What people have to put up with when I get tired

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  1. Saltbearer: I like Flubby the eggnogwaggle
  2. Saltbearer: woo woo woo
  3. Saltbearer: woo woo woo
  4. Saltbearer: Lily lick lick lily lick tastes like flars
  5. Saltbearer: lick mo lily clean it up wipe it up with a ferret gonna lick it up off the ferret from the lily to the ferret to the tongue boah hear that boah be good boah strong boah boah
  6. Saltbearer: lick the ferret boah
  7. Syni: xD
  8. Saltbearer: lick the bleepin ferry derry boah or i shove 'im poo end first down your mouth to neck to stomach tubing gonna rub it a little rub the ferret in your neck tubing gonna make that scratching a new tubing plantation in a neck smell sniff it in boah sniff in the ferret the smell of a freshly rubbed ferrety neck plantation boah you hear boah
  9. Syni: oh good
  10. Syni: i was hoping you'd say that.
  11. Syni: *feels relieved*
  12. Saltbearer: hey boah aint gonna get paid boah all for nothing boah aint gonna get paid why do the job boah gonna run a boah over the mountain beatin it in his boah boah head boah gonna trample a wasp nest along the way boah meet up with an anthill boah gonna get famous on the internet and join the internet groups for all the famous internet people and it's gonna be because he trampled the nests boah hear that boah hear the boah bein a star boah when does a boah become a mon boah aww go back to lickin that ferret boah leland loves his vapor trails SKIPPY SKIPPY SKIP SKIP immy willy netty sendy best form of online contacty wontacty for some shenanigoons bringing laughs bringing troubles bringing strange bovine diseases into our midst into our nesting birds' best birds' nests bird's nest soup eat the bird's nest boah into the ant hill wasp nest our nest boah gonna boah boah gonna boah boah writhing on the ground boah gonna writhe a little for me huh boah gonna writhe let's see you do the horizontal freak dance on the matty wood like a robot gymnast programmed to be a queen boah you gonna be a queen lady boah dangit ladybord
  13. Saltbearer: malt
  14. Syni: <3
  15. Syni: best
  16. Syni: response
  17. Saltbearer: once upon a time there was a magical nut and a squirrel ate it and it got magic robot powers and it was a robot and the squirrel was a robot because it was a nuts and bolts kind of nut and squirrels are typically very nutty animals but that's not even half of the beginning of the story because a long time away in a far island ago there's an observatory where they found a parasite alien thingy and the guy who found it was all evil and stuff mooahaha but anyway back to our squirrelly robot squirrel pal buddy chummy friend where the squirrel got flight and it (i dunno if its a boy or a girl squirrel) and then it flew to the island and beat up the evil observatory man guy but wow i was surprised to learn that HE WAS POSSESSSED by a higher up in the jimmies department do squirrels like sprinkles do squirrels like malt and or wasps and or licking ferrets and or neck plantations and or vapor trails we should test that on rats but amy winehouse we all know keef comes out on top my god he was absorbent the end
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