It Was All An Act (EQG Fingerbang)

Nov 12th, 2013
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  1. >Day It Was All An Act in Canterlot.
  2. >This girl is weird.
  3. >You should never have agreed to go on a blind date with this girl.
  4. >Just look at her.
  5. >What kind of sorry ass excuse for a dress is that?
  6. >And her hair.
  7. >Actually her hair is alright.
  8. >You kind of like long pink hair.
  9. >But her personality…
  10. >How can she live with herself?
  11. >No one always acts this shy.
  12. >That’s something you grow out of when you turn twelve.
  13. >She is talking, but you haven’t listened to her for a few minutes.
  14. >At least she is finally talking.
  15. >You had to ask her a million questions before she said much more than yes, no, or I don’t know.
  16. >And now she won’t stop babbling about…
  17. >You focus on her for a moment.
  18. >”But it’s alright that cats eat mice. It’s natural for –“
  19. >Some nonsense about animals.
  20. >You look at your watch.
  21. >8:45pm.
  22. >This torture is nearly over.
  23. >She has to be home by nine.
  24. >Maybe you can make out with her to pass these last few minutes?
  25. >No, that would require trying.
  26. >But you really don’t anything better to do…
  27. >You interrupt Fluttershy.
  28. “That’s all good. I agree with all of that,” you say with exaggerated enthusiasm.
  29. >Fluttershy smiles.
  30. >”Really?”
  31. >”Totally. It’s like I know exactly what you are saying.”
  32. >She blushes and tries to hide behind her flowing hair.
  33. >”Oh you’re just being nice, Anon.”
  34. >You fake a smile.
  35. “No way. Animals are cool.”
  36. >You gaze into her eyes.
  37. >Her eyes match yours and for the briefest moment it feels like you have a connection with her.
  38. >A hand moves by itself to Fluttershy’s hip.
  39. >You pull her closer.
  40. >You can feel her soft shape underneath her yellow dress.
  41. 1/7
  42. >She places a hand on your chest.
  43. >She smells like lilacs.
  44. >Her eyes dart between your gaze and your lips.
  45. >BZZZZTT
  46. >Shit.
  47. >A phone vibrates on the table.
  48. >Fluttershy pulls away and grabs her phone.
  49. >”Sorry. I have to go home. My dad gets mad if I’m late.”
  50. >What a waste.
  51. >You just spent an hour and a half with this girl and you didn’t even get to make out with her.
  52. ”Yeah, I should get going too.”
  53. >Fluttershy looks at the floor.
  54. >”You should call me some time.”
  55. >She reaches into her purse and hands you a piece of paper with her number.
  56. “Yeah. I’ll do that,” you lie.
  57. >She gives you one last smile before leaving.
  58. >It’s easy to crumple up the piece of paper.
  59. >You form it into a basketball and shoot for the trashcan.
  60. ”Nothing but net.”
  61. >
  62. >The next day.
  63. >”So did you have sex with her?”
  64. >You look at Norm like he is the dumbest person in the world.
  65. ”No. That girl is certifiable.”
  66. >”What happened? You’re gay now? Didn’t want a little of this?”
  67. >He pumps his hips into the air.
  68. >”Maybe a little of that?”
  69. >He puts a hand behind his head and hyperventilates.
  70. >Then his hand forces his head forward like he is deep throating an enormous cock.
  71. >”No. It’s too big.”
  72. >His other hand pushes against the invisible man so only so much enters his throat.
  73. >Norman winces in pain as his jaw is forced open to the limit.
  74. >He audibly gags in sync with his movements.
  75. ”That’s good technique. You suck a lot of dick?”
  76. >”No!”
  77. >His cheeks burn red.
  78. >”Hey I need you to go out with her again on Friday.”
  79. “Again?”
  80. >”She won’t leave Rainbow Dash alone. I need a distraction if I’m gonna get lucky.”
  81. 2/7
  82. ”Can’t you get someone else to take her?”
  83. >”Damn it, Anon. I don’t ask you for a lot of favors. Besides she is probably the easiest girl at Canterlot High.”
  84. >This last part piques your interest.
  85. ”Yeah?”
  86. >”Dude. If you are nice to her she will give you a handjob.”
  87. >He puts his arm around you and waves toward the ceiling.
  88. >”Just think about it. You. Her. The backseat of your car. She might even let you go all the way.” He stops himself to think. “But she’s shy so actually we are going to be in my van at Makeout Point.”
  89. >”All four of us?”
  90. >”Just kidding. I’ll be in the van with Rainbow. All you have to do is keep Fluttershy occupied.”
  91. >You shake your head.
  92. “Fine.”
  93. >
  94. >Next Friday.
  95. >You have just finished a double date with Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Norman.
  96. >It only took a few minutes to drive to Makeout Point afterward.
  97. >Looks like it’s a slow night here.
  98. >There are only two other cars.
  99. >Each are spaced just enough to give a bit of privacy.
  100. >Fluttershy breaks the silence.
  101. >”It’s very pretty outside.”
  102. >You look out the windshield.
  103. >Might as well get a handy out of this.
  104. ”Not as pretty as you,” you lie.
  105. >She turns to you slowly.
  106. >”You really think that, Anon?”
  107. >No.
  108. ”Yeah.”
  109. >Fluttershy brushes some of her pink hair aside.
  110. >You can finally see her face.
  111. >The moonlight brings out her blue eyes.
  112. >It’s difficult in a bucket seat, but you manage to move closer to her.
  113. >And now the finisher.
  114. >Your motion is slow and deliberate to give her enough time to react.
  115. >You place an arm over her shoulder.
  116. >She inhales sharply, but she doesn’t pull away.
  117. >You lean toward her.
  118. >Girls like it when you invade their space, but ultimately give them the choice.
  119. >Your lips are an inch away from hers.
  120. 3/7
  121. >Fluttershy’s eyes beg for you to take her.
  122. >It’s up to her to make the choice.
  123. >She squeaks slightly before gathering the courage to kiss you.
  124. >Her lips peck yours, and it is over in an instant.
  125. >Too bad that isn’t enough to satisfy you.
  126. >You can tell she liked it.
  127. >She just needs a little more prodding.
  128. “You can do better than that,” you smile.
  129. >”I don’t know if I can, Anon.”
  130. >Norman told you that this girl gives hand jobs to everyone.
  131. >Why is she playing hard to get?
  132. >”I just feel so vulnerable right now.”
  133. >Her hand grabs yours and she pulls it toward her right breast.
  134. >She forces you to rub her though the fabric.
  135. >”We’re all alone, and you are so much bigger than me.”
  136. >Her grip tightens on your hand and she kisses you deeply.
  137. >”You could do anything you wanted and I wouldn’t be able to resist.”
  138. >Her other arm yanks you in closer.
  139. >You have to press against the passenger seat to prevent yourself from smothering her.
  140. >Her face brushes against yours as she moves forward.
  141. >The scent of her lilac perfume is driving you crazy.
  142. >You feel light nibbling on your ear before she continues.
  143. >”Without my friends to protect me, you could do anything you wanted with my body.”
  144. >She moves your hand toward her neck and forces you to squeeze.
  145. >Fluttershy smiles at your reaction.
  146. >”If you decided to force yourself on me I would be crushed.”
  147. >After several more threatening squeezes she moves your hand down again.
  148. >This time it slips under her shirt.
  149. >As if by instinct you cup her perky form.
  150. >Your fingers move on their own.
  151. >”You know I would be too scared to tell on you.”
  152. >Your hand slips from the seat and you fall over her.
  153. >Her soft thigh prevents you from crashing into the passenger window.
  154. >”Please be gentle with me, Anon.”
  155. >Her hand moves to her thigh and guides you to her flower.
  156. >You can feel a thumb moving away her soft panties.
  157. >Her legs spread to allow easier access.
  158. >She is cleanly shaved.
  159. 4/7
  160. >Fluttershy must have planned this.
  161. >”Just don’t hit me.”
  162. >You can feel the heat emanating from her.
  163. >After feeling her soaking entrance she pushes one of your fingers in.
  164. >Her warmth.
  165. >It’s indescribable.
  166. >”I won’t be able to explain away bruising.”
  167. >She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.
  168. >Her hand guides you to her neck.
  169. >You kiss her gently.
  170. >”And if anyone found out it would just make you angrier.”
  171. >She makes a low grunt.
  172. >Her face presses against yours.
  173. >Her tight embrace keeps you from moving away.
  174. >You can’t resist anymore, and your lips lock.
  175. >Your fingers gain speed and explore her depths.
  176. >Each one touching a different part of her.
  177. >She breaks the kiss to gasp.
  178. >”And I know you would force me to –“
  179. >She closes her eyes and makes a low moan.
  180. >Her breathing quickens.
  181. >”You would force me to do even more degrading things.”
  182. >She gasps again.
  183. >”Right there.”
  184. “Here?”
  185. >Your fingers tease her.
  186. >”Yes. Right. There.”
  187. >She grabs your hand to stop you.
  188. >Her body shakes slightly in your embrace.
  189. >You pull your hand back slowly.
  190. >Flutterhy’s cheeks are flushed.
  191. >The smell of lilacs is now overpowered by her musk.
  192. >”Don’t make me taste myself, Anon. I don’t think I could take that.”
  193. >She tries to look away but her eyes keep darting toward you.
  194. >This time she doesn’t move a hand to guide you.
  195. >Though you know it’s a bad idea, you play along.
  196. “You’re going to do what I want, Fluttershy.”
  197. >You move the hand drenched in her juices toward her.
  198. >She tries to pull away you but you too strong.
  199. >”Please don’t make me do it, Anon.”
  200. 5/7
  201. >She moves forward and pulls her lips on your palm.
  202. >Her long tongue licks up slowly before reaching the offending fingers.
  203. >When she reaches the top her mouth takes in your digits.
  204. >She bobs slowly as if she were sucking on your manhood.
  205. >”Are you happy, Anon? Will you let me go now?”
  206. “It’s over when I say it is.”
  207. >”I did everything you wanted… unless...”
  208. >She gasps as if finally realizing her fate.
  209. >”You’re not going to force me into the back and take my virginity are you?”
  210. >She pushes you back and hops into the backseat.
  211. >What?
  212. >You just wanted a quick handy.
  213. >Before you can react she grabs you with both hands.
  214. >You don’t resist her surprising strong action.
  215. >She moves to the side and quickly discards her white and pink striped panties.
  216. >Her hands move to cover her face.
  217. >”Don’t look at me. I couldn’t bear that.”
  218. >You examine her soaking lips.
  219. >With a spare hand you unbutton your pants.
  220. >Your fully engorged member is twitching in anticipation.
  221. >”Are you on the pill?”
  222. >”Of course I’m not. There is no way my mom would let me have those.”
  223. >A legs pulls you toward her.
  224. >”I know men like you. You don’t care how many girls you get pregnant as long as you get what you want.”
  225. >Her hips move to line you up.
  226. >”Men like you are disgusting.”
  227. “No, seriously. Are you on the pill?”
  228. >She gives you a confused look.
  229. >Her voice changes to her normal tone.
  230. >”Yeah.”
  231. “Cool,” you smile.
  232. >”Please be gentle,” she says returning to character.
  233. >You don’t need to be told twice.
  234. >Her moist lips tease you.
  235. >You can almost feel her begging you to enter.
  236. >Why keep her waiting?
  237. >You unceremoniously push into her.
  238. >She gasps and her hips move away from you.
  239. >”You’re too big, Anon. You’ll rip me apart.”
  240. >You laugh at her fear.
  241. 6/7
  242. “I always get what I want.”
  243. >You lean forward and put your weight on her.
  244. >She tries to squirm away, but the cramped quarters keep her in place.
  245. >You push into her again.
  246. >Though she is tight, there is no way she is a virgin.
  247. >She bites her lip in a poor attempt to stop from crying.
  248. >Her face presses against yours.
  249. >Your arms wrap around her small frame.
  250. >You pump into her again and again.
  251. >Her legs quiver on each impact.
  252. >You look back and see her curling her toes.
  253. >This makes you even more excited and you increase your pace.
  254. >Fluttershy’s breathing quickens to match you.
  255. >She is so warm.
  256. >She lifts up her legs and wraps them around your waist.
  257. >You can feel yourself reaching your limit.
  258. >As if sensing this she says, “Just don’t come inside me. I don’t want to get pregnant.”
  259. >Her legs tighten around you to prevent you from following her request.
  260. >Looks like there is only one way out of this one.
  261. >Inside her.
  262. >You hilt into her several times.
  263. >In this heightened state you can feel the end of her canal.
  264. >You have to hit it.
  265. >Summoning the last of your strength you lift up and push into her as hard as possible.
  266. >Her inner lips kiss your member.
  267. >This puts you over your limit and you eject your seed into her depths.
  268. >You quiver in ecstasy.
  269. >Her legs hold you in place.
  270. >You can feel yourself emptying everything into her.
  271. >She doesn’t want to waste a drop.
  272. >After a few moments she kisses you.
  273. >Her legs move to the side and you pull out of her.
  274. >You rest your head against her chest.
  275. >You can feel her heart beating.
  276. >She brushes your hair lightly.
  277. >”Will you let me go now, Anon?”
  278. >You lift yourself with your arms to get a good look at her.
  279. >Her face is flushed and she is smiling from ear to ear.
  280. “Sure. I’ll drive you home.”
  281. fin
  282. 7/7
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