G Man Debate Chat Log

uzalu Apr 27th, 2016 197 Never
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  1. Ross Willett Nick I'm sorry for your loss
  2. Kelsey LeShae people having sex does not equal god you stupid fuck!
  3. Mr. Mule Please don't fucking intentionally tie the poll, that's anoying as fuck
  4. Mosquito Valentine aw aw aw awned
  5. EvansChrist So Vadim, I heard you tried stand up
  6. EvansChrist and failed
  7. LazarheaD G man is a parody of himself
  8. Izzy Allen 6 fawacies
  9. TROLLKIN wow
  10. Izzy Allen lol lazar#
  11. Mr. Mule #GManWins
  12. EvansChrist Tom uses his glasses to keep sperm from his eyes
  13. Izzy Allen prove to me i don't exst, the fuck
  14. Izzy Allen exist
  15. EvansChrist Banko'd
  16. Creationist Cat You want some reviews of my work EvansChrist?
  17. Ross Willett GMan is crushing
  18. Valen Warden G Man is retarded
  19. Cuffedup86 Use Twinket!
  20. EvansChrist I'd rather not fall asleep
  21. LazarheaD G man believes in the ghost of christmas past
  22. Ross Willett Bullshit
  23. Ross Willett Recount
  24. Ross Willett Where's the link
  25. EvansChrist Recount
  27. EvansChrist I vote Gman
  28. Izzy Allen I VOTED GMAN
  29. Ross Willett Recount mother fuckers
  30. A modern day warrior. Mean, mean stride. Today's Tom Sawyer. Mean, mean pride. Bring Vekl!
  31. Cuffedup86 I vote Gman
  32. AnusMacMuffin I voted for gman as well :D
  33. LazarheaD I vote for G man because he funny
  34. Izzy Allen tom knows about live gay fun
  35. Mike Cobb haha
  36. George Mayer [message retracted]
  38. EvansChrist GMAN FTW
  39. Cuffedup86 Tom uses Strike!
  40. SwegeVeikko Anyone who voted for Gman is a faggot.
  41. Izzy Allen nonononononono
  42. EvansChrist His eyes lol
  43. George B. McClellan Gman is really sad now
  44. Cuffedup86 No effect
  45. Izzy Allen ARSENAL
  47. Cuffedup86 Gman uses ID
  48. AnusMacMuffin did they call each other hitler yet?
  49. EvansChrist Nothing productive has happened so far
  50. LazarheaD Imma slap the black out of you!
  51. Mr. Mule U guys r just jealous of G-Man's uhmazing debating skillz
  52. Cuffedup86 Gman uses BLM filibuster! It's effective
  53. Free Djinn Tom wins due to gmans lack of content
  54. EvansChrist Gman filibusters his wins
  55. EvansChrist BANKO QUOTES
  56. Izzy Allen so many fingers
  58. Cuffedup86 I feel threatened!
  60. LazarheaD So many strawmen it's like a farm in here.
  61. Mr. Mule G-Man technically can't lose since he still hasn't made a single argument.
  62. Izzy Allen lol chris
  63. Kelsey LeShae he doesn't have debate skills. he doesn't even use logic properly.
  64. Cuffedup86 Anton L was pretty cool
  65. Ross Willett 2
  66. Ross Willett Nick 2 more
  67. Izzy Allen A TINY TWINK TROLL
  68. EvansChrist Tom is a troll
  69. Cuffedup86 Shit
  70. Izzy Allen 8
  71. Ross Willett Tom is trying to kill you
  72. EvansChrist Fawacies
  73. LazarheaD Troll or not a troll TARARARARARARAAAAAA
  74. Cuffedup86 GOD DAMN!!!!
  75. Izzy Allen WE'RE ON 8 FAWACIES
  76. George Mayer Tom is very patient with this idiot.
  77. EvansChrist Twoll on Twial
  78. Mr. Mule DONE
  79. Cuffedup86 I'm really drinking
  80. Free Djinn Gman isn't capable of logic
  81. Izzy Allen lol nick
  82. LazarheaD Trolls or not the trolls
  83. Cuffedup86 Twoll confirmed
  84. SwordofStorms Jesus christ he literally said they did exist
  85. TROLLKIN Gman is all over the place
  86. Cuffedup86 Guilty as chawged
  87. EvansChrist GMAN RAGE QUIT
  89. Izzy Allen THIS IS HILARIOUS
  91. George Shields Another win for the Gman
  92. A modern day warrior. Mean, mean stride. Today's Tom Sawyer. Mean, mean pride. Shut
  93. A modern day warrior. Mean, mean stride. Today's Tom Sawyer. Mean, mean pride. the
  94. A modern day warrior. Mean, mean stride. Today's Tom Sawyer. Mean, mean pride. fuckj
  95. A modern day warrior. Mean, mean stride. Today's Tom Sawyer. Mean, mean pride. up
  96. A modern day warrior. Mean, mean stride. Today's Tom Sawyer. Mean, mean pride. gman
  97. EvansChrist gman is a fucking infant
  98. Mosquito Valentine Gman Johnny
  99. Cuffedup86 Lavayan Satanists exist
  100. Mr. Mule G-Man is Anton L.
  101. TROLLKIN lol this got really good
  102. Izzy Allen what a twink
  103. MasterOFSchnitzel NNNNNNNNO
  104. George Shields Kids, kids, you're both awful
  105. EvansChrist What show
  106. Cuffedup86 They exist!
  107. Ross Willett LOL Tom doesn't believe in Lavayan Satanists?
  108. Cuffedup86 God damn!
  109. LazarheaD Eurofag is beneath G man!
  110. Ross Willett I probably knew 20 in high school, and meet at least one a year without looking
  111. Valen Warden I want to punch the stupid out of G Man...
  112. Izzy Allen twink tom
  113. LazarheaD Damn peasant
  114. Cuffedup86 For real, thats shit
  115. Logical Fox No one won.
  116. Izzy Allen DISHONESTRRRY
  117. Ross Willett Tom lies about Lavayan's
  118. Mr. Mule G-Man! G-Man!
  119. EvansChrist EYES
  120. Ross Willett Tom is a Lavayan denier
  121. Free Djinn G man is the biggest piece of shit right now
  122. EvansChrist #TomLies
  123. Izzy Allen G MAN G MAN
  124. Logical Fox That's a lie!
  125. Mr. Mule GMAAAAAN!
  126. Kelsey LeShae gmans entire argument is people have sex, therefore god
  127. Kelsey LeShae FUCKING RETARD
  128. Mr. Mule ^
  129. Izzy Allen *turns down volume*
  130. Cuffedup86 G man wins due to pointing out the satanism denial fawacy
  131. Ross Willett "I believe the moon is a hologram, and Lavayan Satanism doesn't exist" - Thomas D Gebbett 2016
  132. LazarheaD There is no starving Laveyan children!
  133. EvansChrist LIES FROM THE WOLF
  134. Izzy Allen lol rods
  135. Izzy Allen ross
  136. EvansChrist lol
  137. Mr. Mule Wtf did G-Man just say that he doesn't exist?
  138. Lost (In A Dub) gman is roasting
  139. Cuffedup86 Leaky would be proud
  140. EvansChrist This is like when Israel shoots rockets and Palestine. Destruction
  142. Mr. Mule ^
  143. Cuffedup86 Answer the question Tom
  144. EvansChrist and=at
  145. Lost (In A Dub) ooooh
  146. Izzy Allen Drunken Recap, ask Tom about Heroes of Everforge
  147. Lost (In A Dub) get owned british guy
  148. Kelsey LeShae you wont let him talk
  149. Mr. Mule G-Man has no idea what he's talking about = Atheism iz stupid
  151. Cuffedup86 No you are!
  152. EvansChrist NO YOU ARE
  153. EvansChrist NO YOU ARE!
  154. George Mayer So much stupidity from one person!
  155. EvansChrist LOL nick
  156. Mr. Mule Lol just mute G-Man and don't say anything to him
  157. Izzy Allen I can't believe Tom is from the same country as me. CRINGE
  158. Logical Fox Stupidity from both these people.
  159. EvansChrist #MuteGman #MuteTom
  160. Mike Cobb drink
  161. Mr. Mule See how long G-Man keeps talking after he's muted
  162. Lost (In A Dub) why did vadim link this cancer causing nondebate
  163. Cuffedup86 Good call Mike. I missed it
  164. Kelsey LeShae he is stupid
  165. Izzy Allen i can't take this. i'm leaving
  166. Cuffedup86 Because Vadim is a cat impersonating shitbird
  167. Izzy Allen 9TH FAWACY
  168. LazarheaD G man fact!
  169. George Shields Fuck both of these cunts
  170. EvansChrist FAWACY
  171. Cuffedup86 Gah! Thanks Izz
  172. Logical Fox So many fawacies!
  173. Kelsey LeShae he can't follow intelligent logical argument, so he pivots the discussion and talks over Tom
  174. Kelsey LeShae is retarded
  175. Mr. Mule G-Man is a fallacy incarnate
  176. Izzy Allen carry on counting the fawacies pls. we're on 9.
  177. Kelsey LeShae he is retarded*
  178. Izzy Allen NIGHT NIGHT ALL ??????
  179. Cuffedup86 Serious question Kelsey, are you knew to G man?!
  180. George Mayer [message retracted]
  181. Cuffedup86 New*
  182. Hippostabber Hello smeg heads
  183. LazarheaD It's a nasty battle!
  184. Lost (In A Dub) uh oh mods in chat goin nutso
  185. Free Djinn Uzalu I told you, brick fucking wall
  186. Bea Smith All gods are not supernatural
  187. Kelsey LeShae i've heard of him. I had no idea he was so narcissistic and retarded
  188. Mr. Mule I used to be an atheist, then G-Man proved that Hell exists
  189. Lost (In A Dub) why are you moderating a hangout with less than 40 viewers? what a fuckin joke
  190. Cuffedup86 G man filibusters. He uses congress skills
  191. EvansChrist Filibuster
  192. Lost (In A Dub) epic
  193. Hippostabber filibuster for sure
  194. LazarheaD Can't stump the G man
  195. EvansChrist TIME OUT
  196. Mr. Mule Lol G-Man is an aquired taste
  197. EvansChrist Havent heard that since 4th grade
  198. EvansChrist this is a fucking disaster
  199. Cuffedup86 Throw the flag!
  200. Izzy Allen night Nick and Chris don't forget to count the fawacies ??
  201. Krensharpaw You should mute G Man when it comes to the other guys turn since he'll steam roll over you
  202. Cuffedup86 Trying. Night Izz
  203. EvansChrist Im about done too. This is gay as fuck
  204. Cuffedup86 Eggs, care to add some timed order?
  205. Mr. Mule I'm takin a piss-break, if this isn't better by the time I'm back I'll kill myself.
  206. Kelsey LeShae gmans voice is getting on my nerves
  207. Krensharpaw What a ridicules question
  208. LazarheaD G man putting the whoppin' on that boe!
  209. Kelsey LeShae he is screeching
  210. Krensharpaw what's next, is he goin to ask why you don't believe in gnomes?
  211. Cuffedup86 Limit responses by time? Give it some order. This is chaos
  212. Hippostabber make believing god doesnt exist lol g man
  213. EvansChrist Kill this call
  214. Mike Cobb drink
  215. Logical Fox 10 fawacies
  216. EvansChrist Kill this debate
  217. Cuffedup86 Woo!
  218. Mike Cobb drink
  219. LazarheaD I'm crying of cringe
  220. AnusMacMuffin kill it with fire
  221. Cuffedup86 We shoulda live streamed this into a drinking game
  222. Krensharpaw Tell G Man to shut the fuck up and give you time to respond
  223. Valen Warden Just mute G Man so Uzalu can fucking talk for more than 2 seconds...
  224. Hippostabber he needs muting
  225. George Mayer ????????????????????
  226. Random In Society GMan has to be the worst debater EVER
  227. Krensharpaw he's not even giving u time to respond... this is why I won't debate this moron
  228. Kelsey LeShae he is
  229. SwordofStorms LOL
  230. Hippostabber thank god
  231. Hippostabber lol
  232. Cuffedup86 Good boy?! Racist!!!
  233. Logical Fox Yay!!!!!
  234. EvansChrist this is pathetic
  235. Krensharpaw I would say you shouldn't but thanks for kicking him because this wasn't a debate
  236. EvansChrist GMAN IS A CUNT
  237. LazarheaD Damn, G man killed atheism!
  238. Random In Society Hey Kelsey I put a poll up on twitter about the stupidity of gman
  239. Hippostabber welp
  240. AnusMacMuffin awww
  241. EvansChrist Moderator couldnt even hndle this
  242. Krensharpaw he was running over you on your show... you need to use the hammer faster when assholes do that
  243. EvansChrist lol
  244. Cuffedup86 Nice one Eggs
  245. The Varamyr wtf did i just watch
  246. Mosquito Valentine atheism is officially over
  247. Logical Fox They both lost! There were ten fawacies
  248. Kelsey LeShae he doesn't want tom to talk because tom is too smart for him and he doesn't comprehend
  249. George Mayer WOW
  250. EvansChrist good man Drunken Recap
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