/irt/ Kirko Bangz - Half-sister Diamond Tiara

Jan 29th, 2018
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  1. Incestuous Relationships Thread
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  3. My Bitchy Half-Sister Can't Be This Cute
  5. Because this motherlover won't maintain his own pastebin.
  7. ***
  9. >A cool breeze passes through, rustling the leaves of a nearby Oak tree, blowing a strand of hair into your eyes.
  10. >You brush it to the side, and breathe deeply through your nose.
  11. "This is it. The big day."
  12. >Sitting indian-style, you look up into the infinite blueness of the sky.
  13. "I know this isn't how things were supposed to turn out, but, you made sure I was prepared."
  14. >Ssssss....
  15. >Placing a hand on her Stony body, you touch your head to hers.
  16. "I'll take your teachings with me for the rest of my life, and grow up to be the kind of man you always wanted me to be."
  17. >With a slight grunt you move to one knee, and hug her tightly.
  18. >"Master Anonymous. We should be on sir. If the weather reports were anything to go on, I fear it may take an unexpected turn for the worst."
  19. "Yes. You're right Randolph. I just wanted to say bye one last time, before...you know."
  20. >A wrinkled hand pats you on the shoulder.
  21. >"I understand sir. It is a big step you're taking, but I believe it for the better."
  22. >You give Old Randolph a small smile, standing to both feet.
  23. "See ya later Ma. I'm going to live with Dad now. I'll come see you again sometime."
  24. >Giving her one last look, you're escorted by Randolph to a purring black Bentley Continental waiting nearby.
  25. >Being the loyal servant he is, he opens the back door for you to enter.
  26. "No thanks Randolph. I can sit in the front. Just because I'm part of this family now, doesn't mean I can't do things myself."
  27. >"But master Anonymous, I--"
  28. >With another smile, you round the shiny car, and let yourself into the passengers seat.
  29. >Randolph stands there aghast for a moment, before moving into the drivers seat.
  30. >You know Mom wouldn't even think of someone waiting on her hand and foot, and taught you to be the same way. "The best things in life are the the things you do and earn for yourself" she'd say.
  31. >"Well! Yes then--Shall we be off?"
  32. >Today marks the beginning of a new life.
  33. "Yep. Off to the Rich Estate. To meet Dad..."
  34. >After a particularly, silent and short car ride, you could see your new house in the distance.
  35. "Geez. Look at that place? I'm seriously living there?"
  36. >"Oh ho ho ho ho. Don't be silly, young master. That's not your home. Those are merely the servants quarters."
  37. >You double-take at Randolph's statement, the car pulling into an elongated trail leading up to the real mansion you'll be living.
  38. >It's huge. Stupefyingly so. Possibly the biggest you've ever seen and the first in real life.
  39. >The driveway itself is about the length of two football fields alone.
  40. "What kind of man is Filthy Rich, Randolph?"
  41. >The elderly man, thinks for a bit.
  42. >"I'm not sure how I can answer that question young master. I've served your father, for many years, and your grandfather before that. Both pride themselves on hard work, and have earned the luxuries they have accumulated."
  43. >That doesn't really answer much of your question. You barely know anything about this guy, and now he sudden;y ups and decided you should come live with him after Mom passed away. Mom never really told you much about him, just that he was loaded.
  44. >Why didn't she ever marry him?
  45. >The Car comes to a smooth stop in front of the gigantic mansion, where a man waits outside in a pressed, clean business suit.
  46. >"We're here young master. Welcome home-"
  47. >You grab the handle of the door, prepared to step out.
  48. >"Before you exit the car sir, allow this lowly servant to give you one piece of advice. He hates being called "Filthy"."
  49. "O-oh. Okay.."
  50. >Finally exiting the car, you're greeted with a bearhug of epic proportions.
  51. >"Crown! My boy! It's so good that you're finally here! I can't believe how big you've gotten!"
  52. >Yeah. Your full name is "Anemerald Crown", but Mom coined your nickname of "Anonymous".
  53. "Uugh...Gah! Thanks, Mister...Rich!"
  54. >His happy expression changed to one of disappointment.
  55. >"Hmm. I suppose I can't expect you to call me "Dad" just yet, after being out of your life for so long, huh..."
  56. >The two of you stand there in awkward silence briefly, not sure how to proceed from here.
  57. >"W-well, we have all the time in the world to get to know one another! Right?"
  58. "Y-yeah! All the time in the world..."
  59. >With a hopeful smile, Rich droops an arm around your shoulder.
  60. >"Why don't we head inside, and go see your Sister and Step-mother? They were both so excited to meet you when I told them you'd be staying with us."
  61. >You both walk to the front door, that's being held open by Randolph. Say what you will, That old timer can move.
  62. "Oh....wooooow."
  63. >The inside is even bigger looking than the outside! The floors sparkle like fine china, and you see multiple Butlers and Maids lined up, bowing as the two of you enter.
  64. >"Magnificent, isn't it? The end result of years of hard work, and wise investments."
  65. "It's beautiful..."
  66. >"Welcome Master Crown."
  67. >The unison greeting makes you recoil in shock a bit.
  68. "S-seriously? You didn't have to do all of this..."
  69. >"Nonsense my boy! You're a Rich, and you get only the best."
  70. >You remove his arm from around your shoulders.
  71. "I'm a Crown. No offense, sir."
  72. >Filthy Rich laughs uneasily.
  73. >"Ye-yes. Of course..."
  74. >Before another bout of awkward tension can break out Rich looks to all the help, waving them off.
  75. >"Y-You're all free to return to your duties. Thank you for your time."
  76. >With another bow the multiple Servants scatter into various directions leaving you with your father, and Randolph.
  77. >The echoing clack of high heels bellows from down a nearby corridor, getting louder and louder until a woman steps through the archway, stopping when she spots the three of you.
  78. >Her nose is turned up, and she's decked out in Jewellery, reminiscent of your typical,cliché upper class, trophy wife.
  79. >"Oh.Is this him?"
  80. >She gives you a once-over, with a snobbish frown.
  81. >Her rudeness isn't lost on you, but for your own sake, you'll let it slide.
  82. >"Honey! Yes! This is Anonymous! My boy!"
  83. >"Hmph."
  84. >She crosses her arms, leaning to the side.
  85. "Pleased to meet you ma'am..."
  86. >You warily extend a hand towards her, that she merely eyes in disgust.
  87. >"Charmed, I'm sure-"
  88. >The woman looks to Filthy with irritated eyes.
  89. >"Is he the only illegitimate child or are there any other bastards I should be made aware of?"
  90. "WHAT?!"
  91. >Both Randolph and Rich's eyes open wide.
  92. >"R-randolph! Show Crown to his room? I need to chat with my wife for a MOMENT."
  93. >"Right away sir. Come this way Young Master."
  94. >The aged Butler shepherds you up the twisting staircase, as harsh, hushed whispers echo from where you left Filthy and whoever she was.
  95. "What the heck was that all about?! What did I do to her besides be cordial?!"
  96. >"Please try to calm down Young Master. I know it's not the welcome you imagined, but let's try to ignore that, and make the best of things! Mrs. Rich can be a bit harsh. but she was really excited about the prospect of having a son!"
  97. "I highly doubt that, but okay."
  98. >You try to cool down, while the two of you head down a massive hallway.
  99. >Near the end you see two young girls, no older than 14 or 15 standing by a door, chatting with one another.
  100. >"Ah! Mistress Tiara!"
  101. "Who?"
  102. >The girls hear the old man's call, and meet you halfway.
  103. >Wordlessly they ignore the butler's presence completely, and circle you like a pair of sharks.
  104. >The one dressed in yellow, rudely tugs on the sleeve of your shirt.
  105. >"So you're Anemerald? How can someone with a name like that dress like you do?"
  106. "Just Anonymous, or Anon is fine."
  107. >The girl in glasses starts to look at you from different angles.
  108. >"Where do you do your shopping? Old Navy?"
  109. "Old Navy...? I got these from JC Penny's, but what does that-"
  110. >The both erupt into audacious laughter.
  113. >Randolph gives you a look of concern from behind the two hyenas, motioning for you to follow him.
  114. >You haven't been here an hour yet, and already you hate it here.
  115. "Who was that? Is everyone's thing in this house to insult all newcomers without introducing themselves?"
  116. >Randolph places a hand on your shoulder once more.
  117. >"That would be your new sister sir. Diamond Tiara, and her friend Silver Spoon."
  118. "Is Diamond Tiara the one with the glasses?"
  119. >He chuckles.
  120. >"No sir."
  121. >To make matters worse, they follow you and Randolph from a few feet cracking jokes about your clothes the rest of the way to your room.
  122. >"Here we are sir. This is where you shall be staying."
  123. >He opens up a large hardwood door with a crown enblem on the front.
  124. "Was this necessary?"
  125. >"Your father thought it'd make you feel at home."
  126. "If you say so."
  127. >You reach out to open the door, but Randolph beats you to the punch.
  128. "Randolph. I said you don't have to waste the effort on me-"
  129. >"Yeah Randolph. You could spend your time doing something more productive, like getting me and Silver something to drink."
  130. >Randolph looks between the two of you.
  131. "It's okay. I can take it from here."
  132. >He quietly exhales from his nose, bowing to you.
  133. >"As you wish sir."
  134. >Randolph excuses himself to fulfill the orders of Diamond Tiara, as you enter your room for the first time.
  135. >It's HUGE. Why it's about the size of your old apartment back with Mom, and this is just a bedroom.
  136. >Boxes of your items are stacked neatly in the corner, leaving you with tons of space to decorate.
  137. >"So, like-"
  138. >You look over your shoulder. Those two are still here.
  139. "I think we need to set some ground rules, if you're going to be staying here."
  140. "Excuse me?"
  141. >Diamond Tiara starts inspecting your boxes, rooting through the contents without your permission.
  142. "Hey, stop tha-"
  143. >"You're only here out of pity. So anything I say goes. Just because you're a year older or whatever, still means I'm in charge."
  144. >She pulls out a picture of your Mother.
  145. >"Bleh."
  146. >She drops the framed picture back in, wiping her hand on her Duckling yellow jacket.
  147. "HEY!"
  148. >She takes a few steps back from the box, placing her hands on her hips.
  149. >"Next, you don't get to spend any of Daddy's money. That privilege is saved for his one, TRUE, darling child. ME!"
  150. >"You tell him Diamond!"
  151. >Is this really happening right now?
  152. >Diamond points at you dramatically.
  153. >"You're just a "half-brother". Not a Full one! So know your place!"
  154. >"Yeah! Know it!"
  155. >All you can do is just stare in astonishment at what's taking place.
  156. >"Let's go Silver. This room reeks of lower class garbage."
  157. >"PEE-YEW!"
  158. >They exit the room, leaving you in a mixture of emotions. Confusion, Anger, but mostly confusion.
  159. >Shaking it off, you close the door, and retrieve mom's picture from the box, sitting against the stacks.
  160. "I wouldn't even be here if I had a choice...Stupid blueblood snobs..."
  161. >You saved up enough money from working. You could easily have paid for your own place, but the school wouldn't allow it.
  162. >Then steps in this mysterious father you never even knew for most of your life.
  163. >You touch the picture of her smiling face.
  164. "Give me strength..."
  165. >Saying a silent prayer to yourself, you start unpacking, and setting up your room how you like.
  166. >"Young Master! What in heavens name are you doing?!"
  167. >Poking your head up from a box of books, you see Randolph standing in your doorway with his mouth wide open in shock.
  168. "...Uhm...putting my stuff away?"
  169. >He hobbles over taking your items away, and putting them up himself.
  170. >"This simply won't do! How could I, Randolph even allow you to exert effort with such a- a- BASE task?!"
  171. "Whoa! Calm down! I can do it myself Randolph! Please!"
  172. >You try to take the box away, but he persists in doing it for you.
  173. >"I can't Young Master! It is on my honor as your faithful servant that I forbid you from dirtying yourself with labor-"
  174. "It's cool! I don;t need help!"
  175. >A mini tug-o-war match starts up.
  176. >"Please sir, allow me-"
  177. "I got this Randolph! Really!"
  178. >"That'll be enough Randolph. Let him do it."
  179. >FIlthy Rich appears on the scene with a smile, while leaning on your doorway.
  180. >"You mind giving us a minute Randolph?"
  181. >Randolph bows, excusing himself from the room.
  182. >FIlthy smiles warmly at you, but you silently continue to put your items away.
  183. >Filthy clears his throat walking around the room a bit, looking at the picture of Mom.
  184. >"Still as beautiful as ever. Boy did I let that one get away."
  185. "....."
  186. >He puts the frame down, rubbing his hands together.
  187. >"So did you meet your sister yet?"
  188. "Ooooh yeah. We "met" alright."
  189. >He frowns, as if knowing what you're talking about.
  190. >"Look, son...I'm sorry about the way your Step-Mother acted. She's just a little unsure of you right now."
  191. "Can you please quit calling her my "Step-Mother"? I don't consider her my mother in any sort of way. Especially after that meeting. What's her name anyway?"
  192. >He scratches his cheek, awkwardly laughing, while leaning against your dresser.
  193. "Considering my name, I bet it's something like "Gold Scepter" or "Jade Dragon" right?"
  194. >"It's-uh...Spoiled Milk."
  195. >You stop rooting through your miscellaneous items and look at Filthy.
  196. "....."
  197. >He nods.
  198. "Wow.I thought my name was terrible."
  199. >"Hey now. She's a good woman once you get to know her."
  200. "I'll take your word for it."
  201. >He looks into a random box, while you move around, making it blatantly obvious he wants to talk to you.
  202. >"Can I ask you something, son?"
  203. "What is it?"
  204. >He picks up Mom's picture again.
  205. >"How...How did she go?"
  206. >You take a deep breath.
  207. "She was working three jobs just to support the two of us. Exhaustion from overworking."
  208. >"I-I'm sorry."
  209. "Don't be."
  210. >Another tense moment passes.
  211. >"I should have been there for you, I know Crown, but I was-"
  212. >You put a box down loudly.
  213. "Look, I get it. You were busy raising your other family. Busy running your business. I get it. This thing between us won't be solved with just a few words, and gestures. It's going to take some time. Let's just leave it there, and not force this family bonding moment, okay?"
  214. ?You don;t have to look at his face to know what expression he's making.
  215. >"I understand. It's still nice to have you here though Crow-"
  216. "Please. Just call me Anon sir."
  217. >"O-oh! Right. Anon. My bad."
  218. >Placing the picture on a night stand near your bed, he strolls slowly to the door with a hand in his pocket.
  219. >"Welcome to the family."
  220. "Thank you."
  221. >That brings a little smile to his face before he departs.
  222. >As you're finishing up the last bits of your unpacking, you stumble across Mom's Fresh Prince of Bell-Air Season 1 Dvd.
  223. "Hey, I'm actually kind of like Will Smith aren't I, huh?"
  224. >Except your mom isn't here, you don't know any aunts or uncles, and the last remaining specks of family you have is a father who looks like Donald Trump, a bratty half-sister who needs to be put to the belt, and a faux motherly figure who's named after rotten dairy.
  225. >Prince of Fresh Dookie is more like it.
  226. >At least there's Randolph.
  227. "Phoo...done."
  228. >You step back and admire your work. It looks like you're back in your little apartment with Mom all over again.
  229. >Maybe now things will be a little bit more comfortable here.
  230. >With nothing else to do until tomorrow, you decide it'd be worthwhile to get a layout of the mansion. Learn where everything is.
  231. "I just hope I remember how to get back here..."
  232. >Without the cackling of your Half-Sister and her friend, you get a better look at ther area your room is. It's like you have an entire wing dedicated to just you.
  233. >How much did this all cost?
  234. >So begins your trek through the estate.
  235. >There's other rooms, but it's just Bathrooms, and Game rooms. All the creature comforts a teenage boy could ask for. Just not what you'd ask for personally.
  236. >Through the windows, you can see a beautiful garden being tended by the landscaping crew.
  237. >You keep walking, making mental notes of where you've passed, and the different decorations as markers.
  238. >You're inspecting a giant family portrait of your father, his witch wife, and their little abomination in what you think is the study.
  239. >Books, Fireplace, and a big Armchair? It's a study.
  240. >"Ah. Young Master! Whatever are you doing here?"
  241. >Randolph approaches you with a silver tray in hand.
  242. "Hello again Randolph. I was just exploring the house."
  243. >"Ah. The adventurous sort, I see! What do you think of the mansion so far?"
  244. >You shrug, not sure.
  245. "It's big. Other than that, I don't really know."
  246. >"Mmm. Quite. Perhaps I can help you navigaye your new home then?"
  247. >You smirk, facing him.
  248. "Can you show me where the kitchen is?"
  249. >He lifts a puffy eyebrow, with a wrinkled smile.
  250. >"I suppose I can manage that."
  251. >The smell of Garlic and Herbs fills the air, as you get closer to the kitchen.
  252. >With a big dreamy expression, you smell the air.
  253. >"Why Young Master! If possible, I daresay, you'd be floating on air.! Hoh hoh hoh!"
  254. "It smells amazing!"
  255. >A big stainless steel pot is bubbling furiously,while a slender woman in a chef hat and apron is shaking a pan of specified greens.
  256. "Look at the size of this place! All this is necessary just for cooking?"
  257. >"Welcome to the life of eloquence young master!"
  258. >Moving past Randolph, you move to the fridge, and peer inside.
  259. >"Is there something you're hoping to find?"
  260. "Well...Do you have Lunch Meat? What about Peanut Butter and Jelly?"
  261. >The Chef lady looks at you with a dropped jaw, as well as Randolph.
  262. "I mean...What else am I going to pack my lunch with?"
  263. >They exchange looks of disbelief and start laughing.
  264. >"Oh young master! You're quite the jokester I see!"
  265. >Who's joking? Why is this so funny?
  266. >Randolph closes the fridge, placing a hand on your back.
  267. >"I know you're quite the independent young man sir, but you have to realize that, you don't have to live that way anymore. You have others to do those once menial tasks for you now."
  268. "I understand that Randolph, but these things won't last forever. My Mother taught me that you have to do things for yourself to truly appreciate them."
  269. >"An admirable attitude to have, but I digress. If you do everything yourself, how will we ever keep our jobs?"
  270. "Ooh. Good point."
  271. >"I try to be the gentle voice of reason young master. Now let us be off to wash up. From the smell of things, I'd say Supper is prepared."
  272. >It's almost like a movie where some poor kid suddenly comes into money. Except it's really happening. Do you have a 90's montage of you doing all these fun and silly things with your loyal butler by your side? Or maybe you can fight crime as a masked vigilante?
  273. >Or you can just go wash up and get ready to eat.
  274. >You hope you don't use the wrong fork...
  275. >It took you nearly 15 minutes to locate a bathroom in this giant house.
  276. >Did you know a Bidet isn't a water fountain?
  277. >Mistakes were made.
  278. >Some time had passed before you joined the rest of your new family in the dining room.
  279. >Diamond and Spoiled each acknowledge your arrival with dirty looks, While Filthy Rich smiles.
  280. >"About time you made it boy! We couldn't start without you!"
  281. "Oh. Uh..thanks."
  282. >Rich claps his hands a couple times loudly.
  283. >You're adjusting your seat when a bowl is placed in front of you, with soup in it.
  284. "Oh. Is this what the lady in the kitchen was cooking?"
  285. >"Tis merely the appetizer sir."
  286. "Oooh..."
  287. >You look at Randolph, and back at the steaming bowl.
  288. >"Go ahead Anon! Dig in!"
  289. >Filthy Rich waves you on from the opposite end of the table.
  290. >Next to the bowl are like, 14 different spoons! Which one is the "soup" spoon?!?
  291. >You hover your hand over the various selection of spoons feeling eyes watching you.
  292. >Diamond is glaring at you, waiting for your next move.
  293. >Randolph leans in, whispering.
  294. >"Try the one with the oval end."
  295. "...This one?"
  296. >He nods with a smile.
  297. >Diamond rolls her eyes silently groaning, going back to her own bowl.
  298. >You always wondered this when you'd look at movies, where the scene took place at a fancy dinner.
  299. >The wealthy people always expect the not so fortunate guest to know all the ins and outs of supper time etiquette.
  300. >You take a measured sip of your soup, and find it ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.
  301. "Oh..OH. OH WOW."
  302. >Filthy Rich has a big smile on his face like he was the one who made it.
  303. >"Like it? It's called "Pommes de terre aux poireaux"! Magnifique!"
  304. >He kisses his fingers like an Italian chef.
  305. >"To think. You'll get to eat delicious things like this everyday now that you're with us son!"
  306. >Spoiled Milk,(you're gonna keep calling her by that goofy name until she acts like a decent person) folds her hands under her chin, looking your way.
  307. >"Sate my curiosity Anonymous. What type of food do those in the Lower class consume?"
  308. "Excuse me? Lower class?"
  309. >She smirks obnoxiously.
  310. >"Yes. Surely you're not going to tell me that you had French cuisine such as this?"
  311. "No, I can't say that I have. We didn't have the money to afford such things. I mean, there was canned soup that could be pretty tasty if you spiced it up right."
  312. >Spoiled shakes her head like you just said something disgusting.
  313. >"Let's not discuss his past life, and continue on with the meal! I think you'll really enjoy the Entrée!"
  314. >He claps his hands once more and the soup is taken from you before you could even finish it.
  315. "I wasn't finished with that-"
  316. >A silver platter is placed in front of you, and the cover taken off revealing a slab of Pink juicy meat with the greens from earlier.
  317. >Eyeing the meat you ponder whether it's cooked all the way.
  318. >"Is everything okay son?"
  319. >Filthy looks at you concerned by your hesitation.
  320. "N-no. It's fine."
  321. >"You're wasting this food on him daddy. Just get him a burger and make him live in the servants quarters!"
  322. >Diamond Tiara sneers in your direction.
  323. >"Now you listen here young lady-"
  324. >"Oh calm down Filthy. She's just teasing her brother. let children be children."
  325. >Spoiled wipes her mouth sneering as well.
  326. >Are you Cinderella right now?
  327. >You pick at the meat and wilted leaves, sighing.
  328. >Getting accustomed to this place is going to be more difficult than you thought.
  329. >Right now, you just wish you were back in your little apartment with Mom, instead of sitting at a dinner table being mocked for not having as much money as everyone else.
  330. >In fact, being in the presence of these two is ruining your appetite.
  331. >You scoot out from the table, and stand up.
  332. "May I be excused?"
  333. >Filthy's mouth slightly opens in protest.
  334. >"Why Anon, you've barely touched your food."
  335. "I lost my appetite."
  336. >Not waiting for his permission you leave the table.
  337. That was how the first night ended. Hungry, angry, and lamenting the future.
  338. >What's even worse is this house! It's so quiet! At least back in your little cheap apartment, you had the sounds of the nearby highway, or thumping music from a neighbor to remind you there was life. Noisy bastards.
  339. >You tried to go to sleep, but to no avail. Randolph was kind enough to bring your leftovers into the room, while he thought you were asleep.
  340. >That guy is too good for you.
  341. "Hnngh...Nnngh..."
  342. >You toss and turn in your bed.
  343. "This is ridiculous. Who would've thought I'd miss that crappy little hole in the wall..."
  344. >Getting out of bed, you exit out into a moonlit hallway.
  345. >You shuffle along the carpeted floor, hoping maybe a little bit of walking will tire you out.
  346. >This place is sorta scary at night. It's like one of those old haunted mansions, and you have to stay a night in order to get some dead relatives inheritance.
  347. "Geez. How many halls does this place have?"
  348. >You've lost track of how many corners you've turned, and there's no Randolph or maid to tell you where you are.
  349. >After turning another hall, you see light trickling out from a slightly cracked door.
  350. >You head towards it, curiosity getting the better of you. Following that horror movie cliché, eh?
  351. >"--is means right? He brought him in because you're not good enough!"
  352. >Someone is speaking in a harsh tone.
  353. >You perch outside the door to get a better idea of what's going on.
  354. >"Your Father brought him in to show you that, your entire birthright can be yanked right from underneath you! If you continue as you are, The Rich dynasty will be given to that Whore born Bastard! I refuse to allow something created by me to be any less than number one!"
  355. >You peek inside, and see Spoiled Milk talking down to a cowering Diamond Tiara.
  356. >"Do I make myself clear?"
  357. >"Yes Mo-Mother."
  358. >You've stumbled on something you weren't supposed to hear-
  359. >How much of it is true?
  360. >Are you just some example to set? Is that all?
  361. >The rustling of your curtains, and warm sunlight sliding across your face comfortably awaken you.
  362. >Randolph, spreads the curtains, cracking your window, allowing all of that crisp morning air to flow in.
  363. >”Good Morning, Young Master! You slept well I trust?”
  364. >You sit up, rubbing the slumber from your eyelids, and let out a small yawn.
  365. “Morning Randolph.”
  366. >With a towel over his forearm, he moves to your bedside.
  367. >”I took the liberty of running a hot bath for you sir. Breakfast will be ready soon, and I'd detest it if you weren't properly prepared for your first day of Canterlot High.”
  368. “Canterlot? I don't go to Canterlot.”
  369. >”Arrangements prepared by your father.”
  370. “Huh. I thought I'd be going to some preppy, private school like Crystal Prep Academy.”
  371. >You get out of bed, stretching.
  372. >”In his words, and I quote “It would make for a better enriching school life to socialize with those of varying lifestyles.”
  373. >That sounds mocking.
  374. >It doesn't matter. You'll go along with their plans for now.
  375. >Randolph leads you to your gigantic bathroom, that looks like it's fit for royalty. Definitely an upgrade from your soap scum covered, discolored tile soup pot you used to use.
  376. “I'll never understand rich people.”
  377. >”You are one of those “rich people” now sir.”
  378. “I suppose so.”
  379. >Randolph leaves the room to allow you some privacy, while you wash up, thinking to yourself.
  380. >You ARE a rich person now. In a way. You don't feel any different, and all this waiting on hand and foot feels...odd.
  381. >You still want to be independent. You don't want to be like Diamond Tiara or Spoiled Rich.
  382. >Still haven't even gotten used to the fact, you have a sister.
  383. >Or a Father.
  384. >Finishing your bathing, Randolph greets you once more with a change of clothes slung over his arms back in your room.
  385. “Uh...what's this? These aren't my clothes.”
  386. >”Gifts from your father sir.”
  387. “Hm...”
  388. >He's certainly trying hard to impress you, isn't he?
  389. “As nice as these look Randolph, I'll stick with my own clothes thank you.”
  390. >”But sir--!”
  391. “He has to understand, I'm my own man with my own identity. My mother worked hard to buy me those clothes. I worked hard to buy them. I'm not going to cast them aside in favor of something more expensive, just because it may be nicer.”
  392. >Randolph mouth opens ever so slightly, before it closes into a smile.
  393. >”I understand young master. Once again you display your mothers strength through your actions.”
  395. >Once you're dressed, it's time to meet the “family” at the table once more.
  396. >Your Father is already dressed up in his expensive business suit, hair slicked back like a used car salesman.
  397. >Spoiled Milk is clad in a dress that looks like it was made from fine silk. So rich it could give you diabetes, just putting it on.
  398. >”Anon! Good Morning! Where's your clothes?”
  399. “I'm wearing them.”
  400. >You take your seat at the table.
  401. >Milk shakes her head.
  402. >”You're going to wear those rags, while representing the Rich family?”
  403. >Diamond is the last to arrive, before you can respond to Spoiled and her comment.
  404. >D-Diamond! You get to go to school with your brother! Aren't you excited?”
  405. >Filthy breaks the increasing animosity with a change of subject.
  406. >She looks at Filthy, then at you with narrowed eyes.
  407. >”HALF-Brother.”
  408. >That suits you just fine as well.
  409. >Filthy places both hands on his face in frustration.
  410. >Randolph places a silver platter in front of you with two eggs, and a couple strips of bacon.
  411. “Oh wow. I can't remember the last time I had breakfast at home on a non-weekend.”
  412. >Filthy takes a sip from a mug of coffee.
  413. >”Where did you eat before?”
  414. “School.”
  415. >Diamond Tiara, and Spoiled nearly choke on their own food.
  416. >”You actually ate the slop they serve? It's nothing but per-packaged trans fats and all other types of body harming additives!”
  417. >She wipes her mouth with that same look of disgust from yesterday.
  418. “I'm sorry. We couldn't afford farm fresh eggs all the way from Paris, or Bacon cut from the buttocks of the finest Belgium hogs in the ghetto, your highness.”
  419. >”Pfft-”
  420. >You see Diamond cover her mouth.
  421. >Spoiled Milk shoots her a black look.
  422. >”Are you...Are you sassing me young man?”
  423. >”Now, now. Anon is just having a little fun dear. Don;t take it personally. It was just a little joke. Right son?”
  424. >You shrug.
  425. “Yeah, sure.”
  426. >Spoiled grumbles, before turning her nose up at you.
  427. >Not wanting to spend another moment here, you polish off your plate, and stand up.
  428. “Well, I'm all finished. I'm gonna get going-”
  429. >”What's your rush son? It's still early!”
  430. “Yeah, but the driveway is pretty long, so if I get moving now, I should make it to school in time.”
  431. >All three of them stare at you incredulously.
  432. “What.”
  433. >Diamond Tiara snickers at your apparent ignorance.
  434. >”You planned on WALKING to school? You really are a savage, aren't you?”
  435. “Excuse me?”
  436. >”Settle down Diamond.”
  437. >She shrinks in her seat at her Father's orders.
  438. >”You're not walking to school Anon. You have a Chauffeur now.”
  439. “But, I don't need one. I have a perfectly fine pair of legs.”
  440. >Filthy Rich nods with a smile, approving of your answer.
  441. >”And I applaud that attitude! It reminds me of myself, but I couldn't in good faith, allow my only son to traverse that long trail, and get all sweaty.”
  442. >Spoiled Is glaring again, but this time at Filthy Rich.
  443. >She must not have liked his choice of words just then.
  444. “I'll be fine. I've been doing it on foot this whole time. No reason to stop now. If it's easy, it's not worth doing.”
  445. >His eyes widen, as he starts nodding again.
  446. >”Very well then! I can't help but be impressed with that initiative.”
  447. >”Well, I'M not walking.”
  448. >Diamond crosses her arms like a little brat, as you stroll off whistling.
  449. >Spoiled gasps, looking from Filthy to you, and then at back.
  450. >Looks like the seed has been planted.
  451. “I'm sorry. We couldn't afford farm fresh eggs all the way from Paris, or Bacon cut from the buttocks of the finest Belgium hogs in the ghetto, your highness.”
  452. >”Pfft-”
  453. >You see Diamond cover her mouth.
  454. >Spoiled Milk shoots her a black look.
  455. >”Are you...Are you sassing me young man?”
  456. >”Now, now. Anon is just having a little fun dear. Don;t take it personally. It was just a little joke. Right son?”
  457. >You shrug.
  458. “Yeah, sure.”
  459. >Spoiled grumbles, before turning her nose up at you.
  460. >Not wanting to spend another moment here, you polish off your plate, and stand up.
  461. “Well, I'm all finished. I'm gonna get going-”
  462. >”What's your rush son? It's still early!”
  463. “Yeah, but the driveway is pretty long, so if I get moving now, I should make it to school in time.”
  464. >All three of them stare at you incredulously.
  465. “What.”
  466. >Diamond Tiara snickers at your apparent ignorance.
  467. >”You planned on WALKING to school? You really are a savage, aren't you?”
  468. “Excuse me?”
  469. >”Settle down Diamond.”
  470. >She shrinks in her seat at her Father's orders.
  471. >”You're not walking to school Anon. You have a Chauffeur now.”
  472. “But, I don't need one. I have a perfectly fine pair of legs.”
  473. >Filthy Rich nods with a smile, approving of your answer.
  474. >”And I applaud that attitude! It reminds me of myself, but I couldn't in good faith, allow my only son to traverse that long trail, and get all sweaty.”
  475. >Spoiled Is glaring again, but this time at Filthy Rich.
  476. >She must not have liked his choice of words just then.
  477. “I'll be fine. I've been doing it on foot this whole time. No reason to stop now. If it's easy, it's not worth doing.”
  478. >His eyes widen, as he starts nodding again.
  479. >”Very well then! I can't help but be impressed with that initiative.”
  480. >”Well, I'M not walking.”
  481. >Diamond crosses her arms like a little brat, as you stroll off whistling.
  482. >Spoiled gasps, looking from Filthy to you, and then back.
  483. >Looks like the seed has been planted.
  484. >These rich kids could never understand what those less fortunate have to go through.
  485. >All the cold mornings walking to school.
  486. >The little cereal pouches, and Lunch Tickets. LUNCH TICKETS.
  487. >You bet those words have never even been in the same sentence as someone who gets limo rides to school.
  488. >Speaking of which, you're at the gate, when the very car you mentioned pulls up next to you.
  489. >The back window rolls down, Showing the scowling mug of your Half-Sister.
  490. >”I know what you're doing, and it's not going to work! You can kiss up to Daddy all you like, but I'm still his Princess at the end of the day!”
  491. >She childishly sticks her tongue out at you, before the car pulls out heading in the opposite direction of the school.
  492. “What a little—I oughta put something in that big mouth of hers!”
  493. >You stop and think about what you just said.
  494. “....Hm..No, no. That sounds right.”
  495. >Going over your idle threat, you start heading to school.
  496. “Put something in her mouth...”
  497. >Joining the other flocking students, the first thing you take note of once arriving is the large statue of a unicorn positioned out front.
  498. >You've passed this school numerous times on your way home. Never in your wildest, did you think you'd actually be attending.
  499. >Taking a deep breath, you stride on up, not seeing any sign of Diamond or the car.
  500. >Then again, they did go in another direction. Wonder where she went?
  501. >You see students talking outside on the school grounds or some heading inside. It's almost like a habitat of the various cliques that make up the student body right before your eyes.
  502. >Part of you feels like you should be singing a song about your new life, and how you want to fit in or something, but that would be retarded.
  503. “May as well bring my dog to school while I'm at it!”
  504. >Talking to yourself again. Also why a dog?
  505. >You don't know where that came from, but it would look silly.
  506. >While a bit overwhelming, it's relatively easy to navigate.
  507. >Not to mention the lack of Graffiti, and teenage Mothers loitering is a nice little touch.
  508. >Like that's the bare minimum for what makes a good school.
  509. >Following wall-mounted signs, you make your way to the office, nearly getting trampled by three girls around your age.
  510. >You're able to sidestep the trio, one with a big bow in her hair, looking back at you as they pass-
  511. >-Before running smack dab into another student.
  512. >There's a reason they say don't run in the halls.
  513. >Across the hallway, the glass doors to the principal and vice principals office await entry.
  514. "Here goes nothing."
  515. >Heading in, you're met with a complete change in atmosphere. Like putting your hand in sunlight. It's so warm and welcoming, you worry you may fall asleep standing! What is this phenomenon?
  516. >The office is so clean and orderly like it's out of a catalog,and even the air has a pleasant aroma to it.
  517. >You're so busy taking in the setting, you failed to notice the Secretary addressing you from behind her monitor at the front desk.
  518. >"Excuse me? Can I help you, young man?"
  519. >She adjusts her thick framed glasses with a smile, typing furiously on her keyboard.
  520. "Y-Yes. Uh...I'm Anemarald. A new Student-"
  521. >Her eyes widen.
  522. >"You're the Rich's little one! I heard about you! Your Mother is a very active memner of the PTA!"
  523. >You grimace at her mistake.
  524. "All due respect, She's not my mother, and I'm not a "Rich"."
  525. >She scratches her hair bun in confusion, but quickly rebounds.
  526. >"I'm sorry if I offended."
  527. "It's fine."
  528. >She reaches under the desk, placing a stack of papers on the counter top.
  529. "What's this supposed to be?"
  530. >"Your Fa...Mr.Rich asked us to make sure you were welcomed properly into Canterlot High, so here I have gathered for you is your schedule, new student orientation,Locker assignment, Faculty phone numbers and addresses-"
  531. "Whoa-whoa-whoa. This is all too much to unload on me at once."
  532. >The Secretary frowns.
  533. >"I-I don't know what else to say sir...your father gave us very specific instructions..."
  534. >You groan, pinching the bridge of your nose.
  535. "It's fine. Just...please. I'm like any student despite what Filthy Rich says. Okay?"
  536. >The secretary curls her mouth to the side, unsure of how to respond.
  537. >You take the papers, and exit the office, annoyed.
  538. >How are you supposed to make it if your father is already putting pressure on them? How can you distinguish yourself?
  539. >You decide to give the papers a once-over before heading to your first class. Maybe getting a head start on meeting the first period teacher will get your mind off things.
  540. >"Look Silver. It's trying to read!"
  541. >That's a voice you weren't hoping to have to hear so soon.
  542. >Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon stroll towards you with evil, milk curdling smiles.
  543. >"See? Look at him! He actually walked here!"
  544. >"OH. EM. GEE."
  545. >Ignore them. Ignore them.
  546. >Your schedule is yanked out of your grips.
  547. "HEY!"
  548. >Diamond Tiara looks it over with an inquisitive glare, ducking and dodging your attempts to take it back.
  549. >"Eww. I have to be in the same class as you?! They'll let anybody in these days, huh?"
  550. >You finally manage to snatch it back, crumpling it in your grasp.
  551. "What's your damn problem?! I haven't even done anything to you!"
  552. >Yet.
  553. >She pokes your chest.
  554. >"YOU'RE my problem! Why do I have to be related to you? You're a vagabond! A stain on the family name! Why did you even come here?!"
  555. "It wasn't even my choice! You think I want to be in the same house as such snobbish little bit-"
  556. >Students are gathering around the two of you hoping to see a fight. The Secretary even got up from her seat, and is poking her head outside the office door. You won't let her have the satisfaction of getting you in trouble on your first day.
  557. >"Go ahead. What were you going to say?"
  558. >She holds a hand to her ear.
  559. "I'll see you around."
  560. >Tucking your papers under your arm, you leave the crowd.
  561. >Way to establish yourself.
  562. >Everyone knows the first impression is the last, especially in high school, and you've successfully dug your own grave.
  563. >You can feel the jeers, and hear the whispers.
  564. >"He chickened out..."
  565. >"He let Diamond Tiara say all that?"
  566. >"What a wimp."
  567. >That little slag. She knew what she was doing. There was no way to come out on top in this situation. Either you let her rile you up, and you get labeled a trouble-maker by the faculty or you avoid her altogether and get branded a wimp by the students.
  568. "Well played."
  569. >She knows how the social hierchy of High School works, you'll give her that,but the battle is far from over. You'll get her back. Somehow.
  570. >A tap on the shoulder breaks you out of your scheming thoughts.
  571. >"Yo. New kid."
  572. >It's a girl. There's a lot of girls in this school now that you mention it.
  573. >She crosses her arms, blowing the hair from her face with a puff of breath.
  574. "Yeah?"
  575. >"Pretty Ballsy, talking back to Canterlot High's Princess. You know what you've done?"
  576. >She starts playing with her hooped earrings while she talks.
  577. >"Her father like-owns the school. He could have you ruined. I hear he's in the illuminati."
  578. >You stifle a snicker.
  579. "Yeah? I'll be sure to be on guard."
  580. >She extends a hand.
  581. >"I'm Babs. I like Ballsy."
  582. "I'm Anon. I'm glad you like Balls."
  583. >"I said Ballsy."
  584. "What did I say?"
  585. >Babs chuckles lightly.
  586. >"I think we're gonna get along just fine, Anon.
  587. >With a smile, she walks alongside you.
  588. >"So today is your first day, huh? Let me see your schedule."
  589. >You hand it to her, and she grimaces at its appearance.
  590. >"What did you do? Use it for toilet paper? Yeesh."
  591. "Oy, You know what happened."
  592. >She slaps you on the back laughing.
  593. >"I know! I know! I'm just messing with ya."
  594. >Babs starts reading in silence with squinted eyes.
  595. >"Oh hey. We got the same class right now. Sweet."
  596. "We do?"
  597. >"The freshman class isn't that big Anon. You'll see we have a lot of classes together."
  598. >A small class? So then someone who may happen to do well with their grades would get noticed for sure.
  599. >Babs walked with you all the way to your first period class, asking you various questions about yourself with strange interest.
  600. >It''s a little odd, but then again, how else do you make friends?
  601. >Babs stops you, putting her palm to your chest before the two of you can enter the classroom.
  602. >"Abandon all hope ye who enter."
  603. "What?"
  604. >"It's your first day, so I'll let you in on some information. You ever play Persona 4?"
  605. "That's a weird question to ask, but yeah."
  606. >"Know that teacher with the big teeth from the beginning?"
  607. "Moe-Momo..Moro-something, right?"
  608. >Babs nods.
  609. >"This guy is like him, but WORSE. We call him the "emperor of asses"."
  610. "It must be because of his charming personality, and love of education and desire to nurture the young minds of children."
  611. >"Hah, right."
  612. >She steps aside allowing you to enter the class close behind.
  613. >A man sits behind a desk with one of the most sour dispositions you've seen since Spoiled Milk-
  614. >The woman, and the food.
  615. >Also what's with his hair? It's not even attached to his head. He lacks sideburns, and it's plainly obvious it's a wig.
  616. >"Something you find interesting with my head?!"
  617. >You didn't realize you were staring.
  618. "N-no sir! Not at all!"
  619. >He growls, as you're led to the back of the class by a giggling Babs.
  620. >"Smooth. Real smooth."
  621. "I can't help it! His hair just looks so...WRONG."
  622. >"Duh. Fake hair usually looks out of place on someone's head."
  623. >You shrug.
  624. >Babs grins, leaning back in her desk.
  625. >"So tell me Anon. What brought you to our fine little colorful cliche High School? Lose a bet?"
  626. "It's not that bad. Way better than where I came from, and I had to move here since my mom passed away."
  627. >Her expression changes.
  628. >"Oh..dude. I'm sorry. I didn't mean-"
  629. "Nah. You're good. I moved in with my "Dad"-
  630. >You put up Air quotes.
  631. "-and his family. This school is the closest, so here I am."
  632. >She nods in understanding.
  633. >"Also, don't look now, but your bestie just arrived."
  634. >She subtly points to Diamond Tiara, who just entered the room, shoving other students out of her way.
  635. >No Silver Spoon. Looks like she's riding solo for this one.
  636. >You both give each other dirty looks, before she takes a seat in the front row.
  637. >"You know I used to hang out with her."
  638. "You did? You poor, poor thing."
  639. >She pushes your arm.
  640. >"Oh shut up."
  641. "So what happened? Why did you stop?"
  642. >Babs folds her hands together, laughing sheepishly.
  643. >"I kinda...well she...uh.."
  644. >She looks hesitant to tell you.
  645. "Just say it. There's nothing that surprises me anymore."
  646. >Babs takes a deep breath.
  647. >"I kinda stole a car, trying to impress her."
  648. "....I stand corrected."
  649. >Babs chuckles again.
  650. >"When I first came here, I was this nerdy little introvert, who just wanted to fit in. My cousins tried to help, but well...Peer Pressure and all that. I mean if the richest girl in school wants you to hang out with her, you can't exactly say "no"."
  651. "Except when it gets you locked up, I'm guessing?"
  652. >"Four months."
  653. "Ouch."
  654. >Babs smiles sadly.
  655. >"After that no one would talk to me, except my cousins. Diamond said she wouldn't hang out with a criminal, and that was that."
  656. >Well if that doesn't make Diamond seem even more shitty than usual.
  657. >She leans on her elbow, looking at you with half-lidded eyes.
  658. >"So. You know my horrible origin story. You sure you wanna hang out with the school's "bad girl"?"
  659. "You seem pretty cool to me. I mean, I just met you, but you seem alright."
  660. >"What if I drink, and smoke cigarettes?"
  661. >You shrug.
  662. "I've seen worse from younger."
  663. >Babs grins.
  664. >"I know your type. Good boy, who likes bad girls. Curious about the other side of the fence, with us degenerates and bad influences. You better be careful Anon. I might taint ya."
  665. >That sounded oddly sexual and ominous.
  666. "I think I'll be okay."
  667. >With a small smile she starts taking her math book out, and a worksheet.
  668. >"Say, how good are you with numbers, and shapes?"
  669. "You mean GEOMETRY?"
  670. >She sticks her tongue out at you.
  671. >"You know what I meant."
  672. "Decent I guess. Why?"
  673. >"I procrastinated like mad, last night, and forgot to finish my homework."
  674. "Jesus. We just met, and already you need my help?"
  675. >"That just means we're fast friends! Now look at this."
  676. >She shows the sheet to you.
  677. "This isn't geometry."
  678. >You turn the paper sideways.
  679. >"Oh god. Don't tell me we're both retarded when it comes to math."
  680. "I wouldn't say RETARDED. More like mentally disabled level."
  681. >"That's literally the same thing!"
  682. >The bell finally rings as the last student makes it inside.
  683. >"Alright! Homework out! Time for grading!"
  684. >Babs looks extremely nervous.
  685. >He looks very specifically at Babs who's fumbling with her paper and book.
  686. >"SEED! Stand up, and give me the answer to number one!"
  687. >"WHAT?!"
  688. >She looks at you and back to the teacher, slowly rising.
  689. >"D-don't you want to introduce the new kid to the class before we get started? I mean we need to get him set up with the rest of us, ri-right?"
  690. >All of the class turn around to look at you, making you sweat a little.
  691. >"The gawker? So you're the new student?"
  692. >Did he think you were just some class skipping truant or something?
  693. >He looks at an opened book on his desk, trailing a finger along the page.
  694. >"How do you say your name?"
  695. "Anon is fine."
  696. >He pokes out his thick bottom lip with a scowl, crossing his arms.
  697. >Before he can retort, Diamond's hand shoots up.
  698. >"Can we move on? It's obvious she doesn't know the answer, and frankly I think the whole class could do without the distraction."
  699. >The teacher's attitude takes a total 180, as he sports a silly grin.
  700. >"Oh of course Miss Tiara! Let's proceed on with the class, shall we? Perhaps you'd like to answer for us?"
  701. >Babs growls, sitting down dejectedly as Diamond stands up reading off her answers.
  702. "Hey, you okay?"
  703. >She balls up her hands, looking down.
  704. >"It's not fair. So what if I don't know the answer, why do they gotta pick on me? Maybe if I was loaded, I'd get some respect..."
  705. >Poor Babs. How long has this treatment been going on?
  706. "Don't worry about it. I respect you."
  707. >"You just met me, and you're saying that to make me feel better."
  708. >You totally are.
  709. >"Thank you anyway though. It's sweet of you."
  710. >You smile, but your moment is ruined by loud applause from the class.
  711. >"Bravo! Bravo! Simply excellent Diamond! Truly a prodigy of our age!"
  712. >Looking away from Babs for a moment, you see that the class, and teacher are applauding Diamond Tiara, who's arrogantly bowing.
  713. >She looks at you with a smug grin, before sitting down.
  714. >"All of you could take a lesson from Miss Tiara! Work hard, and maybe someday you'll be able to be as well-learned as her!"
  715. >Oh please
  716. >Babs leans over whispering to you.
  717. >"See that? This is what it's like every day. She's treated like the second coming of Jesus Christ, and it's all because of who her dad is. What a bucket of crap."
  718. >The class continues to shower Diamond in praise, while you wonder to yourself, if she's had any type of competition all this time.
  719. >You bet, up to now she's never had to worry about anyone trying to pass her up, coupled with fear of Filthy Rich.
  720. >How suitable that someone inside the family knock her down a peg.
  721. >The applause ends shortly after, and all you can think of is how disgusted you are by the favoritism.
  722. >"What's on your mind?"
  723. >Babs scoots her desk over so you can get a better view of the math book, as the rest of the class follows suit. You weren't paying attention to the number you had to turn to.
  724. "Has no one tried to do better than Diamond? Like is she the best student or what?"
  725. >Babs snorts.
  726. >"Hell no. There's tons of smarter students here! Kids are just scared of her. Her family has a lot of power you know. I already told you about her dad, but-whoo boy. Her mom is terribad."
  727. >You look away knowingly.
  728. "I can imagine."
  729. >The teacher blathers on tapping the chalkboard with a stick of chalk in his hand.
  730. >He starts writing down the Pythagoras Theorem on the board, tapping it again.
  731. >Amateur level stuff in comparison to the homework. This teacher is probably the sadistic type.
  732. >"SEED!"
  733. >Babs jumps at her name being shouted.
  735. >Everyone turns around to look at the two of you, as she turns red.
  736. >"Picking on me again Doodle...?"
  737. >He taps his wristwatch.
  738. >"Today Seed!"
  739. >You quickly scribble something down on the corner of her book, using her pencil, as she stands up.
  740. >Babs gives it a quick glance, unsure of your answer.
  741. >"Well Seed?"
  742. >She gulps.
  743. >"S-Seventeen?"
  744. >Doodle guffaws insanely.
  746. >He double takes, his jaw dropping in shock.
  747. >For good measure, you write down something else for her to read out loud.
  748. >Babs smiles, nodding to you.
  749. >"And the Square root of that is Four point One two three one one."
  750. >The class is left speechless.
  751. >"Uh..Th-that's correct. I guess you were paying attention then..."
  752. >Mr. Doodle scratches his head in confusion as he goes back to the chalk board with a far off gaze that could give a Vietnam vetran a run for his money.
  753. >Babs sits down with the biggest smile on her face.
  754. >"That was amazing...! I don't think I've ever got an answer right until now!"
  755. "What are friends for?"
  756. >Her mouth trembles like she's gonna cry.
  757. >"Stop trying to act cool. We just met you asshole..."
  758. >She looks down at her book with big red cheeks, but despite the warm moment you can't help but feel the eyes of someone burning into you, that persisted through the rest of class all the way to the bell.
  759. >Doodle kept the same befuddled look even after all was said and done, and Babs enjoyed every second of it.
  760. >Being the last ones to leave she waved to Doodle with a coy smile.
  761. >"See you tomorrow teach. I look forward to learning more from you~"
  762. >All he can do is blink slowly at the giggling Babs Seed, as you both exit for the next class.
  763. >"Oh man! Did you see his face? That was AWESOME!"
  764. >Babs claps her hands together.
  765. "Was he really that bad?"
  766. >"Dude, you don't know the half of it! He's always singling me out, and trying to make me look stupid in front of everyone! It feels good to shove it right back in his ugly face!"
  767. >She slings an arm around you.
  768. "Wh-whoa Babs-"
  769. >You both must look crazy with her hanging off you like she is. Students giggle and whisper as you both walk by. It makes you fidget nervously.
  770. >Your anxiety doesn't go unnoticed by Babs Seed as a mischievous grin spreads across her face.
  771. >"What is it? You afraid of PDA Nonny~?"
  772. >She makes a mocking kissy face at you.
  773. "Aw come on! People are gonna talk!"
  774. >"Let em! Who gives a shit?"
  775. >You try to look at your schedule to draw your attention away from the simpering gazes, only for Babs to yank it out of your hands.
  776. >"Yoink."
  777. "Oy."
  778. >She starts looking it over.
  779. >"Oh boy. Social Studies with Harshwhinny. That's gonna be a regular barrel of monkeys."
  780. "Is she as bad as the "ass of asses"?"
  781. >Babs shakes her head.
  782. >"Nah. She's just crazy boring. Try your best to stay awake."
  783. "I think I'll be able to manage."
  784. >She sighs.
  785. >"But I won't be there to keep you company Nonny-poo~"
  786. >She pats your cheek with her hand.
  787. "Hey! Cut that out! People are seriously gonna think we're hooked up!"
  788. >Babs sticks her tongue out at you.
  789. >"Maybe I'm trying to make sure you can never leave me."
  790. >You blush, going wide-eyed.
  791. >She pushes you away playfully, chuckling to herself.
  792. >"In your dreams. This is your stop Nonnykins."
  793. >You look around, and see you're outside another classroom, where a woman is furiously writing on a chalkboard with an unamused frown.
  794. >"I'll see you after class! Don't talk to strangers! MWAH!"
  795. >She blows a kiss while yelling all of that. With nearly half the student body present.
  796. >All you can do is hide your face in happy shame.
  797. >Babs is outrageous as hell, but those are usually the best people to know right?
  798. >Ignoring the stares you head into the class grinning stupidly.
  799. >"Mr. Crown I assume?"
  800. >The woman from before is addressing you with dull, forlorn eyes.
  801. "Y-yeah. How did you know?"
  802. >She's sitting down now with her fingertips pressed together, as if she's a recruiter giving you a job interview.
  803. >"I've memorized the faces and names of all my students. I don't recognize you, and I was informed some time ago to expect a new face in one of my classes. Considering who your father is, I can safely say I've taken a professional interest in you."
  804. "Professional interest?"
  805. >She attempts what could be classified as a "smile".
  806. >"I want to see if your pedigree is as impressive as your sisters. That's all."
  807. >She pressed the sister button.
  808. >You narrow your eyes, as she holds out a hand towards the desks.
  809. >"Please. Take a seat."
  810. >This is starting to get old. If you see one more thing that reminds you of Diamond damn Tiara or your family, you're gonna scream.
  811. >You sit at the end of the middle row near the window.
  812. >As if fate is playing a cruel joke on you, at that exact moment Silver Spoon struts in, without her partner in crime.
  813. >You watch as she practically skips in sitting next to you.
  814. >Did she seriously not see you here or are those big blue glasses just for show?
  815. >Silver Spoon brandishes a large Social Studies textbook that could easily double as a thesaurus.
  816. >"Ms. Spoon! Excellent timing! We're lacking in extra books at the moment. Perhaps would be kind enough to share yours with the new student?"
  817. >Silver beams at the request uncharacteristically.
  818. >"I'd be happy to! Where is he-"
  819. >She points in your direction, where you meet her gaze with cold, dark eyes and an unwelcoming grin.
  820. >You finger wave, as her face goes paler than normal,
  821. >"Crap."
  822. "You seriously didn't see me here?"
  823. >She gulps loudly.
  824. >"O-oh Anon...!"
  825. >You lean on your elbow.
  826. >Her eyes dart around the room, like she's looking for an escape route.
  827. "What are you freaking out for? You act like I'm gonna hit you or something."
  828. >"W-well aren't you?"
  829. >You look at her incredulously.
  830. "What reason would I have to do something like that?!"
  831. >"W-well me, and Diamond have been picking on you a lot, and she said you come from the hood! Down there they shoot people, and beat them up, right?"
  832. "And rob them. Don't forget the Larceny."
  833. >"See?!"
  834. >You shake your head.
  835. "Why would I waste my time doing something like that to a couple of immature brats with no home-training?"
  836. >Silver Spoon gasps, clearly offended.
  837. >"No home-Look, just because I may give you a hard time, but that doesn't mean I'm lacking in manners!"
  838. "Well you sure showed me. You believe that I shoot, and beat people and rob them, but I'm not supposed to believe you're just some spoiled brat? The only difference is I have actual proof you're a jackass."
  839. >Silver Spoon opens and closes her mouth a couple times.
  840. >You roll your wrist waiting to hear her excuse.
  841. >"I'm NOT a jackass..."
  842. >Looks like without Diamond around, she's pretty weak. Typical lackey.
  843. >Silver Spoon stares down at her desk from behind her big glasses, with puffed out cheeks.
  844. >Once the bell rings, Harshwhinny starts taking attendance.
  845. >"....I got proof about you too."
  846. "What did you say?"
  847. >She smirks deviously.
  848. >"You hang out with that criminal Babs, and Diamond says bad kids like to hang out with one another!"
  849. >You can't help but roll your eyes.
  850. >"Nothing to say?"
  851. "As much as I'd like to go back and forth with Diamond's foot stool, I have a social studies class."
  852. >"Foot stool?!"
  853. "Check it out. It's learning."
  854. >Silver Spoon is at a loss for words, which is unsurprising.
  855. >"I'm NOT a Foot Stool..."
  856. "Also, Babs is pretty cool. You'd know that if you didn't utterly abandon her."
  857. >Diamond perks up at your statement.
  858. >"Abandon her? Is that her story?"
  859. >She gulps loudly.
  860. >"O-oh Anon...!"
  861. >You lean on your elbow.
  862. >Her eyes dart around the room, like she's looking for an escape route.
  863. "What are you freaking out for? You act like I'm gonna hit you or something."
  864. >"W-well aren't you?"
  865. >You look at her incredulously.
  866. "What reason would I have to do something like that?!"
  867. >"W-well me, and Diamond have been picking on you a lot, and she said you come from the hood! Down there they shoot people, and beat them up, right?"
  868. "And rob them. Don't forget the Larceny."
  869. >"See?!"
  870. >You shake your head.
  871. "Why would I waste my time doing something like that to a couple of immature brats with no home-training?"
  872. >Silver Spoon gasps, clearly offended.
  873. >"No home-Look, just because I may give you a hard time, but that doesn't mean I'm lacking in manners!"
  874. "Well you sure showed me. You believe that I shoot, and beat people and rob them, but I'm not supposed to believe you're just some spoiled brat? The only difference is I have actual proof you're a jackass."
  875. >Silver Spoon opens and closes her mouth a couple times.
  876. >You roll your wrist waiting to hear her excuse.
  877. >"I'm NOT a jackass..."
  878. >Looks like without Diamond around, she's pretty weak. Typical lackey.
  879. >Silver Spoon stares down at her desk from behind her big glasses, with puffed out cheeks.
  880. >Once the bell rings, Harshwhinny starts taking attendance.
  881. >"....I got proof about you too."
  882. "What did you say?"
  883. >She smirks deviously.
  884. >"You hang out with that criminal Babs, and Diamond says bad kids like to hang out with one another!"
  885. >You can't help but roll your eyes.
  886. >"Nothing to say?"
  887. "As much as I'd like to go back and forth with Diamond's foot stool, I have a social studies class."
  888. >"Foot stool?!"
  889. "Check it out. It's learning."
  890. >Silver Spoon is at a loss for words, which is unsurprising.
  891. >"I'm NOT a Foot Stool..."
  892. "Also, Babs is pretty cool. You'd know that if you didn't utterly abandon her."
  893. >Spoon perks up at your statement.
  894. >"Abandon her? Is that her story?"
  895. >Class is starting. Pay attention you two!"
  896. >The two of you face forward.
  897. >"Sorry Mrs. Harshwhinny!"
  898. "Sorry ma'am."
  899. >Mrs. Harshwhinny grumbles to herself, resuming the lesson.
  900. >"Don't let it happen again. As I was saying Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War-"
  901. >Oh god. She IS boring.
  902. >Like when you went on that field trip to the museum and some chick was going on about rocks in the most bland, uninterested voice possible.
  903. >Mud Pie or something if you recall.
  904. >" I hope she's not speaking too fast for your little brain to comprehend."
  905. >Silver Spoon slides her book over, just enough for you to see.
  906. "I'm sorry? I didn't hear what you said. I keep getting distracted by the scent of Diamond's cooch on your breath."
  907. >Hah. Silver Spoon's face right now.
  908. >Her jaw nearly falls off in surprise.
  909. >She then turns away from you, breathing into her hands and smelling it, making you match her expression of shock.
  910. >"My breath doesn't stink...!"
  911. >Is she saying Diamond's cooch stinks? Also did you possibly stumble upon a secret lesbian relationship?
  912. >Silver Spoon suddenly realizes the implications of her comments.
  913. >"N-not that I'd know how it smells...! W-we aren't like that! I like boys!"
  914. "Mhm."
  915. >She growls turning red with frustration,her little hands balling into fists.
  916. >After a few seconds, she takes a few breaths, trying to calm down.
  917. >This is getting out of hand, and as easy as it would be to keep taking jabs at her, you need to hae this class with her for a whole semester, and you don't need extra enemies.
  918. "Look. Stupid Spoon-"
  919. >"It's Silver Spoon. You did that on purpose!"
  920. "Right, what did I say? Anyway, like it or not, we have to be in this class together. Diamond isn't around, so what say we at least get along when it's just you, and me?"
  921. >Silver eyes you suspiciously.
  922. >"Is this a trick?"
  923. "Dead serious."
  924. >"Hmm.."
  925. >She narrows her eyes stroking her chin with a finger.
  926. >"What about Diamond? If she sees us together then she'll-"
  927. "It's just when it's you, and me, and I promise I won't tell anyone."
  928. >Silver Spoon starts rubbing her arm nervously, looking from you to the teacher, reluctant to accept your offer.
  929. >"H-how can we just start over? I mean after all the stuff I've said-"
  930. >You take her hand and shake it.
  931. "Hello Silver Spoon. I'm Anon. Nice to meet you."
  932. >She looks at her hand with a slightly opened mouth.
  933. "See? Easy as pie."
  934. >"Uh..."
  935. "Tell you what. I'll promise not to take it personal when you make fun of me, when you're with Diamond Tiara. Sound good?"
  936. >She balls up her mouth, before taking a deep breath.
  937. >"Okay. It's nice to meet you too."
  938. >She forces a smile, but you can tell she still feels a bit awkward about this whole thing. For the moment you just need to get her to see you differently than the picture Diamond Tiara has painted(even if it is completely inaccurate).
  939. >Harshwhinny drones on about the accolades of Abraham Lincoln in the meantime. The class is struggling to stay awake throughout the staggeringly dull ordeal.
  940. >"So is it true?"
  941. "Is what true?"
  942. >Silver Spoon is doodling into a notebook.
  943. >"Are you with Babs?"
  944. "We're friends, yes."
  945. >She taps her mechanical pencil on the paper a few times.
  946. >"You shouldn’t hang out with her. She's seriously dangerous. Did you know she was in Juvie?"
  947. "For stealing a car. I know all about it."
  948. >Silver looks at you out the corner of her eyes.
  949. >"Stealing a car? She went because she pulled a freaking knife on me and Diamond!"
  950. >Your eyes widen.
  951. "Wait, what?"
  952. >"We decided to break off things with her. She was out of control, so she pulled a switchblade on us in the hallway in front of everyone-"
  953. >She's lying through her ass. She has to be.
  954. >"Babs is crazy, and now she's set her sights on the new guy. You."
  955. >Before you could properly process things, the bell goes off.
  956. >Silver stands up gathering her things.
  957. >"You can ask anyone in school. They'll tell you the same thing. Get away before it's too late."
  958. >Silver flips her braid over her shoulder leaving you with your thoughts.
  959. >You sit there trying to see things from a logical standpoint- hell any standpoint. There's two sides to every story right?
  960. >Is it really your business what happened in the past? Besides, Babs is a lot more tolerable than Diamond Tiara.
  961. >You hear a loud whistle come from the doorway, making you look up.
  962. >Speak of the Devil and so shall he appear.
  963. >Babs leans in waving you over.
  964. >"Let's go Nonny. Mama's here to pick you up!"
  965. >Mrs. HarshWhinny just shakes her head at the display.
  966. "Do you have to scream that out?"
  967. >You slide out of your desk, approaching Babs, who leads you into the halls.
  968. >"So who do you get to grace with your presence next?"
  969. >She steals your schedule again without any resistance.
  970. >"Oooh. Cheerilee. Looks like we're back together again!"
  971. "Y-yeah."
  972. >Babs cocks a questioning eye at your meek tone.
  973. >"You good?"
  974. >May as well ask her. Maybe there's a good reason she didn't tell you.
  975. >You lick your lips prepared to-
  976. >"Check it out. The Doggies formed a pack!"
  977. >Both you, and Babs turn to the sound of an all too familiar voice.
  978. >"Think they know any tricks Diamond?"
  979. >Your awful Half-sister grins at you, while Silver brings up the rear.
  980. >Babs scowls, slinging her arm around you again, as if she's staking her claim.
  981. >"Check it out Nonny. It's Canterlot High's wealthiest Dykes! Tell me Silver Spoon. Is Diamond Tiara's carpet Cashmere or Persian?"
  982. >You cover your mouth to keep from laughing.
  983. >Diamond Tiara gasps in shock. Rich people must not be used to being insulted.
  984. >Unfortunately, Silver doesn't make it any better.
  985. >"Shows how much you know! She has both!"
  986. >"SILVER!"
  987. >"What?! What did I do?!"
  988. >All you can hear is Babs roaring laughter, as you leave them to bicker in the halls.
  989. >She wipes a tear off her face, as the laughing fit dies down.
  990. >"So what did you want to talk about?"
  991. >Those emerald green eyes look into yours, accompanied with a big smile.
  992. "Nothing. Nothing at all."
  993. >She gives you a noogie.
  994. >"Don't go telling me you're in love with me and junk so quickly, nonny. I need to be wooed first, you nerd."
  995. >You struggle to halt the playful bullying all the way to Science class with Cheerilee.
  996. >This day is going pretty awesome. You made a new friend in Babs, and you're getting a good lay of the land.
  997. >The tone for this class changes completely. Where Doodle was an evil ass-kissing jerk, and HarshWhinny was dull and lifeless, it's like you walked into a Disney movie.
  998. >Ms. Cheerilee is writing something on the board, when you and Babs enter.
  999. >She smiles at the both of you, without stopping.
  1000. >"Good morning Babs! Who is this?"
  1001. >Babs keeps her head lock on you, poking your cheek.
  1002. >"This is Anon. He's my new henchman, and Canterlot High's Student heartthrob freshman."
  1003. >You slip out of her hold, and straighten your hair.
  1004. "I'm sure they told you about me. My last name is Crown?"
  1005. >Cheerilee wags a finger realizing who you are.
  1006. >"Ooooh! You're Aemer-"
  1007. "Please. Just Anon is fine."
  1008. >Babs looks at you, and Cheeirlee.
  1009. >"What?! What's his real name? It's not Anon is it?"
  1010. >You head to a random table, not answering.
  1011. >"Hey! C'mon! Answer me!"
  1012. >Babs continues to bug you for an answer until the bell rings.
  1013. >The class continues to chatter until Cheerilee's gentle voice somehow manages to quiet everyone down.
  1014. >"Everyone! Can I have your attention please?"
  1015. >She waves her hand, getting all eyes to focus on her.
  1016. >"Before we start, I wanted to introduce a new student to the class! Can we please all say hello to Aem-Er, I mean Anon?"
  1017. >You blush, not used to having a teacher shine the spotlight over you.
  1018. >Babs elbows you with a grin.
  1019. >You sheepishly wave to all the faces turned in your direction.
  1020. >Cheerilee claps her hands together.
  1021. >"Excellent! Now that we've gotten that settled, let's gather into our groups and continue work on our projects!"
  1022. "Projects? What projects?"
  1023. >Babs groans.
  1024. >"Just...You'll be caught up to speed in a moment."
  1025. "Uh...okay."
  1026. >SLAM.
  1027. "JESUS!"
  1028. >A stack of books is dropped on the table next to you, making your heart damn near jump out of your chest.
  1029. >The culprit being a girl with long hair, and a giddy smile.
  1030. >You, and Babs are then flanked by two other girls, who you remember seeing before.
  1031. >"Hey cuz! Is Anon going to be in our group?"
  1032. >Babs covers her face with both her hands.
  1033. >"Yes. Yes he's joining our group."
  1034. >The girls look at each other ecstatic about this new information, and gather together.
  1035. >Babs quickly jabs a finger at them.
  1037. >The crusaders?
  1038. >As quickly as they were excited, they slink disappointedly.
  1039. "Who're the crusaders? Is that some sort of gang?"
  1040. >The girl with a huge bow in her hair, places her hands on Babs shoulders.
  1041. >"Not a gang at all! We're a club, and Cuz here is a member!"
  1042. >"Oh my god..."
  1043. >You fold your arms together.
  1044. "Babs is your cousin? Interesting!"
  1045. >"I-it's just some stupid thing we did when we were kids Anon. There's no way I'd be part of something so uncool..."
  1046. >The short-haired girl scratches her head.
  1047. >"But you came to the club meeting yesterday..."
  1049. >Babs covers her mouth, looking back at you with a forced smile.
  1050. >Seriously, what's going on?
  1051. >Also, is someone breathing on you?
  1052. >The long haired one is staring at you almost robotically, with a huge, creepy smile.
  1053. "Uh....Can I help you?"
  1054. >"You...You're Babs boyfriend aren't you?"
  1055. >"SWEETIE BELLE!"
  1056. >Babs dives over the table to choke the one now identified as Sweetie Belle, in front of you.
  1057. >"Hey, quit horsing around over there!"
  1058. >Babs stops strangling Sweetie Belle at Cheerilee's request.
  1059. >She releases the gagging girl, who falls to the ground gasping.
  1060. >"Ah'm Applebloom! That's Scootaloo-"
  1061. >Applebloom points to a short haired girl you were sure was a boy at first glance.
  1062. >"And that's Sweetie Belle! Welcome to the group!"
  1063. >Sweetie Belle finally makes it to her feet, rubbing her neck.
  1064. "Pleased to meet you all."
  1065. >"Can y'all fill Anon in on what we're doing? Ah need to talk to Babs fer a sec."
  1066. >Sweetie, and Scootaloo nod, as Applebloom pulls a confused Babs to the side, where they begin talking in hushed tones.
  1067. >You watch them for a while, until Sweetie touches your shoulder.
  1068. >"So Anon, where are you from?"
  1069. "Uh..nowhere special. My father thought I should transfer here after my mom passed away."
  1070. >"Your mom's gone...?"
  1071. >Sweetie puts her hands to her moth as if she asked something horrible.
  1072. "Yeah...so what type of prohject are you guys doing?"
  1073. >Scootaloo smirks seizing the opportunity to insert herself into the conversation.
  1074. >"We're going to do a volcano! It's sure to win us first place this year for sure!"
  1075. "It's a contest?"
  1076. >They both nod.
  1077. >"It is! First place gets a blue ribbon, and will be in the town newspaper!"
  1078. >You put a finger to your chin thinking.
  1079. >As quickly as both girls showed excitement at the prospect of winning, do they slump in defeat.
  1080. >Scootaloo rubs the back of her head.
  1081. >"It's just...well we've yet to even get in the top three.."
  1082. >Maybe because they're doing a typical volcano, but this is actually a blessing in disguise. Imagine if you won. That'd be the perfect stepping stone.
  1083. >Babs and Applebloom are waving their arms around as they continue to talk. Looks like it's getting intense over there.
  1084. >"But, we're sure to win it this time! This will be the best volcano ever!"
  1085. >Sweetie fists pumps in agreement.
  1086. >"Yeah!"
  1087. >You cross your arms thinking.
  1088. "Maybe, maybe not."
  1089. >Both girls look at you with questioning frowns.
  1090. >"What do you mean?"
  1091. "Well, a Volcano? Excuse my saying so, but that's so played out, and typical. If you want to win, you'll have to do something amazing."
  1092. >They look at each other.
  1093. >"Amazing? Like what?"
  1094. >You look around the room, and see that everyone is drawing up plans to make...Volcanoes.Is this real life?
  1095. "...Anything, but a volcano."
  1096. >They frown harder at your answer.
  1097. >"You have to have some sort of idea to reject our awesome Volcano plan!"
  1098. >Sweetie shakes your shoulder.
  1099. >"C'mon new guy! Stretch that brain!"
  1100. "Alright! Give me a second..."
  1101. >You scan the room for any ideas on what your group could do. You get the feeling these three aren't exactly the most proficient at doing new things, so you'll have to choose carefully.
  1102. >After a few minutes, your eyes fall on an Ice Cream Sticker on the notebook of some puffy haired girl with big glasses.
  1103. "I got it!"
  1104. >"You do?!"
  1105. >"Tell us! Tell us!"
  1106. >They huddle around you with piqued interest.
  1107. "We're gonna...make Ice Cream."
  1108. >Their faces fall in disappointment.
  1109. >Scootaloo cocks an eyebrow.
  1110. >"This isn't Cooking Class Anon."
  1111. >Sweetie giggles at your suggestion.
  1112. >"Ice cream isn't science silly."
  1113. >You roll your eyes.
  1114. "We're making Ice cream to explain on how to lower the freezing point of water."
  1115. >Scootaloo waggles a finger getting it finally.
  1116. >"Oh...Ohhhh! That could actually just work!"
  1117. >Sweetie sucks her teeth.
  1118. >"Put it in the freezer to make it colder. DUH."
  1119. >You and Scootaloo both facepalm.
  1120. >Scoots starts explaining the meaning behind your suggestion, as Babs and Applebloom rejoin your group, both wearing angry expressions.
  1121. "Welcome back. Everything okay?"
  1122. >Babs folds her arms, glaring at Applebloom, who returns the look.
  1123. >"Everything is just FINE."
  1124. "Uh...O-okay?"
  1125. >Applebloom walks over to her two friends, turning her nose up at Babs, as they discuss your idea.
  1126. >"Look, I'll tell you about it later, okay? I'm a little pissed right now, and don't want ta take it out on you."
  1127. >Looks like they had a pretty good talk.
  1128. >The sound of AppleBloom sucking on her teeth grabs your attention.
  1129. >"Just put it in a freezer. DUH."
  1130. >"I know right?!"
  1131. >Scootaloo facepalms again.
  1132. >One explanation later, and everyone was on the same page at last.
  1133. >"This idea might just net us first place! Imagine the fame, and prestige! We'd be local celebrities!"
  1134. >Sweetie has stars in her eyes at the idea of being famous.
  1135. >"It's just a local newspaper article. Not that big of a deal ah'd say."
  1136. >"You're just thinking too small."
  1137. >A smile creeps across your face, while they excitedly go over your ingenious suggestion.
  1138. >They all nod in unison, and face you.
  1139. >"So we talked about it..."
  1140. >Applebloom looks between her two friends.
  1141. >"We like yer idea, but we don't have the faintest clue on where we'd even start..."
  1142. >They nod in agreement.
  1143. "What do you mean? You start with Research. It's just Chemistry at its core."
  1144. >Sweetie brightens up.
  1145. >"Oh! You mean like mixing chemicals together! Babs used to use the clubhouse to mix chem-"
  1146. >Babs quickly covers her big mouth before she can blab any further.
  1147. >"Sweetie. SHUT UP."
  1148. >You'll have to watch yourself with these three. Especially Sweetie Belle.
  1149. >"What do we research? Ah know someone who's good with formulas and stuff! Ah can ask her--"
  1150. >You hold up a hand.
  1151. "No need. I already know what we'll need. Can you give me a piece of paper, and a pencil?"
  1152. >Scootaloo rips one out of her notebook, and hands it over.
  1153. >You start writing down various things for them to gather in order for the experiment to go off without a hitch.
  1154. >Babs peeks over your shoulder watching you work.
  1155. >"Say, how did you learn how to do all of this anyway?"
  1156. "I grew up in the hood. If you know how to make meth, you can make Ice Cream easy."
  1157. >All the girls look at you with big eyes.
  1158. "N-not that I made meth."
  1159. >You hand the list to the crusaders, who look it over.
  1160. "As long as we have all of that,everything else is easy. It's just a matter of talking after that."
  1161. >They nod to each other with smiles.
  1162. "The main point of this experiment is to explain how to lower the freezing point of water, and why it happens. The Ice cream is just judge fluff."
  1163. >All in agreement over your idea, the bell rings signalling the start of the lunch period.
  1164. >The Crusaders could barely contain their excitement, hurriedly leaving the room, discussing how they would get the items on the list.
  1165. >"Look at that. First day, and you've already gotten used ta things."
  1166. "I had some a pretty awesome guide to show me around."
  1167. >Babs smiles.
  1168. >"I know I'm awesome, but pretty also? You're quite the charmer, huh?"
  1169. "WHAT? No I was saying you're pretty awesome! There's no comma--!"
  1170. >"So you don't think I'm pretty?"
  1171. >You start to stutter.
  1172. "No--I mean yes! Wait--You're cute and stuff, but I was saying you--"
  1173. >You facepalm feeling the stupidity flowing off you in waves.
  1174. >"I'm just busting ya chops a bit romeo. Take it easy!"
  1175. >She pats you on the back, slinging her arm around you once more.
  1176. >"So whatcha doing for Lunch? You brownbag it?"
  1177. >She ushers you out into the hallway.
  1178. "I didn't bring anything-"
  1179. >"Too poor to buy lunch,eh? Don't worry. I got ya covered. First times my treat-"
  1180. >Before the two of you can go any further, you're stopped in your tracks by none other than your half-sister.
  1181. >She's holding a solid gold box tucked under her arm staring daggers into you.
  1182. >"...."
  1183. >Babs face twists into a sour grimace.
  1184. >"It's the Princess again. Whaddya want now TinkerBell?"
  1185. >She stomps towards the two of you, shoving the box into your chest.
  1186. >"I wouldn't have done this if Daddy, and Randolph hadn't asked."
  1187. >Diamond then about-faces, and storms off with cheeks reddened by rage.
  1188. >"What was that all about?"
  1189. "I-I haven't the foggiest."
  1190. >"Well open it. See what she gave ya!"
  1191. >Babs takes her arm off you, allowing you to stand up straight, while you open the box.
  1192. >Carefully, undoing the clamps you open it,discovering food inside.
  1193. >"What the--Is this hunk of gold a friggin LUNCHBOX?!"
  1194. "I guess so."
  1195. >Babs eyes you suspiciously.
  1196. >"Anon...are you--"
  1197. >You swallow a lump sitting in your throat.
  1198. >This is it. She's figured it out. She knows you're the son of Illumindaddy, and is gonna stop being your friend.
  1199. >"Diamond Tiara's Boyfriend or somethin...?"
  1200. >All your what.
  1201. "NO."
  1202. >She cocks an eyebrow.
  1203. >"Really?"
  1204. "POSITIVE."
  1205. >"Even though she gave you such an expensive thing?"
  1206. >You rub the back of your head.
  1207. "Let's just say we have an arrangement where she sometimes delivers things to me..."
  1208. >Babs stands there for a moment puzzled.
  1209. >"Ooooh. Is it like Blackmail? I'm surprised you're making her bring ya food. If I was a guy Blackmailing her, I'd shove my di-"
  1210. "It's not Blackmail. Let me stop you there."
  1211. >You don't wanna know what she was gonna say.
  1212. >"In any case, it doesn't matter. Soups on!"
  1213. >Babs keeping with her kind consistency showed you the Cafeteria, which resembled a Safari watering hole.
  1214. >Jocks, Rockers, Goths, Actors- They're all here.
  1215. >"Go find us a table. I have to wait in line."
  1216. "Sure. Any spot in particular?"
  1217. >"Somewhere with a window seat. I like a good open view of the outside in case I have to escape the police."
  1218. >She winks at you with a smirk.
  1219. >Fair enough.
  1220. >You take a deep breath, starting your scouting mission with a tinge of anxiety in your chest. It feels like everyone is staring at you.
  1221. >Or are they staring at the four pounds of solid gold you're holding?
  1222. >"Yoo-hoooo~!"
  1223. >Someone must really like that drink to be yelling it like that.
  1224. >"Yoo-hoooooo~! Over here!"
  1225. >A girl is waving you over with a handkerchief.
  1226. >You look around, and point to yourself.
  1227. >She nods, and motions for you to come over to her table.
  1228. >You reluctantly head over to see what she wants.
  1229. >At her table sits several other girls of various colors and styles.
  1230. >"Why hello there! I heard you were coming today, but I didn't think I'd get to meet you so soon!"
  1231. >She bats her eyes at you.
  1232. "Uhm...Thank you...miss?"
  1233. >She tilts her head, her royal purple curls bouncing with her.
  1234. >"I'm sorry. How rude of me! I'm Rarity~"
  1235. >She extends her hand palm side down.
  1236. >That's a weird way to shake hands for a girl, but you grab it, and shake it nonetheless.
  1237. >Rarity frowns in disappointment, like she was expecting something else.
  1238. "Well, it was nice meeting you, but I have to be find a sea-"
  1239. >"Oh don't be silly darling! You can sit right here!"
  1240. "I would actually prefer to find-"
  1241. >Not allowing you to finish your sentence, she pulls you down next to her, roughly scooting a blonde with freckles away.
  1242. >She adjusts her hat, glaring daggers at an uncaring Rarity.
  1243. >"So Emerald-"
  1244. "Anon please, and how do you know who I am? I didn't tell you my name."
  1245. >She titters.
  1246. >"Darling, how could I NOT know who you are? Anybody who's anybody knows about the heir to the Barnyard Bargain empire!"
  1247. >She leans in batting her eyes again.
  1248. >"Plus, our mothers are both members of the PTA, and quite close to one another."
  1249. "Our mothers?"
  1250. >Oh that's right. She must think Spoiled Milk is your birth mother.
  1251. >"Yes. So that practically makes us FAMILY!"
  1252. >Rarity gets even closer, nearly touching noses, making you lean back reflexively.
  1253. "Uhm...I don't think that's how it works...Also Spoiled isn't-"
  1254. >"Silly me! We'd have to get married first! Wouldn't that be just crazy?! An eligible, opulent, and handsome young man betrothed to a fashionable, equally young, and beautiful available woman like myself? A curvaceous, adventurous-"
  1255. >Rarity slides her hands around the curves of her body with bedroom eyes.
  1256. >"-Woman like me?"
  1257. >The blonde suddenly starts loudly coughing.
  1259. >Rarity shoots her the most venomous scowl she can muster.
  1260. >By then, you've already figured out what's going on, and you want to get away.
  1261. >You're willing to bet this is how Filthy ended up with a hag like Spoiled Milk.
  1262. >You think of a way to excuse yourself from the table, but find a savior in the form of a hand pulling you up by the arm from your seat.
  1263. >"What're ya doing over here? There's no windows!"
  1264. >Babs Seed to the rescue.
  1265. >She smiles in your face with a wink, pulling you towards her.
  1266. >"Well I never! We were in the midst of an important conversation "Applejack's cousin"!"
  1267. >Rarity puts a hand to her chest in offense turning her nose up.
  1268. >"And I'm sure it was riveting "Applejack's friend", but this guys with me, so you'll have to go mining elsewhere."
  1269. >Rarity does the offended Rich Person gasp, you've been seeing a lot of recently, and looks to the blonde expectantly.
  1270. >She just shrugs with a grin, as Babs pulls leads you away from the table to a nice secluded corner.
  1271. >Once relatively alone, you let out a huge breath of relief.
  1272. "Thanks a lot Babs. I didn't know how to get away."
  1273. >Biting into a big ass hamburger, she speaks between mouthfuls of beef.
  1274. >"Don't mention it. I'm surprised Rarity would go after you though. She's usually more of a "upper class" type. She must've saw your lunch box, and creamed herself."
  1275. "H-haha yeah..."
  1276. >You pick through the contents of your own meal, not entirely sure what each item is, until you settle on something that looks like a mushroom.
  1277. "Can I ask you a question?"
  1278. >Babs rolls her eyes.
  1279. >"Here we go--"
  1280. >You freeze up thinking you made her mad somehow.
  1281. >"--Yes, I'm single, and no, that story bout the breadstick isn't true. It was a pretzel stick! GOD."
  1282. "Oh...wow. Okay...thanks?"
  1283. >She chews in annoyance.
  1284. "That's not what I was gonna ask about though."
  1285. >She stops chewing turning red.
  1286. >"O-of course it wasn't...I was just kidding about the pretzel stick-"
  1287. >You don't even know what she's referring to, but now you want to know. Maybe later.
  1288. "I was just curious about what your cousin talked to you about back in class. You looked pretty mad, and I was worried."
  1289. >She sits her sandwich down, leaning on her elbow.
  1290. >"She was just being a jerk. Don't pay any mind to it. It was stupid Apple family crap."
  1291. "Family, huh...I know all about stupid family crap all too well."
  1292. >She smiles.
  1293. >Pointing her ketchup dripping burger at you, she talks between chews.
  1294. >"See? You get it. I knew you were cool."
  1295. "Well, thank you."
  1296. >You enjoyed the rest of the lunch period, chatting comfortably with Babs, putting the fiery glare of a jealous gold digger in her natural habitat to the side.
  1297. >After the jarring roar of the end bell, Babs was kind enough to escort you to the next class. Anther shared by the two of you at that.
  1298. >She did say the freshman body was small, and you'd see a lot of her.
  1299. >You just hope this growing friendship would survive the sting of the next period.
  1300. >Your sneakers squeak with each step of the polished Gymnasium floor, as you look around from the retracted bleachers to your blurry reflection.
  1301. >FWEEEEEEET-
  1302. >A hairy bodied, balding, greasy middle-aged man stands at attention, hands resting on his hips with a whistle hanging from his mouth, sporting a sour disposition.
  1303. >"Hurry up and get dressed you little pukes! It's time for Dodgeball!"
  1304. >You think he looks familiar...Oh right. He looks like every stereotypical High School Gym Teacher ever.
  1305. >Babs nudges you with her elbow, thumbing the way to the changing rooms.
  1306. >"I'm gonna go get changed. You should introduce yourself ta the greaseball."
  1307. "Wh--but he-"
  1308. >FWEEEEEET-
  1309. >That was directly behind you, in your left ear.
  1310. >leaping almost five feet into the air, you spin on your heels to face the sweaty instructor.
  1312. >You start stuttering, not entirely sure how to respond.
  1313. "I-I don't have any gym clo-clothe-"
  1315. >You wipe the whistle spit off your nose.
  1317. "For what?! I didn't do anything!"
  1319. >You hold your hands out incredulously.
  1321. >What type of bullshittery is this!?
  1323. >He takes out a clipboard, and starts scribbling on it.
  1324. >"What's your name, you little punk?!"
  1325. "...Diamond Tiara."
  1327. >You grin as he hands you the slip; right as the bell rings.
  1328. >"The doors fly open, where a panting Diamond Tiara stands.
  1329. >You and the teacher both look at her, your eyes significantly bigger than normal.
  1331. >He starts scribbling on his clipboard again.
  1332. >"What's your name brat?!!"
  1333. >He doesn't even know the names of his students? What type of shitty Phys ed teacher is he?
  1334. >Diamond gulps.
  1335. >"U-Uhhm..Anon Crown."
  1336. "What the-"
  1338. >"Wait, you called him--"
  1341. >May he swallow that whistle and die someday.
  1342. >You grumble, heading to the locker rooms with your brat of a sister in tow.
  1343. >"You gave him my name when you got a detention?!"
  1344. "Hey you did the same!"
  1345. >"Because those of the upper class like me don't serve detention! It's more suited for DOGS like you!"
  1346. >She turns her nose up at you.
  1347. "Well aren't you just the cutest little ball of sunshine."
  1348. >At least you have the chance to work out your frustrations on her face with a bright red rubber ball.
  1349. >One of the students in the back was nice enough to loan you a spare set of sweatpants and a T-Shirt, but you didn't catch his name. "Noe-man", you think? He seemed pretty normal.
  1351. >Seriously. That whistle is pissing you off.
  1352. >You stand in line next to Babs, who smirks, gently elbowing you.
  1353. >"Way to go champ. Detention in only seven minutes? It took everyone else only two."
  1355. >Babs rolls her eyes, folding her arms together.
  1356. >The Instructor than points to two random kids.
  1358. >A kid with slicked black hair, and some red head in glasses groan, stepping forward.
  1359. >So no attendance. Basically get dressed, then get violent?
  1360. >Further down the line Diamond makes a neck cutting motion in your direction.
  1361. >Both you, and Babs witness this, your red -headed amigo cracking her knuckles with an evil smile.
  1362. >"I hope she likes having "Sterling" branded on her forehead."
  1363. "Why's that? I'm guessing she doesn't have this teacher in her pocket?"
  1364. >"Ol Butterball there? He's usually so wasted, he can't remember where he works, much less any of our names."
  1365. >You shrug.
  1366. >"Babs."
  1367. >The black haired kid points to her, motioning for her to come over.
  1368. >She pats you on the back, jogging over to his side.
  1369. >"Uhm....Featherweight."
  1370. >Some anorexic kid floats over as to puff's end leaving you with Diamond Tiara and a boot with a hole in it.
  1371. >When did everyone get picked?
  1372. >Diamond stands there cheeks puffed out. with crossed arms.
  1373. >Guess being a colossal bitch doesn't always go over well with the student body! Who would have thought?
  1374. >The black-haired kid looks between the three of you.
  1375. >"Old Boot."
  1376. >"WHAT?!"
  1377. "SERIOUSLY?!"
  1378. >You jaw drops as someone casually walks over picking up the old boot, and bringing it back.
  1379. >Well they have to pick an actual person now.
  1380. >"I'll take the new kid then."
  1381. "Yes! Not the last one picked! My social life is spared!"
  1382. >You run over, arms raised in victory.
  1383. >Diamond grumbles dejectedly, slowly walking over to Babs te-
  1384. >"WHOA,WHOA. Not so fast. I pick Dead Rat."
  1385. >Dead-what?
  1386. >Once again you're left aghast, as a literal Rat corpse is brought back to the other team.
  1387. >"No! I don't want her on my team! She's-"
  1388. >"Haha Twist. You got the Richest skidmark in the world on your side."
  1389. >Diamond looks down slightly growling in rage, and while you can't really tell, there may be a tear in the corner of her eye.
  1390. >She notices you looking at her, and hisses.
  1391. >Sure she's a bitch, but wow. That's a bit jacked up.
  1392. >You move to your side of the court, when you hear someone call out to you.
  1393. >It's a waving Babs Seed.
  1395. >You gulp, as the coach nods in approval, and mouths the words "Lesbians. Noice".
  1396. >FWEEEEEET-
  1397. >Considering your current standing in the school, either you, Twist or Diamond will be the first target.
  1398. >Wisely thinking ahead, you move to the back line, with Diamond Tiara-
  1399. >She grimaces at your presence.
  1400. >"What are you doing back here?!"
  1401. "Trying not to get beaned!"
  1402. >"Ugh! I can't believe the doggie had the same idea as me! How utterly disgraceful!"
  1403. >You can't express your disdain for this girl in words right now. Best to just focus on not getting your shit pushed in.
  1404. >FWEEEEEET.
  1405. >Multiple students race forward towards a row of balls set at the halfway point of the court. You won't bother, and unwittingly open yourself up to an attack.
  1406. >Your half-sister has the same idea, as she stands at the ready, sticking her tongue out at you, only for a red orb to zoom by her face, nearly grazing her mouth.
  1407. >You quickly look to the attacker, and see Babs snap her fingers in disappointment.
  1409. >"That's the point Princess!"
  1410. >Diamond in a bout of rage picks up the rolling ball, and charges forward, arm raised to unleash her Red Rubber wrath upon Babs.
  1411. >"Take this you DEGENERATE!"
  1412. >You can see veins forming in her arm as she reels back.
  1413. >It looks like Razor from Hunter X Hunter in pose almost. Is she going to release a Nen-filled sphere of destruction? Will Babs be blasted by this belligerent air-filled bouncing ball of brutality?
  1414. >"Uhn~!"
  1415. >She throws it, the ball barely catching any air, instead opting to roll over to Babs foot.
  1416. "Oooooh boy."
  1417. >"I knew I should've picked Old Boot!"
  1418. >It's like slow-motion as Babs picks up the ball, and swings a hand over it, like she's covering it in the force of the wind, before sprinting forward, and leaping into the air.
  1419. >Everyone has split apart like the red sea leaving Diamond all by herself.
  1420. >Diamond's eyes go wide like a deer in headlights, as Babs cocks her arm back, with gritted teeth.
  1421. >It erupts from her hands like a gunshot.
  1422. >Okay, maybe you're exaggerating a bit, but "She throws it super fast" isn't as exciting.
  1423. >You watch as Diamond stands in shocked acceptance of the impending impact.
  1424. >As the ball gets closer, Diamond somehow manages to snap to her sense, and ducks down covering her head, as the ball smacks Twist right in her face, sending her flying backwards.
  1425. >You wince as she hits the ground with a gym-wide "thud".
  1426. >Babs snaps her fingers in frustration.
  1427. >"Shoot! Next time!"
  1428. >FWEEEEEET
  1429. >"Puff is out!"
  1430. >Diamond stares daggers at her attacker, as she slowly rises from her crouched position.
  1431. >Boomp.
  1432. "Huh?"
  1433. >You look down and see the ball that took down twist has rolled over , bumping your foot softly.
  1434. >Picking it up, you look at the enemy team who seem to be focused on you.
  1435. >Babs grins lowering her stance, as if prepared to dodge.
  1436. >"Doggie!"
  1437. >A frown creeps up your face, as Diamond hurries over to you.
  1438. >"Gimme that ball! I need to take revenge on the degenerate!"
  1439. "Are you crazy? You have all the muscle power of Sponebob! I'd have to be crazy to let you hold it again!"
  1440. >Diamond matches your frown.
  1441. >"Then throw it at her!"
  1442. "Why her? There's other people on the other team-"
  1443. >"You'll do it because I said so!"
  1444. "Yeah. sure. Whatever."
  1445. >She tries to wrestle the ball again from your much stronger grip, and failing that kicks you in the shin.
  1446. "OW! WHAT THE HELL?!"
  1447. >She crosses her arms, sticking her tongue out childishly.
  1448. >"Serves you right, Ghetto trash!"
  1449. >That's the final straw of a very small stack to begin with.
  1450. >For a brief moment you allow your rage to take the reigns, chucking the Red orb at Diamond's over-inflated head instead of the enemy team.
  1451. >BEENG-
  1452. >Her head tilts back in stunned silence for a while, and the entire class gasps loudly.
  1453. >She stares at the ceiling, slowly lowering her head back to eye level with you, mouth ajar.
  1454. >"..."
  1455. >All you can do is stand there, still locked in your throwing pose, breathing hard.
  1456. >"Did you--"
  1457. >She puts a hand to her forehead to check if she's bleeding.
  1458. >Of course, finding nothing, she stares at you, face twisting into a pure fury.
  1460. >She pounces on you like screeching, and shrieking like a cat being washed in the sink, while you try to fight her off you.
  1461. >"Woo hoo! Go Anon! Punch her face in!"
  1462. >You can hear Babs cheering as you wrestle your half-sister off you.
  1464. >A big hairy hand yanks the two of you up by your arms, separating you both.
  1465. >He looks at you.
  1467. >Diamond is grabbing at you, while he holds her back.
  1469. >You throw your hands up in frustration heading back to the lockers, visibly upset by recent happenings.
  1470. >You shouldn't have lost your temper, but dammit, you got tired of her crap, and she then had the nerve to actually hit you!
  1471. >This is gonna be hell at home later.
  1472. >Getting changed back into your normal clothes you watched the other kids play for the rest of the period while Diamond sat on the opposite side of the court, with her bottom lip poked out.
  1473. >Babs gave you a thumbs up from her spot on the court.
  1474. >At least someone is still on your side.
  1475. >Once the bell rung for the end of period, what happened next couldn't have been more unexpected.
  1476. >"Yo! Anon!"
  1477. >Expecting Babs you were met with the other kids from your class instead.
  1478. >That kid with the slicked hair, and Twist, who is now sporting a beautiful shiner courtesy of Babs Seed.
  1479. "Can I help you?"
  1480. >The slick haired kid, holds out his fist.
  1481. >"Dude. That was freaking awesome! I thought only Babs was the only one not afraid to hit Diamond Tiara! You know who her dad is right?"
  1482. >You fist bump him, chuckling sheepishly.
  1483. "Y-yeah. I've heard stories."
  1484. >Twist's jaw drops.
  1485. >"And you're not scared? What if he has you killed or something?!"
  1486. >Babs throws an arm around you.
  1487. >"My man Anon here isn't scared of something like an assassin hired by the illuminati!"
  1488. >Oh yeah. That is the rumor, isn't it?
  1489. >Slick hair looks impressed.
  1490. >"Whoa. You're tough man. What school did you come from?!"
  1491. "I came from-"
  1492. >"Anon here? He actually came here from prison."
  1493. >"Whooooa."
  1494. >"Oh dear!"
  1495. >You shoot Babs a look, who just winks at you, smiling.
  1496. >She starts to lead you away, while Twist, and the slick haired kid talk to one another.
  1497. "Are you crazy? I don't want people thinking I came from jail or something!"
  1498. >"Relax. I'm just making you popular!"
  1499. "How does that make me popular?!"
  1500. >"Makes ya seem TOUGH! Tough gets respect! Makes you someone people want ta know!"
  1501. "And how does that help you?"
  1502. >"I become popular by association!"
  1503. "Of course. How silly of me."
  1504. >She gives you a playful noogie, walking you to the next class.
  1505. >One study hall and english class later, it was the end of the day, and an appointment with your sister and the gym teacher.
  1506. >Looking forward to that.
  1507. >"You mean you're actually going?"
  1508. >You close your locker door sighing.
  1509. "I don't have a choice. I have to go."
  1510. >Babs crosses her arms.
  1511. >"Dude. NO ONE goes to his detentions. He won't remember your name or face anyway."
  1512. >You stand there thinking for a moment.
  1513. "Maybe not, but in the off chance he does, I don't want to have an office visit first thing in the morning."
  1514. >Babs shrugs, taking out a cell phone.
  1515. >"Gimme your number, and I'll text ya later tonight."
  1516. >Whoa. A girl is asking for your number...
  1517. "Uhm...Uh....I don't have a Cell."
  1518. >"WHAAAAT? Really? Wow. I guess times are harder for some kids than I thought."
  1519. "I guess so."
  1520. >She nudges your shoulder.
  1521. >"Maybe ya can blackmail the Princess into giving you one!":
  1522. "H-haha. Yeah..."
  1523. >She pockets the phone, giving you a one armed hug.
  1524. >"I'll see ya bright and early tomorrow killer. Try not to have too much fun tonight."
  1525. >Babs releases you jogging down the hallway, where she joins up with her cousin who rounds the corner.
  1526. >You take a deep breath, and make the long walk to the gym.
  1527. >You hear the loud echo of the door screeching, as you enter.
  1528. >Scanning the spacious area, you see the teacher tucked away in the corner with what looks like a flask, and a cantankerous Diamond Tiara standing a few feet away.
  1529. >Wait, She came too?!
  1530. >She turns her nose up at you, as you approach the two, cursing your luck that she followed the same line of logic.
  1531. >You try to stay as far as humanly possible away from her, but within speaking distance of the teacher.
  1532. >The teahcher turns around wiping his mouth, shoving something into his pocket.
  1533. >Alright Tiara. Anon! Nice to see you ladies showed up for your punishment!"
  1534. >You quietly listen, feeling your sister's eyes on you.
  1535. >"Since you two misfits like to fight so much, you're going to work together and give the locker rooms a thorough cleaning!"
  1536. "What But I wasn't given a detention for-"
  1537. >"Manual Labor?!"
  1538. >He takes out a thick stack of pink slips and a pen.
  1539. >"Do I need to start handing out demerits again?"
  1540. >You rub your eyes with your index and thumb groaning.
  1541. "No sir."
  1542. >"UGH. Fine..."
  1543. >He puts the stack away, wiggling his thick bushy, moustache.
  1544. >"Good. Cleaning stuff is in the supply closet in the boys locker room. Also, some little twerp took a dump in the urinal. Have fun with that."
  1546. >Diamond looks ready to throw up.
  1547. >Sulking you walk to the boys locker room to break out the cleaning supplies while the lush goes back to his corner.
  1548. >"This is your fault!"
  1549. >Diamond is hot on your heels, scowling furiously.
  1550. >"If you had just gave me the ball, we wouldn't be here!"
  1551. "Yes we would stupid. We got detention before that happened."
  1552. >She prepares to retort, but has nothing to say.
  1553. >"I'm not helping you. Manual Labor is beneath me."
  1554. >She turns her nose up again, still following you.
  1555. "Then why did you even show up? I doubt that drunk would've remembered you."
  1556. >You reach the closet, and pop it open.
  1557. >"Hah! As if anyone could forget beauty like mines!"
  1558. >You roll your eyes.
  1559. >"Besides, us of the Rich family have integrity! Not something you'd know about."
  1560. "Yes. You have all the integrity to show up for your punishment, and then refuse to do it. So honorable."
  1561. >You take a push broom out and place it into her hands.
  1562. >She makes a sour face dropping it on the tiled floor.
  1563. >"I said no! I'm not doing this!"
  1564. "Well, tough luck your majesty, cuz I doubt we'll be allowed to leave until we're done."
  1565. >She stomps in place, puffing out her cheeks.
  1566. >"Why are you so difficult?! You're just some low-life from the hood! Why are you making things so hard for me?!"
  1567. "I'm making things hard for you?!"
  1568. >"Yes! I was happy being the only child in my house until you had to bring your dirty, poverty-ridden self into my life! Why don't you go back to your filthy hole in the wall, with your evil manipulative mother and-"
  1569. >You whirl around, and grab her by the scruff of her collar.
  1570. "If you keep talking I'll show you just how hood I can really be."
  1571. >Her once haughty expression is replaced with fear, as she looks into your eyes.
  1572. >You let her go, and continue rooting through the Supply Closet, while she fixes her clothes.
  1573. >"Y-you're a brute. Just like I thought."
  1574. "Whatever. I didn't ask to come live with you."
  1575. >She trembles a bit, before crosses her arms looking down.
  1576. >"That's not what Mother says. She told me the truth."
  1577. "And what's that?"
  1578. >Diamond takes a deep breath, as you start pulling out various bottles.
  1579. >"She said Daddy had to take you in or she was going to take him to court! That you're just something to motivate me to do better, and kick you out of the picture as potential heir to MY dynasty!"
  1580. >You look at her, and start laughing abruptly.
  1581. >She cocks an eyebrow at you, as you continue to guffaw at her idiocy.
  1582. "My mom is DEAD you little moron. How can she take him to court?"
  1583. >Diamond scowls at first, but her face starts to soften up.
  1584. >"Your mom is--"
  1585. "As a Door nail."
  1586. >You close the closet with a loud slam, and pick up the broom, handing it to her.
  1587. "Now start sweeping so we can get the heck out of here."
  1588. >She takes the broom, looking down almost like she's ashamed of herself as you go to investigate the urinal duke.
  1589. >One look at it, and you decide you're not touching that biohazard.
  1590. >Diamond hasn't moved from her spot, still looking down.
  1591. "Are you gonna start?"
  1592. >She looks up slowly.
  1593. >"I didn't know..."
  1594. >You sigh, rubbing the back of your head.
  1595. "Well maybe you should be more aware of what you're saying then?"
  1596. >"...."
  1597. >You start off wiping down the sinks in awkward silence.
  1598. >"I-I'm not gonna apologize."
  1599. "That's fine. I don't care. The thought of you saying sorry to me makes me want to hurl anyway."
  1600. >You hear a sniffle from behind you.
  1601. >"I mean it! I'm not gonna say sorry! I'm serious!"
  1602. "I said I don't care."
  1603. >Another sniffle.
  1604. >"You're su-such a jerk...How could I be related to a s-savage like you..."
  1605. "...."
  1606. >You ignore her, and move on to the next sink.
  1607. >"Trying to act all to-tough, and scaring me like th-that..."
  1608. >She sniffles again.
  1610. >It seemed like time passed in the blink of an eye, but then again you had a lot to think about.
  1611. >Maybe Diamond isn't such a complete and utter D-bag after all.
  1612. >You finished the boys room as per your agreement, only to find Diamond standing in the hall, looking at her nails.
  1613. "Are you finished?"
  1614. >She flashes you a quick look.
  1615. >"Of course I am. Who do you think I am?"
  1616. "I'm sure you don't want the answer to that. Well, let's see how well you-"
  1617. >You're about to check the validity of her claim, but she blocks your path with a stern scowl.
  1618. >"What are you doing?! You can't just walk into the girl's locker room like that!"
  1619. "How else am I supposed to check your work?"
  1620. >"You don't! It's not your place to check! Or-"
  1621. >She gives you a look of disgust.
  1622. >"Is that how you ghetto people get your jollies?"
  1623. "EXCUSE YOU?"
  1624. >She puts a hand up to her mouth as if she's about to laugh.
  1625. >"I knew you low-class ingrates did strange things, but I never thought that you did this sort of-"
  1626. >You groan facepalming.
  1627. >You take it back. You take it ALL BACK.
  1628. "I have no idea what you're talking about!"
  1629. >"Are you sure? I'm not gonna catch you stealing my underwear for your own sexual gratification am I?"
  1630. >Diamonds smugness is only serving to piss you off more.
  1631. "No. I'd take them off you while they're still warm. That answer satisfy you?"
  1632. >She turns red, and clutches her arms as if you just saw her naked.
  1633. >"P-Pervert! Ghetto dog! I knew you were a sicko!"
  1634. "I guess sarcasm is a lost concept amongst the wealthy."
  1635. >"What's that supposed to mean?!"
  1636. >You walk off, not answering her to report your task completion to the teacher, while Diamond mumbles under her breath from behind you.
  1637. >Looks like that won't be necessary, since you find the overweight ball of sweaty hair, passed out in the corner, flask resting in his grubby palm.
  1638. >Looking down at the snoozing red-nosed lush you merely shake your head.
  1639. >Diamond didn't wait, and already left by the time you notice the lack of complaining.
  1640. >Exiting into the lonely halls of Canterlot High, you step outside to an orange sunset, and a Black car waiting just outside the School Zone.
  1641. >It honks trying to get your attention, and the front seat window rolls down.
  1642. >You're met with the smiling face of one Randolph.
  1643. >"Good evening young master. I'm here to pick you up!"
  1644. >You smile back a little disappointed he made the effort.
  1645. "You didn't have to Randolph. I could have walked. Besides, aren't you supposed to pick up Diamond Tiara?"
  1646. >"Ms. Tiara has already departed for the Spoon estate in separate transportation. No need to worry about her."
  1647. "Trust me. I wasn't."
  1648. >Randolph can detect the venom in your voice at the mention of your half-sister, but doesn't show any concern.
  1649. >Deciding to give in just this once, you go ahead, and enter the front seat.
  1650. >Randolph opens his mouth to protest, but you cut him off.
  1651. "It's either up front or I'm hoofin it."
  1652. >He stays silent, and shakes his head with another smile.
  1653. >"That stubbornness runs in your family young sir."
  1654. >He silently pulls off, to begin the short ride back home, opting for a comfortable silence, with only the soft humming of the engine to fill the quiet.
  1655. >At no time you're back, after traversing the mile long driveway again, where you see, not your father waiting outside this time, but your Stepmom.
  1656. >She's rocking her usual sour disposition, as she stands with folded arms.
  1657. >Randolph sighs, knowing what's coming next.
  1658. >The car slowly comes to a stop in front of her, as she heads to the backseat, opening the door roughly.
  1659. >"Diamond Tiara! How dare you not immediately come home and-"
  1660. >She notices the lack of bratty daughter in the back, and blinks a few times in confusion.
  1661. >You take this opportunity to get out of the car, and avoid any interaction with her, but life never works as expected.
  1662. >"Randolph! Where's my daughter?!"
  1663. >Randolph steps out of the car, bowing.
  1664. >"I'm afraid she left for the Spoon family home in a separate car, Madam Rich."
  1665. >Just keep walking Anon. Don't even make eye contact.
  1666. >"What do we pay you for?! I ordered you to pick up Diamond Tiara! Not the-"
  1667. >You can feel her eyes on you.
  1668. >"Him."
  1669. >You bite your lip, almost reaching the door. Just a few steps away from not having to be in the vicinity of this hag.
  1670. >"I serve the Rich family missus, no matter who they may be."
  1671. >Spoiled "Harumphs" loudly.
  1672. >Wiping your brow, you beeline for your wing of the mansion. Looks like you survived your first day, and you only got uncharacteristically violent a couple times! Great job.
  1673. >Part of you feels a little guilty for snatching up Diamond the way you did. The look of fear in her eyes as you held her haunts you, as you were taught better.
  1674. >Still she shouldn't have went as far as she did, so there's blame to share.
  1675. >You reach your room, and lock the door behind you, picking up Mom's picture.
  1676. >Laying down in bed, you stare at her smiling face, and hold the framed photo to your chest, thinking to yourself.
  1677. "What do I really want to do? Do I seriously want to try and take over things...? Or maybe..."
  1678. >No. You can't start having doubts this early in the game. There's still a lot of ground to cover and plenty of time to do it in. Going soft now, before it even starts is just gonna hinder you.
  1679. >What would Mom tell you to do?
  1680. >It couldn't have been twenty minutes, when you're brought back to the real world by the jarring sound of knocking.
  1681. >NOK NOK.
  1682. "Come in."
  1683. >The knob turns a few times.
  1684. "Oh right. Duh."
  1685. >You smack your head, and get up to unlock the door.
  1686. >"Crown! How are you?"
  1687. >Filthy pulls you into a tight hug, that makes you grunt.
  1688. >"Randolph told me you were home! How was school?"
  1689. "...URNT!"
  1690. >He takes notice of the bearhug, releasing you with a sheepish smile.
  1691. >"Sorry about that."
  1692. "Yeah, yeah. It's fine."
  1693. >You turn to head back to your bed, followed by your dad, who leans against your dresser.
  1694. >"So...Give me the goods. How was your first day?"
  1695. >You look down at your shoes awkwardly.
  1696. >This is admittedly weird. This man has been out of your life for so long, and now he's asking you about your first day at a new school. Like a random stranger asking you how your night was.
  1697. "It was okay, I guess..."
  1698. >"You guess? Did something happen?"
  1699. >His look changes to a protective frown.
  1700. "It was fine."
  1701. >"If anyone is giving you a hard time son, I can easily put a stop to it. Just tell me what's going on and I--"
  1702. >You put up a hand.
  1703. "It's fine. Really."
  1704. >"Oh. O-okay."
  1705. >He stands there rubbing the back of his neck, not sure where to take the conversation now.
  1706. >"Did you make any friends?"
  1707. >You shrug.
  1708. "A couple."
  1709. >Babs and Silver come to mind instantly, though the latter is more of a secret acquaintance.
  1710. >"That's nice! I was drowning in associates my first day as well. The Rich Charm runs through your blood, you know!"
  1711. "Uh-huh."
  1712. >More silence.
  1713. >He claps his hands together.
  1714. >"S-so then...dinner is in thirty. I'm sure you have tons of homework to do, so I'll leave you to it-"
  1715. >He turns to leave, but you suddenly remembered something.
  1716. "Actually wait a second."
  1717. >He looks back at you with hopeful eyes.
  1718. "I don't know the phone number for this place. What is it?"
  1719. >He beams.
  1720. >"Oh? I suppose you need to know so you can call home whenever you need to, or if you need to reach your old man huh?"
  1721. "Well...yeah. A girl wanted me to call her, but I don't have a number to give her."
  1722. >He crosses his arms leaning forward a little.
  1723. >"Look at that. My boys first day, and the ladies are already after him, but why didn't you just give her your cell number?"
  1724. "I don't have a cell."
  1725. >His jaw drops like you just told him he has cancer.
  1726. >"You don't have a cell phone?! How did you ever survive without any method you could be contacted?!"
  1727. >You blush a little, ashamed.
  1728. "It's not like I wasn't working towards getting one. There's not a lot of high-paying work for someone my age..."
  1729. >He reaches into his pocket, dropping a shiny, cobalt blue phone into your lap.
  1730. "What's this?"
  1731. >He smiles.
  1732. >"Your new phone, my boy! I can't have my only son walking around like he doesn't come from prestige, after all!"
  1733. >You hand the phone back.
  1734. "I can't accept this. I'd rather work for it-"
  1735. >He pushes it back towards you.
  1736. >"Oh cut that out. Consider it just one of many gifts I owe you Crown. I have a lot of catching up to do after all."
  1737. >His smile seems a little sad now.
  1738. >Your eyes switch between him, and the obviously expensive phone in your hands.
  1739. "...Okay. I'll take it. Thank you."
  1740. >This makes Filthy visibly happy.
  1741. >"I have three more just like it, so don't let it bother you, okay?"
  1742. >You nod.
  1743. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_JTzEppKy8
  1744. >You jump at the sudden ringtone.
  1745. >"Filthy Rich" is displayed on the Caller ID.
  1746. >Holding another phone in his hand, he pressed the disconnect button, with a grin.
  1747. >"And now your old man is your first new caller."
  1748. "You have your name put into your own phone?"
  1749. >"It's a cool ringtone."
  1750. >It is a pretty badass ringtone, but not for the reason he thinks it is you dare to ponder.
  1751. >"I'll have all my calls forwarded to this new number so don't worry about getting any random calls from my business partners."
  1752. "Sounds good."
  1753. >He slips the extra phone into his pocket coat, and leaves you to get accustomed to your new phone in peace.
  1754. >Just like that. He just drops a new piece of expensive tech right onto your lap, like it's nothing.
  1755. >There's no way you'd ever make enough to afford something like this! It's just--wow.
  1756. >You look at Mom's picture again.
  1757. "I promise, I'll work hard to earn all of this."
  1758. >You can feel her approval from deep within.
  1759. >It's almost time for dinner. You better get washed up, and clear out this phone's information.
  1760. >The ringtone can stay though.
  1761. "Are you gonna clean up or not?"
  1762. >You immediately stop wiping down the sink, when a pair of yellow sleeved arms wrap around you from behind.
  1763. "..."
  1764. >"I-I'm not gonna apologize."
  1765. "Okay."
  1766. >"Y-you better not tell anyone I did this or I'll make you p-pay!"
  1767. "Okay."
  1768. >You feel her head nestle into the small of your back.
  1769. >"This changes nothing between us! I still hate your guts! Stupid Anon!"
  1770. "Sure."
  1771. >She releases you with a shove, leaving the boys locker room to head to the parallel girls room, before you can see her face.
  1772. >You continue wiping the sink, but suddenly stop in realization.
  1773. "....She called me "Anon"."
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