MagiReco Main Story 5.3

Apr 25th, 2018
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  1. The Radio Girl and Futaba Sana
  3. 5.3.1
  4. [Felicia is in class]
  5. Felicia: "Why do I have to do something that's not witch hunting?"
  6. "Ahh, this is boring, it's a pain, I don't wanna."
  7. "If we're just going to be investigating a little, I'd rather be slacking off at home."
  8. [the bell rings]
  9. Felicia: (School's out, I'll get away with a dash!)
  10. [she senses something]
  11. Felicia: (This magic, it's Tsuruno!)
  12. "gnnn..."
  13. (She might be waiting to ambush me... so I'll...)
  14. [Felicia moves to the music room in school]
  15. Felicia: "Hehe"
  16. (There aren't any people around her, so I can jump down and be off in a flash.)
  17. [she makes her escape and is now on the streets]
  18. Felicia: "Not here..."
  19. (Now then, I'll stop by the candy store and go watch TV at home!)
  20. "Heh, too bad, Tsuruno."
  21. someone: "Too bad, Felicia."
  22. Felicia: "Huh?"
  23. Tsuruno: "I've got you now!"
  24. [she hits Felicia with something]
  25. Felicia: "Ow!"
  26. "What are you doing here!?"
  27. Tsuruno: "Eh-hehe"
  28. "Your big sister here saw right through you!"
  29. Felicia: "Aw come on..."
  30. "Fine, I lose... I just have to help you, right?"
  31. Tsuruno: "Yep, let's go!"
  32. Felicia: "..."
  33. "Why are you holding my hand?"
  34. Tsuruno: "That's what friends do, right?"
  35. Felicia: "Stop it! It's embarrassing!"
  36. [she struggles to free her hand]
  37. Tsuruno: "If I let go, you'll just run away, right?"
  38. Felicia: "Gnh..."
  39. "...I'm just not made for this investigation, stuff, okay?"
  40. Tsuruno: "I thought you'd say that."
  41. Felicia: "Huh?"
  42. Tsuruno: "What I mean is, I figured out how to do all our investigating at once."
  43. Felicia: "Really? How?"
  44. Tsuruno: "Well..."
  46. 5.3.2
  47. Tsuruno: "If you play word association, you'll easily find out what my investigation method is."
  48. "When I say *magical girl*, you say *rumor*"
  49. "When I say *rumor*, you say Wings of Magius"
  50. "When I say Wings of Magius, you say Amane Tsukuyo"
  51. Felicia: "Huh? Amane Tsukuyo? Who's that?"
  52. Tsuruno: "You know, one of the white Wings of Magius, one of the twins!"
  53. [flashback]
  54. Tsukuyo: "I am Amane Tsukuyo, a White Feather of the Wings of Magius."
  55. [back to present]
  56. Felicia: "The really polite one!" [Tsukuyo used a humble form of speech]
  57. Tsuruno: "Yes, her!"
  58. "Basically:"
  59. "When I say Amane Tsukuyo, you say Mizuna Girls' Academy Uniform!!"
  60. "So now we're going to go to Mizuna Girls' Academy..."
  61. "And we'll carry out the Capture Amane Tsukuyo Plan!"
  62. Felicia: "Capture... I like that! Now you've got my interest!"
  63. Tsuruno: "All we have to do is ask someone familiar about the 'Radio Girl' and rumors!"
  64. [they're at the school]
  65. Felicia: "Well, we're here now, but hasn't everyone gone home by now?"
  66. Tsuruno: "I made sure to cover for that, so don't worry!"
  67. "I called the school, pretending to be one of her relatives!"
  68. "I told them that I would pick her up, so have her wait for me."
  69. Felicia: "Ooh."
  70. Tsuruno: "And now, I'm going to call them again."
  71. "I'll say that I unfortunately can't pick her up, so she can leave now."
  72. "And then when she comes out..."
  73. Felicia: "Then we nab her!"
  74. "You really are smart, Tsuruno!"
  75. Tsuruno: "Ahem."
  76. Felicia: "You'd make a great villain!"
  77. Tsuruno: "Wha!? A villain?"
  78. "I'm a Magical Girl of Justice!"
  79. [brief fade out]
  80. Tsukuyo: "I wonder why they called the school..."
  81. "Today certainly is the day for my practice, so of course they'd come pick me up..."
  82. "But there was something strange..."
  83. Felicia: "Now!"
  84. Tsuruno: "I've caught one!"
  85. Tsukuyo: "Kyaaah!?"
  86. "I-it's you! Yui Tsuruno and Mitsuki Felicia!"
  87. "Why did you know I came to this school?"
  88. Tsuruno: "We saw your uniform before."
  89. Tsukuyo: "Ah, I was careless..."
  90. "Was that call from earlier your doing, perchance?"
  91. Tsuruno: "Ehehe, surprised?"
  92. Tsukuyo: "What a vile thing to do... That's like a kidnapper's methods."
  93. Tsuruno: "Ah, I guess she was right..."
  94. "Um, uh... Sorry?"
  95. Tsukuyo: "Ah, don't worry, I don't mind..."
  96. "No wait, I do mind!"
  97. "What exactly do you want with me?"
  98. Tsuruno: "We have a few questions we'd like to ask you, so would you come somewhere with us to talk?"
  99. Tsukuyo: "Is this..."
  100. "Is this an interrogation? Will I be tortured?"
  101. Tsuruno: "No, that would be cruel."
  102. Felicia: "Yeah, we just want to talk with you."
  104. 5.3.3
  105. Felicia: "This cream soda ice cream is really tasty!"
  106. Tsuruno: "Oh, really?"
  107. "Can I have a bite?"
  108. Felicia: "Eh? No way, you have your own mixed juice."
  109. Tsuruno: "Then we can trade?"
  110. Felicia: "Sure, I'd be down for that."
  111. Tsukuyo: "Umm..."
  112. "We didn't come to have tea and act friendly with each other, did we?"
  113. "As I informed you earlier, I am short on time."
  114. "If you could, please make this brief."
  115. Tsuruno: "Ehehe, sorry about that. There's something we were curious about."
  116. Felicia: Slurrrrrrrp
  117. Tsuruno: "aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHH!!"
  118. "Felicia, you drank all my juice!"
  119. Felicia: "Well, that was one mouthful."
  120. Tsuruno: "That was all of it! That's mean!"
  121. Tsukuyo: "Please hurry..."
  122. "I'll give you my juice if you'd like..."
  123. Tsuruno: "Really!?"
  124. "Thanks! You're a good person, Tsukuyo-chan!"
  125. Tsukuyo: "I did receive a suitable education from my grandmother, after all."
  126. "...that is, please stop interrupting me while I speak."
  127. Tsuruno: "Ehe, sorry?"
  128. "There's something we were curious about, so we wanted to ask you."
  129. Tsukuyo: "Might you be interested in the release of magical girls!?"
  130. "If one as strong as you were to join us, we'd be blessed with the strength of a hundred!"
  131. Tsuruno: "No, you've jumped to conclusions too soon."
  132. Tsukuyo: "By which you mean?"
  133. Felicia: "We're actually interested in the *rumors* that you guys protect."
  134. Tsukuyo: "I- I knew it! Is this an interrogation?"
  135. Felicia: "You just have to answer us...?"
  136. Tsukuyo: "W-what would you like to hear about?"
  137. Felicia: "The truth behind the rumor of the radio tower."
  138. Tsukuyo: "No way, you've noticed what we've been doing over there!?"
  139. Felicia: "Huh?"
  140. Tsukuyo: "Ah..."
  141. "Ahem, that was quite an impressive leading question..."
  142. Felicia: "Woah, she totally self-destructed!"
  143. "Come on, tell us what you're doing!"
  144. Tsukuyo: "I certainly cannot answer that!"
  145. [she disappears]
  146. Felicia: "Ah, she made a break for it!"
  147. Tsuruno: "Let's chase her, Felicia!"
  148. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  150. 5.3.4
  151. Tsuruno: "There are two of us, so she can't get away so easily!"
  152. Felicia: "I'll zoom after her and swish, snatch her up!"
  153. Tsuruno: "Ah hah hah!"
  154. Felicia: "Nya ha ha!"
  155. [screen wipe]
  156. Tsukuyo: "Ngh, how villainous..."
  157. [screen wipe]
  158. manager dude: "Excuse me, maam, the bill!"
  159. Tsuruno: "Ah, oh no!"
  160. "Felicia, go ahead! I've gotta pay!"
  161. Felicia: "Even without Tsuruno I'll get her in a flash!"
  162. "Man, it's so fun hunting down prey!"
  163. [outside]
  164. [Felicia is panting.]
  165. Felicia: (Man, she's really fast...)
  166. (Ah, there's someone over there...)
  167. "Hehe, that's right."
  168. "Heeey! You over there!"
  169. "Catch her!"
  170. "She dined and dashed!!"
  171. [screen wipe]
  172. Tsukuyo: "ehhHH!?!?"
  173. "I-I guess I certainly forgot to pay!"
  174. "..."
  175. "But I gave her my mixed juice!"
  176. "What a false accusation."
  177. [screen wipe]
  178. Felicia: "Hurry up, catch her!"
  179. ???(actually Homura): "Uh, you mean... me?"
  180. Felicia: "Hur-ry-up!"
  181. Homura: "Um, uh..."
  182. [she transforms]
  183. Homura: "A-alright!!"
  184. Felicia: "Ehh!? A magical girl!?"
  185. Tsukuyo: "You're a magical girl!?"
  186. [battle against Tsukuyo]
  187. Tsukuyo: "pant... pant... Attacking me two on one..."
  188. "More importantly, you over there!"
  189. "Are you insane, using firearms!?"
  190. Homura: "Um... I'm sorry..."
  191. "I don't have a weapon of my own..."
  192. Felicia: "But that was *super awesome*, though! Like an action movie!"
  193. Homura: "You think so?"
  194. "That's the first time anyone's ever told me that..."
  195. "But I'm glad it proved to be helpful."
  196. Tsukuyo: "Well, you don't know yet whether it proved to be helpful."
  197. "No matter how much you corner me, once I escape it will all be for naught."
  198. [she runs away]
  199. Felicia: "Ah, she got away!"
  200. Tsuruno: "But the Strongest Magical Girl, Yui Tsuruno, won't let anyone escape!"
  201. Tsukuyo: "Tch..."
  202. Tsuruno: "You gave me your juice, so you don't have to pay me, but instead you will tell us about *rumors*!"
  203. Homura: (This city's... rumors...?)
  204. Tsukuyo: "I am afraid I'm unable to inform you about that."
  205. "To say it would be an unspeakable act of betrayal as a White Wing."
  206. "Even if you were to interrogate me, I would bite my own tongue off before telling you."
  207. "...but if you could let me go..."
  208. "If I am late for practice, my grandmother will be angry with me..."
  209. Tsuruno: "Hm..."
  210. [her phone rings]
  211. Tsuruno: "Ah, my phone?"
  212. "Hello, Yachiyo?"
  213. Yachiyo: "Tsuruno: We've found something about the Radio Girl."
  214. Tsuruno: "Really? That's Master Yachiyo for you!"
  215. "Well, what is it?"
  216. Yachiyo: "The voice seems to be of a student of Mizuna Girls' Academy."
  217. "If you have time, could you look into it?"
  218. Tsuruno: "Oho, Mizuna Girls' Academy..."
  219. "Heeheehee!"
  220. Yachiyo: "What's with the funny laugh?"
  221. Tsuruno: "I was thinking, how convenient..."
  222. Yachiyo: "What do you mean?"
  223. Tsuruno: "I'll ask!"
  224. [back to talking with Tsukuyo]
  225. Tsuruno: "So basically..."
  226. Tsukuyo: "What is it?"
  227. Tsuruno: "If you won't tell us about *rumors*, at least tell us this."
  228. Tsukuyo: "..."
  229. Tsuruno: "Whose voice is the Radio Girl?"
  230. Tsukuyo: "!??"
  231. "Th-that's..."
  232. "I guess I have no choice..."
  233. "If you'll let me go, I'll tell you this much..."
  234. "The voice is of one of our students..."
  235. "A girl named 'Futaba Sana'..."
  237. 5.3.5
  238. Tsukuyo: "Ahh, I am going to be late!"
  239. "I'll remember what you've done to me!"
  240. "...And before too long..."
  241. [she leaves]
  242. Tsuruno: "Hmm, maybe we went a little too far..."
  243. Felicia: "Nothing we can do about it now."
  244. Tsuruno: "Anyway, I'll call Yachiyo."
  245. "I've got to tell her what we learned."
  246. Felicia: "Okay."
  247. "Oh yeah, thanks for helping before, we were able to ask her what we needed."
  248. Homura: "No problem."
  249. "Umm..."
  250. Felicia: "Hm?"
  251. Homura: "You two are investigating rumors?"
  252. Felicia: "Yeah, the 'Radio Girl' rumor."
  253. "Are you investigating something too?"
  254. Homura: "Um, no, I'm not, but my magical girl senpai is..."
  255. "She went to look into rumors, but she didn't come back..."
  256. Felicia: "Uwah, seriously?"
  257. "Maybe she got involved in a *rumor*?"
  258. Homura: "It seems like that, after all..."
  259. "What should I do..."
  260. "My friend and I became worried, so we came to search..."
  261. Homura: "But I got separated from her..."
  262. Felicia: "Seems like a lot of trouble."
  263. Homura: "Have you seen a magical girl who uses ribbons?"
  264. Felicia: "Ribbons? Someone not from Kamihama?"
  265. "I wouldn't know her then."
  266. Homura: "Oh, of course..."
  267. Tsuruno: "Alright, finished the phone call! We're going to meet up with them now!"
  268. "Somehow, we've picked up another magical girl!"
  269. Felicia: "Whadda you mean?"
  270. Tsuruno: "It seems they ran into a magical girl looking for her senpai..."
  271. "She got separated from her friend she was searching with."
  272. "Seems it's related to *rumors*."
  273. "So if we search for rumors together, then we'll find both together."
  274. "So she's going to be working with us."
  275. Felicia: "Just like you."
  276. Homura: "Ah, yeah..."
  277. "Um, uh, did you hear what her name was?"
  278. Tsuruno: "I think they said she was 'Kaname Madoka'!"
  279. Homura: "It was Kaname-san after all!"
  280. Tsuruno: "Ah, someone you know?"
  281. Homura: "Yes! Um, can I come along with you?"
  282. Tsuruno: "Certainly! Let's go!"
  283. Homura: "Thank you so much!"
  284. "Um, my name is Akemi Homura. Nice to meet you!"
  285. [battle]
  286. Homura: "Kaname-san!"
  287. Madoka: "Homura-chan!"
  288. Yachiyo: "I'm amazed that they happened to be friends."
  289. Iroha: "It's a small world."
  290. Homura: "Kaname-san, did you find Tomoe-san?"
  291. Madoka: "No, I didn't..."
  292. "Homura-chan, you weren't able to find her either?"
  293. Homura: "Yeah, I went looking all over but..."
  294. Madoka: "I see..."
  295. Iroha: "......huh?"
  296. "Tomoe-san?"
  297. Yachiyo: "Mami?"
  298. [they look on edge]
  299. Tsuruno: "Tomoe Mami!?"
  300. Felicia: "Mm, who's that?"
  301. Madoka: "Huh? You know her?"
  302. Iroha: "More than just know her..."
  303. Tsuruno: "Yeah!"
  304. "She was under the impression that Iroha-chan was a witch in human form!"
  305. Madoka: "Eh!?"
  306. "So when she warned us to watch out before coming here..."
  307. "She was referring to Iroha-chan!?"
  308. Iroha: "Is that how she still thinks of me..."
  309. Madoka: "Ah, uh, um, i-it's okay!"
  310. "I don't think you are a witch, Iroha-chan!"
  311. Iroha: "Thanks, Madoka-chan!"
  312. Homura: "...Umm, are you sure she's not a witch?"
  313. Madoka: "Ho-Homura-chan!"
  314. Homura: "But... you never really know..."
  315. Yachiyo: "If you're that afraid, you don't have to work with us."
  316. "If that's the case, then we'll just go search for the *rumor*."
  317. "You two can focus on searching for Tomoe Mami-san."
  318. Homura: "..."
  319. Madoka: "It's okay, Homura-chan!"
  320. "I've been with Iroha-chan and nothing happened!"
  321. "And also, we beat a witch together."
  322. Homura: "If that's the case..."
  323. "...Okay, I got it."
  324. "I'm sorry for doubting you. Can we still work together?"
  325. Mini Kyubey choices: "You should turn them down." and "Let's go with them." (I'll go with the latter)
  326. Iroha: (That's right, they're searching for Tomoe-san as hard as they can...)
  327. "That's fine, it's okay to be cautious. I don't mind at all."
  328. Homura: "Thank you so much..."
  329. Iroha: "I hope you can find Tomoe-san."
  330. Homura: "Yes."
  331. Yachiyo: "Well then, we should exchange contact information."
  332. Iroha: "Yeah, we should."
  333. "..."
  334. "Ugh, I can't take this anymore..."
  335. Yachiyo: "Another prank message?"
  336. Iroha: "Yes..."
  337. [fade to black]
  338. "Save the girl I am imprisoning."
  339. "Please erase me."
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