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  1. 19:00 Thank you, Shoei.
  2. However, even as we speak,
  3. the enemy continues to attack our territory.
  4. You say we will not yield, but what specific strategy do you have?
  5. I know.
  6. First, we will tighten security.
  7. I want you all to take steps to do that.
  8. Such a strategy is neither interesting nor amusing.
  9. You can't win a war with only defense.
  10. M-My dear! My dear!
  11. My dear!
  12. They're so cruel...
  13. What happened here?
  14. What? An intruder?!
  15. It's over! An intruder has entered the Nura Mansion!
  16. It's the end of the Nura clan!
  17. Be quiet, Hitotsume!
  18. Stop creating such a ruckus!
  19. What's critical is finding the culprit!
  20. Nura Rikuo... I am going to take your life.
  21. Huh?!
  22. I won't let you escape!
  23. Master!
  24. 21:15 So we meet again, Nura Rikuo.
  25. 21:45 I've come to officially offer my greetings.
  26. Greetings?
  27. Yes, my greetings.
  28. The Shikoku Youkai's Seven Phantom Travelers,
  29. led by the Inugamigyobu-Tanaki called Tamazuki, present themselves.
  30. A battle that follows no code of honor is about to begin.
  31. 23:38 Is your body temperature about the same as snow?
  32. Yes, pretty much.
  33. Then, if we held hands, would I get frostbite?
  34. I-It'll be fine!
  35. You get used to it after a while. Here!
  36. I-It's cold, Tsurara!
  37. Next time on Nurarihyon no Mago: Fierce Fire and Sudden Rain
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