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happy day with Yuuka 2

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Nov 13th, 2020
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  1. You wake by Yuuka's side as the Sun rises over yet another beautiful day in paradise. She woke up just a few minutes earlier it seems, as she begins to rub against you like you were a body pillow, softly moaning. You wonder if you'll really be able to go for another few rounds, but your stiffening cock quickly puts an end to that train of thought. Hey, I was sleeping well, you protest, but you know that Yuuka's libido won't take that as an answer. Mhhmmmm, I'm sorry darling, I hope this is enough of an apology, she says teasingly as she disappears under the sheets. You feel her soft fluffy hair near your crotch as she begins to work her morning service. Lovingly kissing the head, taking its entire length down into her throat, working the underside with her tongue, this is an act she has become well accustomed to. More than just sexual bliss, the act of devotion strikes right at your heart. As Yuuka no doubt expected, a simple blowjob wouldn't put out the fires of lust in a healthy young man. Come here Yuuka, you say, and she immediately moves up to nuzzle her face against yours, kissing softly, arms on your chest. Wrapping an additional leg over your torso, she takes the length of your cock inside slowly, savoring every inch. Through her massive breasts, you can feel her frantic heartbeat, mirroring the desire and love of your own. Like a comfortable article of clothing worn many times over, her pussy fits perfectly to your shape. The perfect rhythm to achieve orgasm has become the same for both of you after partaking in countless acts of intercourse. Words are no longer needed, when she leans in a kiss you know the time of release is imminent. The rapturous feeling of love washes over you in waves, as you pump your seed into her as though nothing else on this earth mattered.
  2. MMmmmmm, thank you so much darling, Yuuka says in a much relieved voice. I had something of a nightmare last night, you know. I do not get them often. I dreamed we were walking through the garden of the sun, but disappeared. Then the sky darkened, the garden we worked so hard to care for shriveled up...all that was left was a vast empty desert in its place. I screamed as loud as I could looking for you. Running, flying, forever. I didn't know what to do...I felt a fear like I've never had. It's not an emotion I am used to dealing with...hah...perhaps I'm not yet as old as I thought. You kiss Yuuka's forehead and hold her close, feeling a few wet tears against your shoulder. This world we live in is dangerous...I want to settle down and raise a family with you. I want to take you to my homeland. It's not far from might be a little scary at first but it will be the best place for us to plant roots. I have no enemies over there... Are you okay with moving? You have heard Yuuka reference her "home" a few times by now, and you feel quite intrigued. Unsure what to expect but hopeful nonetheless, you gladly accept her proposition. Mmmm, I love you so much. How about we head out today?
  3. Yuuka assures you that you will not need to pack much for this trip, surprisingly, saying that all will be provided for at the final destination. With a light sack of luggage, you make the trek across gensokyo, in the direction of the Hakurei shrine. A small distance from the human village, the journey is quite similar to the path taken to restock on essential items. After a while though, the path deviates. Hiking through mountainous terrain, Yuuka nonetheless seems well confident you are heading in the right direction. Though you can't imagine any significant landmarks being in this terrain which belongs only to wild youkai. Like a mother to a child, she demands you hold her hand at all time, and stay close for safety. Eventually, you make your way to a cave.
  4. Leading you inside the cave, you begin to question just exactly where you are headed through such a dismal passageway as this one. You are filled with hellish images as you progress deeper, which Yuuka seems to respond to. Don't worry, dear, we are far away from hell, former hell, makai or any nasty place you are thinking of right now. Little comfort do these words accomplish when you gaze up a massive lake of blood at the end of the tunnel. Sleeping above this hellish lake is an equally hellish figure - a vampire in the form of a cute little girl. The being immediately awakens in response to the approaching footsteps, springing right into action. Lady Kazami! How nice it is to see you after so long. I almost didn't recognize you with that short hair! How many years has it been? Oh, and you brought a human too! I thought you didn't like humans...
  5. Well, I don't like most of them, that's true. But I like this one quite a bit, Yuuka says, shifting her gaze to smile at you. I'll make him the King of this domain, and I expect the same level respect given to him as you'd give to me.
  6. Of course, Lady Kazami! Go right on through!
  7. Well, I hope you two get along, Yuuka says. But don't be getting *too* friendly with the other residents, you hear? Now, let's get going. Do you trust me?
  8. The sheer insanity of this request brings all your doubts to a head. Putting aside all feelings, you are accepting a youkai's offer to drown you in a lake of blood. What would a rational human do in this situation? Run? A rational human most likely would've never associated with such a woman to begin with, you suppose. Putting the dull world of sanity aside, you grab Yuuka's hand, and plunge down into the bloody lake.
  9. Flying deeper down, the lake seems to extend forever outside of the laws of physics. Until suddenly, the liquid around you begins to shift into...something else. A fantastical space with no definite form, pitch black. You see otherworldy figures all around you, demons? No, strange creatures for which human definitions do no justice. Breathing is still possible, but without Yuuka's guidance, you wonder what would become of your body...A humanoid figure is a sight for sore eyes, standing on diamond tiles within this strange space. Wearing a dark red dress, pink hat, she seemed far too out of place with this location until you noticed the massive scythe carried at her side. Yet another gatekeeper?
  10. Ahh, welcome home Lady Kazami. It has been so long... May I ask about this human traveling with you? He's rather cute...did you finally find someone to keep me company?
  11. It is nice to see you too, Elly. Or so I would say if not for that little comment of yours, which makes me inclined to fire you. This human is my husband, I'll not see the gatekeeper of my own home responsible for any homewrecking.
  12. The airheaded blond blushes with embarrassment. Oh my! Lady Kazami in love! I never thought I'd see the day. I suppose my job now becomes a lot more important! Perhaps this calls for a raise...?
  13. No, Elly, Yuuka says with a stern gaze. Talking about a bonus after saying all that, unbelievable...Anyways, let us through please.
  14. Of course, Elly says with a curtsy. From the darkness behind her, a portal opens, full of blinding light. You walk through the entrance with Yuuka.
  15. A world beautiful beyond compare. Scenery similar to the garden of the sun, but far richer. Hills and meadows full of wondrous flowers everywhere you looked. Flowers from species you did not even know existed, taking vibrant and fantastical forms. Gentle rivers flowing down into calm lakes, the sweet humming of birds filling the air, and not a single other living soul in sight. This heaven seemed to extend out infinitely, with no end in sight. The only artifical structure in the horizon was a single, massive mansion in the distance.
  16. Is this all...yours? you ask Yuuka. No mere resident of this place, you have figured that this radiant land must belong to the powerful youkai who seemed all so compatible with it.
  17. Yes, it is. It is called Mugenkan, lying on the boundary between gensokyo and the world of pure fantasy. I am its ruler...Come, let's head to the mansion.
  18. You walk through a paved pathway to the well cultivated garden of a huge, western-style mansion. Like the mansion of the scarlet devil in gensokyo, it emanates a sense of power, granduer, and an impossibly high level of elegance that could only be a reflection of she who lived within. Walking inside the place, you see the interior leaves no less of a remarkable impression. A world of velvet, where one could find works of art in every direction one looked. Winding hallways bathed in light from massive windows, ornate furniture made from an impossibly high level of craftsmanship. Paintings, beautiful chandeliers, floral decorations which seemed to blend effortlessly with the colors of each room. Libraries full of books, courtyards, ballrooms, dining rooms, terraces. Dozens of fairy maids attended to the cleaning, all with cheerful expressions which lit up upon seeing their revered mistress walk through the halls.
  19. I hope the journey was worth it dear. Welcome home! I found this place to be somewhat...depressing over the course of my long life. Not because this world doesn't suit my tastes, simply felt too empty. As though something was missing. But I've finally found what it needed, she says, wrapping her arm around your neck. Do you like it?
  20. It's amazing, Yuuka, the expression of genuine awe difficult to suppress.
  21. We can go back to my house by the garden of the sun if you'd like, she jokes. Of course not, you respond. A pleasant little world all to ourselves. All that's left to do is fill it up...
  22. Ahh, I can't wait much longer, if you've enjoyed this little tour, I'd like to head back to our room now...
  23. To the topmost floor of the mansion was Yuuka's penthouse suite. A large room with a magnficent balcony view of Yuuka's dream world. Night falls, with the vast lotus land illuminated by countless stars and a massive crescent moon. At the end of the room was a huge bed, high off the ground and adorned with silk curtains on all sides. Yuuka reminisces.
  24. How many nights I've slept here, dreaming of the love I couldn't have. I despised all forms of life, humans, demons, other youkai. They seemed so ugly to me. Well not just physically, but their souls. I found them all massively disappointing. Creatures who lived without true passions, without cultivating beauty. The foolishly arrogant who went through life with a completely unearned pride. The narrow-minded idiots who refused to see anything more than what's right in front of their noses. I wanted more than anything to put them in their place. And I did, so many times. Playing the villain, never playing the heroine... time and time again.
  25. But you're different. Or maybe it is me who has changed? Who knows...I just want you so bad. No words I can say would do it justice...
  26. I've been so lonely, my whole life. I apologize if it seems I am coming on too strong, I've heard men can get turned off by too much affection from their wives, but you've just been so kind...I worry sometimes if my personality has started to annoy you, if this body of mine looks increasingly unattractive each day...that you might want someone younger and more bubbly like Elly...such ridiculous thoughts from someone like me--mmhm!
  27. Unable to hear Yuuka in such a pitiful state much longer, you embrace her and seal her lips with a kiss. Clutching her head with one hand, another arm around her back, Yuuka surrenders herself completely to you. Lying her on the bed, you both can wait no longer and begin the work of undressing frantically.
  28. Ahh, I love you so much. Yuuka begins to moan in between sobs as you lovingly begin to tease her ripe nipples. Kneading her breasts with one hand, fingering her pussy with the other, Yuuka climaxes from this simple foreplay alone.
  29. Ahhn, no more, please, put it in right away, I can't wait any longer...
  30. Yuuka spreads her legs and wraps them around your back, reaching our her arms like a newborn child, panting heavily, breasts heaving.
  31. Kissing Yuuka tenderly, you insert into her sopping wet pussy, which immediately responds with a vicelike tightness, a deep hunger and craving you have yet to experience.
  32. Arching her back with pleasure, she continues to beckon you deeper. Ahhn, if you cum inside me today, I'll definitely get pregnant...Give me children...twins...triplets, give me the biggest load you have...I've waited my whole life for this...
  33. Yuuka's entire body turns to puddy, as though she's become a doll, in complete submission to your every movement. Her hands lay weakly at her sides, fingers twitching weakly. As you start to intensify the speed of your thrusting, you lock hands with her. Knocking at the very entrance to her womb, Yuuka's moans become increasingly more desperate, primal.
  34. F-fill me up, now, please...i want you forever...
  35. Unable to hold out any longer, you release. Your entire body seems to contract, squeezing every drop of your essence into her womb. A searing heat overwhelms you, Yuuka's pussy viciously extracting your entire essence in an orgasm which seems to last forever
  36. Ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh!
  37. Nearly blacking out, you collapse at Yuuka's side. A trail of semen flows out in your wake, thick and viscous, which Yuuka quickly snatches with her fingers and licks as though it was the sweetest nectar in all of existence.
  38. Aha, what did I do to deserve you...I'll raise this child with all I have, darling. Yuuka smiles softly and rubs her womb.
  39. How about we go to sleep now... Sharing this bed with you, I don't think I'll be getting any nightmares tonight...
  40. Goodnight darling...I love you so much
  41. I love you too, Yuuka.
  42. Yuuka rolls over on top of you, wedging your cock inside her again.
  43. Closing her eyes and resting her head against your chest, she wraps her arms around you as though you were a giant teddy bear. You begin to fall asleep with her, wondering what new developments await in this dreamlike world.
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