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  1. Now this girl’s story begins like no other,
  2. A lord for a father, a maid for a mother.
  3. Her father kicked her mother out, the day she was born,
  4. And Mama sold her body just to keep the kid warm.
  6. And on winter nights, both huddled together,
  7. Her Mama told tales to distract from the weather.
  8. “Have you heard the story, about the girl,
  9. With the blood-red sails, who conquered the world?”
  11. “Broadside Jenny’s coming,
  12. She’s gunning for you,
  13. Her cannons will shriek through the sky.
  14. And she sails so fast,
  15. And she screams so loud,
  16. That even the bad men cry.”
  18. And many years later, (just shy of a score),
  19. Her father still lord, her Mama no more,
  20. She works at a tavern, all drunkards and stench,
  21. They stumble and slur, and they call her a wench.
  23. She sighs and she smiles, as polite as she can,
  24. And imagines misfortunes for every last man.
  25. All covered in alcohol, sick of the smell,
  26. The girl recalls stories, her Mama would tell.
  28. “Broadside Jenny’s coming,
  29. She’s gunning for you,
  30. Her cannons will shriek through the sky.
  31. And she sails so fast,
  32. And she screams so loud,
  33. That even the bad men cry.”
  35. Now one day the lord, ship in with the tide,
  36. Sees our girl’s tavern, and wanders inside.
  37. “How quaint!” he cries, and his men nod along,
  38. “You, girl,” he points, “won’t you sing me a song?”
  40. And she knows from her Mama, the man she beholds,
  41. She smiles, as her destiny swiftly unfolds,
  42. Sweetly sits in his lap, and plays with his tabard,
  43. She sings loud as she draws his own sword from its scabbard.
  45. “Broadside Jenny’s coming,
  46. She’s gunning for you,
  47. Her cannons will shriek through the sky.
  48. And she sails so fast,
  49. And she screams so loud,
  50. That even the bad men cry.”
  52. By the end of her song, every man in there’s dead,
  53. And she uses their blood to paint their sails red,
  54. She hires the downtrodden, leads a frightening coup,
  55. She amasses a fearsome and merciless crew,
  57. And as crimson sails billow on a bloodthirsty sea,
  58. Mama’s voice in her head, as the ship sails free,
  59. She climbs up the bowsprit, as the land fades from view,
  60. And screams “Broadside Jenny’s coming for you!”
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