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  1. aid: lMpw1zjP32FD-UIHs9ZLhw
  2. intlNumber: +1 64685686466
  3. jid:
  4. locale: en_US
  5. registered: true
  6. first_run: false
  7. linked: false
  8. username: 9e692c4f2dec51a4fbefc1e36893fcf2
  9. password: 970b2e3679e079f33fecc1d1230293d8
  10. swift password: 325cd4cc264d16938ba2f9c7696ff36e
  11. displayname: Daniil Kharms
  12. <tango>: c7208a8b90911f76414558992d298653
  13. <iphone>: Rt+hLQp6X9TBEDAgJD7FM2mB9/lyy8RfOmFe+n53+CQ=
  14. <applevoip>2DqCDReQVAgAD7Gu3JVimGg+wlGUB8BwO2RACL9LoLQ=
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