100% different, so...
  3611. >You feel... Conviction
  3612. >Fucked up situation aside, you can pull through this, right?
  3613. >Caring about people was a mistake...
  3614. >"Here ya go."
  3615. "Th-Thanks."
  3616. >Treehugger hands you a cupcake and takes a seat next to you
  3617. >"Your aura is pretty steady right now, man."
  3618. >You shrug and take a bite of the cupcake
  3619. "I guess... I don't know, I'm scared but... It's not so bad."
  3620. >"Indomitable spirit. It's pretty righteous, Spark Bug. I like it."
  3621. >She takes a bite of her cupcake, shaking
  3622. >"I'm scared shitless right now, man."
  3623. >You chuckle to yourself
  3624. >Man, what has happened to your life?
  3625. >It's like those stories of agoraphobes getting hit by a bus when they go outside
  3626. >You finish your cupcake and stretch, leaning on Treehugger
  3627. >She puts an arm around you and pats you on the arm
  3628. "D-Do you think things are going to be okay?
  3629. >"I don't think so, Spark Bug..."
  3630. >Treehugger smiles at you
  3631. >"But I hope so."
  3632. >A laugh escapes your mouth
  3633. >That's not entirely reassuring...
  3634. "What's life like?"
  3635. >"Like, my life, or in general?"
  3636. "In general... I-It's a dumb question, I guess. I'm just never going to find out... I wasted it."
  3637. >You feel Treehugger's chest rise and fall as she sighs
  3638. >A slight buzz begins to pass over you
  3639. >"The only way to live life is your way, Spark Bug."
  3640. >You crack a small smile
  3641. "Just have to 'be yourself'?"
  3642. >"Be okay with yourself, I guess."
  3643. >She pokes you in the center of your chest
  3644. >"Like I said before. Gotta good heart, good vibes... Do what you do, you know?"
  3645. "P-People don't like me when I 'do what I do'."
  3646. >Treehugger frowns
  3647. >"That's not right, man. People just have to let people be people."
  3648. "Th-That's a tautology..."
  3649. >"I dunno man. It's true! Someone out there, you know, their whole life—their heart—is about cardboard boxes or somethin', man. Design those little boxes you get in the mail. Maybe it's silly, but people who do their thing... Their auras are just alive. Isn't that what life is like?"
  3650. >You shrug
  3651. >"If people don't like what's inside of you, Spark Bug, they can go fuck themselves."
  3652. >Treehugger pecks you on the forehead and rubs her hand through your hair
  3653. >Maybe she's right...
  3654. >You wonder what it is that's inside of you
  3655. >Spent so long trying to find something else to be, you don't entirely remember what your 'self' is...
  3656. >The cupcakes start really kicking in and your skin goes flush
  3657. >You yawn, stretching your arms
  3658. >Treehugger lies down on the couch and you lie next to her
  3659. >As you close your eyes, you feel... Good
  3660. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNny8w18QOs
  3661. >Treehugger puts her arms around you
  3662. >A tingling sensation runs across your body
  3663. >You can feel her breath on your skin
  3664. >The high makes you feel incredibly relaxed
  3665. >Slowly, you nod off to sleep
  3666. >The next morning, you awake feeling relatively happy
  3667. >Residual feelings from yesterday
  3668. >One of those 'I'm not quite sure who I am or what's going on' moments
  3669. >Then the severity of the situation hits you
  3670. >You're you
  3671. >High school student and recluse, Twilight Sparkle
  3672. >And you're meeting with Discord...
  3673. >Deep breaths, Twilight
  3674. >You notice you're alone on the couch
  3675. >And that there's a smell aside from weed in the apartment
  3676. "Treehugger?"
  3677. >"Oh, Spark Bug!" you hear her call from the kitchen. "I was makin' some pancakes. Want some?"
  3678. "Sure."
  3679. >You rub at your eyes and arch your back
  3680. >It cracks, making you feel a bit better
  3681. >Walking into the kitchen, you spot Treehugger and the pancakes
  3682. >"Sleep good, Spark Bug?"
  3683. >You nod
  3684. >She smiles at you solemnly
  3685. >"Today's the day, huh?"
  3686. >You just nod again
  3687. >Yesterday, you weren't, but...
  3688. "I-I'm... I'm pretty scared."
  3689. >"Dude, you'd be crazy not to be. Come on, let's dig in."
  3690. >You sit down opposite her at a small card table
  3691. >Treehugger sets a stack of pancakes in the middle
  3692. "These aren't, like... Pot pancakes or something, are they?"
  3693. >She laughs
  3694. >"Sometimes you just gotta eat food for food's sake, man."
  3695. >You eat the pancakes
  3696. "These... taste a little weird."
  3697. >"Vegan pancakes."
  3698. "O-Oh... Save the animals and all that?"
  3699. >"Nah. I just like the taste."
  3700. >You think you prefer normal pancakes, but whatever
  3701. >Let her be her, or whatever
  3702. >The two of you finish up
  3703. "D-Do you have any extra clothes I could wear? I-I don't think I should wear, you know, my usual stuff if people are looking for me..."
  3704. >"Sure thing, Spark Bug. Go look around my closet. Take whatever you want, man."
  3705. >You thank her and head for her room
  3706. >Place is a bit of a mess...
  3707. >Not as bad as you'd expected, though
  3708. >Nowhere as bad as yours, so it's not like you can judge
  3709. >You comb through the small pile of clothes on the bed, and her closet
  3710. >Eh, don't be too picky, Twilight
  3711. >Just wear something
  3712. >You haven't changed your style for as long as you can remember
  3713. >No change in hairstyle except by accident
  3714. >'Clearly a stoner' seems to be the style you come out with no matter what
  3715. >He'll you'll also clearly smell like one
  3716. >You finally get your pick of clothing
  3717. >The whole 'super worn-out' jeans thing was never something you were into, but whatever
  3718. >Some stoner-band T, which is a little big for you
  3719. >Plaid hipster shirt with the buttons unbuttoned
  3720. >And you decide to pick up one of her beanies, since you hair is sort of unique
  3721. >You feel embarrassed...
  3722. >Wish there was a mirror in here
  3723. >Maybe it's better there's not
  3724. >You step out of Treehugger's room
  3725. "Ta da... How do I look?"
  3726. >She smiles
  3727. >"Super cool, man! I'm biased, though."
  3728. "Th-Thanks... I hope it's a good enough disguise."
  3729. >Treehugger nods
  3730. >You check the time
  3731. >You slept in, but not too much
  3732. >School will be ending soon, and Fluttershy is expecting you
  3733. >"Ready to go?"
  3734. >You nod
  3735. "You should probably drop me off a few blocks from the school... I can walk the rest of the way."
  3736. >"Aye aye, cap'n."
  3737. >You head down to the street and get into her rust bucket
  3738. >The two of you stay mostly silent during the ride
  3739. >Fuck
  3740. >Fuck, what the fuck is happening
  3741. >Just stay calm
  3742. >"Well, here's your stop, man. Be safe."
  3743. >Treehugger rubs the back of your head
  3744. >"If, you know, we both end up in the river or somethin'... Just know, you're a cool person, Spark Bug."
  3745. "Th-Thanks... You too."
  3746. >You smile faintly at each other
  3747. >Stepping out of the car, it feels like the blood is trying to explode from your body
  3748. >Better not keep Fluttershy waiting
  3749. >You head to school towards CHS
  3750. >Kids are already leaving the building as you approach
  3751. >They pass by you without giving you a second glance...
  3752. >People were always giving you weird looks before
  3753. >Maybe dressing the way you did before didn't keep you as invisible as you'd thought
  3754. >Probably stick out less now
  3755. >Which is good
  3756. >Hopefully Fluttershy noticed you didn't go to school today, and doesn't try to wait for you inside
  3757. >You wait by the main entrance to the school
  3758. >A few minutes later, you spot her coming out
  3759. "H-Hey, Fluttershy..."
  3760. >She gives you a deathly stare
  3761. >"D-Don't fuck this up, o-okay? Or else..."
  3762. "I-I won't."
  3763. >"G-Good. Follow me."
  3764. >The scowl on her face melts away, and the kind, harmless Fluttershy bubbles to the surface
  3765. >The long walk begins
  3766. >You hate all this walking you've been doing
  3767. "S-So... W-What do I have to do for your friend?"
  3768. >Fluttershy doesn't say a word
  3769. "H-How do you even know Discord?"
  3770. >Fluttershy perks up and turns to you
  3771. >"I never told you his name."
  3772. >She squints
  3773. >"Who told you?"
  3774. "U-Uh... I don't know?"
  3775. >Fluttershy shrugs
  3776. >"We're friends."
  3777. "H-How do you get to be friends with someone l-like that?"
  3778. >"I have a way with animals," she says, grinning
  3779. >O-Oh, okay
  3780. "A-Are the things they s-say about him true?"
  3781. >Fluttershy just laughs
  3782. >Yup, you're walking off to your death
  3783. >As you walk through the east side of town, the two of you approach...
  3784. >A Pizza n Play?
  3785. >Memories of shitty pizza and broken arcade machines resurface in your mind
  3786. "Discord's here? I-Inside a shitty children's pizza arcade?"
  3787. >"Discord is... a little eccentric with his fronts."
  3788. >Fronts?
  3789. >Those are real?
  3790. >There aren't many cars in the lot
  3791. >The building itself is pretty run-down looking
  3792. >Some of the letters are faded on the sign, and—
  3793. >Ugh
  3794. >You always hated that shitty mascot
  3795. >Looks like someone just threw a bunch of animals together and called it a day
  3796. "Does he own all of these, or just the one?"
  3797. >"Stop asking stupid questions!"
  3798. >You take a breath as Fluttershy leads you inside
  3799. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKKgAizMQb0
  3800. >This place seems smaller on the inside than it did on the outside...
  3801. >The acrid smell of overpriced pizza hangs in the air
  3802. >There doesn't seem to anyone in here
  3803. >Aside from a few random dudes here and there
  3804. >A little old for one of these places, eh?
  3805. >You aren't exactly intimidated by the setting
  3806. >Perhaps this should scare you more
  3807. >The boogeyman is the owner of one of those places where guys walk around with creepy mascot costumes
  3808. >Giving people nightmares from childhood since whenever-the-fuck-it-was-founded
  3809. >Fluttershy leads you to the back of the arcade to an 'Employees Only' door
  3810. >She knocks in a rhythmic pattern
  3811. >The door opens
  3812. >Huh
  3813. >Before entering, she turns to you
  3814. >"Be. Cool. Or you'll have more than HIM to worry about."
  3815. "Y-Yeah..."
  3816. >Be cool, Twilight
  3817. >Be cool
  3818. >FUCK, BE COOL
  3819. >The two of you pass by the gruff looking man holding the door open
  3820. >He nods at you and Fluttershy
  3821. >You neverously nod back
  3822. >As you enter, it's no wonder this place seemed small...
  3823. >Reminds you of the off-limits section of a mall
  3824. >Unpainted walls, lots of rooms
  3825. >Fluttershy continues to lead you further into the back
  3826. >At the end of a hall, there's an unmarked grey door
  3827. >A mat with the word 'REPUTATION' lays out in front
  3828. >Punny...
  3829. >'Do I look like a clown to you? Do I make you laugh?'
  3830. >Congratulations, Twilight
  3831. >You got yourself killed...
  3832. >Fluttershy turns the knob on the door and enters, pulling you along with her
  3833. >"Ah, Fluttershy! And a new friend!"
  3834. >Discord is sitting at the direct end of the room
  3835. >On what looks to be a throne...
  3836. >The room is rather ornate
  3837. >Rarity would call it 'gaudy'
  3838. >Lots of clashing colors, and seemingly random furniture choices
  3839. >There's a large TV off to the side, and you notice a huge collection of what look to be movies
  3840. >He coughs
  3841. >"I was expecting you," he says lowly, steepling his fingers
  3842. >Laughter rings through the room
  3843. >He...
  3844. >He looks like he could be one of your teachers at CHS
  3845. >This... This is the guy?
  3846. >This is the guy who could kill you and your whole family, Twilight
  3847. >Fuck fuck fuck, keep it together
  3848. >"Discord! :3"
  3849. >Closing the door behind her, Fluttershy literally skips up to him and bounces onto his lap
  3850. >"Oh you little rascal, come 'ere."
  3851. >Fluttershy giggles as Discord gives her a noogie
  3852. >You stand awkwardly by and watch
  3853. >"Where are my manners?! Fluttershy here told me your name earlier, but, I can't seem to remember it."
  3854. >You gulp
  3855. "U-U-Um—"
  3856. >"Hello, Um! You can call me Uncle Discord."
  3857. >He smiles and extends a hand in your direction
  3858. >"Well, come along then! I won't bite."
  3859. >Your heart races in your chest
  3860. >Your body doesn't move
  3861. >"You're just going to leave me hanging?"
  3862. >Discord puts on a puppy dog face
  3863. >What the fuck
  3864. >Fluttershy glares holes into your skull
  3865. >You push forward and walk across the room and shake his hand
  3866. >"Ah! A nice, firm hand shake. That'll get you far, Um. And—"
  3867. "U-Uh, it's Twilight Sparkle—"
  3868. >He grins at you as you interrupt him
  3869. >Fuck, you fucked up
  3870. >You cover your mouth with your hand
  3871. >There's something in his eyes this time
  3872. >"Well, Nighttime Shine, I'm very glad to meet you."
  3873. >Discord leans back in his chair, running his hands down Fluttershy's hair as if she were a cat
  3874. >"Now, Fluttershy said you needed my help. She told me ALL about what happened. And I'm here to help anyone in need, but, you know how it is. If you're my friend, I expect you to be friend. You scratch my back, I scratch yours."
  3875. "W-What do you want?"
  3876. >"Your soul, of course."
  3877. "W-W-W-W—"
  3878. >Discord snorts
  3879. >"I'm not the devil!"
  3880. >He reaches a hand out, tousling your hair
  3881. >"All I want is your help! Little Fluttershy over here," he pinches her cheek, causing her to blush
  3882. >"Well, she's already my in, into CHS. So I don't need another seller, especially one experiencing a lot of scrutiny from her school and the police..."
  3883. "S-So... How can I h-help?"
  3884. >Discord rubs at his chin
  3885. >"How CAN you help? I love little girls like yourself, Twilight, so full of spunk! And I'm liking the look you've got going on right now, really compliments the kind of work we do here... But you don't exactly have much to offer, do you? I'd really hate it if you were wasting my time."
  3886. >Sweat drips down your forehead
  3887. >Fuck fuck fuck fuck
  3888. >His smile suddenly drops
  3889. >"Are you just here to waste my time?"
  3890. "N-N-No... I c-c-can help you!"
  3891. >"How?"
  3892. >Uh...
  3893. "M-My body?"
  3894. >Raucous laughter hits your ears
  3895. >"N-No, HA, no o-offense, but, y-you're not exactly the ideal streetwalker. I mean, the boy-torso thing can go over well, but that's typically when it's attached to a boy. People pay well for that sort of thing!"
  3896. >Discord laughs and wipes an imaginary tear from his eye
  3897. >"You know, Twilight, you're being a bit of a buzzkill. Laugh a little!"
  3898. >You laugh uneasily
  3899. >"There you go!"
  3900. "M-M-Maybe..."
  3901. >Your whole body is quivering
  3902. >You can hardly talk with how much your jaw is shaking
  3903. >Fuck
  3904. >You're going to die
  3905. >You're gonna die you're gonna die
  3906. >Discord frowns
  3907. >"Fluttershy, why'd you bring this one here? You know clean-up can be tedious for my guys."
  3908. >She pouts
  3909. >"She got Treehugger into this mess. She has to get her out of it."
  3910. >"You know I would've done that for you if you asked, Flutterbutter!"
  3911. >She groans
  3912. >"It's about principal!"
  3913. >W-What?
  3914. >Discord turn to you
  3915. >"Well, can't argue with that! Get people in trouble, gotta dig 'em out yourself, eh, Sparkie?"
  3917. >Your hatred for Fluttershy nearly exceeds the dread and fear you're experiencing
  3918. >Fluttershy...
  3919. >You could kill her right now
  3920. >Probably not actually
  3921. >'Kill' has taken on, well, a bit of a more real tone
  3922. >But still, holy FUCK
  3923. >You've been forced into risking life and limb because of her!
  3924. >"I'm not sure I like the way you're looking at Fluttershy, Twilight. Very rude. We're all friends here, right?"
  3925. "R-Right... Sorry."
  3926. >"That's better."
  3927. >Okay, actually, be cool
  3928. >For real, your life might depend on it
  3929. >"Do you need time to think?"
  3930. >You nod
  3931. >"B-But Discord! Ugh, I already gave her a whole day!"
  3932. "Y-You didn't t-tell me I had to think of something myself..."
  3933. >She grunts petulantly
  3934. >"You're so fucking dumb, Twilight."
  3935. >"Language, girls!"
  3936. >Okay, you've watched a lot of anime
  3937. >What would an anime heroine do?
  3938. >She'd be smart, grizzled, always two steps ahead, and she'd do something like...
  3939. "I... I'm a bit of a science prodigy... I could, uh, cook for you..."
  3940. >Discord laughs
  3941. >"You're going to enter the SPOOKY world of organized crime? Doesn't that seem a bit, I don't know, disproportionate? Getting some pothead out of trouble," he snaps, "I could do it like that! Not that I'll refuse the offer if you really want to make it..."
  3942. >You breath a sigh of relief
  3943. >You're not sure you could've actually done that
  3944. >Turning to anime for help with tense situations is probably a bad thing on second thought
  3945. "S-So w-what do you want?"
  3946. >"Surprise me!"
  3947. >Fuck, Twilight, think!
  3948. >10 seconds pass
  3949. >Discord yawns
  3950. >"Well, that seems like enough time. What is it that you're offering me?"
  3951. >FUCK
  3952. >TWILIGHT
  3956. >C'mon, Twilight!
  3957. >Your life depends on this!
  3958. >Fuck, a lot more than yours, maybe!
  3959. >What do you have?!
  3960. >What are you good at?!
  3961. >Say something!
  3962. >ANYTHING
  3963. "I'm a professional Magic the Gathering player."
  3964. >Good fucking job, Twilight
  3965. >Discord stares limply at you
  3966. >A light seems to go off in his head
  3967. >"I thought you sounded familiar!"
  3968. "W-What?"
  3969. >"Twilight Sparkle... Yes, I swear I heard the name in a podcast I listen to. I loved your antics! Oh, that Moon...whatever her name is. Awful, and a CHEATER."
  3970. "W-What?"
  3971. >What in the holy fuck
  3972. >Deep in the Holy Fucktum
  3973. >In the Arc of the Fuck
  3974. >He rubs at his chin
  3975. >"Mind playing a game with an old man? Everyone here is so gruff. 'Yes sir', 'No sir', 'Please don't, sir', 'Not my kids, sir'. Bleh!"
  3976. >He's fucking with you
  3977. "Y-You want... To play a game?"
  3978. >He shrugs his shoulders
  3979. >"I don't see why not. I have to warn you, I'm very good."
  3980. >He clears his throat
  3981. >Is he... Bragging?
  3982. >"I compete under an alias, and I do very well for myself. You know, I was into it long before it became so mainstream."
  3983. "Uh... Cool..."
  3984. >"Discord!"
  3985. >"What?"
  3986. >"You're just going to have her play a game with you and that's it?"
  3987. >She slaps his hand away as he attempts to poke her on the nose
  3988. >"Not JUST. I mean, we could hang out longer than that. I can't talk about these things with you. You don't understand how much I value a good hang-out, Fluttershy. Especially with young blood like yourselves."
  3989. >He wiggles his eyebrows
  3990. >Yuck
  3991. >At least you know he finds your body laughable...
  3992. >Just stay calm and play along
  3993. >He's fucking with you
  3994. >Fluttershy is looking more and more agitated
  3995. >"Why are you being so nice to her?! If she doesn't have anything real to offer you, why not just do what we always do?"
  3996. >He leans over to you and hides his mouth from Fluttershy
  3997. >"She gets moody sometimes. She's really sweet once you get to know her, though!"
  3998. "S-So... You're not going to k-kill me?"
  3999. >"What? Why would I do that? Kids like you are off limits."
  4000. >He scruffs your hair
  4001. >"By the way, did you hear about the new Star Wars movie? That was my childhood, and it seems like they're going to do it justice this time."
  4002. >Is... Is he being serious?
  4003. >Be cool, Twilight
  4004. "Did you hear about Wedge Antilles?"
  4005. >"Oh did I EVER! Not only did they refuse to give Lawson a decent role... I mean, what they did to the extended universe?! I could've killed someone when I heard that!"
  4006. >You laugh uneasily
  4007. "I was mad too... I haven't met anyone who's cared before. People just look at me weird when I bring it up..."
  4008. >Discord chuckles
  4009. >"I remember when I first heard the news, and one of my men scoffed when I had a teensy rant about it."
  4010. "W-What happened?"
  4011. >He smiles at you and winks
  4012. "D-Do you watch any anime?"
  4013. >"Do I?!"
  4014. >The two of you talk about your various favorite animes
  4015. >Discord seems to know a lot more than you
  4016. >Makes you feel like a pleb
  4017. >For a bit, you forget the precarious situation you're in
  4018. >"Ah, you know Twilight, I really like you."
  4019. >Fluttershy gets up off of Discord's lap and approaches you
  4020. "W-What are you—"
  4021. >You yelp as she pulls you by your collar, staring into your eyes
  4022. >"What game are you playing, Twilight?"
  4023. "I-I think he said we were going to play Magic—"
  4024. >"YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!"
  4025. >She lets go of you as Discord pulls her away
  4026. >"Please don't be like that with our new friend, Fluttershy."
  4027. >She stomps her foot
  4028. >"Oh, so you don't like Treehugger and I should stop seeing her, but this is okay?"
  4029. >"Treehugger is a bad influence. I still let you see her though, didn't I? You have friends, I have friends... Don't do with this one what you did with the last."
  4030. >"But—"
  4031. >"No buts. Now sit down, watch the game, and think about your actions. And think about the game. And cheer me on. Quietly though, I need my concentration!"
  4032. >You gulp
  4033. >You don't like the implications of their little talk
  4034. >Discord stands up and directs you over to the lounge-looking area
  4035. "U-Uh... I don't have my deck."
  4036. >"Oh that's fine! I have any card you'd need, with duplicates. Build away, Sparkle."
  4037. >What?
  4038. >No way
  4039. >That's so awesome!
  4040. >Wait, no, settle down
  4041. >This guy is still crazy
  4042. >Whatever you do, don't ruin his cards
  4043. >It takes a while, but you reconstruct your ideal deck
  4044. >He wasn't kidding
  4045. >You didn't look through every card, but fuck
  4046. >This place is like the Magic Library of Alexandria
  4047. >It's not like he can have some of the incredibly rare, shit, right?
  4048. >Wouldn't surprise you though
  4049. >His library of films is also pretty impressive
  4050. >Lots of German and Japanese stuff
  4051. >Lots of patrish animu
  4052. >Lots of good taste, really
  4053. >Discord really, really seems like an autist
  4054. >How does an autist build an empire?
  4055. >Maybe he was fueled to sell quality product in order to buy quality products
  4056. >No, this guy was definitely a sperg of some sort
  4057. >An extremely high functioning one, but one nonetheless
  4058. >As often in your life, you life is being controlled by autists
  4059. >Maybe he seems nice now, but just keep your guard up, Twilight
  4060. >"Almost ready, Twilight?"
  4061. "Y-Yeah..."
  4062. >You make your way over to the table, opposite him
  4063. >Fluttershy sits off to the side looking pissed
  4064. >"Now, I'm sure you know all the rules. No cheating. Oh, and let me win if you want to leave here alive."
  4065. >You shake and nod
  4066. >"I'm just kidding! Where would be the fun in that? Maybe after this I could show you my fedora collection."
  4067. >Your eyes widen
  4068. >Oh fuck, not this kind of sperg
  4069. >He laughs
  4070. >"I'm just kidding again. Oh kids... You'll understand sarcasm eventually. It takes a while."
  4071. >You chuckle
  4072. >Play like you always would
  4073. >Try to win, Twilight
  4074. "R-Ready when you are..."
  4075. >He hands you his deck, and you reciprocate
  4076. >The two of you shuffle
  4077. >"It's so great to be able to play with someone from the circuit. Okay, good luck to you!"
  4078. "Y-You too."
  4079. >You draw and...
  4080. >Oh, that's a pretty good starting hand
  4081. >Discord plays a...
  4082. >Leyline of the Void
  4083. >Oh God it's a fucking troll deck
  4084. >The game continues, with Discord hardly trying to protect himself
  4085. >Instead, he's entirely focused on forcing you to discard your whole deck
  4086. >Jesus fuck is this annoying
  4087. >He's just giggling to himself as he draws
  4088. >At least his strategy relies almost entirely on luck
  4089. >Even if you're throwing away tons of cards, you never have a shit hand
  4090. >Fluttershy just sits, watching, sighing
  4091. >Every once in a while, she blows a stray lock of hair out of her face
  4092. >Fuck her
  4093. >How can you watch this shit and be bored?
  4094. >Look at how sexily impeccable your moves are
  4095. >Even in the face of broken, gimmicky shit, you're doing fine
  4096. >"Hm, you know, you're a lot better than I expected."
  4097. "Well, I AM the Magic Savan—"
  4098. >Ugh
  4099. >"That was you? What a lame nickname, seriously."
  4100. "I was twelve!"
  4101. >"Excuses, excuses."
  4102. >He laughs
  4103. "Yeah, well what's your excuse for losing?"
  4104. >"It's not over 'till the fat lady sings!"
  4105. >He cackles as he draws
  4106. >Jesus Christ this fucking deck
  4107. >You discard more of your cards
  4108. >Not going to last much longer
  4109. >But that's fine!
  4110. >Neither is he
  4111. >"Sparkle, about your Treefriend."
  4112. "Y-Yeah?"
  4113. >"I always like my friends to have a little, shall we say, 'skin in the game'. I thing I have a job you could handle, nothing big."
  4114. "N-Nothing big?"
  4115. >"I can have Fluttershy give you the details later, but yes. Just a little errand and that'll be all. And despite what you might have heard about me, know that I take good care of my friends."
  4116. "O-Okay..."
  4117. >You were expecting something terrible when you first came here
  4118. >Instead you're running small errands and playing games and talking about stuff you actually enjoy
  4119. >Huh
  4120. >As your turn rolls around, you easily obliterate Discord's life total
  4121. "Wooh! Take that!"
  4122. >"Well played, Sparkle. Ah, it's nice to have a little fun every once in a while!"
  4123. >Fluttershy rolls her eyes
  4124. >"Why do you spend so much money on this garbage if you're not even any good at it? It's a fucking game for kids..."
  4125. >Discord's jovial expression disappears
  4126. >"Twilight, you don't think Magic is 'garbage', do you?"
  4127. >His voice lowers
  4128. "N-No..."
  4129. >"I'm afraid you're outvoted, my dear."
  4130. >Fluttershy snarls at you
  4131. >This girl has problems
  4132. >"Why do you have to play around like this with her?!"
  4133. >"Fluttershy... You're cute, but I'm not sure you're irreplaceable. There were girls before you."
  4134. >That seems to shut her up
  4135. >Even for how much of an utter cunt she seems to be...
  4136. >That's fucked up
  4137. >You almost feel as though you're waking from a dream
  4138. >Holy fuck
  4139. >This situation, it's still fucked
  4140. >You're in a room with two psychopaths
  4141. >Discord turns and smiles at you
  4142. >This is the guy you were just playing cards with
  4143. >"I know I said we would hang out more after the game, but... I have some matters to attend to."
  4144. "W-What about Treehugger?"
  4145. >"It's already been taken care of."
  4146. >What?
  4147. "H-How? Y-You haven't called anyone or—"
  4148. >He tousles your hair with hand again
  4149. >You try not to flinch
  4150. >"I trust Fluttershy. I knew you'd be a good girl."
  4151. "O-Okay..."
  4152. >He begins to lead you to the door and pats you on the back
  4153. >"Now you be good. Drink your milk, eat your vegetables. Grow up big and strong and all that good stuff."
  4154. >You look back and see Fluttershy peeking at you from the couch, hate in her eyes
  4155. >What the fuck did you do to get her so fucking mad at you?
  4156. >Discord opens the door and pushes you out
  4157. >"Have one of my guys walk you home. Toodles!"
  4158. "B-Bye."
  4159. >He waves and closes the door
  4160. >What the fuck just happened
  4161. >Are you sure you're not dreaming?
  4162. >Or still high?
  4163. >At least things went well, right?
  4164. >You walk out of the Pizza n Play, followed by a large man in a suit
  4165. >It's dark out...
  4166. >Guess you have protection
  4167. >Home is a long ways away, and you're not sure you're ready for the shit you'll get with Shining and your Dad
  4168. >Plus, Treehugger still has your stuff, and you need to tell her the good news
  4169. >You think you're starting to understand how streets work
  4170. >Being grid-like helps
  4171. >Don't really know where anything is, but you spot familiar street names
  4172. >As time goes on, you only become more anxious
  4173. >More jittery
  4174. >Today happened
  4175. >You met with fucking Discord
  4176. >Who's in some gross relationship with Fluttershy
  4177. >And you played a fucking card game with him
  4178. >Treehugger is going to be fine
  4179. >Your family
  4180. >You
  4181. >Just got to do an errand for him
  4182. >Then you're out clean
  4183. >Right?
  4184. >'Nothing big', he said
  4185. >How can he really be all that dangerous?
  4186. >The guy's a fucking sperg
  4187. >Maybe they can kill your social life
  4188. >But actually kill?
  4189. >He seemed so... friendly
  4190. >Well, fuck, so did Fluttershy at first
  4191. >You wipe the sweat from your brow
  4192. >For all you know, being a reformed autist saved your life today
  4193. >If it wasn't for your spaghetti, you could be in a dumpster right now
  4194. >Or multiple dumpsters...
  4195. >Fuck fuck fuck
  4196. >As you approach Treehugger's apartment, you turn to face your 'guard'
  4197. >He nods and leaves
  4198. >You enter the aprtment
  4199. >God you're shaking like fuck
  4200. >Treehugger's door opens after you knock
  4201. >"SPARK BUG!"
  4202. >She pulls you into a tight hug
  4203. >"Thank fuck you're okay, man."
  4204. >You follow her into the apartment
  4205. >"What happened? What did you have to do?"
  4206. "We played a card game."
  4207. >"What?"
  4208. >You collapse onto her couch
  4209. "That's what happened... We talked about stuff. Played some Magic. I... I don't really know what's going on."
  4210. >Treehugger takes a seat by your feet
  4211. >"That's all you had to do? That guy really is crazy..."
  4212. "Well, I have to do something for him... I'm not sure what, or when, but he said it wasn't a big deal..."
  4213. >You don't really believe that
  4214. >By her frown, it doesn't seem like Treehugger does either
  4215. >She leans back
  4216. >"I'm just glad you're okay, Spark Bug. Fuck... This is all my fault..."
  4217. >You stare at the ceiling
  4218. "Fluttershy could've gotten you out of this whenever she wanted, apparently."
  4219. >"Her aura was always so righteous, man..."
  4220. >You sigh
  4221. >Things have returned to the status-quo, haven't they?
  4222. >You've set things right...
  4223. >Treehugger pats you on the leg
  4224. >"Well, you can crash here, Spark Bug. Whenever you want."
  4225. "Th-Thanks..."
  4226. >Tomorrow...
  4227. >That's not going to be a fun day
  4228. >Your dad's going to freak out
  4229. >Shining too...
  4230. >Probably going to be grounded forever
  4231. >Or not
  4232. >Maybe they're still caught up on the whole rape thing...
  4233. >If you can handle Discord, you can handle that
  4234. >Life was easier before you went outside
  4235. >So be it
  4236. >Normies forget things eventually
  4237. >School will resume, and things will go back to normal after a while
  4238. >You look down your body
  4239. >It's so weird to see yourself wearing stuff like this
  4240. >You squirm slightly as you think about people you know seeing you like this
  4241. >People would probably give you so much shit
  4242. >Can't really pull anything off
  4243. >Not like you've tried, but...
  4244. >You're more used to dressing like
  4245. >What was it Rainbow Dash called you?
  4246. >A homely secretary...
  4247. >Treehugger stands up and yawns
  4248. >"Well, Spark Bug, I'm gonna hit the hay. Today's really messed with my chakras."
  4249. "Y-Yeah..."
  4250. >She smiles at you
  4251. "C-Can I ask you something?"
  4252. >"Shoot, man."
  4253. "Do... Do I look dumb?"
  4254. >Treehugger laughs
  4255. >"Like I said before, I like it. I'm biased."
  4256. "I-I guess this is what you like, right? They're yours... It was a dumb question."
  4257. >She laughs again
  4258. >"I'm biased because it's you I like, Spark Bug."
  4259. >You blush
  4260. >"Don't sweat about that stuff, man. Anyways, I'll see you in the morning. Night."
  4261. "N-Night."
  4262. >Yeah, you shouldn't worry about dumb stuff like that too much
  4263. >You take a deep breath and let it out
  4264. >You're alive
  4265. >That's good enough for today
  4266. >It doesn't take you long to nod off
  4267. >After a few dreamless nights, you finally dream in your sleep
  4268. >There's an asteroid
  4269. >And like, a '50s diner on it
  4270. >And you're inside eating breakfast
  4271. >Listening to Phil Collins music...
  4272. >Weed dreams, man
  4273. >You shake your head as you come to
  4274. >The smell of breakfast is still in the air
  4275. >Your stomach rumbles
  4276. >God, you need to eat
  4277. >You stretch on the couch
  4278. >Many cracking sounds accompany your action
  4279. >Feeling pretty rested
  4280. >Today might be a good—
  4281. >Oh, that's right
  4282. >Your family
  4283. >Eh, whatever
  4284. >You can hear Treehugger humming in the kitchen
  4285. >Or, at least it sort of sounds like humming
  4286. >It actually has a soothing quality despite being sort of annoying
  4287. >You head on over to her
  4288. "What's that?"
  4289. >"It's some sort of breakfast thing I learned to cook when I went travelling abroad. It's pretty good."
  4290. >You shrug
  4291. >Don't be a picky fuck, Twilight
  4292. >It smells okay, so
  4293. >The two of you sit down to eat
  4294. >It's actually pretty decent
  4295. >Better than the vegan pancakes, at least
  4296. >After eating, you decide to change your clothes
  4297. >Dad would freak the fuck out if you came home looking like, well, this
  4298. >A few minutes later, the old Twilight is back
  4299. "Well... Thanks, again, for everything..."
  4300. >"Hey man, no need to thank me. You risked a lot to help me... I should thank you."
  4301. >She pulls you into a hug and pats you on the back
  4302. >"Me casa es su casa, man. You're welcome here whenever. Now let's get you home, Spark bug."
  4303. "Thanks..."
  4304. >Once again, the two of you head out to her beat-up car
  4305. >You're starting to warm up to it
  4306. >Has character, you suppose
  4307. >The two of you just talk about stuff on the way home
  4308. >Treehugger seems to have had an interesting life
  4309. >Been lots of places
  4310. >You don't have much to talk about yourself
  4311. >She still listens to you talk about your interests
  4312. >She has very basic, plebcore taste in the stuff you like, but that's okay you guess
  4313. >You pull up to your house and Treehugger turns to you
  4314. >She pulls you in and presses her lips to your forehead
  4315. >"Well, little Spark Bug, here you are."
  4316. >You smile
  4317. >"Woah, Spark Bug, who's that? He looks, like, really agitated."
  4318. >What?
  4319. >Oh fuck, it's Shining
  4320. >He's walking towards the car
  4321. "My brother! Who's a cop! Thanks for the ride, but you should get out of here!"
  4322. >You hop out of the car
  4323. >Treehugger waves at you before pulling away
  4324. >Shining speeds up and kicks at the ground as she leaves
  4325. "H-Hey, Shining Armor..."
  4326. >"'Hey, Shining Armor'? Fuck, Twilight..."
  4327. >You've never heard him swear before
  4328. >It startles you
  4329. >"Who was that?"
  4330. "I-I don't know..."
  4331. >He glares off into the distance
  4332. >"Don't lie to me.That's the girl, huh? Treehugger?"
  4333. "H-How did you—"
  4334. >"I don't suck at my job, that's how. I found out who she was, where she lived... And then I get told that we're 'reviewing' the case and not to move in."
  4335. "O-Oh..."
  4336. >Shining Armor turns to you
  4337. >"It's curious, isn't it? That they'd reject a warrant for a case like this? We're not allowed to investigate at all."
  4338. >You gulp
  4339. "L-Like I told you... She didn't do anything wrong."
  4340. >"Twily, don't you understand what happened to you? The severity of it? Do you understand why I can't just stand by?"
  4341. >You puff up your chest defiantly
  4342. "W-Well, it's over now, so just leave it!"
  4343. >You begin storming off, but Shining Armor grabs your arm
  4344. >"Twily... If there's a criminal out there, and I get told not to investigate an open and shut case... I don't care what you think about her—she's dangerous."
  4345. >You pull your arm away
  4346. "Y-You're wrong."
  4347. >"I'm just looking out for you, Twily."
  4348. >He shrugs
  4349. >You begin walking to the door
  4350. >"Dad's been worrying out of his mind... And you're going to have to explain what we found in your room..."
  4351. >What?
  4352. >You don't keep anything illegal or anything—
  4353. >Oh God
  4354. >The bottles
  4355. >You enter your house and get rushed by your dad
  4356. >"TWILIGHT! What's going on? Where were you? Are you okay?"
  4357. "I'm fine..."
  4358. >"I'm just glad you're safe, Twilight. I was so worried. Why would you run away?"
  4359. >You look off to the side
  4360. "I... I just... Please believe me when I say I'm okay. No one hurt me, okay?"
  4361. >"Okay, okay... I'm just glad you're safe, but... I need to know what's been going on with you. Stay holed up in your room all the time, doing drugs, and... The bottles...
  4362. >You wish you could disappear right now
  4363. "I-I-I o-only did it ironically..."
  4364. >He stares at you with worry
  4365. >"I just want to be understanding, Twilight, but... Are you depressed? What's wrong?"
  4366. "L-Look, I started doing it as a joke and... Can we not talk about this?"
  4367. >"Please, Twilight, let me help you. Your friends were all very concerned about you, and Shining didn't even sleep while you were gone..."
  4368. >You stare at your shoes
  4369. "I-I don't want to talk about this..."
  4370. >"Ever since your mother left... I know it's been hard, but please. We can get you help. I-I-I was looking up rehab facilities and—"
  4371. "I'm not a drug addict! And this isn't about Mom, okay? I'm fine, just leave me alone."
  4372. >"Twilight, please! You always used to be so full of energy. What happened to my little girl?"
  4373. >You try to push him away
  4374. "I'm fine..."
  4375. >Tears well in your eyes
  4376. >"Twily, please, I care about you. I just want to—"
  4377. >You run off up the stairs, leaving your father behind, sullen
  4378. >Like he would understand
  4379. >Like there's anything to understand!
  4380. >Your life is a fucking joke
  4381. >'My life has been nothing but loneliness, dank memes, and recently I just fucked my shit up'
  4382. >'I understand, life can't always be as dank as your memes'
  4383. >You lock the door to your room and fall onto your bed
  4384. >"Woof!"
  4385. >Spike hops on top of you and licks your face
  4386. "N-Not now, Spike..."
  4387. >You push your dog off of you and he whimpers
  4388. >A few rays of sunlight poke through the blinds
  4389. >Otherwise, your room is completely dark
  4390. >Just how you like it, right?
  4391. >You remember being afraid of the dark
  4392. >It's sort of comfortable now, though
  4393. >Like a blanket
  4394. >The way you keep your room
  4395. >Dark
  4396. >Disheveled
  4397. >It suits you
  4398. >'Look how edgy I am!'
  4399. >Yeah, being sad is edgy
  4400. >Can't even experience emotions unironically anymore
  4401. >"Twily?"
  4402. "I don't want to talk, Dad..."
  4403. >"I... Whatever you're going through, I just want to help."
  4404. >You throw a pillow at the door
  4405. "I'm beyond help."
  4406. >Silence hangs in the air for a good while
  4407. >"Just know that I love you."
  4408. >You turn over in your bed and try not to cry
  4409. >What's his love going to do?
  4410. >Make you that 'happy little girl' again?
  4411. >Make you able to talk to people?
  4412. >Make it so that people don't scare you?
  4413. >Don't remind you of being hurt and teased?
  4414. >Make you normal?
  4415. >What were you even thinking?
  4416. >Things are going to get better?
  4417. >That you could just make friends and be happy?
  4418. >No, happiness is for normies
  4419. >You were meant to be alone
  4420. >The people who are nice to you
  4421. >Your family
  4422. >Treehugger
  4423. >Sunny
  4424. >Trixie
  4425. >The girls
  4426. >They're just nice to you because they're nice people
  4427. >You wouldn't be nice to you
  4428. >You're garbage
  4429. >Fuck this
  4430. >You hop onto your chair and turn on your computer
  4431. >You'll just shitpost on 4chan and get over it
  4432. >'Do what you do', right?
  4433. >This is who you are
  4434. >Shitposting is fun, right?
  4435. >You set into a familiar pattern
  4436. >Opening various threads
  4437. >Reading stuff
  4438. >Not really having fun
  4439. >At least there's always different content
  4440. >Sort of
  4441. >Wherever applicable, you make the mandatory JUST and 4U posts
  4442. >Hours pass by this way
  4443. >Like they usually have, until recently
  4444. >Like they have for months
  4445. >Years
  4446. >At least you're comfortable in the land of dank memes
  4447. >Some people might think you're a normie now because you've been outside and stuff
  4448. >How many of them have actually done the piss bottle thing, though?
  4449. >Who's the fucking normie, now?
  4450. >Yeah, be proud, Twilight...
  4451. >Sometime after midnight, you finally decide to go to sleep
  4452. >Spike curls up beside you as you lay down
  4453. >You pet him and exhale
  4454. >Sleep comes slower than you'd hope, but it comes
  4455. >Once the morning rolls around, you wake up
  4456. >Sort of groggy, but whatever
  4457. >You get dressed and head downstairs
  4458. >Shining is in the kitchen drinking coffee
  4459. "You're still here?"
  4460. >"Am I not welcome?"
  4461. >You shrug
  4462. >"Twily, don't see that Treehugger girl anymore, okay?"
  4463. >You say nothing
  4464. >He shrugs
  4465. >"Do you have any idea what you're getting yourself involved in? No one on the force will touch her. That doesn't sound like a dangerous person to you?"
  4466. "She's not dangerous."
  4467. >Shining shakes his head
  4468. >"I'm not going to let this go. You're going to get yourself hurt."
  4469. >You shrug
  4470. "I'm going to be late for school."
  4471. >"I'm telling you Twily, you don't want to get involved with these sorts of people..."
  4472. >It's too late for that
  4473. >You leave and head off for school
  4474. >You put in your earbuds and listen to music on your way there
  4475. >Kind of wish you had music you enjoyed on here
  4476. >Instead, it's filled with stuff you can stand
  4477. >You used to have good music on there, but...
  4478. >That one time someone came by and asked you what you were listening to...
  4479. >Too beta to say no
  4480. >You cringe as the memory surfaces
  4481. >Maybe you should change your library back when you get home...
  4482. >Fuck normies and their shit taste
  4483. >As you enter the school, there's a decidedly different atmosphere around you
  4484. >A lot more attention on you than usual
  4485. >People are trying to pretend like they're not looking at you as you pass by
  4486. >It's almost suffocating
  4487. >You can feel people looking at and talking about you
  4488. >They're not making fun of you, but...
  4489. >You're not sure this is better
  4490. >You spot Anon as you approach your locker
  4491. >He gives you an uncomfortable smile
  4492. >"Hey, Twilight."
  4493. "H-Hi, Anon..."
  4494. >"Are you okay?"
  4495. "I-I-I'm fine..."
  4496. >He scratches at the back of his head
  4497. >"Look, I'm sorry if stuff I've said has made you feel bad in the past or whatever. I didn't mean for any of it to be taken like that, but I'm sorry."
  4498. >He clears his throat
  4499. >"Anyways, uh, see you later I guess..."
  4500. "S-See you."
  4501. >He gives you another uncomfortable, brief smile before leaving
  4502. >Is everyone going to be so awkward around you?
  4503. >In class, you're dogged by "sorry"s and "oh my god, are you okay?"s
  4504. >Some of the exact same people who were giving you grief over the rumor with Trixie...
  4505. >You don't say anything back to the other kids
  4506. >Instead, you just simmer
  4507. >These people disgust you
  4508. >Only care about your feelings because they think something terrible happened to you
  4509. >Now you're surrounded by lifelong friends who've always thought you were okay
  4510. >Some people even offered to hang out with you
  4511. >Fuck normies
  4514. >You could have their company now, but you don't even want it anymore
  4515. >After a few classes, the bell for lunch rings
  4516. >You hope things can just go back to normal
  4517. >As you wait in line for your food, you continue to get stares
  4518. >Just remember, Twilight
  4519. >Normies are stupid
  4520. >And horrible
  4521. >They're tiptoeing around you right now
  4522. >Being all nice
  4523. >But it won't be long before they go back to making fun of you
  4524. >You're almost 100% sure of that
  4525. >As you go to sit down at the table, most of the girls give you very concerned looks
  4526. >Applejack doesn't, and instead just has that same dumb applefarmer face she always does
  4527. >Which is good, you guess
  4528. >Fluttershy gives you a very deadpan look
  4529. >It's almost scarier than her angry
  4530. >Trixie wraps her arms around one of your own and hugs you
  4531. >Rainbow Dash looks the most visibly concerned of the group
  4532. >"Egghead, dude... Are you okay? What happened?"
  4533. "I... I'm okay. And I don't want to talk about it."
  4534. >She nods
  4535. >"I heard the police aren't even looking into what happened. That's... It's crazy! That's, like, so rape culture, and—"
  4536. "Rainbow, please..."
  4537. >She stops
  4538. >"So, darling... How are you?"
  4539. >You frown
  4540. "Okay, I guess... People keep acting like they're my friends all of a sudden."
  4541. >"Well, I'm sure they're all just... Seeing the positive qualities they've been missing."
  4542. >"Yeh? Like what?"
  4543. >Rarity turns to Applejack with a venomous look on her face
  4544. >"What an absolutely deplorable thing to ask!"
  4545. >Applejack scoffs
  4546. >"No offense, but Twi was kind of an asshole before the whole rape thing. 'N now, you're sayin' she's not? Like the rape fixed her personality? That wha 'cher sayin'? Now that's deplorable, Rarity."
  4547. >Rarity just blubbers gibberish and then grunts
  4548. >"Crass, mannerless... Hick!"
  4549. "It's fine, Rarity... I'd rather you guys not treat me differently, please."
  4550. >"I don't even see why she sits here if she's going to be nothing more than a cretin."
  4551. >"Because I'm the one who y'all rope into all yer manual labor needs, 'n so I get ta say what I want. I was raised to be honest."
  4552. >Rarity scoffs
  4553. >It's every fucking day with these two
  4554. >Things eventually simmer down at the table
  4555. >"Oh, hey, Egghead. You any good at fighting games?"
  4556. "I mean, I guess?"
  4557. >"I know you're usually busy, but do you think we could hang out after school? My usual bud is busy, and I need to practice."
  4558. "F-For what?"
  4559. >Rainbow leans back with her arms behind her head
  4560. >Doing the whole 'cocky' thing
  4561. >"Oh, just for the local tournament which I'm going to win."
  4562. "O-Oh... What game?"
  4563. >"Smash, man."
  4564. >Oh
  4565. >Yeah, that's totally a fighting game
  4566. >You remember why you're always 'too busy' to hang out with Rainbow Dash
  4567. >Fucking pleb
  4568. >Why not just eat manure straight outta the bag?
  4569. >Rainbow smiles
  4570. >"So, are ya in?"
  4571. "Oh, I don't know... What about Anon?"
  4572. >She groans
  4573. >"Anon thinks video games are dumb."
  4574. >Well, they are
  4575. >Video games are terrible
  4576. >You fucking pleb
  4577. >Rainbow looks at you expectantly
  4578. >Well, maybe...
  4579. >Fuck, don't be so fucking acerbic, Twilight
  4580. >She likes what she likes, right?
  4581. >You fancy yourself pretty decent at Smash, so, why not?
  4582. >It would be better than shitposting for a whole day, right?
  4583. "S-Sure... We can hang out."
  4584. >"Sick! In advance, I'm sorry for beating your ass so hard, Egghead."
  4585. >She laughs
  4586. >Trixie yammers in your ear about her Pathfinder sessions with Sunny
  4587. >Usually, you'd tell her to shut up
  4588. >You don't
  4589. >You don't listen, either, but you're just a little too exhausted for that
  4590. >Eventually the bell rings
  4591. >As you being leaving, Fluttershy taps you on the shoulder
  4592. >"He'll have something for you next week."
  4593. >And then she just walks away
  4594. >O-Okay...
  4595. >Just don't worry too hard about it, Twilight
  4596. >The rest of the day goes by much as the beginning
  4597. >Fucking normies
  4598. >You hate them so fucking much
  4599. >You almost think it was better when they were bullying you
  4600. >After the school day ends, you head over to Rainbow's locker
  4601. >"Hey, Egghead!"
  4602. "H-Hey, Rainbow..."
  4603. >"Ready to get your ass whooped?"
  4604. "A-A-Are y-you?"
  4605. >Rainbow laughs and pats you on the back
  4606. >God fucking damn it
  4607. >You're not stuttering because you're scared or nervous, but...
  4608. >Sometimes it feels like your body is scared, even if your mind isn't
  4609. >6th sense of being around people you aren't that close with
  4610. >You follow Rainbow Dash into the school parking lot
  4611. >"Check it out, man! Got this baby with my own money."
  4612. "Sweet..."
  4613. >Looks like a pretty old car
  4614. >Older than you, at least
  4615. >Definitely in way better shape than Treehugger's, but...
  4616. >You wonder why she's so proud of it
  4617. >The two of you get into her car
  4618. >"Dude, listen to this stuff."
  4619. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAIX2vISe3M
  4620. >Jesus fuck
  4621. >"Awesome, right?! So fucking heavy."
  4622. "Y-Yeah... C-Cannibal Corpse... My favorite."
  4623. >More like 'most plebstream metal band'
  4624. >"HOLY SHIT ME TOO!"
  4625. >The ride to Rainbow's house isn't the most fun you've ever had
  4626. >Too many Cannibal Corpse songs later, you arrive at Rainbow's house
  4627. >It's a small, one floor home
  4628. >"Okay dude, c'mon!"
  4629. >She pulls you along and you enter her home
  4630. >There's a faint odor in the air
  4631. >Not quite sure what it is, but it's not a good thing
  4632. >Rainbow Dash brings you into her room
  4633. >Posters cover the walls for various pleb bands and movies
  4634. "S-So, which Smash are we playing?"
  4635. >"Brawl, obviously. It's the only one with tripping!"
  4636. >You almost feel your heart stop
  4637. >Rainbow Dash laughs
  4638. >"I'm just fucking with you dude. Obviously Melee. What do you think I am, an idiot?"
  4639. >Not sure you should answer that truthfully
  4640. >"Well, c'mon, take a seat and prepare yourself to be destroyed."
  4641. "Y-Y-You're the o-one who's going t-to get destroyed..."
  4642. >She boots up her gamecube and hands you a controller
  4643. >Thank God it's not one of those shitty MadCatz controllers
  4644. >She sets it to a stock match with 4 lives, 8 minutes, no items
  4645. >She picks Fox
  4646. >Of course
  4647. >Think you're hardcore, huh?
  4648. >You'll show her
  4649. >"Ganondorf, seriously?"
  4650. "Y-Yeah..."
  4651. >Get ready to be embarrassed, you pleb
  4652. >Ganon is definitely not your main
  4653. >Not even in your top ten
  4654. >But you sperged over this game hard when it came out
  4655. >You won't need your best to beat Dash
  4656. >And the stage is Final Destination
  4657. >Of course
  4658. >As the match begins, Rainbow Dash turns to you
  4659. >"My condolences."
  4660. >Pff, whatever kiddo
  4661. >You get ready to crush her and—
  4662. >Oh, wait
  4663. >Oh
  4664. >Oh, she's actually good
  4665. >Well, this was a mistake
  4666. >You're barely able to touch her
  4667. >God, Ganondorf is so fucking slow and terrible
  4668. >Fucking garbage clone characters
  4669. >Fox is so broken
  4670. >This game is so dumb
  4671. >Sweat crosses your brow as you being concentrating, playing with all your might
  4672. >At this point she's just fucking with you
  4673. >Taunting and shit
  4674. >"COME ON, COME ON, COME ON"
  4676. >You're on your last legs, in the red, one stock, and she's still fresh on two
  4677. >Okay, just try and—
  4678. >Well fuck
  4679. >You frown
  4680. "Damn."
  4681. >"DUDE, that was so sick! I've never seen anyone play Ganon like that before!"
  4682. "Y-Yeah?"
  4683. >She smiles
  4684. >"I knew you were cool, Egghead."
  4685. "R-Rematch?"
  4686. >"Duh."
  4687. >Okay, you're going to try this time
  4688. >No more Ganondorf
  4689. >Over the next few matches, you manage to take a few wins, but...
  4690. >Fuck, she's actually really, really good at this
  4691. >Guess it's just in her autistically competitive nature
  4692. >"Woo! That was a close one. We should play more often, man."
  4693. >Well, maybe...
  4694. >Maybe she isn't as bad as you thought
  4695. >Still a Chad though
  4696. >"So, dude, can I ask you something?"
  4697. "Uh... Sure?"
  4698. >"So... What was it like doing, you know, uh, drugs and stuff? Really cool?"
  4699. "U-Uh... I guess it was fun and stuff..."
  4700. >"I'm sorry if you don't want to, you know, talk about it... I'm just really curious is all."
  4701. >You try to remember back
  4702. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_OC-PGdpUk
  4703. >Well, it was trippy as hell
  4704. >You chuckle to yourself
  4705. >You can actually use 'trippy' to describe something without being figurative
  4706. >Or is it figurative?
  4707. >Eh, whatever
  4708. "I don't know, it was really crazy. Apparently, if you freak out, it just makes everything worse... I got really paranoid at first."
  4709. >"Was it scary?"
  4710. "I literally thought I was going to die..."
  4711. >Rainbow's eyes widen
  4712. >She's completely enraptured by what you have to say
  4713. >It's... Really weird to have someone listening to you this intently
  4714. "It got better, though, when the rest of the stuff kicked in..."
  4715. >"Did you, like see stuff?"
  4716. >You describe your trip to her as best as you can remember
  4717. >Stuff about horses
  4718. >Flying
  4719. >Space
  4720. >The colors
  4721. >Try to leave out the sex stuff
  4722. >It'd be too awkward, you think
  4723. >"Woah man, that's so crazy..."
  4724. >You smile awkwardly and rub at the back of your head
  4725. "I-I guess..."
  4726. >"And you're okay, right?"
  4727. "Yeah... Nothing bad happened. Well, no, not nothing, but, eh..."
  4728. >Rainbow Dash gives you a worried look
  4729. "I... I'm fine, you know. I was fine then. I know you were just... trying to be a good friend, telling my dad and stuff, but..."
  4730. >"Yeah... I dunno, Egghead. It's just confusing, I guess. I just, I don't know, I felt like I had to do something. And the stuff Fluttershy said just put me on edge, I guess."
  4731. >Ugh, Fluttershy...
  4732. >You don't want to talk about her at all
  4733. >There's an awkward silence
  4734. >"So... Okay, maybe this is stupid, but, like, do you think you could hook me up? It's just, I dunno, it sounds like something fun to do, you know?"
  4735. "Y-You want me to hook you up?"
  4736. >"Yeah! C'mon Egghead, what do ya say? We're friends, right?"
  4737. >You're not so sure that would be a good idea...
  4738. "I don't know, Rainbow..."
  4739. >She pouts
  4740. >"C'mon, man. We're friends, right? I won't tell anyone about it!"
  4741. >Man, would it be okay to 'hook her up' with Treehugger?
  4742. >Definitely can't send her to Fluttershy
  4743. >She'd probably kill you, literally, for that
  4744. >Maybe even Rainbow
  4745. >Yeah, definitely don't do that
  4746. >Being someone's 'hook up' for drugs
  4747. >Definitely never thought that would be you
  4748. >You're not totally against drugs, you know, now that you've done them
  4749. >And Treehugger's really nice
  4750. >Maybe if you introduced Dash to her, she'd see she wasn't a bad person...
  4751. >And maybe shit could get totally fucked
  4752. >You could drag her into really bad shit and ruin her life
  4753. "Ehhh... I-I don't know if it would be a good thing, you know?"
  4754. >Rainbow grabs your forearm
  4755. >"Let me be cool with you, Egghead. C'mon!"
  4756. >'Be cool'
  4757. >Blegh
  4758. >Being cool is starting to seem really overrated
  4759. >Is that all people want?
  4760. "D-Do you want to just play some more Smash?"
  4761. >Rainbow shrugs
  4762. >"Sure."
  4763. >You guys play a few more rounds
  4764. >You beat her almost painlessly every time
  4765. >She's hardly doing any of the tryhard shit she was doing earlier
  4766. "You're not even trying!"
  4767. >"Sorry."
  4768. >Ugh, she's being so mopey
  4769. "Is it really... Really that big of a deal?"
  4770. >"Will you just tell me why not?"
  4771. "It's just... I don't know, it doesn't seem like a great idea..."
  4772. >"Why not?!"
  4773. >She frowns
  4774. >"I'd be awesome at it! I'd be totally great at it, man!"
  4775. "W-What's that even supposed to mean?"
  4776. >She lays down on the bed
  4777. >"I dunno. It's just true. I'm always number one, man. Is it that you don't like me?"
  4778. "It's not that..."
  4779. >"What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right?"
  4780. >You shrug
  4781. "Did you just hang out with me to ask about this?"
  4782. >"Pfff, whhaaaat? No way man, that ain't me."
  4783. >You squint
  4784. >That's not the answer you were expecting
  4785. "You only wanted to hang out because..."
  4786. >"Egghead, nah. I always ask you to hang out. Why's it different this time? But c'mon, you know you could trust me. It would be sick. Like Heavy Metal, or whatever. I bet my trips would be awesome, man."
  4787. "Is there even a Smash tournament?"
  4788. >"Pff, yeah."
  4789. >You frown
  4790. >"I mean, you know, it's the club tournament. Which we have every week. But still! Practice is good, y'know?"
  4791. >Awesome
  4792. >Just awesome
  4793. >She didn't even really want to hang out with you
  4794. >Just an excuse to get 'super sick' drugs from you or whatever
  4795. >Rainbow Dash tries to laugh everything off and sits back up next to you
  4796. >"Do you want to watch a movie?"
  4797. "Not really."
  4798. >"Oh come on! Are you mad at me, Egghead? Okay, so MAYBE I had some ulterior motives, but I still also wanted to have fun with you! We never hang out, and today was awesome, right? I know the answer is yes!"
  4799. >Ugh
  4800. >It was pretty good up until this point
  4801. >You cross your arms and shrug
  4802. >"C'mon! You're keeping me from the trifecta!"
  4803. "What?"
  4804. >"Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll! I got two outta the three! This is my lifestyle we're talking about, man!"
  4805. >What in the fuck is she even talking about?
  4806. >"Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease—"
  4807. "Rainbow!"
  4808. >"I'm sorry..."
  4809. "Just leave it, okay?"
  4810. >She groans
  4811. >"Have it your way, Egghead... Do you want to go back to playing?"
  4812. "No."
  4813. >You shrug
  4814. "I thought you just wanted to hang out..."
  4815. >"Aw, don't be like that, man! I do want to hang out! You're a cool person, Egghead. I just thought it would be cool. You told me yourself that it was awesome!"
  4816. >Ugh, fucking Rainbow Dash
  4817. >You did tell her that it was rather enjoyable
  4818. >And she has always been pretty nice to you
  4819. >But still!
  4820. >This is literally serious business...
  4821. "Well, maybe..."
  4822. >"SICK!"
  4823. "But you can't tell anybody! And, uh, 'be cool', or whatever."
  4824. >Rainbow Dash... flexes
  4825. >"Psh, I'm the Queen of Cool!"
  4826. >This is a terrible
  4827. >TERRIBLE
  4828. >Idea
  4829. >Can't walk it back now
  4830. >That would be awkward as fuck
  4831. >"So, like, do you have stuff on you right now?"
  4832. "No! Ugh, look, I... I can bring you along on the weekend, okay?"
  4833. >Rainbow Dash squeals
  4834. >"OmgomgOMG! Twilight, you WILL not regret this! It'll be SO SICK."
  4835. "Don't tell anybody, okay?"
  4836. >"Duh, of course not. I'm so excited! It'll be just like a music video, dude!"
  4837. >Right
  4838. >Twilight
  4839. >You are a fucking retard
  4840. >Dash pulls you into a hug
  4841. >"Egghead, you are SO. COOL."
  4842. >Something floods your chest
  4843. >Is this...
  4844. >Is this what it feels like to be cool to someone?
  4845. >If Dash feels like this all the time, no wonder she's so obsessed with it
  4846. >"Okay, so, wanna watch a movie?"
  4847. "S-Sure..."
  4848. >"Awesome! Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? It's so funny! 'Why would I rub my finger on his throat?' LOL!"
  4849. >You didn't hate the movie
  4850. >But you do now
  4851. >"And afterwards I can show you the tumblrs I follow. The internet has so many sick memes, man. I know you're on the internet a lot, so you probably know about sick memes, too, right?"
  4852. >This isn't dank
  4853. >This isn't dank at all
  4854. >How can so much pleb be inside one person?
  4855. >You realize that this doesn't feel that much different from hanging out with Trixie
  4856. >If Trixie just talked a little different...
  4857. >'DUDE, check out my SICK Magic deck!'
  4859. >Normies
  4860. >Autists
  4861. >What's the fucking difference
  4862. >Just... Just try and enjoy yourself, Twilight
  4863. >Maybe some of your patrician sensibilities will rub off on her
  4864. >Movie is sort of enjoyable with Dash
  4865. >She's... very lively, and other people laughing makes you more likely to, so, you know
  4866. >"Dude, have you heard of this band?"
  4867. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDzt6yI3Dw8
  4868. >Urge to vomit rising
  4869. >Please have some less pleb taste, please God
  4870. >Or please be ironic
  4871. >One of the two
  4872. >A lot of the 'sick' memes Rainbow Dash showed you you've not seen before
  4873. >Normies are starting to generate their own memes now, huh?
  4874. >Absolutely terrible
  4875. >You almost feel like showing her where the REAL magic happens
  4876. >The places where people of taste go for the dankest of memes
  4877. >But you refrain
  4878. >That would be autistic as fuck
  4879. >And usually you mock that line of thought
  4880. >But when you're talking to a normie about memes...
  4881. >What else are you supposed to think?
  4882. >That your dank memes AREN'T better?
  4883. >No
  4884. >"Dude, do you play guitar?"
  4885. "N-No..."
  4886. >"You totally should, man. It's awesome to be awesome. Wanna see my rad skills?"
  4887. >Not really
  4888. "Okay."
  4889. >Whatever, just humor her
  4890. >Judging by the bands she likes, she'll be shit
  4891. >Headbang and play simple power chords
  4892. >"Okay dude, get ready to have your face melted."
  4893. >Ugh
  4894. >What a fucking—
  4895. >Oh fuck
  4896. >In the sea of things Rainbow is a pleb at, at least she's legitimately awesome at a few things
  4897. >You wonder why someone could be talented at a musical instrument and still be an absolute utter pleb
  4898. >The mind of a normie...
  4899. >"Sick, right? That's the solo to an original piece of mine. I told you I have a band, right?"
  4900. "Many times."
  4901. >"Right. I have a band and we're awesome!"
  4902. >You finish the day off with a few more games of Smash
  4903. >You pull out just a single win
  4904. >The day wasn't as bad you thought it would be
  4905. >Smash was good
  4906. >Movie was okay
  4907. >And Dash thinks you're cool!
  4908. "Well... I guess this was fun... Thanks for inviting me."
  4909. >"No problemo, Egghead! Need a drive home?"
  4910. >You nod
  4911. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfZoKiWZB-U
  4912. >God
  4913. >Please God
  4914. >Give Rainbow Dash better taste
  4915. >It doesn't take long to get to your house
  4916. >"It was fun hangin' out with you, Egghead. And see you on the weekend, right?"
  4917. "R-Right..."
  4918. >"Smell ya later!"
  4919. >Eh, things will be okay
  4920. >You walk into your house
  4921. >"Twilight! Where were y—"
  4922. "Rainbow's house..."
  4923. >"Oh... She's a nice girl. Well, I hope you had a good time."
  4924. >You head to your room with a smile
  4925. >Today was, for once, a pretty good day all the way through!
  4926. >Aside from the way people treat you at school...
  4927. >You get angry just thinking about all the insincerity...
  4928. >But still!
  4929. >Rainbow Dash doesn't seem like a bad person
  4930. >Pleb, sure, but...
  4931. >Not BAD
  4932. >Yeah, you're gonna be cool
  4933. >You know you said you didn't care about that, but
  4934. >Well, when you have it within your grasp
  4935. >Why not?
  4936. >You must be way less awkward than you used to be
  4937. "Spike!"
  4938. >You scratch at his neck as you sit on your chair
  4939. >He pants
  4940. >You pull him up onto your lap
  4941. "Guess who's going to be popular soon?"
  4942. >He licks your face
  4943. >Pretty sure that means 'You!'
  4944. >Normies are going to forget about being awkward with you
  4945. >And when that happens, you'll move on up
  4946. >And Sunny is probably going to be unsuspended soon
  4947. >So she'll be able to help you
  4948. >Yeah!
  4949. >A bit early for bed, so it's time for 4chan
  4950. >You decide to go on /r9k/ and make fun of people for still being disgusting cuck NEETS
  4951. >Ascended Robot master race
  4952. >Some good shitpost sessions later, you hop in bed and sleep
  4953. >You head to school with 'good vibes'
  4954. >People aren't being quite as weird around you
  4955. >Fucking piece of shit normies
  4956. >All nice one day and indifferent the next
  4957. >At lunch, Trixie invites you to the Game Shop
  4958. >Yes
  4959. >You'll be able to clean up this mess with Moondancer
  4960. >Maybe you'll even be able to do it without actually having to apologize to that cunt
  4961. >Apparently Trixie and Sunny are still playing Pathfinder with her
  4962. >You've got Frank ready and rarin' to go, so
  4963. >It'll be like shitposting in real life...
  4964. >In a tabletop roleplaying game
  4965. >If Moondancer has a sense of humor, it'll be fun
  4966. >If not, fuck her
  4967. >Total bitch
  4968. >Maybe your gloating was a little over the top, but sheesh
  4969. >After school ends, you meet up with Trixie
  4970. >"Miss Sparkle! Trixie is so glad you are coming."
  4971. "Thanks."
  4972. >You and Trixie begin walking towards the Game Shop
  4973. >Hopefully Sunny won't give you the cold shoulder
  4974. >Trixie goes on and on about some anime she was watching
  4975. >Some pleb shit, whatever
  4976. >One long, one-sided conversation later, you arrive at the shop
  4977. >Judging by the banner outside, there's a tournament of some sort going on today
  4978. >Oh boy, a congregation of autists
  4979. >As you enter, you spot Moondancer's father
  4980. >He frowns as he sees you
  4981. "H-Hello..."
  4982. >"Try not to run my daughter out of the store this time, huh?"
  4983. "S-Sorry..."
  4984. >Ugh
  4985. >Why are you even feeling guilty about telling that bitch what's what?
  4986. >Maybe it'll be easier to apologize if you have an iota of guilt
  4987. >Even if it's mostly her fault for being autistic
  4988. >Trixie pulls you along to Sunny and Moondancer's table
  4989. >"Trixie and Miss Sparkle are here!"
  4990. >Sunny gives the two of you a wave
  4991. >Moondancer doesn't look up from her spot
  4992. >The listless movement
  4993. >The dead face
  4994. >The dejected eyes
  4995. >Great
  4996. >Fucking sperg, letting little things like a party and a game loss spiral her into depression
  4997. >You take your seat opposite her
  4998. >Sunny gives you a stare
  4999. >Fine
  5000. "Moondancer... I just want to apologize for—"
  5001. >"Whatever. It doesn't matter."
  5002. "L-Look, I just want to make things right, and—"
  5003. >Moondancer groans
  5004. >"I don't care anymore. I can just 'eat a dick', right?"
  5005. >Does she have to make everything difficult?
  5006. >Can't even fucking apologize
  5007. >You turn to Sunny and shrug
  5008. >She smiles and leans to your ear
  5009. >"Fix this."
  5010. >Th-That didn't sound as nice as she looked saying it
  5011. >She pulls away and smiles at you again
  5012. >Moondancer stares at the floor
  5013. >This is literally not your fault
  5014. >Not directly
  5015. >Sure, maybe that party meant a lot to her, or whatever
  5016. >You were probably busy
  5017. "A-Are you in the tournament?"
  5018. >"I quit Magic..."
  5019. "W-Well, maybe, if you play, you can beat me and show me who's boss? Look, I'm sorry, and I... I deserve to get my ass whooped, okay?"
  5020. >Moondancer frowns slightly
  5021. >"Maybe..."
  5022. >You see her snarl
  5023. >"Actually, yes... This was just the trial before my true vengeance!"
  5025. >Your eyes turn to Sunny
  5026. >She gives you that 'I dunno!' look
  5027. >Well, whatever
  5028. >That's probably good enough
  5029. >You tried, and Moondancer is still being an insane bitch
  5030. >Not everyone deserves to get an apology
  5031. >Whatever depressive funk she was in seems to have disappeared
  5032. >Now it's Asshole Moondancer, who you know all too well
  5033. "When's it actually, uh, start?"
  5034. >"Hour or two... Then you will be incinerated in the fire of my wrath."
  5035. >Ooh, scary
  5036. >Time enough for some Pathfinder
  5037. "So, let's get to playing then. I brought my character. He's a bard. Name's Frank."
  5038. >Moondancer extends her hand out
  5039. >"Lemme see him."
  5040. >You hand over the sheet
  5041. >"Looks fine... Do you have a backstory for him that I can read quick?"
  5042. "Oh, sorry, my backstory for him is three hundred pages long."
  5043. >Moondancer grunts and gives you an angry look
  5044. >"What's with you and stupid-long backstories?!"
  5045. "I like to be thorough. Look, we've played before, a lot. You know Frank's legit."
  5046. >She shrugs
  5047. >"Whatever..."
  5048. >You can see her thinking
  5049. >About what, you're not sure
  5050. >After a few moments, Moondancer leans back in her chair smiling
  5051. >"Mm, yes, I think this will be a fun session today... Just to catch you up, Sunset and Trixie are searching for a powerful warlock rumored to be constructing a dark army. Right now they're in a tavern."
  5052. "Frank likes taverns."
  5053. >She rolls her eyes
  5054. >"Whatever. Are you guys ready to start?"
  5055. >"Trixie is ready!"
  5056. >"Yup!"
  5057. >You nod
  5058. >It'll be nice to hang out with Sunny and Trixie
  5059. >Even if it's over something as autistic as a tabletop game
  5060. >And even if Moondancer is here
  5061. >Clearly she's planning some shit to troll you
  5062. >Too bad for her
  5063. >Frank's backstory is so long, she's never going to check to see if what you say about him is true
  5064. >You can always go and edit the backstory once the session is over
  5065. >"Sunrise Gleam and the Great and Powerful Tricia are in the Bellshire Tavern, resting after having defeated the necromancers in a nearby cave..."
  5066. ***
  5067. >You enter the tavern and spot your new party buds, Sunrise Gleam and the Great and Powerful Tricia
  5068. >Ugh
  5069. >Mouthful much?
  5070. "Hello, beautiful madams. I am Frank, the Bard. Yes, that Frank. I believe I'm to be joining you on your journey."
  5071. >Tricia bows
  5072. >"I am pleased to meet you, Frank. I am the Great and Powerful Tricia, Wizard Matriarch of—"
  5073. "Wait, you don't talk in the third person?"
  5074. >"W-What are you talking about, Frank?"
  5075. "Just, huh... I don't know, I expected YOUR character to—"
  5076. >"[Miss Sparkle, you're being out of character! Tricia does not know of Trixie's existence!]"
  5077. "[Oh, sorry]"
  5078. >Tricia finishes up with her introduction
  5079. >Her fucking roleplaying character is less autistic than her
  5080. >How's that happen?
  5081. >"Glad to meet ya, Frank. Name's Sunrise Gleam."
  5082. "*cat purring noises* Come here often?"
  5083. >Sunny gives you a weird look
  5084. >Fuck, no, it's not...
  5085. "[Frank's a huge, womanizer. Uh... I'm not trying to be weird, or anything...]"
  5086. >Sunrise Gleam gives you a strange look
  5087. >"Are you hitting on me?"
  5088. "Guy can't hit on beautiful women?"
  5089. >"Oh, well, you know, it's just all the scars and my half-burned face which I keep hidden behind a mask, is all. Most people tend to fear me."
  5090. "O-O-Oh... Uh, yeah, uh, Frank's... I'm totally into that, you know. The whole 'horrible scarring' look. Burns. Y-Yeah. Right up there with, uh amputations..."
  5091. >Trixie and Sunny give you extremely concerned looks
  5092. "[U-U-Uh... Frank does not represent M-MY views.]"
  5093. "S-So, babe, u-uh—"
  5094. >"If you continue down this path, I will crush you."
  5095. "O-Okay."
  5096. >"[Miss Sparkle, if Frank is supposed to be a womanizer, why does he stutter so much?]"
  5097. >Sh-Shut up, Trixie
  5098. >"AH! The heroes! We are ever so gracious for the help you've given our small village. Our patriarch is throwing a party in your honor!"
  5099. >The Great and Powerful Tricia bows and accepts
  5100. >Sunrise Gleam nods and says her thanks
  5101. >"Oh, and you're not invited, Frank."
  5102. "[God... Moondancer—]"
  5103. >"[What? Frank didn't help with the necromancer infestation. He's not invited.]"
  5104. >Whatever
  5105. "So, what should I do in the meantime, since I'm not invited to this SUPER COOL party?"
  5106. >The portly man pokes you in the chest
  5107. >"YOU can stay in here and drink your sorrows away, while MY—OUR TOWN'S friends get a huge, cool party!"
  5108. "Frank has no sorrows, no regrets. The perfect man experiences no such things."
  5109. >The man stomps his foot
  5110. >"You're going to stay here, in the tavern, ALONE."
  5111. >You put your hands on your heart
  5112. "Woe is me. Truly, I have been a struck a blow to my ego. A party that I am not invited to? It's almost as if my whole life were for naught. And so I shall drink away my sorrows! Poor Frank the Bard, if only—"
  5113. >"Shut up!"
  5114. >Pff, whatever
  5115. >Sunny and Trixie looks uncomfortable
  5116. >Look at that Moondancer
  5117. >Look at them turn on you
  5118. >Tricia and Sunrise say their good-byes
  5119. >Apparently they get a huge party
  5120. >They're getting statues
  5121. >For some reason, the village has items far above their pay grade to give to their 'heroes'
  5122. >You drink your booze and theatrically bemoan your fate
  5123. >Wow Moondancer, is THIS how YOU felt all those years ago?
  5124. >So fucking sorry, my god
  5125. >I never knew
  5126. >Fucking spergbitch
  5127. >You begin to vomit and fall over dead from poisoned beer
  5128. >"Oops, guess you'll just have to sit this one out, Twilight!"
  5129. "Frank is immune to all poisons."
  5130. >"What?! That's stupid. How?"
  5131. >You crack your knuckles
  5132. "He's slowly built up a tolerance to every major poison in the region. A bard of his standing has a lot of enemies."
  5133. >The tavern starts on fire
  5134. >Yeah, well you can just walk—
  5135. >Oh, the doors are locked, spooky
  5136. >Well, you'll just jump out the win—
  5137. >No windows
  5138. "Um, wouldn't this tavern get shut down for building code violations if it had literally no windows?"
  5139. >"The village of Bellshire is run by a poorly-organized bureaucracy that never gets anything done, and so does not have the time to see who does and who does not have windows."
  5140. "Fine."
  5141. >Frank finds the source of the fire and puts it out with water—
  5142. >"What?! He doesn't have water on him!"
  5143. "Frank keeps water in his stomach at all times, just in case."
  5144. >Moondancer scoffs
  5145. >"That's dumb! That's not even a thing."
  5146. "Actually, it's a thing. Some magician learned to do it. So Frank puts out the fire with his stomach water."
  5147. >"Oh, so Frank's a magician, now?"
  5148. >You cross your arms
  5149. "No, he just knows a lot of stuff."
  5150. >There's too much fire for Frank to put out with his measly water reserves
  5151. >So, it's a good thing he has a lot of water in that stomach!
  5152. >No, there's too much fire
  5153. >Fire everywhere
  5154. >Fine, Frank will just use the beer in the tavern to put out the fire
  5155. >Oh, there's only enough for Frank's stupid face to get drunk, but not enough to put out a fire
  5156. >Sunrise Gleam barges through the door and—
  5157. >No, she's definitely strong enough, this has been established
  5158. >Fine, whatever...
  5159. >"Frank!"
  5160. "Is it just me, or did it get hot in here?"
  5161. >Cat purring noises
  5162. >Finger guns at Sunrise
  5163. "Woah, hey, man-handling!"
  5164. >Sunrise picks you up and puts you on her back
  5165. >Apparently she's much taller and stronger than Frank, apart from being a hideously disfigured warrior woman
  5166. >Frank just likes what he likes, man
  5167. >Moondancer frowns
  5168. >"[Guys, let's just play, okay?]"
  5169. >"[Trixie agrees...]"
  5170. >Moondancer shrugs
  5171. "Thank you for saving me, Sunrise."
  5172. >"I couldn't just let someone die."
  5173. "But..."
  5174. >Frank begins to tear up
  5175. "Oh, you should have let me! I can't go on, knowing that I wasn't invited to this SICK party... I... My whole life... Ruined! I've finally realized the futility of life. The pervasive despair which fills it! What is life, but a lonesome party of one to which no others can truly ever be invited? Born alone! Die alone! I—"
  5176. >"Stop!"
  5177. >Oh God, is she actually tearing up again?
  5178. >Oh boo hoo you, Moondancer
  5179. >Try to fucking murder me with poison and fire
  5180. >Can't even handle my dramatic speech
  5181. >Fucker
  5182. >You're going to be in the right this time
  5183. >You're trying to have a little fun
  5184. >Moondancer is sperging out, trying to kill you off as soon as the game begins
  5185. >She's CLEARLY trying to spite you
  5186. >Trying to be an asshole to you
  5187. >Sunny will see
  5188. >THIS is what you've been dealing with your whole life
  5189. >Spergs are so fucking dramatic
  5190. >Not chill at all
  5191. >Cry those crocodile tears
  5192. >Moondancer sniffs and rubs at her face
  5193. >In the crowded throng of the Bellshire plaza, a young woman approaches Frank
  5194. >One he used to know
  5195. >Sick, another dumb way for you to get killed
  5196. >Probably an assassin or spurned lover or something
  5197. >She's crying
  5198. >"You really hurt me," she says, "why can't you understand that?"
  5199. >Frank hurts a lot of dames
  5200. >Not his fault they get pump-n-dump'd
  5201. >Mad pussy life and all
  5202. >You know how it is
  5203. >"Don't you remember the time we spent together? Don't you have any good memories from it? Honestly, more than I want to hurt you, I... I just want my friend back... Maybe that makes me lame..."
  5204. >Frank has no friends
  5205. >Only lovers
  5206. >In every port and so on
  5207. >"I don't want to be angry anymore... Or sad... I just don't know w-why you don't care about me, when you meant so much to me..."
  5208. >Lol, Moondancer's actually tearing up giving this shitty monologue
  5209. >The girl falls on her knees crying
  5210. >Dramatic
  5211. >"I only ever wanted you to care about me..."
  5212. >Frank don't care 'bout no dames
  5213. >You're waiting for her to try and stab you
  5214. >Sunny leans to you and whispers
  5215. >"[Hug her or something]"
  5216. >Yeah, and get Frank killed
  5217. >This is all part of Moondancer's ploys to get you killed in the game
  5218. >Act all sad and shit
  5219. >Nah, she's already shown her true stripes
  5220. "Ow!"
  5221. >You feel something kick your legs
  5222. >Sunny?
  5223. >What the fuck
  5224. >You were about to land the Coup de Grace on the day
  5225. >Frank would turn around
  5226. >Pull own his pants
  5227. >Flatulate
  5228. >'You've been blessed, my child'
  5229. >Bam
  5230. >Moondancer is made a fool of, and her assassin is sent packin' with a face full of fart
  5231. >Getting stabbed in the asshole would be totally worth it
  5232. >Speaking of, Moondancer's really bawling now
  5233. >Her breathing is haggard and she's sniveling all over herself
  5234. >Fucking sperg fag...
  5235. >This is a little much for a DM trick
  5236. >Isn't it?
  5237. >Her hair falls out of its disgusting front bun
  5238. >Still has the same haircut from when you were children
  5239. >The style she copied off of you
  5240. >It's like looking into a mirror that makes everything ugly
  5241. >But still
  5242. >Frank...
  5243. >Ugh, the fart thing would've been awesome
  5244. >Frank goes and hugs the young woman
  5245. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? I... I know what it's like to like someone who doesn't... who treats you like shit."
  5246. >You groan
  5247. "I... I guess I never tried to really understand what it felt like from your perspective, and—"
  5248. >The woman stabs Frank in the gut
  5249. >He dies, sputtering blood onto the ground
  5250. >"HA!"
  5251. >You give Moondancer a deadpan look
  5252. >You turn to Sunny
  5253. >She has a fierce scowl on her face
  5254. >"Moondancer, what the fuck was that?!"
  5255. >"VENGEANCE! You fool! You fell for it! That's the oldest trick in the book!"
  5256. "Do I look like I care about Frank? Or this game? You know what, apology retracted. Go be sad about a party that happened half our lifetime ago."
  5257. >Moondancer cackles
  5258. >"Sad? No, this is just the beginning! First Frank, and then, the Magic tournament! You will finally know my anguish!"
  5259. >Sunny stands up from the table
  5260. >"Well, I'm not playing anymore."
  5261. >"W-What, why not?"
  5262. >"Trixie is not playing either."
  5263. >You stand
  5264. "Me neither."
  5265. >"Pff, like I care! You have egg on your face, Sparkle, and soon I will reclaim my Magic superiority!"
  5266. >Whatever
  5267. >You, Trixie, and Sunny head over to an empty table as Moondancer cackles behind you
  5268. >The three of you take your seats
  5269. >You can see Sunny trying to contain her scowl
  5270. "See?! I told you, Sunny!"
  5271. >She pounds her fist on the table
  5272. >"Why can't people just stop being assholes for once?! God, I could just..."
  5273. >Her fists redden as she clenches them tighter
  5274. >She exhales slowly
  5275. >Breathes in slowly
  5276. >Sunny rubs at her face, shakes her head, and breaths out
  5277. >Her face emerges with its signature sunny smile
  5278. >You wonder if this should be off-putting
  5279. >"I suppose we will not be playing with her anymore... Ugh, and the campaign was just getting good..."
  5280. >Trixie frowns
  5281. >"Yes, Trixie is sad about that too..."
  5282. "Well, I told you guys. Moondancer! She's always been like this! You don't understand what I've been dealing with."
  5283. >Sunny sighs
  5284. >"Being an asshole to her after last time was still—"
  5285. "Oh come on! I was totally justified!"
  5286. >"Two wrongs don't make a right."
  5287. >You cross your arms
  5288. "Well, what about what you did to Anon?"
  5289. >Sunny shrugs
  5290. >"I find there's a difference between a needed punishment and being a dick."
  5291. >Eh
  5292. "Well, are we good now?"
  5293. >Sunny nods
  5294. >"Yeah. You tried to do the right thing. Moondancer's just a bitch."
  5295. >YES!
  5296. >Glad you could hear her say that
  5297. >Maybe you feel sort-of bad about what you did to Moondancer
  5298. >A little
  5299. >Just a little
  5300. >But thankfully that spergs out of your life now
  5301. >Huh, there's someone heading towards your table...
  5302. >Oh God, it's that fucking Cheeto Dust guy
  5303. >Slovenly
  5304. >Fedora'd
  5305. >Le Atheist Meme shirt
  5306. >Jesus fuck
  5307. >"H-Hello, ladies."
  5308. "What do you want? We're talking."
  5309. >"I couldn't help but s-spot you from across the r-room."
  5310. >He smiles awkwardly at Trixie
  5311. >"I'm Cheeto Dust. W-What's your name?"
  5312. >"Trixie is Trixie."
  5313. >He laughs weirdly
  5314. >He also stands weirdly
  5315. >Man, it feels good to be alpha
  5316. >You're like the most alpha person here, aside from Sunny
  5317. >Maybe even more than her...
  5318. >For the situation
  5319. >She may have the amazing body, but you've got the relevant skills
  5320. >"S-So, Trixie, c-could I get your number?"
  5321. >"Oh. Why would you want that?"
  5322. >He begins to stammer more vigorously
  5323. >"I-I-I don't know... To call you?"
  5324. >Smooth
  5325. >"Trixie doesn't really like phone calls. It's hard to talk to people on them."
  5326. >"O-Oh, yeah. Me too, I, uh, I think so too...
  5327. >"Trixie is confused. Why do you wish to have her number if you do not wish to use it?"
  5328. >He starts sweating
  5329. >Well, more than he already was
  5330. >"I-I'm sorry... I-I-I'm not good at this."
  5331. >"At asking for phone numbers?"
  5332. >"N-N-No..."
  5333. >You're cringing so fucking hard right now
  5334. >"I-I'm just not g-good at talking to b-b-b-b-beautiful ladies."
  5335. >Wow
  5336. >This is like watching a cringe video happen right in front of you
  5337. >Now YOU'RE starting to sweat
  5338. >So fucking awkward in here
  5339. >Sunny's just watching like she's looking at a fucking puppy or something
  5340. >Trixie smiles
  5341. >"Thank you for your nice comment!"
  5342. >"N-N-No problem, m'lady."
  5343. >Urk
  5344. >"S-So, can I have your number?"
  5345. >"Trixie supposes. Why not?"
  5346. >They exchange numbers
  5347. >It's like watching an autistic mating dance
  5348. >Absolutely disgusting
  5349. >"F-Farewell, beautiful maidens..."
  5350. >Once Cheeto Dust is a good distance away, you break out into laughter
  5351. >"Twilight, stop it!"
  5352. "I-I-I can't! I'm going to die! Oh my God, that guy! HA!"
  5353. >Sunny crosses her arms
  5354. >"Well, I thought it was cute."
  5355. >Ew, whatever
  5356. >"Why is Trixie giving someone her number cute? Now Trixie has another friend to play with!"
  5357. >You laugh more
  5358. >Oh my God
  5359. >This can't be real
  5360. >"Trixie, you know he was hitting on you, right?"
  5361. >Trixie squints
  5362. >"Trixie does not think so."
  5363. >Sunny shrugs
  5364. >You laugh
  5365. >Trixie talks about something retarded
  5366. >Today is a good day
  5367. >"So, are you still going to play in the tournament, Twilight?"
  5368. "Eh, I suppose. Might as well since we're here."
  5369. >You decide to go sign up for the tournament
  5370. >Ugh, the list of names is laundry list of autism
  5371. >Why can't people just use their actual names?
  5372. >'The Magic Man'
  5373. >'El Diablo'
  5374. >'Captain Card Picker'
  5375. >'Little Yugi'
  5376. >'The Great and Powerful Trixie'...
  5377. >And so on
  5378. >Moondancer's on there as well
  5379. >You shudder as you remember signing these things as 'Magic Savant'
  5380. >If you could go back in time and kill yourself without creating a paradox...
  5381. >After signing up, you head back to your table
  5382. >"How's the competition look?"
  5383. "You're looking at the winner."
  5384. >Sunny laughs cutely
  5385. >"I thought Rainbow was the cocky one."
  5386. >You smile
  5387. >It's nice being on her good side again
  5388. >"Good luck, Miss Sparkle!"
  5389. "You too, Trixie."
  5390. >This isn't so bad
  5391. >Even if it's autistic, you can have fun here
  5392. >With friends
  5393. >Yeah!
  5394. >They finally reveal the brackets
  5395. >Quarter-Final, Semi-Final, Final
  5396. >You and Moondancer are on a collision course to the finals
  5397. >And there, you will ravage her lifeless body
  5398. >No mercy
  5399. >No forgiveness
  5400. >Only war
  5401. >She'll wish she'd never messed with—
  5402. >Stop being such a fucking autist
  5403. >It's just a game
  5404. >A fun game!
  5405. >But not one that matters that much
  5406. >Cheeto Dust and Jugular Follicles set up to spectate the tournament
  5407. >"Ladies and gentleman, here you have it, the ninth annual Game Shop Magic Open! We've got a few newbies here, and a few establish power players."
  5408. >"That's right, Juggo! Blah blah blah blah..."
  5409. >As people get ready, you sit down to face your first opponent
  5410. >Some fucking middle school kid
  5411. >Probably babby's first tournament
  5412. >Time to take out the trash
  5413. >You tear the soul from his body without breaking a sweat
  5414. >You proceed to win the next two games with the kid in a sweep
  5415. >It seems like Trixie is doing pretty well, too
  5416. >At the table next to you, you spot her destroying some fat, ugly chick
  5417. >Sunny is off on the sidelines cheering you and Trixie on
  5418. >In the intermission between rounds, Moondancer approaches you
  5419. >"I see you're moving on ahead, Twilight."
  5420. "Duh."
  5421. >"When we meet in the finals, I'm going to enjoy destroying you."
  5422. >You shrug
  5423. "I thought you said you wouldn't enjoy that last time."
  5424. >"W-W-Well, shut up! This time I'm going to enjoy it! The two of us, we're the cream of the crop! But I will show you that, between the two of us, there's a clear better!"
  5425. "Okay."
  5426. >She snorts
  5427. >"Say something back!"
  5428. "I'm glad I didn't go to that party!"
  5429. >She shrieks and runs off
  5430. >Trixie runs up to you
  5431. >"Miss Sparkle! Trixie thinks we're dueling next!"
  5432. "I'm glad you won your match, Trixie. I'm not going to go easy on you."
  5433. >"Trixie would hope not!"
  5434. >For the semi-finals, you and Trixie will play your match, then Moondancer and her opponent
  5435. >Easier for Orenstein & Smough to commentate that way, you guess
  5436. >"Let us have a good match, Miss Sparkle!"
  5437. "Let's get ready to duel!"
  5438. >N-No, you didn't mean it like that
  5439. >As you get into the Best of 5 match, you find Trixie is really putting on her A game
  5440. >You've always been better than her, though
  5441. >First round goes to you
  5442. >Then the second
  5443. >Trixie's able to snap up the third
  5444. >But you take the fourth
  5445. >"And it looks like former Regional Magic the Gathering Minor League Champion Twilight Sparkle is moving onto the finals!"
  5446. >Trixie goes to shake your hand
  5447. >"Good game, Miss Sparkle."
  5448. >GG no re
  5449. "Good game."
  5450. >You go to sit with Sunny and watch the next match
  5451. >"Nice job you guys! I'm not sure what's going on, but you did good!"
  5452. "Thanks."
  5453. >"So, Moondancer and..."
  5454. >Sunny holds a piece of paper in her hands
  5455. >"Q are next."
  5456. >Well, this is going to be over quick—
  5457. >Oh fuck
  5458. >FUCK
  5459. >"We've got MORE high-caliber gameplay coming up ahead, guys! Magic legend, Q is here, returning after his stunning defeat by Moondancer at the last regional tournament!"
  5460. >"That's right, Juggo! Pride! Honor! Revenge! This match is going to be a spectacle. And there they go, shaking hands."
  5461. >'Q' is dressed in an overly-flashy get up
  5462. >Like he's some eccentric poker player at some international tournament or something
  5463. >'Q' bows to the crowd of cheering spergs
  5464. >"Isn't he a bit old to be playing here? I mean, I think he's the only one here above college age..."
  5465. >You're frozen in your seat
  5466. >FUCK
  5467. >Why the fuck is Discord here?
  5468. >"Twilight, what's wrong?"
  5469. "Th-That's him..."
  5470. >"That's who?"
  5471. >You gulp
  5472. >Holy fuck
  5473. >Cheers erupt in the crowd as the match progresses
  5474. >Try to stay calm, Twilight
  5475. >Sunny looks to you, then 'Q', then back
  5476. >"Oh my God..."
  5477. >Fuck fuck fuck
  5478. >Breath in and out, Twilight
  5479. >After each victory, Discord takes a bow and receives a round of applause
  5480. >Moondancer is looking incredibly frazzled
  5481. >Almost on the verge of tears
  5482. >"WOW! Superb performance so far by Q! Moondancer is looking like a total amateur right now."
  5483. >"Unlike me at asking out girls. Did I tell you I got a girl's number, Juggo?"
  5484. >"You haven't stopped talking about it!"
  5485. >Fucking Discord!
  5486. >Why is here?!
  5487. >Did he know you would be here?
  5488. >How could he?
  5489. >You feel Sunny hold your hand
  5490. >"Just stay calm, Twilight. Don't let him get in your head."
  5491. >You nod meekly
  5492. >Be cool
  5493. >"AND THAT'S IT! Q decimates Moondancer in a three game sweep! I've never seen a deck like that before!"
  5494. >"I'm honestly blown away right now."
  5495. >Moondancer runs out of the shop with tears in her eyes
  5496. >Fucking Moondancer
  5497. "W-Well... I guess it's time for the finals..."
  5498. >"Good luck. And stay calm."
  5499. >"Good luck Miss Sparkle! Trixie believes in you!"
  5500. >You shakily approach the table to face 'Q'
  5501. >"I'm afraid we haven't met! I'm Q."
  5502. >He extends his hand
  5503. "T-Twilight Sparkle..."
  5504. >You shake hands
  5505. >"Ah! A nice, firm hand shake!"
  5506. >He winks
  5507. >Fuck
  5508. >Your knees almost buckle
  5509. >"Look who's nervous, Dusty!"
  5510. >"Who wouldn't be? Amazing player, handsome, a man aged like fine wine—"
  5511. >"That's pretty gay, Dusty!"
  5512. >"W-Well, I mean, like, if you were a girl, you'd be nervous. The women want him, and men want to be him!"
  5513. >Just stay calm, Twilight
  5514. >You beat him last time...
  5515. >Hell, it doesn't even matter if you win!
  5516. >Just play your hardest
  5517. >Be 'friendly'
  5518. >Just be cool
  5519. >The two of you shuffle decks and begin to play
  5520. >If he's using his stupid troll deck again, you'll be able to—
  5521. >What the fuck kind of deck is this?
  5522. >God, stop shaking
  5523. >Stop fucking shaking, Twilight
  5524. >You take your introductory turn
  5525. >"A White-Blue deck? I see you don't like changing things up very much."
  5526. >You don't say anything
  5527. >This deck doesn't make any sense
  5528. >Too many fucking colors
  5529. >How did he even beat Moondancer with this shit?
  5530. >Discord leans forward and speaks softly
  5531. >Just loud enough for you to hear, and no one else through the sound of the crowd
  5532. >"Why don't we make this interesting?"
  5533. >You dart your eyes to him, and then your hand
  5534. "I-I-I don't know..."
  5535. >"I think I might've given off the wrong impression last time, Nighttime Shine. I really want you to know that I take my business very seriously."
  5536. "I-I think your first impression was good enough..."
  5537. >Discord laughs as the two of you continue play
  5538. >"Nonsense! Plus, where's the fun in a game with no stakes? Let's say you win, and you can walk out of here and never see me again. I win, and I may have a little surprise for you!"
  5539. >You could win your freedom
  5540. >In a fucking card game
  5541. >But if you lose?
  5542. >He could be talking about anything...
  5543. "N-No thanks..."
  5544. >He smiles
  5545. >"I insist."
  5546. >You gulp
  5547. >"Looks like Q and Twilight are having a nice, friendly conversation during their game. It's always nice to see camaraderie like that!"
  5548. >Just...
  5549. >Just play your hardest, Twilight!
  5550. >Or else
  5551. >As the first round continues, you find yourself getting clocked by this weird-ass deck
  5552. >FUCK
  5553. >Its hard to even see the fucking cards in your hands with how much you're shaking
  5554. >You don't...
  5555. >You don't understand
  5556. >This isn't a deck you've fucking seen before
  5557. >It shouldn't have so much synergy
  5558. >It's like, no matter his hand, he can fuck you over
  5559. >He's exiling your cards
  5560. >Removing your creatures
  5561. >Hitting your life total
  5562. >And you can barely do anything
  5563. >"Twilight's not looking very good right now. Q's deck is simply too much for her!"
  5564. >"Yup! She hasn't been able to establish any power on her side of the field, and most of her attempts at controlling the game have been negated!"
  5565. >Discord laughs as he plays another card, bringing your life total even lower
  5566. >"Why so nervous?! This is just a friendly game between a couple of professionals."
  5567. >You gulp
  5568. >Looking at your hand, you're totally fucked
  5569. >You play what you can, but...
  5570. >"Q takes his turn and, yep, yeah, that's what I expected. The round goes to Q!"
  5571. >"Twilight's going to have to really pull it together if she wants to stand a chance in the next few rounds. We might be looking at ANOTHER sweep from Q!"
  5573. >"Good game, Twilight!"
  5574. >Shit...
  5575. >"C'mon, Twilight, where are your manners?"
  5576. "G-Good game..."
  5577. >Be cool
  5578. >Calm down
  5579. >You can do this
  5580. >You HAVE to do this
  5581. >Discord's deck...
  5582. >You think you're starting to understand it
  5583. >The second round begins and...
  5584. >His play style has changed completely
  5585. >Sweat is pouring down your face
  5586. "What the fuck..."
  5587. >"Ah, language!"
  5588. >Fuck fuck fuck
  5589. >You can't even understand what's happening right now
  5590. >This round goes even quicker than the last
  5591. >"Another unceremonious defeat for Twilight Sparkle!"
  5592. >Oh God
  5593. "P-Please..."
  5594. >"Please what?"
  5595. >You whimper
  5596. >"Don't feel bad, Twilight. Sometimes, life is like Mario Party. Winning can be losing!"
  5597. >Just play, Twilight
  5598. >You still have a chance
  5599. >Even if it's autistic, you just have to believe in the heart of the cards!
  5600. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3472Q6kvg0
  5601. >"It looks like Twilight is finally back in her element right now, making very smart plays. The fight's really starting now!"
  5602. >"Reminds me of my parents!"
  5603. >Just play, Twilight
  5604. >No holding back!
  5605. >Even if you have to be autistic as fuck
  5606. >Reach deep into your past, and pull out the sperglord you used to be!
  5607. >You're dominating the field this time around
  5608. >Discord's smile has vanished
  5609. >You can see that he's concentrating as much as you are
  5610. "Yes!"
  5611. >Another good draw!
  5612. >You've got a good deal of land cards out on the field right now
  5613. >He's not getting anywhere near as lucky as he was earlier
  5614. >That's what you get for having such a volatile deck!
  5615. >Too luck oriented with that many colors
  5616. >"Twilight's starting to make Q sweat! Things are turning in her favor!"
  5617. >The match is getting dragged out
  5618. >But you're winning
  5619. >Both of you are low on cards
  5620. >He's out of surprises, you're starting to get his strategy
  5621. >Discord shoots you a look as he draws
  5622. >"Oopsie!"
  5623. >"OH! Q has luck on his side!"
  5624. >The people in the crowd cheer as Discord wipes most of your creatures from the field
  5625. >How the fuck does he still have cards you haven't seen?!
  5626. >Fuck, no, you were so close!
  5627. >Your turn and—
  5628. >Fuck, this isn't going to help at all!
  5629. >No no no no no...
  5630. >"We can't always get what we want, Twilight."
  5631. >You take your turn, resigned to defeat
  5632. >"What a great match! Twilight nearly seemed to pull of a victory in the third round, but Q took the sweep! That's it for this edition of the Magic podcast!"
  5633. >You stand up from the table
  5634. >Tears begin welling in your eyes
  5635. >You failed...
  5636. >Fuck
  5637. >Discord walks over to you and puts his arm around you
  5638. >"Don't be a spoilt sport, Twilight! You were doing well at the end there. Too bad for you I had a little insurance."
  5639. >He shows you—
  5640. >Literal cards up his sleeve
  5641. "Y-You..."
  5642. >"Won! And your runner-up prize is coming in two parts!"
  5643. >He smiles at the crowd as it begins to disperse
  5644. >Jugular Follicles strides up to you and Discord
  5645. >"Amazing game, you two! Huge fan of the both of you, and—"
  5646. >"Would you mind giving us a minute? I'd like to have a chat with Twilight here."
  5647. >Discord gives a large grin
  5648. >"Sure, no problem."
  5649. >As he leaves, Discord turns to you
  5650. >"You know, I didn't quite know who you were when we first met, or rather, who you were related to."
  5651. >What's that supposed to mean?
  5652. >"I hear your brother has been a nuisance for his coworkers. You wouldn't mind clearing that up, would you?"
  5653. >You shake your head
  5654. "I-I can... I can try..."
  5655. >"Good! And please smile more, this whole 'fear' thing isn't very becoming."
  5656. >You try to smile
  5657. "I-Is that all?"
  5658. >He bellows
  5659. >"And I've set up a little surprise waiting for you! Just in case you have any silly ideas. Need ta show you who's boss!"
  5660. >Discord uses his thumbs to pull on invisible suspenders
  5661. >That doesn't sound good at all
  5662. >"Well, this was fun. I like you, Twilight. Let's do this again sometime. Toodles!"
  5663. >As he walks away, you collapse on the ground
  5664. >You hear someone mutter "drama queen" as they pass by
  5665. >Sunny and Trixie run up to you
  5666. >"Miss Sparkle, it's okay if you lost! Don't be sad!"
  5667. >You feel Sunny pull on your arm, helping you up
  5668. >"What was he talking to you about?"
  5669. "I-I-I... He said he had a 'surprise' waiting for me..."
  5670. >Sunny swears under her breath and hugs you
  5671. >"Trixie likes surprises!"
  5672. >"Not now, Trix... Why don't you go home, I'll stick with Twilight for a bit."
  5673. >Trixie nods and joins in on the hug
  5674. >"Goodbye! Trixie had fun!"
  5675. >You try to smile as she skips off
  5676. >"Pull yourself together, Twilight... Maybe... Maybe it won't be something that bad..."
  5677. "I-I sort of doubt that..."
  5678. >Sunny leads you to a more secluded area to sit down
  5679. >You give out a shaky sigh as you take your seat next to her
  5680. >"I... I can't believe that's him. It's... Not what I expected."
  5681. "Doesn't matter what he looks like... He's still Discord. Man, I'm so fucked."
  5682. >"Twilight, I'll... I'll try to help you however I can. I'm not sure how, but I'll try. Fuck..."
  5683. >You clench your fists
  5684. >Fucking Fluttershy...
  5685. >She always seemed to be the quintessential shy girl
  5686. >It's in her fucking name!
  5687. >You nuzzle yourself against Sunny
  5688. "Thanks, but... I'm not sure if anyone can help me right now..."
  5689. >"So, what do you do now?"
  5690. >You shrug
  5691. "I don't know..."
  5692. >You feel like avoiding home...
  5693. >You're not sure what Discord's surprise is, but...
  5694. >It can't be anything good
  5695. >Part of you hopes that it actually might be
  5696. >Maybe Discord is just that crazy
  5697. >Hope against hope
  5698. >Whatever's waiting for you, you have to find out
  5699. "I... I guess I go home."
  5700. >"Do you want me to come with?"
  5701. "S-Sure..."
  5702. >You're not sure you could even make it by yourself
  5703. >Feeling so lightheaded
  5704. >Sunny supports you as you leave the Game Shop
  5705. >"Do you have a gun?"
  5706. "W-What? No..."
  5707. >"I think you might want one."
  5708. >You frown
  5709. >Needing a gun on you doesn't sound fun
  5710. >Is this where your life has really come?
  5711. >As the two of you walk, you eventually regain the ability to walk on your own
  5712. >You're wobbly, but still
  5713. "Sunny?"
  5714. >She turns to you
  5715. >"Huh?"
  5716. "Th-Thanks... For being my friend... For everything."
  5717. >"You don't have to thank me for that!"
  5718. "No, I do... I've been such a terrible person... I actually tried to be a good person because of you, but... Well, I fucked that up..."
  5719. >"Because of me?"
  5720. >You turn away from her
  5721. "I-It's nothing."
  5722. >"Well, you don't have to try. You have to stop beating yourself up, Twilight."
  5723. "M-Maybe..."
  5724. >Well, here it is...
  5725. >Your house
  5726. >Holding your breath, you open the door
  5727. "D-Dad?"
  5728. >"Twilight! How was your day? And who's your friend?"
  5729. >You run up to him and pull him into a hug
  5730. "Oh thank God... Is Shining okay?"
  5731. >"Fine... Is something wrong?"
  5732. "N-No... I'm just glad you're okay, is all."
  5733. >He pats you on the back and breaks the hug
  5734. >"Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. Your friend Fluttershy came over and offered to bring Spike to a pet spa! For free!"
  5735. "Y-Y-You let Fluttershy take Spike?!"
  5736. >"Of course. You know how much she's done to help the animals in our community. Don't worry about it, Twilight!"
  5737. "Oh no oh no oh no oh no..."
  5738. >You hear Sunny stamp her foot behind you
  5739. >"Girls?"
  5740. "I-I-Is the spa nearby?!"
  5741. >"Do you really think she would've taken Spike to the spa?!"
  5742. >"G-Girls?"
  5743. >You pace frantically
  5744. "I don't know! I-I'll try calling her!"
  5745. >You quickly try and find Fluttershy's number in your phone
  5746. >'U-Uh, hi... This is Fluttershy...'
  5747. "Fluttershy! Where's Spi—"
  5748. >'J-Just kidding! Please leave your message, um... after the beep...'
  5749. >FUCK
  5750. "We have to go to the spa!"
  5751. >"Twilight, she won't even—"
  5752. "WE HAVE TO!"
  5753. >You need to get there as fast as possible
  5754. "Dad, c-can I take your car?!"
  5755. >"But you can't drive."
  5756. >"I can!"
  5757. >You see your Dad's keys on the table and toss them to Sunny
  5758. "Hurry!"
  5759. >The two of you run out into the garage
  5760. >"What is going on with that girl..."
  5761. >Sunny hops into the driver's seat, and you sit down next to her
  5762. "HIT IT!"
  5763. >You pull out onto the road and speed your way to the pet spa
  5764. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck..."
  5765. >"God, I never fucking liked that Fluttershy girl! I'm going to fucking kill her if she did anything to your dog, Twilight. I promise you that."
  5766. >There's a fire in Sunny's eyes that scares you
  5767. >You pull hastily into the parking lot and run into the lobby
  5768. >"May I help you girls?"
  5770. >"Well, please calm d—"
  5772. >"Well, that's confidential information and—"
  5773. >"THIS IS A FUCKING PET SPA, NOT THE FBI! Fuck this!"
  5774. >Sunny storms out of the lobby and further into the pet spa
  5775. >"You can't just—"
  5776. >Fuck it!
  5777. >You chase after Sunny
  5778. >As you enter the spa after Sunny, you spot Fluttershy
  5779. >She sitting, legs folded, reading a magazine
  5780. >Next to her is—
  5781. "SPIKE!"
  5782. >He's being pampered by a masseuse
  5783. >Fluttershy looks up and smiles, waving her fingers at you
  5784. >GOD, FUCK YOU
  5785. >You stick behind Sunny, walking towards Fluttershy
  5786. >"H-Hey girls!"
  5788. >The people in the spa are staring at you now
  5789. >"What? I'm just taking this cute little guy out for a nice day! Who's the cutest? Who's the cutest?!"
  5790. >You see Sunset clench her fists
  5791. >You have the feeling she's going to jump on Fluttershy
  5792. >Before she can, you hold her back
  5793. >Holy fuck she's strong
  5794. >"LET GO OF ME!"
  5795. "Don't do this! It'll only make things worse!"
  5796. >Sunny stops wrestling with you
  5797. >You hear some people whispering about 'Security'
  5798. >Fluttershy gives the two of you a shit eating grin
  5799. >You really
  5800. >REALLY
  5801. >Want to see Sunset beat her
  5802. >But that would probably end up in a lot worse than 'taking Spike to a spa'
  5803. >"Give Twilight her dog back."
  5804. >"I never planned to do anything else with him, sillies!"
  5805. >You hold onto Sunny's arm once again
  5806. "J-Just hand him over..."
  5807. >"But he's in the middle of a nice massage right now! Look at him. So happy..."
  5808. "P-Please..."
  5809. >Fluttershy rolls her eyes
  5810. >"I think this little guy is going home."
  5811. >The masseuse stops with his masage
  5812. >Spike runs up to you
  5813. "Spike..."
  5814. >Sunny gestures that she's 'watching' Fluttershy
  5815. >Two large men approach you
  5816. >"Don't worry. We're leaving."
  5817. >You're beyond relieved that Spike is okay
  5818. >As you get back into your car, Sunny sighs
  5819. >"Why the FUCK would Discord just... Take your dog out to the spa?"
  5820. "I-I don't know... To scare me, probably."
  5821. >"God, if I could get my hands on that Fluttershy... I would wring the fucking life out of her."
  5822. >Sunset's voice chills you
  5823. >She leans back and sighs
  5824. >"Fuck... Well, this guy can fuck around your house whenever he wants. Discord's saying he owns you."
  5825. >You nod
  5826. >Neither of you talk for a good while, just sitting in the car
  5827. >You pet Spike as he sits on your lap
  5828. >He licks your hand and you begin to tear up
  5829. "Spike... I'm so glad you're okay."
  5830. >God
  5831. >There's no way out of this now, is there?
  5832. >Sunny swears exasperatedly
  5833. >"We're going to my house."
  5834. "W-Why?"
  5835. >"You need to be able to protect yourself."
  5836. >Before you can utter another word, she starts the car
  5837. >Guess you're not going to be able to change her mind
  5838. >You don't really want to be violent if you don't have to...
  5839. >But it wouldn't hurt to know some self-defense or something, right?
  5840. >After a few minutes of driving, you arrive at a small apartment complex
  5841. >Nicer than Treehugger's place
  5842. >You follow her into her apartment
  5843. >It's modest and clean
  5844. >Has very little furniture, or, anything really
  5845. "Y-You live by yourself?"
  5846. >"Yeah."
  5847. >She seems a bit young to have her own place, but you don't press it
  5848. >"If you're going to be around dangerous people, you're going to need to be dangerous."
  5849. >You nod
  5850. "I... I'm just not a very violent person..."
  5851. >"Have you ever been in a fight?"
  5852. >You scratch at your chin
  5853. "Does getting beat up count?"
  5854. >Sunny frowns
  5855. >"Did you... ever fight back?"
  5856. "I usually just sort of curled up and cried..."
  5857. >Silence
  5858. "Anyways..."
  5859. >"Right... Anyways, I guess we're starting from scratch. I'll try and give you the basics."
  5860. >You nod
  5861. "Okay, well... If I have to, I'm ready!"
  5862. >"Not like that you aren't"
  5863. >She motions to your whole body
  5864. "What?"
  5865. >"You'll probably want to wear something a bit more... athletic?"
  5866. "Oh."
  5867. >You scratch at your head
  5868. >"Just head into my room. I've got something you could probably wear."
  5869. >Aye aye
  5870. >You head off into her room
  5871. >It's nothing important, so you just pick up some exercise-y looking clothes
  5872. >You take off your clothes and put the new set on
  5873. >They feel kind of loose in the chest area...
  5874. >You frown
  5875. >Well, maybe your body is better suited for fighting or something
  5876. >More aerodynamic
  5877. >For, like, when you get tossed like a javelin at something
  5878. >Ugh
  5879. >You walk out to meet Sunny
  5880. >There are some mats on the floor
  5881. >Random exercise stuff
  5882. >Is working out all she does here?
  5883. >Because she really doesn't have much else going on with her apartment
  5884. "W-Well, I guess I'm ready."
  5885. >"Okay. I guess I'll just show you how to get out of a hold, what to do if someone's holding a gun on you... Stuff like that."
  5886. "O-Okay... Okay. Yeah, let's do it!"
  5887. >Sunny steps up to you and turns around
  5888. >"Put your arms around my throat."
  5889. "W-What?"
  5890. >"Just put me in a chokehold. A tight one!"
  5891. >You do as she says, and get a sturdy hold on her
  5892. >Before you can react, she dashes to your side, gets out of your arms, and knocks you to the ground
  5893. >Sunny reaches out a hand and helps you up
  5894. >"Think you can do that?"
  5895. "I-I don't know..."
  5896. >"I'll walk you through it."
  5897. >Sunny steps behind you and puts her arms around your neck
  5898. >You can feel her breasts rub against your back
  5899. >Have you been on /d/ too much or is this oddly hot?
  5900. >"Okay, so you want to use leverage."
  5901. "Right. Leverage."
  5902. >"You're going to move to my side, get your left leg behind my right, and then kick me behind the knee. Okay?"
  5903. >Doesn't sound too hard
  5904. >Move to the side
  5905. >Leg behind hers
  5906. >And—
  5907. >She doesn't budge as you kick her in the back of the knee
  5908. "D-Did I do it wrong?"
  5909. >"Nope."
  5910. "O-Oh..."
  5911. >"If this happens to you, they're not going to just let you do it. Act as if your life depended on it. Don't worry about hurting me."
  5912. >You nod and decide to try again
  5913. >Can't do it slowly
  5914. >Gotta go fast, you think
  5915. >Side
  5916. >Leg
  5917. >Ki—
  5918. "FUCK!"
  5919. >The two of you tumble onto the ground
  5920. >Fuck
  5921. >You suck
  5922. >You open your eyes and—
  5923. >Blush
  5924. "Just like an anime..."
  5925. >Sunny gives you an odd look
  5926. >You pull yourself off of her
  5927. >Fuck, why would you mention anime at a time like this?
  5928. >Of course she knows it's like an anime
  5929. >You stand up
  5930. "S-Sorry."
  5931. >"Don't be sorry. You did it pretty well that time!"
  5932. "Th-Thanks..."
  5933. >Sunny dusts herself off
  5934. >"Well, let's go again."
  5935. >After a few more tries, you think you have it down
  5936. >Sunny gives you a few other positions to try
  5937. >Doesn't really tell you how to punch or kick, but she tells you 'this isn't a martial art'
  5938. >Both of you really work up a sweat
  5939. >You don't really like exercising, but this could save your life someday, so
  5940. >"Phew! That was a lot of progress for one day, Twilight. Good job."
  5941. "Thanks..."
  5942. >"Now let's get you that gun."
  5943. >Shit
  5944. >Sunny leads you back into her room
  5945. >"Obviously we're not going to be shooting this in here, but I'll still tell you how to use it."
  5946. >She reaches under her pillow and pulls out a small pistol
  5947. >You flinch at the sight of it
  5948. >Maybe it's dumb, but you're scared of things that can kill you
  5949. >Sunny shows you the different parts of the gun, tells you how they work
  5950. >Most of it is pretty obvious, and you're not an idiot
  5951. >Safety, sights, trigger, etc
  5952. >"—and make sure to ONLY put your finger on the trigger if you're going to fire. ONLY then. And always treat it as if it's loaded. I know you're not dumb, but... Just don't blow your brains out over a gag or something..."
  5953. "Okay okay... Trust me, I'm way too scared of that thing to point it at myself."
  5954. >She shows you how to conceal it on your body
  5955. >"Safety's on, okay, but still be careful."
  5956. >Sunny hands you the gun
  5957. >"Can you aim?"
  5958. "I-I shot an air rifle at a carnival once..."
  5959. >"Not really the same, but..."
  5960. >She motions for you to show her how you aim
  5961. >You extend your arms out before you and look down the sights
  5962. >"You're going to hurt yourself if you do it like that. Don't lock your elbows. Okay, that's better."
  5963. >You take a deep breath
  5964. "I don't feel ready to do any of this stuff..."
  5965. >"You're not... But you have a base to start from at least. Better than nothing!"
  5966. >You put the gun in the backpack next to your clothes
  5967. "Th-Thanks, Sunny..."
  5968. >She nods at you
  5969. >"No problem, Twilight. I don't want to see you get hurt, so you need to know this stuff... Today was productive."
  5970. >A short silence hangs and you kick at the floor
  5971. "So... We're good now, right? I mean, I know you've done so much for me... I don't think I can pay you back, but... We're friends again now, right?"
  5972. >Sunny laughs
  5973. >"Well... Mostly, yeah. But not quite even, yet."
  5974. "O-Oh... Well, I'll do my best to—"
  5975. >She walks up and pecks you on the lips, then laughs
  5976. >"There, now I think we're good."
  5977. >You blush
  5978. >"Now let's get you and Spike home!"
  5979. >After putting on your clothes, Sunny leads you down back to your father's car
  5980. >She's not acting like anything even happened!
  5981. >Did that not mean anything, or..?
  5982. >Just calm down, Twilight
  5983. >It might just be...
  5984. >You don't know
  5985. >Maybe those rumors about girls making out at slumber parties was true
  5986. >How'd you know, you've never been!
  5987. >You get into the car, and Spike hops onto your lap
  5988. >He seems a lot more energetic than he's been in... A long time
  5989. >Massage probably did him good
  5990. >You hold him tight as you think about it
  5991. >Discord...
  5992. >Fluttershy...
  5993. >And now you're armed and dangerous
  5994. >-ish
  5995. >Fuck...
  5996. >The car ride to your house is very quiet
  5997. >You're feeling too awkward to start a conversation right now
  5998. >Sunny pulls the car into the garage
  5999. "Thanks."
  6000. >She smiles at you
  6001. >"No problem, Twilight. Stay safe, okay? I'll be doing what I can on my end... It won't be much, but I want to try and help you."
  6002. >You nod
  6003. >Both of you hop out of the car, Spike bounding after you
  6004. >"Bye!"
  6005. "B-Bye..."
  6006. >You walk back into your house
  6007. >Your dad is there waiting for you
  6008. >"Why do you keep running off like that?!"
  6009. "It's... I can't, I can't, Dad."
  6010. >"Can't what? Is it more drugs?"
  6011. "W-What? No! Not everything is drugs!"
  6012. >"Twilight, I—"
  6013. "Is Shining here? I need to talk to him."
  6014. >"No, he's back at the precinct now. He told me he'd be over to talk to you next week."
  6015. >You nod
  6016. >"Twi—"
  6017. >Your dad sighs as you run off with Spike to your room
  6018. >Today...
  6019. >Today was a rough day
  6020. >You're not safe at home
  6021. >You're not safe at the Game Shop
  6022. >Hell, Fluttershy goes to school with you, so you're not safe there...
  6023. >You'll just have to make yourself safe...
  6024. >Guess that's what Sunny wanted
  6025. "One day at a time, Twilight..."
  6026. >You pet Spike
  6027. >You can't imagine what you would've done if...
  6028. >You pull him up onto the bed with you
  6029. >At least tomorrow will be—
  6030. >Oh, you're bringing Rainbow to Treehugger's
  6031. >God fucking damn
  6032. >In the morning, you wake
  6033. >Shower?
  6034. >Maybe you should start being more hygienic
  6035. >And you were pretty sweaty yesterday
  6036. >Rubbing your body against Sunny's...
  6037. >You wave the thoughts from your head
  6038. >Today is a shower day
  6039. >Don't want to smell like a gym
  6040. >After, clothes
  6041. >You head downstairs
  6042. >Your father is there
  6043. "H-Hey, Dad."
  6044. >"Morning, Twilight."
  6045. "Um... I'm going to sleepover at Rainbow Dash's tonight."
  6046. >He squints at you
  6047. >"What're you gonna do there?"
  6048. "V-Video games..."
  6049. >"That doesn't mean drugs, does it?"
  6050. "N-N-No."
  6051. >He squints more
  6052. >You throw your hands in the air
  6053. "You caught me. 'Video games' is code for drugs. We're going to do the Mario!"
  6054. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65uNCLBTje0
  6055. >Your dad shrugs
  6056. >"Okay, okay... Dash is a good girl, so, have fun!"
  6057. >You grab a pop-tart and leave
  6058. >School should be normal now
  6059. >Normies will be giving you shit
  6060. >But the whole 'fuck normies' thing is starting to ring truer to you
  6061. >If you're a little autistic...
  6062. >Nah, the way that word gets thrown around is retarded
  6063. >Liking shit isn't always autistic
  6064. >Right?
  6065. >At least, not if you have taste
  6066. >As you do
  6067. >Yeah
  6068. >Fuck normies
  6069. >As you enter the school, that air of apprehension and awkwardness surrounds you
  6070. >Everyone's still giving you looks
  6071. >You thought the normies would've forgotten about this by now
  6072. >Whatever
  6073. >You head to your first class
  6074. >"Hey, Twilight, are you okay?"
  6075. "I'm fine."
  6076. >The people around you look on edge
  6077. >Why's everyone so fucking concerned about you being okay?
  6078. >What?
  6079. >They all bully you, something bad happens to you, and what?
  6080. >You're going to shoot up the school or something, is that it?
  6081. >And then it hits you
  6082. >There's a fucking gun in your backpack
  6083. >Your eyes slowly draw over the bag beside you
  6084. >Don't start sweating
  6085. >Don't freak out
  6086. >Be cool
  6087. >Just gotta close it
  6088. >You lean over and start to zip it up
  6089. >FUCK, why is it so fucking loud
  6090. >Someone looks at you and you smile at them
  6091. >They give you a strange look and turn away
  6092. >Fuck fuck fuck
  6093. >You breath a sigh of relief as you close your backpack up
  6094. >Turning back to the front, you see your teacher staring at you with a frown
  6095. >You give him a wavering smile
  6096. >Thank fucking God he didn't try and talk to you
  6097. >Just act normal, Twilight
  6098. >Hold yourself together...
  6099. >Once the bell rings, you feel as though you could just melt
  6100. >Oh fuck, some no-name normie is walking up to you
  6101. >Have that 'I have to do this to be nice even if I don't want to' look on their face
  6102. >Fuck fuck fuck
  6103. >Play it cool
  6104. >"Hey, Twilight... I just wanted to ask if you're okay... I heard about—"
  6105. "I'm fine! It's not like I'm going to shoot up the school or anything. Ha."
  6106. >You give her a big grin
  6107. >She slowly backs away
  6108. "W-Wait, I really mean it!"
  6109. >"O-Okay... S-See ya..."
  6110. >She leaves the room
  6111. >FUCK
  6112. >You dash out of the classroom
  6114. >If she tells someone about this...
  6115. >And if people find your gun...
  6116. >How are you going to justify that?!
  6117. >They'll put you in jail or something!
  6118. >And who knows what the fuck Discord will do
  6119. >You race through the halls on auto-pilot
  6120. >Fucking damn, Twilight
  6121. "Oof!"
  6122. >"Woah, Egghead, where are you heading off to so fast?"
  6123. >Rainbow!
  6124. "LET'S SKIP CLASS."
  6125. >"What? Really?"
  6126. >You nod fervently
  6127. >"Sick dude! That's so awesome! Let's totally ditch class man!"
  6128. "Yeah. Let's head to my friend's right now. You drive here, right?"
  6129. >She nods
  6130. >You pull Dash along into the parking lot
  6131. >"Dude, this is so sick. We're skipping class, gonna be trippin' balls... This is the rockstar lifestyle I was meant to have, man! You're so awesome!"
  6132. "Yeah yeah, let's just get going, please."
  6133. >You hop into her car and sigh
  6134. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dj9QcGn6EtE
  6135. >...
  6136. >You point Rainbow along as you drive
  6137. >Not sure exactly the best route to Treehugger's
  6138. >But you can get there
  6139. >The more you think about it, the worse this idea seems
  6140. >Rainbow Dash is already hard to handle normal
  6141. "M-Maybe we should only do w-weed stuff today."
  6142. >"Does that make you see shit?"
  6143. "I... I don't think so."
  6144. >She groans
  6145. >"Boring."
  6146. >Man, talking about this seems super awkward
  6147. "I don't know... I don't know if she has anything to make that happen aside from the punch, and—"
  6148. >"So?"
  6149. "W-Well... There's ecstasy in it and stuff... Maybe she has other stuff. I don't know."
  6150. >You see that Rainbow Dash is thinking
  6151. >"I don't see the problem."
  6152. "W-What?"
  6153. >"Dude, literally every great rocker has done that kind of shit. I need to start checking the boxes off my list!"
  6154. >Ugh, whatever
  6155. >You don't really want to be a 'box' to check off
  6156. >Maybe you'll be able to convince Rainbow otherwise
  6157. >The buildings surrounding you slowly become more rundown
  6158. >"So... Your friend lives somewhere around here?"
  6159. "Y-Yeah..."
  6160. >"I guess that's where this kind of shit happens. Seems sorta dangerous... Not that I'm scared or anything. Lol."
  6161. >Right
  6162. >It's quiet in the car for a while, except for the blasting slam metal
  6163. >"Hey, Egghead, I don't know if Fluttershy apologized to you yet, but I'm just gonna say sorry for her."
  6164. "W-What?"
  6165. >"We both used to live in Cloudsdale. Fluttershy's always been kind of... Different, since then. I don't like to talk about it behind her back, but she had a rough time, man. She blows up sometimes."
  6166. >Rainbow sighs
  6167. >Fucking whatever
  6168. >That yellow bitch is a fucking psychopath
  6169. "I think... I think it's probably best not to hang out with her, Rainbow."
  6170. >"What? She's my friend, dude. I was the only one who ever stuck by her. What she said to you was fucked up, but... Eh, let's just drop it."
  6171. >Eventually, you pull up to Treehugger's apartment
  6172. >It takes Rainbow a while to parallel park, but she gets it eventually
  6173. >"So this is the place where she lives, huh?"
  6174. "Yup."
  6175. >You lead her into the building, and to Treehugger's door
  6176. >Knocking a few times, you wait
  6177. >"Woah, Spark Bug! And friend! Namaste, guys!"
  6178. "This is Rainbow Dash."
  6179. >"Rainbow... I like that name, man."
  6180. >Rainbow Dash squints at her
  6181. >Treehugger welcomes you into the apartment
  6182. >Rainbow Dash bounces onto one of the chairs
  6183. >You pull Treehugger aside
  6184. >"Do you... Have, like, stuff that makes you see stuff that isn't the punch?"
  6185. >"Uh, usually? Not right now though, man. Don't like buying shit when I still have stuff left to use, you know?"
  6186. >You frown
  6187. >Treehugger sits on the couch, and you sit down with her
  6188. >"So," Rainbow Dash says, "you're the one, huh?"
  6189. >Treehugger shrugs
  6190. >"I guess?"
  6191. >"Yeah, well no funny business. I'm a green belt in Karate, so you don't want to mess with me or my friends."
  6192. >Dash puts on a mean look and gets in a strange fighting stance
  6193. >Treehugger looks at you and then back at Rainbow
  6194. >"I won't mess with you, man."
  6195. >"Good!"
  6196. >Rainbow begins patting the ground with her feet in excitement
  6197. >"Okay okay, so, since you've been vetted by yours truly, where's the stuff? This is gonna be so rad, man!"
  6198. >Treehugger laughs and pats you on the back
  6199. >"I like her."
  6200. >Treehugger leaves the room
  6201. "So... I know I asked this before, but please don't tell anyone about this."
  6202. >"Dude, I won't. Trust me! Rainbow Dash doesn't lie."
  6203. "I thought that was Applejack..."
  6204. >She guffaws
  6205. >"As if, Egghead. Nah, you can trust me."
  6206. >Treehugger returns with a plate of brownies and some punch
  6207. >"Okay guys, y—"
  6208. >Rainbow immediately begins grabbing for the brownies and pours herself some punch
  6209. "You might want to sl—"
  6210. >"It's fine!"
  6211. >God damn it Rainbow Dash
  6212. >After downing a few brownies and some punch, Rainbow Dash sits back
  6213. >Fucking looks like she's holding onto a roller-coaster
  6214. >"AM I HIGH YET?"
  6215. >"You gotta wait, Rainbow. Just settle down and let it wash over you."
  6216. >She just goes on with that 'omgomgomgomgomg' shit she does
  6217. >You take your pace with the brownies and the punch
  6218. >As does Treehugger
  6219. >Not sure you're looking forward to this...
  6220. >On the other hand, you're not NOT looking forward to it
  6221. >If Rainbow doesn't blab, this'll just be a thing that happened
  6222. >It was a crazy experience last time
  6223. >You actually enjoyed it
  6224. >And fucking FLUTTERSHY was there
  6225. >So this can't be worse
  6226. >Yeah
  6227. >You look over and see Rainbow bouncing in her seat
  6228. >"THIS IS GOING TO BE SO SICK! It's going to be just like Heavy Metal!"
  6229. >Just settle down, Twilight, and be cool
  6230. >Wish you could just forget about all the shit happening in your life
  6231. >That's what this sort of thing is for, right?
  6232. >You lean back and take a deep breath
  6233. >Treehugger puts her arm around you
  6234. >You lean into her and smile
  6235. >This is okay
  6236. >Just relax, Twilight
  6237. >A soothing wave passes over you
  6238. >Exhale, in and out
  6239. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cXrEPNvRO8
  6241. >Rainbow stares at the ceiling with rapture
  6242. >There's a knock at the door
  6243. >"Another friend of yours, Spark Bug?"
  6244. "I-I... No, I don't think so..."
  6245. >"I'll just go—"
  6246. >You put your arm in front of her
  6247. "No, I'll go."
  6248. >You're the one with a gun, so
  6249. >More knocking
  6250. >You slowly approach the door and open it
  6251. >A man stands there in a hoodie
  6252. >He removes the hood, and—
  6253. "Sh-Shining?!"
  6254. >"Let me in."
  6255. >Fuck oh fuck
  6256. "G-Go away..."
  6257. >"TWILY."
  6258. >You shirk away from him
  6259. "D-Do you have a warrant?"
  6260. >"I'm not here as a cop. I'm here as your brother."
  6261. >He peers into the apartment and squints
  6262. >His face starts melding with the background
  6263. >Colors you can't see start bursting from the seams
  6264. >Fuck fuck fuck
  6265. "U-U-Uh, th-this is a b-bad time."
  6266. >He peers around the hall, and back at you
  6267. >"This doesn't seem right... Twilight, I've been investigating on my own time, and none of this is making sense. You need to tell me what's going on."
  6268. >The words fall down his lips and land on the floor
  6269. >Stay calm and be cool, Twilight
  6270. "C-Can w-we talk later? I promise, I-I-I'll tell you everything..."
  6271. >You go to close the door, but his hand stretches to stop it
  6272. >Oh fuck you're freaking the fuck out
  6273. >"Are you high right now?"
  6274. "Y-Yes. Wait, no."
  6275. >That should convince him
  6276. >He grunts
  6277. >"I think you were right about Treehugger not being dangerous... But something fishy's going on. And why is Rainbow Dash here? How is she involved?"
  6278. >Time seems to dilate around you
  6279. >Maybe if you just wait along enough he'll disappear
  6280. >You stare at him
  6281. "Uh... I promise... Tell you everything... Later..."
  6282. >He scowls and darts his eyes around again
  6283. >"Look, I'm coming—"
  6284. "Where's your warrant?"
  6285. >"You already told me you were high!"
  6286. >You pull the gun out of your backpack
  6287. >"WOAH, TWILY—"
  6288. "I'll talk to you later."
  6289. >Shining reflexively pulls out his gun
  6290. >"Twily... Put that down."
  6291. >You just hold it in your hands, pointing it straight up
  6292. >Don't point it at someone unless you want to shoot them
  6293. >You hold tight so it doesn't try and jump out of your hands
  6294. >Shining seems to shrink in an array of colors as he moves away from the door
  6295. "When'd you get here, Wojak?"
  6296. >"W-What? Twily, please..."
  6297. >You stare intently at him
  6298. "We'll talk later, Wojak. Leave."
  6299. >He holds his hands up
  6300. >"Put the gun away. Look, I'll put mine away."
  6301. "You're not my mom..."
  6302. >"Twily... I'm not here to arrest you or your... friend. I'm here to find out the truth."
  6303. >He begins walking towards you again, his hand out
  6305. >You slam the door
  6306. >It starts to rumble on its own
  6307. "THE DOOR."
  6308. >"Twily!"
  6309. >It fucking knows your name
  6310. >Don't answer it
  6311. >"TWILY!"
  6312. >You run into the room with Treehugger and Rainbow Dash
  6313. >Rainbow is rolling on the floor
  6314. >Treehugger waves at you
  6315. "The police are here."
  6316. >Rainbow Dash hops up from the floor and runs into the corner
  6317. >She moves a potted plant in front of her
  6318. >"QUICK, GUYS!"
  6319. >"The fuckin' police are here?"
  6320. >Treehugger stands up and begins pacing
  6321. "My brother is here. Wojack is too."
  6322. >"Fuck! Spark Bug, this is bad!"
  6323. >More banging on the door
  6324. "Maybe if we just wait, it'll go away."
  6325. >Rainbow Dash begins tearing her clothes off of herself
  6327. >"OPEN UP."
  6328. >Treehugger begins walking towards the door
  6329. "TREEHUGGER, DON'T!"
  6330. >She turns to you, the red sun of her hair radiating out from behind her
  6331. >It reminds you of Tatooine...
  6332. >"Calm down, Spark Bug."
  6333. >A strange 'ohm' sound starts pouring out of her mouth
  6334. >It washes over you
  6335. >You put your gun away and sigh
  6336. >"Let yourself be at peace."
  6337. >You spot Rainbow Dash reaching into the soil in front of her, throwing it over herself
  6339. >She throws a clump at you
  6340. >"HURRY!"
  6341. >Treehugger begins walking towards the door
  6342. >You watch as she opens it up
  6343. >Shining pokes his head inside
  6344. >"You should come back tomorrow. Spark Bug's not in any condition to—"
  6345. >"TWILY!"
  6346. >Shining eyes you
  6347. >You wave at him and take a seat on a chair
  6348. >He snarls at Treehugger
  6349. >"God... I'm getting her out of here!"
  6350. >"Woah woah! If you fuck with her head she could have a really bad trip, man! You have to leave her here."
  6351. >Shining pushes his way inside
  6352. >FUCK
  6353. >You scramble off from the chair and hide behind it
  6354. >"Fine! Then I'm making sure nothi—JESUS."
  6355. >Rainbow Dash hides behind the plant and covers her face
  6356. >"Get some clothes on her, Jesus..."
  6357. >"So, you're just going to—"
  6358. >Shining sits himself down on the couch
  6359. >"I'm waiting 'till you guys are in a condition to talk. Then we're talking."
  6360. >You peek at him
  6361. >His face spirals away
  6362. >You turn to Rainbow Dash and she stares at your face
  6363. >"Egghead! You're head, man!"
  6364. >You pat your face
  6365. "What?"
  6366. >"It's an egg! Oh fuck, someone get help!"
  6367. >Rainbow Dash rolls on the floor and makes whooshing sounds
  6368. >Treehugger looks down over at you and Rainbow
  6369. >"God, we can't just let them roll around in—"
  6370. >"Man, if you... Bad trips can stay with you."
  6371. >He groans
  6372. >You decide to hide in the forest with Rainbow Dash
  6373. "Give me more of that dirt."
  6374. >Rainbow gives you a handful
  6375. >You sprinkle some on yourself
  6376. >"How long are they going to be like that?"
  6377. >"Few hours."
  6378. >"Fuck... And what about you?"
  6379. >She laughs
  6380. >"Dude, I'm trippin' right now, man. Just gotta be chill."
  6381. >Shining sits with his arms crossed, grimacing
  6382. >Treehugger strides into the forest after you
  6383. >"Hey little ones."
  6384. >You crawl out and latch onto her legs
  6385. >The skin feels soft
  6386. "Woah..."
  6387. >She rubs your head
  6388. >Treehugger's mouth opens and that sound pours out again
  6389. >Rainbow Dash is leaning against the corner, dazed
  6390. >You feel your whole body ooze into liquid
  6391. >You stare at the back of a chair, opening to a sea of stairs
  6392. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_OC-PGdpUk [Embed]
  6393. >This seems like a good time for a swim
  6394. >"What the hell was that?"
  6395. >"Something I picked up from some monks. You sure you're a cop? Your aura's so radical, man."
  6396. >Shining huffs and rolls his eyes
  6397. >An eon's worth of star-surfing later, you open your eyes
  6398. >Looking around, you see Dash lying on the couch with a blanket over her
  6399. >"Twily?"
  6400. >You pat your body
  6401. >Clothed, thank God
  6402. "H-Hey..."
  6403. >"Jesus Christ, Twily. You have to tell me what's going on. Now."
  6404. >You sit up
  6405. "I... I'm involved in some really, REALLY bad stuff, Shining... And it's not Treehugger's fault. We kind of got each other caught up in it by accident..."
  6406. >Shining shakes his head
  6407. >"When I looked into this... Treehugger's not even a petty criminal. Minor nuisance for the department at best... So, what's really happening here? Why won't anyone touch her?"
  6408. >You rub at your head and sigh
  6409. "I... I have a friend, Fluttershy, and she forced me to meet with Discord to save Treehugger from going to jail... He... He's been terrorizing me ever since..."
  6410. >Shining shakes his head
  6411. >"That's not possible."
  6412. "W-What?"
  6413. >"I used to think Discord was just one person, but the guys on the force say it's an alias for a group of people. You couldn't have met him. He doesn't exist!"
  6414. >You know that's not true
  6415. "I... I met him! Middle aged guy, crazy, huge into Magic the Gathering—"
  6416. >"What?"
  6417. >You shrug
  6418. >This is so fucked up
  6419. "Just trust me, Shining. Discord owns the cops... I made a deal with him. I-I have to run an 'errand' for him. That's why Treehugger's not in jail right now..."
  6420. >He just shakes his head
  6421. >"Then we have to go after him."
  6422. "But Shi—"
  6423. >"If someone thinks they can go after my little sister, Twily..."
  6424. >He sighs
  6425. >"Maybe we can bring the feds in. He might own the Canterlot PD, might, but he doesn't own the country. If he's forcing you to do something, we could get a wire on you and—"
  6426. "No!"
  6427. >Shining frowns
  6428. "Shining, please. Don't do anything. I have to handle this myself..."
  6429. >"Twilight—"
  6430. "He knows about you! He knows you're looking into this, and he wants you to stop."
  6431. >He crosses his arms
  6432. >"I can't stop."
  6433. "Shining, please—"
  6434. >"No. Look, Twilight... This guy, he'll take everything from you. Whether you do what he says or not. We have to go after him. I've got someone to go on the inside already, undercover in one of the gangs—"
  6435. "You can't do that! Just listen to me!"
  6436. >You begin to tear up
  6437. >Shining pulls you towards him
  6438. >"Look. We're going to make it through this, okay? I've got you..."
  6439. >You bury your in his chest
  6440. "Please, just don't do anything... I don't want anyone to get hurt."
  6441. >"Twily... Sure. Now, I have to ask you a few questions. First: Who's Wojack?"
  6442. >Oh fuck, when did you bring that up?
  6443. "N-No one... It's an internet thing?"
  6444. >"An internet thing?"
  6445. "Y-Yeah... Don't... It doesn't matter."
  6446. >He shrugs
  6447. >"Second: Who gave you a gun? Discord?"
  6448. "N-No... My friend, Sunset Shimm—"
  6449. >"Sunset gave you a gun?"
  6450. >You nod
  6451. "Sh-She's just trying to help me... Protect myself and stuff..."
  6452. >He mutters something under his breath
  6453. "Shining... I don't think I can handle this..."
  6454. >You feel as though you're going to fall apart in his arms
  6455. >More and more, you come to realize just how bad things are for you
  6456. >Discord's never going to let you go, is he?
  6457. >It will never just be a single errand...
  6458. >"Just be strong, Twily. I believe in you. In the end, things are going to be made right. I promise you that."
  6459. >Treehugger walks over to the two of you
  6460. >"Tea?"
  6461. >You nod and accept the tea with shaking hands
  6462. >Shining pulls you towards him defensively
  6463. >"I'm not going to hurt Spark Bug, man."
  6464. >"Spark Bug?"
  6465. >"Yeah."
  6466. >You take a sip
  6467. "Th-Thanks, Treehugger."
  6468. >She smiles at you
  6469. >You feel warm inside
  6470. >Shining turns to you
  6471. >"So... What are your plans? When are you meeting with Discord?"
  6472. "I don't know. Fluttershy is supposed to tell me next week... Until then... I don't know what I'm going to be doing."
  6473. >Shining Armor stands up
  6474. >"I should get you home. Grab your friend."
  6475. "B-B-But—"
  6476. >Treehugger places her hand on your shoulder
  6477. >"It's fine, Spark Bug. You should go."
  6478. >You frown
  6479. "Fine..."
  6480. >You go and try to coax Rainbow from her sleep
  6481. "Hey."
  6482. >Her eyes open slowly, a dumb grin on her face
  6483. >"Duuuuuuuude. That was the shit. I could fly, man."
  6484. >You laugh
  6485. "We've got to get you home."
  6486. >Rainbow nods
  6487. >"I can drive us back."
  6488. "I'm not sure that's a great idea."
  6489. >Rainbow stands up
  6490. >"Egghead, I'm totally—"
  6491. >You turn your head away
  6492. >Rainbow looks down at herself
  6493. >"SHIT!"
  6494. >She quickly wraps her blanket around herself
  6495. >"W-Where are my clothes?"
  6496. >You point off to the side
  6497. >Rainbow scampers over and picks up her clothes
  6498. >"You can change in my room, man."
  6499. >"Th-Thanks, dude. Why am I covered in dirt? Ugh..."
  6500. >You walk over to Treehugger
  6501. "S-Sorry..."
  6502. >"What're you sorry for, Spark Bug?"
  6503. "I sort of got your place messed up, and—"
  6504. >Treehugger places a hand on your shoulder and laughs
  6505. >"Don't worry about it."
  6506. >Rainbow comes back out, clothed
  6507. >"So... How do I get my car back home?"
  6508. >"I could drive for you, man. I can just walk back here."
  6509. >"Oh wow, thanks!"
  6510. >You walk back over to your brother and hug him
  6511. >"Let's go."
  6512. >You follow his lead towards the hall
  6513. >Treehugger waves the two of you off
  6514. >"See ya Spark Bug and..."
  6515. >"Shining."
  6516. >She laughs
  6517. >"Just like your aura, man. Blessings."
  6518. >You smile and wave goodbye
  6519. >Shining leads you down to the streets and into his car
  6520. >He begins the drive towards home
  6521. >"Well... She seemed... Different."
  6522. "She's not a bad person."
  6523. >"She's still a bad influence. You shouldn't be doing drugs, and you DEFINITELY shouldn't be getting your friends involved in them."
  6524. >You shrug
  6525. "That was only, like, the second time, so..."
  6526. >Shining exhales
  6527. >"How did you even get yourself wrapped up in all of this? You haven't left your room in years. What happened?"
  6528. "I... It's a long story."
  6529. >You tell Shining about the first anomaly in your life
  6530. >Going to a party for the first time
  6531. >The Trixie Incident...
  6532. >The downward spiral after
  6533. >The drugs
  6534. >The Fluttershy being an insane bitch
  6535. >The rape accusations against Treehugger
  6536. >The Magic the Gathering games
  6537. >And so on and so on
  6538. >You actually end up talking about tabletop gaming for a bit
  6539. >Shining did help you get into all this stuff, after all
  6540. >Without him, who knows
  6541. >You might've been interested in normie things
  6542. >Maybe you should blame him for all this
  6543. >"It's good to talk to you again, Twily. Being holed up in your room for so long couldn't have been good. I still don't know what it is that could you occupied in there."
  6544. "Internet stuff..."
  6545. >"Like whatever Wojak is?"
  6546. >You shudder
  6547. >You don't like people to know this shit about you
  6548. "Yeah, I guess."
  6549. >After a good bit of driving, you pull up to your house
  6550. "Shining..."
  6551. >"Yeah, Twily?"
  6552. "Promise me that you're not going to go after Discord, please."
  6553. >He stares out the windshield
  6554. >"Sure, sure..."
  6555. >You frown
  6556. >That doesn't sound super convincing
  6557. "I really mean it. At least let me try to handle this on my own, first... I'm not sure how, but, I don't know. Maybe I can challenge Discord to another Magic game..."
  6558. >"Maybe."
  6559. >You say your goodbyes, and you head into the house
  6560. >"Twilight? I thought you were sleeping over at Rainbow Dash's house?
  6561. "Change of plans."
  6562. >"Well, it's good to have you h—What's that smell? And why are you covered in dirt?"
  6563. >Fuck, you don't want to have this conversation again
  6564. "W-We were playing sports in the yard, and... Her house stinks."
  6565. >Good enough
  6566. >You head upstairs, your dad eyeing you
  6567. >Please no surprise intervention
  6568. >You enter your room
  6569. >Spike runs up to you
  6570. >You pick him up and hold him against you
  6571. >Fluttershy taking... You're just very glad Spike's still with you after all this time
  6572. >Well, it's the weekend
  6573. >No school tomorrow
  6574. >Don't need to worry about Discord for a few days...
  6575. >Time to shitpost
  6576. >You wake the next morning after a long shitpost session
  6577. >It... Doesn't really feel the same
  6578. >To a lot of the other people, you're a normie
  6579. >And fuck, everyone in some Oppression Olympics to be the least normie
  6580. >'if you're not a virgin, you're a normie'
  6581. >'if you're not obese, you're a normie'
  6582. >'if you're not a guy, you're a normie'
  6583. >On the other side, liking anything makes you autistic
  6584. >Basically anything
  6585. >Unless you're an obese, male paraplegic virgin with no hobbies, you're a normie
  6586. >Right now, it just seems kind of retarded to you
  6587. >Like a bunch of people just angry that they're not a normie
  6588. >That's not you, right?
  6589. >You were angry because of the way you were treated
  6590. >Not because of the way you weren't, right?
  6591. >At least you're pretty certain you don't want to be a 'normie' right now
  6592. >No, you're you, not a fucking norm—
  6593. >FUCK
  6594. >What's that sound?
  6595. >Your phone vibrates
  6596. >You... Got a text
  6597. >From Rainbow Dash
  6598. >"[dude, prty at pinkies 2nite u cmn?]"
  6599. >G-Going to a party wouldn't make you a normie
  6600. >And Rainbow is your friend
  6601. >And maybe it won't be as bad as last time
  6602. >It would be hard for that to happen...
  6603. >This doesn't make you a normie
  6604. "[Sure, I suppose I can come. Thanks for inviting me. What time is it?]"
  6605. >"[same tim as alwys. gona b SICK]"
  6606. "[Okay. See you there.]"
  6607. >You wipe your brow
  6608. >That went pretty well!
  6609. >Just have to remember what 'the same time as always' means
  6610. >It was starting to get dark-ish last time, so you'll just eyeball it
  6611. >Should you shower?
  6612. >Eh, you've showered like two days in a row already
  6613. >Going to a party again...
  6614. >Thinking about all the people
  6615. >The talking
  6616. >The shit that happened last time
  6617. >You're getting scared just thinking about it
  6618. >No, no fuck that
  6619. >FUCK, but you already texted you would
  6620. >Fuck fuck fuck, you're so retarded
  6621. >It would be way too awkward to text her you're not going
  6622. >Whelp, looks like you're going to a party
  6623. >Again
  6624. >Why do normies do this to themselves?
  6625. >Fuck it, whatever
  6626. >You'll shitpost to pass time 'till then
  6627. >/r9k/ isn't quite doing it for you right now
  6628. >Making greentext about your experiences results in calls of 'normie' or 'things that never happened'
  6629. >And hating things doesn't sound super fun at the moment
  6630. >You hop around a few of the other boards you "like"
  6631. >Eventually, you stop in /tv/
  6632. >To this day there is baneposting
  6633. >It's almost beautiful if you think about it
  6634. >Well, this is boring now
  6635. >Despite that, you still hop around 4chan
  6636. >Just collecting dank memes for your image folders
  6637. >Dozens of saved images later, you see that the light outside is starting to get dimmer through your blinds
  6638. >Well...
  6639. >This is it
  6640. >Time for your redemption
  6641. >You head out and walk for Pinkie's house
  6642. >It's not very far
  6643. >You wonder how one girl can throw so many parties in the same house
  6644. >Half her life must be clean-up
  6645. >Despite being pretty obnoxious, she seems to have lots of friends
  6646. >Sits at different lunch tables every day
  6647. >Might just be because of the parties, though
  6648. >You sort of stopped talking to her when she went on about the supernatural while you were going through your edgy atheist phase
  6649. >Repress those memories, Twilight
  6650. >As you approach the house, you can clearly see that the party's in full swing
  6651. >Hell, you can feel it booming in your chest
  6652. >You wonder why these never seem to get shut down
  6653. >Ugh, fucking parties
  6654. >Only been to one, but still
  6655. >You awkwardly push your way inside the house
  6656. >Tons of people you don't know are talking, laughing, drinking...
  6657. >You grab a cup of booze
  6658. >Don't want to look too out of place
  6659. >Time to go find that corner...
  6660. >"EGGHEAD!"
  6661. "O-Oh... Hey Rainbow. H-Hey, Anon..."
  6662. >Anon chuckles
  6663. >"Didn't think you'd show up to another one of these after last time."
  6664. "Yeah..."
  6666. >You nod and take a cool sip from your cup
  6667. >Fuck this stuff sucks ass
  6668. >"RAINBOW!" a few jocks call out
  6670. "S-Sure..."
  6671. >Anon takes a drink from his cup
  6672. >"So, we're cool, right? After all the rumor shit or whatever?"
  6673. "Y-You didn't start the rumor, so..."
  6674. >Anon laughs and scratches the back of his head
  6675. >"I mean, not the one with Trixie. I did tell everyone I thought you were a lesbian, though. Which isn't really a rumor, since it turned out to be true, right?"
  6676. "O-Oh... Well, I don't... know..."
  6677. >"And I guess I am sorry for always calling you Dykelight when I'd talk to people about you, if anyone ever called you that. It was just a joke, you know?"
  6678. >You try to hide your face behind your cup
  6679. "I... I guess it's... Whatever..."
  6680. >"Sick. So, what do you actually, like, do and shit?"
  6681. >Anon takes a drink
  6682. >Maybe... you should just be yourself
  6683. "Um, I like Magic—"
  6684. >Anon begins choking, sputtering beer onto the floor
  6685. >He almost spills the alcohol in his hand
  6686. "A-Are you okay?"
  6687. >"S-Sorry. No, you know, that was rude. No, magic can be cool. I've seen that Got Talent show or whatever. Magicians can be cool. What kind of tricks can you do?"
  6688. >Anon exhales before drinking again
  6689. "N-No, I meant Magic the Gathering. It's a card g—"
  6690. >More choking, sputtering, and laughing
  6691. >You shrink into yourself
  6692. >"Sorry. I'm sorry. That's just a good one, lol. Brad and I joke about that shit all the time. Didn't know you had a sense of humor too, man! Ugh, you know, that reminds me of Rainbow Dash. She plays video games way too much."
  6693. >He frowns
  6694. "W-What's so bad about video games?"
  6695. >Anon just gives you a weird look
  6696. >"They're made for kids! I mean, you know, CoD and Madden are sick, but Dash is all into the kiddy shit."
  6697. >You take another drink
  6698. >Better than talking
  6699. >He'll just 'it's just a joke dude' whatever you say to him
  6700. >"So, did you watch any of the Iron Man movies?"
  6701. >You nod
  6702. >Well, at least this is something you sort of know about
  6703. "D-Did you read the Superior Iron Man run?"
  6704. >"Oh shit, wait, are you being serious about this nerd stuff?"
  6705. "A-Aren't the movies nerd stuff?"
  6706. >"Not nerd-nerd, man. No offense."
  6707. >He scratches at the back his head
  6708. >"So, I'm just, like, curious. Are you and Trixie—"
  6709. >You frown
  6710. >"Hey, I don't mean it like that! I was gonna ask if you're both autistic. Since you both talk weird, or whatever. It's okay if you have autism, you know. I'm just curious, is all, you know?"
  6711. "N-No..."
  6712. >You look down into your cup
  6713. >"Should I not have asked that?"
  6714. "I-It's okay..."
  6715. >He groans
  6716. >"Man, I'm trying to be nice to you because you're Dash's friend, and that fucked up shit that happened to you. You don't have to give me the cold shoulder every time we talk."
  6717. "I'm sorry."
  6718. >"Whatever. OH BRAD, DUDE!"
  6719. >He walks off
  6720. >You just meander about the party
  6721. >Pacing around, trying not to look too alone
  6722. >Why would you come here...
  6723. >People chant 'DASH! DASH! DASH!' in the room over
  6724. >Probably doing her kegstand
  6725. >Whatever
  6726. >For all the fucking tries at positivity...
  6727. >Talking to people forces you to realize just how fucking awful a human being you are
  6728. >Functionally
  6729. >You know hardly anyone here
  6730. >Hell, you doubt the people here know everyone here!
  6731. >And still they can just... talk to each other...
  6732. >When you do actually branch out, your life gets flip-turned upside down
  6733. >You find a good corner to mope in
  6734. >'Drink your sorrows away, Frank...'
  6735. >"TWILIGHT!"
  6736. >Oh please no
  6737. "H-Hi, Pinkie..."
  6738. >"I'm so glad you came! You never come! Except for that one time you came and ruined Trixie's mementos given to her by her dead father and got booed out of my house!"
  6739. >Why can't you wake up from this
  6740. "D-Dash invited me."
  6741. >"I know! She's been looking for you!"
  6742. >So?
  6743. >"Do you like singing?"
  6744. "Not re—"
  6745. >Pinkie pulls on your arm
  6746. >"Let's sing some karaoke!"
  6747. "N-No, please! I-I-I'm scared of singing in front of people!"
  6748. >Pinkie pulls you into what seems to a large family room
  6749. >There's a large plasma screen on the wall
  6750. >You hear music and singing
  6751. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mGBaXPlri8
  6752. >Right now, that Lyra girl and some other girl are singing
  6753. >You remember talking to her about 4chan once
  6754. >So you made sure to avoid her from then on
  6755. >Definitely not going near 'President of the Anime Club' chick
  6756. >You sigh
  6757. >Fucking 'President of the Anime Club' girl doesn't seem to be cringing to death
  6758. >Normies can party
  6759. >Autists can party
  6760. >What are you supposed to be, then?
  6761. >As the two finish, Lyra gives a huge bow while the other slides back into the crowd
  6762. >"OOH! OOH! ME NEXT! Then you'll go, Twilight!"
  6763. "I-I-I don't want too!"
  6764. >Pinkie pulls you into line
  6765. >She quickly picks her song, and the music begins
  6766. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCFshtUqM9E
  6767. >You need to get out of here!
  6768. >Why is there a fucking line!
  6769. >Why would they let you fucking budge!
  6770. "W-Want to go ahead of me?"
  6771. >"Nah, we've all had plenty of turns! You can go!"
  6772. "I-I-I don't want too!"
  6773. >The fucking music is too loud
  6774. >The crowd is too loud
  6775. >The meat wall behind you won't part
  6776. >Holy shit holy shit holy shit
  6777. >You know you used to sing when you were a kid, but...
  6778. >Well, getting made fun of once put you off it forever
  6779. >No no no no
  6780. >You don't want to get up there, and—
  6781. >"Now it's your turn!"
  6782. >Pinkie pushes you up into the center of the room
  6783. "U-U-Uh..."
  6784. >"Pick a song Twilight! :D"
  6786. >People are staring at you
  6787. >Don't cry, please
  6788. >You look dully at the television
  6789. >Then at the mic in your hand
  6790. >People are starting to murmur
  6791. >"Don't worry Twilight! They've got EVERYTHING on there!"
  6792. >Fuck fuck fuck
  6793. >You hear someone shout in the crowd
  6794. >”SING ‘LIKE A VIRGIN’!”
  6795. >Laughter
  6796. >DARKNESS
  6797. >IMPRISONING ME...
  6798. >Fuck, you can't sing in front of these people
  6799. >They'll just laugh at you
  6800. >Just being up here is too much right now
  6801. >Pinkie looks to you expectantly
  6802. >Think, Twilight...
  6803. >There's no way it has everything
  6804. >You'll just put in something you KNOW isn't in there
  6805. >And then just be
  6806. >'uh oh, guess I can't sing!'
  6807. >Yeah, just something retarded that won't be in there
  6808. >It can only have normie shit on it, right?
  6809. >There will be no songs sung from fucking touhou shit
  6810. >You remember this touhou song you listened to for like a week straight
  6811. >An edgy streak pops up in you every once in a while
  6812. >So, you just type in—
  6813. >The music starts
  6814. >NO
  6817. >At least they won't be able to underst—
  6818. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRvGnq_WpAQ
  6819. >You hear a 'Sugoi! I love this song!' off to the side
  6820. >Frantically, you look around for an exit
  6821. >People everywhere
  6822. >You have seconds before the singing starts!
  6823. >The eyes of the crowd pound into you and you begin to shake uncontrollably
  6824. >Despite how loud the music is, you swear you can hear people laughing behind your back
  6825. >Fucking fuck
  6826. >You try to salvage this and sing along
  6827. >Nothing but stuttering
  6828. >Shaking too much
  6829. >You're going to fucking cry you fucking pussy
  6830. >The sound of your sobs fill your ears loudly
  6831. >Shouldn't have held the microphone up to your face
  6832. >Parties...
  6833. >You're floundering
  6834. >Blubbering
  6835. >All eyes on you
  6836. >Watching as you cry a-rhythmically to a fucking bullet hell song
  6837. >You gulp down all of your alcohol, hoping for some decrease of inhibition
  6838. >Or a black out
  6840. >Does she not understand what she's done?
  6841. >You're not going to be able to play this off as some fucking Avant Garde performance art piece
  6842. >This is your life being ruined before everyone else's eyes
  6843. >Fuck fuck fuck f—
  6844. >You feel a hand on your shoulder, and hear singing in your ears
  6845. >It's...
  6846. >It's Lyra
  6847. >"Come on!"
  6848. >She smiles at you
  6849. >You're not sure what to do anymore
  6850. >You didn't want to be seen with the President of Autism
  6851. >But...
  6852. >Going along is probably the least cringe option
  6853. >You try to sing with her
  6854. >Jesus this song is edgy
  6855. >Eventually, you sort of feel things fall in place as you sing
  6856. >It doesn't take long for the song to end
  6857. >"Don't feel bad, man," Lyra says, patting you on the back
  6858. >You hear snickering and laughter from the crowd
  6859. >Save for a small group where Lyra was hanging around
  6860. >She leads into the throng of animu nerds
  6861. >A group of mostly ugly, mostly autistic looking kids
  6862. >'Oh man, that song is so good!'
  6863. >'I didn't know you liked Touhou!'
  6864. >You use your shirt to wipe away your tears
  6865. >Of fucking course the spergy autists are like this
  6866. >While the normies laugh at you
  6867. >You can hear the next song start already
  6868. >You take a deep breath
  6869. >You're alive
  6870. >And normies have no ability to translate short-term memories into long-term memories
  6871. >You turn to Lyra
  6872. "Th-Thanks..."
  6873. >"Hey, it's fine. You looked like you were forced up there. That's no fun."
  6874. >You nod
  6875. >Reflexively, most of you wants to run away from her
  6876. >Lest the autism rub off, but
  6877. >Maybe it's not so bad to actually talk to people at a party who don't laugh at everything you say...
  6878. >You talk with the group of otaku weirdos
  6879. >Still a bit shaken, but you're improving
  6880. >"—and it's, like, my FAVORITE anime! Kogami is so kakoi!"
  6881. >"Nah, Psycho-Pass is so bad, man. The writers think dropping the name of a philosopher makes what you're saying smart."
  6882. "I-I don't know... I thought most of the references made sense with the plot and theme of the show. Kierkegaardian Despair certainly plays a pivotal role..."
  6883. >The others give you strange looks
  6884. "U-Uh, obviously Utilitarianism was involved, some Hobbes... I didn't think it was as pseudo-intellectual as Death Note—"
  6885. >Someone throws their hands up in the air
  6886. >"What?! Death Note is perfect! L is my husbando!"
  6887. >"Gay. Light is the best. Don't make me paddle you."
  6888. >Urgh
  6889. >The positive here is that you can barely hear these people over the music
  6890. >And MAYBE it's nice to be able to talk to actual humans about this stuff
  6891. >Even if some of those humans are literal weeaboos
  6892. >Lyra begins talking to you about /x/
  6893. >You know literally nothing about the board
  6894. >Seems dumb
  6895. >"So what boards do you go on again?"
  6896. >Yes
  6897. >You can totally tell her this without wanting to kill yourself
  6898. "U-Uh... Pff, you know, /r9k/, /d/. Ha ha."
  6899. >She laughs
  6900. "FUCK!"
  6901. >You're almost knocked over as someone bounds into you
  6902. >"TWILIGHT!"
  6903. "P-Pinkie?"
  6904. >"Want to sing another song?!"
  6905. >She tugs on your arm
  6906. "NO!"
  6907. >"Why not? Singing is fun, and look, you made some friends because of it!"
  6908. >Pinkie you fucking Apex Normie
  6909. >You don't fucking know what you put me through
  6910. "Look, I don't want to! People will laugh at me!"
  6911. >"That's silly! People laugh at me all the time, come on!"
  6912. >You rip your arm out of her hand
  6913. >She frowns
  6914. >"Is something wrong? You're being a REAL party pooper, Twilight!"
  6915. >You clench your fist
  6916. "Fuck off!"
  6917. >"W-What?"
  6918. >Pinkie stops with her energetic bouncing and looks at you with worry
  6919. "I don't want to sing!"
  6920. >"But everybody loves singing! You just—"
  6921. "I DON'T! Fuck, Pinkie, didn't you... Didn't you see the people laughing at me? Didn't you see that I DIDN'T want to be up there?"
  6922. >Pinkie steps closer to you and takes you by the hand
  6923. >You scowl
  6924. >"If people are being meanie-weenies, you just have to remember to have fun and laugh, Twilight! You shouldn't care about some silly-billies! Come on, let's go and—"
  6925. "No!"
  6926. >You try to pull your hand away
  6927. "I can't just... 'not care'! It's not just the people here making fun of me... It's the feeling of all the times I've ever put myself out there and been shunned, or beaten, or laughed at... I-I-I just..."
  6928. >God, why are you tearing up again
  6929. >Fucking crybaby
  6930. >"That's silly! You can't let stuff like that stop you from having fun!"
  6931. >You flinch as she pinches your cheek
  6932. >"Just let Auntie Pinkie Pie lead the way! We can sing a duet together, and it'll be SUPER awesome! And then we can—"
  6933. "SHUT UP! What the fuck is wrong with you?!"
  6934. >Pinkie seems to almost literally deflate
  6935. >Her head droops to the side, bearing a languid frown
  6936. >"I-I just wanted you to have fun, Twilight... You always seem so sad... I only wanted to turn that frown upside down."
  6937. "THEN STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! Let me just be alone."
  6938. >"Okay... I'll just..."
  6939. >Why the fuck is SHE crying?!
  6940. >Pinkie falls onto a couch and begins sobbing uncontrollably into a pillow
  6941. >You can't really hear her very well over the boom of the music and all the talking
  6942. >But you see some people looking at her, then to you...
  6943. >Yell-whispering among themselves
  6945. >You just need to fucking get out of here
  6946. >Forcefully, you push your way out of the room and try to find a quieter spot to be alone in
  6947. >God fucking fuck
  6948. >Everyone's either a fucking normie
  6949. >Or a retarded autist
  6950. >Or are Pinkie, who seems to be some awful case of miscegenation between the two
  6951. >It's okay for everyone to laugh at you
  6952. >To make fun of you
  6953. >Fighting back just makes people whisper about you
  6954. >There's no winning
  6955. >Parties just aren't for you
  6956. >You can't talk to anyone
  6957. >And the people you can talk to disgust you
  6958. >You want to not hate them
  6959. >But the shit that brings...
  6960. >It isn't just water off a duck's back
  6961. >You grab another drink
  6962. >You've never been drunk before
  6963. >You hate the taste
  6964. >But fuck
  6965. >This seems like the time
  6966. >"Miss Sparkle?"
  6967. >Fucking Christ
  6968. "I don't feel like talking, Trixie."
  6969. >"Why are you all by yourself?"
  6970. >You grunt
  6971. "Why are you?"
  6972. >Trixie lowers her head
  6973. >"Trixie invited a friend, but he did not show up..."
  6974. >You sigh
  6975. "I'm sorry, Trixie. I'm just mad, is all."
  6976. >"Miss Sparkle is mad often."
  6977. >What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
  6978. >Oh
  6979. >Just simmer down, Twilight
  6980. "Why do you even talk to me?"
  6981. >"What?"
  6982. >Trixie frowns
  6983. "No, I mean... The anime club kids are here... You have Sunny... What do you need me for?"
  6984. >"Trixie cannot talk to Miss Shimmer about many things... And the anime club always talks about icky things..."
  6985. >You laugh to yourself
  6986. >So you fill the No Man's Land between the two
  6987. "Right now, I'm thinking I'm better off just being alone. I don't think you really need me."
  6988. >Trixie startles you with a hug
  6989. >"Trixie doesn't thing friends are about needing."
  6990. >Ugh
  6991. >You pat Trixie on the back with your free hand
  6992. >"Hey, Egghead!"
  6993. >Oh God, Rainbow and Anon
  6994. >"Sup lovebirds—FUCK. Fucking domestic abuse, Rainbow. No one here can take a fucking joke..."
  6995. >"So dude, what the hell happened between you and Pinkie? People said you were yelling at her and she won't stop crying!"
  6996. "Sh-Sh-She w-wanted me to sing karaoke with her, though!"
  6997. >Rainbow Dash stares at you, dumbfounded
  6998. >Maybe you need to be more clear
  6999. "Look, Pinkie Pie wanted me to sing with her, even though I said no!"
  7000. >"So you made her cry?"
  7001. "I-I-It's not my fault she cries so easily! And she made me cry first!"
  7002. >Rainbow gives you an incredulous look
  7003. >"Pinkie would never make anyone cry! She wouldn't hurt a fly!"
  7004. "I told her I was scared! I... I maybe should've reacted differently, but you don't understand how—how scared I was!"
  7005. >Anon rolls his eyes
  7006. >"Fucking L O L, man. You chewed someone out because you're afraid of karaoke? You should've seen the way she talked to me when I was just trying to make small talk. I told you she was a fucking bitch, Rainbow."
  7007. >Trixie moves between you and Anon
  7008. >"Miss Sparkle is no such thing!"
  7009. >"Why the hell are you even defending her?"
  7010. >Rainbow rubs at her temples
  7011. >"GUYS! Look, Twilight, I want to try and understand your side of the story, but it's not making any sense. Pinkie wanted to sing with you so you yelled at her?!"
  7012. "I-I-I... You guys don't understand!"
  7013. >"Who even told her about the party?"
  7014. >"I DID. So shut up, Anon."
  7015. >Your eyes already itch from rubbing at them so much
  7016. >God you hate parties
  7017. "People were laughing at me. I'm... scared of being in front of people... I told her, but she wouldn't stop!"
  7018. >Rainbow frowns and nods
  7019. >Anon glares at you
  7020. >"And why do you always act like you're above everyone? Constant cold shoulder. I'm not dragging you in front of people to sing shit. Come on Rainbow, let's go."
  7021. "It's hard for me to talk to people... And y-you're the one who always makes fun of me!"
  7022. >"OMG, this again. Maybe it would be easier to talk to people if you weren't such a bitch—"
  7023. >Anon stops as Rainbow throws her drink in his face
  7024. >"What the FUCK, babe?!"
  7025. >"Can you just fucking shut up, for once? You're the one being a bitch."
  7026. >Anon looks completely flabbergasted
  7027. >He holds his hands over his chest
  7028. >"ME? No, it's your fucking autistic friend, and now it's you. ALL I ever do is try to be a nice, fun guy to hang around."
  7029. >"You're not a nice guy to Trixie or Miss Sparkle! You always make fun of Trixie and her friends! You're a bully!"
  7030. >Even Trixie has more backbone than you
  7031. >But...
  7032. >Having people on your side
  7033. >It's almost overwhelming you right now
  7034. >"I don't make fun of ANYONE! I only make fun WITH people! Dykelight over there is the bully."
  7035. >You look down at your shoes
  7036. >"DUDE, just stop!"
  7037. >"Yeah, yeah. Let this fucking purple dyke shit on Pinkie and everyone else, since, you know, I'm the bad guy!"
  7038. "I didn't mean to..."
  7039. >"Oh whatever. You just think if you make your life enough of a sob story, people will ignore how much of a no-life bitch you are."
  7040. >Rainbow clenches her fist
  7041. >"What're you gonna do? Hit me?"
  7042. >That's exactly what Rainbow does
  7043. >You could barely catch her fist moving as it socked Anon in the face
  7044. >"WHAT THE FUCK! SHIT!"
  7045. >"Now quit being a dick!"
  7046. >Anon rubs at his face
  7047. >"Babe, I think you need to calm down right now. I think Dykelight's bitchiness is rubbing—"
  7048. >There's a loud thwack as another punch connects
  7049. >People are filing into the room, gasping, and filming with their phones
  7050. >"God damn, Babe! What's wrong with you? Can no one here take a fucking JOKE?"
  7051. >Whooping fills the air
  7052. >Chants of 'FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!'
  7053. >Anon puts down his guard
  7054. >"Babe, I don't want to fight you!"
  7055. >"Then apologize to my friend!"
  7056. >Anon turns to look at you and puts his hand over his heart
  7057. >"I'm sorry you're such a bitch—"
  7058. >Rainbow punches him in the gut
  7059. >"I WAS JOKING. FUCK!"
  7060. >"Then stop joking around and just do it!"
  7061. >Anon groans
  7062. >The crowd is booing
  7063. >They want blood
  7064. >"Twilight, I'm sorry you can't take a joke—"
  7065. >Anon dodges another blow from Rainbow
  7066. >"I was being serious that time! I am sorry for her about that! Having no sense of humor must—"
  7067. >Another fist lands on his face
  7068. >You simply watch from behind Trixie
  7069. >Rainbow Dash is a normie, and yet...
  7070. >She's getting into a fucking fight for you
  7071. >"Rainbow, babe, if you keep hitting me, I'm gonna fight back! I don't want to hurt you!"
  7072. >"You won't!"
  7073. >Anon shakes his head and throws a jab at Rainbow's face
  7074. >She bobs and delivers a cross to his cheek
  7075. >Rainbow starts dancing around him like she's fucking Bruce Lee or some shit
  7076. >Looking really fucking cocky, Rainbow parks herself in front of you and Trixie
  7077. >She motions for him to come at her
  7078. >"Babe! I don't want to fight!"
  7079. >"Then just apologize!"
  7080. >Anon takes a defensive position
  7081. >"How about YOU apologize to me? You go to fucking insane lengths for bitches like Dykelight, but when's the last time you took me out? Or how about how you never try to get to know MY friends?"
  7082. >"Oh shut up, you're such a bitch."
  7085. >'JUST DO IT!'
  7086. >Anon looks visibly shaken as the crowd boos him
  7087. >He snarls, cocks his fist, and runs towards Rainbow
  7088. >As he throws the punch, Rainbow weaves slightly to the left
  7089. >The punch misses and connects straight into Trixie's face
  7090. >You catch her in your arms and the two of you fall over
  7092. >At this moment, multiple videos titled "Man Punches Autistic Girl at Party" are uploaded onto the internet
  7093. >Trixie holds her face, sobbing into you
  7094. >Sometimes you've thought about punching Trixie
  7095. >Seeing it happen?
  7096. >She never deserved to have that shit happen to her for real
  7097. >You hold her in your arms
  7098. "What the FUCK, Anon?!"
  7099. >"I didn't mean to hurt her, man!"
  7100. >Rainbow looks down at Trixie, and then to Anon
  7101. >Something goes off in her head
  7102. https://youtu.be/9LmYHOZorwc?t=1m3s
  7103. >Rainbow goes into a berserk frenzy
  7104. >Despite his best attempts, Anon can't defend himself at all
  7105. >Blow after blow lands on his face
  7106. >Jesus fucking Christ, never make Rainbow Dash angry
  7107. >Anon is getting thrown around like a ragdoll
  7108. >He's wrestled to the ground, and put into a choke hold
  7109. >People around cheer
  7110. >"WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE!"
  7111. >Anon taps Rainbow on the arm quickly
  7112. >"B-Babe, I'm sorry!"
  7113. >Rainbow let's off
  7114. >Anon collapses onto the floor
  7115. >"FUCK! Babe, man, what the fuck."
  7116. > He coughs
  7117. >"Just tell them you're sorry. Or else."
  7118. >'NO JUST FINISH HIM!'
  7119. >Anon stands up
  7120. >"Trixie, I'm sorry for punching you. Dy—Twilight, ugh, I'm sorry, okay?"
  7121. >You frown
  7122. >What a bitchass apology
  7123. >You pick yourself up from the floor, and help Trixie up as well
  7124. "Are you okay?"
  7125. >Trixie nods
  7126. >Doesn't seem like she'll be bruised too badly
  7127. >Just a little ice, probably
  7128. >Unlike Anon
  7129. >Boy does he look like shit
  7130. >Anon looks over to Dash who's staring at him with knives in her eyes
  7131. >"Babe... So, I'm sorry... We still good?"
  7132. >Rainbow crosses her arms
  7133. >"No, I don't think so."
  7134. >Anon sighs
  7135. >"Guess dykes gotta stick with the pack, huh?"
  7136. >Rainbow walks towards him with intent
  7137. >Anon puts his hands out in front of him
  7138. >"IT WAS JUST A JOKE!"
  7139. >It was just the last thing he said before getting knocked out
  7140. >Rainbow dusts off her hands to the roaring crowd
  7141. >'THAT WAS SO SICK'
  7143. >'THAT'S GOIN' ON MY VINE'
  7144. >She walks over to you and Trixie
  7145. >"Are you guys okay?"
  7146. "I am... I'm not sure about Trixie."
  7147. >Trixie rubs at her eyes
  7148. >"Trixie's face hurts..."
  7149. >"God, FUCK Anon. Ugh..."
  7150. >Rainbow leads you and Rainbow to the kitchen
  7151. "Rainbow... I just want to say thanks. For defending me."
  7152. >"No biggie, Egghead. You're my friend, and I know you're not a bitch. You're cool. Bros before hos."
  7153. >She rubs at her chin
  7154. >"Yeah, bros before hos. That works. I got your back, dude. I don't even remember why were dating in the first place."
  7155. >You don't remember why you even liked him in the first place...
  7156. >What a fucking douchenozzle
  7157. >Rainbow finds some ice for Trixie
  7158. >"Trixie thanks you."
  7159. >Trixie gives Dash a small smile
  7160. >Well, you still have some unfinished business...
  7161. "I'm going to... Try and find Pinkie. To apologize."
  7162. >Rainbow nods to you
  7163. >"I'll take care of Trixie, man."
  7164. >Even if it's not your fault...
  7165. >You still shouldn't 'be a dick' or whatever
  7166. >Pinkie means no harm
  7167. >She's just... Pinkie Pie
  7168. >You try to look for her where you left her
  7169. >Not in the karaoke room
  7170. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvq9r6R6QAY
  7171. >Ugh, fucking weebs
  7172. >This isn't even from the right continent
  7173. >Whatever
  7174. >You go searching for Pinkie around her house
  7175. >Fuck is this place big
  7176. >After a quick sweep, she doesn't seem to be on the first floor
  7177. "Ugh..."
  7178. >Time to head upstairs
  7179. >A lot fewer people up here
  7180. >Just some guys and girls milling about
  7181. >Wonderin' what they're all just standing around for
  7182. >Fuck, god damn
  7183. >Where in the hell is Pinkie Pie?
  7184. >You hear... What seems to be crying on the other side of one of the doors
  7185. >Probably Pinkie
  7186. >You push open the door
  7187. "Hey Pinkie, I—WHAT THE FUCK!".
  7188. >"Holy shit, I thought that was locked!"
  7189. >That wasn't crying
  7190. >That was, you suppose, people imitating that shrieking sound hentai grills make
  7191. >You gaze upon the writhing mass
  7192. >A hedonistic, spergy orgy-porgy
  7193. >Something man should never gaze upon
  7194. >Madness this way lies
  7195. >So on and so on
  7196. >It's a good chunk of the Anime Club, basically
  7197. >You just stand there, balking
  7198. >"Oh, hey Twilight! Wanna join in? You'd be a total baka not to!"
  7199. "N-No thanks."
  7200. >Lyra shrugs
  7201. >You slide out of the room and close the door
  7202. >The blood has drained from your face
  7203. >Trixie was right
  7204. >Anime Club is certainly an icky thing...
  7205. >Okay
  7206. >Don't open doors until you know what's going on behind them
  7207. >You place your ear on the doors you pass by
  7208. >How the fuck can Pinkie's parents be okay with their second floor being used as a sex hotel every night?
  7209. >Eventually, you come across a door with what you're CERTAIN is crying this time
  7210. >You twist the knob
  7211. >Locked
  7212. >Time for knocking
  7213. "Pinkie?"
  7214. >"T-Twilight?"
  7215. >You hear the door unlock and watch it as it creaks open
  7216. >Pinkie looks like total shit
  7217. >Tears streaking down her face
  7218. >What you did shouldn't warrant THIS, but whatever
  7219. "I came to say sorry."
  7220. >Pinkie opens the door further and stands, arms open
  7221. >You're not a huge hug practitioner, but
  7222. "I'm sorry, Pinkie."
  7223. >She sniffs
  7224. >"You mean it?"
  7225. "You were just... Trying to help. I got scared, is all. I didn't mean to upset you."
  7226. >Pinkie seems to regain some of her composure
  7227. >"Thanks Twilight. So does this mean you'll sing with me?"
  7228. >You pat her on the back
  7229. "Absolutely not."
  7230. >"Okay!"
  7231. >Pinkie seems to have perked up back to normal
  7232. >Mission Accomplished, Spark Bug
  7233. >Something moves in your peripheral vision
  7234. "CROCODILE!"
  7235. >You stumble backwards as a large crocodile lurches out of a bathtub
  7236. >"Oh, that's just Gummy! He's an alligator."
  7237. "W-What the hell is an alligator doing in your bathtub?!"
  7238. >Pinkie walks over to the thing and hugs it
  7239. >Jesus fucking Christ
  7240. >"He's harmless, see?!"
  7241. "U-Uh, okay..."
  7242. >At least apologizing to her was easy as fuck
  7243. >Having your emotions fluctuate between total lows and highs so easily is probably bad
  7244. >Probably a condition
  7245. >Pinkie bounces out of the bathroom
  7246. >"I'll see you later, Twilight!"
  7247. "Sure..."
  7248. >Her pet alligator slithers out after her
  7249. >You watch it pass by the normies
  7250. >They don't even fucking care
  7251. >Is this what people mean when they say "No Party like a Pinkie Pie Party?"
  7252. >Thrumming music, alcohol, alligators, fights
  7253. >How can normies do this shit so often that it doesn't terrify them?
  7254. >Fuck, whatever
  7255. >Just ease into this shit, Twilight
  7256. >The good thing is that the worst is over now
  7257. >You decide to head downstairs and check on Trixie
  7258. >Takes a while to make it through all the people, but you reach the kitchen eventually
  7259. >You spot Trixie laughing and talking to that Cheeto Dust guy
  7260. >Guess that was her invite, or 'plus 1' or whatever
  7261. >She seems happy...
  7262. >You can leave the sperg to her own devices, you suppose
  7263. >Maybe you'll just chill in a corner for a while
  7264. >It doesn't take long to find a spot
  7265. >People seem to avoid being the person in the corner
  7266. >Looking around you, you can't spot a single person off by themselves
  7267. >Right now, that's not making you feel all too bad
  7268. >"H-Hey Twilight."
  7269. >Fluttershy is looking at you meekly from under her hair
  7270. >Why the fucking shy act with you?
  7271. >You just decide to avoid eye contact with her
  7272. >She takes a place on the wall next to you
  7273. >"You know, I really don't see why he likes you. You're not like us."
  7274. "Glad you don't think I'm crazy, then."
  7275. >She laughs
  7276. >"He's going to see that I'm right about you."
  7277. >Just don't listen to her
  7278. >She bites her lip
  7279. >"I can't wait until you make a mistake. He'll see, then."
  7280. >God is she fucking crazy
  7281. >Deep breath
  7282. >She won't do anything to you in public
  7283. >Fluttershy turns her body over you, pinning you into the corner
  7284. "Personal space?"
  7285. >"I bet he'll even let me be the one to get rid of you."
  7286. >You gulp
  7287. >Something's poking against your midsection
  7288. >Turning your eyes downwards, you spot a switchblade in Fluttershy's hand
  7289. >She holds you down as you try to move away
  7290. >"Are you scared? Of little old me?"
  7291. >Fluttershy smiles at you
  7292. >You press yourself into the corner as much as you can
  7293. >"Fluttershy, darling, I was wondering where you'd gone off to!"
  7294. >"Be cool. :)"
  7295. >Fluttershy deftly pockets her knife and turns to Rarity
  7296. >"H-Hey, Rarity. I was just talking with Twilight."
  7297. >You can't stop shaking
  7298. >"Twilight, darling, what's wrong?"
  7299. "I—"
  7300. >"Y-Yeah, what's wrong?"
  7301. >FUCK YOU
  7302. >God, she's fucking with you
  7303. >If you do anything to her...
  7304. "N-Nothing... Just a little tipsy, is all."
  7305. >"That's why I don't drink, darling! Anyways, Fluttershy, we should go sing! Do you want to come along, Twilight?"
  7306. >You shake your head
  7307. "N-No thanks."
  7308. >"Aw... Th-That's too bad, Twilight... I-I'm scared too, but... I'll try, Rarity."
  7309. >"Brilliant! Come, let us get in line!"
  7310. >Fluttershy turns to you and waves as she leaves
  7311. >You collapse onto the floor, leaning against the corner
  7312. "Fuck..."
  7313. >The party continues on around you
  7314. >That Flutterbitch is masquerading as some little fucking waif
  7315. >And she's toying with you
  7316. >Is it going to be like this forever?
  7317. >She'll just be waiting for Discord to be bored o you
  7318. >Just pull it together
  7319. >Pull it together
  7320. >It takes you a while to stand up again
  7321. >Having a knife held on you?
  7322. >Not fun
  7323. >Never experienced anything like that
  7324. >Until now, the danger has been rumored and hypothetical, but
  7325. >Fucking Fluttershy
  7326. >She can just turn the crazy on and off
  7327. >You decide to stay in your corner
  7328. >People start filing out of the party
  7329. >Slowly at first, but it gets going
  7330. >You notice Cheeto Dust and Trixie leave holding hands
  7331. >Part of you wants to vomit
  7332. >Part of you thinks it's cute
  7333. >Gah
  7334. >Sunny's rubbing off on you
  7335. >"Egghead!"
  7336. >You give a relieved sigh
  7337. >Good to see a friendly face
  7338. >And one you know
  7339. "Hey, Rainbow."
  7340. >"Come on, dude. Need a drive home?"
  7341. >You smile
  7342. "Sure."
  7343. >You begin walking through Pinkie's labyrinthine house with Rainbow
  7344. >Pinkie bounds up to you and hugs you
  7345. "H-Hi."
  7346. >"I'm so glad you don't hate me!"
  7347. "Okay..."
  7348. >You spot Rarity and Fluttershy walking up to the three of you
  7349. >Your heart stops for a quick bit
  7350. >Just act normal
  7351. >"Sick, I like it when the gang's together."
  7352. >"Well, Applejack isn't here... Busy with commoner's work, I'm sure."
  7353. >You laugh
  7354. >Fuck Applejack
  7355. >"T-Twilight?"
  7356. >Your eyes widen
  7357. >The others look at you oddly when you don't respond
  7358. >Fluttershy mewls
  7359. >Fucking sociopath
  7360. "Y-Yeah?"
  7361. >She rushes up to you—
  7362. >FUCK
  7363. >—and hugs you, crying
  7364. >"I-I... I just wanted to apologize to you... For the nasty things I said..."
  7365. >What
  7366. >"A-A-And... Oh, I'm such a bad person... I guess I just... I felt like blaming you since I was so confused, and... I didn't really know what was going on that day..."
  7367. >WHAT
  7368. >She looks up into your eyes, bawling
  7369. >"C-Can... Can you ever forgive me?"
  7371. >The girls look at you with varying degrees of 'doesn't that just tug on the heartstrings ;_;'
  7372. >You look down at her and swear you catch her smiling for a brief second
  7373. "O-Of course I forgive you..."
  7374. >"Oh thank you, Twilight! But I don't know if I can ever forgive myself..."
  7375. >The rest of the girls pile in for a group hug
  7376. >Fluttershy, you insane cunt
  7377. >After a good bit of collective weeping, the hug ends
  7378. >Fluttershy wipes her tears, smiling at you
  7379. >A smile that probably seems like one of relief to the others
  7380. >And one that you know is endorphins flooding the bloodstream of a crazy person who gets off on lying
  7381. >The girls say their goodbyes and you head out with Rainbow
  7382. >Even she was tearing up
  7383. >God damn
  7384. >"I'm glad you guys made up, dude. Super sucks having friends on bad terms."
  7385. "Yeah..."
  7386. >You jump into her car
  7387. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45fvwFunaKE
  7388. "Is this even music?"
  7389. >"Dude, once you get into it! Fucking kicks ass!"
  7390. >You'd rather kill yourself
  7391. "Rainbow... Can I ask you a question? About Fluttershy?"
  7392. >She frowns
  7393. >"I don't know, man. I told you. I don't really like talking about her behind her back like that."
  7394. "I'm... Just curious about what exactly happened to her, I guess."
  7395. >Rainbow sighs
  7396. >Didn't know she could look pensive
  7397. >"I don't know, man. She got bullied a lot. Looked all weird and gangly when she was a kid. Had some condition, really weak and sick all the time. Long hospital stays after she got... You know, beat up or whatever. I don't get why people can be such shits..."
  7398. >She sighs
  7399. >"Glad I dumped Anon's ass."
  7400. >You nod
  7401. >Don't really give a damn about Fluttershy's history
  7402. >You got beat up a lot, and look at you
  7403. >Turned out just fine
  7404. >Faggot ass pussy kids growing up today don't know what bullying is
  7405. >"So, dude... Do you think you could bring me over to do some, uh... drugs? You know, whenever?"
  7406. "Um... Maybe..."
  7407. >"SICK."
  7408. >You're starting to get sick of that word
  7409. >She pulls up to your house
  7410. "Thanks, Rainbow."
  7411. >"It's nothin'. See ya later, Egghead!"
  7412. >You walk into your house
  7413. >"Twilight! It's two in the morning, where were you? And who was that?"
  7414. "I was at Pinkie Pie's... That was Rainbow Dash..."
  7415. >Your dad shrugs and shakes his head
  7416. >"I worry about you, Twilight."
  7417. "Well, I'm going outside now... Isn't that what you wanted?"
  7418. >"I'm glad you're having experiences, but... I'm just worried, is all."
  7419. "It's okay, Dad."
  7420. >He frowns
  7421. >"Okay, Twilight. There weren't any dr—"
  7422. "No!"
  7423. >You head up to your room
  7424. >As always, your Faithful Assistant is there
  7425. >You give him a nice belly rub
  7426. >Aside from Fluttershy pulling a knife on you, and you crying in front of everyone, today was a good day
  7427. >It might be a normie thing, but seeing a fight in real life was sort of invigorating
  7428. >And having Rainbow Dash and Trixie stand up for you...
  7429. >You suppose you have more friends than you thought
  7430. >Real friends
  7431. >Discounting them because of 'autism' or 'shit taste' wasn't right
  7432. >And you're glad Trixie seems to have a budding relationship with another sperg
  7433. >Trixie might be in a relationship before you are, but that can only sting so much
  7434. >Maybe you shouldn't write off Anime Club so quickly...
  7435. >'BAKA~'
  7438. >You can come back to that one later
  7439. >Discounting people because autism or shit taste isn't ALWAYS wrong
  7440. >You flop onto your bed
  7441. >One more day until the next school week
  7442. >Fluttershy could have a message for you from Discord then...
  7443. >Just enjoy the weekend, Twilight
  7444. >It doesn't take you long to fall asleep
  7445. >You're awoken by a buzzing sound
  7446. >It's your phone
  7447. >The downside of having people know you is that they try to talk to you, it seems
  7448. >You groggily go to answer it
  7449. "Um, hi?"
  7450. >"Twilight!"
  7451. "Oh... Hey Sunny."
  7452. >You rub at your eyes and yawn
  7453. >"Did you want to hang out?"
  7454. "Isn't it a bit early?"
  7455. >"It's noon?"
  7456. >That's your fucking morning
  7457. >But whatever
  7458. >A chance to hang with Sunny could be good
  7459. "Um, sure, yeah, we can hang out... When?"
  7460. >"I could pull around to your house in like half an hour?"
  7461. >You nod
  7462. >"Twilight?"
  7463. "Oh, sorry... Okay."
  7464. >"Cool! See you."
  7465. >Well, that's never happened before
  7466. >Thirty minutes...
  7467. >You groan
  7468. >Guess you're taking a shower today
  7469. >You start the shower and get undressed
  7470. >What a chore
  7471. >You wonder why people do this shit every day
  7472. >It's not like it's something you HAVE to do everyday
  7473. >Not like a few days of going without hurts that much
  7474. >Used to be a weekly thing for you, but your dad guilted you enough to change that
  7475. >It's just needless, and...
  7476. >Being naked just reminds you that your body's all lame
  7477. >Some people seem to say they like the whole 'small, flat girl' thing
  7478. >But it seems like that's mostly when they're animated and 2D
  7479. >Sunny probably takes a shower everyday
  7480. >You would if you were her...
  7481. >Stop being so fucking weird
  7482. >Just hurry up and get ready, Twilight
  7483. >It doesn't take you too long to finish up
  7484. >Clothes
  7485. >Shitty toaster breakfast
  7486. >After, you just sort of sit around waiting for Sunny to show up
  7487. >You dad walks into the room and looks at you with surprise
  7488. >"Oh, you're up earlier than usual, Twilight! I was thinking we could go out and do something for fun today."
  7489. "I'm going out with a friend. Sorry."
  7490. >"Oh... Okay."
  7491. >He smiles weakly
  7492. >"With who?"
  7493. >You scratch the back of your head
  7494. "Sunset Shimmer."
  7495. >"The girl you chased after Fluttershy with?"
  7496. >You nod
  7497. >"You never did tell me what that was about."
  7498. >You can hear Sunset's car pull into the driveway
  7499. "Maybe later, Dad!"
  7500. >You dart out of the house
  7501. >"BE... safe..."
  7502. >Sunny waves at you as you approach the car
  7503. >You wave back and enter the passenger's seat
  7504. "Hey! Th-Thanks for inviting me to hang out and stuff..."
  7505. >"You don't have to thank me. I just wanted to hang out with you is all."
  7506. >Sunny smiles at you
  7507. >This is amazing...
  7508. >Two days in a row someone has contacted you through your phone
  7509. >Wanting to hang out!
  7510. >You're so popular now, it's almost weird
  7511. "So... Um, what are we going to do, exactly?"
  7512. >"I'm not sure. Something simple. See a movie and then hang out at my place, maybe."
  7513. >Wait
  7514. >See a movie and then go back to her place?
  7515. >You're almost certain you've seen that kind of shit on television and in articles as stuff you do on a date
  7516. >Holy shit
  7517. >Is this...
  7518. >A date?
  7519. >No fucking way, holy fuck
  7520. >Do girls just go to the movies and hang out with each other?
  7521. >Is that normal?
  7522. >You've kissed each other like TWICE
  7523. >You should've fucking researched on how normal it is for girls to kiss each other
  7524. >"Twilight? Are you okay?"
  7525. >Sunny looks at you oddly, squinting
  7526. >Fuck, do you look weird?
  7527. "Mfbefeh. Movie."
  7528. >She stares at you for a moments
  7529. "U-U-Uh... Movie and hang out sounds g-good."
  7530. >"You don't have to be so nervous around me, Twilight. We're friends!"
  7531. "I-I-I'm just not... I haven't done this before!"
  7532. >Sunny laughs
  7533. >"I know a place on the other side of town. It's WAY cheaper there. Only play movies that've been out for a while, but I don't really see many movies, so. That would be fine for you, right?"
  7534. >You nod
  7535. >Not like having seen one of the movies will be a problem for you
  7536. >New movies are gay
  7537. >And there's not enough time for you to watch movies when you're trying to stay caught up on anime and memes
  7538. >Sunny pulls out of your driveway and starts driving
  7539. >"I heard Pinkie had a crazy party last night."
  7540. >You laugh
  7541. "Yeah... A lot happened. Did you know she has an alligator?"
  7542. >"I'm not surprised."
  7543. >You exhale
  7544. "Fluttershy is crazy."
  7545. >Sunny frowns
  7546. >"I told you, Twilight. Fluttershy is bad news. Someone who hangs around people like Discord..."
  7547. "She pulled a knife on me at the party."
  7548. >"WHAT?"
  7549. >Sunny growls
  7550. >"I wish you'd let me beat her to a pulp when I had the chance..."
  7551. "That probably would've ended badly for everyone..."
  7552. >She grits her teeth
  7553. >"Fluttershy will get what's coming to her. They all will... Trust me."
  7554. >It still kind of scares you to see her angry like this
  7555. "I'm fine... I-I mean, I'm alive, right? As long as stay on Discord's good side, I can handle Fluttershy. Probably."
  7556. >Sunny shakes her head
  7557. >"Let's just try and enjoy having a nice day out together."
  7558. "Y-Yeah."
  7559. >She turns briefly to smile at you
  7560. >You blush
  7561. >Holy shit this can't be happening
  7562. >You're having a day out
  7563. >TOGETHER
  7564. >You didn't know she liked you at all
  7565. >Like that
  7566. >This is validation that you weren't a Tard in her Tard Brigade of Trixie and Moondancer and the other Game Shop freaks
  7567. >This is a date!
  7568. >You sit frozen in your seat
  7569. >Are you starting to sweat?
  7570. >Shit shit shit
  7571. >It's a good thing you took a shower today
  7572. >"You're being awfully quiet, Twilight. You usually have a lot to say."
  7573. >She chuckles
  7574. >What the fuck do people talk about on dates
  7575. >You're not sure you're ready for this
  7576. "I-I'm sorry... I'm just... I know you said not to be, but I'm nervous."
  7577. >"Hey, I get it. You've always been a bit shy, but I'm hoping we can have fun."
  7578. >Like, the movie will be fun?
  7579. >Or is there innuendo there?
  7580. >Stop sweating
  7581. >"Twilight, if going out is making you uncomfortable, we can do something else."
  7582. >'Going out'
  7583. >Holy shit that's definitely confirmation
  7584. "N-No, l-let's see the movie..."
  7585. >"Okay, I was just making sure."
  7586. >After a while of driving, the two of you park in a mostly empty lot
  7587. >The theater looks pretty old
  7588. >And most of the movies have been out for months
  7589. >Not seen any of 'em though
  7590. >Seeing movies is for plebs
  7591. >And going to buy tickets by yourself is embarrassing
  7592. >But you're not alone this time
  7593. >"Well, c'mon. What kind of movie do you want to see?"
  7594. "Um... Whatever you want..."
  7595. >Sunset looks over the choices
  7596. >Apparently, the only ones playing soon were a shitty animated cartoon for children, a dumbass horror movie, and a mindless explosion fest
  7597. >"Which one sounds good to you?"
  7598. >Fucking none of them
  7599. >You shrug
  7600. "W-Whatever you want to s-see, S-Sunny Bunny."
  7601. >Sunny gives you an odd look and chuckles
  7602. >"Well, I guess we'll see this one then."
  7603. >She points to the poster of a dumb horror movie
  7604. >"Always up for a good horror flick."
  7605. >Sick
  7606. >Seems spooky as fuck
  7607. >Hope there's no skeletons in the movie
  7608. >Maybe there's skeletons inside you!
  7609. >Bet it'll be—
  7610. >You squint at Sunny
  7611. >Wait a second
  7612. >Date
  7613. >Movie
  7614. >HORROR movie
  7615. >You're certain this is a trope of some sort that you've seen before
  7616. >Holy fucking fuck
  7617. >You begin hyperventilating
  7618. >"Twilight?"
  7619. >She approaches you and grabs your arm gently
  7620. >"If you're not good with that, we can watch something else."
  7621. "I-I want to see it..."
  7622. >"Twilight, I don't want to drag you along to do stuff you don't want to do yourself..."
  7623. "N-No! P-Please, let's see the movie."
  7624. >Sunny smiles at you
  7625. >"Let's get our tickets, then!"
  7626. >She pulls you along by your hand
  7627. >No Longer a Handholdless Virgin
  7628. >Check
  7629. >A dead-eyed, lifeless, middle-aged man stands at the counter
  7630. >"Two for 'Invasion of the Changelings', please."
  7631. >"..."
  7632. >He gives Sunny the tickets
  7633. >"Want popcorn or a drink or something? I'm sort of low on money, so we'd have to share."
  7634. >Holy shit holy fuck holy shit
  7635. >Be cool
  7636. "S-S-Sure, l-let's share a drink..."
  7637. >She gets the two of you a single drink
  7638. >Usually, you'd never, ever share a drink with someone
  7639. >Disgusting backwash makes your blood curdle
  7640. >But it's okay now
  7641. >"Movie doesn't start for a bit, but we can still take our seats I think."
  7642. "O-O-Okay..."
  7644. >You head over to the theater with Sunny
  7645. >There are are dumb theater commercials playing on the screen right now
  7646. >The lights are dim
  7647. >And there are rows upon rows of empty seats
  7648. >"Man, this place has seen better days. I'm surprised it's still open!"
  7649. >You laugh, trying to stop yourself from shaking too much
  7650. >Way too fucking nervous right now
  7651. "Y-Yeah..."
  7652. >The place is EMPTY
  7653. >You're in an EMPTY theater
  7654. >Seeing a HORROR movie
  7655. >And you're 'going out'
  7656. >Fucking fuck
  7657. >Stop shaking
  7658. >Take deep breaths or something
  7659. >Don't fuck this up
  7660. >"Anxious about the movie?"
  7661. "Y-You could say that..."
  7662. >She giggles
  7663. >The two of you walk up the stairs in the theater
  7664. >"Which row?"
  7665. >What kind of row do you want?
  7666. "U-U-Uh... N-Near the back?"
  7667. >Slick
  7668. >"I'm more of a middle row kind of girl, but sure! If it's your first time really going out, we can sit where you want."
  7669. >You try to hide your blush as she pulls you along by your hand
  7670. >The two of you take a seat towards the back of the theater
  7671. >Still no other people in here
  7672. >Please stay that way...
  7673. >Sunny places your drink in the cupholder between the two of you
  7674. >Would've preferred one straw instead of two, but whatever
  7675. >She takes a drink
  7676. >You gulp and decide to take a drink from your straw at the same time
  7677. >She backs away and looks at you strangely
  7678. >FUCK
  7679. >Is that not normal to do when you're on a date?
  7680. >Fuck
  7681. >It's been too long since you autistically researched all about dating
  7682. >Never thought it would come in use
  7683. >The theater darkens and the previews begin
  7684. >Sunny wiggles in her seat giddily
  7685. >STAY CALM
  7686. >Just sit back and play it cool
  7687. >This is where the magic happens
  7688. >Some previews for movies that are already out play on screen
  7689. >Previews are your favorite part of the movie experience
  7690. >Though that might change today
  7691. >"Hey, so did you ever see the original? I heard this remake's supposed to be good."
  7692. >Fucking of course you have
  7693. >What's she think you are?
  7694. >A fucking pleb?
  7695. >And she heard good things about this movie?
  7696. >You may not watch movies, but you do read reviews for them
  7697. >If you like dumbing down your movies and filling them with generic jump scares, sure
  7698. >This is 'good'
  7699. >Sunny must be talking to some fucking normies
  7700. >Though, she isn't a normie
  7701. >Just misguided
  7702. "Y-Yeah... I heard this one was good, too..."
  7703. >The movie begins
  7704. >Pretty sure the actress playing the main character is one you've seen on /tv/ a lot
  7705. >You're not really too invested in this film
  7706. >Look at how boring the cinematography is
  7707. >People have forgotten how to shoot a fucking film
  7708. >And loud noises =/= scary
  7709. >Sunny jumps at the jump scares
  7710. >That's what they're made for...
  7711. >She can't help it if she has some pleb tastes
  7712. >You're sure you might have some if you look hard enough
  7713. >Nervously, you look around the theater
  7714. >Empty
  7715. >God, you're literally shivering
  7716. >Sunny looks over to you and puts your hand in hers
  7717. >She shrieks playfully at another stupid jump scare
  7718. >Knees weak
  7719. >Palms sweaty
  7720. >Too sweaty, fuck fuck fuck
  7721. >I-Is this it?
  7722. >Just.. Be cool, Twilight
  7723. >Don't spill your spaghetti
  7724. >Be alpha!
  7725. >Yeah
  7726. >Be a fucking alpha
  7727. "S-Sunny?"
  7728. >She turns to you
  7729. >"Huh?"
  7730. >Time to go in for the kiss, boss
  7731. >"Twi?"
  7732. >Sunny raises her eyebrows
  7733. >She called you by a nickname!
  7734. >Happening Levels at max
  7735. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkBMAHUkibY
  7736. >JUST DO IT
  7737. >You lean into her and plant your lips on hers
  7738. >Your whole body shudders
  7739. >So soft—
  7740. >Sunny shoves you away with both of her hands
  7741. >"What are you doing?!"
  7742. "A-Am I doing it bad?"
  7743. >Fuck fuck fuck
  7744. >What the fuck's happening?
  7745. >Was it that bad?
  7746. "I-I—We're on a date, right?"
  7747. >Sunny gives you an incredulous look
  7748. >Maybe you should try again
  7749. >You lean in—
  7750. >Sunny leans away
  7751. >You lean a bit too far over and hear spilling
  7752. >"Oh my God!"
  7753. >Sunny jumps from her seat, trying to wipe herself off
  7754. "Fuck, oh no, I'm so sorry, Sunny!"
  7755. >She grunts
  7756. >"Whatever. It's fine."
  7757. >You go and try to help clean up
  7758. >"Twilight, just stop."
  7759. "O-Okay... I-I-I can go get napkins..."
  7760. >Sunny just frowns and shrugs
  7761. >You are fucking this up so hardcore, Twilight
  7762. >But there's still a chance, right?
  7763. >She didn't say this wasn't a date
  7764. >Just... Maybe she just was engrossed in the movie is all
  7765. >Quickly, you dash out of the theater to grab something to clean Sunny up
  7766. >You return to find Sunny sitting in the next seat over
  7767. >The one she was in is soggy, and the liquid seems to have conjured up some stink from the cloth
  7768. >Ugh
  7769. "U-Uh, here you go..."
  7770. >Sunny snatches the napkins from your hand and begins dabbing her pants
  7771. "I-I'm sorry..."
  7772. >Sunny shrugs
  7773. >"What made you think this was a date?"
  7774. "I-I-I... The movie. And the hanging out. And the KIND of movie. A-And you said we were 'going out', and..."
  7775. >"Going out! Outside! I... Didn't even think you thought about me, like, you know, whatever."
  7776. >Oh
  7777. >Despite what all signs pointed to
  7778. >This whole time
  7779. >You were just...
  7780. >Being autistic
  7781. >"Oh, Twilight... Come on, let's just... Let's just watch the movie..."
  7782. >Fuck, don't cry
  7783. >Don't be that beta
  7784. >It's okay
  7785. >You take your seat next to the empty, wet chair, arms crossed, teeth grit
  7786. >God damn it, Twilight
  7787. >Of course this wouldn't be a date
  7788. >She's just a friend
  7789. >Doesn't think about you like that
  7790. >You're YOU
  7791. >Someone who stays in their room most days
  7792. >Can't talk to people
  7793. >Can't fucking realize when something's a date or not
  7794. >When she kissed you, that was just a joke
  7795. >And now things are going to be awkward between the two of you forever
  7796. >Who do you have left now?
  7797. >A cape wearing autist
  7798. >A metalcore loving normie
  7799. >Treehugger, who doesn't actually know you
  7800. >Doesn't know that you're just a gross loser with no life
  7801. >You look over to Sunny
  7802. >She's watching the movie glumly
  7803. >Ruined her fucking day
  7804. >Can't even enjoy the (not-that-good) movie anymore because of you
  7805. >You should just leave
  7806. >Before you create more memories to remember in the middle of the night years from now
  7807. >"Twilight?"
  7808. >Don't be cringe
  7809. >Just go home
  7810. >You begin making your way down the stairs
  7811. >"Twilight!"
  7812. >Sunny grabs you by the shoulder
  7813. >"Look, I know that this was... awkward... but don't think I hate you or anything. We can still do stuff. Don't—"
  7814. "Just let me go... You can watch the movie, I'll just walk home."
  7815. >"Twilight—"
  7816. >You shake your head and pull yourself away
  7817. >You don't want a pity party
  7818. >The fact that she's trying to salvage the day after you sperged out on her only makes you feel worse
  7819. >"If I can't change your mind, at least let me drive you home, okay?"
  7820. "Fine..."
  7821. >Sunny leads you back out into the parking lot
  7822. >You take your seat in her car
  7823. >The awkward silence is painful
  7824. >"So..."
  7825. "..."
  7826. >You lean against the car door, dejected
  7827. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuNhTLVgV2Y
  7828. >The car sits in the lot, motionless
  7829. >Neither of you speak for a long while
  7830. >Great fucking job, Twilight
  7831. >You're a sperg
  7832. >A tard to be wrangled
  7833. >Worse
  7834. >Too retarded to even be a happy autist
  7835. >Too self-conscious and meta to be happy
  7836. "Am I like Trixie to you?"
  7837. >"What? What's that supposed to mean?"
  7838. "In your head, am I grouped in with Trixie, and Moondancer, and the rest of those sorts?"
  7839. >Sunny frowns and shakes her head
  7840. "I'm just your charity project, aren't I?"
  7841. >"What? Twilight, that's wrong."
  7842. >You turn yourself away from her
  7843. >"I don't... Trixie is Trixie. You're you! I don't understand what you're saying."
  7844. "That I'm not a person to you. Not a normal one. I'm the weirdo with no social skills who needed a friend. And obviously you were right. I can't believe I thought this was a date..."
  7845. >You flinch as Sunny puts a hand on your shoulder
  7846. >"Twilight, I'm friends with you because I want to be. Not because I have to be. You can't keep going around thinking that everyone, I don't know, that everyone's just 'dealing with you' or whatever. It's not like that!"
  7847. >What a lark
  7848. >What a blue pill
  7849. >What a fucking lie
  7850. "People are just 'dealing' with me... When I was younger, I tried to be normal... I don't even remember what's it like to be me anymore. Nothing makes me happy, not for long, and no one cares to talk to me... The bullying mostly stopped in grade school, but since then..."
  7851. >She doesn't want to hear your fucking life story you idiot
  7852. "I just... To make friends, real friends, you're supposed to put yourself out there, right?"
  7853. >"Yeah! Twilight, if you go out there, people will like you. You HAVE friends. Don't beat yourself up!"
  7854. "Friends that hardly know me, or just pity me... I never go out and try to talk to people. Maybe that's my fault, but I just thought that, the chance would be that, someday, maybe people would approach me. If everyone's supposed to be going around talking to people, why does no one come talk to me after class? Why am I always alone?"
  7855. >You can't help it at this point
  7856. >You sob
  7857. >Disgusted with yourself for doing this in front of Sunny
  7858. >For being such an edgy loser
  7859. >Being sad almost feels like a meme to you
  7860. >Not something you should actually feel
  7861. >Not for real
  7862. >You don't want Sunny's pity
  7863. >You don't want to put your problems on her
  7864. >Such a fucking loser...
  7865. >"Twilight, you're not alone. I'm here for you. Your friends care about you. Trixie can't stop talking about you! And your family must care about you."
  7866. >You scoff through your tears
  7867. >"It's true! People care about you, even if you don't think they do."
  7868. >You turn back to face Sunny
  7869. "You know what my mom gave me for my last birthday? Some stupid card. She didn't... She didn't even write anything. It didn't even have the right age on it..."
  7870. >Sunny doesn't say anything
  7871. >Instead, she just leans over and pulls you into a hug
  7872. >She pats you on the back
  7873. >You feel terrible for crying onto her, but you can't stop
  7874. >Why are you so fucking terrible?
  7875. >Sunny...
  7876. >Why is she always so understanding?
  7877. >She doesn't owe you anything
  7878. >You'd just...
  7879. >Gotten your hopes up just to have them shot down
  7880. >And every time
  7881. >Every time you get hurt
  7882. >It brings everything up
  7883. >Staying inside
  7884. >Just wasting away on 4chan...
  7885. >That was safe
  7886. >You can't cry forever
  7887. >So, eventually, you stop
  7888. >Sunny just gives you a solemn smile
  7889. >You must be annoying as fuck to deal with...
  7890. "I'm... I'm sorry for ruining today..."
  7891. >"Twilight, you have to stop apologizing for everything. I'm not mad at you. I know what it's like to... Hurt."
  7892. >You calm yourself and nod
  7893. >Maybe she doesn't know exactly how you feel, but
  7894. >It's nice to have someone there for you, you suppose
  7895. >"If you're feeling up to it... We can still hang out if you want."
  7896. "Y-Yeah?"
  7897. >"Only if you want."
  7898. >Even after you fucking sperged as hard as possible...
  7899. >Unloaded shit you'd never said out loud before
  7900. >She doesn't hate you
  7901. >Sunny really is too good
  7902. >It's almost stupid
  7903. >Hanging out right now...
  7904. >Why not?
  7905. >And what else would you do?
  7906. >Go home and feelpost for the rest of the day?
  7907. "Um, I think hanging out with a friend might be good for me right now."
  7908. >Sunny smiles
  7909. >"Okay. My house?"
  7910. "S-Sure..."
  7911. >You sniffle and wipe the tears from your eyes as Sunny starts the car
  7912. >This could be fine
  7913. >At least you have some experience with hanging out
  7914. >Did that with Dash
  7915. >And it wasn't too bad
  7916. "Can I ask you a question?"
  7917. >"Of course!"
  7918. >You hope this isn't too weird to ask
  7919. "What's it like being in a relationship?"
  7920. >She shrugs her shoulders
  7921. >"I don't know."
  7922. "But... I thought you and Brad were dating at one point."
  7923. >"What? He wishes. I fucking hate that chode... No, I've been on my own most my life. I'm shooting for friends first."
  7924. >You nod
  7925. >Sunny without friends?
  7926. >Hard to imagine
  7927. >Then again, she has said she used to be pretty dickish
  7928. >Which is sort of hard to believe
  7929. >But not as hard to believe when she goes into those rage-induced stupors
  7930. >You eventually arrive at Sunny's apartment
  7931. "So... What are we going to do?"
  7932. >"I don't know. Hang around. Talk. Exercise. I'm sort of just realizing I don't have much here..."
  7933. >Maybe you could watch a movie
  7934. >Or
  7935. >Maybe it would be bad to bring movies up again
  7936. >You decide to plop yourself down on one of Sunny's chairs and she follows suit
  7937. >Her apartment is kind of small, but that's not a bad thing
  7938. >You make sounds with your mouth to fill the silence
  7939. >"I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this..."
  7940. "What?"
  7941. >"Usually I only go out by myself. Try to avoid conflict..."
  7942. >That doesn't make any sense
  7943. "But everyone likes you, and you have tons of friends, don't you?"
  7944. >She laughs
  7945. >"People are nice to me because they're scared of me, Twilight. I've changed, but... Sometimes it's hard for people to see that, I guess."
  7946. >But she's so popular!
  7947. >She's basically perfect
  7948. >How could people be scared of her?
  7949. >You do remember Applejack talking about how she didn't think she'd ever change after she beat up Anon...
  7950. >Maybe you're just so out of the loop
  7951. >You were one of the only people who'd talk to her
  7952. >Maybe you were both orbiters around the rest of the girls...
  7953. "Well, I'm not scared of you. Most of the time, anyways."
  7954. >Sunny laughs
  7955. >"I'm happy to hear that. I don't want to seem totally harmless."
  7956. >You tap on the arms of your chair
  7957. >What do you do now?
  7958. >Show her dank memes?
  7959. >"So, since when have you been into girls, or whatever? If that's okay to ask. You used to always talk about how you felt not having a boyfriend."
  7960. "Oh... I don't know. I don't really know what's going on... Things are just weird for me right now, I guess..."
  7961. >The whole 'no bf' meme isn't really one you want to talk about
  7962. >Maybe you should ask if girls actually make out for fun
  7963. >This would be the right time
  7964. >But if it isn't true, that'd probably be very spaghetti
  7965. >This conversation is spaghetti already, but don't go and make it worse
  7966. >"Oh, I know! We could spar!"
  7967. "I think I would be bad at that..."
  7968. >"It'll be fun! I love fighting, and it's a good way to work out aggression."
  7969. >You're not sure you really have a lot of aggression in you
  7970. >"Plus, it could help you if you ever get in a fight."
  7971. >Sunny bounces up from her chair and hops towards you
  7972. >"C'mon, when's the last time you had a good sparring session?"
  7973. "Never..."
  7974. >"First time for everything! Get some exercise, get safer, have fun. It'll be good, trust me!"
  7975. >Whatever
  7976. >A nice, friendly hitting-each-other session
  7977. >You head to Sunny's room to get changed
  7978. >The two of you take turns getting dressed
  7979. >Her clothes are still loose on you...
  7980. >Whatever
  7981. >Sunny brings you out to her little matted area
  7982. >"I only have one pair of protective gear, so you can use it."
  7983. "W-What about you?"
  7984. >"I think I'll manage."
  7985. >You're sort of offended
  7986. >Doesn't matter too much since it's true
  7987. >You put on the helmet, and both of you put on some gloves
  7988. >This is such a bad idea
  7989. >"Go ahead whenever you want to start!"
  7990. >She looks way too upbeat about this for you
  7991. "Is exercising what you do for fun?"
  7992. >"Yup. Like I said, it helps work out aggression."
  7993. >You're going to die
  7994. >No, don't worry about it
  7995. >She's your friend, so it's fine
  7996. >Just a friendly little match
  7997. >She motions for you to come forward
  7998. >You throw a haphazard punch and are punished by a counter in the abdomen
  7999. "Ow!"
  8000. >"What? That didn't hurt."
  8001. "It's... Just reactionary."
  8002. >Try and fucking hit her, Twilight
  8003. >Yeah, no, this isn't happening
  8004. "You know who you would like? Rainbow Dash."
  8005. >"She actually knows how to fight? I thought that was always just more of her bragging."
  8006. >You try and go in for another hit
  8007. >This is like playing a fighting game you don't know the motions for
  8008. >Where's muh half-circle forward?
  8009. "You didn't hear about the fight at Pinkie's?"
  8010. >"I heard of A fight, and that some guy got the shit beat out of him after punching someone or something."
  8011. "Yeah, Anon punched Trixie in the face."
  8012. >"What?!"
  8013. >Sunset knocks you in the gut, hard
  8014. >Winded, your knees collapse and you fall forward onto her
  8015. >She catches you under the elbows, your face hanging in her chest
  8016. >Anime...
  8017. >"Oh, sorry!"
  8018. "It's... It's okay. I'm okay."
  8019. >Get serious
  8020. >Just pretend it's Smash or something
  8021. >Sunny helps you steady yourself
  8022. >"Okay?"
  8023. "Sure..."
  8024. >You go back into some sort of fighting stance
  8025. >Could probably totally kick her ass at fighting games
  8026. >So there's that
  8027. >Sunny continues to dance around your punches
  8028. >This shit is broken
  8029. >Need to ban this character what the fuck
  8030. >She's really softened up on the punches now
  8031. >Man, stop being so baby mode, Twilight
  8032. >Fight!
  8033. >What if you were in a real fight?
  8034. >What if she were Fluttershy?
  8035. >You plant your left foot in the ground in front of you and twist into a right hook
  8036. >It connects hard with Sunny's cheek with a loud thwack
  8038. >She just laughs it off
  8039. >"I was starting to get worried you wouldn't hit me!"
  8040. >Sunny changes from her boxing position to more of a judo one
  8041. >Whelp
  8042. >She makes her way towards you, dodging another one of your punches, grappling onto you
  8043. "W-We can grab?"
  8044. >You feel your body begin to twist as she grabs onto your biceps
  8045. >Soon after, a sweep to your leg follows
  8046. "FUCK!"
  8047. >You flail, knocking Sunny in the shin with one of your legs
  8048. >All the air in your body escapes as she lands on top of you
  8049. >Fuck that hurt
  8050. >Sunny pushes herself up, sitting on your stomach
  8051. >If this were an MMA match, this is probably the part where she'd pummel you to retardation
  8052. >You try and catch her with a suckerpunch
  8053. >She catches it, and pins your arms to the ground above your head
  8054. >For some reason, you're feeling incredibly hot
  8055. >Just a couple of friends having a good wrastle...
  8056. >A phone ringing can be heard through the apartment
  8057. >"Shit, that's me."
  8058. >Sunny stands up and helps you to your feet
  8059. >She pats you on the back
  8060. >"You hit harder than I thought."
  8061. >Only landed a single punch, but, okay
  8062. >That's good enough
  8063. >Sunny goes to answer the phone
  8064. >"Hey. Really, right now?"
  8065. >She groans
  8066. >"Fine, no, I got it."
  8067. >Sunny puts the phone down
  8068. "What's going on?"
  8069. >"It's, uh, work related. Guess we're going to have to cut this short."
  8070. >Sunny sighs
  8071. >"I'm sorry about this."
  8072. "It's fine... Thanks for dealing with me being all... Me."
  8073. >She frowns
  8074. >"You really have to stop doing that, Twilight. I enjoy your company, Now c'mon, let's get you home."
  8075. >You nod
  8076. >You go and get yourself changed
  8077. >Today was so fucking cringe
  8078. >Couldn't really have been worse
  8079. >And yet, it wasn't so bad
  8080. >If you were in Sunny's position, you're not so sure you would've done what she did
  8081. >You're thankful she is who she is, though
  8082. "Okay... I'm ready."
  8083. >Sunny smiles and the two of you walk to her car
  8084. >The two of you chat a bit on the drive home
  8085. >You wonder why someone like her would be interested in nerd shit
  8086. >Pleb as fuck taste
  8087. >But she seems to genuinely like the stuff
  8088. >You're used to hearing Magic stories from Trixie, but not from Sunny
  8089. >Maybe the autism is rubbing off on her
  8090. >But she doesn't seem autistic to you
  8091. >"Here you go... Again, I'm sorry this came up so suddenly."
  8092. "It's fine. Thanks."
  8093. >You exchange smiles
  8094. >"Just... Stay safe. This Discord stuff... You'll find your way out of it."
  8095. >You nod and exit the car
  8096. >Pushing open the door, you hear the TV on in the other room
  8097. >Not sure you really want to go through the whole 'Are you on drugs right now?' talk Dad always seems to want to have
  8098. >So you just creep your way upstairs
  8099. >Didn't expect to have this much time left in the day when you came home
  8100. >Ha ha, time for 4chan!
  8101. >Another positive of the day is that you can make a good spaghetti thread
  8102. >After writing out your post, you wait
  8103. >You kind of regret telling Sunny that stuff about your mom...
  8104. >You don't really think about her that much
  8105. >Why would you cry about that stupid birthday shit when you didn't care ON your birthday?
  8106. >'Ha ha, man, my mom doesn't care about me or something lol, SICK :^)'
  8107. >What's it matter?
  8108. >Feeling bad over cliche shit is edgy and dumb
  8109. >Just fuck the normies or whatever
  8110. >You check back on your thread
  8111. >Oh, you're a normie for having been invited in the first place
  8112. >You had a weird as fuck dream that night
  8113. >For some reason, you remember trying to throw away a handful of spaghetti
  8114. >But you accidentally threw it inside of hole in the top of your head
  8115. >Which was on a table
  8116. >Maybe you shouldn't get into dank memes right before you sleep
  8117. >Spike wakes you up, licking your face
  8118. >Fuck...
  8119. >You look to your clock
  8120. >This is a little earlier than usual
  8121. >You groggily get out of bed and go to check your phone
  8122. >Will this be day three of messages?
  8123. >1 New Message
  8124. >Everything's turning up Twilight!
  8125. >From: Fluttershy
  8126. >Oh
  8127. >"[Meet after school today]"
  8128. >Fuck
  8129. >Well now you have THAT to look forward to
  8130. >Don't have the energy to take a shower today
  8131. >Just get dressed and head downstairs
  8132. >Dad's drinking coffee and waves at you
  8133. >"You're up earlier than usual."
  8134. "Yeah."
  8135. >He takes a sip from his drink
  8136. >"Did you want to do something today?"
  8137. "I can't... I have to go somewhere with one of my... Friends..."
  8138. >Calling her that almost makes you want to vomit
  8139. >Your father sighs
  8140. >"Well, perhaps someday, then."
  8141. "I'm sorry... I'm just busy lately."
  8142. >He shrugs
  8143. >You grab a quick snack and head out the door
  8144. >School today...
  8145. >Better savor it
  8146. >Might be your last
  8147. >Or, maybe you should just hope it isn't total shit
  8148. >'Savoring' might be a bit delusional
  8149. >At least normies will be focused more on Anon than you today
  8150. >Once in school, you hear people talking about the fight
  8151. >All concerned for Trixie
  8152. >'how could anyone do that! :^)'
  8153. >Normies...
  8154. >Just don't fucking worry about it
  8155. >They'll never change
  8156. >After the first few periods, you head to lunch
  8157. >Feels a bit like a last supper
  8158. >Definitely know who the fucking backstabbing whore is
  8159. >Only there's shitty cafeteria food now
  8160. >You take a seat next to Trixie
  8161. >You've noticed that she hasn't been hounding you nearly as much as she used to
  8162. >Actually talks to the other girls
  8163. >It feels a little bad to be less socially dexterous than her
  8164. >But whatever
  8165. >Be happy for the little sperg
  8166. >She turns to you
  8167. >"Where is Miss Shimmer?"
  8168. "What do you mean?"
  8169. >"Should she not be returning to school today?"
  8170. >You shrug
  8171. >If so, it is pretty weird she's not here
  8172. >Aside from the fight with Anon, you haven't heard about her doing anything bad
  8173. >No missing school days
  8174. >Never late to class
  8175. >"I told ya'll, that girl'll never change."
  8176. >Rarity rolls her eyes
  8177. >"She's been nothing but cordial with us. Rumors are only that."
  8178. >"Maybe y'all let the truth slide off y'all's skin like scales off a snake, but fact is she may seem nice, but she's puttin' on an act. Probably just tryin' to stay out of juvie, or prison now that she's older, I s'pose."
  8179. >Rarity scoffs
  8180. >"Yes, let's listen to you babble on about the rumors you've heard as they relate to the truth, you mud-ridden... neanderthal!"
  8181. >"If it's a true rumor, then there ain't no problem, now is there? 'N she only went away fer the stuff they could prove, too!"
  8182. >Rarity plugs her ears
  8183. "Sunny's not a bad girl. She's one of the nicest people I know."
  8184. >"Sugarcube, y'all know like seven people. 'N I'm one of 'em, so there's only like six people in the runnin' fer 'nicest person Twilight Sparkle knows'. Your word don't mean much."
  8185. >Fucking Forrest Gump of apples
  8186. >You wish you could 'let out some aggression' right now
  8187. "But it's true. She's... Always been very nice to me, to Trixie, to all of you guys!"
  8188. >"Y'all know nothin' 'bout nothin', Twi. You know what they used to call her?"
  8189. "By her name?"
  8190. >"What? No! Well, yes, but no. Quit with yer stupid."
  8191. >You shrug
  8192. "So what did they call her?"
  8193. >"I don't rightly remember, but it was somethin' fierce 'n satanic. Maybe something like 'The Devil of Canterlot' or somethin'."
  8194. >You throw your hands up in the air
  8195. "That's just Daredevil!"
  8196. >"Well I'm sorry, Twi, I said I didn't remember. I said it was somethin' LIKE that, not that it was that. This is why people don't like you, Twi. Always tryin' ta point out why people are wrong, every little thing they say."
  8197. >Oh yeah, totally
  8198. >Fucking inbreeding hillbillies
  8199. "Y-You know, coming from you... It's very hypocritical."
  8200. >Applejack crosses her arms
  8201. >"'N see? There ya go again. Tryin' ta point out every flaw in everybody else. Y'all gots a problem, Twilight. 'N the problem is yourself. I don't have a cure."
  8202. >What?!
  8203. >But
  8205. "I... I..."
  8206. >"Ye dun burned me bad, Sug—"
  8207. "YEAH, WELL—"
  8208. >"GIRLS, PLEASE!"
  8209. >Rarity rubs at her head
  8210. >"If I'm stressed while eating, it'll affect my metabolism!"
  8211. >Applejack laughs
  8212. >"Y'all don't even eat, what do you care about your metaba-whatever?"
  8213. >"Yes, metaba-whatever. No wonder you're in remedial math classes..."
  8214. >Applejack snarls
  8215. >"When y'all're up to your necks in debt, I'll be on muh farm! No debt! If the gubment just got outta education, I wouldn't need no high school!"
  8216. >Rarity and Applejack continue to bicker
  8217. >Every
  8218. >Fucking
  8219. >Day
  8220. >You notice Rainbow Dash has been awfully quiet
  8221. >Playing some dumb handheld game, it seems
  8222. >Replacement boyfriend, you guess
  8223. >And Fluttershy
  8224. >Fucking bitch
  8225. >Just sitting there looking like her usual, fake, shy self
  8226. >By the time the bell rings to signal lunch's end, Rarity and Applejack are looking like they want to kill each other
  8227. >Again
  8228. >Really gotta wonder why they sit next to each other if all they ever do is argue
  8229. >As you leave, Fluttershy gives you a cute smile and waves
  8230. >Ugh
  8231. >That bitch is going to be the death of you
  8232. >For real
  8233. >Man, you don't want to die
  8234. >But, just be cool
  8235. >Be cool and stay calm
  8236. >The rest of school passes by too quickly
  8237. >Why can't the people here teach anything at a reasonable pace?
  8238. >Do you really need to spend three days on the same mathematical concept?
  8239. >Fucking normies, why are they so dumb?
  8240. >Even in advanced classes, you're just surrounded by smart normies
  8241. >You remember liking to learn shit by yourself
  8242. >School ruined your ability to enjoy learning
  8243. >As the last bell rings, you sigh
  8244. >Not much to 'savor' here
  8245. >You do try and savor the walk to Fluttershy's locker
  8246. >Every fraction of time you don't need to be with her is nice
  8247. >But that can't last forever
  8248. >Despite what Zeno may think, you do eventually reach your desination
  8249. >She gives you a girlish pout as you approach her
  8250. >"I wish you'd chickened out."
  8251. "I bet you do..."
  8252. >She motions for you to follow her
  8253. "Do... Do you know what he's going to have me do?"
  8254. >"I don't know until he tells me."
  8255. >You sigh
  8256. >Why does she just blindly follow Discord around?
  8257. >She's crazy, and maybe crazy sticks together, but still
  8258. >Once you've gotten a good bit away from the school, Fluttershy's demeanor changes, her gait
  8259. >Some fucking Keyser Soze shit
  8260. >It's a long walk, but eventually you make it to that fucking rundown Pizza N Play
  8261. >Shouldn't people be suspicious that one of these is open despite no one ever going there?
  8262. >Fluttershy looks at you and laughs
  8263. >"Scared?"
  8264. >You don't respond, but the answer is yes
  8265. >You walk into the pizza arcade, and Follow Fluttershy to the back
  8266. >She knocks on the Employees Only door
  8267. >Pattern seems different this time
  8268. >It opens up
  8269. >Despite being scared, you're not shaking quite so much
  8270. >If anything happens...
  8271. >Maybe your basic fight moves can help you
  8272. >Or the gun...
  8273. >Fluttershy pushes open the door to Discord's room
  8274. >Immediately, she runs up to him and bounces onto his lap, putting her arms around him
  8275. >She nuzzles her face against his chest
  8276. >Yuck
  8277. >"Twilight. I've been expecting you."
  8278. >He used that one the last time...
  8279. >You walk towards his 'throne', stopping a few feet from him
  8280. >Discord smiles warmly
  8281. >"I'm so glad to see a good friend."
  8282. >"What about me?"
  8283. >Discord pinches Fluttershy's cheek
  8284. >"Of course I'm glad to see you, too!"
  8285. >He turns to you
  8286. >"So, up for another game of Magic? Or did you want to see my weapon collection? I have so many things planned for tonight!"
  8287. >You just stand there awkwardly
  8288. >"Speak up, please. Unless you want to respond to everything in mime, from now on. That could be fun!"
  8289. "I... So the errand is just hanging out again?"
  8290. >Discord's laughter fills your ears
  8291. >"No, I do have something I want you and Fluttershy to do later."
  8292. >Fluttershy pouts in protest
  8293. >"Do I have to go with her?"
  8294. >"I need my friends to get along. You can do that, right girls?"
  8295. >Fluttershy crosses her arms
  8296. >You just nod glumly
  8297. >Does he think he's your fucking dad or something?
  8298. >Discord just gives you the creeps...
  8299. >He pats his free knee
  8300. >"Take a seat."
  8301. >You hesitate
  8302. "Um..."
  8303. >"Ah, no, it's fine. We'll build up to that. Anyways, please, I want to show you my collection! I have all types of swords..."
  8304. >Fluttershy hops off of him, and he beckons you over to a large case filled with all kinds of swords
  8305. >Some extremely ornate
  8306. >Some very old
  8307. >All extremely cool
  8308. >You know, for something autistic
  8309. >Owned by an insane criminal
  8310. >Discord pulls out a small Japanese short-sword and sits down on a large couch
  8311. >You sit as far from him as you can
  8312. >Fluttershy takes her seat back on his lap
  8313. >"Do you know what this is?"
  8314. "A wakazashi, obviously."
  8315. >He smiles
  8316. >"Yes it is. Do you want this?"
  8317. >What?
  8318. >You stutter
  8319. >"Oh, I don't mean THIS one. I'm quite partial to it. I've had it for a very long time, but I mean, look around you, Twilight."
  8320. >An amazing weapons collection
  8321. >Magic cards as far as the eye can see
  8322. >What looks to be a huge 4k television on the other side of the room
  8323. >A huge library spanning one of the walls
  8324. >Really neat furniture all over the place
  8325. >Probably has a great battlestation somewhere...
  8326. "I mean... It's nice."
  8327. >"I think it's a lot more than that! You know, I get to spend most of my time in here... I rarely leave my room. This is paradise for people like us, right?"
  8328. >Like us?
  8329. >Sure, maybe you have autistic fantasies of just sitting around in your room all day with tons of cool shit
  8330. >But at the same time, that seems like a shitty life
  8331. >You want... Something else
  8332. >You're not sure what that would look like
  8333. "I... I'm not sure I do... And I'm not sure I want to... Do what you do, to get it."
  8334. >He laughs and looks at you as if you'd just said something crazy
  8335. >Fluttershy glares at you in his arms
  8336. >"What's so bad about doing what I do?"
  8337. "I don't want to hurt people..."
  8338. >He swishes his wrist limply
  8339. >"Hurting people, shmerting people. You know, Twilight, I like you because I knew what it was like to be young once. People... Someone who calls themselves a 'Magic savant' probably doesn't have a good relationship with them. Plus, my job is just to let people hurt themselves! I don't have to do much myself most of the time."
  8340. >He flips the sheathed wakazahi around in one hand as he speaks
  8341. >You remember 'random playing with objects' to be a sign of autism
  8342. >You remember, because you stopped doing that once you found out
  8343. >Discord points at you with the wakazashi
  8344. >"You know, most people wouldn't care about the craftsmanship that goes into something like this. About the care that goes into anything. They don't really feel anything. Not like you, or I, or little Fluttershy do. Most people are hardly people at all, I find. What do they talk about? Other people? Reality television?"
  8345. >He's starting to sound like /r9k/ to you...
  8346. >This is the kind of shit you used to spout
  8347. >DO spout
  8348. >But still, it's autistic
  8349. >Caring about the 'craftsmanship' of a wakazashi is pretty fucking spergy
  8350. "I... Don't you ever think that hurting people for video games and swords might be..."
  8351. >No, he wouldn't think it's immoral or bad
  8352. "...embarrassing?"
  8353. >He gives you a concerned look
  8354. >"I remember thinking like that."
  8355. >Discord scowls
  8356. >"That's the seed they plant in your head. That you can't just like things... And those people you don't want to hurt... Well, nothing could be done without those 'people'. They buy my stuff, they take my bribes, they take my paychecks. That's why I can have nice things!"
  8357. "Y-Yeah, but..."
  8358. >Fuck
  8359. >He's playing to your misanthropy
  8360. >You shake your head
  8361. "I just want to run your errand and go home..."
  8362. >He frowns
  8363. >"You'll come around! Fluttershy was much the same way when I first found her."
  8364. >She smiles as he pets her cheek
  8365. >"And I really do hope you come around. We're kindred spirits, you and I."
  8366. >You turn your face from him
  8367. >Not just because what he's saying is purposefully cliche
  8368. >But because it also doesn't seem too far-fetched
  8369. >What is he?
  8370. >If he was an autist, he'd just be another in the sea of disgusting anime lovers and Magic nerds
  8371. >"Now, Twilight, would you like to—"
  8372. >"EY, BOSS!"
  8373. >A large man had opened the door to the room
  8375. >A flash of anger crosses Discord's face
  8376. >"Can't you see I'm entertaining my friends?"
  8377. >The henchman just scratches at his buzzcut
  8379. >You momentarily forget what you are and just shrug to yourself
  8380. >Fucking loudass Big McLargehuge motherfucker
  8381. >Probably eats steroids for breakfast
  8382. >Discord turns to the door
  8383. >"Well, you didn't do your job, then."
  8384. >The man just scratches at his head again
  8386. >"When I am entertaining friends, you should consider reaching me to be impossible. You interrupted me in front of—You know what, Chunk Hunkthunk, why don't you take a seat over here."
  8387. >Discord pats on the space in the couch between you and him
  8388. >The guy just looks around nervously
  8389. >"UH..."
  8390. >Discord snarls
  8391. >"Please don't disrespect me further."
  8392. >The henchman nods
  8394. >Of course it is
  8395. >You and Discord both roll your eyes
  8396. >Fluttershy actually blushes
  8397. >Talk about no taste
  8398. >The guy seems to bend the couch as he sits on it
  8399. >"So, Bulk, tell me about yourself. What do you like to do for fun?"
  8401. >Discord rubs his chin
  8402. >"Do you do that here?"
  8404. >Bulk laughs nervously
  8405. >"These are my friends, not 'chicks'. I'm afraid I'm a bit old-fashioned, Bulk. Twilight, you see this, right?"
  8406. >Discord sort of nods his head at Bulk
  8407. >What's he supposed to be showing you?
  8408. >Just bring out the biggest Chad in the world
  8409. >Literally
  8410. >And prove his point to you?
  8411. >Yeah, maybe normies are like this a lot of the time, but...
  8412. >Discord flips the wakazashi in his hand
  8413. >"Do you know what this is?"
  8414. >"A SWORD?"
  8415. >"What kind?"
  8416. >Bulk sits, staring at the wakazashi
  8417. >"I DON'T KNOW. SMALL."
  8418. >Observant
  8419. >Discord unsheathes the sword
  8420. >He twists it in his hand, light gleaming off from its blade
  8421. >Scratching his chin, he sighs
  8422. >"I'm not sure I have a good joke for this one."
  8423. >"FOR WHA—"
  8424. >You scream and grab onto the couch as Discord drives the sword through Bulk's open mouth
  8425. >Bulk sputters, blood pouring from out his mouth and the back of his head
  8426. >Discord holds him down, and it doesn't take long for Bulk to go motionless
  8427. >"He should watch what he eats! Because he's so, you know, large."
  8428. >Discord snaps his fingers at you
  8429. >"I'm drowning here, Twilight! Help a guy out!"
  8430. >You can't talk
  8431. >You can't move
  8432. "Y-Y-Y-You..."
  8433. >You press yourself into the couch, pushing yourself away from Bulk's body
  8434. >Jesus fucking fuck
  8435. >This isn't real
  8436. >This... This can't be happening
  8437. >Fluttershy sighs and gives a small frown
  8438. >"I liked him."
  8439. >"Oh, I know."
  8440. >Fluttershy shrugs
  8441. >Discord eyes the blood seeping into the couch
  8442. >You whimper, crying
  8443. >"This might be hard to get out... And Twilight, you really should stop fussing about. You hardly knew the guy! What're you getting so worked up for?"
  8444. "I-I-I..."
  8445. >You want to run, but you can't
  8446. >You want to wretch, but can't
  8447. >You can't do anything
  8448. >Discord leans over Bulk's body
  8449. >"Twilight, really. Fluttershy didn't react nearly as bad the first time."
  8450. >"I told you about her..."
  8451. >Discord pats you on the lap
  8452. >You flinch, cowering on the couch
  8453. >"All you know about Bulk is his name, and that he was probably a bad guy. I mean, he worked for me, after all! And if you did know him, that's still all you would know."
  8454. "Y-You can't just... Kill people for no reason!"
  8455. >"I'm telling you Twilight, they're not people. Not really. Now, up for a game? Or a movie?"
  8456. >'Being cool' isn't a possibility right now
  8457. >You stare at the lifeless body next to you
  8458. >There's a difference between the edgy shit you'd post about 'beta uprising' and the real thing
  8459. >Discord smiles at you like you're just a small child scared of something in their closet
  8460. >Scared of something understandable, but ultimately silly
  8461. >He takes one of Bulk's arms and taps your leg with the hand
  8462. >"Boo!"
  8463. >You shriek and fall out of the couch onto your hands and knees
  8464. >Legs aren't working
  8465. >Neither are your arms
  8466. >You hear Discord shrug behind you
  8467. >"What's so scary about a hand?"
  8468. >"I told you she was a pussy."
  8469. >Discord scoffs
  8470. >"Language, please. She's just a bit green, is all."
  8471. >He walks to your front and kneels down, with one hand on your shoulder
  8472. >"Hey there, champ. You know, sometimes things can be a bit scary, but you've just gotta tough it out. It'll all make sense when you're older! C'mon, bring it 'ere."
  8473. >Discord pulls you into a hug, and you don't have the energy to fight back
  8474. >He pulls away and looks you in the eyes
  8475. >"And remember. Don't do drugs! Stay in school! Use protection!"
  8476. >Discord chuckles
  8477. >He picks you up and you force yourself to stay up
  8478. >You...
  8479. >You don't want him to kill you for something like 'not being fun'
  8480. >Just do what he wants...
  8481. >"So, girls, want to watch a movie?"
  8482. >"Sure."
  8483. >You nod
  8484. >"How's Robocop sound?"
  8485. >Just play along, Twilight
  8486. >Your life might depend on it
  8487. "I-I'd buy that for a dollar..."
  8488. >"Now that's what I like to hear!"
  8489. >You barely hold yourself together as he leads you to the television
  8490. >The three of you sit next to Discord in front of the large television
  8491. >Try and forget that there's a body in the room
  8492. >Just watch the movie
  8493. >You'll be able to leave eventually
  8494. >Run that errand
  8495. >Maybe run away
  8496. >Fuck
  8497. >You don't really know what you're going to do now...
  8498. >During the dream sequence, Discord speaks
  8499. >"What did you guys think of the reboot? I, personally, loved it."
  8500. >W-What?
  8501. >What kind of autist loves the reboot of any classic film?
  8502. >"Oh, um, me too."
  8503. >Discord turns to you
  8504. >"What about you, Twilight?"
  8505. "Um..."
  8506. >You sweat as Discord stares at you with that eerie smile he keeps
  8507. >If you lie about seeing it, he might ask you about scenes you don't know about
  8508. >Then chop your head off for lying or something
  8509. >Jesus fuck
  8510. >Just...
  8511. "I... I didn't watch it..."
  8512. >"Really?"
  8513. >You gulp
  8514. "I... Once I saw the redesign, it was dead to me..."
  8515. >He continues staring at you for a few more moments before breaking into laughter
  8516. >Discord pats you on the head
  8517. >"That's good. I'm constantly surprised by your good taste. For a second there I thought you were going to say you liked it!"
  8518. >Would he have killed you if you did?
  8519. >You can hear Fluttershy growl on the other side of Discord
  8520. >She pulls Discord by his shirt to her and begins passionately kissing him
  8521. >Oh Jesus fucking fuck
  8522. >Earlier you were sitting next to the scene of a murder
  8523. >Now this
  8524. >Just stare ahead
  8525. >Pretend you're watching by yourself
  8526. >Pretend the crimeboss is the dad from That 70's Show after he moves to Chicago in the future
  8527. >You don't know when the shitshow next to you ends, having blocked it out of your mind
  8528. >But when the movie ends, Discord checks the invisible watch on his wrist
  8529. >"Looks like it's about time for you two to deliver those packages!"
  8530. >Discord describes the plan to you
  8531. >It's simple, he says
  8532. >You'll be dropped off at one of his shops, which will be a front
  8533. >Go in the back, put the packages in your backpacks
  8534. >Two high school girls taking a walk together, who'd mess with that, right?
  8535. >Walk to the Everfree Park
  8536. >Sun'll start going down once you're dropped off
  8537. >And it'll be dark once you reach the park
  8538. >Then you just go and deliver the goods
  8539. >"It's really that simple!"
  8540. "W-What's in the packages?"
  8541. >Fluttershy glares at you
  8542. >"Don't ask stupid questions! We don't need to know."
  8543. >Discord pats Fluttershy on the head
  8544. >"Something special I cooked up in my college days, only much, much more potent. And addictive. Fun for the whole family!"
  8545. >Being a drug mule doesn't sound great, but...
  8546. >You're just taking a walk
  8547. >With a psychopath
  8548. >Your eyes dart over to Bulk's corpse before darting back away
  8549. >Just try and forget about it
  8550. >"Well, I'll see you guys later. Right now, you've got a job to do, and I've got some cleanin' up to do!"
  8551. >He walks away muttering about a maid uniform
  8552. >Fluttershy scowls at you and grabs your shirt, dragging you along with her
  8553. >Eventually, you're brought out to a van bearing the Pizza N Play logo
  8554. >A man gestures for you to enter
  8555. >"Get in."
  8556. >You nod
  8557. >God it smells terrible in here
  8558. >In light of recent events, you hope it's just the smell of bad pizza and nothing else
  8559. "So... Where are we picking up the stuff?"
  8560. >Fluttershy glares at you
  8561. >"I'm sure you're familiar with the place."
  8562. >What's that supposed to mean?
  8563. >The route the van is taking starts bringing you to familiar territory
  8564. >It's heading towards...
  8565. >The Game Shop?
  8566. >What?
  8567. >But Moondancer's dad owns—
  8568. >Jesus fuck
  8569. >No wonder they could afford all that superfluous shit
  8570. >Who would get into a life of crime just to provide for a spergling?
  8571. >You shake your head
  8572. >Just focus on the task at hand
  8573. >Once the van stops, you hop out, right in front of the Game Shop
  8574. >A small bell rings as you enter with Fluttershy
  8575. >Mr. Dancer is behind the counter
  8576. >You see anger flash over his face, followed by confusion
  8577. "H-Hey..."
  8578. >Fluttershy walks up to the counter
  8579. >"S-So... Y-You got what we o-ordered, right?"
  8580. >Mr. Dancer nods and heads off into a backroom
  8581. >Well, fuck
  8582. >"Sparkle!"
  8583. >Well, FUCK
  8584. >You turn to spot Moondancer, looking mad and autistic as hell
  8585. >As usual
  8586. >"What are you doing here?"
  8587. "I'm just picking something up... Please go away."
  8588. >"Yeah, well, my dad owns the place, so maybe you should just leave. I'll ask him to kick you out!"
  8589. >God damn, Moondancer
  8590. >Can you contain your autism for one fucking moment?
  8591. >Stop bring attention to this fucking exchange of illegal drugs
  8592. >Fluttershy turns to Moondancer
  8593. >"U-Um... C-Could y-you please s-stop yelling at my friend? If you want..."
  8594. >That's not going to work
  8595. >"Then I'll just ask my dad to get you to leave, too!"
  8596. "Moondancer, really, just don't. It's over. You lost every opportunity to get back at me. And your dad's not going to ban me from the store."
  8597. >"We'll see about that..."
  8598. >Mr. Dancer returns to the counter with two Warhammer box sets, setting them down in front of Fluttershy
  8599. >Guessing that you're not going to find figurines in there
  8600. >"Dad!"
  8601. >Mr. Dancer turns to his daughter
  8602. >"What is it Sweetheart? Dad's in the middle of so—"
  8603. >"That's her! That's Twilight Sparkle! Tell her she can't come here anymore!"
  8604. >"Oh, dear, I... I can't do that. That would be bad for business! Just—"
  8605. >Moondancer stomps on the ground, throwing a tantrum
  8606. >Jesus fuck, just stop for one second
  8608. >Mr. Dancer sighs and tries to smile at you and Fluttershy
  8609. >"I'm sorry, Sweetie. Not this time."
  8611. >Moondancer goes to push the boxes from the counter
  8613. >Before she can, Fluttershy stops her
  8614. >With her fist
  8615. >Moondancer falls to the ground, holding her face
  8616. >"O-Oh... S-S-Sorry... You scared me..."
  8617. >The ball of sperg screams on the floor for her father
  8618. >Fluttershy leans in to Mr. Dancer and whispers
  8619. >"You should be glad I stopped her, because if I didn't..."
  8620. >You can see the blood drain from his face
  8621. >He nods
  8622. >"Of course, it'll never happen again, you can tell him that. W-We've never had a problem here before..."
  8623. >Fluttershy opens up her backpack and puts a box inside
  8624. >You decide to follow suit
  8625. >Not as heavy as you thought it would be
  8626. >Moondancer refuses to get off of the floor
  8627. >"Please, dear, please get up..."
  8629. >Jesus
  8630. >She just doesn't want anyone to feel bad for her, you guess
  8631. >Fucking deserved that punch in the face
  8632. >Almost satisfying to see her writhe on the ground like that, the fucking sperg piece of life-ruining shit
  8633. >"Oh, Miss Sparkle, you're here?"
  8634. >Jesus
  8635. >Fluttershy glares at you
  8636. "Hey Trixie."
  8637. >"Did you wish to—"
  8638. "Can't. Busy with Fluttershy."
  8639. >Trixie sulks
  8640. "Sorry."
  8641. >Fluttershy pulls on your arm
  8642. >You leave the Game Shop with Moondancer crying on the floor, consoled by her father, Trixie looming over them
  8643. >And so you start your walk to the Everfree Park
  8644. >With drugs on you person
  8645. >Stay calm...
  8646. >"What the fuck was that about?"
  8647. "I... Moondancer is just some dumb girl."
  8648. >"Some dumb girl that almost ruined everything."
  8649. >Fluttershy groans
  8650. >"You know, I should've let it happen. Then Discord would see what I see."
  8651. >Just ignore her...
  8652. >The two of you continue walking
  8653. >If you just keep yourself calm...
  8654. >You can't believe you're going to be walking into the Everfree after dark
  8655. >Never really gone there yourself
  8656. >But you hear it's a haven for the homeless
  8657. >And at night, you'd be crazy to enter
  8658. >Largest urban park in the country...
  8659. >Fuck
  8660. >You hope you don't have to go too deep for this delivery...
  8661. >Fluttershy has her meek, hunched posture going on
  8662. >Just two girls taking a walk
  8663. >Police won't take a second look at you
  8664. >This should be easy
  8665. >And if this is all Discord ever has you do every once in a while...
  8666. >You suppose you can live with that
  8667. >A cop car passes by and you turn your head
  8668. >"Stop fucking acting suspicious."
  8669. "S-Sorry..."
  8670. >Fluttershy rolls her eyes
  8671. >"You are such a fucking bitch. Just trying to appeal to his stupid hobbies... You don't really know him like I do."
  8672. "I don't want to."
  8673. >She growls
  8674. >"Do you think I'm stupid? I know what you're doing."
  8675. >Whatever
  8676. >Just press on
  8677. >"Do you know what I did to prove myself to him? I would do anything for him... And you, you just walk in and, because you play some stupid card game with him..."
  8678. >She mutters angrily to herself
  8679. >"You're not like us..."
  8680. >Fucking that shit again
  8681. "I don't want to be. Tell him to let me go if you hate me so much."
  8682. >She smiles
  8683. >"I've been lobbying for something a little more fun for me... You're going to make a mistake."
  8684. >You shudder
  8685. >If it wasn't for Discord, you suppose you'd be dead on Fluttershy's whim
  8686. >She's probably thinking about killing you right now
  8687. >You really wish you didn't have to do this...
  8688. >The road you're going down looks familiar
  8689. >Treehugger's apartment
  8690. >Wish you could run there and get away from this
  8691. "H-How much further?"
  8692. >"Just keep walking."
  8693. >You keep walking, the sun descending in the sky
  8694. >The park can be seen in the distance
  8695. "So... do we just drop them off somewhere?"
  8696. >"With someone."
  8697. >As you move towards the park, you hear a WEE WOO behind you
  8698. >You jump
  8699. >Cops?
  8700. >A police car pulls up next to you and Fluttershy, and the passenger window rolls down
  8701. >"U-Um... H-H-Hello, officer."
  8702. >The officer gives the two of you a nod
  8703. >"Well, looks like you made it home safe, huh."
  8704. >You give him a strange look
  8705. >What
  8706. >Oh fuck
  8707. >It's the cop that pulled you and Treehugger over
  8708. "U-U-Uh, th-th-thanks..."
  8709. >He smiles
  8710. >"It just irks me to see kids doin' drugs, specially with those sorts of low-lifes. Glad I'm not spottin' you with her again."
  8711. >You laugh awkwardly
  8712. >Fuck fuck fuck
  8713. >"So, what're you girls headin' out to the park for at this time of night? Probably best not to be out 'round this time."
  8715. "U-U-Uh... Um... Well... You see..."
  8716. >"I live nearby. W-We're just walking back from a friends."
  8717. >The officer nods
  8718. >"You girls have a good night, then. And you—"
  8719. >He points at you
  8720. >"—stay away from them low-lifes. I don't want to have to meet you with cuffs."
  8721. >You nod
  8722. >He waves and drives off
  8723. >Once the car pulls out of sight, Fluttershy scowls at you
  8724. >"What's wrong with you?"
  8725. "I-It was just... Bad luck. D-Discord... He owns all the cops, right?"
  8726. >"Not all of them! Fucking idiot... I wish I didn't have to keep saving your ass."
  8727. >You decide to just keep walking to the park
  8728. "Let's just go."
  8729. >You hear Fluttershy growl before returning to her shy stance
  8730. >Well...
  8731. >This is it
  8732. >The sun has removed itself from the sky completely
  8733. >Do people even take care of this place?
  8734. >It looks more like a gnarled forest than a park
  8735. >"Follow me."
  8736. >You follow Fluttershy deeper into the Everfree
  8737. >Every once in a while, you spot a blanket on the ground, or what look to be small huts
  8738. >At one point you pass a bunch of bums congregated around a small fire
  8739. >Without really thinking, you stick yourself closer to Fluttershy
  8740. "A-Are we almost there?"
  8741. >"Fucking shut up."
  8742. >You creep through the dense woods behind Fluttershy
  8743. >Almost trip a few times
  8744. >So hard to see here
  8745. >Fuck, this place reminds you of 'Haunted Forest' levels and shit
  8746. >You come to a dip, with a small creek running through it
  8747. >A stone bridge lies off to the side
  8748. >Someone is standing beneath it
  8749. "I-Is that the person we're delivering to?"
  8750. >"I said shut up. Don't talk."
  8751. >Fine
  8752. >Probably for the best right now
  8753. >You follow Fluttershy and approach the hooded figure
  8754. >The figure removes its hood
  8755. >It's one of those striped people
  8756. >Haven't actually seen one in real life before...
  8757. >Is that racist?
  8758. >Nah
  8759. >Definitely 'blinged out', or whatever they say
  8760. >Not, like 'they', but you know
  8761. >She has what looks like gold necklaces and loop earrings
  8762. >Her clothes are loose, ragged, and patchy, though, like the bums you'd seen earlier
  8763. >Queen of the Hobos or something?
  8764. >A lawless jungle seems like a good center for drug distribution...
  8765. >"You're not alone this time."
  8766. >Her voice is deep, with a strange accent
  8767. >"Discord does business how he wants. You can ignore her."
  8768. >The woman seems to size you up, then looks into your eyes
  8769. >"You do not belong here."
  8770. "U-Uh—"
  8771. >Fluttershy puts her arm out in front of you
  8772. >You shut your mouth
  8773. >"Zecora, let's just get on with this."
  8774. >She beckons you under the bridge
  8775. >It's dank here, and you try your best not to step into the small creek
  8776. >Zecora turns and looks at you and Fluttershy expectantly
  8777. >Doesn't talk much, huh
  8778. >Fluttershy takes the box set out of her backpack, as do you
  8779. >You place yours on the table next to Fluttershy's
  8780. >Zecora opens it up, revealing a bulk of some sort of gelatinous substance, kept in plastic
  8781. >She nods
  8782. >"The money will be delivered."
  8783. >Fluttershy nods
  8784. >"Let's go. Or I'm leaving you here."
  8785. "O-Okay..."
  8786. >You exit from under the bridge, and look back at Zecora
  8787. >She eyes you strangely
  8788. >Not sure you really like this Zecora
  8789. >But you think you'll be doing business with her again
  8790. >Maybe she'll show you her sick mixtape next time
  8791. >That's not racist
  8792. >You walk up the small hill, away from the bridge
  8793. >When you look back, you see Zecora standing at the bridge's mouth
  8794. >Staring at you
  8795. >Sheesh
  8796. >Gives you the heebie-jeebies
  8797. >The crinkle of twigs beneath yours and Fluttershy's feet is putting you on edge
  8798. >Yeah, there's a reason people don't come out here at this time
  8799. >Or ever, really
  8800. >No one's ever like "Hey, let's hang out in the Everfree"
  8801. >Fuck
  8802. >You hear rustling
  8803. "H-How much longer 'till we're out?"
  8804. >Fluttershy groans
  8805. >"It takes the same amount of time to go in and out."
  8806. >Fuck you, too
  8807. >You flinch as more rustling is heard
  8808. >Closer this time
  8809. "F-Fluttershy?"
  8810. >She puts her hand on your chest, stopping you
  8811. >"We're with Discord."
  8812. >Someone moves out from behind the trees
  8813. >"So?"
  8814. >It's another one of those homeless people
  8815. >You move behind Fluttershy as you spot the knife in his hands
  8816. >"So go away. Or else."
  8817. >A small bit of light glints off of what must be metallic teeth as he smiles
  8818. >"Now, you think I'm scared of a couple of—"
  8819. >You throw yourself to the ground as a shot rings out
  8820. >Then two more
  8821. >Fluttershy grunts, placing a gun back under her shirt
  8822. >"I hate this place."
  8823. >You look back up, and spot the man dead on the ground
  8824. >Jesus...
  8825. >Fluttershy begins walking off
  8826. "W-Wait!"
  8827. >You chase after her, heart racing
  8828. >Another dead body...
  8829. >At least...
  8830. >At least it wasn't so bad, this time
  8831. >You just want to get away from all this shit...
  8832. >"Ugh, are you crying? What's wrong with you?"
  8833. "S-Sorry..."
  8834. >Fluttershy just sighs angrily
  8835. >After many more minutes of walking, you finally spot the edge of the park
  8836. >It doesn't take long to get back onto the streets
  8837. >At least here there's lampposts
  8838. >"We can part ways now."
  8839. >You nod
  8840. "Th-Thanks for—"
  8841. >"I didn't kill him for you. I did it because people don't get to fuck with me anymore. Except for you, apparently..."
  8842. >She stares into your eyes
  8843. >You shrink back
  8844. >"I'll kill you once he gets bored."
  8845. >Y-You too...
  8846. >Fluttershy walks off without you
  8847. >You walk in the direction you came from
  8848. >It's late as fuck
  8849. >School tomorrow...
  8850. >Definitely not walking home
  8851. >You'll try Treehugger's, since it's not far
  8852. >Not sure you'd want to ask to be driven home
  8853. >It's late, and you don't want to be a nuisance
  8854. >But she'll let you sleep there, probably
  8855. >It doesn't take long to make your way to her apartment building
  8856. >Looks a bit frightening at this time of day
  8857. >Old buildings are like that at night, you guess
  8858. >God, today...
  8859. >You're trying your best to block it from your mind
  8860. >Just head upstairs
  8861. >Try to focus on Robocop or something
  8862. >Nausea floods your body as you see Discord stabbing Bulk again
  8863. >The way he struggled futilely, gargling on his own—
  8864. >You collapse onto the stairs
  8865. >Fucking pick yourself up, Twilight...
  8866. >Just don't think about it
  8867. >Don't think about it
  8868. >You keep heading up, moving towards Treehugger's door
  8869. >Suck it up
  8870. >You're alive
  8871. >Just forget about him
  8872. >You didn't know him
  8873. >Don't show up on her doorstep crying
  8874. >Please, just let the memory go away...
  8875. >You knock on Treehugger's door and hope she's awake
  8876. >The door creaks open, a red-eyed Treehugger behind it
  8877. >"Hey, Spark Bug! What're you doing here?"
  8878. >Don't—
  8879. >You cry
  8880. >She hugs you and leads you into the apartment, closing the door behind you
  8881. >"What's wrong, Spark Bug?"
  8882. "I..."
  8883. >You push yourself into her chest
  8884. "I saw people die today... Watched as—"
  8885. >You sob
  8886. >"Fuck... It's okay, Spark Bug..."
  8887. >Treehugger holds you to herself
  8888. >You can hardly keep yourself on your feet as you cry into her, your whole body shuddering
  8889. >"It's okay..."
  8890. >She leads you down onto the couch, and you finally let yourself go limp, leaning against her
  8891. "I... I thought I could do this..."
  8892. >You hold her tighter, looking up to her
  8893. "But I can't..."
  8894. >"I'd be lying if I said I know what you're going through, but... You're going to be okay."
  8895. >'Okay'
  8896. >You're the furthest thing from that right now
  8897. >The corpse won't leave your mind
  8898. >Try as you might, you can't shake the fact that you watched a life end
  8899. >Can't understand how someone could just...
  8900. >It feels as though, with every beat, your heart pounds so hard against your chest you can barely breath
  8901. >Treehugger holds you in a tight embrace and hums to you
  8902. >You can feel her voice vibrating in her chest
  8903. >In yours
  8904. >Your haggard breaths begin to come more easily
  8905. >Despite everything, you feel... Safe with her
  8906. >Warm
  8907. >You sigh shakily, and try to hum to yourself a little
  8908. >Treehugger smiles, looking somewhat shaken herself
  8909. >"You know, I... I really worry about you, Spark Bug."
  8910. >You nuzzle against her
  8911. "I'm worried about you, too. About everyone... I'm afraid I'm going to get you all killed."
  8912. >"You're going to get through this..."
  8913. >You hope so, too
  8914. >Blinking the tears from your eyes, you feel your lids go heavy
  8915. >Been such a horrible day
  8916. >And you're so tired...
  8917. >Treehugger lies down on the couch, her arms wrapped around you
  8918. >You huddle against her and slip into sleep
  8919. >"It'll be okay, Spark Bug..."
  8920. >The next morning you awake feeling rather sullen
  8921. >You don't remember your dreams, but you remember that they were bad
  8922. >Probably about...
  8923. >No, don't think about it
  8924. >Your arms are still around Treehugger, who's laying next to you, one arm hanging off the side of the couch
  8925. >She turns to you and smiles
  8926. >"Mornin', man. I know I'm usually makin' stuff to eat around now, but I didn't want to wake you. Really seemed like you needed to rejuvenate your energies."
  8927. >You smile back to her meekly
  8928. "Thanks... I'm... I'm still not feeling all that great, to tell you the truth... I don't know how long it'll take to forget about what happened."
  8929. >Treehugger frowns and pulls you into her
  8930. >There's not much she can say, but...
  8931. >This is nice
  8932. >She's TOO nice...
  8933. "I'm sorry for always piling my garbage on you... This is all my fault..."
  8934. >She sighs
  8935. >"Spark Bug, you don't have to be sorry to me. Ever. I'm the one who fucked up. I have to make that up to you somehow. Even if I don't have much to offer..."
  8936. >You don't blame her for anything
  8937. >The two of you lie on the couch for a while longer
  8938. >"Hungry?"
  8939. "Sure."
  8940. >You watch as Treehugger gets up and walks over to the kitchen
  8941. >Stretching, you think you're starting to feel a little bit better
  8942. >Maybe just a little
  8943. >But it's better than nothing
  8944. >You try to hum to yourself again
  8945. >Doesn't quite have the same quality that it does when Treehugger does it...
  8946. >Oh well
  8947. >You check the time
  8948. >Past noon
  8949. >Not worth it to go to school now
  8950. >Dad's probably freaking out—
  8951. >Treehugger calls for you
  8952. >"Spark Bug!"
  8953. >You head off to the kitchen to join Treehugger for some pancakes
  8954. >Taking a seat, you being to eat with Treehugger
  8955. >It's going to take you a while to get used to these vegan pancakes
  8956. "Thanks. Really, Treehugger... It means a lot to me."
  8957. >She smiles at you
  8958. >"I'd be in jail or worse without you... I'm just making you pancakes."
  8959. "It... It still means a lot to me. Everything! I mean, I just show up and you're always so nice about it. I'm just a nuisance—"
  8960. >"You're not."
  8961. >Treehugger sighs, putting down her utensils
  8962. >"Spark Bug, you're a lot more than you think you are. Can't keep beating yourself up. You've got a good heart, and that's what matters."
  8963. >You break eye contact and look down to your food
  8964. >'Good heart'
  8965. >You're not so sure
  8966. >For most of the last few years, you've been a generally shit person
  8967. >In terms of how you treated people
  8968. >And just shit in terms of how people are supposed to be made
  8969. "I think you see something that's not really there...
  8970. >"The Spark Bug I know is an awesome person!"
  8971. "Before I met you, I ruined some mementos given to my childhood friend by her dead father because I thought she was embarrassing me at a party."
  8972. >Treehugger stares at you
  8973. >"That doesn't seem like you, man. Why'd you go and do something like that?"
  8974. >You shrug
  8975. >It just sort of...
  8976. >Happened
  8977. >Not entirely sure why
  8978. "I don't know. I... She wanted to play Magic the Gathering with me, and it was the first party I'd ever been to... I thought she was going to embarrass me in front of someone, and I got scared, and... My first reaction was to be a total asshole. I didn't even care! That's not a 'good person' thing to do."
  8979. >"What's so bad about being embarrassed?"
  8980. "I... There's just so many bad memories... I just don't like feeling that way, and I still blow up sometimes over it..."
  8981. >You remember back to the last party
  8982. >Pinkie Pie
  8983. >Ugh...
  8984. >You're shit
  8985. >"People bullied you?"
  8986. >You frown and nod
  8987. >"Maybe assholes beget assholes, and maybe you've been an asshole in the past, but you're not one now. Someone who doesn't care wouldn't beat themselves up so much, man. I mean... You stuck your neck out for me. You'd have every right to hate me for all the shit that's happened to you. I... My point still stands: The Spark Bug I know is an awesome person!"
  8988. "I..."
  8989. >You can't quite believe her
  8990. >She hasn't known you for very long at all...
  8991. >All the horrible shit you've thought about Trixie
  8992. >Who only ever wanted a friend in you
  8993. >The obsessive shitposting you've done online
  8994. >Pent up hate and anger at your friends, your school, the world
  8995. >Your mom...
  8996. >God, in your edgier phases, you did wish you could've been someone just like Discord
  8997. >Thought you were above everyone...
  8998. >At the same time, you thought you were trash
  8999. >That's just who you are
  9000. >Treehugger wouldn't like the Twilight you really are
  9001. >You don't realize it, but you start to tear up
  9002. >"Hey—"
  9003. "I'm not an awesome person... People would want to talk to me if I was... And hell, the people who do want to talk to me, I think there must be something wrong with them."
  9004. >You try to chuckle
  9005. "No offense... I... I was just meant to be a shut-in loser. I got made wrong. The moment I step outside and try to be something I'm not, I ruin everyone's lives."
  9006. >Treehugger lets out a long sigh
  9007. >"There's nothing wrong with people who see something in you, and there's nothing wrong with YOU. If there is, then I don't care. I'm still going to like you whether you like it or not."
  9008. >You laugh
  9009. >She gives you a concerned smile
  9010. "I just..."
  9011. >You sigh
  9012. "Thanks, I guess."
  9013. >Treehugger smiles at you, and you give a small smile back
  9014. >You feel a sense of relief as you finish up your breakfast
  9015. >The pancakes really aren't that bad
  9016. >Once you're totally done, you stand and get ready to leave
  9017. >Treehugger picks up her plate and yours, and brings them to the sink
  9018. "Thanks again, Treehugger... You... You're the best."
  9019. >She laughs
  9020. >"All I did was make you pancakes, man. I—"
  9021. >You startle her with a hug
  9022. >Treehugger smiles and returns it
  9023. >"Need a drive, well, at this time of day I guess home, huh?"
  9024. "You don't have to..."
  9025. >She pats you on the shoulder
  9026. >"It's the least I could do. C'mon."
  9027. >You smile as you follow her outside
  9028. >Treehugger always makes you feel better...
  9029. >If only until something else goes wrong
  9030. >But for now, you're okay
  9031. >Not good
  9032. >Bulk still flashes into your mind here and there, but...
  9033. >Better than you were last night
  9034. >You jump into Treehugger's car and start the ride home
  9035. >The two of you have some light conversation
  9036. >Books you've read
  9037. >Shows you follow
  9038. >Movies you like
  9039. >Some of the stuff she likes is pleb, but so what?
  9040. >Maybe you used to find that sort of thing repulsive, but
  9041. >It's not the end of the world
  9042. >Plus, you've sort of become immune to plebiness after hanging out with Rainbow Dash
  9043. >It doesn't take long before she pulls up to your house
  9044. >You give a her a quick hug before you leave
  9045. "Thanks, Treehugger."
  9046. >"Any time, Spark Bug."
  9047. >The two of you share smiles, and you exit the car, waving
  9048. >Time to get confronted by Dad again...
  9049. >You enter your house and—
  9050. >You spot your dad looking haggard, a beer in his hand, an empty one next to him on the table
  9051. "D-Dad? You're—"
  9052. >He jumps a bit, and then looks at you with defeat
  9053. >"I'm... It's just the two, Twilight, you don't have to worry..."
  9054. >It's been a while since you've seen him drink
  9055. >Not since he found out Mom was leaving him for the mustachioed, monocled asshole
  9056. >All through the long divorce...
  9057. >Always fretting over the bills and the alimony
  9058. >He promised you he'd stopped for good last year
  9059. >Your father puts down his beer and sighs
  9060. >"You didn't come home last night... And I got a call from your school because you skipped. Again. I can smell the marijuana on you... Twilight, if you're lashing out because of something I've done, or... Can't you just tell me what's going on?"
  9061. >You look down at your feet
  9062. >What can you even tell him?
  9063. >If you tell him what you're involved in...
  9064. >It could only make things worse
  9065. >Make him worry more
  9066. >You'll just end up getting more people hurt if you bring more people in
  9067. "It's not you... It's just..."
  9068. >You frown
  9069. "I can't tell you what's going on.
  9070. >"Will you sit down with me?"
  9071. >You stare at your shoes
  9072. >"Or... Or you can go back upstairs. I won't stop you, but I wish you would just talk to me, even just a little."
  9073. >Nothing's stopping you from skipping out on another conversation with Dad
  9074. >But you won't do that
  9075. >Not this time
  9076. >You take a seat at the table with him
  9077. >There's a small silence between the two of you, until your father speaks
  9078. >"I was too distant with you after your mother left... God I was a bad father. I... I just let you shut yourself away in your room. I didn't try talking to you until it'd already been so long that the last time we'd really talked was just a memory... I let you waste years of your life in the house because I was too busy wasting mine in the bottle... I know this is my fault, Twilight, but I just want to make it up to you."
  9079. >You don't meet his eyes
  9080. "It's not your fault. I just wanted to be—No, I was supposed to be alone..."
  9081. >Your father places a hand on your shoulder
  9082. >"No one's supposed to be alone."
  9083. >You turn your head away
  9084. "I was the kid who came home from school crying, almost every day... I barely remember any of that, guess I've tried to forget it, but I can't forget that people just don't want to be around me. Mom leaving just... She proved my point! I was born to be alone."
  9085. >Your father shakes his head
  9086. >"Twilight, that's not true. Not at all... I mean, when she left, I guess I felt the same way... Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I suppose."
  9087. >He laughs softly
  9088. >"But I know now that I was wrong. I was just... Addicted to the self-pity. I always had you, Twilight."
  9089. >You grit your teeth and swallow hard, trying to stay composed
  9090. >Seems your dad is doing the same...
  9091. "You don't know how much better off you'd be without me... How much better off everyone would be. I'm pointless."
  9092. >"You're not. Twilight, the world is better with you in it. I can see that. Can't you?"
  9093. >You scoff, holding back tears
  9094. "If I'm so great, then where's Mom? If I were worth anything, then you'd think my own mom would care about me. That she'd do more than send cards on Christmas and my birthday. That she'd call once in a while, instead of fucking around the world with her boyfriend—"
  9095. >"Twilight—"
  9096. "No! God, I'm not sure I even remember what she sounds like anymore... I was always trying so hard, pushing myself to do well, to be something, but that didn't matter! I don't matter. If the whole world is telling me I'm worthless, then the few voices saying otherwise are—"
  9097. >Your father pulls you into a hug
  9098. >You hadn't realized it, but you were crying
  9099. >"Twilight, I love you. You're not worthless... You mean everything to me."
  9100. >His arms around you, you sob into your father
  9101. >"If people can't see how good you are, how much you have to offer, then that's their loss. But you have to know that there are people who care about you. You're not alone, Twilight."
  9102. "I know... It's just... Hard to believe..."
  9103. >It's difficult to talk through your sharp breaths
  9104. >"It's not hard for me to believe it."
  9105. >You're not sure what to say...
  9106. >Not sure if you can say anything right now
  9107. >The two of you share a long embrace
  9108. >It's been so long since you've talked to your dad
  9109. >Done anything with him aside from sneak food away from the kitchen and into your room
  9110. >Fuck, when's the last time you even...
  9111. "Dad... I love you..."
  9112. >You hold him tighter
  9113. "I'm sorry for just hiding away in my room all this time... For always brushing you off..."
  9114. >"It's not your fault... I was too distant, but, I'm here now. Whatever you're going through, if you can't tell me now, well, I just hope you can tell me eventually..."
  9115. >Should you tell him what's really going on?
  9116. >If thinking you were being a rebellious teen pushed him back into drinking...
  9117. "I've just been... Acting out is all, I guess... I'm sorry."
  9118. >"It's okay, Twilight. All I want is for you to be safe."
  9119. "I... I will be."
  9120. >You give your father a smile
  9121. >He gives you one back
  9122. >It's been a while since you've seen him do that
  9123. >Your breathing has calmed, your tears subsided
  9124. >Doing that shit too often...
  9125. >Your father sighs
  9126. >"So... What are your plans for today?"
  9127. "I don't really have any."
  9128. >"Maybe we could do something together today. Like old times. It's been a while."
  9129. >You nod
  9130. "It has..."
  9131. >You stay at home with your father that night
  9132. >At one point, you'd checked your phone
  9133. >Dash texting about hanging out
  9134. >Not today, you'd decided
  9135. >When you were a kid, you remember watching The Wizard of Oz with Mom and Dad all the time
  9136. >Probably made them sick of it, but you loved it
  9137. >Maybe it was because you were so dumb, lonely, and scared
  9138. >A little wish fulfillment goes a long way
  9139. >Been a long time since then, but you watched it with him
  9140. >His arm around you
  9141. >You pressed against his chest
  9142. >Like time hadn't passed
  9143. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BeKhlUzPUc
  9144. >You woke up the next morning feeling, well, happy would be the wrong word
  9145. >Somewhat positive
  9146. >Spike is asleep next to you, and you rub your hand down along his back
  9147. >You're glad he's still with you
  9148. >And that he's been looking healthier than usual to boot
  9149. >You, on the other hand, notice that you still have that specific 'Treehugger's apartment' smell on you
  9150. >Maybe it's time to start showering more
  9151. >Brushing your teeth, too
  9152. >Maybe even flossing
  9153. >(Not really)
  9154. >Taking care of yourself in general
  9155. >All the things that have been happening
  9156. >That have happened
  9157. >Can't let that weigh you down
  9158. >Today is going to be a shower day
  9159. >And most days from now on, you think
  9160. >It feels kind of nice to clean yourself up
  9161. >You get dressed and head downstairs
  9162. >"Morning, Twilight."
  9163. >Your dad smiles at you, and you back
  9164. "Morning."
  9165. >You grab you snack, ready to head out
  9166. >Maybe you should wake up a little earlier and let yourself have a real breakfast for once
  9167. >"Have a good day!"
  9168. "I will!"
  9169. >You're not really sure what school's going to be like today
  9170. >Decent, you hope
  9171. >Probably rumors abound about why you've been missing school, and about the fight at Pinkies
  9172. >At the very least you still have your friends to back you up
  9173. >Still hard to believe Rainbow and Trixie would stand up for you like that
  9174. >Shining
  9175. >Sunny
  9176. >Treehugger
  9177. >Dad
  9178. >You smile warmly
  9179. >It doesn't take long for you to get to school
  9180. >Just gotta head to your locker, get your stuff
  9181. >It'll be boring today, since it's school, but hopefully no more than that
  9182. >You get to your locker and—
  9183. >"Hey."
  9184. "O-Oh... Hey, Anon."
  9185. >Well, this is awkward
  9186. >He doesn't look good at all
  9187. >After Sunny got him, he looked pretty bad
  9188. >Rainbow did a pretty big number to him as well, it seems
  9189. >You can't tell if he's frowning, or his face is just like that for now
  9190. >Anon sighs
  9191. >"Guess I've gotten my ass beat over you twice now."
  9192. >You look down
  9193. "S-Sorry..."
  9194. >Sort of
  9195. >But not entirely
  9196. >"Did the shit I've said to you really get you that bad?"
  9197. >You nod
  9198. "Yeah."
  9199. >"I—"
  9200. "I know, I know. 'I was just joking'..."
  9201. >He shakes his head
  9202. >"I was going to say that I'm sorry. I guess after I got my ass beat the first time, I let my jokes get a little more personal. This time... Nah, I know I fucked up."
  9203. >You look back up at him
  9204. "R-Really? You're... Apologizing?"
  9205. >He nods
  9206. >"I know we don't know each other that much, and basically, I've been a dick to you, but..."
  9207. >He sighs
  9208. >"This is asking a lot, but Rainbow and I have been through a lot of shit. You don't even want to know, but I've never met anyone like her. She's not talking to me, and you're her friend... I fucked up, and I lost my best friend over this. I know you don't owe me anything, but..."
  9209. >Anon shrugs, looking deflated
  9210. >You're not sure about how Rainbow's been since their break up
  9211. >All you know is that she's been playing more vidya, and that she was desperate enough to text you last night
  9212. >Maybe desperate is the wrong word
  9213. >But still
  9214. "Well... It's hard to convince Rainbow to do anything after she's set her mind to something."
  9215. >He nods sullenly
  9216. "But... Rainbow's really pleb—"
  9217. >"What?"
  9218. "Uh, nothing... But, I'll try and put in a good word for you, and maybe you should do some sort of pleb thing for her. Boombox outside of her house blasting..."
  9219. >You frown on the inside
  9220. "A metalcore love song or something..."
  9221. >Anon puts a hand against his chin
  9222. >"That does sound like something she'd like..."
  9223. >You're not really sure why you're helping Anon
  9224. >Whatever
  9225. >"Twi, thanks... Again, I'm sorry that the shit I said to you, and did behind your back, was so shitty. Holding a grudge like that was retarded."
  9226. "Thanks... It's funny, I used to have a crush on you, and now I guess I'm helping you get back with one of my friends."
  9227. >Anon chuckles
  9228. >"You WHAT?! Lol, never expected that."
  9229. >He shakes his head
  9230. >"Man, I thought one of the things we had in common was how into the pussy we were."
  9231. >Yuck
  9232. >You squint and let your slight disgust show on your face
  9233. >Anon chuckles a little more
  9234. >"Sorry, Twi. But, you know, if you want, you could come along to some parties with Brad and I. He's a pretty good wingman, so you'd be drowning in—"
  9235. "I think I'll pass... You weren't 'drowning' in anything while you were dating Rainbow Dash, were you?"
  9236. >Anon holds his hands up in front of himself
  9237. >"Definitely no, man. Brad thought I was a bit lame letting myself get a gf, or whatever, but after the whole thing with Rainbow's tortoise, I dunno, I couldn't think about anybody else. The only pussy I want to be drowning in is—"
  9238. >You cover your face with your hands
  9239. >Why are Anon and Rainbow so gross
  9240. "Please stop."
  9241. >"Anyways... all this shit recently put things in perspective for me. So I am, for real, sorry, man."
  9242. >You nod
  9243. >He seems sincere enough
  9244. >No point in not forgiving him
  9245. "Well, probably good to head off to class and stuff... I'll try and talk to Rainbow for you."
  9246. >"Thanks..."
  9247. >Anon opens up his locker and you hear something go off
  9248. >A can of shaving cream begins showering him and his locker in foam
  9249. >Anon tries desperately to stop it
  9250. >"Ugh."
  9251. >Geez
  9252. >That's what happens when you're the 'Man' in 'Man Punches Autistic Girl at Party'
  9253. >Despite trying to be all 'nice' and shit to people, you're still pretty lazy, so you slink off before being asked for help
  9254. >You're going to help him with Rainbow, so, don't need to clean out his locker too
  9255. >Class goes much the same as usual
  9256. >Boring
  9257. >Paced for the lowest common denominator
  9258. >You get some of those weird looks that you always get
  9259. >But they don't really get to you
  9260. >Take that, normies
  9261. >Or, just, other people or whatever
  9262. >Anyways, time passes much as it always does until lunch comes
  9263. >When you head to your table, you see that Sunny seems to have skipped another day...
  9264. >As you sit down, you turn to Trixie
  9265. "Do you know where Sunny is?"
  9266. >"Trixie does not know where Miss Shimmer is during school."
  9267. >Trixie frowns
  9268. >"She also does not come to play with Trixie after school anymore. Trixie is worried."
  9269. >You frown as well
  9270. >What in the world is Sunny doing?
  9271. >Work stuff?
  9272. >"—sake Rarity, can ye just shut up about that fuckin' 'Trender' hipster? He don't even like y'all, he's interested in me. I wish he weren't, but he is. Fuckin' trespassin' on Apple land to take 'rustic photos' or whatever the fuck. I swear, if Granny would just let me Stand My Ground..."
  9273. >Rarity scoffs
  9274. >"He is not a hipster! He is a man with taste. And as for YOU, he is simply misguided at the moment, but—"
  9275. >Just try and shut them out, Twilight
  9276. >You need to talk to Rainbow
  9277. >She's soaked into her handheld, again, being unusually quiet
  9278. "Um, Rainbow?"
  9279. >No response
  9280. "Rainbow."
  9281. >"Huh? Egghead?"
  9282. "Anon apologized to me today."
  9283. >She rolls her eyes
  9284. >"That guy can rot for all I care."
  9285. "Well... He asked me to try and put in a good word for him. He said—"
  9286. >Hmm
  9287. >On second thought, maybe telling her what he said verbatim would be a bad idea
  9288. >"What did he say?"
  9289. "Uh, just that he missed you and loved you and all that stuff, you know."
  9290. >"That doesn't sound like something he'd say..."
  9291. >You shrug
  9292. "I really don't want to say what he actually said."
  9293. >Rainbow frowns at you
  9294. >Ugh
  9295. "He said that you... Ugh... That you were the only pussy he wanted to be drowning in."
  9296. >Rainbow puts her hand over heart
  9297. >"Th-That's—No! No, Anon's a douche..."
  9298. >Jesus Christ...
  9299. >"Oh, dude, by the way. Me and Fluttershy are hanging out later at my house. Wanna come?"
  9300. >Putting the grammatical error aside...
  9301. >Not sure you want to be hanging out with a literal killer more than you have to...
  9302. >You notice Fluttershy's eyes have widened
  9303. >Probably not wanting that as much as you
  9304. "Um, you know—"
  9305. >"Can Trixie come to?"
  9306. >"If you're getting together, then I must insist on coming as well. We never get the whole gang together anymore."
  9307. >Rainbow Dash smiles
  9308. >"SICK! I'll text Pinkie to see if she'll stop partying for one night and come hang with us. Are you coming Apple—"
  9309. >"Oh, yeh, because I totally have the time to just up 'n leave muh farm to go to some dumb slumber party and make out with y'all all night."
  9310. >WAIT WHAT
  9312. >Well, maybe she's being sarcastic
  9314. >God, fuck, you can't risk that amount of spaghetti
  9315. "G-Guys, I'm not sure I—"
  9316. >"Miss Sparkle, you have to come!"
  9317. >Trixie gives you puppy dog eyes
  9318. >"Yeah, c'mon Egghead. Don't be a square like Applejack."
  9319. >Applejack rolls her eyes
  9320. >Don't start sweating or looking weird
  9321. >Just be cool
  9322. "U-Uh, o-okay... When is this happening?"
  9323. >Rainbow shrugs
  9324. >"I don't know, late-ish? Maybe start coming around six or seven or something?"
  9325. >You nod
  9326. >Holy shit, you've never done this before
  9327. >A fucking slumber party
  9328. >Don't fuck this up, Twilight
  9329. >You have time to mentally prepare yourself beforehand
  9330. >Trixie tugs on your shirt
  9331. >"Miss Sparkle, would you like to come play with Trixie before we go to Rainbow's?"
  9332. "Uh... Sure."
  9333. >Play some relaxing rounds of Magic or something
  9334. >Rainbow wiggles in her seat
  9335. >"THIS IS GONNA BE SICK! I can finally show all of you guys what real music sounds like! Egghead knows what I'm talking about!"
  9336. >Ugh
  9337. >UGH
  9338. >At least she's got her heart in the right place or something...
  9339. >And hanging out can be fun
  9340. >Just try and be cool when the making out happens
  9341. >Fluttershy doesn't look to be happy with what's happening
  9342. >Doing the whole 'I'm super shy and am going to hide my hide and look sad' thing
  9343. >Probably thinking about killing you some more
  9344. >It's probably best to not think about that, though
  9345. >Plus, she's not going to do anything to you around the girls
  9346. >At worst, she's going to pretend to be your best friend
  9347. >Today is going to be a good day
  9348. >A simple day
  9349. >And a new experience!
  9350. >A real life slumber party...
  9351. >Before that, you can hang with Trixie
  9352. >Just got to hope Moondancer doesn't stir up more shit with you
  9353. >You turn to Trixie
  9354. "So, Trixie, who have you been playing with at the Game Shop if Sunny isn't there?"
  9355. >"Um, Trixie has been playing with Mister Dust and his friends."
  9356. >Boy oh boy, can't wait for that...
  9357. "So, are you and Cheeto, like... Dating?"
  9358. >Trixie cocks her head at you
  9359. >"What?"
  9360. "You know, like, going out or something? I saw you guys holding hands at Pinkie's party."
  9361. >"Trixie goes out to have fun with Mister Dust, but Trixie does not know why she would be dating him. We are just friends! Trixie holds your hand sometimes, too."
  9362. >That makes you think back to the movie with Sunny...
  9363. >You relive the spaghetti internally
  9364. >Even if you don't particularly care for that neckbeard, if he's anywhere near as autistic as you are
  9365. >And signs point to 'WAY MORE'
  9366. >Then things might be a bit different in his head
  9367. >Maybe you could straighten that out for him
  9368. >Why would you even do such a thing?
  9369. >Who knows
  9370. "Well... I guess I'll meet you after school, then."
  9371. >Trixie smiles
  9372. "Um, Rainbow?"
  9373. >Rainbow brings her head back up from her handheld
  9374. "Do we bring pajamas to these things? I've never been, so—"
  9375. >"Do what you want, Egghead."
  9377. "But—"
  9378. >The bell rings
  9380. >Fuck, you're going to fucking spaghetti
  9381. >You head off to your next few classes
  9382. >Nothing of note happens
  9383. >Maybe you should start doing your homework, though...
  9384. >Otherwise you're definitely going to get held behind again
  9385. >Or you can just find a way to do the minimal amount of work possible to pass decently
  9386. >Whatever, you can figure that shit out later
  9389. >The bell rings, and you head off to find Trixie
  9390. >Now that you think of it, this is the first time in a long time you're hanging out with her just to hang out with her...
  9391. >You accepted her invitation without really thinking about it
  9392. >Sunny won't be there
  9393. >Instead, it'll just be Trixie and a bunch of spergs
  9394. >Well, at least Trixie isn't so bad
  9395. >And you can handle Moondancer, probably
  9396. >Unless she just stalks you and whines until you leave
  9397. >She's not THAT autistic, right?
  9398. >"Miss Sparkle!"
  9399. >Trixie shouts your name in the crowded hall and bounces towards you, hugging you
  9400. >You see people give weird looks, and some people snicker
  9401. >Whatever
  9402. >She can't stop the flow of spaghetti, so why bother?
  9403. >Honestly, her sperginess has kind of grown on you
  9404. "Hey, Trixie."
  9405. >"Come, let us go!"
  9406. >You nod and let her pull you along
  9407. >Trixie begins to tell you about her webcomic as you walk
  9408. >It sounds very, very autistic
  9409. >But it seems to make her happy
  9410. >Looking back, you can't believe how much of a dick you were to her
  9411. >You literally insulted her for being sad because her fucking dad died
  9412. >What the fuck was wrong with you?
  9413. >"Miss Sparkle, is Trixie being obnoxious again?"
  9414. >She frowns
  9415. "Huh? Oh, sorry. I was just thinking is all."
  9416. >The two of you continue walking in some silence for a bit
  9417. >You've been doing this walking thing a lot more than usual
  9418. >It's almost like you exercise, now
  9419. >"What was Miss Sparkle thinking about?"
  9420. "The way I've treated you."
  9421. >Trixie tilts her head
  9422. >You sigh
  9423. "I know I've sort of said it before already, but I'm sorry for the way I treated you. I still don't understand why you stuck around me, even after all the stuff I did to you..."
  9424. >"You were Trixie's friend since she was little. Her only friend... Trixie understands that Miss Sparkle was only very mean because she was very sad."
  9425. "W-What?"
  9426. >Trixie hugs herself against your arm
  9427. >"Trixie is just happy Miss Sparkle is nice again."
  9428. >You exhale slowly and smile
  9429. >Well, there goes some more sperg wisdom
  9430. >Kind of makes you feel bad when Trixie is more observant of shit than you are
  9431. >Again, you wonder if you were happier back when you were an unaware sperg
  9432. >That was a long time ago
  9433. >At this point, you don't think you can just go back to being a cringe-inducing sperg
  9434. >Definitely can't be a 'normie', or whatever
  9435. >The middle ground has been nothing but a somber nothingness
  9436. >Looking back on how you ended up peeing in bottles and shit, that was cringe as fuck
  9437. >Maybe you can carve your own way and just...
  9438. >Well, just be yourself
  9439. >Man that sounds gay to say
  9440. >Trixie resumes telling you about her drawings, webcomic, magic tricks, etc
  9441. >For once, you actually listen
  9442. >You still sort of have to grit your teeth at the really autistic shit
  9443. >But oh well
  9444. >Eventually, you make your way into the Game Shop
  9445. >"Oh, hello..."
  9446. >Mr. Dancer has a very uncomfortable smile on his face
  9447. >Man he's bad at faking that shit
  9448. >"Hello Mr. Dancer!"
  9449. "Hey."
  9450. >He nods you to the back
  9451. >No sign of Moondancer
  9452. >Sick
  9453. >Oh fuck, don't start doing that unironically, Twilight
  9454. >You might start listening to metalcore before you know it
  9455. >You follow Trixie and spot a few tables pushed together with what looks to be the Autism Club
  9456. >Most seem to be talking amongst themselves
  9457. >Some are playing Magic
  9458. >Mountain Dews all around
  9459. >Code Red
  9460. >You count more fedoras than not
  9461. >About half are gross and overweight
  9462. >The other half are clearly skin puppets being used by spooky skeletons
  9463. >One guy even has fucking fingerless gloves
  9464. >Those two podcasters are sitting next to each other
  9465. >Wario and Waluigi
  9466. >Biggie and Smalls
  9467. >Fatboy and Slim
  9468. >"Trixie has brought a friend with her! She hopes this is okay."
  9469. >You hear some 'holy shit's and a good chunk of the guys seem to be scared
  9470. "Uh... Hello."
  9471. >You wave at them limply
  9472. >"Dude, that was a really cool match you had with Q at the walk-in!" on says
  9473. "Thanks..."
  9474. >Don't really want to think about that right now
  9475. >Trixie takes a seat next to Dust and taps on the seat next to her
  9476. >You can almost feel the autism wafting off of these guys
  9477. >Almost literally pushing you away like a gust of strong wind
  9478. >Grin and bear it, Twilight
  9479. >Sitting down next to Trixie, she gestures her arm across the table
  9480. >"These are Trixie's new friends, Miss Sparkle!"
  9481. >You nod and smile to the 'nice to meet you's
  9482. >Well, at least you're "cool" here, and you'll probably be able to talk about things with these guys
  9483. >Just gotta sit back and wait for someone to start the conversation with you
  9484. >"Trixie took your advice on building her deck, Mister Dust, and she thinks she has a very strong build now!"
  9485. >"N-Nice... Anything to help you out, m'lady."
  9486. >UGH
  9487. >Just try not to be too judgmental, Twi—
  9488. >"—and put as many as I could into the FICTION section!"
  9489. >Urge to shitpost in real life rising
  9490. >You look around the tables
  9491. >Never really been in a group with this many people before
  9492. >Even if they're all sperglords, it's still a little intimidating the more you think about it
  9493. >Then just don't think about it
  9494. >You just sort of sit next to Trixie and dart your eyes about
  9495. >Most of the guys want to talk to Trixie
  9496. >She seems to be pretty popular
  9497. >Lots of people seem to want to talk to her, about her webcomic, apparently
  9498. >People actually read that?
  9499. >Good for her, you suppose
  9500. >Seems like one of those things that gets ruined by its audience, maybe
  9501. >Otherwise, they're all busy playing card games
  9502. >Or talking about gay things
  9503. >"U-Uh, Twilight?"
  9504. >Someone's talking to you
  9505. >Don't know their name
  9506. >Probably Neckbeardo
  9507. "Yeah?"
  9508. >"So, uh, do you, like, go on Reddit?"
  9509. > :^)
  9510. "No. I go... Other places."
  9511. >"Like 4chan?"
  9512. >You squint
  9513. >Is this the kind of thing you answer truthfully?
  9514. "Uh, yeah, I guess."
  9515. >The guy looks to his friend next to him as if you were a cool upperclassman who just said they weren't a virgin
  9516. >You can totally say that shit though
  9517. >"Do you go onto slash b? That's so hardcore! Are you a hacker?"
  9518. >...
  9519. "No. I don't. And no. I'm not."
  9520. >"Oh. You should totally go on Reddit then, because whatever subchans they have on 4chan, they definitely have a way better subreddit comparison I bet."
  9521. >'Subchan'
  9522. >You're starting to feel enlightened already
  9523. "Uh, yeah, I bet."
  9524. >"Cool. It was really cool listening to your match with Moondancer!"
  9525. "Thanks..."
  9526. >The guy scratches the back of his head and falls back into conversation with his friend
  9527. >Super
  9528. >Didn't think people were like this in real life
  9529. >Well, just lean back and wait for an actual conversation
  9530. >Time passes by without anyone trying to talk to you
  9531. >You're a regional Magic champion
  9532. >Autistic nickname and everything
  9533. >You'd think people would want to talk to you
  9534. >Are they just scared?
  9535. >Starting conversations with people you don't know...
  9536. >Even if they are spergs
  9537. >That's just not something that's really in you
  9538. >Trixie seems to be the social nexus at the table
  9539. >How'd that happen?
  9540. >Apex Sperg, you guess
  9541. >Not necessarily in a bad way
  9542. >She's a good sperg
  9543. >But the others?
  9544. >Maybe they're just trying to be 'nice guys :^)' to her
  9545. >Plus, if they're not going to talk to you, what's it matter?
  9546. >Can't talk about 'epin subchans' or something?
  9547. >Or how stupid everyone that isn't an atheist is?
  9548. >Or about how great some pop science baby garbage is
  9549. >'Ha ha, dude, the new Cosmos, man, mind blowing :^)'
  9550. >You can't believe people are actually like this
  9551. >Maybe they're not NOTHING but a cardboard cut out of the internet redditor, but
  9552. >Do you really have to deal with the autism to find that out?
  9553. >You wish Sunny were here
  9554. >You liked hanging out with her and Trixie
  9555. >Being 11th wheel sucks
  9556. >Maybe you should try talking to someone...
  9557. "Uh, hey, when you guys finish, maybe I could play winner?"
  9558. >"Oh, you'd totally win. We suck. It's okay."
  9559. "Oh, okay..."
  9560. >Then you see one of the autists take off their trenchcoat, putting it on the chair they're sitting on
  9561. >Revealing a Pepe T
  9562. >You frown intensely
  9563. >"Oh, T-Twilight, you know this meme?"
  9564. "You could say that..."
  9565. >Fucking Pepe isn't even safe from these disgusting spergs
  9566. >You haven't even been using 4chan that much lately, but fuck
  9567. >The mad is burning inside of you
  9568. >"Yeah, i-it's the rare Pepe meme from Smosh."
  9569. >What
  9570. >Another autist turns to the Pepe sperg
  9571. >"I thought rare Pepes were from Reddit? You know, almost all the dank memes are from Reddit."
  9572. >You don't say anything
  9573. >You just let your eyes widen in a barely contained rage
  9574. >They may be sperging
  9575. >But don't you sperg, Twilight
  9576. >Be cool
  9577. >"What? No, dude, it's Smosh. Reddit just steals all their memes."
  9578. >Another sperg enters the conversation
  9579. >"Did you know Richard Dawkins invented memes? That guys a genius! best philosopher of our time. So, Reddit wouldn't even be able to steal memes without him having invented them!"
  9580. >The other two nod
  9582. >No, Twilight, calm down
  9583. >You haven't unironically ree'd in a while
  9584. >Just hum to yourself or something...
  9585. >The Pepe Sperg speaks
  9586. >"Yeah, that's definitely true. Dawkins is based. Can you imagine a world without dank memes? Rare Pepe is hilarious. Dudes, I saw some really crazy Rare Pepe memes that were really gross, with poo and pee everywhere! That's definitely the Reddit ones."
  9587. >"Nuh uh! Reddit made Rare Pepes, Smosh made the gross ones! And—"
  9588. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!"
  9589. >The three spergs jump as you shout
  9590. >Fuck, the whole Game Shop is probably looking at you right now
  9591. >"M-Miss Sparkle, what's wrong?"
  9592. >Trixie tries to touch you, but you push her away
  9593. >The Pepe Sperg stutters at you
  9594. >"Wh-Why are you so mad? D-D-Do you not like dank memes, T-Twilight?"
  9595. >Is this fucker insulting you?
  9596. >Is he literally asking 'why u mad tho?'
  9597. >In public?!
  9598. >"Y-Yeah, c'mon... We're just trying to talk about internet stuff, you don't have to be like that... Maybe you don't know about Pepe, but some of us really identify with it, and that's why it's such a dank—"
  9600. >"M-Miss Sparkle, you're—"
  9601. "QUIET!"
  9602. >You don't notice Trixie shirk away from you looking hurt
  9603. >The autists look scared of you
  9604. >Fucking fuckers FUCK
  9605. >"Hey, you know, you shouldn't talk to Trixie like—"
  9606. "Or what? You're going to 'meme' me to death with your Reddit-Brand Pepes? You autistic pieces of shit shouldn't talk about things you don't understand, you fags!"
  9607. >People gasp
  9608. "Oh whatever! You asked if I know that meme? I do! That meme is my fucking LIFE! Pepe and Wojak aren't for you, they're for people like ME! You don't understand what it even means, you... You fucking meme loving pieces of shit!"
  9609. >Trixie tugs on your shirt sleeve and you pull away
  9610. >The autists are fucking whispering
  9611. >You're right here, you can fucking hear them
  9612. >'—can you expect from a person who goes on the 4chan...'
  9613. >You stand up from your chair, slamming your hands down onto the table
  9614. "Like you guys are any better with your fucking militant atheist shit or your hugboxing subreddits!"
  9615. >"Dude... It's just a meme, what's your problem? Why are you taking memes so seriously?"
  9616. "MEMES WERE MY LIFE! You-you—You can't just take things away from people and act like it's yours!"
  9617. >And that's when it hits you
  9618. >'Memes were my life'
  9619. >You're fucking autistic
  9620. >Regardless of how disgustingly spergerous these faggots were
  9621. >You were blowing up at them
  9622. >Over memes
  9623. >Literally over memes
  9624. >"What the hell is going on back here? Am I going to have to throw somebody—"
  9625. >You turn to Mr. Dancer
  9626. >"Oh, no no no, s-sorry, you're free to stay."
  9627. "I was just leaving..."
  9628. >Trixie tugs on your arm
  9629. >"But Miss Sparkle!"
  9630. >You pull your arm away again
  9631. >"But Miss Sparkle, Trixie—"
  9632. "Look, I'll just meet you at the slumber party..."
  9633. >If you even go, that is
  9634. >Can't even handle talking to a bunch of spergs
  9635. >What chance do you have with the girls?
  9636. >They'll see how you really are
  9637. >MAYBE you can do the one-on-one thing
  9638. >But in a group?
  9639. >Might as well just stay home
  9640. >You begin to walk away from the table
  9641. >And then you hear it
  9642. >"SPARKLE!"
  9643. >Moondancer at twelve o'clock
  9644. >There seems to be even more tape on her glasses
  9645. >Oh, and she has a black eye
  9646. >Fluttershy hits harder than you expected...
  9647. >You sigh
  9648. "Not now, please."
  9649. >"You're not leaving until I'm through with you!"
  9650. "I thought last time you wanted me to leave no matter what."
  9651. >She stomps her foot
  9652. >"I CHANGED MY MIND!"
  9653. >God fucking fuck
  9654. >All the autists in the room are looking at the two of you
  9655. >You really don't want this drama
  9656. >As you try to push your way past her, she puts her arms out in front of you
  9657. >"NO!"
  9658. >Mr. Dancer rushes to his daughter's side
  9659. >"You have to let her leave if she wants to leave, Sweetie!"
  9661. >Even if it's autist eyes on your back, you still feel the cringe building up
  9662. "Moondancer, I swear to fucking God, get out of my way."
  9663. >You try to move past her again
  9664. >This time the fucking sperg pushes you back
  9665. >You give her a glare
  9666. >Mr. Dancer looks like he's going to faint
  9667. >One of the spergs shouts from behind you
  9668. >"Don't mess with her, Moondancer! She's a bully!"
  9669. >WHAT?!
  9670. >YOU?!
  9671. >You clench your fist with all your might
  9672. >Don't blow up again
  9673. >Don't be a sperg
  9674. >Be better than them
  9675. >You hear someone talking behind you
  9676. >'—didn't know she was such a bitch—"
  9677. >That distinctive fat-guy-mouth accent
  9678. >You turn to face the autist
  9679. "Cheeto, Trixie isn't your fucking girlfriend."
  9680. >The sperg looks shocked
  9681. "And if I'm a bitch, then what are you? Some fat fuck who's never going to move out of his mom's house? You look like a melting fat suit."
  9682. >Trixie stands up from her chair and stands in front of you, her arms crossed
  9683. >"Miss Sparkle, you're being mean!"
  9684. >Why would she defend these fat spergs?
  9685. >She saw the way they were talking about you
  9686. >The cringe inducing shit they were saying
  9687. "Maybe I'm being mean, but I'm also just telling it like it is. You're too good for these people. I mean, this one's named freakin' Cheeto Dust for God's sake!"
  9688. >You point at the lardball
  9689. >He shrinks back, still impressively large
  9690. >"My name isn't Cheeto Dust... That's my podcast name, and my nickname now, I guess. My real name is Sawdust. And you know why I call myself Cheeto Dust? Because I know what I look like. It's a joke. If you think you can bully me because of that, well... You're not the lady I thought you were."
  9691. >You groan and roll your eyes
  9692. >Blubbering whale fuck
  9693. >He fucking started it
  9694. >That Jugular Follicles fuck scoffs
  9695. >"To think I used to think you were hot."
  9696. >If you keep rolling your eyes, you're probably going to get some kind of condition
  9697. "If you though this was hot—"
  9698. >You gesture to your body with your hands
  9699. "—then you're fucking retarded and have shit taste. You know what this outfit says? 'Don't worry, I'm buying the cats in bulk'."
  9700. >The room is distressingly quiet
  9701. >People just staring at you
  9702. >You don't even know why you're arguing with these people
  9703. >You're just mad
  9704. >These are the people other people see you as
  9705. >Trixie frowns, looking at the floor
  9706. >Just leave, Twilight
  9707. >There's nothing for you here
  9708. >"Sparkle, you're not leaving until I get my revenge!"
  9709. >Moondancer parks herself in front of you again
  9710. >You don't have fucking time for this
  9711. "What fucking revenge? Making me 'feel bad' about your dumb party? It's not happening. You know why? Because I don't give a single shit about anything you do. I didn't care then, I don't care now, and I never will."
  9712. >Moondancer stomps and begins throwing a fit
  9713. >It's like she can't do anything but
  9714. >You turn to her father
  9715. "Get her out of my way."
  9716. >Mr. Dancer rushes to his spergling's side
  9717. >"Sweetie, you're just going to have to leave her alone."
  9718. >"BUT DAD!"
  9719. >Go fucking commit suicide you shit cunt
  9720. >She literally starts crying once you pass her
  9721. >To think you almost apologized to her before
  9722. >"Miss Sparkle!"
  9723. >You hear Trixie following after you
  9724. >Ugh
  9725. >You pick up your pace as you walk out of backroom of the Game Shop
  9726. >The autists give you odd looks
  9727. >You shoot mean ones back
  9728. >Fuck this place
  9729. >You don't belong here
  9730. >You don't want to be surrounded by people so autistic they can't even think
  9731. >Barely even people
  9732. >What would happen if you went to the slumber party?
  9733. >The girls would talk with each other and have fun
  9734. >You'd fuck up, or, even better, not get a chance to fuck up because you'd just be alone the whole time
  9735. >Amongst autists, Trixie can talk to people and you can't
  9736. >Among normal people it would be the same
  9737. >Even if they're "friends"
  9738. >Maybe you can have fun with people when you're alone with them, but you're always going to be the least interesting person in the room
  9739. >Always going to be the last wheel
  9740. >You push your way out of the Game Shop
  9741. >Guess you'll just walk home...
  9742. >There's a tugging on your arm
  9743. >"Miss Sparkle, stop!"
  9744. "Why don't you? You can go back and have fun, I'll just go home."
  9745. >Trixie frowns
  9746. >She's holding tightly onto your arm, feet planted frimly on the ground
  9747. >"Why are you being like this?! Miss Sparkle was in such a good mood before she came with Trixie! Why are you so mean to her new friends?!"
  9748. "I don't want to talk about it!"
  9749. >You try to pull yourself away
  9750. >Can't this time
  9751. >Trixie's really holding on
  9752. >Ugh
  9753. >You don't want to have to drag her along with you
  9754. "Let go!"
  9755. >"Why is Miss Sparkle acting like this?!"
  9756. "Because your friends are autistic as all hell, and I won't associate myself with them!"
  9757. >Trixie lets go of your arm, her arms hanging limp at her sides
  9758. >"But... Trixie is autistic..."
  9759. >Trixie looks down at her shoes
  9760. "I... No, but you're different! You're not like them!"
  9761. >"But... Trixie isn't different. They like Trixie, and don't make fun of her. They're nice to her... Trixie fits in with them. If her friends are bad, then Trixie is bad."
  9762. "Trixie, I don't think you're bad. Look, I-I wasn't using autistic literally! I just meant it as..."
  9763. >What
  9764. >An insult?
  9765. >Good fucking job, Twilight
  9766. >Trixie puts her hands on her head
  9767. >"Trixie understands there is something wrong with her so she can't think like most people. Trixie is sorry..."
  9768. "No, please, Trixie, it's not you! I'm just stupid is all!"
  9769. >She just frowns, staring downwards
  9770. >Fuck, you didn't want to hurt her
  9771. >Just those autistic...
  9772. >Just the others
  9773. "Trixie, I'm sorry... I don't think anything bad about you."
  9774. >Trixie looks up at you
  9775. >"It's okay... Trixie will think the bad things about herself."
  9776. "What?! Trixie, no, there's nothing wrong with you!"
  9777. >God what the fuck, Twilight
  9778. >You're such a shit person
  9779. >Trixie begins to tear up
  9780. >"Trixie wishes she were more normal, like Miss Sparkle, sometimes..."
  9781. >You pull her into a hug
  9782. "I suck. You make a great Trixie. I'm not even a good me. Don't let me make you think anything bad about yourself, or suck the fun out of hanging with your friends. Just be Trixie."
  9783. >Trixie returns the hug
  9784. >"Trixie can be Trixie..."
  9785. >You breath a sigh of relief
  9786. >You're such a fucking retard
  9787. >What was it Treehugger said?
  9788. >'Assholes beget assholes'?
  9789. >Can't just let yourself hurt people just because they remind you of shit other people did to you
  9790. >Especially not when you end up hurting your few actual friends
  9791. >It's just so hard not to see things as being autistic or normie as fuck...
  9792. >"Can Miss Sparkle come back with her to talk with her friends?"
  9793. >You pull yourself out of the hug and smile awkwardly
  9794. "Um, I really don't think that would be a good idea... I think it's better if I wait a while on that..."
  9795. >Trixie wipes at her face with her sleeves
  9796. >"Will Miss Sparkle still come to the slumber party?"
  9797. >You nod
  9798. "Yeah... Yeah, I guess so."
  9799. >Trixie smiles and gives you a quick hug
  9800. >"Then Trixie will see you later."
  9801. "Yeah."
  9802. >You wave her off as she reenters the Game Shop
  9803. >Still iffy on whether or not her friends deserve her
  9804. >Being fedoralords and all
  9805. >But if it makes her happy...
  9806. "Fuck."
  9807. >You should've asked her if she's going to bring her pajamas
  9808. >How the fuck are you going to find that shit out?
  9809. >Google can only bring you so far, as with perusing forums
  9810. >'What do you do at slumber parties?'
  9811. >'Oh, never mind, I found it out, guys.'
  9812. >'Thread Locked'
  9813. >Ugh
  9814. >You decide to start walking home
  9815. >Just be cool about it
  9816. >Don't be a weirdo
  9817. >You can just bring a pair of pajamas
  9818. >If that's not what you're supposed to do, so be it
  9819. >It'll only be a little spaghetti
  9820. >Probably
  9821. >It doesn't take long to get home
  9822. >Still got a few hours before you have to leave
  9823. >You head up to your room
  9824. >And that's when it hits you
  9825. >It's been a while, but you have the perfect book for this very situation
  9826. >Haven't opened it up in a LONG time
  9827. >Never thought it would actually ever come in handy
  9828. >But now it is!
  9829. >You look around your book shelf for it
  9830. >Man, this shit used to be so organized
  9831. >It doesn't take you that long to find it amongst all the manga and Star Wars fanfiction
  9832. >'Slumber 101: All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Slumber Parties, But Were Afraid to Ask'
  9833. >Quick cram session and you'll be set to spaghetti as little as possible
  9834. >When you first picked this up as a little kid, you'd heard about an upcoming slumber party
  9835. >All the girls in class would go to some girls house for that
  9836. >Thought you should get yourself prepared
  9837. >Back then, that meant thoroughly researching the subject
  9838. >Library had a book on the subject, so it seemed perfect
  9839. >Like, you weren't actually invited in the end, but still
  9840. >At the time, the book came off a bit strange
  9841. >You remember having some long nights with it...
  9842. >Never actually returned the thing
  9843. >And now you're in high school!
  9844. >You're a big girl
  9845. >[Bane noises]
  9846. >It'll be of more use to you now
  9847. >You plop down on your bed and crack open the book
  9848. >There's shit about Makeovers, Spin the Bottle, Scary Stories, Pillow Fights, Snacks
  9849. >Lots of shit
  9850. >You open to a random chapter near the end
  9851. >Seems to be letters to the author...
  9852. >'Dear Dr. Reuben Rye,
  9853. >'Some of the girls threw a little slumber party, and boy did this book come in handy! In high school I'd always been a bit shy, but I wanted to really spread my wings in college. I was a little timid when Spin the Bottle started, but we were all making out to that new Beatles song!'
  9855. >The advice in this book must be excellent
  9856. >You skim around the rest of the book and remember why you kept it...
  9857. >It does seem a bit oddly sexual, but
  9858. >Hey
  9859. >If that's what happens
  9860. >Not sure why girls would make out with each other at a party
  9861. >But you definitely don't want to be the odd one out
  9862. >You try and absorb as much of the information as you can before you have to leave
  9863. >A couple hours later, you put down the book, feeling relatively strong in your Slumber Fu
  9864. >You put a pair of pajamas in your backpack and head downstairs
  9865. >"Oh, hey Twilight! Where you headin'?"
  9866. "I'm off to Rainbow's for a slumber party."
  9867. >You Dad smiles
  9868. >"A slumber party, huh? That's cute."
  9869. "Don't be gross, Dad. Anyways, I'll be back, I don't know, tomorrow?"
  9870. >You leave the house
  9871. >"Gross?"
  9872. >Once you make your way to Rainbow's house, you notice quite a few cars outisde
  9873. >Some on the driveway, and others on the curb
  9874. >One's hers
  9875. >Not sure who the other cars belong to specifically, but, probably the girls
  9876. >Why's Applejack's gross-ass truck here?
  9877. >You were anticipating there to only be five others, aside from yourself
  9878. >Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Trixie, and Rarity
  9879. >Seven people total?
  9880. >Spin the Bottle will get crowded
  9881. >And now there's going to be someone left out of all the party shit since the numbers are odd
  9882. >That person will probably be you...
  9883. >Just gonna have to fight for your place in the pecking order
  9884. >You know the ins and outs of slumber partying, so, you're sort of confident
  9885. >Just adapt to the situation
  9886. >Like Dr. Reuben said
  9887. >'Don't start out with too much tongue'
  9888. >Yeah
  9889. >Keep spaghetti as low as fucking possible, Twilight
  9890. >Don't weird this up
  9891. >You knock on Rainbow's front door
  9892. >"Egghead! Everybody else is already here, dude! C'mon in."
  9893. >She opens the door and lets you in
  9894. >Seems like Rainbow's in pajamas
  9895. >Sort of
  9896. >Athetlic shorts and a wife-beater
  9897. >Fluttershy is in some sort of night gown
  9898. >Pinkie is talking to Trixie, which you guess makes sense
  9899. >They've got normal pajamas on
  9900. >Glad you brought your own pair
  9901. >Spaghetti: 0
  9902. >Twilight: 1
  9903. >You spot Rarity in, Jesus, that's a bit extravagant for this, you think
  9904. >And then there's Applejack in her disgusting, dirty, muddy work clothes
  9905. >"—just drag mud all over the place! It's disgusting!"
  9906. >"I didn't even want ta come! Y'all wouldn't stop textin' me! Y'all even called my Granny 'n told her I was being 'anti-social'!"
  9907. >Rarity, of course, scoffs
  9908. >"Well, you were! And I won't stand for us NOT to have the girls all here as a group. It never happens, and I was going to make it happen!"
  9909. >God damn these two
  9910. >But Rarity's wrong about the gang all being here
  9911. >No Sunny!
  9912. >Which sucks
  9913. >But time to focus on the present
  9914. >Got to get changed
  9915. >You head over to Rainbow, who is talking with Fluttershy
  9916. "Uh, Rainbow?"
  9917. >"Oh, yeah, Egghead?"
  9918. "Do you have somewhere I could change?"
  9919. >She points down a hall
  9920. >"There's a bunch of rooms. You can use mine, the bathroom... I don't really care, man."
  9921. >You nod and head on down to change
  9922. >Something taps on your shoulder
  9923. "Huh?"
  9924. >You turn
  9925. >It's fucking Fluttershy
  9926. >Your body goes a bit tense
  9927. "W-What do you want?"
  9928. >"Um... Twilight... Th-This was just supposed to be time for Rainbow and I to hang out, so... Please be cool, okay? I just want to hang out with my friend."
  9929. >Right, right
  9930. >'Be Cool'
  9931. "Whatever. I'm totally prepared for tonight, Fluttershy, okay?"
  9932. >"Okay..."
  9933. >She sighs and frowns before meekly making her way back to Rainbow
  9934. >Why's she putting on this fucking act with you?
  9935. >Fucking psycho
  9936. >Whatever, get changed, man
  9937. >You head into the bathroom and take out your pajamas
  9938. >Nothing fancy
  9939. >Plain and simple, comfy purple sleepwear
  9940. >Therefore, no chance of spaghetti with this stuff
  9941. >You head back into the foyer and...
  9942. >Where'd everybody go?
  9943. "G-Guys?"
  9944. >Oh fuck
  9945. >Did they fucking ditch you or something?
  9946. >Where would they have gone?
  9947. >Fucking Twilight you fucking—
  9948. >"Egghead!"
  9949. >You turn around
  9950. >Rainbow's peeking out from her room
  9951. >Oh, that makes sense
  9952. "Uh, coming!"
  9953. >You head into Rainbow's room
  9954. >The girls are just...
  9955. >Sitting around and chatting
  9956. >Well, just act how you're supposed to at a slumber party, Twilight
  9957. >Time to put your knowledge to the test
  9958. >As you enter the room, Rainbow runs over to her wire-jumbled mess of a home theater and pops her phone into a speaker dock
  9959. >You aren't sure where to sit, or who to sit next to, really, so you just sort of stand weirdly by the door
  9960. >"Guys, check this shit out!"
  9961. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq3hP9Sd1sM
  9962. >God damn, Rainbow Dash
  9963. >Stop being so fucking edgy
  9964. >You make it hard to like you
  9965. >'This is so sick, right guys?! :^)'
  9966. >And does it need to be so fucking loud?
  9967. >Rainbow Dash is hopping up and down on the spot, playing air guitar
  9968. >By the look of it, a rather accurate guitar
  9969. >The fucking sperg
  9970. >Normie
  9971. >Normie-Sperg...
  9973. >Rarity looks like she smelled a fart
  9974. >"It's... Special."
  9975. >Pinkie's just smiling, bobbing her head from side to side
  9976. >AJ gives Rainbow that judgmental, flat face she always has on
  9977. >You think...
  9978. >You think you're actually seeing spaghetti happen right in front of you
  9979. >Rainbow's playing pleb music, dancing around, while everyone else sandbags her
  9980. >"Come on, guys! Rock out, don't be so lame!"
  9981. >Oh man, this cringe-y shit is giving you fucking 'Nam flashbacks
  9982. >She looks at you, like she's expecting you to just start jumping around like a coked-out idiot with her
  9983. >Rainbow turns to Fluttershy
  9984. >"Come on, you're the one who showed me this shit when we were kids, let's rock out like old times!"
  9985. >Yeah, this song makes a lot more sense now if Fluttershy showed it to her...
  9986. >The yellow sociopath looks around at the others and huddles into herself
  9987. >"I-I don't know, Rainbow..."
  9988. >Yeah, play up that shy card in front of everyone
  9989. >Rainbow sighs and takes a seat, frowning
  9990. >"Miss Dash's music is scary."
  9991. >Rarity nods
  9992. >"This is a SLUMBER party, after all. Not a 'Raising the Dead' party."
  9993. >You hover near the girls' circle
  9994. >"Um, Egghead, you gonna sit with us?"
  9995. "O-Oh, sorry..."
  9996. >Fuck, get your shit together
  9997. >Shouldn't have overthought sitting down when you came in
  9998. >It's just there wasn't a chapter on sitting in circles in your book
  9999. >So far, this party doesn't seem very regulation
  10000. >At least Rainbow raised the spaghetti bar pretty high for you
  10001. >You end up taking a spot between Rainbow Dash and Applejack
  10002. >Applejack smells like mud and sweat
  10003. >You thought Rarity was just being, well, herself when she was complaining
  10004. >Jesus fucking Christ, can the other girls smell this?
  10005. >Like, seriously, it's—
  10006. >"Y'all're frownin' up a storm there, Sugarcube. Got a problem?"
  10007. "Um, no, it's nothing..."
  10008. >The hick squints at you
  10009. >"Don't look like nothin', 'n I don't like liars, so you—"
  10010. >"Darling, I think it's because you smell like someone tried to wash their dirty gym socks in raw sewage, perhaps. Just a guess."
  10011. >Rarity flicks her hair with her fingers and smiles
  10012. >Applejack goes to stand up, but Pinkie puts a hand on her shoulder
  10013. >"Guys, come on, we're all bestest friends here! Let's not fight, even IF Applejack smells like a rotten egg salad!"
  10014. >"Y'all've just never toiled a day in yer lives! That's the smell of hard work! 'N I weren't even s'posed to be here tonight!"
  10015. >Applejack points a finger at Rarity
  10016. >"Y'all went behind my back and brought mah Granny into this!"
  10017. >Rarity scoffs, as per usual
  10018. >Does she have some kind of quota to fill?
  10019. >"Perhaps you should look into showering, like most normal people."
  10020. >Showering
  10021. >Just another recent addition to your sparse amount of normiehood
  10022. >AJ crosses her arms and fumes, both in terms of her emotional disposition and her odor
  10023. >Rarity turns to Fluttershy
  10024. >"Anyways, Fluttershy, so, you're the one who introduced Rainbow to her, um... Peculiar taste in music?"
  10025. >Fluttershy nods
  10026. >"Um... I went through a bit of a phase when I was younger..."
  10027. >Probably an emo or goth phase, you'd assume
  10028. >Rainbow chimes in
  10029. >"Man, I used to listen to nothing but garbage until then! I'm glad the music I listen to now is so sick! Think I even spread the 'good music' bug to Egghead a little, eh?"
  10030. >You smile awkwardly
  10031. "Um, totally. Asking Alexandria. Parkway Drive. BFMV. So... So sick..."
  10032. >Rainbow Dash smiles and does a small fist pump
  10033. >Maybe it would be better to be a little more like Applejack at times like these
  10034. >Not in the manual labor and peasant scent department, but in the not lying one
  10035. >Otherwise...
  10036. >Well, there might be a lot more metalcore in your future
  10037. >The girls continue to chat
  10038. >And by 'girls chat', you mostly mean Rarity sort of dominates the conversation
  10039. >You don't really pipe in very much
  10040. >The topics aren't all that interesting
  10041. >Boring life stuff
  10042. >Really taking this party a while to ramp up to the aspects you'd read about
  10043. >Easing into the naked make-out sessions is probably for the best
  10044. >You're not sure you could even handle 'em, to be honest
  10045. >Such a weird thing to do with people, and the spaghetti potential is so high
  10046. >But hey, normies are a hedonistic bunch, and if you want to fit in...
  10047. >Pinkie Pie groans
  10048. >"This is BOR-ING."
  10049. >Rarity scoffs...
  10050. >"Darling, what's so boring about lively conversation?"
  10051. >"Talk is cheap! We need to put more party in this party!"
  10052. >Rainbow nods
  10053. >"Yeah! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Let's up the ante. Talking is dumb by itself, but how about Truth or Dare?"
  10054. >You begin to sweat
  10055. >Oh fuck fuck fuck
  10056. >You've read enough of Slumber 101 to know where THIS is going...
  10057. >Most of the girls, aside from Rarity, nod
  10058. >Even Fluttershy
  10059. >Yeah, pretty sure if you asked 'have you ever killed a guy', you'd get a lie
  10060. >"Truth and Dare is a crude game."
  10061. >"What? Are y'all scared of bein' honest? I know I ain't got nothin' to hide. I'm an open book."
  10062. "Can you even read?"
  10063. >You pop your hands over your mouth
  10064. >Snark too fucking automatic
  10065. >AJ snarls
  10066. >"What's that s'posed ta mean?"
  10067. "Um... The joke is I'm implying you can't read..."
  10068. >"WHY I OUGHTA!"
  10069. >Applejack shakes her fist in front of her face
  10070. >God, hicks get so angry so fast
  10071. >You shrink back against Rainbow Dash, head turned, hands out in front of you
  10072. >Pinkie is still holding onto the apple farmer at this point
  10073. >"Y'all're askin' for a mighty beatin'! Y'all think I don't know what you mean? Called a 'rhetorical question', Sugarcube! Mah readin' level is good enough fer me ta work on muh farm!"
  10074. >Never shuts up about that fucking farm...
  10075. >The air of the party has become a lot more tense
  10076. >Except for Rarity laughing her ass off
  10077. >"Darlings, p-please... Calm yourselves. Applejack shouldn't have to bear any shame about her illiteracy around friends!"
  10078. >Applejack explodes at that point, Pinkie trying her best to keep her from wailing on Rarity
  10079. >And Rarity just sits back, sniggering
  10080. >At this point she's almost asking for a black eye
  10081. >As Applejack breaks herself free from Pinkie's grip, Trixie moves in front of her
  10082. >"Girls! Trixie does not want her friends to fight!"
  10083. >Applejack growls and goes back to her place on the floor
  10084. >Rarity is still snickering away, apparently unable to contain her laughter
  10085. >Trixie turns to her with a frown
  10086. >It's at that point Rarity seems to stop
  10087. >She clears her throat
  10088. >"I'll stop now."
  10089. >"Dudes, c'mon, let's just play and stop fighting. This is supposed to be a PARTY, not a fight club."
  10090. >You all sit in an uncomfortable silence
  10091. >So, who the fuck starts this shit?
  10092. "Um, who's going to go first?"
  10093. >"I guess I can go first since I'm the host and all."
  10094. >Rainbow turns to Fluttershy
  10095. >"Dude, Fluttershy, so, truth or dare?"
  10096. >Fluttershy turns away from her, covering her face slightly with one hand
  10097. >"Oh, I don't know, Rainbow... I'm just so nervous... This game is scary."
  10098. >Oh fucking bullshit
  10099. >Rainbow nods
  10100. >"Sorry, man. Don't want to put you on the spot. You can join in whenever you're comfortable I guess."
  10101. >Rainbow turns to you
  10102. >"Truth or dare?"
  10103. >FUCK, WHY YOU?
  10105. "Uh..."
  10106. >Eyes on you, Twilight
  10107. >Be cool
  10108. >'Truth', well, this is Rainbow Dash
  10109. >She'd ask you something that would be utter spaghetti
  10110. >And you're a pretty shit liar when you feel the spaghetti coming on
  10111. >'Dare' might just be something retarded
  10112. >OR it could jump straight into the shit Dr. Reuben wrote about
  10113. >God damn, why you?
  10114. >"Egghead?"
  10115. "U-Uh, dare?"
  10116. >She smiles
  10117. >"SICK! Okay, so, I dare you to call the first contact on your phone and ask them out."
  10118. "But... I don't have a lot of contacts, so—"
  10119. >"It's a dare! You just have to do it!"
  10120. >You grimace as you take your phone out
  10121. >What kind of fucking retarded-ass dare is this
  10122. >You have like ten numbers, max
  10123. >And...
  10124. >Of course
  10125. >You begin the call
  10126. >A few seconds later, you can hear the ringing
  10127. >Applejack takes a phone out of her pocket
  10128. >"Uhuh?"
  10129. "Um, so—"
  10130. >Applejack starts poking a finger angrily at the microphone of her phone
  10131. >"GO FUCK YERSELF."
  10132. >You jump from your place on the floor
  10133. >Jesus fuck
  10134. >AJ puts the phone in her pocket
  10135. >"Sorry, had ta take a call."
  10136. >Rainbow's laughing her ass off
  10137. >"Applejack was the first contact on your phone?!"
  10138. "Well... Her name starts with an 'A', so..."
  10139. >Rainbow takes out her phone and gawks at it for a few seconds
  10140. >"Ohhhhhhh... Fuck, well, still funny to me, so it was worth it."
  10141. >You look around awkwardly
  10142. "Now what?"
  10143. >"Miss Sparkle asks someone 'truth or dare'!"
  10144. >Oh, yeah
  10145. >That's pretty fucking obvious
  10146. >Probably want to stay away from Applejack at all costs
  10147. >And Fluttershy
  10148. >And you're pretty sure the rules say you can't ask whoever asked you
  10149. >You think
  10150. >So...
  10151. >Well, you're still curious about Rarity
  10152. >You've always thought she was a Stacy
  10153. >Virgin?
  10154. >Unlikely
  10155. >Not like there's anything special about this dumb game that will keep her from lying, but...
  10156. "Uh, Rarity... Truth or Dare?"
  10157. >She sighs
  10158. >"I really do dislike this game. The questions and dares are always so childish and uncouth. Though, I do expect better from you, Twilight."
  10159. >"That's not an answer, Sugarcube!"
  10160. >"Fine! Dare."
  10161. >Making out time?
  10162. "Uh..."
  10163. >FUCK
  10164. >You didn't want to be the one to initiate this shit
  10165. >Fucking slumber parties
  10166. >Why can't they just be about hanging out?
  10167. >Disgusting hedonistic normie weirdos
  10168. >Well, maybe it'll be okay to prolong the inevitable a little longer
  10169. >Ask her to do something else, and just let it happen when someone else does it
  10170. >Just don't fucking sperg out
  10171. >But what the fuck do you even dare her to do?
  10172. >Fucking retarded game
  10173. >"Darling?"
  10174. "Oh, sorry... I was expecting you to say truth, so, sorry... Um—"
  10175. >Oh, you actually have a great one, you think
  10176. "I dare you to wear Applejack's disgusting shirt."
  10177. >Rarity recoils, and Applejack laughs
  10178. >"Ah'm willin' to stink if it means Rarity suffers."
  10179. >"I AM NOT DOING THAT!"
  10180. >Pinkie shakes her head
  10181. >"The game doesn't work like that, Rarity! You said dare! You got dared! You HAVE to do it! It's the rules!"
  10182. >Pinkie must be well-versed in Slumber 101 as well
  10183. >Maybe just wait for her to start shit
  10184. >Yeah
  10185. >Applejack unbuttons her dirty, mud flecked, sweat stained shirt and throws it at Rarity, cackling
  10186. >Rarity shrieks
  10187. >The rest of the girls laugh
  10188. >Rarity holds the shirt up, touching it as little as possible
  10189. >"I... Twilight, how could you? How could you?!"
  10190. >You shrug
  10191. "I'm new to this stuff. Should I have asked something else?"
  10192. >Rainbow puts a hand on your shoulder
  10193. >"Dude, that was the best possible thing you could have done."
  10194. >Oh, huh
  10195. >Rarity treats putting on the shirt like she's defusing a bomb
  10196. >"This is just great. Because I wanted to smell like Applejack's armpits all night."
  10197. >You almost feel sorry for her, but Truth and Dare is a harsh mistress
  10198. >And since you seem to be doing pretty well, you're feeling confident
  10199. >Next time you get to dare someone, you'll initiate the normie make out ritual
  10200. >Rarity stares at you and Applejack with contempt
  10201. >Man, this was a win-win for you
  10202. >The smell isn't as intense now, so, that's pretty good
  10203. >"It's my turn now, yes?"
  10204. >Everyone nods
  10205. >"Applejack. Truth or dare?"
  10206. >"Truth."
  10207. >Rarity squints
  10208. >"Oh, of course."
  10209. >What did she think was going to happen?
  10210. >Applejack's as open as the kinds of books she can't read
  10211. >"I suppose I'll just ask one of those generic questions no one actually answers. What's the worst thing you've ever done?"
  10212. >"Tie between comin' to this party 'n knowin' you."
  10213. >"Of course," Rarity mutters to herself, taking a deep breath and a sigh
  10214. >Applejack's turn next
  10215. >Throws a softball at Trixie after she asks for 'truth'
  10216. >'Have you ever done anything illegal'
  10217. >Yeah, obviously not
  10218. >At least she's not a bitch to Trixie, you suppose
  10219. >"Is it okay if Trixie asks Miss Shy a question? Trixie doesn't want to leave her out..."
  10220. >Rainbow pats Fluttershy on the back
  10221. >"C'mon Fluttershy, we're all friends here. Don't have to be shy around us!"
  10222. >"Well... Um, o-okay, if you want..."
  10223. >"Trixie asks: Truth or Dare?!"
  10224. >Fluttershy hesitates
  10225. >"Truth?"
  10226. >"What's the scariest thing Miss Shy has ever done?"
  10227. >Trixie has a big smile on her face after asking that cutesy question
  10228. >Fluttershy hugs her knees against her chest
  10229. >"Um..."
  10230. >She looks down at her feet, trembling
  10231. >Really?
  10232. >Tears begin to well in her eyes
  10233. >You golf clap on the inside
  10234. >"I... I can't..."
  10235. >Rainbow puts and arm around Fluttershy
  10236. >"It's okay, man..."
  10237. >"Trixie is sorry... She thought it would be a fun question..."
  10238. >Fluttershy gives Trixie a small smile
  10239. >"I-It's okay... I'm just..."
  10240. >"Nah, dude, we can pass you."
  10241. >Jesus fucking Christ, this fucking psycho
  10242. >If only they knew what kind of person she really was...
  10243. >You all pass over Fluttershy, and the game continues
  10244. >Mostly silly or dumb things going on
  10245. >Pinkie asks you to 'burp as loud as you can'
  10246. >Dumb
  10247. >But now, things are back in your hands
  10248. "Um, Rainbow, truth or dare?"
  10249. >"DARE!"
  10250. "I dare you to make out with m—"
  10251. >At that moment, there's a loud BANG against the windowpane
  10252. "What was that?"
  10253. >Then another
  10254. >Rainbow stands up and heads towards the window
  10255. >Then there's a loud crash as a rock comes barreling through the window and into the room, narrowly avoiding Rainbow Dash's head
  10256. >"WHAT THE FUCK!"
  10257. >You and the rest of the girls rush to the window as Rainbow throws it open
  10258. >Man, you're fucking dare got interrupted...
  10260. >You tiptoe, trying to see over the girls, and spot Anon outside holding a boombox
  10261. >"Uh, I'm trying to be romantic?"
  10263. >Fuck, Rainbow is seething
  10264. >Anon holds the boombox up above his head and turns it on
  10265. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMcprFxRl3Y
  10266. >"BABE, I LOVE YOU!" he shouts as it starts
  10267. >And then...
  10268. >He begins screaming
  10269. >Jesus
  10270. >JESUS
  10271. >What is it with everyone's musical taste around here?!
  10272. >"THIS IS MY CURSE!"
  10273. >He's even fucking headbanging out there
  10274. >Imagine how this looks from the outside
  10275. >Some random guy standing, belting out metalcore, headbanging, at night, in front of some random house
  10276. >God
  10277. >"There is love burning to find you. Will you wait for me? Will you be there?"
  10278. >Rainbow Dash is...
  10281. >"There is love! There is love! There is love! ..."
  10282. >Oh God, she's fucking doing air guitar along with the song while crying
  10283. >You almost want to vomit
  10284. >The song finishes up, and Anon walks up to the window
  10285. >Rainbow leans out and they engage in a loving embrace
  10286. >"Dude, I... That was so romantic..."
  10287. >"Like I told Twilight... You're the only pussy I want to drown in."
  10288. >They're both crying
  10290. >You try to avert your eyes and catch a glimpse of something even more eerie
  10291. >Fluttershy smiling
  10292. >It chills you because... Something about it seems genuine
  10293. >"Babe, can you forgive me for being such a fucking shit?"
  10294. >"Anon, dude, yes! But you have to pay for my window."
  10295. >"Definitely, babe."
  10296. >Anon steps back after finishing the hug, scratching the back of his head, looking a bit embarrassed
  10297. >"I didn't expect there to be an audience for this. Lol."
  10298. >"Oh Nonny, that was so SWEET! No wonder Dashie liked it so much!"
  10299. >Fluttershy smiles and hugs Rainbow
  10300. >"I'm glad you guys made up... You looked so down after you two broke up, Rainbow..."
  10301. >Rainbow shrugs
  10302. >"Maybe I missed him a LITTLE bit."
  10303. >She sighs and smiles, putting her hands against her face
  10304. >"How did you even think to do this, man? It's so unlike you!"
  10305. >Anon chuckles
  10306. >"Actually, Twilight gave me the idea..."
  10307. >Rainbow turns to you, arms in the air
  10308. >"Egghead!"
  10309. "Uh—"
  10310. >She tackles you into a big hug
  10311. >"Dude, this was so awesome. I can't believe you set that up!"
  10312. "Um... Yeah... You're welcome?"
  10313. >You gasp for breath as she hugs you tighter
  10314. >Fuck is she strong
  10315. >You're finally able to breath again once she lets go and heads back to the window with Anon
  10316. >"Dude, I'm sorta busy tonight, so we can meet up tomorrow and make-up for real, if you know what I mean."
  10317. >She winks at him and gives him finger guns
  10318. >Gross
  10319. >Anon blushes
  10320. >"Babe..."
  10321. >He sighs and turns his boombox back on, throwing up the horns with one hand
  10322. >"I LOVE YOU!"
  10323. >"I LOVE YOU TOO!"
  10324. >He headbangs out into the night
  10325. >Depending on his luck, he could be arrested for being a disturbance
  10326. >But whatever
  10327. >Normies will do as they do
  10328. >Rainbow closes her window, wiping the tears from her eyes
  10329. >Rarity has something that isn't quite a smile on her face
  10330. >"That was, so... Touching, darling."
  10331. >"Dude, I know."
  10332. >Groan
  10333. >Now, where were you?
  10334. >Right
  10335. "Um, so, are we going to go back to Truth or Dare?"
  10336. >"Nah, man. We already went around and shit, and it was starting to get boring, imo."
  10337. "Oh."
  10338. >"I mean, unless you really wanted to do your dare. Don't really remember what it was."
  10339. >You shrug
  10340. "It's fine."
  10341. >"Sick. Okay, so, dudes, movie?"
  10342. >The girls look at one another
  10343. >Mostly shrugs all around
  10344. >"Jus' what kind of movie are y'all lookin' to watch?"
  10345. >You're thinking you know what kind of movie you're going to watch
  10346. >Slumber 101: Movie Night
  10347. >That chapter talked about how girls would watch dirty movies together, and afterwards, the goal would be to recreate scenes from the film
  10348. >Ugh
  10349. >Honestly, you're sort of liking this hanging out stuff more
  10350. >Fucking normies
  10351. >Dragging sex into fucking everything
  10352. >Rainbow rushes to her film collection and pulls out a movie
  10353. >"You guys seen this?"
  10354. >Trixie cocks her head
  10355. >"Miami Connection?"
  10356. >Applejack snorts
  10357. >"I could'a read that."
  10358. >Methinks she doth protest too much
  10359. >Rainbow nods her head, smiling largely
  10360. >"Dude, this movie is SO good. Like, best 80's movie EVER. Bikers. Bands. Ninjas. Tae Kwon Do. It's fucking SICK."
  10361. >The rest of the girls mutter to themselves and come to an agreement
  10362. >'Eh, sure, whatever'
  10363. >You all take your spots in front of the television, some on top of the bed, and some down in front
  10364. >Rainbow pops in the film
  10365. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0i45VmCraI
  10366. >Oh man
  10367. >When Rainbow was talking about bikers and ninjas
  10368. >You didn't think she was talking about biker ninjas
  10369. >And holy shit this acting
  10370. >Holy shit this everything
  10371. >Biker cocaine ninjas fighting a bunch of college kids in a, what, a tae kwon do band gang?
  10372. >And it's partially almost a musical?
  10373. >What the fuck is this movie?
  10374. >You hope Rainbow doesn't unironically like this
  10375. >As the film goes on, Rainbow whoops and hollers and laughs
  10376. >Her energy is almost infectious
  10377. >Almost
  10378. >It's when the other girls join in that you feel yourself letting go and joining in on the laughing
  10379. >Man, this movie is so shit
  10380. >Main characters all look WAY too old to be in college
  10381. >Especially the fucking middle-aged Korean dude
  10382. >And they all live in the same house
  10383. >And they're all orphans
  10384. >Sometimes, the movie's just a weird, slice-of-life romp
  10385. >Other times, there are random attempts at Feel Bombs with the black dude's dad
  10386. >And then there's the cocaine biker ninja fight at the end which just suddenly turns the movie into this violent gorefest
  10387. >Everything about the movie is cheesy as fuck
  10388. >But regardless, you enjoyed it
  10389. >As the film ends, Rainbow jumps to her feet
  10390. >"HUH? Sick, right?!"
  10391. >She's met with approving laughter
  10392. "It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be."
  10393. >Trixie smiles
  10394. >"Trixie thought it was very fun!"
  10395. >"Yeah! It was super-duper fun!"
  10396. >Laying on the bed behind you, Rarity giggles
  10397. >"Typically, I'm not fond of the 'So Bad It's Good' genre, but, this was enjoyable."
  10398. >Laying next to her, Applejack half-smiles
  10399. >"It was dumb. Fun, but dumb as all heck."
  10400. >Rainbow bounces in triumph
  10401. >Man, tonight has been pretty good so far
  10402. >After the shit at the Game Shop...
  10403. >This is definitely a nice reprieve
  10404. >Rainbow walks over to her sound system and begins to play a song
  10405. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9aF9_mZDyY
  10406. >You laugh
  10407. "Oh come on, we just watched this thing. Do we really need to listen to the music again? It's so bad!"
  10408. >"You mean so GOOD!"
  10409. >Rainbow begins jumping up and down, singing this cheesy-ass song
  10410. >Like with the BFMV song, you don't think anyone's going to—
  10411. >"We've been together for so long! When I'm weak you make me strong!"
  10412. >Fluttershy?
  10413. >Singing?
  10414. >"I know I can depend on you!"
  10415. >Trixie is fucking joining in
  10416. >"To show the way and lead me through!"
  10417. >Rarity and fucking even Applejack?
  10418. >This is, bar none, the most cringe thing you've seen in a long time
  10419. >And you just saw Anon serenade Rainbow Dash with a fucking Killswitch Engage song
  10420. >All jumping around together singing this cringe-y shit
  10421. >"C'mon, Egghead!"
  10422. >Rainbow offers you her hand
  10423. >Singing?
  10424. >In front of other people?
  10425. >The last time you did that...
  10426. >No, this time it's WITH other people
  10427. >Friends
  10428. >You take her hand
  10429. "Friends through eternity! Loyalty, honesty! We'll stick together through thick or thin!"
  10430. >You laugh as you dance around with the girls, belting out like a moron
  10431. >Singing a dumb song about 'friendship'
  10432. >Honesty
  10433. >Loyalty
  10434. >Friendship
  10435. >Could it be any more cringe than that?
  10436. >Maybe you're jumping around like a total fag, but whatever
  10437. >You're having fun!
  10438. >It looks like everyone is
  10439. >You all sing together
  10440. >"Friends forever, we'll be together! We're on top because we play to win!"
  10441. >Rainbow slides on her knees with her air guitar
  10442. >You and the girls cheer her on
  10443. >This is so stupid...
  10444. >Nah, it's not that stupid
  10445. >She's really going at it
  10446. >Invisible bends and taps
  10447. >Visible guitar face
  10448. >The song finishes up and you all laugh
  10449. >You don't know who started it, but there's a group hug going on and you join in
  10450. >As you pull away, Rarity sighs
  10451. >"I really don't know why we don't do this more often!"
  10452. >Fluttershy smiles, looking at her feet
  10453. >"This... This was actually really nice..."
  10454. >You squint at her
  10455. >"Trixie has never done this before, but it's nice!"
  10456. >Something comes over you and you can't help but smile
  10457. >Tonight really has been good
  10458. >Even if it didn't go according to the book
  10459. >Fuck the book
  10460. >"Guys hungry? I got some snacks."
  10461. >You all nod
  10462. >S'mores!
  10463. >Neato
  10464. >You and the girls just talk
  10465. >Boring life stuff doesn't seem as boring right now
  10466. >Afterwards, you all watch some more shitty movies, dance around, and generally act like total fools until it's time to sleep
  10467. >"Oh, uh, guys, I got some sleeping bags for you and shit, but I wasn't expecting AJ, so..."
  10468. >Rarity shrugs
  10469. >"As you know, I refuse to sleep in one of those... Things. So, if it must happen, I suppose I can share the bed with this ruffian."
  10470. >"Dude, anyone can sleep in the bed, so no one's forcing you two to—"
  10471. >"No, no, I see how it is. It's fine."
  10472. >Rainbow Dash shrugs
  10473. >You realize you've gotten used to that horrible peasant scent as the night had gone on
  10474. >Can hardly smell it at all right now
  10475. >You grab a bag and get ready to sleep on the floor with the girls
  10476. >Tonight was a good tonight, holy fuck
  10477. >You didn't spaghetti at all!
  10478. "Night guys."
  10479. >The girls all give you their various 'night's back
  10480. >Save for Rarity and Applejack, who are busy bickering
  10481. >God fucking fuck, don't you two shits ruin tonight
  10482. >"—like a manila envelope! You tuck the sheets, and then shimmy INTO the bed."
  10483. >"That's insane! Can't y'all jus' sleep like a sane human being? Why d'y'all need this crazy method to just get into a fuckin' bed?"
  10484. >Rarity, again, scoffs
  10485. >"It's the MOST sane way to sleep, you neanderthal. Do you know how much time I spend making my bed in the morning? Do you? None! It is always made! See, I just squeeze in, and do a little shimmy down from the headboard, and—"
  10486. >UGH
  10487. >THESE TWO
  10489. "Guys!"
  10490. >They quiet down, but you can still hear them as they whisper
  10491. >"You're messing up the bed! And keep your dirty hands to your side!"
  10492. >Applejack groans
  10493. >"Fuckin' prissy city girl, can't even sleep in a fuckin' bed right..."
  10494. >Nothing but a low, constant bickering and muttering
  10495. >Just block them out, Twilight
  10496. >Why the fuck do they always hang out together if they never do anything
  10497. >ANYTHING
  10498. >But this shit
  10499. >Fucking Christ
  10500. >It takes a while, but it seems like they finally shut up
  10501. >You're finally allowed to drift off to sleep
  10502. >That night, you dream of—
  10503. >Ugh
  10504. >You're awoken by more whispered bickering
  10505. >"—not even d-doing it right."
  10506. >"Oh yeah?"
  10507. "GUYS!"
  10508. >Deathly silence
  10509. >Thank the fucking Lord
  10510. >You're almost amazed
  10511. >No, you ARE amazed
  10512. >Never thought you could get them to shut the fuck up
  10513. >Trying to ruin what was a perfectly good slumber party experience
  10514. >You sigh and let yourself return to sleep
  10515. >The next morning, you awake somewhat grumpy
  10516. >Those two bickering fucks messed with your sleep cycle
  10517. >Still, that should ruin what happened yesterday
  10518. >For the first time, you really felt like you belonged in the group
  10519. >Even if it was during a stupid song-and-dance number
  10520. >'Only through the elimination of violence can we achieve world peace'
  10521. >That movie might be your new Samurai Cop
  10522. >Anyways, looking around, it seems like you were the last one to wake
  10523. >Most of the girls are sitting around, chatting lowly
  10524. "Hey guys."
  10525. >"Good morning, Miss Sparkle."
  10526. >"Mornin', Egghead."
  10527. >Pinkie Pie stretches out and gives a big yawn
  10528. >Fluttershy is just huddled into herself
  10529. >You sit up from your bag and spot Rarity and Applejack sitting up on the bag
  10530. >They look like they've seen a fucking ghost
  10531. >Rarity turns to you and grimaces
  10532. >What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
  10533. >Rainbow Dash hops up onto her feet
  10534. >"Who's hungry?"
  10535. >You and the rest of the girls raise your hands
  10536. >"Sick, I'll go make some shit."
  10537. >Rainbow Dash can cook?
  10538. >Or is she just going to cook up a gourmet cereal breakfast
  10539. >The girls begin filing out of the room, following Rainbow Dash
  10540. >Before you can leave, you get a tap on the shoulder
  10541. >Turning around, who else would it be but the two most annoying people in the world?
  10542. >Ugh, and that shirt still reeks
  10543. >Rarity knows she can that shit off, right?
  10544. "What?"
  10545. >Applejack and Rarity both look like they're going to faint
  10546. >Jesus fucking Christ with these two
  10547. "What?!"
  10548. >"Twi, please don't tell nobody 'bout last night... Y'all're the only person who knows, 'n—"
  10549. "What are you talking about?"
  10550. >Yeah, you're the only one who knows that they argue like a married couple!
  10551. "Everybody already 'knows'."
  10552. >Rarity puts the back of her hand against her forehead all dramatic like
  10553. >"Th-That's not possible!"
  10554. "Have you guys sat next to you guys at lunch? It's pretty impossible to not see or hear what's going on. Seriously. And while we're trying to sleep? Really?"
  10555. >Rarity begins to stammer
  10556. >"W-We just, it's..."
  10557. "Whatever, guys. I don't care, but it's still annoying to do that shit when people are trying to sleep. Anyways, I'm going to go and eat, okay?"
  10558. >Applejack takes her face in her hands
  10559. >"Granny's gon kill me if this gets out..."
  10560. "Pfft, literally everybody and your grandmother knows. Whatever."
  10561. >Just ignore those two when they're being like this, Twilight
  10562. >Just go out and eat and chat people up or something
  10563. >You exit and head to Rainbow's kitchen and smell...
  10564. >Something actually good, surprisingly
  10565. >The other girls are sitting around at a table, talking
  10566. >Well, it's mostly Trixie talking at them about autist stuff, but that's fine
  10567. >"Hey, Egghead. Ready for some sick pancakes?"
  10568. "I'm not sure that's the best use to use when talking about food... You know, Rainbow, I'm actually a little surprised that you can cook, like, anything at all."
  10569. >Rainbow pokes her chest with her thumb
  10570. >"Rainbow Dash is number one at everything, Egghead! You know that. I'm the world's apex predator."
  10571. "More like apex redditor..."
  10572. >"What?"
  10573. >You shake your head
  10574. "Nothing."
  10575. >"Well, it's gonna be a few, dude. Take a seat and relax."
  10576. >You nod and decide to take your seat next to Trixie
  10577. >"Miss Sparkle!"
  10578. "Hey, Trixie."
  10579. >"Trixie was just talking about that Magic tournament we participated in!"
  10580. >Pinkie nods
  10581. >"Yup! I don't know what she's talking about at all, but it sounds super fun!"
  10582. "Uh... It was okay..."
  10583. >Not really something you want to have on your mind at all...
  10584. >Especially not when Fluttershy's here
  10585. >You just want to relax, like Rainbow said
  10586. >Not deal with all that other shit...
  10587. >Rarity and Applejack take their seats next to each other, looking somewhat pale
  10588. >They're oddly silent
  10589. "What, not going to start up where you left off last night?"
  10590. >Rarity scoffs
  10591. >"Twilight, th-that's... Crude! Please, can we just not talk about it?"
  10592. >Rainbow's ears perk up and she turns her head
  10593. >"Talk about what?"
  10594. "What they were doing all night last night."
  10595. >Rainbow makes a long 'Oooooooooooh' sound, before breaking into a laugh
  10596. >Rarity hides her face in her hands, and Applejack sulks in her seat looking ashamed
  10597. >What fucking drama queens
  10598. >"W-We weren't doin' nothin'!"
  10599. >You roll your eyes
  10600. >Why are they so fucking defensive over this?
  10601. "You were doing what you've been doing for a long time. Why are you acting so weird about it now?"
  10602. >Rarity shakes her head
  10603. >"H-How could you know it, that... That it wasn't just a one time thing?"
  10604. "Like I said earlier, everybody knows. I mean, I've known how you two felt about each other since the moment I met you two. The looks you give each other. You think we don't know?"
  10605. >Applejack stands up from her seat
  10606. >"Ah'm leavin'..."
  10607. >"What?! Oh, AJ, please..."
  10608. >Applejack shakes her head
  10609. >"Ah can't be here right now..."
  10610. >Rarity bursts into treats and runs after her
  10611. >Jesus fucking Christ
  10612. >Yeah, no, you get it
  10613. >Not having someone to argue with 24/7?
  10614. >Yeah, what torture
  10615. >Rainbow scratches at her head and turns to you with a perplexed look
  10616. >"What the hell's going on?"
  10617. "No idea. They woke me up with their arguing last night and now they're acting all weird."
  10618. >Rainbow throws her hands up in the air
  10619. >"But we already know they argue ALL THE TIME!"
  10620. >Pinkie nods
  10621. >"Yeah, we know that they can't keep their hands off of each other! I had to hold AJ down just to keep her away from Rarity last night!"
  10622. >Trixie nods
  10623. >"Trixie has not been friends with you girls for very long, but Trixie also knows this."
  10624. >You throw your arms up in the air as well
  10625. "I KNOW!"
  10626. >Drama drama drama, all the fucking time
  10627. >Fluttershy just holds her head in her hands, muttering to herself like a fucking weirdo
  10628. >Your stomach grumbles
  10629. "Food almost done?"
  10630. >"Any second, dude."
  10631. >Sick
  10632. >Holy shit, these pancakes are impeccable
  10633. >Fucking Rainbow Dash
  10634. >If she just dedicates all her time to getting really good at shit, what else does she even do with her time?
  10635. >Pinkie and Trixie thank Rainbow for the food and leave
  10636. >Trixie gives you a wave as she heads off, and you wave back
  10637. >Fuck you're a slow eater
  10638. >"So, this was your first slumber party, huh, Egghead?"
  10639. >You nod
  10640. "It wasn't quite what I'd expected, but, I still had a lot of fun."
  10641. >"What were you expecting?"
  10642. >You shrug
  10643. "You know. The stereotypical slumber party stuff. Nothing but stupid games and making out. The usual."
  10644. >As you look up, you see that Rainbow is squinting hard at you
  10645. "Is there something on my face?"
  10646. >"Why did you think we would make out at a slumber party?"
  10647. >You raise your eyebrows
  10648. "It's in the book?"
  10649. >"What book?"
  10650. "Slumber 101. It's the quintessential slumberology textbook, I believe."
  10651. >She shakes her head
  10652. >Are you missing something here?
  10653. "What?"
  10654. >"Dude, that's fucked up. That's what you were planning for when you came here?"
  10655. >You feel your heart in your chest
  10656. >The tell-tale sign of spaghetti build up
  10657. >Fuck
  10658. "Um... Like, yeah, but I was glad it didn't happen! I-It was just, you know, in the, you know, in the book!"
  10659. >"Egghead, you're reading some WEIRD books."
  10660. >You lower your head, trying to keep yourself calm
  10661. "I-I guess..."
  10662. >"Eh, whatever, Egghead. Doesn't matter. You still helped me get back together with Anon, and didn't try to do any weird shit. But, you know, could you imagine having to deal with people doing that shit at a slumber party? Dude, that'd be so awkward."
  10663. >You nod
  10664. >That's pretty true
  10665. >Encountering anything like that, especially amongst friends, would be pretty awkward!
  10666. >Maybe your opinion of normies shouldn't be so low that you take stupid rumors, or books, seriously...
  10667. >You exhale
  10668. >Spaghetti wasn't so bad that time
  10669. >You finish up and thank Rainbow for the food
  10670. >Time to head ho—
  10671. >There's a tap on your shoulder
  10672. >"T-Twilight?"
  10673. >God damn it, Fluttershy
  10674. "What?"
  10675. >She looks up at you from behind her hair
  10676. >Always with that fucking pretend demeanor
  10677. >"Th-This doesn't change anything, b-but... Yesterday was fun. Thanks for being cool. M-Mostly."
  10678. "I didn't do anything for you."
  10679. >She nods
  10680. >"S-Still... I don't always get to spend time with Rainbow, so... I-I'm just happy you didn't ruin it."
  10681. >You look her over
  10682. >This is all a facade, you know that, but it's still convincing as fuck
  10683. >The pouty face, the shrunken gait, the soft-spoken voice, all of it
  10684. >Probably just sign of how fucked up she is, you suppose
  10685. "A-Are you going to leave me alone now?"
  10686. >Fluttershy steps closer to you and smiles madly, putting her face in yours, then slides a finger across her neck
  10687. >"Even if you're not a total fuck-up, I'm still looking forward to—"
  10688. >"Yo, Fluttershy! You're not leaving too, are you?"
  10689. >Rainbow places an arm on Fluttershy's shoulder
  10690. >Fluttershy immediately turns the 'shy' back on, giving Rainbow a faint smile
  10691. >"Oh, o-of course not. I-I was just saying goodbye to Twilight."
  10692. >Fucking bitch cunt
  10693. "Yeah... It was nice seeing you guys..."
  10694. >"See ya, Egghead!"
  10695. >Fluttershy waves you off
  10696. >"B-Bye..."
  10697. >What a fucking creep
  10698. >Really wish you could tell Rainbow what kind of person Fluttershy really was
  10699. >All she knows is whatever sad sob-story she grew up with
  10700. >You exit Rainbow's house and begin the walk home
  10701. >So, what is it that you're going to do now?
  10702. >Definitely going to be a while before you can show your face in the Game Shop...
  10703. >At least, of your own free will
  10704. >It's been a while since you've seen Sunny
  10705. >No one's heard from her in a while
  10706. >Maybe you should take a detour and head over to her place
  10707. >Check up on her
  10708. >Maybe she's sick, or worse...
  10709. >You nod to yourself
  10710. >It'd be best to check up on her, yeah
  10711. >And so, you begin the walk to her place
  10712. >Dad won't be too upset if you're home just a little late
  10713. >It takes a while, but you think you're finally coming up on Sunny's place
  10714. >After last time, you really just want to have things go back to normal
  10715. >Put the whole theater fiasco behind you
  10716. >And she definitely helped to do that last time you hung out, but it still hangs heavily in your mind
  10717. >You do wish she'd felt about you the way you did her, but maybe Sunny's way of doing things makes the most sense
  10718. >Shoot for friends first before anything else
  10719. >Plus, this is the first time you haven't really had oneitis in a long time
  10720. >Sunny being so understanding, almost too understanding, helped you move past what could have been a very dark time
  10721. >Not that you still didn't weirdly enjoy all the sparring and—
  10722. >You stop and eye a car across the street
  10723. >No way...
  10724. >That looks like Shining's old car
  10725. >The one he got when HE was in high school
  10726. >You're sure of it
  10727. >Haven't seen that since he became a cop
  10728. >Fuck, no, there's no way
  10729. >Why would he be here?
  10730. >You keep walking, nearly at the entrance to Sunny's apartment complex when a man in a hoodie walks out
  10731. >That's...
  10732. "Shining?!"
  10733. >"Twily? What are you doing here?"
  10734. "Checking on Sunny... What are you doing?"
  10735. >He shakes his head
  10736. >"The less you know, the better."
  10737. >Shining attempts to pass you, and you grab his arm
  10738. "Hey! I knew you weren't going to stop looking into Discord, but... You're getting my friends involved, too?! You know how dangerous that is!"
  10739. >He pulls his arm away
  10740. >"Twily, she came to ME. Let's leave it at that. Now go home. It's better for the two of you to have as little contact as possible. I wouldn't even be here if she didn't get... If I didn't have to be."
  10741. "Shining, what happened?"
  10742. >Your brother puts an arm around you and tries to lead you away from the apartment complex
  10743. >"Twily, let's go."
  10744. "No! If you're not going to tell me what's going on, I'm going to ask her myself."
  10745. >"Twily, don't—"
  10746. >He curses under his breath as you pull yourself away from him
  10747. >You rush through the complex to Sunny's door, and knock furiously, Shining on your tail
  10748. >The door opens
  10749. >"Back alr—Twilight?"
  10750. >You push yourself in, and Shining follows after you
  10751. >"I tried to stop her."
  10752. >Sunny coughs and waves her hand
  10753. >"It... It's fine."
  10754. "Okay, I want to know what's going—"
  10755. >As you turn to Sunny, your mouth drops
  10756. >She looks beaten to all shit
  10757. >Bruises all over from what you can see, she's holding a hand against her abdomen, slouched, using one arm to hold her up against a wall
  10758. "W-What happened to you?!"
  10759. >You turn to Shining
  10760. "What... What the fuck?! What do you have her doing for you?!"
  10761. >Sunny puts an arm on your shoulder and smiles, talking with a slightly faltering voice
  10762. >"Twilight, it's fine. This is just what happens when you get initiated... Or re-initiated, in this case..."
  10763. "Initiated in what?!"
  10764. >Shining turns his face away from you
  10765. >Sunny frowns
  10766. >"I used to be in a gang. I'm fine. It looks a lot worse than it feels, and you should've seen what I went through the first time. This is nothing. Don't worry about it."
  10767. >You shake your head
  10768. >Gangs?
  10769. >Initiation rituals?
  10770. >Shining?
  10771. >It doesn't take a genius to put the fucking pieces together...
  10772. "But... Why? Why—Why would you guys do this?! I-I can handle myself. You shouldn't be getting yourself caught up in my problems! I know you said you wanted to help, but..."
  10773. >Sunny nods
  10774. >"I'm not doing this just for you. I'm doing it because it's the right thing. Because, maybe... You don't know what kind of things I've done, Twilight. You don't know the person I used to do. Shining is helping me make things right..."
  10775. "But you could die! You already got... I-I mean, look at you!"
  10776. >You begin to pace frantically before turn to Shining
  10777. "Y-You shouldn't have let her... I..."
  10778. >"Like I said, she came to me. Twily, do you understand what kind of an in Sunset is? We can get the solid proof we need to put him away for good! We're not going to just sit by and let him trash the city!"
  10779. "Doesn't... Shouldn't she go to a hospital?!"
  10780. >Shining shakes his head and rubs at his face, clearly frustrated with the situation
  10781. >"Twily, she has to tough it out. That's the point. It's been days since she went undercover. She's already recovering well. I've been running painkillers for her, trying to tend to some of her worse injuries—"
  10782. >You turn to Sunny, and you can see that she's gritting her teeth hard through her smile
  10783. "I thought you said it wasn't that bad!"
  10784. >"Well, you know, relatively... I've gotten wor—FUCK!"
  10785. >She slumps against the wall, contorting, gripping her side
  10786. "Sunny!"
  10787. >You rush to her side and grab a hold of her, keeping her from totally collapsing
  10788. >Shining lets out an expletive
  10789. >"I have to go and grab more medical supplies. I'll be back."
  10790. >He utters another curse under his breath as he runs out
  10791. "Sunny, are you okay?"
  10792. >"Twilight, I-I'm fine... Your brother has been taking good care of me when he can."
  10793. >You sling one of her arms around your shoulder and attempt to carry her to her room
  10794. >This is A LOT harder than it looks in the movies
  10795. >Either that, or you're just incredibly weak
  10796. >Or both
  10797. "Fuck... Why would they beat people so bad they can't even work for them? What's wrong with gangs?"
  10798. >Sunny laughs
  10799. >"I'm old blood. I wanted my old spot back. That meant taking a little more punishment. Like I said, it wasn't—"
  10800. >She lets out a hacking cough and you have to momentarily stop
  10801. >"—it wasn't that bad. Usually they wouldn't let that happen but... I never snitched, and I made a name for myself..."
  10802. >Sunny turns her head away from you
  10803. >"I... I'm not proud of it..."
  10804. >You shake your head
  10805. >Sunny's capable of being violent, but...
  10806. >A violent criminal?
  10807. >Not just that, but a gang member?
  10808. >You... You just can't see that in her
  10809. "Whoever you were, that's not who you are now, but... Getting involved with this shit... I never wanted that."
  10810. >A sense of relief spreads over you as you lay Sunny down on her bed
  10811. >"Thanks, Twilight... And I'm sorry."
  10812. >You take a seat on the bed with Sunny
  10813. >God, what the fuck is happening to your life
  10814. >No, what the fuck are you doing to other people's lives?
  10815. >You were very close to ruining Treehugger's life
  10816. >You pushed your Dad back into drinking
  10817. >And Sunny's plunging herself back into a fucking GANG
  10818. >Frowning, you look at Sunny's beaten and bruised body
  10819. "This is all my fault..."
  10820. >Sunny moves a hand over to yours
  10821. >"Hey, it's not."
  10822. >She chuckles
  10823. >"It's Fluttershy's."
  10824. >She chuckles again and grimaces, clutching her side
  10825. >You simply frown
  10826. >"I guess that's not that funny... Twilight, I do want to help you, but I'm doing this for me."
  10827. >Sunny sighs and stares at the ceiling
  10828. >"I'm doing this because I'm not sure anything's ever going to be enough to make up for the kind of person I used to be... But I'm going to keep trying. Even if it kills me."
  10829. >God fucking fuck, Twilight, look at what shit you've caused
  10830. >You grip her hand
  10831. "Don't say stuff like that. Sunny, I like you just fine..."
  10832. >You blush slightly
  10833. "I think you already know that... And Trixie's been looking for you everywhere. She misses you. The girls miss you. Whatever you did in the past... That doesn't define you! The Sunset Shimmer I know is, man, she's almost sickeningly perfect! You're amazing! You don't need to do this, for me, for yourself, for anyone!"
  10834. >Sunny tries to smile, but averts her eyes from yours
  10835. >"I'm... I'm glad that you think I've come so far. That, when no one else would give me a chance, you did, but... You never met the real me. It feels like... I'm holding back. Every. Day. Maybe the Sunset Shimmer you know is perfect, but... She's not really real. The real me is the worst person I know..."
  10836. >She pulls her hand away and lets out a deep breath, clearly holding back tears
  10837. >You're not sure what you can say to her
  10838. >You don't want to see her, or any of your friends, get hurt
  10839. >And no matter how bad she used to be... That's not the person you know, not the person she IS
  10840. "Sunny..."
  10841. >You take a deep breath
  10842. "You helped me back when I was... When I was just a total dick! I didn't really care about anyone. God, I know it's cheesy, but I'd probably still be holed up in my room if it wasn't for you. This is going to sound dumb, but..."
  10843. >This is going to sound really dumb
  10844. "Ugh, maybe it seems like something that doesn't matter, but I went to a slumber party. I went out and did something with a group of people for the first time, maybe ever. You've helped me a lot."
  10845. >Sunny pushes herself up into a sitting position, leaning against the headboard of her bed, and pulls her knees up to her chest
  10846. >She half frowns, her eyes still avoiding you completely
  10847. >"Twilight, you were never a bad person to start with. Just someone who just needed a friend. I'm telling you, you wouldn't be here trying to give me this pep talk if you knew what I've done. Who I was..."
  10848. >Sunny hands her head in her hands and sighs
  10849. >"Fuck, who I am!"
  10850. "Sunny, you believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. And I believe in you! The way you've treated me, Trixie... A... A bad person... They wouldn't beat themselves up like this!"
  10851. >You can tell she's not buying it
  10852. >You wish she would
  10853. >Fuck, you're no good at this kind of thing...
  10854. >"Twilight, do you know what I'm the most scared of right now?"
  10855. "No..."
  10856. >"It's not getting hurt. Getting killed, even... It's that I'll feel at home. That'll I'll have proof that I haven't changed."
  10857. >You shake your head
  10858. "That's dumb."
  10859. >Sunny laughs, seemingly more out of surprise than anything else
  10860. >"That's... Dumb?"
  10861. "I don't know what else to say... I don't know what it is that you did, but, I guess I do know that hating yourself constantly is bad. I don't have the solution, but... It's been better with others there to help."
  10862. >You scratch the back of your head, and Sunny finally looks up at you
  10863. "I want to be there for you. As your friend!"
  10864. >"As my friend, huh?"
  10865. >Sunny laughs lowly and gives you a small half-smile, and you know your little speech hasn't changed her mind
  10866. >Not totally
  10867. >You're not even sure about the shit you're saying, but...
  10868. >It felt good to hear this stuff from someone else, from her
  10869. >Maybe you'll end up doing some good for Sunny, too
  10870. >Having someone to lean on, friendship and all that shit
  10871. >All those dumb platitudes about caring about people and yourself and shit
  10872. >They can mean something if you make it there yourself
  10873. >Right?
  10874. "I'm not going to be able to convince you—Hell, at this point, I don't know if it's even possible... But, could you not go through with all this?"
  10875. >"I'm sorry, but, no..."
  10876. >You can't hide your disappointment, your frown...
  10877. >Why do the people around you need to have this need to 'do what's right' or whatever?
  10878. >"Hey, i-it's going to be fine. After this all blows over, things will go back to normal. Just hanging out and stuff."
  10879. "That would be nice... I'm still sorry about last time."
  10880. >Sunny laughs and grips for her side in pain
  10881. >"You're always sorry."
  10882. "Shouldn't I be?"
  10883. >"It's 'dumb'. I don't mind what happened."
  10884. >Maybe a little spaghetti amongst friends isn't so bad...
  10885. >You can hear a knock on the door
  10886. "That's probably Shining."
  10887. >Sunny nods and you get up to leave, making your way to the apartment's entrance
  10888. >You open up the door
  10889. >Shining pushes his way in, carrying a bag of what is most probably medical supplies of some sort
  10890. "Does she really need all that stuff?"
  10891. >"Better safe than sorry."
  10892. >Well, that's sort of relieving, you guess
  10893. "Wait, Shining..."
  10894. >He stops
  10895. >"Yeah?"
  10896. "Is she going to be okay?"
  10897. >"Like I said before, she's healing pretty—"
  10898. "No, I mean... Doing whatever it is she's doing for you..."
  10899. >Shining sighs
  10900. >"Knowing her, yeah, she's not going to have trouble."
  10901. >He turns to you
  10902. >"You know, she really comes off a lot different in person than she did from her files."
  10903. "What do her files say?"
  10904. >"Not sure you want to know."
  10905. "So I hear..."
  10906. >Eh, maybe it really is best not to know
  10907. >If you're going to try and tell Sunny that her past isn't all there is to her
  10908. >Well
  10909. >Going out of your way to find that shit out would make you an asshole
  10910. >Shining places the bag of supplies on a nearby counter
  10911. >"Twily... You should head home."