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  1. SELECT `Job`.`id`, `Job`.`job_description`, `Job`.`job_title`, `Company`.`name`, `Company`.`url`
  2. FROM `jobs` AS `Job`
  3. LEFT JOIN `companies` AS `Company`
  4. ON (`Company`.`id` = `Job`.`company_id` AND `Job`.`company_id` = `Company`.`id`)
  5. WHERE `Job`.`status` = 1 AND `Company`.`status` = 1
  6. AND ( MATCH(`Job`.`job_title`) AGAINST ('*' IN NATURAL LANGUAGE MODE) ) ORDER BY `Job`.`id` ASC LIMIT 20
  8. Error Code: 1064
  9. syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting FTS_TERM or FTS_NUMB or '*'
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