Anon - Brushed petals

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >You’re Anonymous and you are babysitting Flower Tart for a few days for her parents
  2. >This is not the first time you’re doing this and to your surprise you get along with her great
  3. >You always thought you’d be absolutely crap with children but now that you are taking care of Flower tart you are starting to feel like it’s not so bad
  4. >Speaking of the little filly she’s returned to you with a brush and she’s looking at you
  5. “Anon, can you brush me?”
  6. >You look at Flower Tart as she does her best to make herself look as cute as possible
  7. >You can’t help but to smile a bit
  8. >”Sure, hop on”
  9. >You give your leg a pat and Flower Tart hops onto the couch and then sits down on your lap
  10. >You take the brush and start to go trough Flower Tarts mane with it
  11. >Flower Tart gets cozier on your lap as you brush her
  12. >Her ears wiggle cutely every time the brush accidently brushes against them
  13. >”Let’s get you extra pretty”
  14. >This delights Flower Tart and she nods
  15. >You start to brush the area around her antennae and she starts to wiggle a bit on your lap
  16. “Anon, that tickles...”
  17. >You smirk and give the base of her antennae a few soft brushes
  18. >Flower Tart starts to giggle and squirm before pushing your hand away
  19. “Anon, that’s not funny...”
  20. >Her tone of voice reveals to you that she’s not as upset as she’s trying to act and you give her a pat on the head
  21. >”I’ll stop fooling around”
  22. >This seems to make her happy as Flower Tart now settles back down on your lap and lets you finish brushing her mane
  23. >”Want me to do your coat as well?”
  24. “Yeah”
  25. >You get to brushing Flower Tarts coat and fluff
  26. >You gently brush her pink coat and Flower Tart starts to hum happily while getting brushed
  28. >”You like getting brushed that much?”
  29. >Flower tart looks at you and smiles
  30. “Yeah, it feels nice”
  31. >You return to focusing on her coat and Flower Tart keeps humming happily on your lap
  32. >Before long she’s all brushed up
  33. >”Allright, all done!”
  34. >Flower Tart turns around in your lap and looks at you
  35. “Am I extra pretty now?”
  36. >You give her a nod
  37. >”The prettiest filly there is”
  38. >This seems to make Flower Tart happy as she gives you a big hug
  39. “Thanks Anon! You’re the best!”
  40. >You take notice of the time on the clock on the wall
  41. >”I didn’t know it was this late. You should be in bed already Flower”
  42. >Flower tart pulls away and tries her best to pull off some puppy dog eyes
  43. “Do I really have to go to sleep already?”
  44. >”Yes you do, we’ve got quite the day planned for tomorrow”
  45. “But I don’t feel that sleepy...”
  46. >Flower tart does her best to hold her yawn in but fails in the end
  47. “I could keep up all night!”
  48. >You give Flower Tart another smile
  49. >”If you go to sleep now I’ll promise you’ll get extra ice cream tomorrow”
  50. >Flower Tart suddenly seems rather energetic
  51. “Ok I’ll go to sleep right away!”
  52. >And with that Flower Tart hops off of your lap and rushes towards the guest room
  53. >”Flower, don’t forget to brush your teeth’s!”
  54. >You shake your head and go to your bookshelf as you hear the sounds of Flower Tart brushing her teeth’s in your bathroom
  55. >You pick up the storybook and open it up where you left off
  56. >You then make your way to the quest room where Flower Tart is already lying on your guest bed, wearing her cute pajama
  57. >”Well the, where were we last time...”
  58. >...
  59. >It does not take long for Flower Tart to fall asleep and you silently sneak out of the room so she won’t wake up
  60. >You leave the door slightly open and go back to watching some late night television before heading off to bed yourself
  61. >...
  63. >You suddenly stir awake
  64. >You feel something poking at your shoulder
  65. “A-Anon...”
  66. >You recognize Flower tarts voice, which sounds a bit distressed
  67. >You turn around to face her
  68. >”Flower Tart...”
  69. >You feel like you would not have gotten any sleep at all
  70. >”Is something the matter?”
  71. >Your eyes get to working just enough that you can see
  72. >Flower Tart is hugging her pillow while looking a bit frightened
  73. “I had a bad dream...”
  74. >Her voice sounds so sad that you half expect her to break down in sobs any minute now
  75. “Can I sleep with you?”
  76. >There is no way you can say no to her when she’s like this
  77. >”Of course you can, climb on in”
  78. >You move over as Flower Tart climbs up into your bed and snuggles against you
  79. >”There, feeling better now?”
  80. >Flower Tart gives you a small nod and you wrap an arm around her protectively and close your eyes
  81. >Soon enough you can hear Flower Tart breathing softly as she sleeps
  82. >Listening to the rhythm of her breathing starts to make you sleepy as well and soon you fall asleep too
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