Xenos Hunters Session 31

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  9.         antoine One week after your last mission the ship has moved to a small port. The largest for a long way and barely sufficient to accomodate more than a single frigate at a time. The ship repairs continue as your Kill Team walks the corridors from your training room. As you pass the apothecary though you hear screams and shouts in a female voice, if not for your nature you would find the rage behind...
  10.         antoine ...the voice to be most terrifying.
  11.         antoine (retcon, apothecary = medicae deck)
  12.         antoine The doors open and you hear a crash of glass as a low ranked medical staff member makes a run for it.
  13.         antoine "FIND HIM, BRING ME HIS HEAD!", it seems Tellion has finally awoken from her drug induced slumber.
  14.         Balmung cocks his head to the side
  15.         Sinbad  waves
  16.         Sinbad  "Good afternoon, Lady Inquisitor!"
  17.         Sinbad  continues his after-workout stretches with Patriclus and doop
  18.         Navarre has been on the medicae deck, looking after the Inquisitor. "I am impressed. I thought she would be out for another day at least." He prepares another 50cc's of sedative to apply to the irate woman.
  19.         Bellerophon     intervenes before the head she wants becomes any head she can get her hands on
  20.         antoine "Don't you dare sedate me Navarre!" She slams her fist down onto the metal side table, leaving a shallow bulge in it from the impact.
  21.         Sinbad  freezes at her anger
  22.         Balmung "Who's head do you want now?"
  23.         antoine Inside the medicae deck you find Navarre standing over an woman with a face flush with rage, her prone form lying on a recovery bed in a out of the way section. Oriel stands inside an observation room connected to the room as docters and nurses go about their business.
  24.         antoine "HARDGRAVES! I will see that scum burn!"
  25.         Bellerophon     Does she have a new leg yet?
  26.         antoine No leg yet
  27.         Balmung "Who's he?"
  28.         Sinbad  "...What? Master Hardgraves?!"
  29.         Bellerophon     "Inquisitor Hardgraves."
  30.         Bellerophon     "He singlehandedly managed to offend our entire Kill-Team on Rahas."
  31.         Bellerophon     "What has he done this time, Tellion? I thought that was the last we were going to see of him."
  32.         Balmung snorts
  33.         Sinbad  puts on a dark look
  34.         antoine "He did this, I know it" she exclaims, thrusting her finger accusingly at an empty space in the room, "That bastard caused all of this!"
  35.         Sinbad  "What has that fool done?!"
  36.         Sinbad  looks around confusedly, his bolt pistol in one hand
  37.         Bellerophon     "Perhaps she is delirious. Though she seems quite cogent."
  38.         antoine "I was on Romugustus because he summoned me, he lured me to that world and never showed."
  39.         antoine She has stopped throwing medical equipment but still her mood is sour.
  40.         Sinbad  "Erm..when? By the...way. Lady Inquisitor...what date is it? I seem to have misplaced my chron...o."
  41.         Sinbad  packs away his bolt pistol back into his robes
  42.         Bellerophon     "We know little of the events prior to your abudction by the Dark Eldar."
  43.         Bellerophon     "If it is any consolation, them and their ship were destroyed by an atomic device we had planted. Although sympathy will not regrow your leg."
  44.         antoine "You must help me, we must hunt him down." Tellion points to a wall mounted clock mounted above the doorway, "There Sinbad."
  45.         Balmung crosses his arms and looks at the inquisitor
  46.         Sinbad  puts his face into the palm of one hand
  47.         Sinbad  "...Yes, Lady Inquisitor. Thank you."
  48.         Omniel  "Inquisitor Hardgraves is in good standing with the Inquisition, is he not?"
  49.         Navarre does as asked. Not sedating the inquisitor. "If you wish, Madame." He's still kept it prepped. "Have you decided on which Augmetic you desire? I can have it prepped and ready to go as soon as you wish."
  50.         Sinbad  "Does it matter? He does not stand with the Emperor's Will, despite his vestments!"
  51.         antoine She raises herself up on her elbows, "He did this Omniel, it dosen't matter what his standing is, he will pay."
  52.         Bellerophon     "I do not follow the machinations of the Ordo Hereticus, but it would be unwise to assume anything but."
  53.         Sinbad  says with contempt
  54.         Bellerophon     "It may be possible to do a more thorough search into his background, with time."
  55.         Navarre refuses to politick. That is for mortals. "Madame, you should calm down. Your blood pressure is starting to spike and your gesticulating may cause your stitches and sutures to pop."
  56.         antoine She waves off Navarre, "Tommorrow please, I need to instruct my acolytes to begin the search."
  57.         Bellerophon     "Regardless of our disposition to your...cause, we are not at liberty to abandon our duty to pursue a vendetta. Unless we were directly commanded via a Watch Captain or Commander..."
  58.         Navarre "Tomorrow is all and well for surgery, but I am worried about your rampant temper getting the best of you."
  59.         antoine "Oriel will make that happen Belle, he owes me enough."
  60.         Bellerophon     "Then our services are at your disposal."
  61.         Sinbad  "Aye. If that wretch Hardgrave has even bordered on Heresy, I shall make him wish he were dead thrice-over."
  62.         antoine "Good" She lowers herself, calming her demeanor a little. "My acolytes will find him and when they do, we will excise that pompous bastard."
  63.         Bellerophon     "Due process at its finest. Are you not concerned about any potential retribution from the Sororitas or the Ordo Hereticus?"
  64.         Balmung snorts
  65.         Bellerophon     "They will not look kindly one of their own being the target of a blood fued. With the Ordo Xenos and Deathwatch, no less."
  66.         Sinbad  "Rahas has long since ended. Hopefully they are gone yet from their charge."
  67.         Navarre "I would suggest that before we excise him, we fine proof of his... actions unbecoming one of his station."
  68.         antoine "He is a traitorous heretic, I am sure we will find proof of his evil once we confront him." she states adamantly
  69.         Navarre "I have no doubt. But as a good brother of mine in the White Scars once told me, a pissing match between Ordos serves only the enemies of man."
  70.         Balmung chuckles
  71.         Sinbad  "Can I eat him?"
  72.         Omniel  "Perhaps the Lady Inquisitor would like to, Sinbad."
  73.         antoine "Yes Sinbad, after I am done with him." she says nonchalantly. "Now, out please. Sinbad stay a moment."
  74.         Sinbad  points to himself confusedly, and nods
  75.         antoine She waves Sinbad over.
  76.         Sinbad  comes over
  77.         Balmung "We should head back to the barracks while they talk"
  78.         Omniel  "Perhaps we should begin preparing for a mission..."
  79.         antoine As all but Sinbad leaves, Oriel emerges from some stairs, "A feud between the two ordos would not be good." looking knowingly at you all.
  80.         Bellerophon     "And a fued we will not be perpetrating."
  81.         Navarre "Is that not what I said?"
  82.         Bellerophon     walks to the communications wing
  83.         Balmung takes out an old bone knife and plays with it in his hands casually
  84.         Balmung follows after Bellerophon
  85.         antoine "Good" I will be on my way then, the Inquisitor moves off.
  86.         Navarre With nothing left to do, Navarre will go make sure a operating theatre is ready for the Inquisitors operation.
  87.         Balmung walks up behind Bellerophon and slams him into the wall and pins him there
  88.         Bellerophon     makes a pomf~ sound
  89.         Balmung "Listen to me very carefully, if this was Fenris you would have been dropped in the tundra with nothing more than a sharp stick and be made to walk back to the fang"
  90.         Bellerophon     "Thank the Emporer I'm from Macragge."
  91.         Balmung "But it is not so we won't do that. If you ever disrespect Sinbad's mine or anyone else on the team's leadership again I will make sure you will never do it again"
  92.         Balmung puts the bone knife to Bellerophon's neck "You have shamed Sinbad and I's chapters by refusing a direct order and most importatantly you have shamed your own chapter"
  93.         Bellerophon     "Do that again and I will aerate your thick skull with bolter fire."
  94.         Balmung slams Bellerophon's head against the bulk head "Shut your mouth welp!"
  95.         Bellerophon     draws the pistol from its holster in the small of his back, and levels it as Balmung's face.
  96.         Bellerophon     "I dare you."
  97.         Anselm  appears from down the hallway, horned helm cradled in-hand and his serf, strapped into a bulky jump pack, dragging his legs behind him.
  98.         Anselm  "The tensions run high, I see," he comments on the scene.
  99.         Bellerophon     "On the contrary, they were just ending."
  100.         Bellerophon     shoves Balmung off of him.
  101.         Balmung growls "You do not regret going against the orders of two superior space marines?"
  102.         Balmung "I thought your codex taught you better than that"
  103.         Bellerophon     "Orders? Superiors? Clearly your chapter's alcoholism runs rampant even in the Deathwatch. Has the liqour clouded your memory, and judgement, so?"
  104.         Anselm  lowers his brow and glares at Bellerophon. "Watch your tongue in Brother Balmung's presence, Brother Bellerophon."
  105.         Balmung "Sinbad was the team leader and I out rank you by association of being a wolf guard remember your place welp!"
  106.         Balmung "Our orders were to destroy the xenos craft and retreive the Inquisitor, not to capture the craft!"
  107.         Bellerophon     "The ship, destroyed. Tellion, recovered. The humans you and the others had neglected? Rescued. The Inquisition? Gifted a great boon by my own actions."
  108.         Anselm  "The Wolf is correct. Your actions last mission were great cause for concern. They smack of selfishness."
  109.         Balmung "Then why did you wish to capture the xenos ship?"
  110.         Bellerophon     "As opposed to what? Take the unprotected humans through the void?"
  111.         Balmung "Some of those humans were too far gone for even us to save, they were shells of humanity and wished to die."
  112.         Bellerophon     "And you are, truly, the one to speak for them."
  113.         Anselm  looks down at Joffery. "Get on back to your quarters. We will practice more at a future time."
  114.         Bellerophon     "We are done here. Your accusations are hollow and inflammatory."
  115.         Bellerophon     "Don't forget what I said about the bolts."
  116.         antoine Joffery looks a little out of his depth and nods in appreciation before exiting the hall
  117.         Bellerophon     waves his pistol in the air as he walks away before slotting it back in his holster
  118.         Anselm  puts on his helm.
  119.         Balmung growls
  120.         Anselm  "Bellerophon!" Anselm calls.
  121.         Balmung growls some more and turns and walks back to his quarters
  122.         Anselm  "I vouch for Brother Balmung's assessment! This behavior will be your damnation!"
  123.         Navarre will do as he is asked.
  124.         antoine A few days later you are summoned by Sinbad to the hangar deck
  125.         Sinbad  "Hail, Brothers!"
  126.         Anselm  arrives in full armor, and beats his chest in salute to Sinbad. "Hail, Brother."
  127.         Navarre "Brother." Navarre would greet the other. He's in full armor, save for his diagnostor helmet.
  128.         Sinbad  puts a sword on a table
  129.         Bellerophon     walks in, helmet in his arms
  130.         Sinbad  "BROTHERS! I CALL YOU HEAR TODAY! I shall leave on a Kill-Marine mission soon! I must leave this blessed sword with someone, that they shall bring death and terror to the enemies of Man until I return!"
  131.         Sinbad  "Would any step forward to bear this blade?"
  132.         Balmung walks in in full armor along with some new trophies
  133.         Balmung steps forward "I shall take it"
  134.         Sinbad  "He steps forward in bravery! Would any others desire to bear it?"
  135.         Anselm  watches intently, and remains silent.
  136.         Sinbad  "So, he steps forwards, and the Throne grants it to him! Come, Brother Veteran, bear this sword in my absence!"
  137.         Balmung "I will"
  138.         Sinbad  "Promise me one thing: do not let it be drawn until a mighty, evil opponent is to be slain! And once drawn, do not let it escape undefeated!"
  139.         Sinbad  gently places the blade into Balmung's hands
  140.         Balmung takes the blade in his hands
  141.         antoine Sinbad takes his leave with Patriclus, just as they are about to raise the ramp, Tellion is rolled into the room by a doctor.
  142.         Sinbad  looks back, and gives a salute with his fist to his chest upon the arrival
  143.         Sinbad  "Brothers, we are joined by honored guest!"
  144.         Navarre would give a nod to the inquisitor. "Madame."
  145.         Balmung nods
  146.         Anselm  also acknowledges the Inquisitor with a nod.
  147.         Bellerophon     "Inquisitor."
  148.         antoine "Tellion has her new augmetic attached but is still recovering." the doctor adds. Tellion looks to Sinbad, "You are right, I need space from this..."
  149.         Sinbad  "The planet shall welcome you, Lady Tellion. Trust in the Throne's Will, that those evil shall die in flames."
  150.         antoine She looks to the Kill Team, "I trust you to see this to the end." She gives a curt bow with her head in thanks.
  151.         Bellerophon     "It will be done."
  152.         Balmung nods
  153.         Sinbad  offers the opening of the leaving ship with Patriclus for the Inquisitor and her doctor
  154.         antoine After this she is trundled up to Sinbad who helps the bed into the rear of the voidcraft
  155.         Sinbad  "We shall go to Hidule, and judge its loyalites for a short time. Until then, Brothers, Throne bless you all."
  156.         Balmung "Primarchs watch over you Sinbad"
  157.         Sinbad  gives a final salute to his Brothers and closes the door
  158.         Anselm  bows his head. "Emperor be with you, my Honored Brother! Come back to us with glory!"
  159.         antoine The door closes before the craft speeds off into the void, leaving you a minus one of the main hangar deck.
  160.         antoine on the *
  161.         antoine leaving you, minus one, on*
  162.         Navarre will attache his gift to hang around his waist with any and all other awards.
  163.         Balmung attaches his new trinket to his armor
  164.         Anselm  cocks his head in curiosity at the trinket, then closes his fist around it, watching the shuttle leave.
  165.         Omniel  affixes the honour reverently to his robe.
  166.         Balmung leaves the ceremony
  167.         Navarre has work to do, and goes to do it.
  168.         Bellerophon     affixes the vial to his cingulum, hanging it near the golden bolt shell that is his Marksman's Honor, and so leaves to attend to his other concerns
  169.         antoine Over the course of several weeks you wait as the Acolytes sift through information and track leads as to where Hardgrave has gone to. It is the thankless menial side of investigations that make everything else possible. Finally they find something, a grainy recording of Hardgrave entering a ship bound for the world of Niveus.
  170.         Bellerophon     "How old is this pict-cording?"
  171.         Bellerophon     refers to the footage of him from the ship
  172.         antoine The woman with the broken arm is on the mend, she works the dataslate with a single hand to bring up the time stamp, "Three days ago. If we leave now we will arrive two days behind them, depending on the currents."
  173.         Balmung "We should make haste then"
  174.         Bellerophon     "Exceptionally up to date. What type of planet is this Niveus?"
  175.         Navarre "I am also curious."
  176.         antoine "Glacial, frozen and out of the way. The only notation I have here is of a fyceline mining facility."
  177.         Balmung smiles "Sounds like fun"
  178.         Omniel  "Strange. I wonder what sort of business he would have at a mining facility."
  179.         Bellerophon     "As I do. The situations that bring an Inquisitor from the Ordo Hereticus to a mining world is small. Unless he is pursuing...extra-cirriculars."
  180.         Balmung "Maybe he is under an assumed alias there."
  181.         Bellerophon     "Do you have a mention of total population?"
  182.         Balmung "I'd guess he's gone into hiding until he can be sure that the Inquisitor is dead"
  183.         antoine "Perhaps meeting an accomplice?", she studies the dataslate once more, "Uninhabited except for the complex."
  184.         Bellerophon     "How many?"
  185.         antoine "One complex, no statement of staff levels. From its size, several hundred people could be there."
  186.         Bellerophon     "A facility this size should not be attracting the attention of an Inquisitor. How strange.
  187.         Bellerophon     "
  188.         Bellerophon     "Let us leave now, then. Time is of the essence."
  189.         antoine After another week you arrive in the system, the lonely planet is surrounded by asteroids caught in its gravity. There is no sign of another ship within the system.
  190.         Balmung grunts
  191.         Balmung "We should move fast, our ship won't go unnoticed for long"
  192.         Balmung "Everyone gear up"
  193.         Anselm  arrives at the Wolf's side in full armor, with his serf in-tow.
  194.         antoine The Captain makes a call through the vox, "Silent Running. Hangar deck prepare Aquila landers."
  195.         Balmung "Head to the hanger and board the Aquila"
  196.         Navarre is right behind Anselm. Fully gears up. He seems to have a power sword. An upgrade? Most indubitably.
  197.         Bellerophon     boards the Aquila, holding his heavy bolter and ammo pack in his hands. He shepards in his honor guard
  198.         Navarre "Brother Ultramarine, I do not think we have room for your... soldiers."
  199.         Omniel  retrieves his things and boards the lander as well.
  200.         Anselm  dons his helmet, grumbling to himself.
  201.         Balmung "Aye this is not a sight seeing mission leave your honor guard here"
  202.         Bellerophon     "Their number is small. They will fit."
  203.         Balmung "Leave them"
  204.         Bellerophon     "They are not yours to command."
  205.         Balmung "But you are under my command and I say command them to stay on the ship"
  206.         Anselm  "Leave them, Bellerophon, but take the Sergeant. This is not an assignment which requires their number."
  207.         Bellerophon     waves a hand.
  208.         antoine The men stand at the threshold, unsure of themselves.
  209.         Bellerophon     "Do not expect this offense to go unmet, wolf."
  210.         Navarre "There is no offense, thus nothing to meet."
  211.         Bellerophon     "Then you had missed the part where he accosted me in the hallway, attempting to do me harm."
  212.         Balmung grunts
  213.         Balmung "I "accpsted" you for disobeyeing orders"
  214.         Bellerophon     "Mangey curr. You fail your chapter."
  215.         Anselm  "Enough!" Anselm barks.
  216.         Balmung growls
  217.         Navarre "And imagine that, he did not hurt you. Leave it to an Ultramarine to treat pride just as important as their arm or there foot." He thought for a moment. "Even more so then a foot, I suppose."
  218.         Balmung snorts and chuckles "Do not forget I am the pack leader for this mission and I have no qualms of stripping you of your precious heavy bolter and leaving you out on a glacier"
  219.         Bellerophon     "Was I not clear before? Or is your memory just exceptionally awful? Threaten my life, my liberty, my possessions, or my people, and it will be the last action you take."
  220.         Balmung gives Bellerophon a broad grin
  221.         antoine The Lander's rear door closes, leaving the men behind as the voidcraft accelerates toward the planet.
  222.         Bellerophon     fixes his helmet to the rest of his armor
  223.         antoine As you continue the pilot exclaims as another aquila lander emerges from the asteroids. It swoops in to match course and speed.
  224.         Omniel  "This does not bode well..."
  225.         Balmung "As long as everyone pays attention and everyone listens we'll be fine"
  226.         Balmung puts on his helmet
  227.         Bellerophon     ++Has it identified itself?++
  228.         antoine ++It asked for our idenification, I ordered it to land with us so we can check it over. It seems to be complying++
  229.         Bellerophon     ++Adequate. Maintain heading.++
  230.         antoine The two shuttles circle a large complex set on a mountain before setting down on a snow swept landing pad.
  231.         antoine The rear door open and the rush of cold air comes in
  232.         antoine opens*
  233.         Anselm  ++Make sure your suit is sealed,++ Anselm warns his serf.
  234.         Balmung stands up and checks his gear ++It's only -30++
  235.         antoine As you exit you see series of interlinked buildings, skeletal in nature with many supporting struts holding the structure to the mountain. snow accumulates in crevices while a wind whistles in your ear as it passes through tight spaces.
  236.         Navarre ++S shall we meet with these interlopers?++
  237.         Bellerophon     ++Yes.++
  238.         antoine The other Aquila is off to the side, setting down with a hiss of hydraulics.
  239.         Balmung ++Aye++
  240.         Anselm  rests his hands on his blades, and sets out.
  241.         Balmung walks out of the lander and heads over to the other lander
  242.         antoine Joffery checks his seals quickly as instructed but they were all done.
  243.         Omniel  exits the lander warily, weapons readied.
  244.         antoine The door opens to reveal a deathwatch marine without a chapter marking. However, unlike Decimus, this marine is also an apothecary.
  245.         Balmung cocks his head ++You're name brother?++
  246.         Anselm  eyes this new arrival warily.
  247.         Sinbad  ++YOU ARE THREE DAYS LATE!++
  248.         =-=     Sinbad is now known as Unknown
  249.         Balmung ++Watch your tone++
  251.         Unknown ponderously walks forward
  252.         antoine The unknown marine has a Mk2 helm on. The relic crusader helm fitted with a spike jutting from the top.
  253.         Anselm  "Where do you hail from, Apothecary?"
  254.         Unknown ++That is of no concern. I am a Black Shield. I would ask that it not come up...Champion.++
  255.         Unknown eyes the equipment of the party, seeing their roles
  256.         Bellerophon     ++He wears ancient armor, and yet bears no chapter marking. How strange.++
  257.         Balmung grunts
  258.         Balmung ++Come we didn't come here for the scenery we have work to do.++
  259.         Unknown ++Hear! I am Aslan! I come to your aid, this mission on the orders of the Lady Tellion. I shall join you.++
  260.         Unknown wanders over to the back of the loose mob and joins the back, regardless of any other pleasantries
  261.         =-=     Unknown is now known as Aslan
  262.         Anselm  nods before moving on ahead, mindful of this Aslan.
  263.         Navarre ++Do we need two Apothecaries?++
  264.         Balmung ++Bellerophon may loose his footing again++
  265.         Aslan   ++I was simply ordered here. I have heard rumors of your...unruly behavior. Contemptible. Perhaps I was sent to add sense?++
  266.         Aslan   replies snidely
  267.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps.++
  268.         Navarre ++Good luck with that, Brother Aslan.++
  269.         |<--    Anselm has left (Ping timeout)
  270.         -->|    Staffen ( has joined #XenosHunters
  271.         =-=     Staffen is now known as Anselm
  272.         antoine The group forms up and heads towards the main structure, the cog and skull symbol are worked into the design of the building.
  273.         Balmung ++Omniell can you get into the mine's servailence system?++
  274.         Aslan   ++...The mission brief--as I had ample time to read!--said our target is an Ecclesiarch of the Cult. Was there more word as to why he would be near a Mechancius facility?++
  275.         antoine The snow crunches under foot as the Kill Team takes the stairs down from the landing pad to set of industrial strength doors that are the closest entrance.
  276.         Anselm  draws his swords. ++Remain alert. They likely noted our arrival.++
  277.         Omniel  ++It shouldn't prove difficult.++
  278.         Balmung ++His ship was seen headed to this planet Aslan++
  279.         antoine The doors sit there immobile, with no visible control panel to open them.
  280.         Balmung gestures to Omniel ++Do you thing++
  281.         Balmung your*
  282.         Aslan   ++I have some knowledge of the mysteries of the machine. I will deign to aid you, that we may crush the target sooner.++
  283.         Omniel  ++No keypad. I will have to attempt to breach the doors...+
  284.         Omniel  readies his cutting torch for the task, as the doors look particularly durable.
  285.         Balmung ++The rest of you spread out and make sure the area is clear++
  286.         antoine After a while the plasma cutter finishes its work and the doors are wrenched aside to allow you entrance.
  287.         Omniel  performs a rite of apology to the no doubt offended doors, then turns to the others. ++We may enter.++
  288.         Aslan   prepares his power fist, flexing the bulky fingers in anticipation
  289.         Anselm  looks to Balmung, lighting the fields of his power swords in unison. "Shall we?"
  290.         Balmung nods and heads into the building
  291.         Balmung ++Oniel find a pannel that will access the mine's cognators++
  292.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  293.         Bellerophon     motions in Xavier after him and sets up a perimeter
  294.         Omniel  follows after Balmung, looking around.
  295.         antoine The lighting inside the building is dull and weak. The cold air blows in with you, settling snow on pipes and the grate flooring you walk across.
  296.         Aslan   looks about from inside his immoble helm
  297.         antoine The room is full of sentinels armed with drills and cargo hauling arms.
  298.         Balmung ++Bellerophon watch the entrance while Omniel works, Aslan and Anselm you're with me we're going to scout ahead++
  299.         antoine Each one is powered down and resting as no sign of life is found.
  300.         Anselm  ++Aye sir. What of Joffery?++
  301.         Omniel  does a quick check around for a console or cogitator panel.
  302.         Balmung ++Have him stick with you++
  303.         Anselm  motions for Joffery to follow, and moves along with Balmung.
  304.         Aslan   sends an affirmative grunt through the vox, following
  305.         Balmung ++He may be useful if we find a space too tight for us to fit in++
  306.         antoine There is a control panel that operates a cargo lifting arm set into the ceiling
  307.         antoine Joffery sticks close to Anselm
  308.         Omniel  checks the panel thoroughly before interfacing with it via his mind impulse link, on the off-chance that it may be connected with the rest of the facility's cogitators.
  309.         Balmung ++There's tracks leading further into the facility here++
  310.         Balmung points to some faint tracks on the ground
  311.         Aslan   ++They damned servitor scuffs, or that of our mark?++
  312.         Balmung ++Not sure, we should check it out though++
  313.         Omniel  ++This console merely operates the loading crane, unfortunately. Do not be fooled by the apparent state of disuse, however. There is a great deal of power being utilized throughout the complex, if my calculations are correct.++
  314.         Bellerophon     ++Presumably for its manufacture of fyceline.++
  315.         Balmung ++Aye, we should move on further into the facility++
  316.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps the Sentinels are only utilized when new equipment or materials comes in.++
  317.         Aslan   ++I dislike that thing hanging over our heads, ready for the enemy to use at will. Shall we disable it first, at the least?++
  318.         Omniel  ++I could lock out the console, it should not take long.++
  319.         Balmung ++Do it++
  320.         Anselm  looks on ahead. ++Shall I blaze the path for you, Brother?++
  321.         Omniel  quickly finishes. ++It is done, Brothers.++
  322.         Balmung +++No we shall acompy you++
  323.         Aslan   ++I am almost satisfied. I would rather destroy it, but this shall do until we find something that bleeds and screams. My thanks, Techmarine.++
  324.         Anselm  looks back at the Black Shield uneasily.
  325.         Balmung Bellerophon cover our rear as we advance but keep up with us++
  326.         Omniel  ++I doubt we shall be returning to this room at any rate.++
  327.         Balmung ++Forward Anselm you're on point++
  328.         Anselm  steps ahead of the others, keeping an eye out for movement...
  329.         antoine The Kill Team follows the trail found by Balmung. The further you venture in the warmer it gets, even if it is only by a few degrees. While empty, the halls and rooms you pass are well kept and free of rust, holy seals of the omnissiah are fresh and maintained.
  330.         Anselm  ++Something's peculiar about this...++
  331.         Balmung ++Very, Omniell is there any vox activity?++
  332.         Omniel  does a quick scan through the different channels.
  333.         Omniel  ++There is a broadcast, it seems mechanical in nature. A catechism to the machine spirit. Everything seems in order.++
  334.         Aslan   shifts in place, over in over, agitated
  335.         Balmung ++Alright, ;et
  336.         Balmung ++Let's keep moving then++
  337.         Aslan   follows along, stretching impatiently as he moves
  338.         antoine The group moves onwards through to a massive room, likely close to the core of the complex. Ore rolls by on conveyor belts to auspex stations before being sorted and continuing onwards. The whir of a wheel coupled with the sound of sticky rubber on metal grating announces that you have found the thing you were tracking. Hidden and near the rear of the room most likely.
  339.         Aslan   ++Why would our target come here? What need has an Ecclesiarch for fyceline's direct origins?!++
  340.         Aslan   says angrily
  341.         Balmung ++Anselm see what it is and report back to us++
  342.         Omniel  ++It is most perplexing.++
  343.         Balmung ++Check the auspex Omniel++
  344.         Anselm  moves to inspect this noise.
  345.         Omniel  activates his built-in Auspex, sweeping the area.
  346.         Anselm  slows his pace and concentrates on landing his steps on the balls of his feet, reducing the noise of his approach.
  347.         antoine Anselm and Joffery approach the rear of the room before going out of sight
  348.         antoine You hear a loud rumble from their position.
  349.         Anselm  audibly groans over the vox.
  350.         Balmung ++What's happening?++
  351.         Aslan   ++To battle?!++
  352.         Bellerophon     ++We cannot know what you do not tell. What is going on.++
  353.         Anselm  ++I've found someone. A Tech-Priest.++
  354.         Bellerophon     ++How is this unnatural? We are in a facility run by the Mechanicus.++
  355.         Balmung ++Bring him here, I'm sure Omniell can talk to him++
  356.         Aslan   ++One of the target's guards, or accomplices?++
  357.         Anselm  ++A Magos.++
  358.         Anselm  ++I don't know what his specialization is. I'll bring him out in a moment.++
  359.         Balmung ++Alright++
  360.         Anselm  ++Joffery, watch the man.++
  361.         antoine Anselm, Joffery and a Magos travelling on a single wheel returns. The Magos' face is just a network or lenses with tubes emerging from between them. The rest of his body is obscured by the vestments of his order.
  362.         Aslan   turns on the power field of his fist, glowering at the magos in contempt from within his helm
  363.         Balmung ++And you are?++
  364.         antoine The Magos turns his head to Anselm, sending out a screech of binary
  365.         Omniel  ++Shall I translate?++
  366.         Balmung ++Omiell, if you please...++
  367.         Anselm  ++I comprehend it well enough.++
  368.         Anselm  ++
  369.         Omniel  ++For the benefit of everyone else, then. "Threatening a servant of the omnissiah is foolhardy. This is my installation."++
  370.         Anselm  "Your installation is infested and we cannot determine how your loyalties sway, Magos."
  371.         Aslan   ++Is he a heretic?! Tell me! If he is a heretic, let us slay him!++
  372.         antoine "My loyalties are to the safeguarding of this facility. My installation is not infested, I would know if such a thing occurred."
  373.         Bellerophon     ++They refer to an Inquisitor.++
  374.         Anselm  "Then you know of Hardgraves."
  375.         Bellerophon     ++A certain Markus Hardgrave.++
  376.         Bellerophon     ++We know he was here. We need to know if he still is, or if he has left the planet.++
  377.         Bellerophon     ++As well as information regarding his presence here on your world.++
  378.         antoine "An Inquisitor Markus Hardgrave is not present here."
  379.         Omniel  ++Perhaps he has arrived without your knowledge?++
  380.         antoine "Impossible, I would be aware of such a thing."
  381.         Balmung ++Are you sure?++
  382.         Anselm  "Then you do not mind us investigating your facility."
  383.         antoine "Unacceptable, you have already interrupted the flow of ore, wasting precious minutes and counting."
  384.         antoine Joffery looks sheepishly at the ground
  385.         Bellerophon     ++What measures are there in place to monitor those who step forth onto your planet, Magos?++
  386.         Aslan   steps forwards, some meters from the magos
  387.         antoine "My servitors would spot anyone entering during their duties."
  388.         Aslan   "We very much desire to know...Magos. If you do not cooperate, there will be more than ill feelings to deal with!"
  389.         Aslan   waves his his fist menacingly
  390.         Bellerophon     ++Then perhaps it is time to think that this planet is not so uninhabitated afterall.++
  391.         Omniel  unfolds his servo-arms and steps forward. ++Brother Aslan, stand down. Honoured Magos, I am Techmarine Omniel of the Dark Angels. As a fellow servant of the Omnissiah, I humbly request your assistance in this matter. I apologize for disrupting this facility's functions, and give you my word that we shall do no further harm to it.++
  392.         Bellerophon     ++Hardgrave would have little interest in a mining facility. But a world with no population to watch him? That would appeal to a certain, perverse man.++
  393.         Aslan   throws down his arms with anger, and walks away, sulking angrily
  394.         Bellerophon     ++And we know, given our Watch Stations, that the Inquisition is no stranger to stealth and subtlety.++
  395.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps the Magos and his facility and the Lady-Trader's ship can form some sort of auspex link. Would such a thing be possible, Omniel?++
  396.         Bellerophon     ++Like a larger version of our Signums and its Link.++
  397.         Balmung ++Magos.....++
  398.         Balmung ++Do you know of anywhere else on the planet someone might put a facility?++
  399.         antoine "I cannot allow further intrusion Techmarine Omniel.", "There are no other facilities on this planet."
  400.         Balmung ++I know, but if there were one, where would it be?++
  401.         Omniel  ++That is unfortunate.++
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