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  1. WARNING: This is illegal in the US and Europe unless the medical system is involved. It may also be cost-prohibitive.
  3. This guide pertains to post or mid-pubescent biological males. If you are past the age of 24 you will find it very difficult if not impossible to become androgynous. Most males reach sufficient sexual dimorphism to avoid true androgyny by the age of 16. The majority of truly androgynous icons (Andreja, Stav, etc) have been blocking testosterone from an early age. The sooner the better. Generally speaking, everything in the body other than bones will be restructured over time with changing hormones. Ask yourself: is my bone structure itself visibly masculine? This doesn't include muscles, fat, skin, and hair. If the answer is yes, you will probably never look androgynous.
  5. This guide does not recommend the excessive consumption of herbal phytoestrogens or supplements. They do next to nothing. I don't care if you read that "Pueraria Mirifica is more potent than actual estrogen!" or "Spearmint tea will kill your testosterone!"; the science is not on your side, and honestly, this is easier than getting scammed by bad PM suppliers or glaring at your 6th spearmint cup of the day.
  8. Getting the Drugs
  9. -----------------------------------
  12. This guide recommends generally buying from (ADC) an Indian grey-market pharmacy. You can also use (IHP), (QHI),, and of course darknetmarkets and alibaba; some of these may be cheaper. Regardless of where you buy, expect at least 2 weeks shipping. If you live in a country where mail is searched, look to local suppliers, darknetmarkets, and ADC in that order. Some countries have very lax laws regarding these pills and you may be able to get them from a pharmacy.
  14. If you're a kid, you can often purchase these using a prepaid credit card which you can get for cash at a convenience store. It's possible to rent a PO Box if you can't ship to a friend. Most suppliers will also take bitcoin. The subreddit /r/transDIY would probably be very helpful for you. I know you don't want to hear this, and I know you've thought a lot about it, but please ask yourself why you're considering androgyny so seriously, and consider how you see yourself in 10 years before proceeding.
  16. If you're 18+, many countries (including the US) have an informed-consent model, which means easier access. You will probably have to lie and say you're transitioning to be a girl, maybe do some talk therapy beforehand, maybe even get all dressed up with a girl name picked out. I don't know what kind of archaic standards of care your country would have you go through, but your local trans community probably does. I've had to do all three in progressive America. This is a good solution because medical supervision should be your endgame anyway.
  18. Lastly, if you're incredibly desperate, you can remove your testicles. You can slowly elastrate yourself with a rubber band. You can inject your testicles with alcohol and then get them removed by a doctor in a month's time. You can take painkillers and a knife and bleed over a toilet. I've seen it all. If you're actually considering trying this, I'm so, so, sorry.
  22. The Drugs Part I: Anti-Androgens
  23. -----------------------------------
  26. To get rid of testosterone, use an anti-androgen (AA). There are dozens of AAs. Most will make you permanently sterile after extended usage (months to years). These are pretty much all going to give you breasts without other drugs involved. We focus on three:
  28. Spironolactone (FDA-Branded Aldactone), the most common AA used in the US. Cheap, safe, weak. Average daily dose: 200mg. Typical range: 100-300mg. Bulk cost on ADC: $10/month
  29. Cyproterone Acetate (FDA-Branded Androcur), the most common AA in Europe. Invasive, strong. Average daily dose: 50mg. Typical range: 25-100mg. Bulk cost on ADC: $45/month
  30. Bicalutamide (FDA-Branded Calutide), an AA which does not result in permanent infertility. Estrogenic, strong. Average daily dose: 50mg. Typical range: 25-75mg. Bulk cost on ADC: $50/month. Cheaper at kiwidrug.
  32. Spironolactone has few side effects. It will strain kidneys and elevate potassium levels. It will make you pee often and eat salt (do both). It has mild estrogenic effects; expect mild gynecomastia if taken without a SERM.
  34. Cyproterone Acetate has more side effects. It can make you depressed and irritable. It causes Vitamin B12 defficiency (take a B12 supplement, and probably a D supplement too, since you probably never go outside if you're reading this, and hey, maybe calcium while you're at it, because who the fuck drinks milk anymore, and maybe biotin for better hair...this is a rabbit hole you should go down). Despite this, it's incredibly potent, and you could feasibly use half or a quarter of the daily dose and still remove most of your testosterone. It activates the progesterone receptor, causing moderate estrogenic effects.
  36. Bicalutamide can prevent both sterility and masculinizing, and it's less commonly used, so we've bothered to source these claims. It works only by blocking androgens from binding to the androgen receptor, not by stopping androgen production. It also induces nuclear translocation after binding [1]. Therefore, the effect of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone--a more potent testosterone largely responsible for male-pattern baldness) will be decreased despite its production being increased and DHT having a stronger binding affinity for the androgen receptor than bicalutamide. It has loss of libido in some cases, indicating reduced, but not eliminated, blood-brain barrier penetration [2] (if you're worried about mental side effects, this is quite nice). Due to the non-androgenic anabolic effects of testosterone, bicalutamide does not induce muscle loss [3] (stay toned AND fem!). Bicalutamide has a long half-life in the bloodstream, so you can low-dose it. If you take bicalutamide on its own, aromatase (an enzyme) will convert the plentiful free-floating testosterone to estrogen. For this reason, take either an aromatase-inhibitor, or a SERM, or both. Otherwise, expect breasts and other serious estrogenic effects.
  40. The Drugs Part II: SERM Boogaloo
  41. -----------------------------------
  44. Remember, you're only going to use SERMs if you plan on removing testosterone without replacing it. Note that few people take SERMs, but no complications have been locally reported.
  46. A SERM works in conjunction with an AA to mitigate the side effects (osteoporosis, breast growth, depression, etc.) of singularly taking AAs, by triggering certain estrogen receptors and blocking others. SERMs are often given to post-menopausal women to reduce the risk of breast cancer; they represent the majority of research subjects. Bodybuilders occasionally illegally purchase SERMs to use in conjunction with certain steroids, but these are obviously not represented in medical journals. The SERMs outlined below are all breast tissue antagonists; they prevent breast growth and reduce breast size over time (experimental half life of around 2-3 months).
  48. The chemicals in order of desirability: Raloxifene (R) (FDA-Branded Evista) > Tamoxifen (T)
  49. Average daily doses: R: 60mg, T: 20mg. Ranges: R, 30-120mg; T, unknown
  51. Raloxifene can fix cognitive dysfunction caused by antipyschotics in the treatment of schizophrenia [5]. It can also act as an antidepressant [6][7]. It has some effects on the serotonin system, and can improve memory and attention in healthy patients [8]. Sounds neat, but a lot of this is probably barely clinically significant; what's more important is that there aren't many negatives associated with raloxifene.
  53. Tamoxifen can induce cognitive dysfunction [4].
  57. The Drugs Part III: Estrogen Extravaganza? I don't know, I'm really trying here.
  58. -----------------------------------
  61. This is male-to-female hormone replacement therapy (HRT). There are better guides out there for this, so I'll summarize this as best I can:
  63. You will grow breasts (ymmv) and likely become sterile (in 3 months to 2 years) even with bicalutamide. Your skin will soften and become pale, your body hair will eventually subside, your facial hair might, you might regrow hair on your scalp, you'll smell differently, your fat will redistribute over'll pretty much look like a girl with weird bones.
  64. On average, take 4mg of Estradiol (FDA-Branded Estrofem, Progynova) along with your AA. For results, see:
  65. Estradiol Hemihydrate is ideal for sublingual administration and Estradiol Valerate for oral administration, but hemihydrate is more efficient, and is more guaranteed to work.
  67. If you start before 16, expect your pelvis to widen. If you start after 16 and before 21, expect some slight bone changes but understand that bones have mostly fused by this point. I don't have specifics because I can't find informative studies.
  71. Feminization: The Guide: The Movie
  72. -----------------------------------
  75. Your bloodstream has testosterone (an androgen), the primary male sex hormone. Testerone makes you masculinize, but it also has other biological functions, so we can't remove it and be done. There are 3 solutions to this problem, from most to least feminizing:
  77. You can replace testosterone with estrogen (E; the primary female sex hormone) and estrogen will handle those biological functions.
  78. You can remove testosterone and take drugs to mitigate the side effects (SERMs).
  79. You can remove most of the testosterone but have enough remaining to handle most of these biological functions (Androgen Deprivation Therapy; Androgen Blockade; ADT).
  81. We can't IMMEDIATELY remove testosterone, either, because it's a more gradual process. If you plan on taking estrogen, you should take your AA for at least a month before taking estrogen (ditto with SERMs). Additionally, always taper your dosages on and off a drug, especially if you're taking it without medical supervision.
  83. Each of these requires precise dosing. For each of these, which have daily doses explained below, you'll want to take half the dose in the morning and half in the evening (you can really just cut the pills in half with scissors, but you usually won't have to). But these are just averages! You might need to take a huge amount of anti-androgen to suppress your pituitary gland, or you might still slowly grow breasts on 60mg of raloxifene. Generally speaking, after a month of removing testosterone, if you don't have reduced erections, you need more anti-androgen. Beyond that, if you're skeptical about the medication, get your blood tested early.
  85. Eventually you will have to get your blood tested. Having a doctor do this is ideal, but you can also DIY. There are private clinics you can go to to get your blood drawn and hormone levels tested. Don't pay over $100 (USD) for this.
  87. Full disclosure: I took these links from /mtfg/; this is definitely their department.
  88. This is the sort of test you should run:
  89. This is how you should interpret the results:
  91. The last thing I should mention is intentionally getting and removing breasts. The best solution for most of us is going to be estrogen until we die; it's the safest, simplest, and most effective way to stay feminine while male. If your breasts are in the very early stages of development--while they're still budding--and you remove them either with a SERM or with surgery, they're gone forever. To clarify, if you remove the originally forming breast tissue, and then stay on estrogen indefinitely, you won't grow breasts.
  97. @
  99. [1]
  100. [2]
  101. [3]
  102. [4]
  103. [5]
  104. [6]
  105. [7]
  106. [8]
  107. [9]
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