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Aug 10th, 2011
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  1. __ _
  2. .-.' `; `-._ __ _
  3. (_, .-:' `; `-._
  4. ,'o"( (_, )
  5. _______ (__,-' ,'o"( )>
  6. | _ |.-----. ( (__,-' )
  7. |. | || _ | `-'._.--._( )
  8. |. | || __| ||| |||`-'._.--._.-'
  9. |: 1 ||__| What the fuck is it? ||| |||
  10. |::.. . | _______ __ __
  11. `-------'| _ |.---.-..----..-----.| |--..-----..-----.| |--.
  12. |. 1___|| _ || __|| -__|| _ || _ || _ || <
  13. |. __) |___._||____||_____||_____||_____||_____||__|__|
  14. |: |
  15. |::.|
  16. `---'
  18. Background:
  20. Op facebook began several months ago, and had between 10 and 20 members. At its conception it had one goal:
  22. To bring attention to the fact that facebook stored the data of user accounts.
  24. This later developed into a second goal:
  26. To develop an ethical, anonymous facebook alternative.
  28. Development began on the site (albeit slowly), and all was well for a few days. Then came news of anonplus, an anonymous social network, similar to the one that was being developed at #opfacebook. The site in development by #opfacebook was slowing to a halt and so i decided to offer the source to the team at anonplus. This cam as a relief as i was growing tired of the project. I expected them to accept my offer of free source code and a mostly functioning site that would have reduced the embarresment they subjected themselves to with the epic fail of anouncing a site before they started coding. Unfortunately however, the "leader" (i lol'd) was a bit of a bitch, and i was subjected to a number of attempted doxes and then kickbanned.
  30. Without anyone to take over or any interest remaining in the project, it was eventually scrapped, and with the media attention of facebooks policies #opfacebook should have died gracefully. Obviously however, this was not the case.
  32. Nobody ever removed the channel, and so at some point rumours began as to what #opfacebook was. The plan before it was scrapped had been a mass deletion of facebook accounts, however it was decided that a mass deletion of facebook accounts would occur on november the 5th, however this was decided to be a bad idea and so it was removed from the pad. Unfortunately, this left only the draft of a message to facebook, warning that they would "never forget" the 5th of november. At some point, somebody saw the near-empty channel and joined it. Rumours were spread ranging from 0-day exploits in facebook to physical attacks on the server. Soon #opfacebook gained around 40 people who expected an attack on facebook.
  34. The sudden growth of the channel, and the rumours of an attack on facebook brang swarms of mediafags, and then everything turned into a mess similar to the one you'd expect if shit his a fan. And not hard shit - kind of soft and sticky shit.
  36. People started joining really fast, partially because of the media but mainly because of a particularly awesome and lulzy op who didn't afraid of nothing and secretly wanted to kick 200 users because he/she thought it would be funny whhen they all got mad. Unfortunately rum removed his/her op status because he was jelly, and that fucked things up even more because he was left with an embarresing op and nearly 200 people.
  38. Anyway, the whole thing is a massive clusterfuck and i feel responsible, so can someone sort that shit out?
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