[ Final(?) Version Released ] Kami-sama no Karute 2

Apr 12th, 2015
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  1. Update 2015-07-28: final (?) version released -
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  7. Girigiri safe before the birthday of Sakurai Sho ends! haha XD;;
  9. If you ever read most of my rants here at our microblog - - you'll probably realize it took me awhile to finish translating this movie. My head went bonkers just trying to figure out what the Japanese medical terms are, then what would be the correct corresponding terms they are in English haha
  11. I intended to pick translating this because I've watched the first movie in Eiga Sai eons ago and I like the director. Since this is the same director of Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora Live Action, and also the same director of Kami-sama no Karute 1, prepare for tissues if you're easily get tearjerky. This is yet another good medical human drama movie.
  13. And oh, I won't be surprised that there are lots of you who would watch this because you're a fangirl of Arashi's Sakurai Sho X3 Him playing the dorky weirdo Kurihara is cool. And the one playing Princess, his wife, Miyazawa Aoi is lovely as always too <3
  15. Again, this is beta version softsubs as I didn't re-edit nor have not much people check the subs I did. There might be typo errors, grammar errors, translation errors among others. Kindly email us, if you found errors so we can correct them in the final version.
  17. Kami-sama no Karute 2 English softsubs (beta version) download link -
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