Dadonequus Discord Part 271

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  1. >"Anon! haha!" he snickers "Have you come to meet your doom?"
  2. >...ugh, doesn't he get that you'll never EVER agree to that?
  3. >You sigh, roll your eyes, but don't push him off yourself in case the CMC are within eyesight.
  4. "No, you mind getting off Captain? I'm here to see my friends for something important"
  5. >"Oh..ok" Scrappy gives you a quick lick like he was an actual dog and hops off you. then turns and rushes back into the clubhouse to announce your presence "Scootaloo! Sweetie Belle! Master Applebloom! Anon has come to ask for something important!"
  6. >As you get up and look through the threshold of the door. You see the Captain rush over to Applebloom as she embraces him in a hug. "Scrappy, yah don't have to call me master. Just call me Applebloom"
  7. >"I can't, as part as my evil and perfect plan. I must refer to you as my master since I am your pet....Also because I like doing these puppy things like "Roll over" and "play dead" because it makes my friends happy." He nuzzles right under her chin as she cuddles into him tighter.
  8. >"Awww Scrappy, yer the cutest!" Applebloom couldn't resist his charm.
  9. >"Isn't he! Look, he even wags his tail like a puppy. It's adorable!" Sweetie Belle noticed him wagging his tail happily like a real dog.
  10. >"It's pretty cute, but c'mon girls. Now that Anon is here. We can finally take this thing apart and figure out what exactly it can do! I'm tired of waiting already" Scootaloo was getting anxious to take apart...OH SHIT! THE TASER!
  11. >You step in quickly to the table they sat in front of and immediately ask them what they think they are doing.
  12. "Woah woah woah woah! Are you saying you're gonna take the taser apart?"
  13. >"Well duh, yeah. If we figure out it's mysteries maybe we'll figure out how it works and how it ties to that other Anon guy Scrappy went on about" Scootaloo grabbed the toolbox's handle with her mouth and put it on the table and began to open it,.
  15. >"Yeah, who knows. This thing might do more than what you said it could do. When we're done we'll put it back together just in case that other Anon guy DOES come back to get it. We'll keep it here since he seems to know where the clubhouse is that way we have a chance to talk to him. I kind of wanna talk to him anyway, from what Scrappy said, he sounds lum...nice" Sweetie Belle was blushing just a tad at the thought of him..and you noticed that
  16. >Nice?! NICE?!
  17. ""
  18. >You step closer, eyeing Sweetie Belle dead in her eyes.
  19. "He zapped him. If anything, he sounds like a jerk. Plus, I need that thing anyway."
  20. >"Umm..Actually!" Scrappy hopped off of Applebloom and onto the table to make an announcement to you."He was very nice until I tried to attack him. We engaged in combat and I lost. So, I do want to destroy him someday, but we're also friends..I think. Well, I guess I'd have to see him again to find out. And I really want that!" His grin grew wider with every word.
  21. >Holy fuck, you had to be kidding with this shit. What the fuck was going through all their heads?
  22. "Look, I don't have a lot of time. But I can say this, whoever that other Anon is. He's probably a jerk considering he just came and went just like that. So, with that said. Can I have the taser please?"
  23. >"Anon, why don't ya just help us take it apart? Unless you already know how it works then ah think we all should work together to figure how this thing works. You're the only one who even knows the name of this contraption, so why not help us out?"
  25. >Applebloom gave you a look that pleaded to you not to try to take the taser away.
  26. >But the taser, in your mind, wasn't theirs to tinker with.
  27. "Applebloom, I only know enough about that thing to know it's very delicate and rare. One screw up and the whole thing will break. Let me just take it for a friend of mine to look at, she's much better at this kind of thing than any of us can be."
  28. >Sweetie Belle sighed and put her head down on the table "I told you he was going to be a jerk about this." Sweetie Belle then looks up to you, sick of your shit "Anon, it's not yours. You don't get to decide what we do with it. We at least waited for you so we could have your help. But we're not giving it up."
  29. >Oh..hell no. She was wrong if thats what she thought.
  30. "Well too bad, I'm taking it whether you like it or not."
  31. >"H-hey, can't we just all calm down?" Scootaloo tries to be the voice of reason. She was probably the least against you at this point. Mostly because she didn't completely see why anyone else had an actual problem with you and the gift of the wings. The reasons she had to hate on you before was petty reasoning. "We're all friends here right?"
  32. >"Well..yeah, but Anon. it's not fair that you want to take the taser for yerself. It should be a group decision. And well, we all just wanna take it apart ourselves and learn about it"
  34. >"Woah woah, hold on Applebloom. What if Anon is right though? He knows more about this thing that we do. What if we do break it?" Scootaloo comes to your side, noticing Applebloom didn't even address her question and is getting defensive over the taser. as is Sweetie Belle. "I mean, would it be awesome to figure it out ourselves? Yeah, but if another Anon used it, then maybe we should just leave it to our Anon"
  35. >Oh! Master Applebloom, that does sound right. Both Anons are pretty smart, so why don't we leave it with him? He'll know what to do!" Scrappy actually jumps to your defense, utterly ignorant of the tenseness in the room.
  36. >"Erm...What do you think Sweetie Belle" Applebloom was now becoming unsure as suddenly opinions started shifting toward you.
  37. >"Ugh, does it even matter what I think? He's just going to complain until he gets his way." Sweetie Belle crosses her front legs, feeling defeated "To think I was nice and brought you a blanket last night"
  38. >Oh, what was she getting pouty for? The taser wasn't hers to toy with. And, there was still the matter of "Scrappy".
  39. "Then I'll be taking this..."
  40. >You take the taser and slip in into your bag. No one argues it now. Though Applebloom does have something to say about it.
  41. >Anon, yer sure your friend is gonna handle that thing right?"
  42. >You nod
  43. "I'm sure, she's very smart ad I'm sure she can handle something like this. But, I'm not done yet. We still need to talk about him"
  44. >You point to Scrappy, which all it does is make him smile.
  45. >"Oh? We're gonna talk about me? This sounds great! I like me!"
  46. >..eugh...He's soooo stupid. How does Chrysalis think he even makes a good captain?
  47. >This causes all three of the girls to become unsettled. Yes, even Scootaloo.
  48. >"Anon, come on. We gave up the taser, are you seriously going to complain about Scrappy too? That's pretty uncool" Scootaloo seemed to appreciate the captain as much as the other two. She liked him, and was willing to stand up for him.
  50. "Depends, anypony wanna tell me what this whole pet thing is? Because I'm pretty sure you all know what he was up to this morning"
  51. >You tapped your hoof impatiently as you awaited an answer. All three of them didn't seem to know you were going to go this deep into this.
  52. >"Oh, didn't I already say? It was all my idea!" Scrappy ignorantly hops about to get your attention.
  53. >"Erm, yeah. It was...Scrappy, would you mind stepping out until I get you?" Applebloom tapped her hoof at the table enrvously as she looked at him with a somber face.
  54. >Scrappy seemed confused at it all as he tilted his head. "huh?..why?..oh!" He thinks he figures it out and smiles "You want me to practice running to keep p with cows so we can "bring them on home"..right?"
  55. >"Err, yeah!" Applebloom nods with a smile "Thats it!"
  56. >Scrappy salutes "Then I shall run until my legs fall off! just call me back when you need me!" And then he darted off. Obviously, this was something nobody wanted him to hear.
  57. >as he runs off, you can help but vocally note.
  58. "So, let me guess. You're tricking him, huh?"
  59. >" ain't like that" Applebloom felt a little guilt over the fact there was a trick to it "It really was his plan to be my pet. He told us everything because he likes us and doesn't want us to be sad. He's my pet because it lets him sneak around and do the stuff Queen Chrysalis wants easier than if he was a stray. But the plan is a little deeper than we thought we could do. Ya see, he tells us everything he's gonna do and everything he finds without telling that mean ole bug queen that we know what she knows."
  60. >So that would mean they DO know about what he did at the castle. Still, how does that make sense? Wouldn't that dishonor "his queen"
  61. "..ok, so then. How did you manage to get that to work without him saying it was against his queen?"
  63. >"Well, it's because whatever he tells his queen makes her happy, and then telling us makes us happy. And he likes making everypony he likes happy. Thats why him telling his queen that we know all this stuff would be somethin' he wouldn't want. Because it would make her angry" Applebloom explains "He's really not a bad guy Anon, ah know he works for somepony evil. But he's as nice and gentle as a rabbit. Maybe it's bad to trick him like that but, we're kinda hopin' that someday he'd just stop following Queen Chrysalis altogether"
  64. >Was she serious? The guy was a changeling, a bug that lived in a hive controlled by a queen. A guy who wanted you dead in her honor. He wasn't good, he was just stupid and wouldn't hesitate to sell her out if Chrysalis demanded it.
  65. "Look, that's a cute sentiment. It is, but now you three are playing a dangerous game here. You can't just BELIEVE that he'd just leave his queen just like that. You can't just think that Chrysalis isn't going to find out about the fact that he's not going to tell her that you all know.And if Chrysalis finds out exactly how deep this all goes, she's going to put a stop to it in a wayh that even I may well..I don't know what it is. But it won't end well for anypony, that's for sure. But if she wants "Scrappy" to betray all of you, then he's going to do it. This isn't a real friendship. You three need to be more careful on what you are doing."
  66. >But, that struck Scootaloo as odd...cinsidering..
  67. >"But wait..Anon, isn't Chrysalis your friend? We know you're trying to reform her and all, but it sounds like she's still pretty evil. So shouldn't you be the one worried about that stuff? I think we got Scrappy under control, besides, he likes us, we like him. He only does what he does because he's told to do it. I bet he'd be like any other pony if Chrysalis didn't tell him what to do" Scootaloo states as she finds a hole in your logic.
  69. >"That's right! Maybe if you spent some time with him you'd see that. Just say no whenever he wants to fight and just talk to him. He's a good guy, much better than the Changeling you hang out with. You shouldn't even be mad. Like we told you, we have it under control. Meanwhile it doesn't look like you've made any progress at all. In fact, I'd say it's that ugly bug that's got you wrapped around her hoof instead. I saw her with Silver Spoon earlier today asking my sister for an outfit for a "Sleepover". I Can't believe Diamond's dad would agree to that when she pretty much just got here. And considering who she is, I would have kicked her out like, right there and then if she came to MY house." Sweetie Belle saw the hole in your logic as well, and went right through it to prove they had things handled better than you did "She's setting you up Anon, can't you see that?"
  70. "Setting me up?"
  71. >You chuckle dismissively at that. After that kind of adventure, and the car? Nah
  72. "You got it all wrong. I'm actually pretty close friends with her now. You have to make friends before you can actually do any reforming. Trust me, I've been doing it since I got here"
  73. >Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes "Anon, really? Look. We tried to be nice, but it looks like I'm gonna have to be the one to say it. You're a jerk. You were nice before, but now? You think you're better than everypony else and can handle everything by yourself. We're doing you a favor by having Scrappy as a friend. It helps you as much as it keeps everypony else safe from any evil plans and stuff that your "sister" is planning. And Scrappy? He has a good heart. He's nice, he's playful, he's cute! And he likes us, and he even likes you. Y'know, if that other Anon was as nice as he says he is. I'd swap him for you if I could" you could hear it, there was some malice in her voice
  74. >"Sweetie Belle? Woah, did you really just say that?" Scootaloo was surprised at her. That was pretty mean.
  76. >"Ahm...Sweetie Belle" Applebloom felt uncomfortable, more uncomfortable as this conversation went on. "maybe we should just change the subject. Ah am sure Anon knows we can't be fighting eachother on this stuff. Y'know, because we gotta keep Chrysalis from knowing that we know what she knows because Scrappy knows what he finds out"
  77. >"No, look. He says he has it under control. But we don't know that. We don't really know anything about him because he doesn't really hang out with us. He's always off doing something else or hanging out with the adults or Discord or Chrysalis or even his marefriend. But not us! If he had it his way, Scrappy would probably be alone and without a single friend without us. And you know what? That's probably the most important thing right now anyway. That we managed to help Scrappy AND keep in the loop on any evil plans Chrysalis thought up. All Anon is doing is being a jerk and doing secret things that we have no idea about because for some reason he doesn't trust us at you Anon?" Sweetie Belle looks you dead in the eye when she asks you that question.
  78. >And the moment she does. Scootaloo and Applebloom look over to you as well, waiting for an answer.
  79. >...and then you start to sweat. What do you say to that? If you say yes, she'll demand proof. If you say no....well, you'll piss all three off.
  80. >You hesitate as you think of something. But as you do, you can see Scootaloo and Applebloom lose hope as Sweetie Belle's stare pierces ever deeper into your soul.
  81. "I'm trusting you enough to know about Chrysalis and Scrappy, aren't I?"
  82. >"Only because we managed to catch him and learn a lot of stuff. In fact..I wonder what would happen if we asked Scrappy about YOUR secrets. I bet he'd tell us"
  83. >Oh FUUUCK!
  84. >Now you were really sweating.
  86. "Don't do that. There are some stuff that nopony should know. If it gets out..."
  87. >You had to think of a lie..or maybe half lie..or...
  88. "My dad might do something about it, or something really bad could happen. everything I'm doing is very complicated stuff. If Scrappy spilled all the secrets you're talking about, that could put you and your families in danger. Look, I'm sorry that I'm keeping so many secrets from you. And..."
  89. >You had to admit defeat here. You couldn't let these three know your secrets. Dammit, of course Sweetie Belle had to get on her high horse about this. She had been ever since she got that stupid badge from, even before that. And of course Scootaloo and Applebloom would follow along with her than with you.
  90. >You sigh, and look down. Defeated. But you had to put on a show that you meant it.
  91. "Maybe I have been jerkish lately. It's really hard, y'know? I'm managing a whole lot of things right now. Like, I just finished helping a pony named Starlight Glimmer make amends with Twilight and her friends. That means Rarity too. I'm sure you heard of her. Well, she's friends with all of them now thanks to me. That's the kind of stress I'm in everday. Helping ponies and managing Chrysalis all day while balancing my own life. I didn't want to involve you three because it could be or even get dangerous. I don't want to know that if you three ever got hurt. That it's my fault."
  92. >"...Anon" Scootaloo was moved by those words "Ah geez...See girls? I told you stuff was bigger than we thought it was. It's like when Rainbow Dash gets stressed, she just gets super antsy sometimes....y' when Tank was about to go through hibernation. That's what caused that whole crazy winter last time."
  94. >"I..just dunno Scootaloo. Ah think Sweetie Belle might be on to somethin.." Applebloom didn't seem to fully buy it. There was something she didn't trust.about your words. something that came off as insincere. "Anon, how much does Diamond Tiara know?" However, it may seem she also had the wrong idea. She thought that Diamond Tiara might know even more than her,Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. "And tell us the truth Anon, please? We're yer friends. We're just...sorta..well, ah dunno what to call it cuz it seems so weird. But ah just wanna know"
  95. >You could work with this. If you showed her that they knew more than her, which they did. Maybe they'd think what you said was 100% true and back off.
  96. "She doesn't know anything other than I'm Discord's son. Like I said, it's dangerous. I hate not telling her more. but it's safer if she just stays out of the know."
  97. >"So she really doesn't know nothin'?" Applebloom seemed surprised by this.
  98. >You nod, you were gaining momentum
  99. "Yep, she doesn't know a thing. So see? I mean what I said, the situation is delicate. If you can handle the captain. Then fine. This plan of yours? Well, it seems to be working so I'll just do my part in making sure it stays that way. Look, just understand that I'm working hard and I don't have a lot to work with in the first place."
  100. >You then look to Sweetie Belle
  101. "And come on Sweetie Belle, I just came back from saving an entire world. And time there ran differently than here. Three days was like three hours here. I'm still recovering from that. Of course I'm gonna be a little uppity than usual and..."
  102. >You give a false chuckle
  103. "Maybe a little "High and mighty" considering what happened. Being a hero colt is hard work sometimes. Y'know? So come on, let's just leave it Right?"
  104. >If she even seemed like she'd disagree, you were going to drench this place in sweat. But Sweetie Belle seemed to be calming down from those words.
  106. >She sighed "Maybe you're right. I didn't know you were there risking your life for three days.I know my sister came back home a little jittery after that whole cutie mark removal thing happened. mmm, ok. Ok, maybe I was just overthinking it. Still, you have to be nicer to Scrappy Anon. And try to call him by his new name too, please? He really really likes it."
  107. >you just go along with whatever she says
  108. "ok, anything else?"
  109. >"Anything else?" Sweetie Belle wasn't expecting you to ask her for anything more. But she also didn't know your intent. "How about next time, when we have a majority vote. You just go along with it unless it's super important."
  110. >you nod again...but just to make sure
  111. "only if i'm around when the vote is made, sound fair?"
  112. >"Yeah, I guess it sounds fair. " Sweetie Belle agreed.
  113. >"Sounds pretty fair to me too" Scootaloo agrees
  114. >"Me too" Applebloom nods
  115. >"Ok, also. One last thing. Anon, just for the official Cutie Mark Crusader record." Sweetie Belle nods to Scootaloo, who quickly gets a pencil and some parchment to write on "You're not lying at all? no secrets other than the ones you said would make things dangerous for us?"
  116. >you cross your heart with your hoof then stick it in your eye.
  117. "Pinkie Promise"
  118. >"Wow, he Pinkie Promised Sweetie Belle, ya can't get more promisey than that" Applebloom took it at face value
  119. >"Yup, Scootaloo, you got that right?" Sweetie Belle asks as she looks to her finishing up and spitting the pencil out.
  120. >"Yep, it's on record that he Pinkie Promised. Now we won't forget. So does that mean everything is good now?" Scootaloo just wanted it to be over.
  121. >"I think so...but..just in case..erm, Applebloom, can you call Scrappy back?" Sweetie Belle asked.
  122. >"Sure" Applebloom put her hooves to her mouth and whistles. You knew in cartoonese, that it would call the little runt.
  124. >Sweetie Belle and Applebloom were still anxious in trusting you completely. Sweetie Belle moreso than Applebloom, Scootaloo just wanted things to be over and everyone to be friends again. But they also felt this was a start.
  125. >and it didn't take long for Scrappy to rush into the clubhouse either. And the moment he does. He jumps on your back and cackles evilly "aha! Anon, we meet again...again! Have you finally realized your doom is near?"
  126. >Keep it together Anon, they were watching you. They were waiting to see how you'd react.
  127. "..No.....How are you by the way;Scrappy."
  128. >"Huh? oh, I'm feeling super good. I just did a lot of running just now." Scrappy then looks to Applebloom and proudly hops over to her and cuddles into her "Did I do a good job Master Applebloom?"
  129. >Applebloom couldn't help but giggle at his cuteness "ya did good Scrappy. ya want a belly rub?"
  130. >"Yes! Very much yes! belly rubs are a normal thing that a pony does to their pet to show affection and this will help my also feels very nice"
  131. >Applebloom gave him a warm sunny smile as he plopped on his back for her, she then proceeded to give him belly rubs as he squirmed about happily.
  132. >...good god, what the fuck were you even seeing?
  133. >Even if it was fucked up. For now, just accept it and hope Chrysalis never finds out how far this has gone. You had the Taser, it was time to make an exit.
  134. "So uh, well. I gotta be going. We're all good right?"
  135. >"What? You're leaving already?" Scrappy got confused and hopped up mid belly rub and rushed up towards you and hopped left and right like a battle ready pup. "C'mon Anon, at least playfight with me. I need to get stronger if I'm going to be a farming puppy while also plotting your imminent destruction in a single blow that will be sure to bring honor to the queen"
  137. >You looked up for a moment. Yeah, it was Sweetie Belle who was most focused on you and your responses. But before you could say a word. Scootaloo wanted to ask something of Scrappy.
  138. >"Scrappy, why exactly do you want to destroy Anon exactly? Isn't it better to just be friends?"
  139. >Scrappy turns to Scootaloo with a dumb smile as he wagged his tail. "I AM friends with Anon and other Anon, but they both must be destroyed because they brought dishonor to the hive and to my queen. But until then, I like being friends with him and all of you. You are all so nice to me. That's why I don't mind sharing the evil and very diabolical plans of the hive. Because it makes my friends happy when I share, I just wish it wouldn't make my queen mad if I ever told her. But that's ok because none of you would ever be able to stop her....but I would feel bad if you tried and got I made myself feel bad. I don't want my friends to be hurt" Scrappy's optimistic smile turned to that to a puppy whine as he looked down, feeling cruddy about the whole thing.
  140. >"Awww, it's ok Scrappy. You just telling us everything is enough for us. We wouldn't want to stop you or anything" Scootaloo pats her legs to let Scrappy know to come to her. He slowly does, and plops his head down in front of her as she pets his head.
  141. >"Right, So don't even think that." Sweetie Belle, while saying this to him, looks to you with a stare, a stare that suggests that they wouldn't try to really stop him. That'd be your job since that's what you said you'd be doing.
  142. >"All we're worried about is if you'll be ok or not. But ya know, ya don't have to do evil things if ya don't wanna" Applebloom tries a bit of convincing on him.
  144. >Scrappy just moved his eyes up to look at Applebloom as he was pet on the head by Scootaloo. "..But I like being the captain and doing things for my queen. But if my queen ever stopped being evil, maybe I wouldn't have to be either. Then I could spend more time with my friends..." He didn't seemed to be too thrilled about having to be evil right now either. Or more, he was just wanting to be able to spend time with his friends whenever he pleased. "..and maybe have more time to convince Anon to fight me to the end."
  145. >"Awww..." Scootaloo picked up Scrappy and gave him a hug, she found the whole thing sad...somehow. "Don't be sad Scrappy, maybe one day it will happen. But for now, how about we go play a little fetch before we have to go home?"
  146. >Scrappy smiled and got excited for that "I LOVE FETCH!"
  147. >.......holy fuck, what the hell was going on here. What were you witnessing even? But yet, you understood. They'd keep him happy, and you'd do the rest of the work. Sure, they actually cared about him. But they were getting too close. They were eventually going to fucking shit things up. But what could you do right now? whatever, sooner or later they'd be in a situation where they'd REALLY need you. And you'd show them then that you were right all along...But for now..
  148. "Don't worry Scrappy, we're your buddies. even if you want to destroy me. It's cool being your friend anAHH!"
  149. >Scrappy immediately broke from Scootaloo's hug to dive and lick your face before dancing on you happily "Yay! I think this is the first time you've ever said it like that Anon, that makes me very happy!"
  150. >.....god...just..go...please? go...
  151. "C-cool, b-but I gotta go. Ok? I got stuff to do...So uhm, have fun playing fetch, alright?"
  152. >"I will, especially since you asked. Come on Scootaloo, it's time for fetch! Anon has to do important stuff things!" Scrappy hopped off of you as he hopped and waited by the door.
  154. >"I'm coming, let me just grab a ball. Or do you wanna do sticks again?" Scootaloo asks him.
  155. >"Sticks!" Scrappy exclaims as he runs in circles. He..really was becoming a fucking dog.
  156. >Scootaloo chuckles and walks outside with him "Sticks it is, come on. I'll show you some of my super throws while we're at it. And you can tell me if you think they'd be good enough to show Rainbow Dash"
  157. >"I will do my best!" Scrappy says as he walks away and waves to you "I'll see you later Anon, try not to be destroyed by then!"
  158. " too"
  159. >You wave back, with a false and pained smile on your face.
  160. >"So ah guess we all understand what we gotta do right?" Applebloom's voice beckons your attention as you see her roll up the "record of the Pinkie Promise". "We all gotta work together if we're gonna make sure Chrysalis doesn't take over Equestria"
  161. >"Yeah, and so far. I'd like to think we're all doing a good job. Anon, you're going to be ok right?" Sweetie Belle started to feel bad over how she was acting "Sorry about all that, it just seemed like you were treating us like we were in your way.We didn't know how hard it was for you. But trust us, we have this under control and we'll make sure to keep you posted on anything Scrappy tells us. woo...and here I thought you didn't really like us or something. Good luck with that sleepover by the way. You're gonna need it if Chrysalis is going to be there. You won't let her do anything bad to Diamond Tiara, right?"
  163. >...of course you were angry at them for getting this fucking deep. But just keep going along with it. just keep going.
  164. "Of course, she'll be fine as long as I'm there. I'm not gonna let Chrysalis do anything bad. She can't anyway, she'd just out herself if she did. Trust me. I got this. but I really gotta be going ok? My friend is already at the train station with my aunt. I don't want to keep them waiting."
  165. >"Ok..Oh, and remember. We're a team." Sweetie Belle reminds you
  166. >"That's right, thats one of the main things about being a Cutie Mark Crusader after all...y'know...since we all got our cutie marks already" Applebloom chuckles sheepishly. It only made you wonder why they still called themselves crusaders anyway. hrnnn....
  167. "Yeah, a real team..."
  168. >After that, you took the taser and said your goodbyes. Saying goodbye to Scootaloo and Scrappy as you passed by.
  169. >You weren't happy about this at all. Those three...
  170. "Great, fucking fantastic, absolutely grand. What the fuck are those three thinking? This is fucking Chrysalis, do they not realize that if she finds out she'll just plot around them or just fuck with their lives? I'm trying to protect them and they give me shit for it. For fucks sake...and then there's the fucking captain. Looks like no...FUCK!"
  171. >You smack your face with your hoof as you realize you forgot something.
  172. "I forgot to fucking ask what the hell was in Twilight's letter....y''ll be fine. Not like Chrysalis can go toe to toe with Twilight right now anyway. It's probably nothing. those three...I'm just glad I managed to fool them into thinking I was actually ok with the whole thing. Christ, how could they even threaten me like that anyway? If they knew everything....fuck, everything would go to fucking hell. You gotta keep it together Anon..."
  174. >You sigh, you had to remember one thing about them.
  175. "They are just stupid kids. They are just trying to help, but goddammit. They have no way of actually handling it and they get pissed off whenever I try to tell them anything important. Why? Why do they do that?'s's fine. You have control of the situation now Anon, just keep track of them. That's all you gotta do. Ergh, why can't they be like Starlight? She at least understands....eugh..."
  176. >You spend your trip to the train station trying to rationalize everything and compile your thoughts. You just had to keep in mind to manage Scrappy and the girls and make sure they didn't do anything stupid. It shouldn't be too hard since Scrappy is so stupid.
  177. >And then there's Starlight. Well, there was nothing wrong with her. You'd give her the Taser, say your goodbyes, and then go home to get ready for the problem.
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